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Samsung E770 review

 Review: May 2006  

Last updated August 2006


In a nutshell: Clamshell phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, memory card & Bluetooth.


The Samsung E770 is a very nice-looking and compact clamshell phone with a black and silver finish. We want to say straight away that this is one of Samsung's nicest phones ever! The phone is very compact, has an outstanding keypad, user-friendly menus and is just very nice to use.

The E770 is the upgrade to the E720, which looked great on paper but had major problems with audio quality and other minor issues. We are happy to report that these problems have all been fixed in the E770.

The E770 is not the highest spec phone available, but is still very good. Starting with the imaging capabilities, the E770 has a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and a video recorder. Both of these are of excellent quality. The outer display is a 262k colour OLED LCD screen and the main display is a 262k colour TFT screen. Both are again of excellent quality. The camera and display of the E770 are not the best that Samsung has ever produced (try the D600 if you want more) but they are a very close second.

Moving on to audio next, both the reception and voice quality of the phone are excellent. There's a built-in MP3 player that supports a wide range of formats, including MP3, ACC and WMA. External music keys on the front fascia let you easily switch between songs. You can use the Samsung Bluetooth® stereo headset to listen to music, or use the digital power amp to play music from the built-in speakers. High quality MP3 ringtones are supported and with the VibeTonz function, the E770 vibrates in time with your current ringtone, so you can tell who is calling from the rhythm.

An essential component to any phone with an MP3 player and video camera is plenty of memory and the E770 has ample memory: 80 Mbytes internal plus an optional external memory card. Connectivity is also very good. Although there's no infrared connection, both Bluetooth and USB are available, as well as a TV Out connection to display your photos and videos directly on a TV or projector. The document viewer lets you view documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. The E770 is also the first Samsung phone to support high-speed internet access via EDGE.

All in all, this is a fantastic phone with no faults that we can find. Highly recommended!

Samsung E770 features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with LED Flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video recorder with LED video light
  • Stereo music player (MP3/ ACC/ ACC+/ e-ACC+/ WMA formats)
  • Digital power amplifier
  • Internal display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: OLED, 262,144 colours, 96 x 80 pixels
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice clarity
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones with MP3 ringtones and VibeTonz
  • Melody composer
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • Document viewer (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Java games & applications
  • 4 Embedded Java games (Bobby Carrot, Airship Racing, Arch Angel, Freekick)
  • Wallpapers
  • Caller ID (Text/Image/Video)
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Phone book (1,000 entries)
  • Memory: 80 Mbytes plus memory card (microSD format)
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, TV Out
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Triband
  • Size: 90 x 46 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 225 hours

Samsung E770 user reviews

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Average rating from 93 reviews:

Reviewed by arthur from canada on 4th Feb 2010
awesome phone errrrrrrrr!!!

Reviewed by parasite from cheadle england on 17th Sep 2009
cracking phone !!!!! ground stow that !!!! errrrrrrr motown !!!

Reviewed by noel hughes from uk on 19th Aug 2009
brilliant phone .wished it had better camera !!!! love it more than chilli powder .

Reviewed by david shaw from uk on 17th Aug 2009
superb phone ,one of the best purchases ive ever made !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ahmed mammeri from algerai on 14th Aug 2009
The Samsung E770 is a very nice-looking

Reviewed by anon from newcastle on 24th Apr 2009
This phone is unbreakable, had it 3 year and drop it on a daily basis and it still works. its fab, not the best camera though.

Reviewed by ray from uk on 29th Mar 2009
it a nice phone

Reviewed by lesley from uk on 14th Mar 2009
i love this phone - but can't get email set up my provider o2 didn't seem to have the time to help

Reviewed by alina from romania on 8th Jan 2009
i love this phone!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by JESS from UK on 25th May 2008

Reviewed by Nathan from Australia on 19th May 2008
this is a gwd phone for standard music and camera area

Reviewed by sam from uk on 28th Feb 2008
Good phone but its camera is nots so good it would be better if it was like 2 megapixel or a 3.2 camera! recommended! ****4 stars!

Reviewed by Julie from Jersey on 27th Feb 2008
I like Dunx love my phone - but mine also has started crashing when using the wap browser - just 12 months after buying it. Mine hasn't been dropped much (and as far as I remember, not around the time that the wap stopped working!) but I am yet to find a clamshell phone with similar spec to replace it with so I just have to put up with it for now!! As for memory - you can buy a micro-sd card pretty cheap from 7 day shop .com! (PS I was told tri-band would work in the States but my phone refused to work - I tried my sim card in a friend's quad-band phone and that worked. So don't rely on this one working everywhere!)

