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Samsung E310 review

 Review: March 2005  

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Samsung E310 is a clamshell camera phone that looks a lot like other Samsung clamshells.



It's a neat, small and lightweight silver clam with an external aerial and has all the basic features that are to be expected from a modern camera phone: VGA camera, medium-sized 65k colour screen, 40-voice polyphonic ringtones and Java games. It's only exceptional feature is the 65k colour external display (one of the best external displays on any clamshell). Unlike the Samsung E330, the E310 does have an infrared connection, but the E330 has the advantage of a handsfree speaker.

The E310 is not a very reliable phone and has a tendency to freeze or randomly switch itself off. Battery life is also poor, and the phone cannot be recommended. The E330 is a better option.

Samsung E310 features include:

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When setting time and date the phone wont go beyond 2014?

Asked by BASIL from UK on 9th Jun 2018
Is it my phone or E310 in general ?

How to view message during call in Samsung E310 mobile?

Asked by Anil from India on 23rd Apr 2016
I can't see inbox message during call.

Samsung E310 user reviews

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Average rating from 54 reviews:

Reviewed by Phil from Oz on 22nd Apr 2014
My wife loved this phone. She accidentally dropped it into the loo and it stopped working. After a month or so it sprang to life. Up until it got a soaking, it was and still is her most favourite phone. Surprising as since that phone she has had a whos-who list of smart phones including, Nokia N95, Lenovo Le Phone, HTC Desire and Apple iPhone 5C. So it must have done somethings right.

Reviewed by mohammadt from iran on 27th Mar 2012
lovemobile E310

Reviewed by emily from UK on 4th Dec 2008
well i suppose that nobody want to buy this phone anymore, because all of the new features you can have on other phones. i still use my phone and i got for the 4th year. i'm waiting till the phone that i want gets cheaper.. but the samsung E310 is great he still lives.. but i never could use my infrared.. and i see that other people had the same problems.. a excellent mobile phone

Reviewed by Leigh from United Kingdom on 21st Jul 2008
I found this in my drawer the other day. Have had a couple of mobiles since that one. I never had any problems with the phone in terms of reliability. It still looks good and it works fine. I did not use it for more than about six months as I am clumsy and it was too slippery for me! I used to like the way the side lights flashed. Pretty. Texting was not as easy as it is on my subsequent Nokias. Overall Not Bad at All. One thing...it is made of far better quality materials than a lot of phones on the market now. Samsung ones used to be built to last. It feels solid but light.

Reviewed by Joanne from UK on 19th Sep 2007
i thought this phone was great! i got it about 3 years ago at christmas and was the best phone i ever had. i never had a problem with it freezing but i did find that the infra red didnt always work otherwise it was fine! i had it about 2 years and then i stupidly ran it over wen it fell out of my pocket........

Reviewed by Sharon from Australia on 15th Aug 2007
I have the Samsung E310 and when its good its ok, easy to use, annoying how when you want to text you have to change it to alphabet. But too many times has it frozen, needs a code punched in to get it going again, and I can not find the kiddy keypad lock so find my little one connects me to the internet far to many times. It has now totally stopped loading about 2wks prior to 2yrs, lucky for me I have now gotten a new plan. Wouldn't recommend this one to anyone unfortunatly, as cute as is it.

Reviewed by Anh from Vietnam on 29th May 2007
I've been using E310 for 2.5 years. It's easy to use but has some weakness: 1. It has an error in msg inbox & outbox when you enable delivery reports. If you have Report msgs in box and then turn off the fone, when you turn on the fone, it will cause an error "(no number)". "(no number)" msgs appear but can't be opened. 2. The fonebook: I like it. You can add many entries as you wish, for ex 1 or more mobilefone numbers for a person not only one like other phones. But it doesn't provide an entry for notes when I want to remember a person's address for ex. 3. After 2.5 years used, its battery runs out quickly, especially when you operate the fone. 4. There is no way to take out video clips recorded from the fone. 5. Establishing connection to EasyGPRS through infared port is quite difficult.

Reviewed by William Tell from Santaland on 8th Apr 2007
Your review is dead wrong. Phone is reliable and battery longlasting. TMobile reception is very reliable - some weak areas. Problem is getting pictures out of phone for me. I do not have the software or connections or know how to go about securing.

