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Samsung E810 review

 Review: November 2004  

Last updated April 2005

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung E810 is a very compact slide design phone.



The Samsung E810 is a variation on the Samsung E800 and most of the review comments for the E800 apply to the E810 too.

The E810 is very slightly smaller (thinner) than the E800, but weighs the same. The battery life has been slightly improved. There appears to be no option for connecting to a PC by cable; only by infra-red. There are one or two other minor changes to the design, but nothing of real note.

We originally awarded the E810 4 stars, but following persistent reports by users of a variety of problems in the E800/E810/E820 series, we have downgraded it to 2 stars. There are a number of problems with the phones - first there seem to be real problems with the phone dropping calls, shutting down in the middle of calls and refusing to send or receive text messages. Secondly, the E800/E810/E820 series seems to be a lot less reliable than other Samsung phones, with reports of it freezing, the screen breaking and other kinds of hardware failures.

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Samsung E810 features include:

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Samsung E810 user reviews

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Average rating from 51 reviews:

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 15th Jul 2008
My wife and I have had this phone since it came out some years ago. Over a year ago, mine was fully submerged in warm muddy water (don't ask!) and after a day drying out has continued to work absoulutely fine. It's small and compact and tough. I've dropped it on a concrete floor several times and no problems. Bad points, the camera's quality isn't good. The display is difficult to see in daylight. However, how many of you are still using the same phone after four years? My Samsung Q200 lasted for over five years!

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 5th Jun 2008
Very good phone had it for 3 years now and have had no problems. Hasnt got bluetooth and cant get songs on their but overall a good fone. OK battery life and alright memory. Getting a new phone because this one is a little old now but love it!!!

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
I have had mine three years. After a year I reckon I started seeing a few faults. The phone cannot handle long text messages. By this I mean if someon else sent you a long text message what went onto 2 texts the phone would vibrate once, then again two second later, and when you view the message an old text message appears what you might have received 10 months previously which is really random. I have gotten around this by switching the phone off, and back on again, and the long text is waiting in the inbox ready to be read. Although this can at times take more than one switch off. Also, the internet has never worked on my phone. I went into a Vodafon-e shops two years ago perhaps, they messed with it, said they'd sorted it, it still wasnt working. I can't seem to view MMS messages, oh and the cancel button is jammed but I have had this three years and some people have phones for 6 months before swapping! All in all a phone isnt too important to me, I can get around these faults but its about time I bought a new one and got rid of this hunk of junk.

Reviewed by Jeff from South Africa on 29th Dec 2007
The E 810 Vodafone that i still use, ia nearly 3 years old now. I am still impress with it.Thumbs up for this model.

Reviewed by richard from england on 19th Jun 2007
itzz wikied u lot r all some serious pomplexes

Reviewed by alan from herts on 12th May 2007
i had the phone for around a year, i experienced none of the problems and found it a very good phone. it did occasionlly turn off when in wap, but i have had other phones do this and it was such a rare occurence it didnt bother me. i found the rotating cammera handy to use and also it can rotate to hide the camera lens to protect it. a great phone in my experience

Reviewed by Jake from Singapore on 29th Apr 2007
I have had this phone for two years now, but I recently changed it to a new Motorola RAZR maxx V6 because the speaker stopped working properly. I haven't had any problems, besides the fact that the phonebook can't be used immediately after switching off the phone, which is annoying. The battery life is excellent, I've never had any problems with it switching itself off. Of course, lack of bluetooth functionality is a problem, but it never really troubled me much. Reception is bad in some areas, though. Overall, its an excellent phone.

Reviewed by daniel from united kingdom on 21st Jan 2007
its a bit slow, crashes alot and switches itself on but it has a good amount of memory for an old phone and good battery life. The address book and camera dont like going on straight after the phone goes on, you have to do something else first (like check your inbox) so no dont buy one

Reviewed by SERDAR from TURKEY on 9th Jan 2007

Reviewed by kimberley from england on 29th Oct 2006
This phone is great i bought it second hand yeh it had a couple of scraches but it is such a great phone ive had it for about 4 month and find it good not had one problem with it high battrey every 5 days only one bar goes down some people said it has low battery well they must never charge it the swirly camra is great no problem with it at all it never turns of when im in a conversation or when its in my bag or even when its low battery it lets me finish my conversation ITS SUCH A GREAT PHONE YOU SHOULD BUY IT DONT LISTEN TO ALL THE POOR REVIEWS COME ON ITS A CHEAP AND WELL GOOD PHONE BUY IT!!!!!!!!!.