Reviewed by Dunx from England on 7th Nov 2007
I have had this phone for absolutely ages now, dropped it a million times even once down an escalator! Never had a problem EXCEPT it has started to crash when trying to use the internet browser, that is most likely because A) I have generally treated it very badly (escalator springs to mind) or B) its a fixable bug and I havent been bothered to find out because I dont browse the internet anyway. All in all, a brilliant phone. out of date now byt todays standards but I certainly would replace it with the same model due to the battery life (looking around me at newer phones constantly on charge) - durability (thinking of the N95 that got sent back 3 times with broken screen etc and many others that appear to be made of delicate fairydust) and the fact it still looks pretty good. 5*

Reviewed by chris from uk rules on 19th Sep 2007
i love this fone its the best its easy to use and it has a brill camera and music player this is a mush have

Reviewed by karen from uk on 30th Jul 2007
I am very pleased with the samsung E770 it is the best phone I have had I like the voice dialling, and the voice clarity you get with the calls you receive,the tv out is good if you get hold of a cable I got my TV out cable from Ebay you cant seem to get them from any high street shops.

Reviewed by Adèle from UK on 27th Jun 2007
Very pretty handset, great camera BUT I will never get a Samsung again. I don't know if it's a problem with the software Orange have put on it but have had lots of problems; phone freezing - have to take battery out to reset; messages not sending. I've had two different handsets and had the same problem with both. A real shame. If it worked I'd love it!

Reviewed by issam from libya on 20th Jun 2007
the 1st time i saw it , i knew that what i was looking 4 , very nice fast never stuck , i droped it many times ... gues what ... ? simply NO PROPLEM , shoots great pictures and videos , all my friends like it , some problems it turns to pronz color hard to open by one hand

Reviewed by Daniel from England on 10th Jun 2007
I have had this phone for over a year now and i am very pleased with it. This is a great and easy phone to use. If you don' wont a complicated phone than this is the one for you.

Reviewed by Tehseen Ahmed from Pakistan on 9th Jun 2007
very nice cell phone

Reviewed by SARA from MACCLESFIELD on 23rd Apr 2007

Reviewed by bob marley from uk on 7th Mar 2007
[x] i hate my phone [x] its now bronze coz it was badly maufactured [x] it has not much internal memory [x] hash button doesnt work [x] never make the phone again [x] its rubbish

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 31st Jan 2007
This Phone is great. camera good enough for most shots, mp3 player quite decent sound quality. The thing I like about it the best is the size and weight, it really is quite tiny for a clamshell phone. battery a bit short on life and ringtones a bit quiet but generally I love it- had it for nearly a year.

Reviewed by sde from aus. on 28th Jan 2007
it is good

Reviewed by Brian from England on 12th Jan 2007
Nice looking but useless! Battery would not charge within a few days of purchase. Phone returned to seller for refund. Not good at all. There are better phones out there from manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola. I will not be purchasing a Samsung phone again.

Reviewed by KARA from SCOTLAND on 6th Jan 2007

Reviewed by kaz from UK on 5th Jan 2007
Phone is amazing and very easy to use also a very very attractive and petite phone. However the battery is its only weak point, when used alot the battery will need to be charged daily or every two days. but overall a very very good phone

Reviewed by vetmedin from UK on 3rd Dec 2006
I have had this phone since january 2006 have just renewed my contract again and have kept the same phone to me it has everthing anyone really needs in a phone. i dropped it in the pool on holiday and had to claim a new one got it with out a problem only beef i have is about the TV out cable very hard to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually got one in Ruperts in southport the phone shops didn't seem to know what i was talking about!!!!!!!!! and said i should have had one in with the phone when i got it but it isn't so beware if you are after one you may hit difficulties

Reviewed by Yudi from Indonesia on 13th Nov 2006
I have this phone for almost two months. It's a great phone but I couldn't record my voice, especially my daughter's, for the SMS tone. I've tried my times. It has Nice pictures and recordings. I think the battery needs more power to stand longer.

Reviewed by Jennie Brett from England on 30th Oct 2006
I have had this phone for four months. The battery gets very hot when the phone is switched on and only lasts about four hours on standby. There still seems to be a problem with this phone.

