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Samsung E800 review

 Review: August 2004  

Last updated April 2007


In a nutshell: A compact slide design phone.


The Samsung E800 features Samsung's new slide design, in common with the D500. The slide motion is semi-automatic, which means that a gentle push will make the slide mechanism open and close automatically. The keypad is rather small, and some people may find this to be a problem, especially if you have larger than average hands.

The E800 features 64-voice polyphonic ringtones and a 64,000 colour display that is crisp and easy to see, even outdoors. With a VGA camera (including flash), multimedia messaging and Java games, the E800 certainly offers most features that you would expect.

The E800 also includes some advanced voice features to help make conversations easier. The phone automatically senses the volume of the background noise and will increase the volume and clarity of the incoming call to make it more audible. The E800 is also the first phone in the world to incorporate Noise Cancellation Functionality technology, which actually suppresses excess ambient noise from around the person speaking so that the person receiving a call can hear the caller loud and clear. The integrated speakerphone incorporates a state-of-the-art echo cancellation technology and incorporates both noise cancellation and voice clarity functions to let you speak more freely on the fly or in the car.

One feature that is noticeable by its absence is Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity, which one might expect in a phone at this price.

We originally awarded the E800 4 stars, but following persistent reports by users of a variety of problems (read the user reviews below), we have downgraded it to 1 star. There are a number of problems with the E800 - first there seem to be real problems on the O2 network (and possibly with other networks, but to a lesser extent) with the E800 dropping calls, shutting down in the middle of calls and refusing to send or receive text messages. If you are going to buy the E800 we would really recommend that you don't buy it on O2, especially as O2 seem to be unwilling to acknowledge that there is any kind of problem with the phone on their network. Secondly, the E800 seems to be a lot less reliable than other Samsung phones, with reports of it freezing, the screen breaking and other kinds of hardware failures. We would recommend that you avoid the E800 and either go for the Samsung D500, or if your budget doesn't allow for that, then choose one of Samsung's clamshell phones such as the E600 or E330 instead.

Samsung E800 features include:

  • 65,536 colour TFT screen (128 x 160 pixels)
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 resolution) with digital zoom, photo effects & frames and multishot feature (up to 15 pictures)
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Wallpaper & screensaver (supported formats: JPEG, GIF & AGIF, WBMP, PNG) - 8 images + 5 animations embedded
  • SMS (with learning T9 support), MMS, EMS
  • Phonebook (maximum 1000 entries)
  • Photo Caller ID (view the image of the person calling you, before you answer the call)
  • Downloadable Java games (2 embedded games: Snowball Fight, BubbleSmile)
  • Memory: 22 Mbytes for photos, sounds and MMS, 1.3 Mbytes for games
  • Organiser functions: Clock, worldtime, alarm (auto switch on, when phone is off), calendar, scheduler, to-do list, currency converter, calculator, countdown timer, stop watch
  • Data Transfer: IrDa, fax, PC serial cable transfer
  • Syncronisation software: Easy Studio version 1.0
  • Vibration alert
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Dual Band (GSM 900 + 1800MHz)
  • Size: 87 x 45 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talk time: 2.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 5 days

Samsung E800 user reviews

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Average rating from 193 reviews:

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 8th Sep 2009
I hate the phone it loses network connectivity with no apparent reason switching off mid conversations the battery overheats when browsing and can't stand over a day in normal operations

Reviewed by DH from UK on 29th Jul 2009
Well I have never had a lot of problems with this phone even after 2 years until, the camera stopped working, you cant send MMS messages on O2 so if you have anything to save to a new phone you cant. The battery became swollen and broke its clip so it wont stay in a common fault. its cant play MP3. The real problem I have is that anything you did or saved to this phone stays there you cant transfer it to a new one, which can be a bit of a bugger really if you have a lot of pictures with sentimental value and a lot of contacts and ringtones you want to save, Games you paid for and want to move to a new phone. MMS messages and O2 ha ha ha, its never worked O2 say there is no problem even though the makers identified O2 as the service with a problem sending and receiving MMS messages from their phones O2 denied this but samsung pointed out that they had sent them that information when the phone came out and could prove it. O2 said well doesn't matter now anyway hardly any left out there...Fine words from ones service provider lol. O2 while being my service provider of choice have always been a bunch of slippery buggers when it comes to faults, but this still leaves me with a phone that is packed with my pictures ring-tones and other things I cant retrieve. as a working phone to make calls it was ok, to play the occasional game like who wants to be a millionaire fine. but if you wanted more advanced services, like putting a picture on a text forget it. Problems with the screen are I have found out a lot to do with how the battery connects to the contacts inside the phone and the occa sional software glitch which requires one to take the battery out for a few days to let internal charge die down then power back up to get a working phone, a year ago I would have given this phone 4 stars 3 months ago 2 after the camera failed a month ago 1 for problems with the screen and battery the battery causing most of the problems with this phone anyway.. today as I have tried in vain to retrieve my info from this I will give this phone 1 star for being outstandingly bad. If I can't in the end do anything with it get nothing from it I intend jump on it, kick it set alight to it then feed it to the seagulls to register my dissatisfaction with the E800 I then intend to send the seagull to samsung to vomit out my dissatisfaction on their laps. only wish I could then send it to O2 as well but that would be cruelty. Anyway they would only send it back with a message that if I go to this address to collect my O2 surprise and if I top up my seagull by 15 pounds or more I can get into the silver surprises. Though one thing I would like to point out is that I upgraded to a samsung J700i and am now a bit annoyed about that too but it works which is the main thing. May try the Nokia 5800 Xpress music,heard good things about it not quite the iPhone though I would try the Iphone which seems good but at 35 notes a month on O2 plus insurance seems a bit pricey to me to pretend to be deaf when people I don't like call or feel afraid of being mugged on the bus when I take it out.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 13th Dec 2008
this phone is rubbish! wouldnt recomend it to anyone! looks good, but after 2months of using it, my screen went blank and couldnt see anythin! hopless!!