Reviewed by Hayley from London on 20th Jul 2006
I have had the Samsung E810 for over 18 months now and can safely say I have never experienced any of the problems mentioned here in the reviews...texting is fine (once you get used to the small keypad!), camera does the job...and so what - it doesn't have bluetooth...who cares. It looks great! This was my first slip'n'slide phone and I'm now an addict. I have however just upgraded yesterday to rhe E900 and am completely smitten. But hey - I have very fond memories of the E810!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 20th May 2006
i've had this phone for about 1 year now and I am on a 2 year contract, however i will be asking for a new phone now as this one is not up to much at all.it is very hard to try and find signal and i can't send the photos i've taken to e-mail addresses as it say that it has sent but it hasn't actually got there.I have tried to send the same picture 5 times now and it still hasn't worked.sometimes when i slide it up the screen doen't come on straight away.it doesn't have bluetooth so is not up to date at all as most phones now have that feature.I am dissapointed in Samsung.

Reviewed by Naushad from uk on 4th Apr 2006
I have problems with reception. Limited service in many areas. Samsung needs to check it out but will charge as it is 1yr and 2 months old. I cannot see what they can do with the reception as there are many people having the same problem. I like Samsung phones but will now think of changing to Nokia.

Reviewed by sum1 from scotland on 12th Mar 2006
I have had my samsung for aroud a year now and it hasnt broken yet! i still find it easy to use and it had good features for when it came out although they are quite dated now. my frend has the E800 and i think this one is much better.

Reviewed by Vicky from UK on 10th Mar 2006
This is an awful phone. The worst thing about it is the very short battery life (and the fact that the phone doesn't warn you when it's running low, it just switches itself off - especially annoying when you're halfway through a conversation with someone). The phone has incredibly bad reception and switches itself on and off in my bag. It may look quite good but looks can be deceptive - don't get this phone.

Reviewed by jon from uk on 29th Jan 2006
Awful awful phone. The problems are endless, my samsung e810 doesn't even switch on anymore and there is no reason for this as i have kept it in perfect condition. Does anyone know why this might be?

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 14th Jan 2006
Largely aweful handset. The up-sides are a good camera, with rotating design. The screen is also good quality. Battery life is also good. Down sides now: The ring-tones are all silly tunes, with no 'basic' tone. The predictive text is primitive and difficult to use. Incredibly, the alarm clock function only works if the phone is on 'ring'. If it's on silent, the alarm is silent, meaning that you must remember each night to turn the sounds on. This of course means that if someone rings you in the middle of the night - you get woken up! Uttterly ridiculous.

Reviewed by alex from england on 12th Jan 2006
dont agree with some of the reviews this phone is outstanding and very good for its money.

Reviewed by Sophie from America on 17th Nov 2005
this phone is quite cute and adorable...id luv to have it but bummer iz my momz...itz got great functions and iz eazi to cari around..luks great specally on ladiezz

Reviewed by kirsty from englang on 6th Nov 2005
I think this fone is rubbish to put it bluntly i hate it it breaks to easily the video recording on the fone isnt good quality at all as it only records for 30 seconds and u cant hear the sound properly u cant even record songs to ave as ur ring tone on fones that are older than this u can do that on so i would only give it a 1 out of 5 rating go for the samsung d600 much better fone i would give it 5 out of 5

Reviewed by Geynske from Belguim on 31st Oct 2005
I like the samsung E810. I don't have negative things to remark on this cell phone

Reviewed by yasir from pakistan on 26th Oct 2005
i,ve got a used phone from a near by shop in the town its one of the best phones i,ve evr used i liked the V-200 jus coz the camrera could turn to your face an anyway round this fone has the same thing in it an i loved it after the LCD got damaged now no one can fix it Bottom line (very stylish but more sensative)

Reviewed by Sarah N from UK on 29th Sep 2005
This phone is a beast it is so GOOD,the quality of the camara and video recorder are brill, it is so small and full of fun things. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a small stylish all rounder phone!! This phone is the best phone i have ever had !! You'll love it tooooooooooooo.

Reviewed by georgia from england on 14th Sep 2005
very good phone, camera brilliant- takes excellent photos and a lot of them! video not so good butwouldnt put me off buying the phone, overall opinion great!!

Reviewed by jim from scotland on 6th Sep 2005
had every other samsung liked them all exept e800 for various reasons but this phones not much better eather DNT BUT IT !!

