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Samsung D900 review

 Review: August 2006  

Last updated November 2007


In a nutshell: A massive bestseller! This ultra-slim slide phone comes with a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, video camera, music player, expandable memory and Bluetooth.


D900iThe Samsung D900 puts the WOW! in WOW! FACTOR. Seriously, a phone this exceptional doesn't come along very often, perhaps not since the Samsung D500 in 2004.

You can tell we love the phone, so let's get on with the reasons why. Firstly, this is the world's slimmest slider phone (now beaten by the Samsung U600!). Samsung have really perfected the slide design, and the D900 is silky smooth. The physical appearance of the phone is unbeatable, with a lovely magnesium surface coating and a small but functional keypad making the phone very tactile and easy to use. The LG Chocolate and the Samsung E900 may look cool with their touch-sensitive keypads, but you can't beat the ease-of-use of a conventional keypad. At just 13mm thickness, the D900 even beats the Motorola RAZR in the thinness charts.

Looks aren't everything however, so let's move on to the next reason for choosing the D900 - its 3 megapixel camera with autofocus. This is simply the best camera currently available in any phone after the Sony Ericsson K800i. It gives results of amazing clarity, and what is really astounding is that Samsung have fitted their best ever camera in their thinnest slider phone! We are in awe. The video camera is also of high quality and records in MPEG4 format. The display on the D900 is very finely detailed with outstanding clarity and does full justice to the camera. Some reviewers are mistaken in believing that videos cannot be viewed in full screen, but they can - just press 1 to switch to full screen mode.

Next the music player. This handles a good range of formats - MP3, ACC, ACC+ and e-AAC+ - and has very good sound reproduction with 3D virtual surround sound and a digital power amplifier. The player is easy to use with playlists of up to 30 tracks. You can use the stereo headset supplied by Samsung or a wireless Bluetooth headset. The built-in memory is 70 Mbytes, which is enough to get started, but if you're serious about using the phone as an MP3 player you can buy a Micro SD card - a 512 Mbyte card costs around £15. The only real downside on the music front is that there's no radio included.

The phone has all the usual features that you'd expect - messaging, email, MP3 ringtones, speakerphone, Java games, etc, etc. The full spec is listed below. There are a few bonus features - a document viewer for viewing MS Office files, offline mode for use when listening to music on a plane, a TV-Out connection for viewing images directly on a TV screen, and EDGE for fast internet access. Connectivity is via Bluetooth or fast USB. The user interface is very nice and friendly, with a new menu design featuring a black background - very smart. Battery life is good. One gripe is that you can't use an MP3 for the SMS alert sound (same with all Samsungs), but good news - you can select vibrate and ring simultaneously.

2006 has been an exciting year for phones, but the Samsung D900 has got to be a serious contender for phone of the year. The D900i is virtually the same as the D900 but it also has an FM radio (but is missing the document viewer). The new Samsung U600 is even slimmer. The G600 isn't quite as slim, but features a 5 megapixel camera and is an outstanding phone.

The D900 has been the best selling phone for the first half of 2007 and there are now some incredible deals available. Use our links at the top right of this page to shop around for a bargain.

Samsung D900 features include:

  • 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (MPEG4 format)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player (MP3, ACC, ACC+, e-AAC+ formats) with 3D sound and digital power amp
  • FM radio (D900i only)
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, SSL, TLS)
  • T9 predictive text
  • Document viewer for MS Office, PDF and HTML files
  • Mobile printing via Bluetooth (PicBridge™)
  • Java games (Forgotten Warrior, Freekick, Arch angel, Cannon ball) plus downloadable games
  • Flight mode
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 70 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card slot
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, TV-Out
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Quad band
  • Size: 104 x 51 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Talktime: 3.3 hours
  • Battery standby: 260 hours

Samsung D900 user reviews

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Average rating from 1502 reviews:

Reviewed by joy from UK on 28th Jan 2011
good quality camera

Reviewed by saqlain from UK on 28th Jan 2011
ilove that phone

Reviewed by bryan clark from UK on 4th Nov 2010
flat battery in less than 24 hours have out in new battery just the same

Reviewed by Ang from UK on 16th Oct 2010
I've washed mine with the laundry, and it still works, but vibrates all the time, and i traded it for the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, but i would still take the D900, because it is the best phone ever.

