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Samsung E600 review

 Review: August 2004  


In a nutshell: Samsung's smallest camera phone with 64-voice polyphonic ringtones.


The Samsung E600 is Samsung's smallest camera phone, with a clamshell design much like the old A800, but with tons more features!

The TFT screen displays 65,000 colours, which is ideal for displaying photos and videos. The screen is small, but this is understandable in such a tiny lightweight phone. The E600 has 64-voice polyphonic sound and Java™ capability, so that you can download and play games, making full use of the display and sound quality.

The integrated camera includes Multi Shot; Matrix Shot; Night Shot; Photo Frame & Effect; 5x Digital Zoom; Self Portrait; Motion-JPEG; and Photo-CLI. The Motion-JPEG feature allows you to record videos and playback by taking a series of pictures in rapid succession. Photo-CLI lets you match photos of people to their numbers in the phonebook.

In summary, the main appeal of the E600 is for those looking for a very compact, lightweight camera/video phone. The E600 is only slightly smaller than the E700 and E800, which both have a larger screen but lack the video function.

Samsung E600 features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Video recording and playback
  • Internal display: 65,000 colours, 128 x 128 pixels
  • External display: 65,000 colours, 96 x 64 pixels
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging : SMS (with learning T9, 50 max storage), MMS, EMS
  • Downloadable Java games, plus 4 embedded games
  • Wallpaper & Screensaver
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes (video storage), 716 kbytes (images and sound), 512 kbytes (Java games), 1.4 Mbytes (MMS)
  • WAP 1.2, GPRS
  • Fax modem
  • Data cable (RS232)
  • Tri-Band (900/1800/1900 Mhz)
  • Talktime: 4 - 9 hours
  • Battery standby: 150 - 350 hours
  • Size: 82 x 42 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 85g with standard battery

Samsung E600 user reviews

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Average rating from 157 reviews:

Reviewed by Great. from UK on 5th Dec 2009
Well.. they don't make them like this anymore! My phone is 6 years old now- it has outlived all of my other phones as I come back to this one when they break! It has survived falls, losing the aerial and parts dropping off- and still works! The features are now pretty basic but it's still a nice looking phone to use, and with good features.

Reviewed by Risha from UK on 18th Nov 2008
I loved this phone it's small and sexy, one bad thing would be no internet or bluetooth.. but apart from that it is the lightest.. coolest and it does the mobile phone typical job it calls people and it has a camera. The light flashes at the front of the phone if the ring tone is too loud and there are different lights you can choose from.. exciting! i'd say buy it! i want it back!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 16th Feb 2008
Bought this phone 3 and a half years ago and it's still going strong! Absolutely indestructable, if (like me) you're someone who is always on the go, and occasionally drops phones dowstairs, in ponds, or from the top of fairground rides this is the phone for you! (tried and tested) I don't think they actually make it anymore, but if they do then get it. Of course, the features are totally out of date, and I intend to get a new one this weekend. But it is the ultimate invincible phone!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 7th Dec 2007
I found that the battery life of this phone was dreadful, but other than that it was quite reliable. I did have trouble finding software and hardware to put my photos on to the computer, so they are still stuck on my phone - that destroyed the point of having a camera phone.

Reviewed by Obaid from UK on 11th Sep 2007
oh ma God memory is not enough

Reviewed by Hettie from UK on 26th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for about 3 years. It's great phone and does everything you'll want. It has great battery life and a reasonablly good camera as well as easy-to-understand buttons and functions. The only down side is that the txt length is very minimal so if writing a lot it often has to go onto 2 txts. Other than that its a great phone!

Reviewed by Kathryn from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
Heya guys! I've had the E600 for 4 YEARS now and i think it's A M A Z I N G!! I've neve rhad any problems with it! The camera is atcually excellent and stores up to 500 photos! Video qaulity is also great! Unfortunately.... ...This phone is quite a few years old now, it doesn't have bluetooth, or speaker technology. That's why i'm getting a new one VERY soon! I'll be sad to see my little baby go... but life goes on =[ All in all i rate it 5 STARS for being the best phone i have ever owned!

Reviewed by Sara from UK on 26th Jul 2007
I've had this phone for 3 years and I have had no problems with it. It has been dropped so many times and it just bounces and still works!! The battery life is still good, I'm still using orginal batteries. No complaints.

Reviewed by djdbgf from UK on 12th Jul 2007
well it is outstanding

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 18th Jun 2007
I have had an E600 for almost 3 years now. It has been very reliable and has tons of features. I have almost 300 pics stored and several videos too. The games suck but I have not really tried to download more games. The picture and sound quality are very good. It is very compact, very light. Easy to carry around.

Reviewed by Kathryn from UK on 26th May 2007
This phone rules! Camera is theeeeeee best ever! Had it for 3 years - the best 3 years of my life! But times change and new software and features become available and now people are starting to "comment" on how old it is! Time for my dear, dear samsung e600 to retire. =] And what a lovely life it had.

Reviewed by Rooney from UK on 7th Apr 2007
Samsung SGH e600 is cool at features. But the bad thing is this phone doesn't support some kinda JPEG format pictures taken by other phones also it doesn't have a good memory. I just hate it when it comes to take pictures, the camera sucks but the graphics, games, apps etc are cool.

