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Samsung E760 review

 Review: March 2006  


In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with stereo MP3 player.


The Samsung E760 is a clamshell phone with an attractive silver case and a round display on the front. Inside, things are more conventional-looking, with a normal keypad and a good quality 262k colour display.

The novel feature of the E760 is the motion detector user interface / beatbox. The phone detects movement, so you can skip from one MP3 track to another by a shake of the phone. Moving the phone upwards or downwards adjusts the volume. We think this is a bit gimmicky, but some people like it.

The phone also has a good set of features - 1.3 megapixel camera, video recorder, stereo MP3 player and plenty of memory for storing videos and music. Battery life is below average and this is the phone's only real let-down.

Samsung E760 features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom
  • Video camera (QCIF resolution - 176 x 144 pixels)
  • Internal display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: OLED, 65,536 colours, 96 x 96 pixels
  • MP3 player
  • Motion recognition / beatbox
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Dual loudspeakers / stereo headset
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, E-mail (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • T9 predictive text
  • Downloadable Java games plus 3 embedded games with motion recognition
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Caller ID with photo
  • Memory: 96 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Triband
  • Size: 88 x 44 x 22.5 mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Talktime: 6.6 hours
  • Battery standby: 280 hours

Samsung E760 user reviews

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Average rating from 78 reviews:

Reviewed by rizwan from Pakistan on 12th Oct 2013
It is nice set.
I have sumsung E760 since 2006, now I want to purchase a new casing of this mobile, please help me from where i purchase the casing. i am living in Islamabad Pakistan.

Reviewed by Johnny from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
Had this phone approaching 5 years now - and still going strong! Thought it deserved a review for that reason despite being obsolete! More than a few times it has bounced along a pavement or floor yet it's still kept going. Keep meaning to replace it as it's a bit fat (about 2cm thick) and looking and feeling past it... struggling to find anything of a nicer (smaller) size that doesn't have a lot of complaints about durability etc. Stick your bulky iphones and whatever where the sun don't shine - I just want a phone I can text with that isn't huge and doesn't look stupid.

Reviewed by Eric Generic from Philippines on 2nd Jun 2009
Well what can i say. I had this phone for more than 4 years now until my feisty daughter and annoying nephew fought for it last night. It was a wreck! It separated in to 2 parts (the cover & the handle)! DAMN! The catch is that the phone still works. My only problem with it is how am I goin' to transfer the 500 photo's of my daughter to my computer when the LCD doesn't work anymore (plus my USB cable has been bitten down to pieces by a sick old rat). Anyway, the fact that this phone lasted 4 years of hardcore pounding and abrasive usage is outstanding! Never had a phone like this before and I would definitely recommend it to everyone even if it's obsolete now. This piece of junk deserves a 10 out of 5 rating! And it's tried and tested by a drunken buffoon.

Reviewed by Erica from England on 22nd Sep 2008
I have had the Samsung E760 nearly 3 years now and it has been the best phone ever. It has been dropped dozens of times and survived. I have never had any problems with it and I even think that the battery life has been great. My only issue with it is I have been trying to download pictures I have taken to my computer. I have used the CD rom that came with it, read the 'getting started' help and I cannot get anything off it. If anyone manages to find out how to do this, please post a message on here.

Reviewed by me from england on 28th Aug 2008
ive had this phone since it came out and i've stopped using it today!!! its invinsable (obviousely to a degree) but its been in my pond (with me) out a car window, dropped on the floor so many times ive lost count! the only problem is now whn the battery comes out the time resets! must be about 4 years ive had this phone and it stil keeps upto scratch with the new phones!!!! mines battered and covered in dents and scratches but its stil a piece of genious! im only getting a new phone because the paints come off and looks a bit skanky! im going to buy another samsung with the hope itll have the same performance! fingers crossed!