Reviewed by Jimmy from UK on 18th Jun 2008
All I can say about this phone is that it's definitely reliable. I've had it through 4 years now and it still performs as if new. Now let me tell you this thing has been through awfully ROUGH situations, being dug down in sand, stepped on, used as a soccerball in wet grass and so on. Incredibly DURABLE. If your only intention with a phone is to make calls this is an excellent and durable choice. Other than that it is awfully lacking. The text messaging interface is incredibly painful and time.consuming when compared to other brands. I have through these years yet to find another phone which can communicate through its so-called "ir-port" The camera is nothing short of worthless.

Reviewed by Donna from UK on 22nd May 2008
I've had this phone for 3 and a half years and haven't had any problems with it at all. It's a very reliable, sleek and compact handset. Unfortunately I dropped mine and am now trying to find another e800 handset if I can, that's how good it is!

Reviewed by Rajesh from UK on 18th Apr 2008
I've been using this phone for more than 3 years! It's been working fabulously. It's biggest plus has been the ease with which I can answer a call while driving - one slide action and one button press - both without even glancing at the phone - and I'm in speakerphone mode...

Reviewed by adam from UK on 28th Mar 2008
i think samsung e800 is the best phone ive ever had and it is so cool!!! but the only problem is i dont know if it has bluetooth!!!

Reviewed by vic from UK on 21st Jan 2008
i've had an E 800 for 3 years and i have never had a single problem with it, i,m only looking to change as i need bluetooth. still going strong, great reliability, subtle, easy to use.....

Reviewed by Vic from UK on 13th Oct 2007
i think this phone is ace i had it for a year and over and i had no problems at all its got everything you need i find it a bit hard to use now but i have had a different phone and its different i did NOT change phones because of the samsung E800 i just wanted a new model phone. It was a good phone but there is new stuff on other phones like bluetooth maybe thats why people dont like it?!it looks great and up to date dont copy everyone else its worth it!

Reviewed by bethany from UK on 18th Aug 2007
i think it is very gd

Reviewed by jj juices from UK on 30th Jun 2007
stay away from this phone unless you fancy going crazy. absolute rubbish.

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 30th Jun 2007
The samsung E800 it rubbish it does not have bluetooth you cant send photo messages and you cant download things onto your phone, you have to record your music and you are not allowed to put them as your ringtone. Dont buy it!!!

Reviewed by Mims from UK on 29th Jun 2007
Faced no problem after two years of use.

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
I have got this phone and its never caused me any trouble, but i wish it had a video recorder

Reviewed by Zorana from UK on 21st May 2007
I really did everything to get this cutie work properly, but it seems like it is ment to be unavailable whenever someone wishes to comunicate with me. It also often turnes the music off by itself. I need some new mobile :)

Reviewed by cris manchester from UK on 8th May 2007
this pwone is sick downt dis

Reviewed by jen from UK on 1st May 2007
i have had this phone for 2 years and it has been fine, i have it on the orange network and i have never had anythink these people complain about. it can hold a lot of pictures and is really small and pretty! but as the tecnology is progressing i am starting to wish it could do more like have bluetooth or video my infrared is broken and i have no idea why but i dont really need it so thats not to bad. this phone is old get another, newer one!

Reviewed by TRACER from UK on 9th Apr 2007
YES ..it is a problem with e800 it's about signal..lose signal frequently..and sometime i got a "no service" even i'm in a maxim signal area...and after this the signal go maximum...why?

Reviewed by beeppy from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
iz really bad n dun buy it! it has lyk nothing n itz very bad... so dun buy it wotea u do.. :]

Reviewed by nash from UK on 1st Apr 2007
i buy samsung E800. wt a nice looking phone, only looking good ,but ugly functions, especially call drops during talking, poor reception, every time drops net work signals.then message that u have miss calls, realy very distrubing. no rating , only a good toy. i suggest better go away from this mobile .