Reviewed by Grace from UK on 16th Mar 2007
I have the Samsung E600. I think it's OK, the ringtones are a bit wierd though and the vidios aren't very long. However, it has the potential for a really great phone.

Reviewed by James from UK on 6th Mar 2007
I have had this phone for about five months and it is very good. Camera Quality is not exceptional and the screen is a nice size. Not Bluetooth. Very Good. I paid 120+ Second Hand.

Reviewed by Chicklet girl from UK on 3rd Mar 2007
I LOVE this phone. I've had it for ages and even got it second hand. The only reason that I'm looking for a new one is because the sound's gone funny (after i dropped it in the loo.) Seriously thought I would definately reccomend it, the camera's not fab but it has video and is a very handy size. GET THIS PHONE - you will not be dissapointed

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 25th Feb 2007
Had this phone for over a year and a half and it has been excellent - tons and tons of space to save pictues about 500 i think! it is small with good battery life adn i am very pleased. perhaps in currents times it doesnt match up as of lack of bluetooth but for itz time and still a bit now it is fabulous!

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 20th Jan 2007
An excellent phone! The picture quality is great, however the texting is annoying.

Reviewed by Ashleigh from UK on 12th Jul 2006
I have had this phone for 2 and a half years now. In this years i have had this phone i have been told by my frieds that i have a great phone due to the fact that there phones have all broken before being able to keep it for this amount of time. The colour screen is excellent in my view. The camera is also good quality.....overall i find this fone the best one i have had yet although the only one problem i see is the Infared ?? I dosen't work some-one please tell me if they have had thos problem as well ?? thnx Samsung roxz !

Reviewed by bef from UK on 1st Apr 2006
I have had this phone for about a year now and it has been really good i recently put it thorgh the wash and it still works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a reaaly good compact phone that is easy to use and very simple. the carmera is quite good. i had a bit of trouble sending pictures but i was told this was to do with virgin not the phone over all its i quote a cheap very stylish little phone

Reviewed by Nick Winn from UK on 16th Jan 2006
If you want to buy a compact phone then buy the E600. Its got loads of features! But there is a few things that i can critize. The camera is extremly senseitive and the arial is pretty big. But all in all a good phone.

Reviewed by Rhiannon from UK on 12th Jan 2006
This phone dies after about a year! No wonder phone companies make so much out of upgrades. First the screen starts freezing on texts, then you can't space or it sends you to random links... I loved it for about 9 months till the silly things like if you change SIMs all the numbers in one entry change to mobile icons and the camera is full of pictures of the junk at the bottom of my bag really started to annoy me. Lovely looking phone though and will miss the satisfying ping when you open it up... and the fact you can use the camera as a mirror is fab for those who are a wee bit vain.

Reviewed by lexc cheong from UK on 19th Dec 2005
first, i wanted to find a small and nicely designed phone(just for basic). the ringtones is loud and good.and the only thing i found not convenient is the size of the screen. so small.

Reviewed by Riva-South Africa from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
I have been enjoying my E600 ever since I bought it. It has everything I need in a phone. The battery life is also good. The only problem with Samsung phones is text messaging, athough it is easy to get down to it if you are a fast learner. If they can improve that, then a Samsung phone will get a 5-star rating from me.

Reviewed by Scuzzlebutt from UK on 23rd Aug 2005
Do not buy this phone, i had it on O2 upgrade last August and have regretted it ever since. On too many occasions to count i have received messages that i had already received weeks before that would then disappear, i do not always get the whole text message come through and have to send or receive another text for it to come through, and the phone does freeze sometimes in the middle of sending a text. The most annoying thing I think is the camera button on the side of the phone - when it is in your bag the button gets knocked and before you know it you have a load of black pictures on your phone that you have to delete one by one. I am upgrading again this week and going back to Nokia or I might try Sony Erricson. I will never have a Samsung phone again.

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 28th Jul 2005
dis fone is off da heeeeeeeeeeezy!!!!!! i got it 2 day n dat thing where u can tk pics of ur self is so brill, ma m8s il b so jealous n da photo quality is much betta dan ma old fone!!!!! buy it no problems cept i hate it the way it doesnt say ma mates names, it jus ses dere numbers, i don no whos talkin!!!!

Reviewed by **Me** from UK on 15th Jul 2005
I've had this phone for a year n just waiting for my updgrade (D500) to arrive in the post! I love this phone it's tiny got a great camera and all the features of a good Samsung phone! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a smart and simple to use phone! I thought Nokia were unbeatable but now I wouldn't change from Samsung xoxo

Reviewed by me from UK on 2nd Jul 2005
i luv my fone and me. they rock as much as much as each other dude

Reviewed by Bridget from Hampshire from UK on 20th Jun 2005
The phone is pretty cool so far, have had it about three days, and I'm enjoying the camera. Predictive texting is quite easy and useful on this phone, as it predicts the right words 99% of the time, as opposed to my last phone...! Can it send picture messages though??? I'm on Virgin mobile, and I really can't get my head round it, even after looking at both the Virgin and Samsung websites...what's the point of a camera if I can't share my photos? The ringtones and volume control are neat though, and the overall design/compactness of the gadget is definitely appealing.