Reviewed by Chris from Wales on 13th Oct 2006
I've had this phone for a week and it's great! The screens (both internal and external) are of excellent quality, the sound is crisp and clear and I can't believe how thin and compact it is for a clamshell. True, the battery life is not brilliant and doesn't last as long as some other brands (Nokias and SEs spring to mind) but it is a great all-rounder. Recommended!

Reviewed by raghuram from India on 22nd Sep 2006
This mobile is very good,I purchased this because it was very attractive look and the features were good.this I purchased in newyork.But the accessories doesnot include the data link cable(mobile to Pc with USB).the software has not been given, I was told that the software is available through intenet downloads. Can any one give From where I can download the SGHE770 software for datalink transfer to PC,as the same thing is not available in India raghu_1025@yahoo.com

Reviewed by jozy! x from england=D on 21st Sep 2006
i love at! awsome fone! i love the talkin clock aswell!.. the batters not that good, but thats y it comes with a charger lol.and the fone comes with loadsa memory, and u can put memory sticks iin!, it dunt come with a usb cable tho so im buying a bluetooth adadpter!:) woo buy this fone! love jozy xox

Reviewed by alfred from Ghana on 12th Sep 2006

Reviewed by Peter W from UK on 7th Sep 2006
I 'upgraded' to this phone 3 weeks ago, from a Motorola V525, which was beginning to show signs of an ageing battery, with a life of about 1½ days per charge. If I had been writing this review 3 days ago, I'd have condemned it as an out-and-out disaster. I'll now moderate that opinion somewhat. First, the things I like about it: Weight: compared with the Motorola, which is comparable in size to a hand grenade, it's a delight. Camera: not top of the range, but a big step up from the Moto. And the things I don't like (a lot): Battery life: by yesterday, this was down to just 8 hours!! However, I consulted Orange who advised me (a) to disable the Bluetooth connection, and (b) to recondition the battery by recharging it for 6 hours when it next expired. Thus far, this seems to have worked: 24 hours later I still have a 'full' battery. However, with my Motorola it was not necessary to manually enable and disable the Bluetooth connection: it was 'discoverable' for 60 seconds on startup, and was thereafter dormant until I switched on my headset. Bad news. The E770 has no 'handsfree' capabilty which enables a call to be answered automatically after 15 seconds. You always have to push a button, either on the phone or the headset. Motorola have got it right. Vibrate settings. The Moto had a setting called 'Vibe & Ring', which meant that you got 10 seconds of 'vibe', followed by your ringtone of choice. Excellent for those of us who attend quiet meetings, but also go to noisy events. This is only available on the Samsung if you use their exceedingly naff built-in tones. (And by the way what happened to the excellent tones which were available on the E700 and D600??) This phone makes a 1995 Nokia sound trendy. I have now discovered that if you set a naff default tone as your vibe-and-ring default, but give your regular callers their own (downloaded) tones, this works as you would expect: vibe followed by a cringe-free tone. But you live in fear of the non-regular caller who will set off the glass-shattering default tone.

Reviewed by tomni-marie from u.k on 29th Aug 2006
this phone is rubish i got it on contract on 24th and on the 25th my phone freezed turnt it self off then back on again when i tried to use the bluetooth. it done that every time i tried to use the bluetooth. then on the 27th it turnt itself off when i was trying to enter the settings. i took it back yesterday and when i got home i tried to use the bluetooth and it done the same. the battery life is poor i fully charged it and withing 6 hours it needed charging again. im taking it back today!! DONT GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by suzanne johnson from uk on 13th Aug 2006
Got the phone brand new 1st august 2006,now only 13th and battery is knackered. Appart from that phone is very good and easy to use.

Reviewed by paul from uk on 10th Aug 2006
Very good phone had the d500 before alot better in all ways a class above that. I know there is concerns over the battery life but mine lasts me over four days maybe there is a faulty batch of phones but honestly this phone is really good cant fault anything!

Reviewed by nadia from uk crawley on 9th Aug 2006
wicked phone has all good features and the songs sound wickd gana get a 256mb card then can fit more songs on it

Reviewed by Danny Dickinson from UK on 27th Jul 2006
Wow, very impressed. I got this after my E720 (which was also very good) and the upgrades are very noticeable. The speakers in this phone are much better, and the features in gneral are fantastic. Only thing i dont like is the micro sd. It is expensive. Oh, and it might have been nice to see a 2MP camera not a 1.3MP. But hey, you cant have everything!

