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Samsung E630 review

 Review: September 2005  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A compact camera phone in a slide-up design.


The Samsung E630 camera phone is a nicely-styled phone with a slide-up design and internal intenna. It's very similar in appearance to the upmarket Samsung D500, but smaller, lighter and curvier! The Samsung marketing blurb describes it as a "curvy, sized-down, neo-classic handset" which is another way of saying that the E630 is a budget version of the high-spec Samsung D500.

The E630 incorporates Samsung's new voice clarity functionality, plus advanced noise cancellation on the built-in speakerphone. The speakerphone is designed to sense and suppress ambient noise when you are making a call. The E630 has good quality audio functions, including 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, a melody composer and a voice recorder.

The E630 doesn't have the latest stuff - no megapixel camera, no video recorder, no MP3 player, and no Bluetooth - but as a compact camera phone in a slide-up design it does the job well enough. It's a better phone than Samsung's early attempts at the slide-up design (the E800), but not as good as the new E350. It's probably over-priced for what you get.

Samsung E630 features include:

Samsung E630 user reviews

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Average rating from 55 reviews:

Reviewed by Marandé from Namibia on 25th Mar 2009
Recently about 2months ago, I bought a Samsung E630 but it only worked for a few weeks and the screen just turned white. All the things work normally exept that I can not read sms or phone numbers or anything as my screen is just showing a white light.

Reviewed by Daniel from Poland on 18th Sep 2008
I truly love this phone. On the beginning I really hated it, because I wasn't for Samsungs, but I beloved this one and. I just destroyed my somehow and now I am going to try to get a fresh new on. Could someone give me some address where I can get it? Thanks in advance

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 22nd Jul 2007
Dirt got stuck behind the slider and stopped me from being able to use the phone. I wont be buying a slider phone again but I would buy a samsung phone as they're very easy to use.

Reviewed by salome smith from Belize on 13th Apr 2007
i lov the phone everything is kool about it except the part which is when i friend is calling only the # shows not the picture or name that was stored in the phone book.another than that it is a good phone

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 6th Apr 2007
I hate this phone. I've had it for nine months now. i've not been able to change it for financial reasons. This is a list of the things that annoy me: 1. You can't access the phone book simply by pressing the down button. Pressing the down button is the shortcut for the incredibly useless "voice recorder" feature. 2. The camera is truly awful and makes a noise even when the phone's on silent. 3. The phone is really bulky and the sliding mechanism is stiff, even after nine months of constant use. 4. You can't set predictive text as default, so have to select it every time. 5. Sometimes, friends complain about "random, high pitched noises" when I call them. 6. Sometimes I'll answer a call and not hear the person at the other end. Don't buy it! Spend a little more and get a nicer phone.

Reviewed by bradley from england on 15th Feb 2007
this is a great phone even if it hasent got a mp3 player or video if u are looking 4 a light wight small mobile this the 1 for u A+++++++++++++

Reviewed by anotherKim from Canada on 28th Jan 2007
Not durable and overpriced. This phone only lasted one year. It kept losing reception every 5 minutes after one year.

Reviewed by Kim from Malta on 13th Aug 2006
Hi..my friend has this mob and it is totally amazing, camera is great and the features rock..I am looking for it In Pink, could some one please email me on kimbypod@yahoo.co.uk and tell me where i could find (shops in the U.K) it and possibly how much it is, Thanks.

Reviewed by Vic from England on 12th Jul 2006
Ok i've only just got this phone but I think its great. I actually sold my nokia 6131 to get this at half the price and im so impressed. Ok it doesnt have mp3 or video, but to be honest I dont care. Its back to the original beautiful slim reliable phones. It does exactly what a phone is supposed to do...and has a great camera. And the pink :) very nice. I recommend it highly.

Reviewed by Kirsty Bremner from Scotland on 30th Jun 2006
I have tried to send and recieve files through infered IT DOESN'T WORK- and i am not allowed to get it replaced my phone cost £70 upgrade and replacement

Reviewed by Jenzing from England on 24th Jun 2006
I brought this phone in pink. I liked the colour and the price was £80 in O2. I wish I paid £20 more pounds to get Samsung E350. I am quite upset. But I still like the phone but I would quite like a video camera on my phone but my phone is still good. In a few months I will buy a better phone but the samsung E630 is still a great phone despite its lack of features!!

Reviewed by Kirsty from Scotland on 21st Jun 2006
I got this phone on sat 17th june and was verry hapy with it. it is much better than my other phone nokia 3310-old eh??

Reviewed by Emma from England on 1st Jun 2006
This phone is cute and small, the design is marvelously curvy and easily fits into your pocket. However it has no mp3 player ,video recording and bluetooth but I suppose thats what you get for £70. I was going to buy this phone but then I saw the Samsung E350 and fell in love with that. My friend has this phone and is very dissapointed. However I love the sexy pink colour lol!!:-) If I were you I would splash out an extra £30 to get the E350 with a vidio recorder and mp3 player!