Reviewed by bex form ENGERLAND hehe! from UK on 8th Jun 2005
i havnt got this fone yet but i am my frnd has got it and i rele lyk it i had this other flip samsung fones where the screen twisted round (which i broke:( ) and that had the same thing with the texts it is fine you just have to get used to it! this is a very classy fone! it can take videos how cool and the picture of ther cam uis rele cool and on the screen on the front of the fone when some 1 calls their face cums up on the front of the fone how cool is dat!!! i was so im pressed with my fone i hav told my mum shge HAS to get it for me jks but i wud rele lyk it! from my old fone i no that samsung is a rele good make and produce some fab fones specially this 1! i rele recommend it and and i would worry bat the peeps dat are giving it 1 star! because they dont know wat they are talkin abat!! ok? keep smilin every1! WORD! bi BeCkY XxXxXxX

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 24th May 2005
Its great! but the other day my friend tried to send me a ringtone through infared but it wouldnt work? no idea how to do it at all and the instruction manual that i have doesnt say a word about it just that the phone does have infrared

Reviewed by amber from UK on 1st May 2005
my cousin has this fone its really really good im getting it in 10 days I CANT WAIT!!!!!

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 24th Apr 2005
i realy luv dis fone. its wel gud like! i ad it 4 me bday in sept 2004 n i ws gna gt da e700 bt dis 1 jst lookd so mch btr. me mom sed da reviews 4 is wer gr8 2! i am wel appy wit it bt da only probs r is it dnt av loud spkr n u cnt turn da vlume up on da video. all in all dis is a bril mob tho. i av droppd it out of me window loadsa times, sprayd it wit da hosepipe n droppd it down da stairs n it stil ent broke!!! i did av 2 gt a nw arial tho cs i keep chewin it :-) !!! i rkn dis is fab n u shud gt it. spesh if ur like me!! o, n evry time u go 2 tx sm1 it alwys goes on CAPS n t9 dictonry bt dat ent a prob realy. i gt used 2 it bt u cn change it on2 small ltrs n nt t9 so dats gud! cya!~!~!~!~!

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 20th Apr 2005
I think this fone is really great, its small nice, but one big problem the texting aint that great, as you have to always change the cases, and it always opens with T9, and it is really anoyuing but you get used to it. The photos are good quailty if you stand stil to take them, the recording of the songs doesnt go on for long and the video recording is class but again is too short and takes a long time to save to the fone, another miss was the ringtones are rubbish, just like the pictures as the screen savers, the games r great.

Reviewed by Jones from UK on 25th Feb 2005
As a phone it's perfect. If it worked! Got one in November, within 2 weeks every time I took a photo it would scramble it - and did the same to all the pictures stored on my phone. Took it back and was given a new handset. 3 months on the same problem has come back. Has anyone else had similar problems?

Reviewed by fruitcake from UK on 18th Jan 2005
I got this phone for christmas and i cant stop using it!I am fascinated by the folder tone and the camera is amazing. Video recorder is great, althuogh the recording time is a bit short. The phone is flawless to me, as i had a Siemens MC60 previosly, which i would have awarded 4 stars when i got it, but 2 stars when i got this fab phone. If you get the chance to, buy it!! You will NOT regret it!! C ya

Reviewed by grace from UK on 30th Dec 2004
does anyone no how to switch off the shutter sound when u take a picture?

Reviewed by erwin from uk on 19th Dec 2004
i got this phone a few months ago when it was brand new and it was amazing! However, the novelty has since worn off, and i am actually thinking off getting an upgrade in just a few months! The picture quality is good (although it is a phone so don't expect miracles) and the design is sleek. My sister got this phone too and she still loves it, but she is only 15! It is brilliant for a teenager, but maybe not a 21-year-old student obsessed with neat features! I wish it had more stuff and the texting is a bit of a pain. Also, the ring tones are so loud and i am sick of getting into trouble in class when someone phones me! get this phone if you are not a mobile manic, but dont get it if you permanently have a phone glued to your ear (like mua).

Reviewed by Natty from UK on 17th Dec 2004
Hi ppl!!! I have had an e600 4 about 3 months and i luv it to bits. The camera is gr8 and the video is quite gud 2 (xcept u can't snd it 2 ppl). The camera has very cool effects and i couldn't be happier with it. Especially the self portrait feature where u can take pix with the flip closed and see yourself on the front LCD. (VERY COOL). However, the texting drives you mad if ur in a hurry bt i dnt care bout dat (believe me u du gt used 2 it eventually). Da menu is really easy to use and da 64 poly ringtones are mind blowing. I was attracted by its dinky size and light w8 and i luv it 4 that. It fits into ur pocket with ease (it so small half the time i think iv lost it). This was my first samsung fone and i changed from the very common Nokia 7250i (okay fne 2) and i think i will probably go back to a nokias afta this one. Don't get me wrong tho samsungs r gr8 2 but i feel some of the features on nokias are more thought out. I do av a slight problem with my fne however. it keeps saying "LIMITED SERVICE". this stops you getting texts, calls, etc which is a real pain!!!! Does ne 1 else av dis problem??? Ne1 hu disses this fne is wrong. For da price it beats the e700 and e800 which my friends have. They dont have video but are more simple to use i guess and are a lot more expensive. The e600 has a lot more features, costs less and is much more exclusive than them common fones. Overall I am very pleased with this fone and don't let my nagging put u off there just tiny little niggles. Buy one and b happy and proud of your purchase. I am!!!