Reviewed by xXx from UK on 1st Apr 2007
amazing phone!!!! love it

Reviewed by Asma from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
I am having endless problems with this phone. First of all, I cannot download the pictures i take even though i set the phone correctly, the phone just cuts the call off when i am busy taking to someone and the battery runs out after a day even though it was charged just hours before. i do not recommend this phone at all and you would be making a big mistake if you bought it

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 10th Mar 2007
I have had my E800 for a wile now and I have encounted a number of problems; battery unclipping automatically, hanging up when I answer calls, not sending texts. and i was really excited as it had WAP but that stopped working after a couple of months. it was turning off when it was locked and randomly calling numbers in my phone book. ok for younger children but not good for todays teens (me)

Reviewed by nawal from UK on 8th Mar 2007
samsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung my love

Reviewed by kgkuiug from UK on 16th Feb 2007
i really love dispphone even thiugh it maay not hav camera i think its brillian the design nd everything

Reviewed by seun tosin from UK on 15th Feb 2007
i hate the phone because i just bought the phone about two weeks ago, i realised that i can't send pictures and ringing tones to other phones which is very bad. i am not conderming the product but i just want you to help me out how to send pictures to other phones. i'm using E800 samsung and also my email address is seun_tsn@yahoo.com thanks

Reviewed by samson from UK on 13th Feb 2007
i hate the damme phone i wish i had listened when every one was calling it a fake thats what it is fake too much sliding the phone the electrical plastic thing is cut in half now the phone not only works is has totally shutted down damme you e800 team

Reviewed by jan from UK on 10th Feb 2007
i had my phone for 18 weeks now and it looks good but it keeps locking a then it comes up network lock and now i can not do a thing with it

Reviewed by Adepoju Taofeeq from UK on 26th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Nunu from UK on 26th Jan 2007
I love my e800,the color of my phone is metalic so the is too much srech on it so is it possible renew it may be with spray?please respond Kind regards Nunu

Reviewed by mandy from UK on 25th Jan 2007
i fink the fone is smart, ive ad it for 2 n half yrs and ive neva ad any problems with it, it was always reliable for me

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
i bought dis fone 3months ago, and it broke last week! in my opinion it is poorly made, the camera is a poor quality and it doesnt have bluetooth, mp3, video or anything on it! the slide is poor and within a month or so the screen went fuzzy and started to break! this fone is a waste of money and i advise anyone hu is thinkin about buying it to think again!!!

Reviewed by nathan from UK on 21st Jan 2007
i have had this phone for 6 months and have had no problems with it at all i drop the phone and broke the screen so i replaced it and have had no problems since the phone is on o2 aswel id highly recommend this phone easy to fix if you break the screen or case and very easy to use

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 8th Jan 2007
I bought the phone for my daughters 14th birthday in July, within a week the screen broke which phones 4 u replaced as it was in the first 28 days, in December the screen broke again and now they're trying to get money from us for its repair...To me a mobile phone is there to be used and since the first time it broke my daughters hardly used it, she wouldn't take it to school or when she's out,which to me is the whole point in having it but with all her carefull actions the screen still seems to have broke...WORST PHONE I'VE KNOWN ANYONE TO HAVE OWNED!!!!!And for Samsung to ask for anyone to pay for repair for they're bad designe is an out rage...they can sing for that.....

Reviewed by BUZWE PHAKATHI from SOUTH AFRICA from UK on 5th Oct 2006

Reviewed by Niamh from UK on 20th Sep 2006
This is the worst phone I have ever had. Does not send text messages even though you are charged for sending them and i dont receive most of messages. It cuts out when you attempt to answer a call. Displays error on the screen when you attempt to make a call. When people call me the phone often does not ring and just displays missed call message. Totally unreliable phone - turns itself off sometimes. It looks good but thats it. Do not buy this phone - its terrible

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 4th Sep 2006
i've had this phone for over one and a half years and really, it's been fantastic. i've probably dropped it a gazillion times and it still works fine. well, at least until about a month ago, when i think i dropped it one too many a time, and then i started losing messages and my keypad started screwing up, but that's mainly my fault. LOL. but really. its small, compact, its navigational system is second only to nokia's, its good big numbers, clear screen, a rather fantastic camera and really, alot of good points. the games are indeed a bit of a letdown, as well as the absence of bluetooth, but, that's not much of a problem. connecting-with-other-technologies wise it's pretty lacking in some areas, but user-friendly wise, especially for newbies, it's really good. the keypad's kind of small, but, its comfortable enough and easy to use. a good phone! especially now that the price's gone way down (since it's such an old model) <3

Reviewed by lozza from UK on 17th Jun 2006
this fone iz a piece o rubbish mine iz totally broken da buttons dont work at all

