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Samsung E250 review

 Review: June 2007  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Compact slide phone with 0.3 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, FM radio, memory card & Bluetooth.

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The E250 is Samsung's first slide phone in the entry-level market, and it's an impressive one. This is a phone that retails for less than £50 on Pay as you Go, but it shares the cool looks and design of Samsung's top-end slide phones that are currently all the rage. It's a very compact, slimline and lightweight phone, weighing just 81g. The keypad and slide are very similar to the top-of-the-range Samsung D900, and are a proven design - very easy to use. When closed, the navigation keys enable you to access most of the phone's functions and you just slide the phone open to make a call or send a text.

For an entry-level phone it's very well specified too. The VGA camera (0.3 megapixels) and video recorder are fairly basic, but the phone is also equipped with a good quality MP3 player and FM radio too. In this price range, only the Sony Ericsson W200i can offer the same. The MP3 player can also handle AAC and AAC+ formats too. You can also set MP3 tracks as your ringtone. The built-in memory of 13 Mbytes is enough to store 3 or 4 songs only, but you can expand the memory with a MicroSD memory card if you want to make more use of the music player.

Other handy features include a built-in speakerphone and a voice memo recorder. All kinds of messaging are supported, including MMS (multimedia messaging) and email. You can download Java games as well as the embedded games that come pre-installed. A full range of personal organiser functions are included. Flight mode lets you listen to music, play games, etc whilst the network connection is switched off.

Connectivity is outstanding, with support for both Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth connection lets you exchange games and ringtones wirelessly with other compatible phones, and can also be used to connect to a stereo Bluetooth headset. The USB connection is most useful for transferring music, pictures and videos to and from a computer. A fast internet connection is available too, via GPRS and EDGE.

All things considered, this is an extremely good value phone. It offers the benefits of a music player and FM radio with a memory card, plus everything you'd expect from an entry-level phone, and in a cool slide design. Battery life is the one area that could be better. At the time of writing (June 2007) this is our favourite phone in the sub-£50 market.

Samsung E250 features include:

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Samsung E250 user reviews

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Average rating from 535 reviews:

Reviewed by zed from ethiopia on 13th May 2014
i have samsung sgh e250 but it has many limitations.those are it can not store apps and games in memory card directly.when battery is low the phone does not play music,game and apps etc.

Reviewed by James1st from Israel on 6th Jun 2012
I have to laugh at the complaints here.
1. Getting the back off to access the sim card and battery is easy. Read the book!.
2. It's a cell phone, people. If you want to take good pictures and videos, buy a camera.
It is an excellent product, and very easy to use, if (I repeat myself) YOU READ THE BOOK!

Reviewed by daphne from zimbabwe on 23rd Apr 2012
Great,easy to use phone, have had mine for 3 years with no problem at all. love it.

Reviewed by ken from philippines on 27th Feb 2012
love it!! but how can i change the message alert tone of my phone... can you help me?

Reviewed by sherif fouad from egypt on 16th Dec 2011
i bought it yesterday and downloaded some songs and got reply to complete downloading in memory card and i complete downloading then i moved the songs in phone memory to card memory but when i tried to open and use camera i always get a reply that memory is full .. i do not understand why and to set camera recordings directly to memory card not to phone card i really find menu difficult to handle with advise me where i can reach and deal with phone memory to control deleting in it

Reviewed by chalesa kunda from UK on 30th Apr 2011
i like the phone,battery is giving me problems more especially when i am listen to musik and surf on the net. .

Reviewed by Trinity kanonto from UK on 11th Apr 2011
consider the big screen but tha pixles insted of being smal are also big,cant play 3D games,u cant exit mp3 while playin a track,camera quality is LOW,its jst nt so good!

Reviewed by Samsung from UK on 10th Apr 2011
The phone is good but its not good for having txt conversations as you cannot see what you have written previously :(

Reviewed by Eden from UK on 9th Apr 2011
I love this phone...........so nice its kinda my dream one.....everyone should love its fun...

Reviewed by alexander abrokwa from UK on 26th Feb 2011
good but cannot use as a modem to connect to pc for internet

Reviewed by Ajay from UK on 16th Feb 2011
Never Ever Buy a Samsung Mobile, All the versions are a third class version. these mobiles only survive till their warranty periods and gets expire just after the warranty.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 26th Dec 2010
A good phone if you want a very basic one but you will get better if you broaden your budget.