Reviewed by sarah stevo from England on 17th Dec 2004
my brother got this phone a few weeks ago and i am getting it for christmas. i cant wait, the fone is so amazing it has everythin u could want. its alot better than my phone at the moment ( 02x1) it permently crashes and sends messeges about 4 times. so looking forward to christmas now! yay!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Lauren from Wales on 15th Dec 2004
This phone is absolutly rubbish dont bother buying it!!!!! ive had nothing but problems with it ever since i bought it (4 Months!!!!) the phone keeps crashing on me, texting is awful, messages dont send and if they do they send about 4 times, the camera can take good quality photos but is very sensitive so if u move slightly it blurrs, its too slow i text faster than the phone can deal with, i hate the fact that if u close the phone you lose everything, do i need to go on.......... Dont get me wrong this phone looks good and is small but for me it just doesn't cut it. my sendo M550 was better than this. The one thing i do like about this phone is the caller ID and only that!!!!!!!! DONT BOTHER.

Reviewed by Vinny from England on 15th Dec 2004
Firstly, this has to be the sexiest phone out there - you may like the slidy ones, but when you're in the street, flipping this small sleek phone to answer does feel very cool. And owning a S300 previously, it's good to see they've cured some problems. These are: adding words on predictive text, MMS capabilites and a very cool 65k colour front screen this time too. This makes the caller ID pictures brilliant. And using EasyGPRS to download all the pics to my computer, the quality isn't that bad for the well lit photos - pretty reasonable 640x480 resolution. Grumbles include: as somebody mentioned earlier, inability to copy numbers all at once from sim to phone and vice versa (makes backing up numbers v. tedious), short videos (30 secs), no loud-speaker so tricky watching and listening to videos at once, should've had memory card slot like the nokias, no stop watch... and I think that's it! These are all relatively small because this is a wicked phone, stylish, and well designed software-wise too!

Reviewed by sharon from UK on 15th Dec 2004
this fone is great!!!!! i love it 2 bits i am gettin 1 4 xmas nd i luv it!!! ive gt a nkia 3410 at th mo but it si total junk i cant wait 2 get this new fone it is lush , ive seen it at the carphone warehouse n they switched it on nstuff aswel nd it is ush it is soooooooooooooooooo cul i love it i cant wait 4 crimbo now! ive seen the camera nd it is soo gud crystal clear really clear n the video thing is soooooooooo gud aswell if ur lukin at tjis fone GET IT DEFO! MY friend is gettin this motorola v220 n i think it is mingin! lol mine is gona b sooooooooo much bettr. it luks great!!!!!!! n its jus the bomb happi crimbo ebry1 n a crakin new yer luv shazaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by gomolemo from South Africa on 13th Dec 2004
the E6000 is a brilliant phone great camera great everything get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kirsty x x from Wales on 12th Dec 2004
Hey ppl i wuld defo tell u 2 get dis phone, its da best ever phone, its small, camera is brill!! Its da best phone i av eva ad!! So get dis fone it 1 of he best 2 get!!! Bye xKirstyx

Reviewed by Melissa from uk on 12th Dec 2004
well ive had this phone for a few weeks now and honestly it is one of the best phones ive had, the only problem ive had so far n the only thing i can say against the phone is that the sound quality on videos is poor and u can only just barely hear it wen ure sat in a room in silence, but other than that the picture quality is excellent the ring n message tones are loud n clear and the games are really good, text messagin is ok as it only takes a second to change from capitals and the phone can store over 200 messages

Reviewed by annewallace from UK on 12th Dec 2004
I don't think this phone is that good. If you want a phone with video playback get the sharpgx15 because the video and camera is crystal clear

Reviewed by Sharon from UK on 11th Dec 2004
I ordered this phone on upgrade and Im so disappointed. It looks good but Ive had it 2 days and its going back. The texting is a nightmare and defaults to T9. There is no option to turn it off permanently. Unimpressed with photo quality - blurry pics. Im looking for a new one and would NOT recommend anyone wastes their money on this.

Reviewed by quaka moelie from moose-al-a-pam-ali on 11th Dec 2004
Best phone in the whole wide world ! ! ! ! thinking of a phone 2 buy this is the one fabulous! ! ! great features better and cheaper than samsung e700! ! ! smiley light on the front is da best! ! ! with its changing colours! ! !

Reviewed by becky from England! on 10th Dec 2004
dis fone is amazing. never seen anything like it before. i used to have a cheap old nokia, but when i saw this thing in the shops, i went 4 it! i like samsung also my brother and sister have them. bro has E700 (the coolest) sis has A800 (not as cool as E600), i recommend this phone to anyone, and the E700. Just get it!

Reviewed by NenaG from South Africa on 9th Dec 2004
This WAS the best phone eva! I wish the %&^^* that stole my phone gets a cramp where he leasts expects it and it remains there for the rest of his lonely sad life. And as far as everyone who is complaining, I would be more than happy to have mine back so send it to me!! THE BEST PHONE EVER!!!!