Reviewed by Greta from Lithuania on 16th Aug 2008
Have had this phone for 16 months now. PROS: Better than average loudspeaker music sound. VERY durable due to metal&rubber case - mine actuall fell on tarmac out of a window of a car going at full speed, few scratches only, didn't even switch off! Quite good camera perfomance. Plus, it does look stylish and cool :) CONS: Low voice quality during conversations. Poor battery life. Games are not even worth playing.

Reviewed by SUDHAKAR DNYANMOTE from INDIA on 11th Jun 2008

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 27th Mar 2008
This phone is excellent. Reliable, easy to use, clear readable screen. It is small but as a clamshell design it opens so you can put the speaker to your ear and still have the microphone close to your mouth. The clamshell design also protects the screen when it is closed.

Reviewed by ricky lawrence from uk on 7th Mar 2008
a very good phone

Reviewed by selman sokmen from turkey on 5th Dec 2007
I think the phone is super! I love samsungs theyre always easy to use and look good!

Reviewed by dada from Bulgaria on 1st Nov 2007
I've had my samsung e760 for 5 months and i luv it - it's great, looks shiny & cool, no scratches yet =D all my friends really like the beatbox and the games. it's so cool that i can turn on the camera or the mp3 player with just a simple movement ;) there's so much memory but i've already filled it and now i always have to delete something :( i had lots of problems with the usb cause my comp couldn't recognise the phone but i fixed it and now everything's ok. i already got used to charging it every day - it's not such a big problem! i recommend it to everybody!!! i've got a question - does anybody know how can i activate downloaded from my computer games? i've got a few which are in jar and jad format and i put then in the Other files folder cuz i dunno where and nothing happens, i can't activate them. help!

Reviewed by P.K.D from UK on 20th Oct 2007
the e760 is a gud phone. i have had it for a couple of months now. the bad thing id that my USB is broke so i have to get other ppl to bluetooth me songs and stuff. the picture quality is quite and so is the battery life but the motion thing is cool and the beatbox is cul cuz it annoys my brother :>

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 18th Oct 2007
Had this phone for a year now, and it has been one of the best purchases i've ever made. Never had any trouble with it. The features are excellent, it looks sexc, picture quality is good and the best feature of this phone- it is simply the best phone in the world for texting! The only downfall of it is its short(ish) battery life, mine needs charging ever other day. However I'd definitly reccommend this phone to anyone thinking of buyin it, its been through its fair share of damage but its a resiliant thing- works just as good today as wen i first bought it! t'is quality. =)

Reviewed by suzette conyette from Trinidad and Tobago on 31st Aug 2007
I love my phone. I was able to buy it it TNT about 2 yrs ago after checking it out on the net. Admirers every time I use my phone, now I have people asking me where to get one. My phone fell down eight concrete steps and only for a tiny dent it's still in great contion. I'm a samsung fan.

Reviewed by Antonia Benjamin from Trinidad & Tobago on 2nd Aug 2007
I fell in love with this phone the first time I saw it. Bought it over the net, as it's not available in TnT. I love it, it's great, and I do have a lot of admirers whenever I hold it in my hands. Thanks to Samsung for allowing me to have the best!!!

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 26th Jul 2007
What can i say, today after over a year i am packing up my E760. This is probably one of the best phones i've had, it was easy to use, looked stylish and was reliable. For a phone that was relaised over a year ago it has a huge memory - i tried to fill it and failed! I love the velvet finish and apart from a couple of tiny scratches its stayed in amazine condition (i tend to be very accident prone with phones and am always dropping them etc). Ok the camera may not be the greatest but you can get by with it. Some say the battery life isn't great with this model but personaly i've had no problems with mine. I love this phone, but as my boyfriend bought me a new phone for my birthday i've had to replace it :( I would recomend the E760 to anyone.

