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Samsung D830 review

 Review: August 2006  


In a nutshell: Ultra-slim clamshell phone with 2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, memory card & Bluetooth.


At the time of launch (Summer 2006), the Samsung D830 is the world's slimmest clamshell phone, and is one of the trio of superslim Ultra phones from Samsung. The D830 has proven to be the least popular of the Ultra series, being outsold by the candy-bar-shaped Samsung X820 and the slide-design Samsung D900. This review will explain why.

The D830 really is slim - just 9.9 mm thick. Remember the phone that started the superslim trend - the Motorola RAZR? That was 13.9mm thick and was the slimmest phone of 2004! The D830 really is extraordinarily thin! It's very light too, at just 92g. One problem that the D830 shares with the Motorola RAZR is that it's quite a wide phone, so hard to fit in the hand comfortably. This makes it more of a man's phone.

Visually the D830 is quite stunning. It's arguably a better-looking phone that the D900. It's very, very black. The phone features a very small and discrete (black and white) external display and an ultra high resolution main display inside. The menu has a black background with white text. This complements the black colour of the phone really well and is both striking and easy to read. On the negative side, the keypad is probably the worst of the three Ultra series phones. It's a flat touch-sensitive keypad that lacks positive feedback and is quite slow to use, expecially for texting. This is one of the reasons for the failure of the D830 to sell in big numbers.

Deapite being ultra thin, the D830 is a fully featured phone with an excellent 2 megapixel camera (no flash though) and a video recorder. The main display, as noted, is extremely high quality with an ultra-high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and 262,000 colours. The phone comes with a good music player that can support a very wide range of formats, including MP3, AAC and WMA. One nice feature is that the music player can play in the background, whilst other features are in use. The integrated speakerphone is loud enough, but the best audio quality is obtained with optional stereo headphones. Memory is plentiful, with 80 Mbytes of internal memory plus a microSD™ external memory card slot expandable to 1 Gbyte. Connectivity is via Bluetooth, USB and TV-Out (for viewing images or videos directly on a TV). The D830 also handles emails with an attachment viewer for Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

The D830 is a very attractive superslim phone, with a very good range of features. However, it is let down in three areas. Firstly the keypad is slow and unresponsive. Secondly, battery life is very poor. Thirdly, the camera has no flash. This is why we cannot recommend the D830, despite all of its fantastic features. Instead, we would recommend the Samsung D900 as a truly outstanding phone.

Samsung D830 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (MPEG4 format)
  • Internal display: TFT, 262k colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • External display: OLED, greyscale, 96 x 16 pixels
  • Music Player (MP3/ ACC/ ACC+/ eAAC+/ WMA formats)
  • MP3 ringtones (64-voice polyphonic ringtones)
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, email (POP3/ SMTP/ IMAP4/ SSL/ TLS)
  • Picsel™ document viewer for MS Office and PDF files
  • Java games
  • Caller ID (photo & video)
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, TV-Out
  • Memory: 80 Mbytes plus microSD™ external memory card
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Offline mode
  • Triband
  • Size: 103 x 54 x 9.9 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Talktime: up to 2.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 215 hours

Samsung D830 user reviews

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Average rating from 58 reviews:

Reviewed by Zahid irshad from pakistan on 19th Mar 2010
i am user of samsung d830 its a fantastic cell phone & slim & have lot of features

Reviewed by Sara from malta on 3rd Feb 2010
i have this mobile for about 3 years. The keypad used to iritate me alot but now i'm used to it :) on the wholee itss a very very gooodd mobilee but i only wished it had a higher volume..

Reviewed by Ani from Armenia on 6th Nov 2009
It is wounderful!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by sabir from pakistan on 13th Apr 2009
its very smart phone easy to use specialy its keypad but sometime it stuck and difficult to write the text.

Reviewed by s. withers from england on 24th Oct 2008
battery life short. all black casing means you cannot see phone in handbag. big wide phone for small hands

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 15th Oct 2008
I think that I have a different phone to others. I was put off by reviews but saw an offer for Unlocked Phone, with orange PAYG sim inc P&P for UKP35 so decided to give it a punt. I could not have been more surprised and pleased. I have fairly fat fingers but find no problems with keypad. I get less missed characters than I did with my old 820. But then I dont speed text. Some say that you cant open it easier. Well, I have v v short finger nails yet it took me of of about 5 minutes to develope a technique to open and to close the phone with one hand. I dont find the ring or the speech volume too low, but do find that the range of volume from quietest to loudest is not great. But then I hate phones that distrub the whole pub when they ring. I can hear it fine (Maybe I just dont go to noisy pubs). Any faults? Well, I would prefer a plain lcd on the front with more info, but this one is acceptable. I would prefer rising volume on ringtone, but not many phones do this. I would prefer ring and vibrate together or ring then vibrate, but it's not a big issue for me. Battery life? Fine for me, but I have a life outside talking on the phone. It's nt a hobby for me. The best bits? Stunning looks, small size, has everything I need, good screen. Ian