Reviewed by jen from england on 9th Dec 2004
hi, i just bought the samsung e600 and for those wanting a good review on it i will do my best. firstly if you are deciding on the latest range of phones. i.e e300 e330 then the e600 is way above them in my opinion. mainly due to the fact that the e600 has amazing polyphonics and video recorder. screen - very good screen display, on both screens. the inside is 128 128 pixels which is slightly less than the 128 160 pixels but to be honest you can't really notice the difference! the screen is very bright and photo's come up very well on the screen. external screen is also very bright and you can set it to either blue/green/purple etc..it displays the time and the date although the phone automatically turns off after a few seconds to conserve battery time. this is a little irritating but you cna always turn the button on the side to see it again. something which some people may be worried about is the size of the screen which seems quite small. however it is perfectly adequate to display photo's and isn't a problem at all. camera/video- extremely good camera, if you put it on the highest kind (super fine) the pictures come out fantastic but they do take up more memory. video recorder is also very good, picture remains a little shaky but then again it is on the top end of video recording phones and the quality is still tops. ringtones- polyphonic, no MP3 ringtones though. very good selection of ringtones and more downloadable. ringtones are very loud and clear and use the latest 64-voice which is the best yo can get, apart from true tones. (but i do recommend you don't put it on max. volume!) texting- not really a problem and certainly not as 'impossible' as some people say. nokia phones are a little easier to text with but once you get used to it texting isn't a problem at all. you can also save loads of messages..i think up to about 100 or maybe more! games- java gaming is very good, 4 games pre-installed but i don't really go them so i dont know much about them. more downloadable. all the other features of a phone are there..e.g calender, to do list, recently dialled numbers etc. i'd say this is one of the best handsets you can buy at the moment. for the size (which is amazing and really useful if you want to slide your phone into your tight jeans without it sticking out your pocket!)its got loads of features.its definately a womens phone as its so petite and fashionable. its a very easy phone to use (unlike motorola's which i find quite annoying) and i really don't think you would be dissapointed. the only minor complaint is that i think it is a little bit too expensive. it retails at about 160-190 pounds but then samsung is a very popular name, and truthfully you can't really ask for a more respected name.

Reviewed by Natalie from England on 7th Dec 2004
This phone is average/good. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. It looks good, is easy enough to use, the camera is really nice and games are ok. However it does lack a few features compared with my old Nokia 8310 that really annoyed me! Texting is a pain, it always starts on capitals and it's a real pain changing it every time and it just generally hard to get the text what it wants. Another thing that shows it lack of quality is the fact that words are spilt and half goes onto the next line so it's hard to see what u've actually wrote and if it's the right word! Other features it lacks is a timer, it has absolutely no timing facility, no second hand and count down thing. How am I suppose to time my cooking :P It also lacks facility to store peoples birthdays or address under there name in the address book. The ring tones are well rubbish and if u press the wrong button when u flap it open it plays it really loud, grrrr. I've sent it back and am getting the sony errision k700i, my boyfriend has it and that has SO many more feature, all the things I mentioned that thhe Samsung e600 lack and more: for example a picture of the person who send you a text comes up, unlike this phone where it's only if someone rings you. It also has a radio and MP3 player which can be played on speaker...how cool! So if you want a small average phone, get this. It's not bad. I thought I would be able to live with it being substandard beside my boyfriends but I can't. I want my phone to do as much as possible :)

Reviewed by Paul from Ireland on 6th Dec 2004
Got this phone in september, better than the average i'd say. I don't have any serious problems with it but it has started to freeze in the middle of writing messages sometimes, which although is easily solved by closing the flap it loses the message you had written which is annoying! but other than that good phone. The picture quality is second to no phone that i've ever seen, well worth consideration!

Reviewed by samsung boy from UK on 4th Dec 2004
this is an excellent phone with a brilliant camera for a phone. I like the extra feature of photo caller id as it is so useful. I even think this phone is better than the #250 nokia 6230, as the camera on that phone is rubbish. only problem with this phone is its sound recorder is not at all sensitive. U cant hear anything. doesn't matter though overall i'd say this is a quality phone sutable for anyone, probably mostly for kids that wanna have fun!!

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 3rd Dec 2004
I got this phone last month and i think its excellent and its really easy to use but i don't know how to send picture messages cause wen i try to send them they don't send (a red envelope comes up with a cross on it) can anyone help me please nikki!!!!!!

Reviewed by jen from UK on 3rd Dec 2004
I got this phone yesterday i think it is great! / fab / totally cool! & it is my 1st non-nokia but i think it looks a lot better than most nokias anyway even if things like texting are SLIGHTLY more difficult.......what i REALLY NEED HELP WITH IS.....I want to download ringtones & i hav got a code to put in but on the enter code screen i cant find any way to get numbers to come up!!!!! PLEASE HELP or how do you download your ringtones???

Reviewed by ali from UK on 29th Nov 2004
I got the e600 as an upgrade from a nokia, i am happy with it, only things i could say against it is that i would like it to be able to vibrate and make noises when a text comes through, also, my service light now only shows 3 decent colours, dark blue red and purple, an the green is very low, has anyone else had this problem? apart from that its lovely, unless i have to delete loads of pictures i've taken by mistake in my pocket!

Reviewed by Magdalena from Indonesia on 26th Nov 2004
I got this phone few months ago and it is excellent. But I still don't know how to use the infrared if I want to transfer a picture from the phone to my computer, it seems it is not possible, does anyone know?