Reviewed by J from UK on 9th Oct 2010
I think this is a brill phone im looking to get it again the only reason for replacing it is because i droped it loads of time although its still working its chipped and the buttons have gone loose

Reviewed by hond from UK on 6th Oct 2010
I've had this phone for about 3 to 4 years now. I've been pretty contented about this phone even though it's not exactly what I'd hoped it to be. Battery lasts about 2 to 3 days when making a few calls a day, which I don't think is enough. It only has 70mb of memory on board, which isn't a lot either but it has a card-slot. The screen is very good, no scratches after all this time, only a little dust behind it. It has just started to malfunction (the backlight doesn't always switch on). It's been dropped on streets etc, even been driven over by a bike, and all that did was take some of the paint off. The camera is ok, even very good for snapshots. I had a D600 before this one and I have to say, the D600 was a better phone, although the finish on the d900i is better. All by all a pretty good phone but it could've been better.

Reviewed by titch from UK on 22nd Sep 2010
i have a d900i and it works brilliantly i have had it for 4 years now and it still works it has never had to go in for repair and the camra great.

Reviewed by Suzi from UK on 31st Jul 2010
My D900i has given me four years of trouble free service, until I dropped it last year, since when it has been cutting out ever more often and now needs replacing. Trouble is, what do I get now? I like slide phones that are thin and light, I just text and call on it, but that doesn't mean I'll settle for something chunky, sad and cheap looking. It needs to hang onto the signal like a dog with a bone as I live rurally. It needs to show 3 or 4 tel numbers under the name and if it could e-mail, heaven! Oh, and payg. The relentless march of technology has left room for a niche manufacturer to move in here I feel. It drops one star only because the camera is truly dreadful.

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 12th Jul 2010
My phone d900 is too slow to internet

Reviewed by B.D from UK on 29th May 2010
Best mobile phone I've ever had, easy to use. If you need a phone for taking pictures I would highly recommend it. had phone for nearly 2 years and still working as well as the day I got it

Reviewed by racky from UK on 18th May 2010
it is very good phone . .i like it . .

Reviewed by roger wickes from UK on 13th May 2010
I've had the d900i for over two years now, I skate (so fall over and bash my phone about a lot)but the only issue I'm having is that the phone turns itself off every now and again (which does get quite annoying). But all in all a great phone.

Reviewed by connor okeeffe from UK on 9th Apr 2010
i hate this phone the others may think its stylish and have a good camera but this is 2010 weve got 12 mega pixel camara phones now and its not the slimmest phone by the way

Reviewed by Suf from UK on 30th Mar 2010
trust me, this is not a phone for the averqge user. hoplessly unreliable, not durable at all and also not very many features. the screen breaks easily

Reviewed by Gary from JHB South Africa from UK on 24th Feb 2010
Both myself and my daughter have had good service for up to 15 months, now both our phones go dead intermittently when using the slider.

Reviewed by Willie from Lockerbie from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
Love the D900i it is a cracking wee phone had one before but some0ne wanted it badly so i sold it & bought a G600 Though it is a great phone as well i couldn,t resist a new D900i at less than 40 Ilike it,s size and the camera is clearer than the G600 also an easy mobile to text with all in all a great phone no faults at all Brrrrrrrrrrrr iii llll

Reviewed by Mel from UK on 17th Feb 2010
Have gone back to this phone as it beats most others hands down, including the G600 and U600, neither of which are quite as good. Everything is easy to use and the camera is a corker! My young son loves his too. If you could put themes on it would be great, but this is the only downside and can definitely live without for the fact its outstanding in every other way. The music sounds great, better than any other phone too. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Trish from UK on 13th Feb 2010
My husband and I both own a Samsung D900i, we both really like the model for it's realiabilty, look and ease of use. Probably the best phone either of us have ever owned. Both have been dropped on a number of occasions and survived! Sadly I have to replace mine due to it having been through the washing machine as I left in a pocket of my dressing gown! Have just bought another identical one to replace it......great phone, highly reccomended.

Reviewed by anthony from UK on 24th Jan 2010
i have had a samsung d900 for 4 years and it is brilliant

Reviewed by Thomas McCarthy from UK on 20th Jan 2010
Reading these other reviews is like stepping back in time. I'm writing this in January 2010, still faithfully using my original D900 some three years after buying it. I like it so much I won't swap it for a newer model. Why replace a classic? I've bought a spare model, identical, which is sitting in the cupboard in case the one I've got ever breaks or gets stolen. The D900 is the best ever mobile phone.