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 26th Dec 2010
Really good phone. My first phone and ihave had it for over 2 years and it is still not broken. GOOD! -Camera (good!) -Voice Recorder (Very Good!) -Slides easily -Hard to break -Room for lots of Contacts -Lasts for a long time -Back is hard to break even if it is hard to get off BAD! -Scratches easily -No internet -Back hard to get off

Reviewed by bijjo from UK on 12th Dec 2010
This phone is very good with cutting screen cables in a year u should chang

Reviewed by Plufkin from UK on 8th Nov 2010
Verg good phone,i have had it for nearly 2 years,slide goes a bit weird after a while and not much memory though.Also,it loses batery quite quick-ish(3ish days with barely any usage)but it is still a reallly good phone!

Reviewed by humairaa from UK on 22nd Oct 2010
this is a supper!!!!. phone if you want it you should get it

Reviewed by vishal vyas from UK on 5th Oct 2010
hi m having this phone,m satisfied with it ,its music is fabulous in such a low price..n with others cool features ..i love it...u should go for it ...it will not let money to be wasted!!

Reviewed by nad from UK on 20th Sep 2010
cheap, simple to use, holds all data

Reviewed by Eddie Allan from UK on 31st Aug 2010
I had problem with battery cover removal also. However, by using surgical gloves, to give a better grip, the cover was removed very easily. I suggest using anything on the back cover to give better grip to slide the cover off.

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 16th Aug 2010
I love my Samsung e250 I got it 2 years ago and I had a difficultly with the colour cause there is sooooooooooo many to choose from! finally I settled for a pale pink one I have had such a joy with it.THE BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!

Reviewed by pat from UK on 10th Aug 2010
My PAYG phone does everything I could normally wish for, given that my needs are simple, plays music, radio, texts, makes calls..except the one reaosn I bght it..make calls from USA! I was sold it as quadband and in fact it is triband and my Orange network was useless. We were going to stay with friends, making our way from New York and I had to keep going to libraries to email them instead of being able to text. I would 100% recommend the phone otherwise!

Reviewed by Brent from UK on 1st Jul 2010
i have had this phone since late 2006 or early 2007 not sure i still have this phone 3-4 years never had trouble battery life is about 4 days the camera isnt too good the msg tones arnt very loud but doesnt really bother me best phone

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
i have had this phone 4 years now it was exccelent since teh start great starter phone always reccomend it very stylish and buttons are esay to use also good kayout and style would tottaly recomed it as a starter phone if you want more details e-mail me at dogfrog@live.co.uk

Reviewed by michaela from UK on 12th Jun 2010
I had this phone for over a year and it was fine up until the last few months I had it. The slide left an oil streak on the front where it slid down and the back was scratched when you slid it up. It didn't recognise my memory card and then I accidentally clicked 'yes' to format the card and it deleted everything, and after it was repaired the first time it did it again about 5 times. It came up with random files at times in the memory card during its dying out phase such as '2y' and '25?'. But other than those bleak times, it was a great value phone so I'd recommend it.

Reviewed by Sopheia from UK on 9th Jun 2010
I have this phone now. I am thinking sbout getting a new one but i love it! the camera is way better than 0.3 mega pixels and weights a little. Perfect for more experienced kids but a cheap alternative. i did have problems with storing videos and misuc but i got 18 sounds and 37 pictures on there! great value, lovely little phone. Perfect for everyone! I highly recommend.

Reviewed by ........... from UK on 31st May 2010
ive had it for a year, and now i when i switch it off, the screen goes white, like a really bright white, and it won't go back to black, so thats very annoying if i need to switch my phone off. And also this white light drained my whole battery, when i had switched it off after it was fully charged. Thats the only minus. Other than that, its a really good phone.

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 30th May 2010
A good phone, all in all. The sound quality with speakers isn't great, and neither is the camera, but to hell with that, you buy iPods and camcorders for that sort of thing. The memory is not fantastic if you want to store lots of music - I originally ended up deleted lots of the games in order to be able to store more music - but get a memory card and you'll be fine. Also I've found that it is VERY strong. I've had it thrown across tennis courts, pavements - once it was even thrown into a lampost - but it's always been fine, there's barely a scratch on it! If all you want is a phone that does what a phone is supposed to do, for a good price and some nice added extras thrown in, (and if you feel the need to throw it across the pavement), then this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by lee feltham from UK on 14th May 2010
great phone but find it hard to open the slider.

Reviewed by AKASH SARKAR from UK on 30th Apr 2010

Reviewed by aleksandar from UK on 28th Apr 2010
perfect phone!!!