Reviewed by Rulz from ENGLAND on 22nd Jun 2007

Reviewed by dada from Bulgaria on 8th Jun 2007
I got this phone yesterday and I think it's absolutely gorgeous (comparing with my old one - the Siemens A70 - :p blah), except the camera - I don't like the quality of the photos. And after I charged the battery for 12 hours the first time it lasted only 5 hours with 4 short calls,1 sms,a few photos made and playing the games (haven't used neither the Bluetooth,nor the mp3 player, haven't downloaded from my comp).I've just charged it for another 12 hours and i hope the battery will last more. What d'you think - is the battery life so low because it was the first time I used it or there's something wrong with it??? After all I think it's a great cell, my friends were so astonished by the motion recognition and they really liked the game with the maze in the pyramid :D. The sound's good, nice features. Only complaint - battery life (and perhaps the camera...they could've put a flash).

Reviewed by Debbie from Trinidad and Tobago on 1st Jun 2007
I've had this phone for more than a year and it is fantastic. Yes, the battery life sucks but that's what chargers are for :) Music ,pictures, downloads ...it can do it all. The memory is HUGE. My phone accidently went into the swimming pool with me via my pocket and I spent about five mins in there before I remembered it. I left it to dry for a couple weeks,prayed and WALA... It started working again as if nothing ever happened.(That incident occured in February 2007) My phone has also had several falls on tiled and asphalt surfaces.It still works great.Don't believe the negative comments. My phone has been tried and tested and continues to remain outstanding.

Reviewed by letsky from Philippines on 10th May 2007
I love this phone...It's a matter of how do you maximize the use of this phone to make it great, some comments are not true since they just don't know yet or they are not yet familiar with the phone, it happens to me, at first I cannot complete a 1min plus voice call, the battery runs down, but after a week the battery can last up to 10min voice call.

Reviewed by Betsie Rochér from South Africa on 25th Apr 2007
I LOVE my cell! It has everything I need. The sound is magnificent. It looks stunning. The only complaint is the battery.

Reviewed by nemanja from serbia on 22nd Apr 2007
this is totaly fress and i have hem i love this cellfone but he has no memory stick

Reviewed by D. from Bulgaria on 15th Apr 2007
OK, I found a few flaws of the model. 1. No matter what you do, the alarm has to go off at full volume. After all, it's supposed to wake up me - not my 2 roomies and the nextdoor neighbour. 2. You can get a photo to come on the screen when someone calls you. How come that doesn't work when they sms you? 3. You have the time shown on both screens at all times but never the date. The only way to find out is to exit everything and click your way to the calendar. 4. You can't assign any part of the menu to the shortcut keys, just a fixed list of what they think you might need. 5. It would be nice if I could create folders to sort the files I download. Instead of 1 for downloads and 1 for favourites. 6. Also several playlists... 7. The zoom feature and the effects seem to work for photos only, not any image stored. These aren't real problems, of course. Just ideas about what could be improved. Oh, and dis, see settings->display->service light. Though this isn't a place...

Reviewed by dis from iceland on 13th Apr 2007
Can anyone tell me how to turn off the minute light on the cover? It's quite irritating to have it constantly blinking :(

Reviewed by D. from Bulgaria on 5th Apr 2007
I couldn't decide what to buy so I went through these reviews. This model had so many cons listed but I took the risk anyway. Lemme tell ya - most turned out to be false. Battery's fine - lasted me 83 hours at 1st charge (I timed it) No problems with installing the software (Read instructions on CD) Yes, you can transfer from phone memory to sim memory (PC studio) You can turn off any sounds whatsoever (That one nearly stopped me from buying) The motion function worked out even the 1st time I tried it. Message letters are just the right size (I'm used to big ones and major scrolling) What I like best (compared to my last phone) is that you can customize pretty much anything, things that I'm used to having one version of and that's it.

Reviewed by Barbara Taylor from United Kingdom on 7th Mar 2007
I recently bought the Samsung E760, but I find that I can not get my phone to cennect to my PC. Have downloaded PC Studio 2.0 disc that came with it, but all I get is off line, so I can not download file from phone to pc. Can you help. I have had no satisfaction from Samnsung all they keeo saying that the CD is ok. I have even downloaded fron their own website.

