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Samsung E300 review

 Review: May 2005  


In a nutshell: A mid-range clamshell camera phone.


The Samsung E300 is a typical Samsung clamshell camera phone in a silver finish. Its specification and design are very similar to the E310 and E330 and it's hard to imagine why Samsung thought it necessary to release yet another phone of this type. The E300 is a very average phone whose only distinctive feature is its ability to record sounds and use them as ringtones - a feature that it shares with the E310 and E330.

The video recorder on the E300 is of pretty poor quality and is limited to 30 seconds maximum. The infrared connection works only when connecting to a PC and cannot be used to transfer data between phones. There are also a number of audio problems reported by users. For all these reasons, we would recommend that you avoid the E300 and consider the E330 instead.

Samsung E300 features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with digital zoom
  • Main display: 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • External display: 65,536 colours, 96 x 64 pixels (widescreen format)
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging : SMS (with learning T9), EMS, MMS
  • Games: 4 embedded Java games + downloadable Java games
  • Wallpaper, screensaver & animations
  • Personal organiser functions: clock, worldtime, alarm with auto switch on, calendar, scheduler, to do list, currency converter, calculator
  • Phonebook (2000 entries)
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 8
  • Connectivity: IrDa
  • Dual band
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 84 x 47 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 150 hours

Samsung E300 user reviews

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Average rating from 86 reviews:

Reviewed by janeyrob from england on 28th Oct 2010
This phone was bought for me Dec 2004, and being a 50+ lady, it is perfect for me. I only text and make a few calls and the odd photo, and it has never let me down. It has been dropped, squashed etc. with no adverse effects. May need a new battery soon, but not bad after 6 years! Excellent for the "older generation" ! We can actually see it, not like the thinnies the youngies love! An excellent Xmas present for me!

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 11th Feb 2009
I had this phone for about two years until I switched to a contract. It did every thing I needed apart from have bluetooth, it was such a great phone. Small, and great looks!

Reviewed by Howard from UK on 21st Oct 2008
I have a XDA with blue tooth that doesn't connect all the time, so my wife has given me an old samsung e300 so she can keep in touch with me. To be far the signal is always great the phone is small and will fit in any pocket, the games are great, I haven't been able to work out how to get photos off phone on to PC. Phone is a bit worn can't see all letters would love to by new one, could do with blue tooth.

Reviewed by L from UK on 17th May 2008
I've had this phone for more years than I care to remember, and have found it is still in perfect working order. The camera's photo colours are true (unlike a relative's newer phone which makes brown come out purple), and the sound quality is great on phone calls. Not having bluetooth does let it down in my opinion, as it isn't easy to get photos transferred to your computer without having to email them from the phone, but other than that, it's a great little phone.

Reviewed by Olivia from UK on 16th Feb 2008
I have had this phone since 2005, and it has lasted. It has been a great phone, except the video is poor. The photo capacity is great, as i have over 300 photos! It's infra red does not connect with other phones though which is bad. It must be good as i have had no problems with it so far!!

Reviewed by jen from england on 31st Jan 2008
I've had this phone since august 06 and at first it was great, I loved everything about it. After about 6 months though, the buttons stopped working properly and wouldn't work when you pressed it once but when you pressed it again it would go forward (or back) 2 screens. Very annoying when I'm typing a text to someone... it's alright if they've just texted you and you can choose "reply", but composing a message from scratch? Nightmare. When it came to choosing who to send it to, I'd choose the phonebook option, only for it to not respond, I'd press the button again and this time it sends it to the first person in the address book. Also the signal is so bad, I can't ring anyone in my bedroom or living room - in fact the only place it has full signal is up in the Lake District! Good things about it though (and there must be something good about it for me to stick with it for 2 1/2 years) are the ringtones, message tones, the flashing light on the front and the feature that lets you put a photo on the front screen for caller ID. I have a love/hate relationship with it but possibly it's time to get rid before I throw it out of the window.

Reviewed by sanjin from croatia on 22nd Jan 2008
i have it.it is suck

Reviewed by mark from Cornwall Gt Britain on 15th Oct 2007
love the look great phone had it years from new no problems fantastic very underrated *********** good phone

Reviewed by Caroline Arding from Malta on 24th May 2007
I had this phone since December 04. It is great, and still in good working order. It has fallen from my hands loads of times. It just started scrathing now. Once I even had my son's bottle leaking in my bag, the phone got wet but it remained working! Superb! The only thing that this mobile should have has was the bluetooth! But still it is very good! Now I am planning in changing to Motorola V3 as the E300 is a bit old fashioned now! I hope that the motorola would be as good as this one!!