Reviewed by ben from australia on 29th Mar 2007
this is an awesome phone. ive had it for almost 2 years, its NEVER been to the repair shop, its NEVER frozen, ive nearly got 300 pictures on it, WITHOUT any memory enhancing devices, the only downfall is i dont know how to use the infra red, i got mine straight from Korea, so mine, along with my Dad's, were one of the first of this model in Australia. this being the case, i only got the phone and the charger, so i didnt get a handbook, so everyone who has problems... shut the hell up. its not that hard to work, the numbers are huge, and the only reason you might not be able to use it is because you are mentally challenged. peace. oh yeh, im 16, 17 in dec.

Reviewed by saintpaul from nigeria on 18th Feb 2007
am saintpaul.i used samsung E310 but the binfared is not active.i cant use the infrared to transfer any ringintone or picture to my phone. i cant browser on it.

Reviewed by Luiza from England on 14th Feb 2007
My Mum has this phone and its great. it duz the job for her. it has infraredand a decent camera. it never freezes or switchs itself off!! this phon ei s excellent if you just want a simple phone!! SO SHUT UP YOU LOOSERS THIS IS GOOOD NOT BASD STOP ADVERTISING IT AS A BAD PHONE!

Reviewed by BEN from AUSTRAILIA on 9th Feb 2007
dis is a bad fone,d' ariel is about 2metres long. DONT BUY DIS FONE!!!!!!!!.

Reviewed by jOY from Greece on 5th Oct 2006
I have that phone for 2 years and I can say I am very satisfied!It is cute and the memory is very big.Sometimes it was turninig off but now is ok.The battery is actually a little poor but this is not a big deal...

Reviewed by Fiona from Australia on 11th Aug 2006
Wish I'd read the recomendations before buying - what a useless bit of kit!!! Has been back 5 times for repairs ! Keeps freezing and then switching itself on and off battery life is pathetic strongly urge everyone to give this a miss

Reviewed by livia from australia on 11th Jun 2006
this phone is kool! (btw im 13 =]) its so small, cute n it looks realli elegant n nice. da pictures and videos r realli clear n it is just fantastic! ive had it for abt a year so far and no problems! it never switched off by itself or anything. it lasts long (i recharge it lyk one or twice a week onli) overall, its a great fone and i would advise any1 to buy it! =D

Reviewed by Jess from Australia on 10th Mar 2006
I LUV THIS PHONE!!!!! I got it free off of my auntie karen. She had it for two years before me and it is still in good condition. IT IS THE BEST PHONE EVER!!!!! There is only one bad fault, i can hardly hear the noise of my video recordings on it. That knid of sucks! There are a lot of bad phones out there so don't choose one of them choose this one. You can't go wrong! luv Jess

Reviewed by Mel from Australia on 13th Feb 2006
I have had the Samsung E310 for about 6 months after upgrading from a much loved Sony Ericsson. I am very impressed with the reliability of the phone, excellent battery life and fabulous camera and video (great for capturing special moments). The phones ring tones are not fantastic but I have had worse ; on the scheme of things, ringtones are not a main reason to purchase a phone. My Samsung E310 is reliable and the flip feature is great for keeping the workings of the phone clean. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Bertrand from Philippines on 8th Feb 2006
so far this phone has never hanged, switched off or anything like that. The phone perfectly fits in you hands. The animation is really good. The pictures taken are really outstanding. So all in all i would suggest other people to get this phone.=)its a nifty little thing

Reviewed by Robert from Philippines on 6th Feb 2006
The E310 is great but i find one downside to it. When playing the video the sound can barely be heard. I don't know if there is a setting that i must change or this is a permanent feature.

Reviewed by bronwyn from australia on 10th Jan 2006
This phone has been one of the best I have had.Mine does not switch off,and most probably only have to recharge every 2/3 days,playing games seems to make the life on mine shorter.The only downfall for me is the infrared,not quite sure if I am doing it right but by all accounts ,not working for me.All in all ,it is a great little phone!!

Reviewed by Mia from Australia on 6th Jan 2006
Shocking phone! Should never of been allowed to appear on the market, it has frozen many times, been repaired and still doesn't work, it appears from reading these reviews that there are more bad then good ones, so if you are thinking of buying one, look for another brand. The interface is also shocking as it doesn't have as many features as even a 'standard' nokia.