Reviewed by Stranger from UK on 21st Dec 2009
had this phone for a while now, its very good with a very good camara and desing it has lots of good features aswell,it is much better than the e900 which I have had in the past although it seems to be quite similar. im going for the tocco lite now as this phone is getting quite old now, I'll quite miss this phone as it's served me well

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 20th Dec 2009
i like the phone the only down side is how many song u can play if u got 50+ songs on ur memory card u can only play 30

Reviewed by T from UK on 18th Dec 2009
yo i got a D900, loving it m8! cant see myself getting another phone, does everything i want it too, yo, u want it offer me over 30 quid and you can have it, but give a new D900 on top, innabit!

Reviewed by mat from UK on 16th Dec 2009
hi i have had my d900 for two years it was working fine until my charging block broke it will now turn off whenever i charge it of put in ea phones it will not charge now which is inconvinient becsuse it is on low battery im still giving it a four star rating as it is a fantastic phone! thank you

Reviewed by Paul Upham from UK on 28th Nov 2009
I have the D900. A reviewer below states: 'Both myself and my partner have had both the D900 & the D900i and unfortunately both of them have broken down. The D900 with a faulty charging block...'. This looks to be my problem also; my phone is about 2 years old and has suddenly become impossible to charge. As I take care of my equipment and the phone was not cheap, I don't really think 2 years is an acceptable life-span. Many people will be ok with 2 yrs though, and these are otherwise decent phones - just buy in the knowledge that they may not be with you for long!

Reviewed by Georgia from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
I had the samsung D900i for about 2 years. I still think it is a great phone, but I'ts a bit unreliable; as both mine and my sisters has broke now, both by turning off when they wernt supposed to. My sisters lasted 1 year, and mine lasted 2 years. The phone looks great and the features are fantastic. I'm marking it 3 stars because they have broke.

Reviewed by gill37 from UK on 14th Nov 2009
I have had my phone for two years or more, it has been the best phone ive ever owned, have just ordered a new phone but am having second thoughts as this has been very reliable, good battery life, easy to use, could go on but have no complaints :)

Reviewed by mike from UK on 13th Nov 2009
I am now on my second d900i the first one something happened to the screen, I hadnt hit it or damaged it in any way but since the warranty had just ended bought another d900i as I liked the model. I bought my second one in 08-08 and once again I got up this morning and the screen was exactly the same as the first one. I have contacted Samsung today and am waiting for their reply but from what I have heard from other reviews I will get nowhere.

Reviewed by whats-in-the-name from UK on 13th Nov 2009
I've been using this phone(D900i) for over an year now and only curse the day I purchased this blasted phone for 9.5k. I mean I feel even my 4.8k Nokia 3110 was much better than it. I'll present to you the actual description of its features: 1.Camera - Average, 3 Mp good but the delay(2-3 sec) it takes to save,poor(nearly no) flash counter it. 2.Music player - pretty good. 3.FM radio - good. Though auto station detect isn't much reliable.I manually found out 11 stations(in Blr) while it detected only 4. 4.Ringtones,Voice memo recorder,speakerphone - Avg 5.Messages - Average, though the range of characters it allows you to type is limited to alphanumerics and a few symbols(heck I hate it when I can't use quotes("),apostrophe(') or star(*) symbol). Though messaging provides many good options. 6.Phonebook and mobile tracker - good. 7.Java games - Good. Though hardly any chance for installing a new game(4 MB constraint), also there are too many compatibility issues. 8.Calls-Huge lists for keeping record.But don't use speaker mode in a call, as they forgot to put option of switching back to normal mode. 9.Phone mode-pretty good, but 'no profiles' annoys me. 10.Browser(WAP 2.0)-it's like the worst browser there could be.. slow,unable to load big(>~200KB) pages, and not so good for viewing pages either. 11.Personal organiser functions - good. 12.Alarm-3 alarms-wake up(has snooze option), 2 additional alarms. Prettty good. 13.Document viewer for MS Office, PDF and HTML files - It's only a myth!!! None of those features is there. 14.Size,design,look,display - Pretty impressive, though display visibility is highly vulnerable to sunlight. 15.MicroSD card slot - It's handled like a uncopyable readonly memory, can't copy, edit, delete any file on it... on connecting to pc. memory card doesn't even show up. 16.MOST IMPORTANT - Battery - Max. on time - 3 days(if no call, music, radio etc.), 1.5-2 days(on 1 hour voice call) and you can do the math.. Conclusion: With every good on this phone, there are way more bads attached.. e.g. so many multimedia options but alas meagre battery renders them all useless..also good radio but can't be used without earphones and so, can't allow phone to be charge at the same time. For any queries, post a comment here and I'll answer them. Thanks.