Reviewed by chris from england on 22nd Apr 2007
its a pretty good phone for your first one but to be honest if yav had a pretty poor phone previously dont get this 1 you will be dissapointed ... it looks pretty cute tho il rank it on looks :D

Reviewed by Folan from England on 15th Apr 2007
Like many of the other reveiws, I've had this phone for about 2 years now and I'm looking for a new one. Not once did I have any sort of technical problem and it was a great phone when it was released. However the video was not particularly good then and by todays standards is simply aweful. Also, I seemed to have trouble recording sound on both videos and voice memos, it was very quiet but oddly this was not the case with phone calls. Great phone at the time, but much better phones out now at much less than this phone cost me.

Reviewed by Bethan from Wales on 10th Apr 2007
Ive had this phone for about 2 years now, and i must say it has benn great! im now looking for a new phone because this phone does look slighly aged, it does have nearly everything you need exept for blootooth and real tones, other than that it's fab.

Reviewed by Clairie from UK on 31st Mar 2007
I bought this phone about two years ago, having had a nokia that broke after 6 months. I have never needed to repair this one and have never had a single problem with it. My only issue is with the predictive text, it doesn't always add new words. It is a very average phone, you can take ok pictures, ok vids etc, the games are not great but I just wanted a phone that was robust, and this is ! The battery lasts for ages, I don't regret buying it at all.

Reviewed by bob marlyn from scotland on 28th Mar 2007
it sucks

Reviewed by Jodie from UK on 24th Mar 2007
I have had this phone for 2 years now and its been brill. I have had no problems with it but i have now decided to get a new phone as this one doesnt have a music player or bluetooth and after 2 years the buttons are starting to go on it. Even though i am getting a new phone it has been one of the best phones i have had.

Reviewed by annabelle from england on 6th Mar 2007
This phone is very good ive had it for about 2 and a bit yrs and i havent had a promblem with it.I just wish it had a music player on it.Although it has been great i fined that it is not up to technology like bluetooth and all that so i am gettin a new phone the Lg chocolate

Reviewed by Amy from England on 6th Jan 2007
i've had this phone for 2 years and its been brilliant! i've never had a problem with it and was very pleased with it. a slight problem was that it was hard to find games that were compatible with the handset but thats all! a brilliant phone.

Reviewed by Stella from Cyprus on 13th Dec 2006
I've had this phone for 2 years. I could say that I'm satisfied by the phone. Of course, nothing is perfect, so I had some problems as most of you. First of all, after the first 2 months it started freezing and stuff.. Sometimes, when I was sending a message, it froze on the "sending message" screen and the only way to stop it was to remove the battery - in order to switch the phone off - and put it back again. None of the other keys responded. Another problem, related to this, was that sometimes it would show that there was signal but actually it was off the network (and at the area there was full network coverage). To solve the problem you had to switch it off and on again... Maybe it's just only my phone but it's a problem that annoyed me a lot... OK, the infrared didn't work also and I couldn't transfer files on my computer using a cable either. So, I sent my pictures as MMS to my email address.. However, because the serious problem with the freezing was not happening very often, I mostly have good impressions from this phone. Easy menu, clear sound, loud ringtones... and it is so cute!! ;) At the time I bought it, it was one of the best choices I could have :)

Reviewed by Gemz (lil' g) from England on 21st Nov 2006
This fone is wiked and it looks kl and the amount of foto's you can store on it is amazing! The Video is quite good but it only records 4 like 20 secs and u can only record 5 things. The recording is a bit rubbish because u can only record 4 30 secs and it isnt loud its just quite, u can only just hear it!!the ringtones r great and the games r ok if ur good at them. I've had this fone for 2 years now and it hasnt froze or sctrathed (and the amount of times i've dropped it!) the most dissapointing thing about it is that the infered is a bit naf but its a wiked fone for younger or 50 over age cuz its easy 2 work and its got big light up keyes...