Reviewed by becky from cornwall on 19th May 2006
when i brought this phone i was told NO BLUTOOTH, no MP3, no VIDEO PLAYER it dials out and it recieves calls, looks quite nice for 70 quid whats everyone complaining about? .. if you want a phone with blutooth, mp3 and video player then buy one with blutooth, mp3 and video player and stop whinging

Reviewed by lulu from England on 18th May 2006
hiya peps , i think this fone rox! it has a relli cool voice recording function that allows u to record ur friends widout them knowing!hahahalol.it doesnt have bluetooth, or video recorder or mp3s.but if u want all that then y dont u just get an ipod and a digital camera? . Well i think tha tthis is a very cute phone.the features on it r quite suprising for such a small fone.the camera quality is amazing and the speakerfone is as clear as a bell. wanna a great fone, look no further!

Reviewed by kay from scotland on 10th May 2006
i like my little phone. it looks good (i have the pink model), the sound quality is great and the camera is good too. there's loads of space for numbers and stuff plus there's little extras that the more tech samsungs don't have. there isn't a video function and no mp3 either but who cares? go buy an ipod or v/camera if it really bothers you! i've had my other phone, a d500, for over 14 months and fancied a little pink phone so i'm glad samsung decided to do the e630 in pink. i love samsung phones and this is a great little addition to the range.

Reviewed by Jenni from Scotland on 6th May 2006
it's a good phone if your only looking to text and make calls as it is very attractive and has a great signal, but it has very poor features with no mp3 or video recording.

Reviewed by Tolu from Nigeria on 22nd Mar 2006
Got mine in November after a disappointing experience with my A800. I still like the Samsung brand though. E630 seems ok but a bit overpriced for its functions. Was not happy it didn't have MP3and Video, but its stylish.A costly immitation of the D500. On the whole its an ok phone.

Reviewed by Lena from Thailand on 1st Mar 2006
I have had this phone for 4 months only and aleready am having big problems with the battery. The same problem happened with my friend - he had exactly the same model and his phone would stop charging after 2 months of use only. It sucks!!! The quality is very poor, not only the phone barely has any funstions, but it's also just not a very reliable. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

Reviewed by S.P from Wales on 17th Feb 2006
I have this as my spare phone and the reason for that is that it's very reliable. Signal strength and sound quality is one of the best i've come across and you woudn't have expected it from such a small phone. The big memory is a bonus but unnecessary when the phone doesn't have video or mp3. It's very easy to use and has a very large phonebook capacity. Like i said, voice quality coming from that tiny earpiece is superb. Battery life is very good too.

Reviewed by Verushka from south africa on 11th Feb 2006

Reviewed by Diana from Romania on 20th Jan 2006
i hav it since april 2005 and it hasn't caused any problems yet . still it's got poor features, no videocam or mp3. good camera and battery though

Reviewed by Fearghál from Northern Ireland on 7th Jan 2006
I got this in agust 2005, its a nice wee phone but the features arent great, the camera is alrite, and it dosnt even have bluetooth or mp3 ringtones or a video. If your looking for a phone just to make calls n txt then buy it, other than that i would not advise anyone to get it

Reviewed by george from bg on 22nd Dec 2005
Perfekt Phone!

Reviewed by Semir from Ethiopia on 1st Dec 2005
I brought last month. Its a very nice phone but its only left Blutooth and the IrDA is Not Work Plz tell me why the IrDA is not Work ...

Reviewed by tooooooom from engaland on 30th Nov 2005
i had dis phone in august as a prezzie 4 my birthday it looks like a d600 which aint a bad thing but the features are poooooooo if u want a phone 2 bad 2 say buy this 1 from the link

Reviewed by Rachid from Tunisia on 27th Oct 2005
the best fone if you look for a compact and nice looking fone.

Reviewed by Hussein from Kenya on 24th Oct 2005
I have been Using the above for the last one year and I have exprencied this problems 1-the screen just turns white and nothing is seen.. 2- it goes of for two days without scren, and becomes normal.. when it goes of I can recieve calls but I can not see any of my contact lists, names and messages 3- it gets freeze most of the time. 4- many other problems who can help me

Reviewed by Milly from Britian on 19th Sep 2005
this fone is just tryna be tha d500 n its nowhere near as smart and good as tha d500 any1 hu buyz this fone is a wanabe

Reviewed by Jessy from UK on 10th Sep 2005
You woudn't think so about such a small phone but this has to be one of the most reliable phones i've ever owned. Very cute, very elegant, great reception and sound quality. Screen is amazing although it's a little too small. Camera is good and there's 18mb of memory to store all your photos. Too bad there's no video. I was surprised how loud the ringtones sound considering how small the earpiece is, very impressed. Phonebook is also great- it allows u to store 1000 names and u can add up to 5 different numbers for each so you're never likely to run out of space. The builtin loudpeaker also works perfectly and it also has a dictaphone which u can record for over 6 hours if your memory is empty but i'm having problems transferring my saved recordings to the pc. Neither will it let me set them as ringones which is a shame. Other than that, this is a great value phone so if u want something small and light than this is perfect!