Reviewed by Frankiie from UK on 26th Apr 2010
Good for my first phone, the message alerts tones are poor, and so is the fact you have to have speakers in to listen to the radio. Very good as an mp3 player etc. Some of the features are different depening on what model/network you are on. Im currently on Orange and its a very good phone for me for 30quid its great :)

Reviewed by mitchell from UK on 26th Apr 2010
my mom and dad bought me this phone last year and its been great to me really reliable and good for music however the camera is awful and ive had to change the battery but id reccommend it to anybody.

Reviewed by Saroosh from UK on 6th Apr 2010
I bought this phone and I dropped it once on the floor and it completely broke. I thought this phone was pretty senstive but its made of plastic so there is 50% of its chance of breaking.

Reviewed by Ria du Toit from UK on 5th Apr 2010
I just bought this E250 for my husband, as he had a stroke a view years ago I give him my D600, he just loved it, but I want to get him a new phone and because he have trouble adjusting to phones I thought I get him the E250, as the only thing he want to do is phoning and receiving calls, and the E250 works the same as the D600. Got home with this phone, unpacked it, and tried to open the battery cover to put the battery and the sim in. I struggle for about an hour to open the back, whent back to the shop, but they were closed. So I start searching the web, afther another two to three hours a came across the reviews and start reading through it. From washing up gloves and everything else everybody recommended tried the selotape, but I did not do it right. I came accros another person recommended the selotape thing and whala it worked, you just have to pull very hard. I have had a view samsung cell phones, but no one is so hard to open. I just want to thank the sugestion of using selotape, and hope this is a good phone.

Reviewed by Aaqeelah-cape town from UK on 1st Apr 2010
At first i loved my samsung e250.Initially i took it because i loved the design ,and it had just what i needed.After a while though i had trouble charging it and it would freeze at times.Eventually it coudn't charge anymore.Anyway i loved the phone till its death made us part...

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
Nowhere near as good as your average Nokia. I certainly won't be buying another samsung.

Reviewed by Ffion from UK on 28th Feb 2010
I have this phone loooods its ugly and realy hard to youse

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 25th Feb 2010
have this phone and hate it so much. don't get it is sooo ugly

Reviewed by prasad from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
excellent phone. i love it.

Reviewed by T.S :-D from UK on 14th Feb 2010
This phone is a good basic phone. My speaker went just before the year mark but Carphone fixed it no problem. No USB which is slightly annoying and the thing that covers the memory card slot (Micro SD) and headphone jack (NOT 3.5mm) is real flimsy - only a matter of time before it snaps. However, the FM radio is good, the camera is ok and it is just generally ok - nothing special,nothing terrible. It's Ok

Reviewed by Justina from UK on 30th Jan 2010
this phone is absolute rubbish!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 27th Jan 2010
This phone is poor. It is slow boring And Acient.Don't buy it as it belongs in the bin.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 18th Jan 2010
i got this phone a while ago and its a preety decent phone but the camera is rubbish but everything else is good! myn only cost 30 which is rally good. i give this phone 3 stars and recomend you buy it!!!1 lol

Reviewed by E-baby from UK on 15th Jan 2010
I enjoy this phone and i've had it just over a year. It is areally great price and good if your not too interested in flashy little extra bits you get on phones these days. But one day without any knocks or bangs the phone screen just went of fuzzy and white. It was wierd!!! But with a couple of clever relations we swapped the screen of a phone that i accidently washed in the washing machine and put it on this phone and off we were again!!

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 24th Dec 2009
Had this phone for around 2.5 years and while not having the greatest features it does the basic very well. It can text, dial, receive calls and thats about it - if you're looking for a fancy mobile with a camera, music player, touch screen and all that fancy stuff look elsewhere; if you're after a basic cheap phone look no further and get an E250.

Reviewed by Willie from Lockerbie from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
I bought the E250 after the microphone on my E370 went dead This is a grrrrrrrreat little machine If u want a simple & easy to use phone then this is the one for you I have had mine for nearly 3 years a great keypad for sending texts Strongly recommended this mobile

Reviewed by emily from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
i loved this mobile it is a great all rounder.Definatley one of the best buy's you can't go wrong with this, but annoyed me with it not taking wma's and occasional bad voice quality but i would buy it if it was my 1st mobile, i am now upgrading to tocco lite

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 20th Dec 2009
Very Very good phone! although its not the best on the market its seen me through thick and thin and hasnt fallen apart. It's a cool design and comes in a range of colours. would recommed for a childs first phone! xx