Reviewed by bob from Wales on 22nd Jul 2006
Ive had this phone for nearly two months and so far so good (touch wood). Everything you would expect from a samsung, a easy functional menu, great picture quailty and easy texting! The talking clock is muffled however its a great feature when its too sunny to see your screen for the time. The memory on this phone is enough, ive got over 200 pictures and a few videos and a few songs but if you want more memory you can always buy a memory card. This phone is my third samgsung and its the best. I use to love nokias until I tried samgsung, lets say this I will never go back! All in all this phone is a hit and all my friends envy me. Its a must have phone!

Reviewed by Laura Tee from SCOTTISH n proud! on 19th Jul 2006
This phone is the best one I have ever had, and as I am a phone freak n had a lot I should know! The camera quality is brill, the sound is gd but could be a wee bit louder it would be good if it had a speaker like with the D500 for listening to the MP3 player! I used to be an avid Nokia fan until I got a panasonic phone and then D500 and then the D600 and now I am waiting to receive the E900 which should be even better (fingers crossed!) The pic quality is brill and the vids are gd to! The memory is better than most phones, but I also had to get a memory card just to save they wee funny vids I took! I would say the phone does everything you can imagine in a phone but the sound quality when on a call is a bit disappointing! But the overall rating for this phone is 5* defo! x

Reviewed by rosie from UK on 16th Jul 2006
this is the best phone i've ever had! granted any phone was gonna look good after my motorola V80 piece of junk but this phone is seriously amazing! the picture and video quality is birlliant, the bluetooth is quick and always in woring order, the sound is fantabulous and the giant memory has to be the best thing about the phone! another good feature is the password you can put on your messages and files which is great if you have an annoying little brother who is extremely nosey! i would not hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone! GO BUY IT! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED!

Reviewed by Bob from Kenya on 12th Jul 2006
Generally the E770 ranks well within the Samsung range. My best feature from it is the fact that it can view word documents, Excel docs, PDF docs and even HTML documents. Expandable memory is also a definite plus for this phone. The phone being able to play AAC files is also another plus as the AAC files are much smaller than MP3 but come with almost the same quality. Image quality is good both on the phone and PC and the the ability to zoom on photos taken with the phone or downloaded is a great feature. Videos are great especially if in MP4 format though they tend to take a lot of space but with expanded memory, that should not be a problem. A few problems with the phone include the fact that you cannot set the phone to vibrate with downloaded ringtones either MIDI or Mp3 and leads to many missed calls. The time and date display cannot also be removed if you would wish to display your wallpaper in full. You also cannot send all your phone book contacts at one go like the Sony Ericsson range and sending the contacts one by one is time consuming and the files, if being sent to a PC are saved separately for each contact. A key shortcoming is that you cannot add a new number that is already on your call list to existing records on your phonebook. The phone is generally excellent but lacks FM radio (which lacks in most samsung phones) in case you get tired of listening to downloaded MP3s on your phone. 4 stars for the E770.

Reviewed by amandeep from england on 7th Jul 2006
i have used this phone which my friend has which i think is very good but if you want to buy this phone i say that you throw in 50£ minimum more and get your self a d600 which is amazing ( I HAVE IT) the only difference is the camara and the slide but this a very good all rounder

Reviewed by Thaiyainean from Langholm on 4th Jul 2006
This phone is really good! Camera is great and its just sooo easy to use. If you want a good reliable phone go for this one! xxx

Reviewed by Jamie Dean Waters from Wraysbury on 22nd Jun 2006
hi, its jamie. i think this fone is wiked!! but unfortunately mine broke (my cat)so im waiting for the repair. the sounds wiked and the videos class.

Reviewed by Mehr Mann from UK on 16th Jun 2006
Hi, its me again MEHR!! I just fawt i wud say..once again..that this phone is 222222222 good!! i mean i have had it for a couple months (after i raised the money for it lol) and i just can't put it down!! It's like we are stuck together and can't b apart!! (a but like me and my hair...lol)!! So once again dis is da best fone ever and is well worth a buy!!

Reviewed by fabio polillo from italia on 14th Jun 2006
This fone is awsome it has better music sounds than the e720 and more stuff and this fone u can have tv output it is the best very highly recomended BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jev from U.K on 9th Jun 2006
This phone is amazing!!!The menu is simple and easy. Lots of memory and you can also buy a memory stick (which i havn't needed to use!The sound quality is quite good-sometimes a bit tinny-The battery isn't the best but it goes for about 2/3 days.Overall i think this is a brilliant phone and i reccomend it to anyone! I hope this helped!