Reviewed by Dukagjin Mehmetaj from Kosovo on 13th Feb 2007
the phone is really good, but as many others here i must say it has a very shortlife battery... I must charge it everynight I go 2 sleep untill I wake up...:( i think I should buy a new battery:)) ,,the motion thing was the reason I opened this page... and now I got it (almost) ;)

Reviewed by ali nasir from pakistan on 3rd Feb 2007

Reviewed by Alexandra from Belgrade on 30th Jan 2007
I just LOVE this mobile...

Reviewed by Rae from ?-DONT BE NOSY-? on 27th Jan 2007
I love my phone, the motion detector is great. My phone accidently got put into the washer and then the dryer!!!! I cant believe that it still works perfectly. I was really worried it wouldnt work but it does. Im so pleased as I dont want a different phone.

Reviewed by l. leander from philippines on 22nd Jan 2007
simply fantastic!

Reviewed by sonia from pakistan on 18th Jan 2007
a nice set

Reviewed by Mikko from Philippines on 6th Jan 2007
i like this foe and its really awesome...it motion beatbox,its Camera its cool

Reviewed by peej from philippines on 29th Nov 2006
i love my phone because it has a relatively good cam, blue tooth and an MP3 player. plus, it has a cute display and the "motion thing" is funny. the downside would have to be the battery life and the fact that you couldn't transfer phone book from fone memory to sim memory. other than that, i love it. A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: you can actually turn off the minute light on the cover (that someone mentioned as irritating and using up battery).

Reviewed by jewl from england on 23rd Nov 2006
I just got this phone it's absolutely amazing, ilove the motion thing with the games and the mp3 player its cool. The battery life seems relly good compared with my old phone. the mp3 sound is brilliant.

Reviewed by charu from nepal on 9th Nov 2006
gr8 so far. STYLISH!

Reviewed by Fed from UK on 4th Oct 2006
bought this as part of package got printer and bluetooth looks cute and also nice and light, the files transfer all done in under 10 minutes video and music and old pictures of other phone really good with a dongle on pc (unlike nokias) give it 4 stars me still trying to figure out the motion thing for the mp3 player but all together top phone

Reviewed by James from Scotland on 26th Aug 2006
Totally disappointed with this phone. It has loads of different functions but what is the use if, when you use them, it totally drains the battery in a very short time! Even when you don't use it much the battery runs down in about 30hours.

Reviewed by Brian from England on 19th Aug 2006
Absolutely top phone and for the price it really is amazing. The highly unique motion feature is relly cool and will really impress your friends. The memory at 96MB is enough to store your favourite MP3 tracks and ringtones. The USB cable and Cd-rom for transferring music are included and make it really easy to do so. It's relly fast and has excellent sound clarity. The dual loudspeakers are also really loud - great for loud places where it can be hard to here. Overall a great buy in my opinion

Reviewed by loz from uk on 11th Aug 2006
I have just got this phone and i think its amazing its easy to use, its stylish, good graphics n all that lot except for one thing it is a nighmare to put mp3's on it. i have not been able to put any songs on whatsoever and the software i recieved with the phone will not install. i suggest that if u want a fone for playing mp3's do not get this one for it is nearly impossible.

Reviewed by Terry from Bulgaria on 31st Jul 2006
Good things= looks good, lightweight, exciting display, good sounds, very handy and shock resistant,elegant. Bad things= does not copy contacts from phone to sim card!(believe me-like all samsungs) ,too many buttons pressed for a simple operation,cannot save tel number from incoming messages, no option to see either phone listing or sim listings! (you have to see both or erase listings from either sim card or phone),often mixes up incoming messages, message letters too small, battery a real joke...lasts maximum 48hours for average use(dont give attention to nonsense). My advice: if you ever had a Nokia never buy a Samsung. You will regret it!! I give it 2 stars just because it looks good!

Reviewed by Jaxx from Croatia on 8th Jul 2006
For uploading a mp3 files on this phone just go to the Samsung website and download the PC studio software, install it and intall the drivers that came with your cable.