Reviewed by - from UK on 30th Sep 2009
My d900i hit a wall at 80mph and stil works fine a year later, despite breaking into its constituent parts. Its a bit slow and lacks memory and functionality but it has been th best phone of all those bought by my friends around th same time

Reviewed by Peter Cosgrove from UK on 26th Sep 2009
Hello I just bought a samsung D900 ultra model the slimmer one for 30 in the post off ebay. Its a nice mobile phone everything seems good on it so far. Only problem I have noticed so far you cant put custom text message tones on there. Unless somebody changed the firmware or made something that can. Thats the only thing I find fault with so far at the moment. I would give it 5 stars but it gets 4 stars for the reason above. Also looking online this seems to be the biggest problem with the phone something so simple yet modern phone you cant change!

Reviewed by MAHESH RAJAPAKSE from UK on 21st Sep 2009
iam using this phone for the last 02 years i like it so much

Reviewed by will from UK on 1st Sep 2009
the phone is good but i cant read the memory card

Reviewed by adnan from UK on 26th Aug 2009
very nice phone

Reviewed by ferretmasta from UK on 12th Aug 2009
excellent phone, although i would have been happy with a plastic cup and bit of string after going to this from my olde (sic) nokia 3100. It is excellent in everyway possible. Cannot fault it. Mainly wrote this review to say thanks Kevin Williams for the video playback advice. It works thanks!

Reviewed by rose from UK on 4th Aug 2009
i loved my phone had it for about 4 years untill yesterday when i droped down a drain, got it back but its no good would like to buy the same phone that samsung d900i was the world to me

Reviewed by d900 fan from UK on 1st Aug 2009
brilliant phone reliable also light and easy to use

Reviewed by mj (jammiiee) from UK on 28th Jul 2009
Ive had this phone about nearly a year now, the reason why i bought this is because i was attracted to the pink colour on the phone. It has lots of decent specifications, the camera is ok...however ive been disappointed with the battery as ive had to charge it everyday which is very irritating. Now and again it freezes but otherwise everything is fine, especially the signal that's been terrific ^^) merci aurevoir. lol

Reviewed by jmes from UK on 27th Jul 2009
it is amens

Reviewed by oh from UK on 21st Jul 2009
I've had two and the screen on both has broken

Reviewed by Philip from UK on 14th Jul 2009
There would appear to be some inherant faults on these phones. Both myself and my partner have had both the D900 & the D900i and unfortunately both of them have broken down. The D900 with a faulty charging block and the D900i with a faulty screen and a faulty circuit board. I would not recommend anyone to buy these phones as they are clearly not fit for purpose. I repair electronic items for a living and I know how to use these phones and that is with a reasonable amount of care. Surely we can expect to have some wear and tear out of a phone before they break down. I have a motorola V3 which is a few years old now and I have gone back to using that and as for samsung's never again.

Reviewed by lilly from UK on 14th Jul 2009
its gud and is very useful!

Reviewed by craig from UK on 9th Jul 2009
this is the beat phone i have ever owned!! where can i but another 1?

Reviewed by Noor Ahmed from UK on 4th Jul 2009
Wow, I got d900i in pink colour. This is great, I have never seen as beautiful set colour as d900i. Hope, we get more colours

Reviewed by Someone :P from UK on 30th Jun 2009
JAZ, i dont know what u have done with ur phone coz i have had mine for ages and it isnt stiff when sliding up, it doesnt turn off by itself except if battery gone obviously, memory is ok on mine and the videos are good, the only prob is the whole txt tones u have to pick from the crappy 10 songs lol

Reviewed by Katiee from UK on 26th Jun 2009
i think this phone is brillant ive had mine for nearly 3 years, no scratches, alright camera, battery powers is okayy soo overall great phone

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 24th Jun 2009
This phone is rubbish

Reviewed by lauren<3. from UK on 5th Jun 2009
i got this phone not last christmas the christmas before and it was one of the best phones i ever had. the memory was good and the camera as good for 3mp. phones these days hardly have flashes and was happy it had a flash.. im only 14 and the type to want a new phone every christmas but i was going to keep the phone as long as i could until i had my phone in my pocket and i hung my coat up at school and it hit off the doorframe. got to admit screen is kinda fragile.. but overall a good phone.