Reviewed by Jazel from UK on 26th Nov 2004
Wats up my people This is AK47 Rep A.R.B The phone is of the hizooooooooouse

Reviewed by alex from UK on 24th Nov 2004
i think that this phone is great, i got it a few days ago and think it is the best phone i have ever had, however i noticed that one of the reviews i read said it was a ladys phone, i dont believe that.

Reviewed by hannah from england on 24th Nov 2004
this fone is poper boss it is small, a camera, a video and has java games im well gettin one

Reviewed by samsung mobile fan from Malaysia on 23rd Nov 2004
tis phone looks great.it a ladies phone.i cant wait to get mine.tis phone roxxxxxx!!!!!!!!.Way the go Samsung (100000000000000000000000000000000000x cheers)

Reviewed by Kerry from Northern Ireland on 22nd Nov 2004
This phone is excellent! I've had it for about a month, and have no problem with it at all. The four-way zoon on the camera is fantastic, the colour screen is excellent quality, and I've never heard such great polyphonic ringtone quality. This phone had a lot to live up to since I upgraded from a Sharp GX10i, but I'm very impressed with it. It's small, it's light, and it doesn't skimp on quality. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Polly from UK on 22nd Nov 2004
I got this phone last week and I'm just trying to get used to it - it's rather a different set up than the nokias I'm used to!! Does anybody know how to turn the volume down on the message alert 'beep'? Everytime I get a text, I think my phone wakes up half the neighbpurhood because it's so loud!! I've manged to turn the ring tone down but can;'t figure out the message alert. Could someone let me know how please? (Or indeed, if it's possible!) One other thing, is it possible to have predictive text permanently switched off? Everytime I go to get a question mark or something, it automatically goes back to predictive which I can't stand, so I'm constantly switching from one to the other! I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer my queries! Thanks, Polly

Reviewed by polly from UK on 22nd Nov 2004
How do you switch the phone to silent without having vibration?

Reviewed by B from Scotland on 19th Nov 2004
i've had this phone for 3 months, and i've got a few things that i'd like to set all you monkeys straight on. 1) copying contacts from sim to phone CAN be done and is terribly easy (yes,it is a bit time consuming, but it CAN BE DONE!) if you serach through your contacts, select a contact and go to 'copy', you then get the option to copy the contact to your sim or to your phone - told you it was simple. 2) if your gonna complain about the backlight and the service light you have two options - for the service light, option 1. turn the service light off by changing the display settings or 2. realise how dumb you have been by not noticing this and stop complaining - if your gonna complain, make sure you know what your going on about!!! and as for the backlight, you can either change the colour so that it is not set on a colour that is really bright or once again, you can accept that you dont know how to change it, or alternatively, stop complaining. i love this phone to bits, the texting suits me, i find it easy to use and dont actually have any complaints about it. p.s. and to sort out the two problems above, it had to be a blonde scottish 16yr old female who worked it out, didn't it?

Reviewed by STACIE from ENGLAND on 19th Nov 2004
Hey every1, ive just bought this fone and i love it to bits. Its so cute and tiny, the picture quality is fab its very clear. i was just wondering if any1 knows were i can get some disney wallpapers from on the net??... ive been looking everywhere. ive just been on that disney mobile site and its great, although it doesnt apply to samsung E600 mobiles. please will someone tell me where i can get some disney wallpapers, i think there cute...lol =) thanx stacie (16)

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 17th Nov 2004
I got this phone today... I am very impressed... it came with two batteries (standard and slimline) and it also came with a handsfree earpiece. The texting is easy once you get the hang of it (this took me about 15 minutes as the space key is located in a different place to my old phone) The only thing you can't do is send the same text to a list of people at the same time (if you can... please let me know how to do this!) I also have downloaded a few ringtones and they sound fab! The phonebook holds 1000 numbers (and no, I haven't put too many 0's on the end!) I like the screen... smaller than my old phone, (but you get two of them on the E600!) I have been very satisfied by the graphics of the phone. The video is cool and has sound on playback and picture quality is fantastic in my opinion... I love the fact you use the front screen when taking a picture of yourself. All in all.... I love this phone... have fun!

Reviewed by lacey from england on 15th Nov 2004
this phone is da best i have had it for about a day and i think it is amazing the only thing that is wrong with it is that it is 2 gd i got mine for 170 pounds

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 14th Nov 2004
I love this phone - it was a major upgrade for me (from a Sendo!!!) I spent a whole day going through the manual and putting in my phone numbers etc. The coolest thing of all was being able to connect it to my laptop via the infrared port (*you need to download the free Samsung program Easy GPRS for this*). I was able to upload new pictures and ring tones (and loads come free with Easy GPRS) in seconds to my phone. The E600 takes pictures, records video, looks nice, has good ring tones, surfs the web etc. A lot of the 'annoyances' people mention here (like the service light) can be turned off. I love this phone - it was a major upgrade for me (from a Sendo!!!) I spent a whole day going through the manual and putting in my phone numbers etc. and that was enough to know the phone pretty well. The coolest thing of all wsa being able to connect it to my laptop via the infrared port (*you need to download the free Samsung program Easy GPRS for this*). I was able to upload new pictures and ring tones (and loads come free with Easy GPRS) in seconds to my phone. The E600 takes pictures, records video, looks nice, has good ring tones, surfs the web etc. A lot of the 'annoyances' people mention here (like the service light) can be turned off. The ONLY thing I wish it could do (but it can't) is use downloaded images for Caller ID (it can only use the pictures you take with the inbuilt camera). Any new images you add to your phone via multimedia SMS from friends or from Internet/PC downloads - they can only be used as wallpaper. It's frustrating to know they're on the phone but can't be displayed when your friends ring like the normal camera shots can. :-( If I'd been able to use good quality digital pictures for my caller IDs I would have given it 5-stars! But it's only a minor complaint! ;-)