Reviewed by Svetlana from Serbia on 27th Jun 2006
I bought this cutie a couple days ago and here are my impressions so far. PROS: design, ergonomics(screens,keypad,user-friendly software),enough memory( it's a phone, after all),fast and functional bluetooth,personalisation features CONS: batery life, no flash( pictures look a bit dark),motion recognition requires practice, ringtones could be a little louder Overall, an excellent phone if it is not used as an mp3 player.

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 23rd Jun 2006
woooooooooow i've just got this fone and omg its AMAZING!!! i love it, i wud defo defo defo recommend it 2 anyone!!! seriously guys i wud defo recommend it!!! dont listen to people who say anything negative.... wooooooooooooooow

Reviewed by neil from on 22nd Jun 2006
im very pleased with the phone. disagree with all the complaints made with other reviews. NEED HELP! HOW DO YOU USE THE USB CABLE TO PUT MUSIC ONTO THE PHONE FROM YOUR COMPUTER?? PLEASE HELP!!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 20th May 2006
I love this phone! It really is good looking, good size, feels very solid and robust. Features are very good and sound from the external stereo speakers is great! Screen is good and the keypad is one of the easiest ive used! Overall great phone and if you can find one these days its worth buying

Reviewed by kevin twigg from wales on 20th May 2006
If wou want to buy a phone that does everything except for what a phone does. Its mp3 player is excellent, the camera is ok, and the games are good. However the phone has a terrible speaker and when calling someone you are always asking for them to repeat themselves. But the greatest dissapointment I have had is that i stood on it not very hard and both of it's screens cracked. the internal screen now has a massive black mark on it, and the external screen has a crack going right through it.

Reviewed by nick from cyprus on 17th May 2006
Very small letters for messages, noisy keys (no quiet option!) , no option for seeing phone or card listings!you hqve to view both! relatively bulky,,,..most revewers talk about music/speakers/sound quality....I see it as a phone..not as a music box. Gave up my Nokia and regret it..much inferior to Nokia options and menue

Reviewed by Josh from Phillipines on 18th Apr 2006
I'm a fan of Sony Ericsson and still is, but with this model, i think samsung did a great job. Bluetooth connection is superb. When i transfered contacts to my phone from sim, it did it in just a blink of an eye. Can't believe it. First time i saw it. Data access is so quick that even the memory is almost full, still it processes data like fomula 1 speed. Just a tip guys. If you store music on it, convert it using the itune to AAC format. It will reduce the file size and increase sound quality. Hence, you can put more songs and volume is increase a 3rd more due to the enhancement made by itune. This phone is just amazing. Even if i'd be given a P990i? I will surely use this phone still. It's just wonderful. For you guys out there? Get one of this and you'll be happy in years time.

Reviewed by Joe T from Phillipines on 14th Apr 2006
The first time i saw the phone in the brochure, i knew that there's something else in it. And by the time i got hold of the thing, it had surpass my expectations. A small handy phone which makes you feel like you don't carry anythng at all. The style is truly unique, the quality is way better than i thought. The features is superb. The data access speed is amazing. Best phone i had as to its level. By this one guys! I'm telling you, i'm a gadget freak. And this thing just rocks!

Reviewed by Joe from Singapore on 13th Apr 2006
Great quality, stylish & superb features. The keypad is amazing and got really fast data access and transfer. I just love it!

Reviewed by Lou from England on 12th Apr 2006
Really good phone camera is good, fun features, good sound quailty, and a lovely key pad. I know there are better phones out there but just about as good this is dead easy to use and has great features.