Reviewed by Danielle from UK on 6th May 2006
I know most people are saying really bad things about this phone but really its actually quite good...I got it for my christmas!I am now into the 5th month of owning it and I have only had a problem on one occassion where as someone else said the colours ran but I switched it off and on again and it was back to normal! The only bad thing about is that you can only receive picture messages from people with this phone but hey who cares you can take your own pictures I think all the people taht are moaning about it should go get a life because its a phone its not like its really important as long as you have it with you for emergencies thats it eh?I really really like this phone but I am kinda bored of it as the games aren't that great!But I still really like it..It's really trendy and you can buy blue,pink and black covers for it!all of my mates love it!Although you canet cheaper phones with video on them but who needs video you can take pictures!If you are looking for video, then this is NOT the phone for you! I just wanna say people if u hate this phone why didnt u keep the receipt u could then go get your money back if its so bad but until I experience the problems myself I wont be on a website moaning!And even when I do experience them I wont be so childish you bunch of freaks! 3V3RYON3 BUY THiS PHON3 ITZ FAB!!

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 6th Apr 2006
I have had this phone now for nearly a year and its one of the worst phones i have owned. After a few months of happiness i suddenly missed a lot of calls and texts (some of which were very important!!). Then the screen got messed up, and now the back light has vanished!! so i cant read any messages, cant see who i am getting a call off and because i cant see the numbers in my phonebook, i can only phone or text a number i know off by heart!!(which is very few might i add!). I traded my malfunctioning X2 for this phone and am now considering doing the same again!! I urge you people, find a better make and if anyone would, recommend me a decent phone.

Reviewed by Loben from UK on 22nd Mar 2006
I came to write this review out of my frustration with this phone. Mine has never worked properly. From stuck keys that do not work to a misbehaving inky screen to a white screen. Right now it has a white screen, even though I was fixing it just this weekend. It worked one day, i now have to take it back for repairs yet again. And servicing a samsung is so expensive, its nearly worth an entry level Nokia for a basic repair. Phew, i am so angry so currently cash-strapped, I do not know what to do. Am so frustrated!!!!

Reviewed by james hankey from UK on 22nd Mar 2006
Infared is poor,phonebook is great,voice recorder can act as an mp3 if your record tunes from other fones/computer/tv.Camera is good for a vga games are poor and i am poor i stole this phone from an orfan but o well.

Reviewed by > camera, and the ringtones. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So look out from UK on 10th Feb 2006
Ive had this fone for over a year... and ive never had a problem... am shocked to read other peoples problems with them... i would never have any other make of fone now... samsung are the best... am currently considering upgrading to the e350 or d600e...so ill let you no wot ther like

Reviewed by Madalin from UK on 8th Jan 2006
This phone is great. I am on Orange Romania and i have this phone for over 2 months and had no problem with it. If you want to buy a phone, buy the Samsung E800 .

Reviewed by Maddy from UK on 8th Jan 2006
This phone is soooooooooooooooo cool !!

Reviewed by karen b from UK on 3rd Jan 2006
ive had this fone for 6 months now...and its never worked properly since about a week after i bought it! picture msgs werent getting through sent or recieved,the screen keeps goin blank,it turns itself off at will, and just ends calls of its own accord!the setting in the phone keep changing too.i rang samsung,who told me the problem HAD to b becuase i had dropped the phone! it has never been dropped! 3 freiends also have the e800 and excatly the same thing happens to their phones too!ive asked for my money back or a differnt phone as this seems to b a problem for alot of people with this phone, not just me, but to no avail..im just told i have to have caused the problem! i even tried to sell the phone to a dealer,but they wont touch it, or i was offered five pounds.ummmmmm i paid 170 for it! so ppl........ JUST DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!!(even ebay doesnt want it!)

Reviewed by Jam from UK on 30th Dec 2005
Ok great phone i was going to get the E350 but the 02 had no stock and didnt know when they would be getting any in so i opted this one since my brother and his girlfriend have had this phone i paid a bargain price of 79.99 (including 20 Trade In)my borther never had any problems and i havnt (Yet) i only got it today camera is great screen bright sum gd things hopefuly it will be great and they will never be any problems.

Reviewed by Theresa from UK on 19th Dec 2005
This phone is the most unreliable I've every had. After a few months it started hanging up on people, won't always send texts, and sometimes it doesn't even let me answer when someone is ringing. Once it started vibrating and wouldn't stop - I had to take the battery out to shut it up. It's a nightmare - DON'T BUY IT

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 29th Nov 2005
What a disappointment! At first I thought I had a wonderful phone, the next best thing to a D500 - WRONG! Looks great, camera was great, but it continually cut off mid-call, or wouldn't even receive calls. Avoid this phone at all costs.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 27th Nov 2005
I had this phone on contract, and in one year i had to have 6 replacements! SIX! the screen always packed up, as in went white or one side swapped to the otehr and vice versa, when sending a text the phone would cut out, i noticed problems started when i ahd more than 100 pics on my phone. looks wise it is a really nice phone,but i have now learnt don't go for a phone on looks, for the price of this phone you can do a lot better, it doesnt even have video or radio or bluetooth! RUBBISH!