Reviewed by ...ReM_rEm... from UK on 16th Dec 2009
I've got this phone at the moment and at first i really liked it, but after a while it gets abit boring, when i brought it i could only store 2 or 3 song on the memory and had to but a seperate memory card. I think that this phone isn't very good and if anyone i shtinking about buying this phone i would advise you not to. i am upgrading this phone to the nokia 5530, and i am sooo glad i am getting rid of it! after a while it feels tlike the screen is going to break, the little tabs that you move to get to the memory card slot and to charge the phone can break easily, and by cousin has the same phon and hers and broken off. i think that samsung could ah ve done a better job on this phone and i will NEVER buy another sumsung phone!!!

Reviewed by tony from UK on 15th Dec 2009
excusme, you did a review on this phone? this phone is jut for kids, because thiner, you can get LG cookie for nearly that price.s phone is so rubbish muggers wont even bother. john 44! its worth about a tenner. i mean even for June 2007 this is rubbish.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 10th Dec 2009
I think its a good little phone.But For Older People or adults.Now we have all these touch phones these dayss for you kids no one will buy it.I have Got This Phone And i love samsungs. I am getting Samsung S5600 shud check it out.Its Brill

Reviewed by carmz from UK on 10th Dec 2009
i've had ths fone for ages and it has never broken and it is of a good quality... the only faults are tht it is slow to access the memory card and itz not as smooth to slide up as the other fones.

Reviewed by cheryl x from UK on 10th Dec 2009
I luv it! Its cheap and pretty I have it in pink! X

Reviewed by jmaessy from UK on 29th Nov 2009
i thought the fone ws fab when i got it last year ... but as it is now 2009 im finding it very out of date and very boring to use .. at xmas i am hoping to get a new one as this one is not the phone people should buy , its okay at first but is not very good e.t.c the battery runs quite quickly and especially quickly when bluetooth is on , the camera has very low quality but thats what you would exspect for a vga, overall i can't wait to get a new phone , this phone is a good starter phone if your buying a phone for the first time.

Reviewed by terry sherlock from UK on 24th Nov 2009
gone back to shop 4 times battery runs out after 24 hours and it was new battery from the shop

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 21st Nov 2009
Wouldnt Reccomend - When i put a memory card in the phone, after about a month putting pictures videos etc in it, everything got deleted. The sound quality is not the best either. The only thing i like about this phone is that the radio and voice recorder are pretty good.

Reviewed by George from UK on 21st Nov 2009
i thought this phone was good because it lasted a very long time the talktime is good like everything else about this phone the colour black or silver is up to i think the black is tyhe best coz i it is better in the dark and light if you want to use it!!!!!! get this phone it is fenominal

Reviewed by sam from UK on 21st Nov 2009
this phone is alrite but u just need a memory card otherwise u may not be able to put as much music as u want to other than that its alrite

Reviewed by livvy haimes from UK on 19th Nov 2009
I have the samsung E250 and it's really good! It's really cheap for what you get and it's perfect for a first phone. The only problem I've had is that it doesn't come with games, you have to buy them. Apart from that it's perfect

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 15th Nov 2009
This phone is very nice and i have it in the coulour of blue. when i got it 2 years ago i was like woohoo, i still have it today because it is nice and easy to use and holds alot of MB. xxx

Reviewed by buddika from UK on 14th Nov 2009

Reviewed by jees from UK on 14th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Minty from UK on 11th Nov 2009
Had the same problem with the battery cover. Tried Sandra's trick with the sellotape. Stick it to the back and pull - the cover comes off instantly. Thank you, Sandra!

Reviewed by Emmzzii..xx from UK on 10th Nov 2009
I got this phone about a year ago and i really liked. But after a few days, whenever i tried to call someone it went really crackly and i couldnt hear anything. It has a good battery and you can get a sd card so u can have good memory.

Reviewed by sowndrapriya from UK on 7th Nov 2009
i really loved this phone. the only problem is it does not support any softwares or any themes and also i did not know how to download music in it. The battery life is also good. Cost via this phone is quite cheap and also good to handle

Reviewed by Roisin from UK on 31st Oct 2009
I've had this phone since December 2008, and when i got it, I was very pleased with it, didn't think a better phone excisted. But I soon got bored of the games on it, and the bluetooth is a little hard to use, and the camera isn't very good, despite all the good frames and effects. I think the main audience this phone is good for is young children ages 11 - 13, and maybe adults 30-40. I am now switching this phone for the samsung Genio touch and hopefully not looking back.