Reviewed by Andrea from Scotland on 29th Aug 2005
I have had this phone for almost a year now and have no complaints about it. I has never frozen on me although I have accidentally dropped the phone causing it to close and the phone call to be cut off. This is through no fault of the phone though. I found it hard to text to begin with but I had always worked with Nokia phones, I have never been aware of my text messages not delivering nor have I not recieved any texts that I am aware of. This phone would have been better if it had Bluetooth. All in All I think this phone is ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by 18T from UK on 16th Aug 2005
the vid quality on this lil slide phone is pretty gd and i reckon that every1 shouls have 1

Reviewed by STUART from ENGLAND on 29th Jun 2005

Reviewed by Rhys from England on 12th Jun 2005
I exchanged my old phone Sagem MYC5-2 and sixty pounds for the Samsung E710 however I returned this a week later due to faults such as freezing,not recieving my texts and not recieving calls. Do not worry as this phone was second hand ! I returned to the place and asked for an exchange I was very pick though as I wanted my phone to be a camera, video,colour screen, infa red or blutooth and polyphonic ringtones. I thought I would never find a phone with those qualities however within minutes I spotted the Samsung E810 and asked how much it was. I was astounded to find it was the same price and could exchange it. That was yesterday and I have checked out all the qualities and it has everything I want the slide is a fantastic little feature and very stylish the polyphonic and true sound ringtones are like a stereo system and the camera quality is amazing. Their is a feature on the camera if you press 0 then a bright torch will come on. Also the revolving camer is simply genius t his phone deserves a five star rating anyday. I was lucky I got it for a mere one hundred pounds as they gave me forty for my old phone which I bought for thirty and I had sixty pounds in cash. I recommend this phone to everyone.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 20th May 2005
WOW this phone is well cool. I've had it 4 a few months now nd i'm well impressed. I've never had a phone as gd. It's colourful and has lots of cool sounds on it. I'm impressed nd so is every1 hu nos me e.g. my mums skittles team. Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. it's very sexy nd stylish.

Reviewed by gsm techie from UK on 17th May 2005
about me: i repair phone handsets. 5yrs now. This E810 is 3stars :Good rating becuzs of its looks and normal phone use. theres not good too say about this phone as it runs like othe on the martket so it has no Wow factor or features, as the price of this phone at Entry of Retails was over the 200 mark sim free. it is way over priced,. the phone dose not had Bluetooth, the memory for Vid files is pointless as it is around 5mb which will store about 4-5 vid files, they should of really put a MB card slot on it, (the D500 dont even have that feature)and i have just noticed you can not copy the whole sim card to phone memory (am i wrong??) anyways the phone isnt all that if ur a tech head if ur buying it sim free brand new then save you money and go for a different handset 1 that will bt value for money ill stop bash this phone i do like the Samsung brand then nokia BUT !,. Samsung you could of done way better Nokia can't design a phone like you but u lack in all your phones features. FIX UP!!!

Reviewed by DALE from wales on 18th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Cat from England on 10th Apr 2005
I have only had the phone for 2 days, and frankly i think it is very average. The reason for me giving the phone 2 stars is 1-very stylish and 2-the pictures are good quality. However, nothing else has impressed me, for such an expensive phone i cant believe it hasnt got bluetooth. The signal is poor and when i do get signal it says limited service? i just find it very boring and nothing out of the ordinary. Also, simple things like saving or deleting items takes forever. Luckily i have 2 weeks to change it if i want, so i deffinately will!!

Reviewed by Muhammad Rizwan from Pakistan on 18th Mar 2005
It is very good in design, but it is sensitive, should have bluetooth technology and also PC data cable. same design should be applied with folding. if possible.

Reviewed by Kate from Uk on 8th Mar 2005
I don't know what everyone is complaining about! I adore this phone, by far the best I've had, and havent had a single prob with it yet, touch wood. I had a samsung v200 before which wudn't recieve picture messages, so this phone is now a blessing. The other phones I'v had have all been Nokia's and I've got to say after these 2 phones I wouldn't go back to anything but a Samsung. I was a little hesitant about the phone at first, but it is so easy to work. Only problem is the fact the keypad is covered which makes texting during lessons, whilst its in my pocket just a bit trickier, but, n/m lol!! I would recommend this phone to everyone, I can't live without mine!

Reviewed by Rees from UK on 8th Mar 2005
This phone is a nightmare. I am now on my 3rd replacement from Vodafone. It hangs up on callers before you can answer, it turns itself off etc. Save your money, buy something else, should never have gone away from Nokia!

Reviewed by donna from uk on 8th Mar 2005
I have only had this phone for a week, but so far i think it is excellent.It is so stylish and easy to use and the camera is great. I would advise anyone to go and get this phone "I LOVE IT!!"

Reviewed by sophia jo from japan on 8th Mar 2005
what an abosolutely FANTASTIC phone, aBOSOLUTELY AMAZING, it so small, cute and sexy it fits beautifully in my pocket, sometimes i forget that it is even there! We recommend that you purchase this phone so start adding up your pennies!!

Reviewed by sam i am from england on 15th Feb 2005
nothing appealed to me, as they all think its the best on this web i wouldn't recomend to anybody ive sent it back and getting the samsung d500.

Reviewed by christina 05 from England on 13th Feb 2005
never get signal and if i do it says limited service only! when i make a call it stalls for about a min before calling!! im sending it back as its not as good as people say it is!!!!