Reviewed by MICHELLE from AUSTRALIA on 16th Dec 2005

Reviewed by robbie from UK on 12th Dec 2005
I upgraded from the Nokia 2100 and when against the golden rule of "always stick with nokia's" and decided to by the e310. Worst decision I have ever made. If anyone has given some thought to this phone they would know what Im going on about. It is rediculously overpriced, poorly programmed phone. Yeah, it looks nice and the camera is ok, but it really lacks some serious basics. For one, a simple vibrate and ring functionality is not supported (actually only one ringtone supports it - and it sounds horrible). How difficult is it to make a phone ring and vibrate simulataneously? On the same topic of ringtones - they're all atrocious (embarrasing, childish high-pitched midi files - ringtones no sane person would ever consider have go off in public). You could purchase a rival phone with bluetooth, mp3 capability for much cheaper. SMS dictionary is horrible! Custom words are not rememmbered! And the alarm - if you accidently leave your phone in silent mode dont expect it to go off - many days late for work due to that nice feature. The only thing I do like about it is the fact it makes/receives phone calls with good battery life. In summary, there is very little I like about this phone and I have regretted ever having purchased it. I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same. Big hint - stay with the trust-worthy brands who know how to build phones!

Reviewed by karen from england on 23rd Nov 2005
after having this phone repaired 4 times then being given a refurbished replacement ,then a brand new one i can hoestly say its it the biggest load of trouble i have ever experienced! It freezes continuously,turns itself off and is generally a pain in the backside ! it has now been replaced with the X640 so we shall see how that goes!

Reviewed by martijn from the Netherlands on 12th Oct 2005
This phone isn't a good phone: It turns of many times and you can't take a other ''thema'' the sound is realy soft and not very loud! But its a good phone for medium ppl who can't buy an expensiver phone!(like me) I hope you can read this cose my english is not very outstanding!

Reviewed by Amelia from Australia on 6th Oct 2005
i absolutely love this phone so much and lost it on the week end :( But deffinately a gr8 mobile, quality is really clear but not much memory space for videos of photos. Also had problems with it freezing all the time and not receiving the write messages. But all in all i'd buy it again as it's so cute!

Reviewed by Johnny from Australia on 29th Sep 2005
Iv just got this phone and it is perfect, its small, it has a great camera and works perfectly. Some people have said that the video recording has no sound but it does, and some people have said that it turns off unexpectedly but it has not happend to me so far. All up it is a great phone and i would recommend it to any one looking for a new quality mobile phone. IT GOES OFF

Reviewed by elana from england on 14th Sep 2005
erm...well i think it a gd fone but i cant send pics 4 sum reason so i dunno but it quite good!!! da battery dont last long but da video n camera r good!!! Xxx

Reviewed by Natalie from Australia on 12th Aug 2005
It's a cute lil phone and has a great camera! But it tends to switch itself off a lot when I'm just about to send a text msg. I also can't find out a way to get my phone to vibrate whilst ringing (oh except on one ringtone, Waltz Of The Flowers).. Still a nice phone! I paid way too much for it though...

Reviewed by flora from england on 2nd Aug 2005
Its a gr8 fone my frend has it and da cameras amazing its rele gd quality and i rele want it!!!! the ringtones are wiked and so are the gmes! its rele easy 2 download ringtones and gmes aswell!u hav 2 buy it!! x x x x

Reviewed by Becca from England on 27th Jul 2005
A fantastic phone. Its easy to use and the picture quality is absolutly outstanding. The video recording is of a very high standered aswell. The battery last's for a long time. my one problem is that the infrare does not work very well. Apart from that the phone is amazing. The perfect phone for a school kid like me , or my dad has the phone which is perfect for his work.

Reviewed by Garrett from UK on 27th Jul 2005
Great phone, looks great and is easy to use. Only bad thing i can see is it doesn't have blue tooth. Excellent phone tho.

Reviewed by dave from england on 18th Jul 2005
I wouldnt recommend this phone, there are many out there that are far better. it is fairly reliable in terms of not switching itself off randomly like some phones, but the battery life is appalling - it needs to be charged every night, and it generally makes other mistakes, like losing reception for no reason and sending picture messages over and over when you only send them once.

Reviewed by tasha2812 from UK on 18th Jun 2005
Hi I am interested in this phone, but in many places I get told it has bluetooth and many others say it hasn't, for all you people that have this phone could you please tell me if this phone does in fact come with bluetooth, this would be great help, thanks.

Reviewed by suavelito from phils on 26th May 2005
infrared is useless. it cant be use for sending and receiving pict and movie files to other phone.really useless

Reviewed by suavelito from UK on 26th May 2005
infrared is totally useless it cant send pic and movie files from the phone. how could they add a useless feature.

Reviewed by Chlo from Australia on 19th May 2005
I love this phone, i have had it for around a month and had no problems at all! There is only only one thing (which i have goten use-to) is when the phone book and sms service is "initialising" when you turn the phone on. Other wise, Stop looking for a new phone because you have just found it!