Reviewed by michael sullivan from UK on 29th Oct 2009
I've had my e250 for acouple of years now and I'm very pleased with it, except recently I bought a 4GB memory card but, Whereas the phone has recognised it, it say's 'NOT ALLOWED'. My memory(phone) is 'FULL' , reason I bought the card, but it does not work.My users guide book doesn't explain how to use it. I spent 20 on a memory card that doesn't do anything.HELP!!!!!

Reviewed by Louis E,downswood,kent from UK on 26th Oct 2009
wicked phone everything about it is great except the camera but it is a cheap phone so for its price range an amazing phone.

Reviewed by Andy Smith from UK on 25th Oct 2009
I bought the phone yesterday on Oarange pay as you go.. for 14 ! its great as a back up phone while i look for a phone i really want.. (My trusty samsung z500 finally died on me so this is a tide-me-over phone) what can you expect for 14? lol Yes, it was a real game trying to get the back off that is a design flaw, but once in there, was simple to set up and all in all for 14, very pleased

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
I have had my E250 for two years now. It is a solid phone but after only 12 months of owning it the main buttons (call, arrow keypad etc) started to stop working. Carphone Warehouse, where I bought the phone, fixed it free of charge on the waranty but another 12 months down the line the buttons no longer work again. I don't know any other people who have the phone but it may be beneficial to find out whether it has happened to other people. I haven't mistreated it, its just very well used. Otherwise a solid little phone.

Reviewed by Nyland from UK on 20th Oct 2009
this phone is pathetic and no good for texts or calls

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 18th Oct 2009
This is a great first mobile and although it is a basic handset, it's good for those who are new to modern technology. I have this phone in lilac and recently I recommended it to my mum who has it in blue. She thinks it's great as the price tag was good value considering it's features, it mght not be the best phone you could get but you can't go wrong with the price.

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 14th Oct 2009
do you want your music to be louder.press *#0206*8378# you will be taken to a portal press 2 and 2 again then go to number 13 and make it from 11 to 15

Reviewed by Willie from Lockerbie from UK on 30th Sep 2009
Had an E250 for 3years now & cant fault this little phone simple to use for text & calling good wee camera as well liked it so much i bought a nearly new one on e-bay it,s a great phone as well

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 28th Sep 2009
i got this phone a few months before the summer.. and it was great at first.... but then the memory is rubish.. and i can only have one song! :( also it has started to brake the screen... meaning when i slide it up and down it all goes to the side and goes fuzzy and it dont go back to normal for ages even if you take the battery out... i did like this phone but now its just rubbish.

Reviewed by ? from UK on 5th Sep 2009
BATTERY SOLUTION If you have treated your battery correctly like it says on the box it should be fine! Turn it off and charge it up fully then wait till it runs out completely before charging again battery repair JUST START TREATING IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!1 mY battery lasts for at least a week at a time! THIS phone is amazingggggggggggg completey love it

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 30th Aug 2009
As someone said, you get what you pay for and not always that either. Very poor phone...**STAY AWAY**

Reviewed by Joy from UK on 24th Aug 2009
I Have Had The Phone For A Year, Great Phone At First But After A Few Months I Got Bored Of It. The Camera Is No Good- Pictures Come Out A Bluurr. On The Other Hand Its Really Good If Its Your First Phone. Good Price For A Okay Fone.

Reviewed by jessica from UK on 19th Aug 2009
good little phone i got mine in lilac its amazing camrea is good i would recormmed it to any one for a child my mum got it for me for starting 2ndry school soo you should get it it does what it needs to do i hope i help you decide good luck finding the phonefor u x

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 17th Aug 2009
What an awful phone! I found that this is not user friendly at all. The message alert tones are ridiculously quiet and cannot be changed from the four listed. The punctuation is ridiculously long winded, taking lots of key presses. The memory is poor, the battery life short, downloading off the web a nightmare, and the instructions vague. And what's more - no smilies (lol!!!). Have now got a sony ericsson C510 and can't fault it. You get what you pay for - this phone is cheap for a reason, namely it's rubbish. Put me off Samsungs forever. *DON'T BUY IT*!!!!

Reviewed by Timothy from UK on 14th Aug 2009

Reviewed by jim from UK on 14th Aug 2009
Bit late I know for norma 8th Sept 2007 but after struggling myself for a number of days to get the back off an old E250 there's a simple way to do it. Press the "butt" of your hand against the back of the phone and just push forward. Easy Peasy now that my granddaughter has just showed me how to do it on her old E250. And Samsung phones look well engineered judging by that phone.