Reviewed by qaisera from uk on 1st Oct 2008
the phone is rubbish it touchs abit of steam the keypad stops working however the phone does come on i wouldnt reommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by ryan from england on 15th Sep 2008
im not a fan of samsungs but this phone proved to very easy to use, attractive, and reliable. unfortunatly i would never have another one nor would i recomend this phone to anyone else. and the reason purely and simply is down to the truly terrible keypad. if u text alot like i do the its so frustraiting to use. to the point of being borderline stressful. that is the phones only problem but unfortunatly its begining to be a pretty insurmountable one

Reviewed by MUHAMMAD naveed from PAKISTAN on 24th Jun 2008
i use this phone from 2 years .all the featur are exilent

Reviewed by Mythili from UAE on 10th Mar 2008
i have been using D830 red colour, which was launched for girls, its a wonderful phone and i dont find any difficulty in the touch pad.

Reviewed by Joshua Powell from Britain on 16th Dec 2007
The battery life is excellent on this phone (I regularly get 5 days standby and a couple of hours talk time) so I don't know what the reviewers are complaining about. The keypad is also very responsive, again, I don't know what they're talking about. Perhaps they received a faulty phone!

Reviewed by ******Zen Boi!****** from New York on 25th Oct 2007
This is lyk da BEST FONE! The keypad is kinda junk but you wil get used to it!! i promise! if you r thinkin of buyin this fone then do it!!! u wont regret it ! ! !+++! GET IT!!++**##

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 1st Oct 2007
I've been using this phone for a couple of months now and now it looks as thought the battery has gone completely. The buttons are terrible, texting is a nightmare. Ony positive is the slimness, doesn't ruin the lines of a girl's clothes if in a trouser pocket!

Reviewed by Kim from Netherlands on 10th Sep 2007
I regret that I bought this phone! You don't hear the ringing because it's too soft. The keypad stinks and doesn't work all the time. You can't use a melody with buzzing the same time. You can't choise your own song with the alarm. The only positive thing about this phone is the design!

Reviewed by Joanna from Lebanon on 12th Aug 2007
This fone SUCKS...the two basic functions of a fone is to RING so you can HEAR it and this one does it like a kitten purring....i rarely EVER hear it ring if its not in my hand and im looking at it...and the keypad SUCKSSSSSSSSSS its so annoying..i'm a texting freak...i send sms's more than i call ppl..and this is seriously THE WORST keypad ever created...it's not like normal buttons, and its not a touchpad...it's somewhere really annoyingly in between...the camera is okay, but battery life is horrible! i have to charge it every other day..i'm selling it and buying the new nokia 6300...!

Reviewed by jack from scotland on 9th Aug 2007
had it for 2 months, not too good but not bad, basic phone

Reviewed by annonymous from indonesia on 19th Jul 2007
ITS HORRIBLE my god it looks great the keypad absolutely useless camera sucks recording sucks ughh.. its bad

Reviewed by Sherry from Dubai (UAE) on 24th Jun 2007
Bought the phone this morning. Will have to wait and see how it functions. However, here in Dubai we get the red model, with a beautiful design on it like henna work, a must for the ladies. I always wanted one of these but should have read up on the feed back before actually purchasing one.

Reviewed by alex simpson from wales on 14th Jun 2007
best fone ever love it like my mumm

Reviewed by Archie from Scotland on 6th Jun 2007
Negatives:- Battery life poor, Screen almost impossible to read in sunlight, too quiet when ringing. Keypad awkward to use. Positives:- Fits in my wallet, looks great, very tough as I have dropped mine a few times and it is not marked. All other functions are acceptable but none outstanding. Compared with my old Nokia 6310i as a phone it simply doesn't compare. Coclusion:- A toy for teenagers or 20 somethings to be flash with.

Reviewed by Barbara from uk on 4th Jun 2007
Thank goodness kept my D900 the D830 worst phone I have ever had definately not for me.

Reviewed by paul from wales on 2nd Jun 2007
Nice phone, great display. Its camera is better than i expected and the video recorder is extremely good. Keypad does get a while to get used to and despite being slim it is quite tall. Battery is no worse than most other new phones these days but if you're a heavy user i'd think twice about getting this as it's not the most ergonomic phone around.