Reviewed by Shaz from England, United Kingdom on 8th Jun 2006
When i first got the phone i was well happy with it. It had good qualities and was just right for me to use on an every day basis. However, this phone has only managed to keep up its good qualities for about 2 months. Last month i hav experienced a certain problem with the phone, in which i ended up having to send in order for it to get repaired. The problem was that when i tried going onto WAP, the screen would freeze and eventually turn off and back on again and wouldnt let me access WAP at all. After getting my phone back, which took roughtly 2 weeks, the phone was working normally again. But this time it only lasted about a month or so. Now the problem in which i am experiencing is that it will not let me access my photos. Now, when i try to access my photos, it freezes and eventually trn itself off and then back on again. Cannot wait untill i can upgrade to a new phone. But this time it wont be samsung at all. Have been experiencinh problems wit quite a few samsung phone s. Need to try something different

Reviewed by Spacks Samuel from Spain on 7th Jun 2006
Samusung e770 is an excellent phone but with few short comings. The battery life is very poor.I returned mine finally to the distributor after changing it for 3 times for its por battery life. Battery life lasts a maximum of 5 hours when fully charged overnight. Left for this shortfall, the phone is good. It is exactly like the e720 with more features like the voice command and talking clock. I will recommend the e720, e730, e630 to anyone wishing to buy a new one instead of the e770. You will be facinated with its style and features but will be highly disappointed to find your overnight-charged phone off by midday for low battery.

Reviewed by kerrie from hastings on 4th Jun 2006
i just got this fone all i have to say is day this fone is gr8 wen i got it on contract i got a free ipod nano which is gr8 2 well i STRONGLY recommend this fone the grafix r v.good highly impressed i think this is a great lookin fone get it !!!

Reviewed by Pete from England on 28th May 2006
When the phone came it looked reat, i charged the batterey over night then used it the following day then i saw the problems with it. First id the battery life, the longest the battery lasted was 2 days, the least time was 6 hours... and that is withoyt making a call and with perect signal, bluetooth off. I thought it was maybe the battery so i bought another but exactly the same problem. The phone was returned and I received a new one to find the same battery problem and another fault... everytime i tried to access my photos the phone locked then reset. This phone was then returned for repair and came back with the same problems. I then received another new phone and... exactly the same. Not able to access the photos folder and the battery life is non existant. The phone is being returned this week and I shall take a D600. Keep clear of this phone til they sort out the problems.. It was on T-Mobile.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 21st May 2006
I've this phone for about a month, after having a E700 then buying a Nokia 3230 and not liking it, so I bought a Samsung E720 and for some reason I decided to give it away and buy another nokia, this time 6230i. The quality of the Samsung out ways the Nokia's around it's price range. I am 99% happy with this phone, yes I have a couple of niggles, which are that you can't set vibration with your own ringtones (mp3's or midi tones) and for the message alert tone you have to use the imbedded ones, but on the whole every thing else about it, as most are saying, is fantastic. Video quality is excellent and camera quality, for 1.3meg, is very good as well. The thing also recognises my voice commands and also tells me the time!!!....beam me up scotty!! Excellent phone and highly recommeded.

Reviewed by amarjeev from england on 18th May 2006
hi im amarjeev i love having fun with this fone, its great i love to talk to people. i wouldnt marry it yet, its to early in our relationship, a possible proposal make take place in the near future. MEHR MANN!

Reviewed by t clarke from britain on 17th May 2006
i have had quite a few phones but non to rival this for features nor space,lightweight compact evrything you could want,i highly reccomend it,

Reviewed by Kash from UK on 15th May 2006
This phone is excelent. I swapped it with my D500 and am really proud of it aswell. The camera is excellent. The origional use of the phone (Using it to phone people) works pefectly. The only thing i didnt like is the speaker. It seemed pretty quiet but the rest from games to video is absolutely fantastic. Had no problems so far and not planning on getting any lol.

Reviewed by mehr mann from isleworth on 15th May 2006
my name is mann, mehr mann i love this fone i wud marry it if i cud but infortunately i cant buy this fone its great very easy to use

Reviewed by Paul from England on 11th May 2006
Had this phone for a month after years of Nokia's. It's a great phone that is compact, stylish and has great features. I haven't tried the MP3 player yet but the camera and video are great. I have this on orange and the orange menu on the front screen is not my cup of tea, it also creates probs trying to size photo's as you don't have the full screen. I love the keypad and the overall look. It's a great little phone that performs functionally as well as stylishly but please, Orange, get rid of the silly menu on the screen. Great phone that looks better than the common Motorola. Treat yourself...