Reviewed by Boris from UK on 13th Aug 2009
its simple to use but it isnt very good. the camera is rubbish and the phone easily scratches mine is covered in scratches. The back is also very difficult to take off and i am afraid it will break whenever i try to take it off. battery life is good as well

Reviewed by Azerie from UK on 27th Jul 2009
i got this phone on my 13th bday 2 yrs ago, i think its ok tbh it cud be better but it aint bad, was proper cheap as well [score with the 'rents!!] am getting a new 1 now, the nokia 7100 but shud i just stick with this and get a better on later in the year? i mean it is a great fone, the mp3 is sooo good nd fm radio matee!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 24th Jul 2009
When i got this phone i thought it was really cool but after having it 4 a year i don't really like it so if u want it only have it 4 ten months

Reviewed by Dominique from UK on 18th Jul 2009
I have got this phone now and it is a good sturdy and practical phone. However, the memory is TERRIBLE! I can only store 1 song without a memory card. Also, the camera isn't great so I think it would be better suited to someone who is looking to buy their first mobile because it is easy to use and quite tough considering the fact that I have dropped it a million times and it has survived!

Reviewed by ruby from UK on 18th Jul 2009
i didnt really use a mobile phone but when i seen this one one in the shop it looked practical. i was right. mp3 is great, the camera is good quality overall it is a very simple phone to use

Reviewed by Izzy from UK on 13th Jul 2009
I bought this phone for my birthday, It was my first phone ever, and it turned out amazing. It is a very nice looking funny, and the features on it are brilliant. The games are fantastic: Pacman, Tetris, Zuma, and Brain Training. All of them are demos, but you can buy the proper game. The camera is good, not blurry, very good focus. Ringtones are amazing, Texting is very simple and easy, what more can i say? I love this phone! I will keep it until it breaks! and also, it is a very cheap phone. That may make it sound rubbish, ignore the bad reviews because the phone is perhaps the best phone you will ever come across. Thankyou!

Reviewed by CG from UK on 9th Jul 2009
it's inconvenient because the memory card slot is too narrow that you have a hard time inserting and removing it. also, it can't play downloaded videos around 4.4 MB. images moved to the memory card also become smaller, and when you use them as wallpapers, you get this two hideous gaps above and below the image. but other than that, it's okay. Anybody knows how my problems can be solved? please email me at this email ad: lefthandedsnake@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Tasha from UK on 4th Jul 2009
i have just brought this phone yesterday and i have a Micro SD memory card that i used in my old Nokia 7373 phone. When i put this card into my new Samsung phone it wouldnt pick it up. Although when i take the memory card out, it says 'Memory Card Removed' how can i make the card work?

Reviewed by Mali from UK on 3rd Jul 2009
I have a phone like this one a black one, and yes these phones are awesome BUT thats for only the time they last in, mine doesnt even last charged for a whole day thats one of the negatives. another is that ive had a couple of these phones and each of them have broken because of the charger

Reviewed by Phill Andrews from UK on 15th Jun 2009
Lovely phone. nice features.

Reviewed by LIL.TE.COM from UK on 12th Jun 2009
i have this phone but now my freind showd me how 2 play music and go 2 my main manu and my phone right now dont want 2 switch on i have 2 wait antile it is full

Reviewed by gabrielle from UK on 8th Jun 2009
i have had this phone for over a year now and i must say that it is an okay phone.. except for the fact that when either you ring someone or they ring you it is so loud that everyone can hear what the other person is saying. I am nearly deafened!!!

Reviewed by . from UK on 7th Jun 2009
the only thing is my UP key has stopped working .. its so annoying

Reviewed by burnzie from UK on 4th Jun 2009
screen went blank after 6 months no way am paying 70 to fix a 30 phone . phone not worth the 30 i paid what a load of useless junk

Reviewed by Raymonda from UK on 1st Jun 2009
I hate this phone!

Reviewed by watever from UK on 21st May 2009
its a normal phone watever

Reviewed by Joshy W from UK on 15th May 2009
This phone is good. It gives you all the basics such as a camera mp3 plyer, video and bluetooth. The only thing that i am dissapointed about is that when i slide it, it has left a few marks up and down the phone. But i have used it alot so it probably has just started to wear away. Overall it is a good phone.

Reviewed by vicki from UK on 10th May 2009
This was my first phone, when i got my second phone i thougt that that the Samsung E250 was rubbish but its actually OK

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