Reviewed by Joanne from on 11th Mar 2006
Fell in love with it the first minute i saw it. The beautiful silver top with the black matt casing looks absolutety gorgeous and the circular display really makes it stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately the time and battery dont stay on all the time like the E720 because of it being round but that's the price u pay for beauty:)))It's not just about looks though, it has 96mb memory, mp3&aac player, bluetooth, camera&video, top quality display and last but not least, the motion recognition function which really does work!!! You can use it to activate the camera, mp3 player or the beatbox thingy when the phone's closed by holding down the side button and moving the phone either left, right or up to activate the feature u want. It also works for the pre-installed games and even though it works absolutely fine i find it pointless cos u cant concentrate on the display when you're constantly moving it about. There's also built in virtual dice and lottery draw applications to complement the motion thingy but i mainly use it for the mp3 player to skip/forward tracks or stop the player without having to open the phone which really is handy and no u DONT have to wave your hands in the air, lol, u just make a small left/right and back movement and it responds. Camera is pretty good as i've managed to send a few pics to the pc and the quality is impressive. Surprisingly for Samsung they've included the usb cable in the package which is a first for them. My only concern is the battery cos it doesnt live up to the stated talk/standby time but other than that there's not much to be disappointed with this phone.

Reviewed by David Bexworth from England on 27th Feb 2006
I just bought this phone thinking it looked quite smart looking. The picture Samsung provide is pathetic as the phones looks for real are bulky and awkard. The only thing i like are the ringtones, but you can get them on any new phone anyway.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 25th Feb 2006
a nice looking phone with some really good features

Reviewed by Ogy from Bosnia&Herzegovina on 16th Feb 2006
Fantastic! According to my standards and needs! Business shaped plus multimedia satisfaction! I have use it, check every feature, aps brilliant! If I may it is Unisex, for both man and woman, young and mature, businessman/woman and urban city guy/girl! And going to buy it!

Reviewed by gDog from Romania on 15th Feb 2006
It's a very nice phone... The sound quality is cool the camera is fantastic and so are the other features. 4 the moment it worth gettin' it :-)

Reviewed by james from uk on 14th Feb 2006
Excellent phone!

Reviewed by KAMAL from PAKISTAN on 9th Feb 2006

Reviewed by philip from denmark on 30th Jan 2006
I got this phone the same day as it was released i love its outstanding. It look cool, feels good to hold in your hand, the light in the display is perfect even in dark is it not frustrating to look at the display. I prefer this phone from any other.

Reviewed by T.E. Roche from United States on 27th Jan 2006
This is a really great phone. I'm having a lot of fun with the different features. Not my first Samsung but my favorite! And battery time is just fine, but then I stopped mine from flashing 30 seconds into owning it! Motion sensor is loads of fun for my six year old. Overall, fantastic phone.

Reviewed by A from America on 25th Jan 2006
This phone is like totally craparama! I'm no joker.

Reviewed by Angela from Cyprus on 14th Jan 2006
WOOOOW! This phone is great!! i love everything about it. Perfect design and pefect function. The battery is a bit of a problem though but other than that i love it. The best phone i ever had....

Reviewed by Antonio from Uk on 10th Jan 2006
Good fone could have mre accessories carry case etc... gets easily scratched features great and to people hint hint who dnt know how to turn service light of for the flashing clock go to settings display settings and service light tek it from there hoew can u review a fone if u dnt know nothing about it

Reviewed by Tom from England on 8th Jan 2006
An excellent 'phone, I got it for christmas and haven't been disappointed by it at all. The screen is clear and the buttons work well. The motion sensor is a bit of a gimmick and wears thin however it is amusing at times. T mobile have coverage issues and there has been times when the signal has just cut out for no reason but that is my only gripe. I recommend this phone.

Reviewed by tom from england on 1st Jan 2006
Not sure what some of these guys are griping about with this phone really. Battery life is fine - charge it up properly and it will last fine. Easy to use, nice features, clear display etc and looks swish. Only gripes for me are no infared and very poor ringtone selection (I shouldn't have to pay £1.50 to download a basic, 'normal' tone instead of all these ridiculous tunes). Other than that, very happy. (oh, and the guy that has trouble with the phone flashing every 10secs clearly needs to stop being so lazy and just read the instruction manual to work out how to turn that off!!!)