Reviewed by Danny Dickinson from UK on 24th Nov 2005
Hi, again. This phone is great. And no offense to the person who got one off ebay, but EBAY! Ha, anything you buy off ebay you should expect not to work, and i have never seen anywhere on the internet that says about the problems with the left side of the keypad. And, to all the people who moan about any phone that doesn't get a signal, dont blame the phone for the network coverage. I personally have had no problems with this phone, neither has my friend, so stop moaning!

Reviewed by dan amuok from UK on 25th Oct 2005
i have had it for two months. no major complaints yet. hasnt switched itself of yet. hope it doesnt coz i will surely crush it!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 17th Oct 2005
My fiance bought me this phone off ebay. I was impressed for the first 4 hours of ussing it. Then suddently the left side of the keyboard doesn't work. I found out this is a common problem with slide phones DONT GET IT.

Reviewed by cath from UK on 3rd Oct 2005
what a pile of junk!!!never had such a bad working phone..it locks up the screen goes blank..i wish i never got it ive only had it three months and now i got to get another!!!give me a nokia any day!!

Reviewed by leanne from UK on 8th Sep 2005
tis fone is brill im so glad i got it, it is so worth its money!!!!!!!

Reviewed by buddha from UK on 1st Sep 2005
this phone is a pile of junk!! i hate it! been an absolute nightmare since the day i got it! i hate it, i switched from my old brick of a 3 phone purely because i just wanted a phone and a network thate WORKED! but noooo! DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR IT! I CANT EXPRESS HOW BAD IT IS!!!!!

Reviewed by Figo from UK on 23rd Aug 2005
Although this phone has been out for just about a year now i couldn't wait to get one as soon as i had seen that awesome advert about it! Anyway, the actual phone at first appears to be on par with the samsung D500 and admittedly it isn't as good as the D500 due to lack of video and bluetooth but apart from that there really isn't much difference. I feel sorry for the people who bought it on 02 but thankfully i'm on vodafone. Anyway, it's a great phone!

Reviewed by Danny Dickinson from UK on 20th Aug 2005
Got after my awful o2 x3, this is an excellent phone. no probs here, except the fact it doesnt remember your messege settings!!!!! Other than this, i have no problems. For any1 who wants then these are some good links: www.getjar.com - free games www.polyphonicringtonez.com - free ringtones

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 5th Aug 2005
It seems that you either love it or hate it! This is by far the worst phone I have ever had and the problems I have experienced are typically linked to very poor and erratic signal strength, inability to connect, make calls or send texts, etc, with "called failed" and "network rejected" being the norm. I went through periods thinking it was the network coverage (O2) but the mast is only 300m away and all other phones I checked were fine. Just upgraded to a sony ericson so fingers crossed it will be better. Glad to get rid of the pile of rubbish!

Reviewed by samantha from UK on 5th Aug 2005
i've had the e800 since april on orange and have always had problems with recieving text messages upto a day after somebody has sent me it. orange are now replacing it tomorrow as the software has now gone faulty and the screen turns itself around, ends up with lines like a barcode and blends into itself, though this only seems to occur if you slide it open which appears to be a common problem with the phone. even flashing it doesn't work. apart from that it's a nice phone which is easy to work though it lacks bluetooth and the battery life is very poor though reducing the screen brightness conserves battery life. think i'll stick to boring nokias in future.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 30th Jul 2005
This is by far the worst phone, i've had it 3 months and really regret buying it, been trying to get rid of it since the day i got it and is impossible! i send a lot of texts and often texts fail then dissapear because it will just crash, also when phoning people it will take ages to connect and jus t constantly say 'conditional forwarding' the response is very slow on this, only thing i can praise about this phone is the camera! DOOOOO NNNNNOOOOTTTTT BUUUYYYYY!!!!

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 29th Jul 2005
This phone is one of the best around, my m8 as the d500, and he used av the e800, and he wished he never swapped!

Reviewed by sam from UK on 14th Jul 2005
i've had the e800 a few months now, i havent had any major problems, just last week it turned itself off a few times and cut off a call halfway through, other than that its worked perfect, small and sexy phone with a good camera. 1 feature it is missing is bluetooth. recomend!