Reviewed by Sarah from U.K on 29th Oct 2006
I've had this phone for nearly 2 years now and it has been fantastic! No problems with it at all. But i will be getting a new phone for this christmas because its not really up-to-date! I am 14 years old and i think that for people my age the phone wouldn't be any good as it doesn't have bluetooth or mp3. But for people who are only intrested in camera which will store loads of pictures and video for only about 20 secs long which only hold 5 recordings and colour screen the phone is for you and get it if its still in the shops!! I have had very very good use of it! Hope i helped :D

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 21st Oct 2006
THIS FONES AMAZING!!!! Alllll my frends want it !! its got the best quality of things ever ... but i agree with every1 tht if ur byin it for the video camera dont ... coz u can onli store about 5 or 6 captures and they dont go on for very long.... but at least there is 1 anyway.. jst save it for something special and dont waste it on stupid things ... u can take LOOADDZZZ of pix believe me!! I have something like 250 on myn and the quality is still amazing !! Plz dont listen to some of these reviews apart from the good ones! buy it !!

Reviewed by Elyse from uk on 21st Oct 2006
Iv had this fone for about 2 years and i found it ok! the only problem is that i cnt make my recordings my ringtones which is anooyin but apart from that its ok! im gettin a new 1 soon though cos i wanna upgrade but as a 1st or 2nd fone, this is kl!! and also like other people have been sayin, the infa-red dusnt work but its not as bad as it sounds!!!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 21st Oct 2006
I dont no why you have rated this mobile poor!!! I have had this phone for 3 and a half years and i havent had one single problem with it !! It looks great.. its great quality... the videos are quite good..... the ringtones are fantastic...and for me the battery lasts for about 2 weeks not a day even if i leave it on all day!! Its a fantastic phone and i dont think you should of overall rated it poor! These people must of just had bad luck but i dont even plan on getting a new phone for another 2 yrs yet as theres nothing bad about it !!!

Reviewed by Vickesh from U.K on 6th Oct 2006
I've had this phone for two years now and I haven't had one problem with it! It was great when I got it but now it's lacking features (e.g bluetooth, mp3 player, video player, USB, mega pixel camera) so I'm going to upgrade. It was great for 2004 though!

Reviewed by Beth from Sunderland on 1st Oct 2006
aw my days, this phone is canny rubbish!! the camera is absolutely poo and so is the video and sound recordings!! the infra-red doesn't work and it hasn't even got bluetooth! if you only want to text or ring people and want to look like a complete fool with a brick of a phone then buy this!! the only good thing i would say is that it's very hard wearing-i have had it for 2 years and i am always dropping it and it has never once broke! only when it got wet but it started working again!

Reviewed by Gem from UK on 27th Aug 2006
Although this phone was good to begin with, after a few weeks it acts up for absolutely no reason. Text messages dont always send or are received, phone calls dont always connect (thought it could occasionally be network so dont take that too seriously). Also screen freezes and when messages are received, it takes you to the inbox where the message no longer exists.Infrared doesnt work at all. Its beyond me why they bother putting a camera and video function on there because theres no way to keep anythin from it. This phone is excellent if you arent caught up in an emergency because its guaranteed not to work during one!!

Reviewed by Paul mclaughlin from UK on 25th Aug 2006
Its great!! i mean ultimate!!! WHOOOO

Reviewed by Han from England on 21st Aug 2006
i hav had this fone for 2years and i have never had a problem with it. It is easy to use, and all of the features work very well. It is a shame the infra red doesnt work frm other phones, only of computers, but its a great phone.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 9th Aug 2006
1 of the worst phones ever!Infrared is rubbish along with every thing else!!!

Reviewed by den from uk on 9th Aug 2006
this fone has gone rubbish after about 19 months its constantly reseting and the battery only lasts a day!

Reviewed by Lish from England on 2nd Aug 2006
I have had this phone for 2 years and am now buying the samsung e370. I have been very impressed with samsung phones. The camera quality is average all though you have to be very still for it to come out well. I was disapointed that it it didn't have flash but i can live with that. The only other problem was that the infer red didn't work. If you are looking for a simple and good looking phone this is for you.

Reviewed by Lauren from Wales on 27th Jul 2006
I used to have this phone, and it brilliant! I got a new phone because I wanted to update it. For the time it came out it's amazing. The only problem is that it only records for 30 seconds and when listening to the videos you have to put it to your ear. Besides that no faults at all!

Reviewed by bob from uk on 23rd Jul 2006
this phone is kl and the colour screen iz amazing wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sarah from Uk on 16th Jul 2006
Its a great phone!! the flashing light at the front reli is brill!! the video capture nd voice memo isnt very long but if u only want basics its for u!! i've had it fro 2 years now but soon getting a new one cos it doesnt have bluetoth nd mp3!