Reviewed by JAZ from UK on 1st Jun 2009
Good Phone although better phones ot there! Sometimes it just randomly turns itself off and the video quality isn't very good at all ! Blury. When you watch videos you can hardly see them and the memory isn't very good .It is also very stiff to slide up.

Reviewed by Kellie from UK on 13th May 2009
Ive had this phone for about 2 years now, its an excellent phone, the camera has built in flash which doesnt always come with some phones nowadays. The quality of the pictures is really good, especially for the price. I know allot of people are saying it runs out of battery really quick , thats only if you use they games/media player for about an hour or so, i dont have to charge mine for about a week, as i turn mine off at night then in the morning its re-charged itself to get another bar. The only problem with the phone is that it doesnt charge off the mains, i have to charge it off the USB, before that happened though and i DID use it from the mains and it seemed to not fit properly, it was as if it was too big to fit in. Overall though its a really good phone.

Reviewed by Lu from UK on 9th May 2009
This is a standard phone which is good for the price, it is a good quality and the camera is OK. I found that the phne runs out of battery quickly and was easily scratched. Overall a good phone for the price

Reviewed by asad from UK on 9th May 2009
da best fone ever nd a good price 2

Reviewed by wag1 from UK on 8th May 2009
1 of the best phones i had

Reviewed by Samuel T from UK on 2nd May 2009
This is a good phone, I've had mine for over two years and it's still going, showing it's age a little though. I think a lot of the people giving it bad reviews just haven't figured out how to use it. It has a lot of features which aren't even mentioned in the manual which can make it quite confusing but they can all be figured out. For example, the guy who said his photos came out as mirror images, this is a feature you can get by pressing one of the volume buttons, the other button turns the image upside down. I don't know how people are managing to wreck them as no paint or anything had dropped off mine. The screen did break a while ago, but it was fairly cheap to fix at a corner shop. For taking photos, the sensor takes it's time, people getting blurry photos are moving the phone before it's done taking the photo. The charging connector is starting to wear out, so I think that'll be the end of this phone, but it's lasted very well and still looks cool two and a bit years on.

Reviewed by Wills from UK on 27th Apr 2009
Had my phone for about a year, came onto this site to see if anyone was having the problems I am now getting, mine has started switching itself off when I am trying to sent text messages and is freezing on me, I think its time for a new phone.

Reviewed by em from UK on 25th Apr 2009
scratches easy mine wont charge and its NOT the charger thats broken screen smashed and it wasnt eveen mee !! dont buy it peeps !!! (:

Reviewed by luke from UK on 30th Mar 2009
Decent phone nothing outstanding about it, poor battery life and memery + recently my camera has freaked out giving me photos of random colour and texture =S

Reviewed by Ant from UK on 26th Mar 2009
Had my d900i phone replaced less than two weeks ago after the other one's screen went black and i couldnt hear people when they phoned me, cannot be bothered to list all the problems ive had with it, anyway they gave me a new one which i was very very surprised about, and thought oh brilliant hopefully ill have this for another yaer or two and not have to buy another phone, that was until a few days ago after only having it about two weeks when the phone screen smashed without reason when i took it out of my pocket to look at a text, i was bitterly dissapointed with my new replaced phone and now they have refused to fix it for free, they want 67 from me to replace the screen and i didnt even break it. Very unhappy and will never buy samsung again, and im sure im not the only one who can see the faults in samsung as a manufacturer.

Reviewed by gina from UK on 26th Mar 2009
to all those reading this review DONT BUY THIS PHONE!! i bought mine one year ago and it broke just a few days ago , the screen would not turn on anymore.I know a lot about samsung phones as out family owns 6. But buyer beware this phone is riddled with faults and poor quality materials. 1. The keypad is absolutely horrible to txt on a it is too wide and too hard to press down and the result is CRACKED key pads. After about 2months the paint off the keypad started coming off and soon later the pads started cracking, i do not have long fingernails either. 2.The "ok" button in the middle of the keypad is an absolute pain in the butt, as often i would take the phone out of my pocket and find that the internet had been running for ages thus taking most of my credit. 3.The phone does not save sent messages! arrrgh in order to have messages that u sent you have to save each txt MANUALLY and to do this you have to open up the menu for each txt and clicked a few buttons for it to save wen sending. 4.The phone has an odd habit of shutting off at its own will and this seems to be a common occurence with most samsung phones. 5.the pridictive t9 is horrible 6.the charging slot is on the RIGHT side of this stupid phone so txtn while the phone is chargin is insanely annoying and the charging end keeps bpping out on the right 7.THIS PHONE DOESNT SLIDE WELL. i had always wondered if it was just my phone but my friend also has the D900i and trust me it is by far the worst "slide" phone made by samsung . Its stiff and so u end up haviung to press quite hard down on the screen and a lot of users have ended up having their screen broken so all in all just wanted to say this phone lasted me a year bought new.