Reviewed by ANON from uk on 8th Feb 2005
I have nothing bad to say about this phone, its got great looks,compact and i find the battery life fantastic (if i make no calls,it lasts nearly a week! thats including taking incoming calls) One thing i've found though is when i try and set the phone to ring and vibrate at the same time, it only vibrates and never rings.this is the 3rd samsung mobile phone i've had and they've all been the same (perhaps its a samsung fault??)

Reviewed by christina from england on 3rd Feb 2005
i got the phone today its small and really cute!!! but when i went to charge it you have to take a little latch off and i think i may just loose that as it is soooo small!

Reviewed by mike from england on 21st Jan 2005
I have no faults about this phone A++++++++++++++++++++++++ in every way go and buy one

Reviewed by gosome from uk on 6th Jan 2005
this is one of the hottest model around. this has everything you need!!!one main feature is the 180 degree rotating camera lens, what a bonus!!!!!

Reviewed by Claire B from UK on 20th Dec 2004
Very stylish fone, wasn't sure about it at firts as i'm so used to nokias but its simple enough to use. it has some really impressive features including the camera (with flash). After reading reviews on the Samsung E800 saying it was quite unstable and unreliable i was a bit unsure about spending so much money on a fone that might be tatally pants but the Samsung E810 is definately worth the money i havent experienced any problems at all, i'm very pleased! the one thing i was disappointed with is that when the fone is closed the display it totally blank & you have to slide the fone open to "activate" it. other than that i'm very happy with my new fone. i would highly recommend this fone!

Reviewed by sa from uk on 15th Dec 2004
basically a big piece of rubbish but very very sexy baby yeh

Reviewed by raffboy from on 14th Dec 2004
Although samsung produces excellent phones it does have the annoying habit of releasing similar models with minor differences in specifications with one model being superior in one aspect and the other being better in another. In this case the E800 and E810 are virtually identical except for some differences. The main difference being the 180 degrees rotating camera which allows you to take self-portraits while viewing yourself in the screen although the E800 does have the advantage of hiding the camera to keep the lens clean. There are also some differences in the memory with the E810 having a 2000 phonebook memory instead of 1000 as in the E800 but this is at the expense of the shared memory which in the E800 is 22mb but in the E810 it's much less with specific amounts allocated to each feature- java: 512kb, tones & pictures: 716kb, photo: 4096kb and video: 2048kb. Total: 7-8mb. The main advantage here is the video record/playback capabilities of the E810 which is sadly abs ent in the E800 but the 2000 phonebook memory does not justify losing memory for photos/ringtones etc. ecpecially when each phonebook entry already has 4 fields for storing mobile/home/work/other numbers. To round things up, whether you buy this or the E800 depends mainly on the phone's appearance and the rotating camera and the fact that the E810 is only available on Vodafone. But if you really can't decide than better wait for the E850 to come out early next year which features the best of both worlds.

Reviewed by crasher from UK on 14th Dec 2004
The E810 is virtually identical to the E800 except for some differences. The main difference being the 180 degrees rotating camera which allows you to take self-portraits while viewing yourself in the screen although the E800 does have the advantage of hiding the camera to keep the lens clean. There are also some differences in the memory with the E810 having a 2000 phonebook memory instead of 1000 as in the E800 but this is at the expense of the shared memory which in the E800 is 22mb but in the E810 it's much less with specific amounts allocated to each feature- java: 512kb, tones & pictures: 716kb, photo: 4096kb and video: 2048kb. Total: 7-8mb. The main advantage here is the video record/playback capabilities of the E810 which is sadly absent in the E800 but the 2000 phonebook memory does not justify losing memory for photos/ringtones etc. ecpecially when each phonebook entry already has 4 fields for storing mobile/home/work/other numbers. To round things up, the phone's appearance and the rotating camera have to be the deciding factors between this and the E800 plus the E810 is only available on Vodafone. But if you're still undecided than you're better off waiting for the E850 to come out which features the best of both worlds.

Reviewed by Kevin K from HK on 8th Dec 2004
I don't know why Samsung had chosen to go OTT marketing the E800 and not this model. Think E810 is a GREAT phone. Simple to use and VERY sexy. Can't keep my hands off it frankly and I've had it for months ;0)-

Reviewed by jim sam bob from uk on 5th Dec 2004
you must buy!!!! .My perfect choice and ive only had a week.quite frankly horny and AMAZING

Reviewed by Hugh from Scotland on 26th Nov 2004
I had a motorola V5 phone for ages, and found it to be complicated to use this phone the samsung E810 is great very easy to use great size and great for photos, though iv still discovering it so far it seems to be working fine. I like the idea that the camera rotates as its good for taking candid shots of people. You dont have to slide it open to use it ether so it can stay compact

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