Reviewed by Holly from England on 25th Jun 2006
i really like this phone. i have recently upgraded to the samsung e720 which is appauling and i have had 2 go back to using this model. although the battery is quite poor and infra red is basically unusable its very reliable. i give it 4 stars

Reviewed by Jess from England on 25th Jun 2006
I've had this phone about a year now and it has been alright. I was attracted to it because it was so lightweight and had a cool sleek design. It was also quite cheap at only 100 but then i realised a few weeks later that the vibrate and melody function didn't work. Since had bought it online the warranty had worn off and could not send it back but overall the phone has worked for me. It has been generally reliable and holds lots of messages and photos. So i would only recommend buying this phone if you need the basics and are not someone who uses their phone all day everyday.

Reviewed by Sophie from Scotland on 17th Jun 2006
I've had this phone around 18 months (a year ago last Christmas)and I remember loving it from the moment I saw it in 'Virgin'. The camera is pretty good, you can play realtones and polyphonic tones and my favourite feature of it is probably the flashing light on the front! The only bad points I think it has are the video capture volume is awfully low and the voice memo isn't that good. Other than that I'd say it was a pretty decent phone!

Reviewed by Lia from England on 10th May 2006
I had this phone for about 6 months until i lost it and i loved it and wish i still had it.Ive got a motorola V545 now and i dont think its as good as the samsung! It was small and not bulky also i liked the screensavers and the backgrounds. I liked the flashing light on the front too. The recording on it wasnt tht gr8, bt i fort the camera was pretty good! i reccomend this phone 2 ppl hu dnt really need nething new n excitin on it like an MP3 player)

Reviewed by hannah from england on 16th Apr 2006
i hav had this phone 4 over a year now nd itz gr8!! i hav soooo many pics nd i didnt think i wuld be able to store so many! the only problem is is that some times i cant read my messages, this doesnt hapen all the time tho but when it does it says i hav a messge but it then gets rid of it nd i get it days after! the ringtones arent gr8 but u can download good ones! camera quality is GREAT! i hav put them on mi comp nd printed them off nd they r gr8 quality! neway..... this fone is amazing nd i love it!! GET THIS FONE (u wont regret it)

Reviewed by jen from england on 15th Apr 2006
Looks-wise, this phone is really nice. Sleek and compact, yet when flipped out, it isn't too tiny to be able to use. It is classically stylish; silver; with no frills or superfluous detail. The main features of the phone are good too. The text message folder can hold around 200 messages, which doesn't seem like a lot of room at all in comparison to other phones which can store around double that. However, it is a decent enough number for those who can live without texting every single day. The photo storage and quality is excellent as well, the only downfall being the video option, which only allows for 5 thirty-second videos in total. Not good for the die-hard fans of home made videos. However, the quality of these videos are still fairly decent, if not a little blurry at times. There are plenty of in-menu options and many different ways in which a user can personalise the phone to make it look unique. The sound quality of the ring tones is very good, the only drawback being the lack of choice. You can download your own ringtones from the internet though if you do not like any of the pre-recorded tones. I have not found any major problems with this phone after having it for 8 months. It is ideal for someone like me who is not a big phone-user. I prefer to text myself, so if I could change anything about it, I would make the storage space much bigger. I find that the signal on this phone is particularly weak, it is more often than not displaying on-screen "Limited Service", which is a pain in the backside. The infrared does not work at all, as noted in previous comments, and although I do not desperately need to connect to another device right now, it would be useful if I could send my photos to my computer so they are protected futher. All negatives aside, I think this is a very good phone if you don't necessarily need large storage space. It is ideal for someone who isn't a big phone-user. Although, saying that, I really like this phone despite wishing I'd bought more memory. It depends on your tolerance levels ;-p xx

Reviewed by xleax from uk on 11th Feb 2006
Iva had this phone for about a year now ands its good , the pictures are good quality and you make change them by putting frames on and that , i like the colour screen and texting is easy to use and sending pictures , the video on the phone is good quality but you can hardly hear them and its only for 30 secs so not that great, the infared only connects to a pc and it doesnt have bluetooth , the phone has all the normal things like calculator and alarm and calender and vibrate, ringtones are rubbish though it would be better having mp3 but still there has been no problems at all like crashing and that its easy to use and looks nice and is small so it doesnt feel bulky. Cant wait to get the sony erricson w800i though!!

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 10th Jan 2006
it is excellent coz it has a camera and video i like it coz the games r superb. love it. thanks samsung for making such a good phone.