Reviewed by si from uk on 25th May 2007
cant hear it when its ringing

Reviewed by Krille from Sweden on 2nd May 2007
I have owned Samsung D830 since nov 2006 and have to say that I still love it! The keypad is hard sometimes but I hardly notice it anymore - especially not when I type in messages with T9. This phone is still not common in Sweden (and probably wonīt be) so you always get comments when you pull up this slim phone out of your pocket. The screen is big, sharp and bright. Since itīs possible to turn videos 90 degrees itīs a joy watching movies in fullscreen on the way home from work. The speaker is great and the receivement is better than my old SE T610.

Reviewed by sana from United Arab Emirates on 29th Apr 2007
apart from the keypad i dont find it that bad as much every one is saying.. i think its a nice mobile.

Reviewed by deep from india on 23rd Apr 2007
OK not bad

Reviewed by tove from sweden on 15th Mar 2007
the worst phone I ever had. looks great but you simply cant text with it! I'm selling mine and buying a Samsung E370!

Reviewed by farat from uk on 2nd Mar 2007
Had this phone for atleast a month and it was absolutly terrible, voulume was extremly low!!!! recording was no good, keypad was useless it might as welll have no buttons!overall not a good reliable phone!nokias are much better!

Reviewed by Shaban from Pakistan on 1st Mar 2007
It is a third class set,pls don't purchase.If u want ur money waste then u can buy.

Reviewed by Isreal from UK on 14th Feb 2007
The Samsung D830 is very attractive at first but soon small issues start to come to light. The battery has short charge periods. The keyboard needs getting used to or txt can be difficult as you dont feel the buttons being pressed. There is no flash. The on board ring tones are limited. On the whole as mobiles go it is above average

Reviewed by Ash from Irland on 10th Feb 2007
this is the best phone i have ever had.if you wanted to show off to your friends then this is the way to do it.this is the best phone i ever had.this phone will get u boys.

Reviewed by ZSX from England on 9th Feb 2007
Let me say straight off that I really like this phone, but I would not use it as my primary device. If you like a stylish, sophisticated phone for that evening out, then this is the phone for you, but it is by no means a workhorse. Hardware wise, it is a stunner - thin, black, fits in any pocket. The OLED screen on the outside is sleek, the internal LCD screen bright and crisp, as with most Samsung phones. Yes, the keypad is rather annoying, but you get used to it after a while. Battery life is limited, but will last the weekend away which is the minimum requirement. And you get expandable memory courtesy of a micro-SD slot to boot! Software wise it is really full featured. The interface is beautiful thanks to Adobe, and I particularly like the inclusion of a media player which handles both mp3 and 3GP video. The use of Picsel viewer also means that looking at your office document formats is covered too. And I also like the ability to pull email from POP3 services like GMail and Yahoo! My only recurring problem with the phone is Samsung's PC studio, whose erratic connection via Bluetooth and synchronisation with Outlook leaves much to be desired. This phone is an elegant beauty with fairly significant brains and brawn thrown in too. I would certainly recommend it.

Reviewed by Pundat Sahib from England on 29th Jan 2007
Tatti, laddu, gadha, kutta, saala kamina. this phone is amazing! anyone looking for a flip phone would love this phone. Especially with all the features in it, compared to the Razr.

Reviewed by Aimal from Afghanistan on 23rd Jan 2007
the best thing

Reviewed by tech-insider from uk on 22nd Jan 2007
What's with all the razr comparisons? Anyone with some knowledge of mobile phone technology will know that this is a taste of phones they have in japan where all phones are long, slim and minimalist. Just go and take a look at the phones manufactured by Sharp, Toshiba and NEC for japan and this is a glimpse into the future not a copy of the now very much outdated razr. Samsung have already made a 3G/HSDPA version of D830 but it's not sold in every country. 4 stars because samsung shoudnt have waisted our time and given us the 3G/HSDPA version from the start.

Reviewed by Nigel from Cooper on 21st Jan 2007
Delighted by this phone. After the Razr the menus are a joy to use. The screen is really bright and detailed. The quality of the MP3 plater is excellent. The keypad is strange at irst but you quickly get used to it. Only real complaint is battery life. You just have to get used to charging it every couple of days. Worth it though. My best phone yet.

Reviewed by Kaitlyn from UK on 11th Jan 2007
Really great phone. I know it's not in everyone's taste but i luv it. Keypad is not that bad and the main control keys are quite comfortable. As expected, the display is simply amazing. Everything works as it should and no complications. This is a top class phone.

Reviewed by Natalia from Georgia on 8th Jan 2007
The phone is very good if you need something compact. The screen is excellent and menu too. Keypad needs to get used but it does not bother you if you are not typing much messages.