Reviewed by Saeed from UK on 20th Mar 2009
I have Samsung D900i Excellent Phone. Stylish, but i need the fallowing things to be included as well, such as (Flight Mode,Document viewer for MS Office, PDF and HTML files,FM radio (D900i only and voice changer).

Reviewed by kiran ayub from UK on 16th Mar 2009
i absolutely hate this phone with a passion! i had high hopes for this phone! but it's got a mind of its own! i had problems with making/taking calls! it started to call my numbers in my call log automaticali since the first day!i couldn't answer the phone and it would freeze for ages! it was madness! so i gave it bak!:(

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 15th Mar 2009
well i got this phone december before last and i really liked it. but the camera is quite bad, the keypad is a joke because the buttons are so flat, if yolu have a memory card then all your files are so slow to navigate and it scratches so easily! im 12 and i go out a lot and once i dropped it out a tree and the two slides fell in half but i just slid them back together. it was fine. also the battery life is ridiculous. sadly, a few days ago a boy took my phone and pressed down on the screen therefore the screen just messed up. i dont think i wont another samsung looking at all of these comments. :)

Reviewed by David from UK on 2nd Mar 2009
I know this phone is old by now, and stuff, but i wanted to say that its a great phone with rubbish build quality. I have owned two (I washed the first one, still with the second) and on each after about 2 weeks the slide mechanism has become awful. Its so stiff, you really have to force it to open it! I've sort of become used to it, but whenever a friend tries to do it, they simply can't, i have to do it for them! Good features though, only problem is that the camera really doesn't have auto focus, if i shake my hand even a little i get a very blurry photo that is almost indecipherable!

Reviewed by sunil samuel from UK on 2nd Mar 2009
Hello For this i would like to say one thing that this phone looks beauitful in that colour . Personaly i love this phone .

Reviewed by Tim B from UK on 28th Feb 2009
Had one of these for two years but broke the screen recently. Replaced it with the G600 because the shop told me this was a better phone . Wrong!! Camera is poor and operation is generally jerky in comparison. Think i,ll get the 9oo fixed!

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 21st Feb 2009
This phone was given to me as a bithday present August 2008. At the time I was extremely pleased but now after only 6 months of having it the buttons have stopped working. I'm not able to go into my menu or anything. The only thing that works is the slide - I can accept and reject calls only. The buttons only work if I wait for the backlight to go out but as you can imagine this takes forever to do anything as after every press of a button I have to wait for the backlight to go out again. However, I still am not able to access things through my menu as soon as I get to the menu it throws a wobbly and the screen flashes wildly. I am not impressed with this phone even though I'd had not trouble with it untill now.

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 20th Feb 2009
this is a rubbish phone if it wasnt for my 12 month contract ending this june, i would have got a new 1 straight away. every day i look at it and think wy did i buy it? - u cant put a song as your ringtone - the screen is hard to slide up - my web n walk wouldnt work - worst '3 megapixel' camera in the world, all my pictures are fuzzy - STUPID PHONE WONT SEND PICTURES TO THE COMPUTER!! Worst phone in the world i want june to come QUICKLYYYY

Reviewed by leah. from UK on 17th Feb 2009
i had this phone for under a year , i loved it . the only problem was when you have a memory card , you have all your files in a part on your phone . also , while your using the memory card , it is VERY VERY slow . i wouldnt EVER buy a samsung again , they dont have the "look" they look cheap in my eyes , plus they just dont fit in . no one has these phones no more , and now there is a dearer version out , people think its the cheaper version , and you have paid 30, PATHETIC ! samsung is rubbish xo

Reviewed by Dot from UK on 16th Feb 2009
I have had this phone for about 6 months and have had no problems apart from the size of the screen when playing a video as it is not full size. I read that if you press 1 this will make it full screen but having tried it the video size did not alter. Any suggestions to this problem. I had this phone as a replacement when my Ericsson 910i went faulty, my contract is up in April but I am quite happy with this phone but for the video screen size.