Reviewed by Anna from Scotland on 4th Jan 2006
i think this phone is pretty good.although i agree with the person b4 me, how do u set your recordings as ringtones??? it simply doesn't work! there is nothing wrong with the phone, it phones people, you can send texts... and take pics!! brill! wish it had bluetooth though cos the infared doesn't work!

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 29th Dec 2005
This phone is ok..was not worth the money (140 of the virgin website) The picture quality is gr8 but the video capture lasts for 60 seconds, u can hardly hear ur videos and you can only take 5 vids aswell !! As for recordings..you can record 4 30 secs and again can hardly hear them .. u have to put them up2 ur ear.It looks like a very smart phone, one of the reasons i got it .. biggest mistake but i did phone up virgin and they sent me a replacement phone which is wkd !

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 26th Dec 2005
When i got this phone last year, i thought it was great but then i noticed when my friends brang their phones out my phone could hardly do anything. the video lasts for 30 seconds and you can hardly hear them ! I paid 140 for this off the virgin mobile website and got 40 credit with it i thought it was a bargin but i was wrong, total waste of money ! I possitive thing i can say about this is the picture quality is very very good

Reviewed by Kieran from U.K on 11th Dec 2005
This phone isnt terrible but it isnt brilliant either which is why im giving it 3 Stars. It is far too pricy and the IRDA just doesnt work,no bluetooth,rubbish camera. Actually give it one star.

Reviewed by sammie from uk on 6th Dec 2005
This fone is brill but the infared doesn't work as evry1 as been sayin. It needs to be lot cheaper

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 29th Nov 2005
i had this phone for over 6 months before upgrading today, i've never had a problem with it. Good quality photos for a VGA res camera, never had reliability problems like poor battery life or missed texts. Decent phone, good price.

Reviewed by kim from uk on 14th Nov 2005
I av ad this fonr now 4 a year n there has not been 1 single problem. some people hav sed theres crashed n stuff but mine hasnt so i must be lucky. I love the big screen and all the colour and features. Great fone. Dosnt get scratched easily. Only thing is it is WAY to expensive. i paid 130 4 it.u can get well gud fones 4 cheaper!!!!!!

Reviewed by charli from england on 10th Nov 2005
i think the phone is great, it has a camera, a voice recorder, games, and you are able to send texts. What more could you want!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 26th Oct 2005
I've had this phone for about a year now and it has been very loyal to me, it's simple to use, the camera is of a resonable quality and it looks very sheek and elegant. However, the video is very poor, it has about a 15 second running time, the phone can occasionaly crash, it doesn't have bluetooth and the infrared doesn't work. All in all i would give this phone a 3 star rating as it works fine, most of the time, and it is a very simple phone to use.

Reviewed by Freaky chick from UK on 26th Oct 2005
Well this phone is good. It's got it's strengths and weeknesses just like any other phone. If your a buisness man/woman who needs this phone for calling up your work, finding out different times around the world and texting then this is a phone I would recomend you buy. However, if your a young, university student who wants this phone for it's gadgets, camera and video you will be sorely disapointed. The camera is of an 'ok' quality, but the video is a waste of time, it's only got 15 seconds running time and the quality is nothing to write home about, the video memory is appaling! The sms can store over 200 messages which I found useful. I am giving this a phone three stars because it is so reliable, I have dropped it in a puddle and it's still in working order. So if you want reliablilty, easy to use buttons and you want to know the time in Sydney I advise you get this phone. If your young, like me, then don't get it, it isn't worth the money! It lacks in good video, voice recorder and blue tooth!

Reviewed by jackson from uk on 24th Oct 2005
Talk about a rubbish phone, i had it 4 3 days and i started getting problems wiv it .Like some people have mentioned before me when i called someone up i culd hear them but they couldn't hear me.Plus the video is absalotley usless,and the camera is ok i suppose .It has absalotuley no memory whatsoever.If you are looking for a good reliable phone wiv loads of things which iss perfect for a gadget geek like me. Try the sony ericson k750i .It's really reliable and has much better video quailty than the samsung.Plus it has more memory and really kwl features .And it is better.If you want a good phone.Don't get the samsung e300 cos it's just a load of problems.Plus the customor service from samsung is appaling.So do not get this phone unless you want a loada hassle.