Reviewed by David - Colchester, Essex UK from UK on 5th Jul 2005
I bought this phone as an upgrade for my T100 which I have owned without problem for 3 years. After about 2 months it began locking up from time to time but got worse. The screen looked as though all the characters were bleeding into each other. The phone would shut down for no apparent reason and when rebooted would display a white screen. I could not make or receive any text or call with any reliability. The phone would immediately switch to divert when anyone tried to call me. I sent the phone away to Samsung Service Centre. I received the phone duly "repaired" and experienced the same faults again within 4 days. I returnred the unit yet again for the same faults and it came back again. After 5 days the same faults returned. I have now to send it back again. I have seriously lost any faith that I had in Samsung phones. If you are considering buying this product I would urge you to reconsider or you could end up with what I have. A stylish looking piece of junk. I regret buying this phone. All in all this is the worst and most stressful phone I have ever owned. BUYER BEWARE...

Reviewed by lexxy from UK on 5th Jul 2005
i have had this fone since last semptember and only recently has it started to go wrong, the screen freezes, it cancells calls halfway through a convosation and the sometimes the picture in the screen is upside down! i dont recommend this fone unless u intend on gettin another one a few months after buyin it. agreed it is a sexy fone but is junk!

Reviewed by jenny from UK on 1st Jul 2005
it is an absoulitly amazing phone i highly recomend it to any body.

Reviewed by dayne stone from UK on 28th Jun 2005
this fone is not gd atall i fort wen it first came out wat a nice fone gt alot of gagets on it ive had samsungs before and they have been faulty after time ive had this one for 5 mounths and it is going wrong cant send pictures infared dnt wrk fone frzzes clour on screen goes cant take pictures the list is endless im stuck on contract so cant change the phone for another 6 mounths but this is still going bk and beeing fixed or givven a new one anyone who is a fool like me dnt bhy a samsung known a few people with the same problems

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 22nd Jun 2005
Bought this phone off ebay a few weeks back. Same problem as with other o2 users, loose signal when attempting to send texts or ring out even tho it says I have full bars and if someone sends me a text it takes on average about 5 hours to get through. Avoid if on o2!

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 19th Jun 2005
Ive had my E800 since last September on O2 network - after 2 month the problems started! Screen freezing, calls not connecting, full signal but don't receive calls or txts, turns itself on and off! Complete nightmare! It's been back to 02 stores 3 times and I still experience the same problems! I've resorted to my trusty old Nokia which, surprise surprise, gives me no problems at all! Would not recommend this phone at all especially if you are on O2!!!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 15th Jun 2005
Fantastic phone, i had it a few months now and ive had no problems at all. recomend to anyone!!

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 25th May 2005
I had this phone for 4 months and think it is fab, i have had no problems at all with the phone. All menus are easy to access, i also transfer via the infer red port this is great. I would recomend this phone to anyone. Camera is also good, i have also printed some of the pictures.

Reviewed by Sentebaleng Mofokeng from UK on 19th May 2005
I love this phone with a passion. The portability. The screen colour. The tones. I can go on. However the one problem i encounted had to do with infared connectivity. It does not communicate with other mobiles. I love E800.

Reviewed by jodie from UK on 18th May 2005
this fone is ace very reliable and easy 2 use! may i just say 2 every1 remember 2 read the booklet wen u purchase the fone ! everything works 1 this is the fone for u aswell as me ! so if u r thinkin bout buying it go ahead

Reviewed by jessica dodson from UK on 21st Apr 2005
had this phone for less than 2 weeks and noticed it cut off calls or turned it self off regularly. friends complained that they could not get through to me. i have found out this problem is isolated to the o2 network. i returned my phone and they gave me a replacement. the second e800 has similiar problems. also the infrared only works with the p.c. it fails to connect with other mobiles. a lovely looking but bitterly dissapointing phone, especially when you consider the #200 price tag.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 9th Apr 2005
de e800 is de beste telefoon van de wereld

Reviewed by amy from UK on 7th Apr 2005
Bought the phone October time and don't recommend it, especially if you are with O2. After about 3 months it wouldn't let me answer calls, freezing on the screen 'connecting.' Then it wouldn't let me send text messages, saying there was no reception but there was. I sent it to O2 for repair and when I got it back within 3 days the problems started occuring again. It it not my sim card as my sim card was used in a loan phone for 2 weeks - a nokia 3310 - and it worked fine, like a dream - a world away from using my samsung e800. Felt wierd to have a working phone again, even if it was a really old one. I have read many other reviews of the same problem, particularly with O2 and Samsung have said O2 need to sort it out but they're not. If the phone worked fine I wouldn't have any complaints although the features aren't the best. Don't buy this phone and read the reviews of people who have had it for at least 3 months because thats when the problems start.

Reviewed by sar13 from UK on 27th Mar 2005
I think this phone is fab!!! dont listen to all the freaks that say the phone is aweful this if probably because they are with o2!!! My solution to this is if your having problems switch from o2, its obvious really. It may not have everything but is a fab phone and easy to use the features are fab!!! Overall this phone is the best for price!!!