Reviewed by CLAIRE DONNELLY from GLASGOW on 5th May 2006

Reviewed by some one from england on 4th May 2006
poor it looks really smooth but feautures wise its really not that good the cameras preety poor too i wouldnt bother the sony ericcson w800i is a lot better and so is the panasonic vs6

Reviewed by louisa from UK on 2nd May 2006
I love this phone, itz really really good. the camera is excellent, and the video playback is fantastic. I also like the photo and video special effects you can do, cos they're really fun. i'm loving the sleek design and itz so light. I also like the keys to text. overall this phone is a brill phone.

Reviewed by mehr mann from england on 30th Apr 2006
this fone is great, compact and pretty simple to use. But i dunno how to put songs from my comp onto this mp3 player. But overall it is very sleek and the features r great.

Reviewed by G Bennett from UK on 21st Apr 2006
Rubbish phone with stupid features like pictures on text messages and speaking clock. The Sony W800i is a million times better.

Reviewed by RM from uk on 21st Apr 2006
I've had the phone for a couple of months now and on the whole its great, most of the features work and is a vast improvement om my old motorola V635 which bascially never worked. The camera is fairly good, but theres no point whinging about the quality its a phone first a digital camera second and as a phone its great. The only problem, i've got with this phone, is the vibrate alert does not seem to work in combiantion with Mp3 ring tones. Although its a great phone, the Nokia 6230i is by far the superior phone features wise, but for looks the samsung wins.

Reviewed by Penelope Rehbein from UK on 20th Apr 2006
WHAT A SHAME - This phone could have had top marks but for the fact that the voice recogition is useless. I want a phone that I can make calls with voice recognition as I don't want to keep putting my glasses on! ANYBODY GOT ANY IDEAS

Reviewed by someone from united kingdom on 20th Apr 2006
saw this phone liked this phone got this phone love this phone ...and trust me your gonna love it too.

Reviewed by Bernadette from Scotland on 14th Apr 2006
Fantastic phone. I have got my second one in 15 days as I wasn't able to send texts. A possible fault with the phone or my old sim card. Apart from that, its been a great phone to have.

Reviewed by Samsung from united kingdom on 14th Apr 2006
luv dis fone recommend u 2 get it trust me u wont know wot im talking bout till u dnt xperince it urself its a whole new adventure EXPLORE AND BE AMAZED.......... oh ye nd da cam gets a bit weird coz da pic quality changes to luk fuzzy and cloudy...ny1 else got dis problem?

Reviewed by Ayesha from UK on 14th Apr 2006
EXPLORE AND BE AMAZED... GET THIS PHONE AND ENJOY THE RIDE ...............................

Reviewed by customer from England on 13th Apr 2006
This is a brilliant phone. I have had it for a couple of days now and it is ace! the camera quality is brill for a 1.3 mp camera! BUY THIS PHONE!!!!

Reviewed by becky from England on 12th Apr 2006
fantastic. I have had all my life samsung phones and this one is the best one i have ever had definatkey worth buying

Reviewed by jj from England on 9th Apr 2006
I've had this phone for about a month now and its brilliant, the t9 dictionary does save new words and the camera is great. I found it very easy to use even before i read the manual. Only downfall is the reception but im not sure if this is because of the phone or the network:S any one else having a lot of no service or limited service on orange?

Reviewed by Trudie from United Kingdom on 3rd Apr 2006
I lost my previous phone (Samsung D500) and was sent a Nokia 6111 as an upgrade, which I really disliked as it was cheap and tacky! I sent it back and received the Samsung E770 instead. I'm really pleased with the phone so far, it's an excellent upgrade on the Samsung E720. The icons have been updated and the phone is very sleek and slim, giving the phone a very modern feel. The camera and video function are excellent for a 1.3 megapixel phone. I find it easy to download ringtones via bluetooth and the sound quality is very good. I also like the quirky speaking clock function, especially when the sun't shining and I can't see the time on the external display (my 11 year old also loves this feature!) As for the t9 being unable to save words to the dictionary, I would have to disagree, mine not only saves them, but often finishes the words I use regularly off for me! I've not had the phone for very long, but so far so good, I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Craig from Wales on 1st Apr 2006
I bought this phone a few days ago and its a great. Its simple to use and also really easy to navigate around the phones menus and files etc. The camera is excellent for a 1.3 megapixel, nice clear images if you put it on the right settings, also the video quality is good for a 1.3 megapixel camera. Another feature is that if you keep your finger down on the volume keys, the phone tells you the time, i must say that the voice of the man talking telling you the time is a bot fuzzy. The memory of the phone is also very good, 1000 phonebook contacts, reasonable sized memory for images and videos, being 81 meg. As for the looks, they are very modern and a nice keypad layout on the main part of the phone, I higley recomend this phone, stands out from all the other flip phones available!