Reviewed by percy from australia on 14th May 2005
Best phose ive eva ad fully sic

Reviewed by Kay-z from Australia on 9th May 2005
this phone rox!!! soooo hot...friends lurv it.....so jelous i think if your looking for a phone with outstanding qualities.....this is it...you've found it. STOP LOOKING!!!

Reviewed by Krito Konstantoula from Greece on 5th May 2005
Only that I have to say for this mobile phone is that it is the best all over the world!!!!!

Reviewed by BbAlL from USA on 16th Apr 2005
This is a great phone. Ive had it for almost a month and it rocks. The ringtones are awesome and the camera is great. It is very easy to access AOL instant messenger. It is also very easy to download games, ringtones, and wallpapers. I totally recomend getting this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Helen from England on 15th Apr 2005
i got this phone in october and have been very dissappointed. i like the look and size of it but it has a tendancy to switch itself off and mees up all the data i.e. caller groups and photo i.d's. this wasnt a major problem (except when it switched off during calls) but i got an exact replacement and the earpiece dont work so i cant have calls without the hands free. My brother has also had trouble with his and for 3 of the same phone to be faulty in some way is just wrong. In my opinion, not a very good phone

Reviewed by bobo from UK on 7th Apr 2005
Had this phone as an upgrade 6 months. No problems at all, No faults at all. Would advise everyone to buy.

Reviewed by Louise johnston from united kingdom on 27th Mar 2005
Yes its me....again.Dave from england wrote about his e310 saying that the little plastic thing that you put your charger into was easy to lose.Mabey if he uses his head for once,the little plastic thing was just to PROTECT it whilst it was new .You can just throw it away easily,you know like you do with other little plastic things. Now dear please calm down,its only a little review! by the way the fone is grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 27th Mar 2005
It's a pretty good phone, but nuthin special. Typical Samsung flip phone really. Nuff said.

Reviewed by kayleigh from england on 22nd Mar 2005
hiyaa ive had my E310 about an hour and i lurrrvee it :] ..its tiniii but still has everythin u need 4 a gr8 camera foonne :] ..i recomend it 2 any1.. im 14 :D x x x x x

Reviewed by Dave from England on 14th Mar 2005
Nice feel, lightweight, fits easily into pocket and being a 'flip' keys cannot be accidently pushed as with non-flips. Is easy to setup and use. Recharges quickly.A good buy. Bad points: To recharge you have to remove a small plastic insert (its easy to lose). Also battery life is a little less than stated.

Reviewed by Louise Johnston from United Kingdom on 13th Mar 2005
I've had my E310 for about 3 weeks now and its been really easy to use.The intergrated camera is great quality and it also allows you to video capture aswell.Its a fantastic size and really lightweight.The 4 games that come with it are really fun and it comes with infared and acess to the internet.Please bare in mind that I am a 12 year old girl so this shows you that the E310 is fantastic for all ages!

Reviewed by dissappointed from UK on 31st Dec 2004
Well, i received this phone as an upgrade a fortnight ago and had no problems with it up until now. It started to delete phone numbers from my phone book and was inserting strange symbols into it instead. Then the screen went funny, completely missing a line accross the centre of the screen. It reset all of my caller profiles so people who were ringing me had other peoples photos under their number. Then the battery conked out after less than ten hours on standby- less than two weeks old. So i phoned up my service provider who sent me another brand new handset which arrived this morning. Within less than two hours of having it, it had deleted 8 phone numbers and was doing the exact same thing as the first one. Not overly impressed.

Reviewed by andy stow from UK on 16th Dec 2004
for people that have reviewd it, i am interested in this phone, but no shops in england seem to have it, argos, carphonewarehouse, link etc, none of them have it on their sites. Did u get it in england and where from?

Reviewed by charlie peacock from UK on 15th Dec 2004
fone is awesome. it is a cute size and camera is amazing

Reviewed by ley from UK on 13th Nov 2004
wow! i jus got this fone 2day and this fone is amazing! it has everything, its gud lukin too! you can even take a picture without opening the fone! wat will they think of next?

Reviewed by bikinibabe from UK on 15th Oct 2004
WOW!!! Love it! The picture ID on the outer screen is excellent, ringtones already programmed onto the phone are sooooo cute, I have 'the cat' miawing in my bag on the bus. Needless to say people look all around bemused he he he he! Predictive text really easy to use and add to. I just Love this phone and don't think Ill ever ever upgrade ever gain.

Reviewed by - from - on 4th Oct 2005
this fone is gr8! i've heard ppl sayin that theirs turns off n that its rubbish but i think its great cause mine doesnt do stuff like that. its such a cute fone n the battery lasts foreva.......maybe u guys jst got dodgy fones or sumthing

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