Reviewed by Boris from Bulgaria on 24th Mar 2005
This phone is NIGHTMARE, I'am a software developper for mobile phones, and I can tell you that it can ruin your life. I agree, it looks nice, and the interface is nice, but beneath it, only God knows how it works. If you plan to play GAMES on your phone, DEFFINITELY DO NOT BUY PHONE FROM THIS BRAND ...

Reviewed by Tash from England on 24th Mar 2005
I had this phone 31st October and it has been nothing but problems. Only 2 months after having it it went back to The Link and went away for repair because it was constantly locking when the phone was slid open... keypad exposed. This meant that I was kicked off whatever I was doing. Typing a txt, playing a game, on WAP anything. Not only that but my phone was switching on and off occasionally, but without asking for my pin number. Also, no-one was recieving txts I weas sending. I went way for a week for a 'repair'. Came back and exactly the same was happening 3 days after it's return. Only more frequently this time. Another problem I noticed was testing was very slow. Also, I had my phone connected to the laptop via Infared when all of a sudden it switched off. The "o2 Welcome" screen with the bubble came up, but the bubble was just a blur of colours, like a rainbow. Then a blank white screen came up. The "Welcome Note" was a mass of colours. Then the main screen came up with the "O2-UK, date and time" and that was a rainbow blur underneath each letter/number - the blur was like a shadow. The background was white. The only thing on the screen was the network, date and time blurred. So, my mum contacted Samsung themselves and they sent an envelope for it to be sent away yet again. It came back 2 weeks later and after a while the problems were appearing... more and more often. So, back to my place of purchase I went on the 3rd March. I had it back again, 3 weeks later, and I have had it for 3 hours and already people are having problems getting my texts. I have had another phone for the 3 weeks mine was away and I have not had a single problem sending texts. Tried my sim in other phones and not a problem. It is the Samsung. DON'T TOUCH THIS PHONE. IT'S A WASTE OF SPACE. 3 times it has been away for repair, 3 different places and they have still not solved the problems. I have had various different things done to it. Good luck if you have one. I wouldn't recommend one. It looks nice, but thats the only good thing about it.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 23rd Mar 2005
this phone is good! i love how it slides up and down and the camera is great with a great quality of picture! the only thing wrong with it is once on a while it turns itself off!but thats only happened twice since i got it a month ago. another thing though, is the tones i have recorded i want as my ring tones but i cant! anyone no how i can do that??!! but it is a good little light phone!

Reviewed by e800 from Singapore on 21st Mar 2005
Hey.. I surely do not.. definitely do not recommend this.. useless phone.. it hangs.. when someone calls you.. and u press that 'send' --> it shows "MISSED CALL 1" WHAT??????? i really wanna throw that phone away.. had this for a month.. and it's heavy.. too thick and the writing pad is so annoying... the words are not in place.. bad for messaging... no bluetooth... no games at all.... i'm thinkig of changing to Nokia6170.. any opinions for it.. E800 users??

Reviewed by xXx arlz xXx from england on 21st Mar 2005
Im getting dis fone tomoro nd i fink it its way kewl! dont dis this fone!it has a camera a kewl design nd evryfing u cud want!so wat it dnt have a video?!?! i had 1 n my old fone nd it neva got used!I CNT WAIT 2 GEET DIS FONE I FNK EVRY1 SHUD GO 4 IT ND BUY 1!!!!!

Reviewed by john from uk on 20th Mar 2005
I am totally with everyone who slag the phone off. its the worst i have ever had. Just like everyone else i had the phone for a few months without any problems but the the phone kept dropping calls for no reason at all. Then it startd cutting incomming calls off when you answer them. now its refusing to send and receive texts even though i have fill signal. The only way of getting them or beng able to make calls is by turing the phone off and on again or trying to connect to another service and then going back to vodafone. Then i get loads of texts that have not ben received all day and voice messages as they have gone straight to answerphone. now the phone is sticking and just as the person below said, the screen looks like the ink is ruuning....is very weird. considering what people are saying about samsung i think ill drop it and claim on the insurance.

Reviewed by Celia from UK on 18th Mar 2005
I have had my phone for nearly a year and have never had any problems with it. It's smart, small and easy to use. I am disappointed it has no bluetooth but it's not a major problem. The battery could hold out a bit longer but I have had worse. I think it's the most compact realiable phone I have had yet.

Reviewed by Laura from england on 18th Mar 2005
the phone looks sexy but totally uncomforable!,i felt the slide down it wen txtin started 2 rub the sides of my thumps 2 make blisters=eeerrggg!the grapics aint gd and the internal of the phone is totally rubbish!its a brown mucky color and is just looks sick if ur pickin style pick dis phone,if u want a phone thats any gd pick another and wots all dis bpout it bein da 1st phone wiv all dis echo and sound special stuff!WHO CARES!!!!!!!u cant tell da difference u dont actually talk for hourz!!!!

Reviewed by Pete from England on 17th Mar 2005
This Phone is Great but I notice alot of O2 Users Sla***G This Phone down Intresting to C tho Its O2 And not so Many Other Network Providers Im on Orange and had no probs with calls cutting off an stuff like that.