Reviewed by Anz from UK on 6th Oct 2005
I think the Samsung E300 is a good starter phone for younger people. The photo quality is good, and it can store hundreds of messages and photos. The let down is that the infrared on mine doesn't seem to connect to my friend's phone, and I'm not too sure why, because I have't tampered with the settings or anything stupid like that, so that's a problem which canNOT be fixed, as I've been to numerous phone shops to see if I can fix it, with no results. But as I said it's a good starting phone, but not a very helpful business phone and it has no MP3 player or whatever else modern phones have now! The camera is quite good though the pictures it takes aren't always very clear. The screen is pretty small but it also has a front screen which has optional colours and designs, which I enjoy changing. It also has a light on the front, which has a few different colours such as green, blue and pink etc. Overall this phone isn't Samsung's best but if you're looking for a simple phone with simple stuff in it, this is the one for you!

Reviewed by verity from wales on 29th Sep 2005
This fone is awesome.The memory is huge!The photo quality is amazing and it looks stylish too.well worth the money paid

Reviewed by steve from devon on 22nd Sep 2005
this phone is ok. the camera is brill and so is the screen but the video isnt worth bothering. there r some realy annoying little things with this phone that realy let it down. for example, the phone has infra red which only works with computers and you cannot send anything from phone to phone. my mates 30 siemens can send and recieve pics to other phones through infra red! also it can recieve real tones but only samsung ones. the phone is meant to take 5 30 second videos, but if you take 5 1 second videos you cannot have a 6th video. why. other than these things the phone has been reliable and is a good phone but a bit boring

Reviewed by ~mobcraze~ from U.K on 21st Sep 2005
Ive had this phone for around 4 months now and ive never had any problems at all, camera works well but videos are too short. I have upgraded to a samsung d500 (brilliant phone..buy 1!!!) and although the e300 is not full of thrills like the d500, it looks good and functions as it should. well worth the money i paid for it!

Reviewed by Buffy from England on 14th Sep 2005
Well when i first went to the shop to buy this phone i had to chose between this one and another one, however i simply chose this one because of the particular network that it was on, i was quite pleased with my buy, when i got home i done some research on the phone and it was great and it was a great buy to!!!

Reviewed by jamie from england on 12th Sep 2005
i really like this phone it is so stylish everything about it is really good and the phone itself is really good value for money!!!

Reviewed by Top bananna from s.a on 4th Sep 2005
this is a really cool phone, the only prob iv had wit it is da batterey goes flat really quickly and you need to charge it like every day, i got my upgrade-the sansung e330 and it has way better features, i wud really reccomend both these phones. bye

Reviewed by jo from england on 4th Sep 2005
I got this phone as a birthday present last december.The fact that i choose it was because it was stylish ,sleek and someone's photo popped upp when they called which i think is one of the main reasons i got it. When i first got it ,i admit it was quite good but after about 3 months the phone started haveing loads of problems.I Couldn't text anyone ,and when i triedto call someone they couldn't hear me but i could hear them. My dad sent it away to samsung to be fixed an i waited for about 1-2 months for it to come back. When it came back it was not fixed and actually much worse than before.So we rang samsung up again and they said they would charge us a ridicoulous price just to repair it. I also think the camera quality is so-so and the video is rubbish. If you're thinking about getting this phone.Don't it's rubbish and will only lead to you getting frustrated.It isn't worth the hassle. All in all i give it 0/10 ,i'm definatly switching back to a nokia phone ,at least i know they are relaible. also this phone has rubbish games.

Reviewed by larissa from England on 19th Aug 2005
This mobile is brill i got it for mi birthday last year in december!!! da cam is brill n da video is o.kay but @ least it has 1. it is a nice colour (silver) n i luv da service light expecialy wen it rings coz it flashes all different colours da polyphonic ringtones r wikid it even has sum wiv it tht r jazzy!!!! n da sound is gr8 i luv how u cn hv frames round da pics u do!!!! and 1 thing it is rerli tiny!!!! and da price is brill so if u wnt a phone tht sounds lyk this get SAMSUNG E300!!!! u can even take a portrate ov yourself wiv da lil screen on da front.

Reviewed by larissa from UK on 19th Aug 2005
brill fone!!!!! eva!!! i got it 4 mi bday in december n i hvent got bored ov it!!! i luv da service lyt wen it rings!!!! n da cam n video!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 10th Aug 2005
This phone isnt too great, you can get much better for your money now. Its looks good but i dont like the shape and its a little samll, which sometimes is annoying. Although the camera is good and i like that you can take self protraits easily with the function of a screen on the front of the phone. This phone looks so similar to some others on market right now. But it does have a great colour screen so you can display your photos on the screen well. However If you're thinking of buying this phone then id advise you to shop around a bit because its not the best phone on offer.