Reviewed by louise from united kingdom on 27th Mar 2006
as soon as i saw this phone i fell in love it looks amazing and is so sleek. what i love most about it is that it hasnt lost its looks whilst having all the technology. the only thing missing i think is a higher megerpixel camera.

Reviewed by sean from england on 27th Mar 2006
I have had this phone a week now and already i think its ace, it does more a less everything you want it to and more. The sound quality is great, the video and pictures are great and the talking clock is just the icing on the cake. This is the best phone i have had and would recommend it to others without a doubt ..... oh ye, it is a step up from the E720

Reviewed by Russell V from Fiji on 26th Mar 2006
This is a great phone! Although i do agree that the vibration is almost non-existent and the camera is not as responsive as my old EH-700 but the quality is a lot better. The mini SD memory card is way cool as well. Buy it NOW

Reviewed by Rahul from United Kingdom on 25th Mar 2006
Only i can say.. i m in love wid tis fone.. My E770, Enveloping me in your soft folds of comfort. Eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns and carries my thoughts to a bed of pure contentment. Completely satisfied, I lay in your sweet embrace, longing to remain indefinitely. This is love. If you are looking for SEXY HANDSET, you have made a right decision.

Reviewed by Jou ma from UK on 22nd Mar 2006
Is just one of the best phones that anyone can ask for. And the looks of it says everything of the phone when you look at it!!!!! So, go for it.

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 19th Mar 2006
I've had this phone about a week and it is a quality phone. I bought this phone because I wanted a clam phone that look good, had Bluetooth, a MP3 player and believe it or not something that I could use to make phone calls and send text messages. The menus are easy to navigate through, the screen is clear and large, the keys are not too small, it has Internet capability and it look flash, but in a mature and sophisticated way not a Jack the lad way. There are some minor niggles, but lets not get too distracted from what this is "A PHONE". The camera is not the greatest in the world, (1.3 Mega Pixels not 2.0 Mega Pixels) but if you want to take excellent photos then you buy a digital camera not a phone. Let's face it the camera is a fun feature not a critical feature. The other thing is if you miss a call then you will need to open the phone to find out. Which is a shame, it would have been nice if the outer screen could display something to notify you. You can set you message alert to ring every 2 minutes, but again no outer display notification. FYI - To use the talking clock you hold down the volume up button on the side the phone when it's closed. Nice feature, but the voice is a little too robotic.

Reviewed by Max from UK on 15th Mar 2006
Got this phone two weeks ago. Its excellent in my opinion. The menus are simple to navigate. Anyone who can't figure out how to use it should be ashamed of themselves. Cameras very good for a 1.3 megapixel. Sound is qualiy. The vibrate function is excellent to, never missed a call when its on. It plays mp3s and records videos very well. Over all i'd say this is another quality phone by samsung.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 15th Mar 2006
This phone is utterly fab!!! I have just (finally) upgraded from a sony ericson T610, and now I am the envy of all my friends- who all have great-looking phones like the LG 880 and Motorola V3i. The manual tells you all you need to know- you just have to look at it thoroughly... but if you have already had any mobile phone, there's hardly any differences in controls etc. The camera is fab, the mP3 quality brill... and you get a free pair of headphones with it! If you want a better camera- get a digital camera and use it's 4or 5 megs! Also... if you want to check email, get a blackberry or similar device!

Reviewed by emily from england on 15th Mar 2006
i got this phone about a week ago. it is really light and a lovely sleek, smart design. the camera is 1.3 mega pixel, but upgrading from the d500 that was the same mega pixel, this phone is obviously better. The quality of the screen is excellent,the speed is great and the key pad is easy to use. yes the vibration isnt that good but that doesnt really bother me. all in all i like this phone, it looks great and its user friendly. one thing i cant work out is this phone has a talking clock which was shown to me when i upgraded, but i cant find out how to work it. if you know let me know please!