Reviewed by ol_boii from islam on 17th Mar 2005

Reviewed by wee orla from ireland on 14th Mar 2005
It's a good phone, v. sleek and stylish. but it's really difficult to receive he right settings for mms. my screen froze a few days ago and it appeared as though ink was running down inside my screen, like it was melting! my screen is often unreactive when i push a soft key also. battery life is about 32 hours.. and that's not with excessive use. they're a cool phone, but anyone who's gonna buy one.. make sure you get a guarantee and buy it from a reputable source.;)

Reviewed by Hitesh from UK on 12th Mar 2005
I just got this phone and it was not really what i expected. But this was a phone wich u need though your everyday activites. But the problem i have with this is the Keys. They are uncomfortable to use and are 2 small. But in a mark out of ten i give this a 8!

Reviewed by helena from on 11th Mar 2005
havent actually recieved my mob yet so wil let u know jus on here reading review n EMMA - u need to contact 02 so that they can set you up to use mms its not a prob with the phone just need some settings that theyl text to you

Reviewed by Rocky from Dhaka on 10th Mar 2005
Man this is Beautyfull bad phone.Lack Of features and pricyy just got da looks nothing else samsung u suck u suck u suck u suck.....

Reviewed by kimberley reilly from scotland on 10th Mar 2005
I recently purchased the samsung e800 its a brilliant little mobile to have with the internet and amazing picture quality i would recomend this mobile to anyone!!!

Reviewed by DIRK from LONDON on 9th Mar 2005

Reviewed by Alison from England on 8th Mar 2005
Well what can I say, I thought it was me that had the problem, not the phone !! I've only had this phone since September. Everytime a ring another mobile or landline the phone says "network not available" and when I do finally get the "conditional forwarding" it cuts me off, people keep asking why I put the phone down on them ?? The phone doesn't even ring at my end when making calls. I have been into the O2 shop and guess what?? Yep it worked perfectly - I though I was going mental, but after reading all these comments I now know I'm not. Maybe Samsung or O2 should read these comments on this website, so they can get their arses into gear, and help the customers who have problems with the phones. I deal with mobiles at work, and I wish I'd kept to the Orange network with a Nokia - so much easier. I am just waiting for my contract to end, and then I'm going back to Orange.

Reviewed by james from england on 7th Mar 2005

Reviewed by paul from uk on 1st Mar 2005
Worst phone possibly released in 2004/2005. The engineers clearly rushed this phone to make deadlines so many faults with it from major faults phone won't connect to calls to small faults such as menu features being limited the only reason it sells is its nice look

Reviewed by Justin from UK on 23rd Feb 2005
I have had the phone for 3 months now, worst phone i have ever had, 3 out of 5 outbound calls fail, Incoming calls do not connect. Baterry last about 2 days. I am an engineer and work on products just like this so i know how to use them and i know the problem you can get - this is obviously a software issue that SAMSUNG cannot be bothered to or cannot fix - DO NOT BELEIVE THEM IF THEY SAY IT IS WATER OR USER ERROR - UTTER RUBBBISH - WHO CANT DIAL OR ANSWER A CALL CORRECTLY - I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PHONE - NEITHER SHOULD YOU. JUST ABOUT TO HAVE ANOTHER ROW WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT - NO USE BUT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER.

Reviewed by Darren Badham from UK on 22nd Feb 2005
I have always had samsungs, and up until know they have been excellent phones and very reliable. However, the E800 is terrible, there is a fault on it, that Samsung can't fix. 6 out of every 10 text you try to send fails. 4 out of 10 phone calls you should recieve go directly to your answer phone, even though you have a signal. Samsung have informed me this is a problem that 02 should sort out, however, if I use anyother phone I dont have these problems. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Rickie from England on 22nd Feb 2005
This phone is great! i won it in a competition, and i had a Nokia 3220 before. This phone is so much clearer then that!. The camera quality is great, and the zooming is even better. The ringtones are great, but they could do with being a bit louder. 2 minute voice recording is a bit of a let down, i used to have recordings as ringtones on my nokia but i can't do it on this. Another downfall is the fact that it can't play 3GP files. It has infared, but you can only send numbers :(

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 20th Feb 2005
What can I say? I should have stuck to a trusty Nokia as my instincts told me to! My own stupid fault for not keeping a record of mobile numbers and downloading over 200 photos to my, now faulty, handset, but now I've lost all of them! Marvellous! I've only had this phone since Oct 04 and have had many intermittent problems... "Error" during text, reception cutting in and out for no apparent reason, switching itself off and now a complete breakdown rendering the phone useless. Am intrigued as to whether it will actually be fixed by the manufacturer considering everyone else's posted problems! Ho hum! Should not have been a sucker for a cute phone!! Such a girl!! :-/

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