Reviewed by Danielle from England on 13th Nov 2004
I want to get thid phone for Christmas but I need to know how many photos I can store on the camera. please tell me quikly thnx xxxxx

Reviewed by Radovan from Rusia on 13th Nov 2004
This phone is allmoast excelent, I mind only one thing, I am unable to comunicate with another phones via IRDA. It seems like the phone misses software, I got an impresion that the InfraRed port does not exist at all. I would be wery grateful if someone who reads this review of mine would be so kind enough to inform me via e-mail where can I download the necesary software to comunicate with other phones vai IRDA!!! My mail is geospfc@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Sarah H from UK on 13th Nov 2004

Reviewed by Richie from India on 12th Nov 2004
Great phone, have a few gripes with not being able to control all the sounds as much as I'd like. And it didn't come with a "normal" simple ring tone. Main reason I'm writing this is to let people know that you have to download EasyGPRS from Samsung's website to use the Infrared connectivity.

Reviewed by sophie from engalnd on 12th Nov 2004
im bak i sed i love dis fone i want dis fone i neeed dis fone well guess wot now i got dis fone and its great

Reviewed by x!-NaTaLiE-!x from uk on 12th Nov 2004
im getting this phone for my birthday (30th =P) and i have been on my friends samsung e600 since she had it bought, can some one tell me why people keep saying that the txtin is poor? the camra is top quality and so is the vidio. =D. the menu style is abit boring thoe, can you recive vidio calls on it? thx xxx natz

Reviewed by Em P from UK on 11th Nov 2004
I bought the phone a few weeks ago and I have hardly no complaints. The features are fantastic and it is so easy to use once you get used to it. the only point that im not happy about, is that when you send a text, the phone bleeps; i've contacted samsung about turning the sound off and apparantly you cannot - very annoying when ur in a quiet public place!! otherwise the phone is perfect :-)

Reviewed by HaNNaH from UK on 11th Nov 2004
This fone is defo worth gettin

Reviewed by Katy from England on 11th Nov 2004

Reviewed by * Gem * from UK on 10th Nov 2004
I find this phone has everything you need! A camera, video, great sounding polys, two colour screens! It is great... As for the messaging the only thing that is different about this phone is the fact that instead of the usual '0' button for spaces you use the '#' instead. No big deal, once you have got used to it, and believe me it doesn;t take long. someone asked a question about the service light... You can change the colour... you can choose from seven different colours. Hope I have answered a few of your questions. x X x Gem x X x

Reviewed by Douglas Bruce from Scotland on 10th Nov 2004
the phone is magic

Reviewed by Sarah.H from Uk on 10th Nov 2004
I am gettin this fone in a weeks time :o :o i've had a samsung before and the texting is simple to use :\ its different from other fones but u just gota get used 2 it .. i cant w8 till i get it my bruv's gf has got it and ever since i saw er av it i thught it woz gr8 n knew it woz just totally me ... lolz!! Anyway the only thing i keep seeing stuff about is the the memory...how many messages can u store and how much memory is there. ..5 mb maybe? plz write bk luv sarah xx p.s yeah ur right itz a girlz fone :)

Reviewed by caroline from scotland on 10th Nov 2004
lousie--hi yup the front bit does light up diff colors, you can set ur piks as wallpaper and u can d/l wallpapaers but u cant record ur own ringtones u have 2 dl them as well. this is a really good fone--just wish i could figure out how 2 use ma infra red!!

Reviewed by Elzane from South Africa on 9th Nov 2004
My Mobile got stolen a week ago it was a very nice phone it also had a camera and vidio ect. but is was a nokia, then I went out to buy another phone and came across The Samsung E600 it is far better than the one that got stolen, it's true what they say...there always comes something good out of a bad situation. The Samsung E600 is GREAT!!

Reviewed by James from England on 8th Nov 2004
This fone is absolutely rubbish the camera is no good i camt even put the best game in the world on it snowball fight. if any1 is thinking of getting this dont unless u love wasting money i paid 90 quid for mine and i still feel totally ripped off and all the good reviews on this fone are just people trying to make a bad fone look good

Reviewed by kate Brooks from England on 7th Nov 2004
gd camera small pictures small in size everthing exellent like the phone

Reviewed by fashionbabe from UK on 7th Nov 2004
i am getting this phone for christmas and i have read the reviews and are getting a bit worried because some peope have said that the camera colour is disappointing and so is the txts and well im hoping to put a bolt on the phone which will let me have 400 txts a month for #11.99 so i will be txting my friends alot and im not sure i will want to if txting is difficult plz tell me that its all wrong and its an easy phone to use to put my mind at rest love fashionbabe xxx

Reviewed by *~* LOUISE *~* from Uk on 6th Nov 2004
Im seriously obssessed with this fone! i really cant wait 2 get it! like that xXx JeSs xXx girl said before, does the smile on the front light up all different coulours? and can you download wallpapers and have photoes you have taken on your fone as the wallpaper? can you also record you own ringtons like can you record you saying sumthin and have it as your ringtone? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! SOME ONE ANSWER MY QUESTONS! i really really want to know. it would be a great help! thank you luv *~* LOUISE *~* xxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Pepo from Spain on 5th Nov 2004
I found EasyGPRS Software to download pictures using the Irda port. But, how can you download videos??? I've phoned spanish support and they told me that you can do nothing with the videos (only keep then in your phone memory). Why they put a video if you can't send or download???