Reviewed by abi from uk on 7th Aug 2005
if ur finkin bout gettin dis fone n ur lookin at all da bad reviews then dont even bother. dat is wot i did, then i decided to get the fone in december n it was brill. all mi frends fink its cool. the design is funky n i love flip ups ani way. if u r worryin bout the top of mobile cumin of like other people av sed all u need to do is not open n shut it ova n ova agen! evryfin is gud quality n the video is not THAT bad, atleast it has 1. fink of the poor people with fones like bricks wifout cameras! lol. jst 2 warn u though if ur ritin a txt & you need to delete a few words, DONT HOLD the cancel buttun down coz the txt all dissapears. u jst av 2 keep clickin cancel button for a bit 2 go. ok, suppose u dint need to know that but.......................... samsung e300 is brill (but i fink it needs 2 be lil bit cheeper) jst get it aniway! it wiked! can u not rate 10 stars got oustanding,wiked,cool,fab,high quality,super,best eva??!!!!

Reviewed by kate from uk on 2nd Aug 2005
Y get 1 phone when you might as well have 100,000 in 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it

Reviewed by *** lucy *** from UK on 26th Jul 2005
i got dos fone 4 christmas en it was ok at first but den i gt a bit bored of it . i want 2 no if ya can set recordings as ringtones cuz ya ringtones on it r ded borin en ya av 2 pay to get new ones ogf da tinternet . pllllllllzzzzz cn sum! elp me if ya cn e-mail me at lucyrae@dsl.pipex.com

Reviewed by Kayley from england on 24th Jul 2005
I love this phone. I have had it since Feb 05 and til this day i have had no problems with it. The quality of the camera is very good and you can hold a lot of photos on it compared to other phones. You can also hold loaads of msgs (no need 2 delete ne to make room for others) and there is a capacity in the phonebook for 2000 numbers. The image of the phone is very 'classy' and 'trendy'. It is nice and small so can easily fit in your pocket. It is a very colourful phone aswel, very good displays, ringtones etc. Only negatives i have is that you have to charge it quite a lot and the video quality isnt to good, atleast is has video though i supose. Price is excelent to!

Reviewed by Mairi from Scotland on 12th Jul 2005
The samsung e300 is a very versatile phone. perfect for those people who need a good quality phone etc and would like a good quality camera along with it. The phone does come with video but they are not the best of quality and have poor sound. Apart from that there is very little negatives things about this phone. It looks good, It works well (it does not freeze) and i love the service light especially when you get a message!!!! The ringtones are really good quality polophonic and the ones inclused with the phone are really upbeat and jazzy! You can't change the message tone but what the hay...it's the message thats the important thing right?!?!?! My favourite thing about this phone is when you hold down th camera button on the side of the phone and use the screen on the front...its very useful as a mirror to check you're hairs in place!(girls!?!?) Yes, must admit, great phone and looks really snazzy and expensive but guess what...ITS NOT WOOOOHHOOO!!! mairi - 13 xxxx

Reviewed by ? from france on 25th Jun 2005
i think ma fone iz wel good,i dunno if da infrared works coz i neva tried it lol,the video quality aint bad but i got like 600 pics stored on it which is bare good. i ve ad it since december an i aint ad no probs wiv it howeva ma m8 ad 1 an ers broke in march cus the flip bit snapped off so that was pretty bad lol. GET DA E3OO IT WICKED!

Reviewed by colin brealey from England on 19th Jun 2005
In my opinion the e 300 is the worst phone i have ever purchased ,the battery will not hold charge for more than 3 hrs,the phone will work for about 6 months ,when you phone up to complain about them all you will be told is to take it to their repair centre ,which you are informed that it will take 10 working days to repair ,also you will find that samsung are giving the e300 free ,when you purchase another more expensive phone, you can also buy a new battery for the e300 on e bay,so that indicates that there is a problem with the e 300, but they are quick enough to take your money,but dont tell you the battery will only last for 6 months,dont buy the e300 ,unless you have money to throw away ,my rating would be well below zero ,poor quality product with even worse customer care,

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 12th Jun 2005
It is the best fone eva. evry fin u cud want. honestly. the ringtones r high quality n easy 2 hear. the video quaity isnt v.gud but at least it HAS a video n u can tape bits of things. the picture quality is very gud n i av stored loadz (bout 30) n the quality of them hasnt gon down. The games : chess,golf,bubblesmile n summet else r reali gud n i avnt ad a prob wif them. there is a load of storage n it n it has cool colours 4 ur backlight. it is the best fone i av ad, althogh i av 2 say i dont go on it as much now i bought it in december, but it does cum in v. uselful n is the best fone u cud poss ask 4. the price is aslo fab!!