Reviewed by mary from uk on 14th Mar 2006
Absolutey terrible got this phone home tried the camera is that what they call 2 megapixels? my samsung D500 took better photos for a 1.3 mp camera. After 2 months of recieving the phone it froze turnt off would not turn back on took it to get repaired lost all memory got it back and still experienced major problems took it back got myself a lovely sony ericson K750i very pleased been working fine for the past 7 months thats 3 samsung phones ive had that have broke not happy will not be purchasing samsung again and well done sony!

Reviewed by bob from france on 13th Mar 2006
I bought this phone a couple of weeks ago. And still dont know hw to use it. The manual doesnt tell you how too ..can anyone help?

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 10th Mar 2006
I got this phone a few days ago and its is a outstanding phone so many awesome feature and the cam is such good quality :D Its an ace phone!!!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 5th Mar 2006
I got this phone as an upgrade and am sending it back. There were a lot of niggly things that annoyed me. The vibrate was virtualy none existant, more like a hum, unlike my old 6230 which was much better. Also the calendar functions were poor. You can't set an alarm on a memo or a to do, and when i did find an alarm in the setting, it goes off but you have nothing to say that you have a missed event. Also if you have a web based email you want to check, this is difficult. It wouldn't let me add new words to the t9 whilst composing a message or an email address, as someone who uses this facility a lot this ws a major flaw! I didn't like the external screen either, with no function to have no wallpaper/clock, one had to be displayed. A lovely looking phone, great features but not for me. Will be getting the 6230i, best non 3G around i think.

Reviewed by Steve Spicer from Australia on 2nd Mar 2006
I've had this phone for 2 weeks now and I am realy happy with it. For starters it looks fantastic (mine is a dark gun metal grey) and it is so slim compared to any other clamshells out there. It fits into the tightest pocket. This is my second Samsung and I would never consider any other phone. It's so easy to use. All the menu's are clear and simple. I like the ringtones and message tones and the fact that it vibrates in sync with the sound is really great. You can use mp3's as ringtones too but not sure that you can have it vibrate with your own. Battery life is good, I have no issues with it. Obviously if you use the video or MP3's a lot then the battery life is short, however I use mine as a phone (surprise). The camera is excellent and the call quality so far is good. I love the feel of this phone it feels real quality. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I was torn between this and the D600 but I made the right choice.

Reviewed by draxx from philippines on 28th Feb 2006
I was shopping for a new phone and had a bit of a hard time becasue I didn't know what I was looking for. I needed a cool phone that won't hurt my budget that much but still bring out "oohhs" "aaahhhs" from peers. I wanted to get the Moto SLVR L7 coz of it's look and feel, but it came short with the built-in camera. It doesn't even reach 1 mega pixel! Then I saw the W800i from Sony Ericsson. I am a true fan of SE phones (I've got 2 already) and I'm quite happy with the performance. I visited their websites and saw new phones that would come out, so I scratched the W800i. Then I saw the D500, D600 and E770 from Samsung. I don't like slide or swivel phones but compared the D500 and D600 with the E770 anyways. The E770 comes with a solid 256k TFT color display on a 176x220 pixel main screen and an OLED 65k (96x80 pixel) external screen. It features the Vibatone, w/c allows your vibrate setting to be "in sync" with your tone. It's a clamshell form factor but still kinda slim and sleek compared to some clamshells. It supports Bluetooth, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, WAP 2.0/xHTML, MP3/AAC, Java MIDP 2.0, SyncML, Voice command/memo, and USB. It comes with an internal 80Mb shared memory but can be expanded with a transflash card (I've got a 256Mb TF card). It's got a cool MP3 player and can play MP3s whether the phone is open or closed. It records videos on MPEG4 and the resolution is quite nice. Pics come out fine as well. Like the D600, this phone is also capable of printing and displaying pics/videos on your TV! Some setbacks would be this phone doesn't have infrared, HSCSD, and 3G support. Well, I don't really care about Infrared and we still don't have 3G here in the country. Some effort is needed to get used to the menu interfaces but probably it's just me coz this is the first time I'm handling a Samsung phone. Overall, I love this phone. It's the best clamshell phone I have had so far and this is a real keper. I will never regret getting this phone. One of Samsung's best phones ever!

Reviewed by georgia from england on 28th Feb 2006
ive just bought this new phone and it it gr8 it has everything u need and more! the camera is gr8 and so is the music yu can listen 2. i codnt ask 4 a better fone! xx cheers robz hehe xx

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