Reviewed by Roxanne McShane from england on 5th Nov 2004
im thinkin of gettin dis fone 4 xmas but frm readin al dis reviews evry1s sayin da messagings rubbish! Wats rong wit it? Pls sum1 write bac coz i really want dis fone but i tx al da time so i wanna get sumfin gud! pls reply xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Zara from England on 4th Nov 2004
I cant wait till i get MY samsung E600!!! Everyone is moanin about the textin but it cant be that bad, cuz my phone that i currently have only holds up to 149 characthers!!!! I love the look of it and everything!!! The best part is that even though it has a video function its really small, cuz all other video phones are like 50,000,000 metres huge!!lol! So if anyone is thinking about gettin this phone..DONT..cuz its mine..allmine...LOL See Ya!! :-)

Reviewed by Elitsa Ivanova from BULGARIA on 3rd Nov 2004
I have this Samsung handy till july,i love it so much BUT.... tere is a big problem that whit it!!! 1st i cant understand why Samsungs' team put IRDA when we CANT use it and second please if someone can tell me why till 4 months i still cant find data cable from it??????????????? I wana upload my photos on the PC.If someone can help me this is my mail: solexs@mail.bg

Reviewed by andi from UK on 2nd Nov 2004
Brill fone, ditto everything that has gone before!!!! But can anyone tell me how to set it so that a text alert only rings once? At the moment, whenever I receive a text, the alert tone repeats every two minutes until I read it. It's annoying!1

Reviewed by Victorious from Moldova on 1st Nov 2004
i bought this phone a week ago and I am very satisfied with it. the quality of the pictures is very good, if u switch it to the 640/480 super fine quality, otherwise it's all right. the trouble is, on the best quality you won't be able to take too many pictures. if u want to transfer the pictures to a PC, u need a special cable, better check the samsung website about that, i am not to sure.The ringtones are quality and the external service light is even better. texting can cause some problems when it comes to characters. in rest it's an amazing phone and i advise everyone to buy it!

Reviewed by maz from England on 1st Nov 2004
hey! i've just got the samsung e600 phone but i can't use it yet coz it's for me birthday! is textin really that bad because i text a lot more than i phone! i love the look of the phone and wasn't expecting it to be so small! i'm a bit frightened of setting my friends faces to pop up when they ring- u haven't seen some of my friends! hahahahahaha

Reviewed by zoe from philippines on 31st Oct 2004
my grandmother bought me an e600 un Hong Kong. its ok.. its like my panasonic g50, only clam type. transferring contacts from the sim card to the phone memory is a nightmare! im editing everything manually and the phone does not recognize some symbols, which sucks. mine's made in china so its a perk that i could type in chinese characters. pinyin, traditional or simplified. it's also not set in default t9, so its ok. its not exactly a fast phone, but its faster than my panasonic g50.

Reviewed by Myaida from Philippines on 30th Oct 2004
I love this fone of mine..this is the first time i owned a non-Nokia fone..besides from being small, i love the features of its camera..i bought it like for 3 days now and i am satisfied of it..though the txting is kinda bad, it just needs complete practice on it..i have a big question..can i upload the pictures on my PC? dats kinda my prob coz I wanna print them too..this fone is for teenagers and yuppies but not merely for professionals bcoz it cannot meet up your expectations..its kinda small and a cool fone! I love it! i don't have any regrets on buying one..

Reviewed by jess <3 e600 from EnGlAnD on 29th Oct 2004
i luv dis fone i just cant wait 2 get it!!!!!!! can sum1 plzzz answer dis question 4 me.... u no the wallpapers, can u download or buy new ones for the fone like say have usher as your background? also u no the smile on the front dus it light up different colours? plz can sum1 wiv this fone answer these questions! im in luv wiv this fone ! thanx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Reviewed by XxX Coey XxX from UK on 28th Oct 2004
i REALLY REALLY REALLY want this phone iam 13 years old and luv the look ov dis fone!!! sum peeps moanin bout da txtin part ov da fone but @ da end ov da day dat coz we used 2 da nokia's !! i can't wait 4 xmas 2 get dis sexc fone it id slim stylish n just wicked all round !! 1st thing on ma xmas list dat 4 sure lol!! sounds lyk a ladies fone n i fink dat just mite suit me ;)(boys) i don't have no questions on dis fone as it sounds great most ov the cum bckz r positive,it makes me want ta buy da fone more ! SOUNDS GREAT 4 A TEEN DIS IS JUST WOT IAM LOOKIN 4 INIT !!! luv dis fone XxXxXxXXxXx LUV YA ALL xXxXxXxXxX

Reviewed by cozzy from uk on 28th Oct 2004
the video camera only records for 20 seconds but still amazing. the camera is one of the best i hav seen on a phone.people have even commented on it.I LUV MY FONE.

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