Reviewed by georgi from uk on 5th Sep 2005
gd but no mp3 or video. rubbish price 4 only 1 feature - camera; which nearly every fone has now a dayz. E350 is beta go 4 dat not dis 1 its a con and i no sum1 whos goddit whos had it repared twice already only costing £70!

Reviewed by the finn livin' in belgium from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
very good phone...no problems but i just cant find a way to put the pictures onto my computer :S

Reviewed by leah from uk on 26th Aug 2005
i had this phone 4 2 weeks and it went rong....it was manufactured terribly as when i ent to send a picture message, there were no settings for the picture messages profile......ITS RUBBISH

Reviewed by oky from romania on 19th Aug 2005
veriy good phone has nice sounds on it. I like the blitz.

Reviewed by hamid from UK on 15th Aug 2005
HI! My phone is giving me system error.

Reviewed by peeves from UK on 9th Aug 2005
very small but attractive. really good camera. i got it from my dad for b'day. really easy to use. doesnt matter whether a nokia user or not. this phone suits everyone. downside is samsung and no mmc slot.

Reviewed by siya from soouth africa on 6th Aug 2005

Reviewed by Cameron from Malta on 2nd Aug 2005
its a very nice phone and a very slim phone it have very nice sound and a very nice price i think that il it is like tha samsung d500.buy it.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ken Wakari from Kenya-Karatina on 1st Aug 2005
This phone is the best. I got it a month again and its really nice. Its also has a clear camera which you can zoom. I love this phone.

Reviewed by gordon from UK on 11th Jul 2005
this phone has to be one of the best i have had it has a camera infra red and heaps of other features. like its big brother the d500 it's a slide phone. i love this phone even more than my t610 recomended.

Reviewed by Leeya from England on 2nd Jul 2005
This phone is the best if your looking for small phone you should get this one.

Reviewed by max from england on 24th Jun 2005

Reviewed by Shayne from England on 22nd Jun 2005
I got this phone for my birthday and i think that it is great. The ringtones are good and the slide tones. The camera is exteremly good.It is really small and everyone at work liked it.The only problem is the lack of motorised slide and bluetooth.But all in all u should go for this phone.

Reviewed by lizo from zimbabaway on 2nd Jun 2005
this phone is a sexy beast,it is slim, a top quality phone, it is the most reliable phone i have had, like a morris minor as a phone, and it also has a not competely amazing but good enough if you just wont a lasting phone. i recommend this phone to everyone wanting a reliable, reliable phone,this phone is great.

Reviewed by Paul from Netherlands on 27th May 2005
Screen is much smaller than E800, memory is 3.5mb less than E800 but still 21mb total memory, vga camera, flash, 1000 phonebook memory, conversation recorder, voice recorder for over 6 hours, tri-band, polyphonic melody composer, voice-clarity, 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, infra-red, usb connectivity, 65k colour TFT screen, solid construction...ALL this in what has to be one of the best looking and most compact phones ever made!!

Reviewed by Jawad Feroz from Pakistan on 25th May 2005
Phone's outlook great,its slim ,sexy atleast better than E800,but the Camera quality is really really poor,actually worse when compared to its predecessors,like E600 ,E700 etc, i've switched over to it from sony ericsson k500 ,k500 has a far better camera than this. over all a phone that is outstanding in terms of shape but disappointing in other aspects

Reviewed by Apoorv Agrawal from India on 6th May 2005
This phone is very very xcellent and cheap 2.its has 8x zooom buy this phone before its 2 late.but the minus point is it does not have a video recording this phone deserves more than 5 stars.i got it at the age of 13 its my very first recommendation.its is better than sony ericsson k500i and 700i but not better than d-500

Reviewed by Bhavya and Apoorv from INDIA on 3rd May 2005
This fone rocks its on the cloud nine. It has 8x zooom how much more do you want. But the problem is it does not have a video recording. It has MP3. Buy one before its 2 late.

Reviewed by john from liverpool on 14th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Selina from Uk on 7th Apr 2005
Its kinda like the D500 but the D500 is best on the market at the moment but this is a close second and it doesnt break the bank neither

Reviewed by kerry from uk on 13th Mar 2005
i think this phone is ace and it is small and reliable. it is better than my old phone Nec e616v which by the way r rubbish

Reviewed by K from England on 20th Feb 2005
Wicked phone.. greatcamers.. im one of the first people to get their hand on it

Reviewed by Umer Amin Malik from Pakistan on 20th Feb 2005
A beautyful tiny black from samsung. Memory about 20 MB. During stand by LCD does not go black, date time and service provider are visible. Among samsung sliding phones D-500 and E-630 are outstanding.

Reviewed by Tayyab Malik from Pakistan on 18th Feb 2005
In Pakistan this hand set is available since four months and has gained lot of respect. I think among E800, E810, E820 this is the beautiful set from its apperance.I rate it best after samsung D500.

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