Reviewed by Sonic from UK on 31st Dec 2005
Don't believe the other reviews when they say this phone only has a battery life of 48 hours... That is only when the bluetooth is activated. It normally lasts about 10 days for me even through heavy calling and text usage. The design of the offset display on the front is fantastic! You can easily open the flip with one hand as well. The screen is very very clear and bright. The picture quality i would give 4 out of 5 as it is perfect for taking pictures with lots of light, but when its even a little bit dim in the room, the picture on the phone is almost black. I dont see any noticeable advantage from turning up the camera brightness either. The video has the same problem as the afore mentioned dark pictures, but the sound is awesome! Yes the speakers in this little thing are absolutely fantastic! With enough memory space to put 2 full albums on, you can jig away to some really good sounding music. The bass comes out well while not being overrun by the treble you usually get with small speakers. The menu system is very well laid out and easy to access. The speed of accessing menus and reading texts on this phone is instantaneous! Unlike the new generation nokia phones where u press the Menu button and then you have to literally wait 1.5 seconds, the e760's menus are extremely quick. The most "fun" feature of this phone is it's motion detection. There's a feature called Motion Beatbox and whenever you shake the phone it makes the sound of a drum, or a guitar riff, or a vocal etc... really quite fun and the ladies love it :D Also this motion feature can be used in its closed state to access the mp3 player, beatbox, or camera (where the front display shows the camera-view). Sound quality from calls is awesome and can be turned up very loud if the person on the other end is speaking quietly! The software supplied with this phone to put on your PC was the best i had seen. It instantly recognised the phone and i was able to start dropping music and pictures on to it straight away! Fantastic phone, wont give it up for years to come...

Reviewed by Person from England on 28th Dec 2005

Reviewed by landy from uk on 13th Dec 2005
iv only just got this fone and it is brilliant!!!!!!!!!! it has every think that you need and more!!! i absolotly love it!!! so if you want a fab phone then buy the samsung e760!!!

Reviewed by Clement from UK on 8th Dec 2005
Good phone with some advanced Bluetooth features. Main feature that interested me was that you can stream mp3 songs from the phone to a compatible headset in stereo and control all your Handsfree features at the same time! Nice!

Reviewed by George from UK on 5th Dec 2005
It's TAT!! I only regret I was forced to give it one star!No wonder the link are giving it away free with new contracts! The battery life is abbissmal, like being back in the early ninties.

Reviewed by NIck W from England on 5th Dec 2005
Worst phone I have ever had!! Battery life is pathetic, lasts about 48 hrs max on stand by, useage reduces it even more. It's probably caused by the cover clock display which flashes every ten seconds and you can't turn it off! Regret moving from NOKIA.... never again!

Reviewed by JulieG from UK on 2nd Dec 2005
Oh wow! I got this phone after endless misery with Motorolas. I was tired of poor camera and video quality despite the high prices I was paying. Thankfully, a great guy in my local phone shop came to the rescue with this fabtastic little phone. The camera/video quality and function options just blow me away - vastly superior to other phones I have used. Piccies are crisp and clear. User menues are simple and nicely laid out with great attention to graphics making all screen displays a delight to view. Battery life and signal strength very good (though I found sticking with O2 was the only way to ensure good signal strength). Can't recommend it enough - far better than many "flash" models which come at a heftier price. Only possible improvements would be a better charging port and a wider selection of basic ring tones (only melodies available). But those are teeny gripes. This phone deserves a 10 out of 5. Just love it.

Reviewed by Lucy from uk on 2nd Dec 2005
I think the phone is super! I love samsungs theyre always easy to use and look good!

Reviewed by Prima from Indonesia on 11th Nov 2005
Best Phone For Me

Reviewed by Will from UK on 30th Oct 2005
The phones decent but the shake feature is a bit of a novelty and wears thin pretty quickly. When closed the e760 isn't as pretty as the e720 but just as easy to use. Still though the d600 is a million times better!

Reviewed by Hans from U.S.A on 25th Oct 2005
Gooooooodddddddd phone

Reviewed by Hmmmmm from Uk on 23rd Oct 2005
WoW!!!!! Thats all i can say, easy buttons, great quality! Wow!

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