Reviewed by emma from uk on 11th Jun 2005
it is gr8. the design is gr8. evryfin is gr8!!!!!!!............ except 4 da video!

Reviewed by rtsgsg from uk on 11th Jun 2005
it is a great fone but not very gud quality on pics n video recordings. the games on it r very gud n it is a great design. I hav ad it 4 6 months now n i avnt had 1 problem wif it. It is gud coz it is not too delicate, i dropped on a wooden floor once n it dint break but i am sure it wil if u do it agen n agen. it has a gr8 memory n although it gets a BIT borin after a while it is v. useful n is a brill fone. It is a shame dat it doesnt av an mp3 player though!

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 11th Jun 2005
all the people dat av rote bout there mobile crashing n other fings, it mst jst be there fone. not 1 problem i av had. but as ova people av sed if u r buyin it jst 4 da video recorder, it is def not worth it. like anova person sed on anova review it onli stores up2 6 video captures n u onli get the tinyist amount of time. also the quality is jst terrible. u cant hear wot u r sayin on it. apart from dat all its ova features r brill! the ringtones i fink r fine n they need 2 b loud so u can hear it wen people call u!!! the call people av made 2 me or i av made 2 them r perfect wen i do them. the ova person can here me clearli n i can hear them clearly. the is loads of storage n it is a great size jst 2 put in ur pocket!

Reviewed by laura n lucy from uk on 6th Jun 2005

Reviewed by bezza from UK on 6th Jun 2005
an alright phone

Reviewed by Giorgia from Wales on 4th Jun 2005
When the samsung e300 arrived at my door i was so excited.But then everything seemed to change after a couple of days it jst died i cud hear people on the fone but they couldnt hear me.then i got the same 1 agen but it is still awful it keeps crashing and i am not very impressed by the features i think the ringtones are very poor quality and are 2 loud there are hardly any of them the video recording isnt that impressive either u can only record for about 30 seconds and the fone only has enough memory 2 store six video captures which is quite rubbish and when u keep recording more it goes down so it records for 25 seconds then 20 then 15 then 10 then 5 then u cant record anymore. And the recording quality is jst appauling!!! and u cant use them as ringtones mind u i dont think any1 wud want 2 its like having a helicopter, a beeper, and a plastic bag as a ringtone.I dont know why samsung have spent all this money and they have come up with this! i tried 2 send my frenz sum pictures with infared but it doesnt even work! but u no all the rest is fine- good- excellent itll do. but if u want a fone that has good features that i have just complained about i advise u not 2 get this fone.

Reviewed by jonathan dibley from ireland on 24th May 2005
On the samsung e300 the infared doesn't work so i can't receieve or send things to my friends.The only good thing about the e300 is the video camera and the camera.

Reviewed by spacepig_uk from UK on 20th May 2005
i have had it nfor 6months and its gr8 buy it now

Reviewed by taz from england on 19th May 2005
I really wanted to get the E310 cos i really like the lights flashing on both sides of the top flip (they look like eyes :))) But it's only available on vodafone and didnt want their crappy menus permanantly stuck on my beautiful screen (i had sagem my-v65 before) so i got this orange version which isnt too bad cos it's in black whereas all the sim free ones are in that dull grey colour so i'm happy!!

Reviewed by Liam from England on 18th May 2005
The phone is ok but the infrared doesnt work and the phone has very quite rings but the camera quality is excelltent as are the games its okay.

Reviewed by Nicky from Cyprus on 18th May 2005
This is to the two reviewers below: To set voice recordings as ringtones, you need to first send it by MMS to an email address to your pc and then using the easyGPRS program you have to transfer it your Sounds folder and then set it as a ringtone. This phone comes with 4 preinstalled games so i dont know what the other reviewer meant when thay said it doesnt have any. Other than the few limitations that this phone has (voices and video folders cannot be accessed by the easyGPRS program and you cant send videos by MMS) i think this is a good phone for the price.

Reviewed by gemz from uk on 14th May 2005
mummys got it it has no games

Reviewed by ~*~LaUrA~*~ from UK on 14th May 2005
i got dis fone d ova day n i fink its gr8!!! only problem is how do u set recordings as ringtones? i read sumwhere dat u can, bt it doesnt giv it as an option on da fone???? sum1 help me plz!!!

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