Reviewed by alice from UK on 15th Feb 2009
i really didnt like this phone. it broke for no reason twice (the screen went blank although when you called it it worked). and i would never trust it again. the camera was not up to a usual 3mp standard and was rubbish because it was in perfect position but when you went to view it was much more zoomed out and was very annoying. i dont think this phone hs even reached the star i have given it. BAD!!

Reviewed by Ms Priest from UK on 13th Feb 2009
I have just bought one of these fones but after reading all the bad reports its looks like i have made a real bad mistake. I have had so many fones and unfortunately i cannot seem to find a good reliable one thats easy to use and as all the features of the D900i

Reviewed by Mr.Rose from UK on 9th Feb 2009

Reviewed by kim from UK on 9th Feb 2009
i recently borrowed this phone off my mum just 2 days ago whilst mine is been fixed and to be honest i don't get what is so great about it, the keys are god awful as you have have to press them hard for it to work properly and the phone is the slowest phone ive ever come across, ill be glad to see the back of it

Reviewed by mouldred from UK on 8th Feb 2009
Dont believe the negative comments they are TOTALL WRONG. Ive had this phone over two years and its fantastic. It is still better than most new models.

Reviewed by lauraaaa from UK on 6th Feb 2009
i would not buy this phone, it doesnt remember the words when texting, really annoying! and the camera is the worst ever. i hate this phone but im stuck with it and texting is abit hard because the buttons are flat. and also this phone seems to have rubbish signal wherever i go so sometimes i cant contact friends or family..

Reviewed by john davidson from UK on 5th Feb 2009
best phone ive had in years never let me down took it camping hiking too work i work outside as im a landscaper trustworthy phone

Reviewed by imran from UK on 4th Feb 2009
I have had this phone for 6 months now and have had absolutely np problems with it. It is a fantastic and value for money phone.

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
Do not buy this phone it is rubbish!! Firstly, the battery life is poor, i am having to charge it everyday which is very annoying. Also after a while it will start to switch itself off even if you are half way through something, sometimes the screen will go blank so you just have to switch it off. Next, it doesn't really look very nice when you get it, it scatches easily and just looks tacky. I wouldn't suggest gettin this phone at all.

Reviewed by faye from UK on 1st Feb 2009
its ok nothing special. i always have problems with ppl hearing me on the line, and the battery doesn't last long at all, i av to charge it every night. I had nokia 6230 b4 this and that switched itself off at times. so really no fone is perfect, they all have faults. The best fone i ever had was the nokia 3310 and thats prob coz it never had all the technology the fones these days have. Thats what causes the problems all the technology put into them.

Reviewed by Natisha from UK on 31st Jan 2009
I think this phone is a good phone, however, in regards to the strange icon that showed up (I think someone described it as a red and blue fuse with a fire extinguisher) that doesn't appear in the manual, it is a voicemail message indicator. Go to Messages, Answering Machine, and check and/or delete your voice message

Reviewed by sharukh khan from UK on 23rd Jan 2009
i love the d900 and also the d900i. they r 1 of the best mobiles i have ever seen. i am also thinking to buy 1 of them. the price is less, it has 3 megapixel camera, bluetooth and much more. but i like the d900i more than d900 coz it has one more feature that is a fm radio. i will soon buy this mobile. i like it and i love it. although i am an actor but i WILLLLL buy this mobile!!!

Reviewed by Natcho peno from UK on 18th Jan 2009
Rubbish slide slid off first time i touch and i got a vodafone 533

Reviewed by philip from UK on 15th Jan 2009
I was so excited. I got the the new D900i out of my box this Christmas. I pick up the phone slid the screen up and and it slid off even though i was gentle. I picked it off the floor and the had screen cracked and the middle button came out. I have traded it in for a Motorola Z6 orange slide and guess it din't break It great and would recommend it to music lovers (But not people with chubby finger)

Reviewed by sunny from UK on 14th Jan 2009
i can't recieve multimedia messages on my samsung d900 and i don't really know why can someone help me?

Reviewed by Claire James from UK on 12th Jan 2009
I HATE this phone. Previously I've had Nokias and Sonys and find the Samsung menu system very unintuitive and clumsy. Have had to refer to the manual several times to work out how to do simple functions such as select predictive text (*key) and select between different suggested words (0 key). Connecting to PC to view pictures/upload music was a nightmare, doesn't have standard small USB connection, you have to use the supplied software disc and cannot just view the files as a folder using a simple driver as with other phones. Also, you have to have the USB set to 'modem' in the phone menu, something I had to surf user forums on the net to find out, as it's not in the manual. Photos are almost as poor quality as my prevous 1 mp. All in all this phone has been a total pain, without any great advantages, and I will not be getting a Samsung again.

Reviewed by John from UK on 10th Jan 2009
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE it is utter rubbish screen broken within 2 days

Reviewed by dawn hawksworth from UK on 9th Jan 2009
hey guys!! I LOVED THIS PHONE AND SADLY HATED IT!! but its worked with me well since ma and pap bought it me 4 chrisrmas, well later guys mines in pink its sicken dude

Reviewed by jordan kempton from UK on 9th Jan 2009
best phone ive had :D

Reviewed by bench warmer from UK on 4th Jan 2009
brilliant phone unfortuantly the camera is not very good and you cant have a peronalised mesage tone

Reviewed by gerry from UK on 2nd Jan 2009
cant understand all the negative feedack on this phone,i have had mine for a year now and no complaints whatsoever,it does for me what i want it to do mainly make calls and texts,i have been round the block ie nokia, motorola, sony,lg.to name a few and imo samsung are a much better phone.

Reviewed by tom from UK on 2nd Jan 2009
hate it

Reviewed by Lyn from UK on 1st Jan 2009
Phones great everything was fine till the lcd broke in 2 after it was in my pocket for about 20mins

Reviewed by Dawood from UK on 31st Dec 2008
i love this set its very nice

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 28th Dec 2008
I would only recommend this phone to those who aren't into up to date features and only need it for basic uses. The 3 megapixel camera is NOT high standard and in certain lighting it is appauling resulting in grainy pictures. Another fault with this is that using the camera kills the battery in no time and when recording videos, the result is pixelated. I find i have to charge this phone every day, 2nd if i'm lucky, even when i do not use the camera.

Reviewed by JAN from UK on 26th Dec 2008

Reviewed by John Smith from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
Ive had this phone for a year and a hlaf now, and cant fault it in any way. So much so, that I only came across this trying to find an exact replacement as the keypad is now getting a little hard to work as the buttons are wearing. 10/10

Reviewed by Oritise from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
Very bad turns off whenever i am listening i bang it by accident. Charger stopped working after a week very bad phone!!! If I could give 0 stars I would.

Reviewed by Yasmin from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
Same with my fone! the inside of the screen split too! and i only got it last christmas

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 20th Dec 2008
Nice looking phone but had problems with both my original D900i phone AND the replacement phone with the screen freezing up. As a one off I would have passed it off as a dodgy one but with the replacement also having the same problems I would say it's a design fault. Easy to use but camera not very good as there is a good delay in the capture of the photos meaning the phone has to be held still until the pic has saved which is a pain in the arse. Video capture rubbish, sound quality rubbish. When I press OK to stop my morning alarm the camera screen opens up for some reason (as it did with the original again.. Design fault?). Battery port stopped working on the original phone, charger is difficult to put in... Very fiddly. Problems with the WAP too, sometimes it will connect and is FINE, then it stops working for two weeks which is quite frustrating. I am on O2 and although this might be a network fault I have to mention it, I can't get a signal, really struggle in a lot of places and it means that calls get cut short. Then I'll be writing a text and the signal will go, then a symbol will appear showing I have no signal and no matter where I go after that to actually GET a signal it will not pick one up again until I have turned the phone OFF then back on again. Great fun when you haven't the space on the phone to SAVE the text to come back to it. Hate to slate as it really is a cute phone, just a shame about the faults really.

Reviewed by Dais from UK on 19th Dec 2008
I had this phone for a year and after 6 months, it started to make strange bleeping sounds for no reason (i checked the most obvious cause) then it wouldn't turn on unless connected to the charger. then it wouldn't turn off either. A nightmare!!!! I got this phone because of the camera, but turns out to be useless. The camera is in mirror image. I'm pretty certain i'm not the only one who had serious problems with the camera. It's a nice shape, small and easy to use.

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