Reviewed by Rachel from Singapore on 11th Dec 2006
Frankly, i think that this phone deserves much more than you give it credit for. The keypad does take some time to get used to, but after a while, it becomes fairly easy to use and handle, and messaging can be pretty snappy. The battery is rather reliable as well; i've left the phone on for 2 days, sometimes more,without charging, and it actually lasts pretty long, well, longer than other phones that i've had before. One letdown is the lack of flash, but this can be made up in adjusting the brightness features of the camera, which has enabled me to take pretty good shots in shadowy areas, and the range of settings, frams and picture types more than makes up for this. You can pass alot of free time waiting for the bus or the train by exploring the many many features of the camera available. Furthermore, the large amount of memory space, as well as the bluetooth and direct computer to phone transfer via the memory card makes transferring and sharing of various files undeniably easy. Once you get it, you come to realise that this phone does deserve more credit than most people give it.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 1st Dec 2006
Absolutately amazing phone! Not as attractive as a razr but much better features and easier to use too. The display is huge and stunning to look at. Some may consider it a little too big when it's open but it fits the ear and mouth perfectly and feels really comfortable when talking. All the features are there like bluetooth, card slot, 2megapixel camera, video, mp3 player. Keyboard does need some time to get used to but it's worth the trouble as this phone is very unique.

Reviewed by markmcdaid15 from Uk on 10th Nov 2006
well firstly, looks are brilliant, and inside its the same with the cool keypad. However, thats about it. The keypad is no good for textin and for some reason, the capitals when textin keep coming on after inputing a number... it gets annoyin. In general, textin is difficult as some buttons don't recognise that they have been pushed so be prepard to hav 2 check ur txt messages. also, the battery life isn't so good on this phone. i think i will change this phone to a W710i

Reviewed by steve from blackpool uk on 8th Nov 2006
this fone is junk the buttons are rubbish to use and its a pathetic fone to use

Reviewed by G. Harris from on 5th Nov 2006
Wasn't sure if i should get this phone after reading some of the reviews here but i'm glad i did. Other than the keypad (which really does require a lot of effort to use) the phone is simply incredible. Display is a fantastic 2.3" QVGA with great detail and clarity, camera is very good (worthy to view on a pc) and video is the same high standard as in D600. There's also an MS Office viewer and a TV-out (D600 cable does not work btw and it's not included in the package) and all the other usual applications. Mp3 player looks great and it works in the background (unlike in D600) but sound is not that great which is probably down to the included headset (am thinking of getting a 3.5mm adaptor). I'm using the same 1gb card from my D600 and it works just as good. Battery is a bit of a problem cos you'll have to charge it daily if the camera or mp3 player is used but other than that this is one remarkable device.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 26th Oct 2006
This phone is annoying. Although it is slim, there are several poor features: 1. Poor battery life - nothing more annoying than running out of battery when you need to make a call / send a message. 2. The buttons are too fiddly. Quick texting is near impossible and menu navigation tricky. 3. No MP3 message tone 4. The phone cant vibrate and ring simultaneously. it does one or the other and makes you miss calls. The size if the phone and the good camera save this phone from being a disaster but I'm selling mine on eBay.

Reviewed by hello1234 from England on 24th Oct 2006
it is a good phone and the voice reconigtion is impressive BUT it scratchs so easily - i meen even if your nail leaves a mark. . . its a good phone - if you never use it but its to feeble to be used day to day. also its a funny shape and not comfortable to hold

Reviewed by Hariton from UK on 2nd Oct 2006
I love this phone. looks really sleek. very slim and cool in its total blackness. the camera is good also. However be warned that the battery life is minimal. And by minimal I mean charging your phone necessarily every night. However I chose to keep the phone, despite this, as I really love its looks, which are amazing.

Reviewed by Dgoodguyisback from England on 29th Sep 2006
this is the phone that I have been waiting for. it has an outstanding. It is even slimmer than the talked avout RZR (Motorola V3). With much better functionalties. It is just unvelievably fantastic. There are few mobile phones which can play the WMA format. this one can. for that I give it 5 stars. Well done Samsung!!

Reviewed by Nath from UK on 29th Sep 2006
Got this phone a couple of days ago, Build quality is very good, Design is nice simple and clean and yes it's very thin. Touch screen type buttons can get a bit annoying but I have gotten used to them very quickly. Bad points music player and ringtones need to be louder, could of done with a light/flash to take pictures/vids in lower light (prob too thin to fit one) and my all time gripe with samsung phones you can't use your own text message tone just the preset one's. WHY.

Reviewed by rob from malaysia on 25th Sep 2006
I have to say, the built & design of this phone is second-to-none. Display, sound, camera are all excellent too. However the drawback has definitely got to be the battery life. Average use lasts 2 days max. All in all, a really good phone, except for its battery life. I guess that's the tradeoff for being ultra. ;)

Reviewed by sarah king from UK on 24th Sep 2006
The design of this phone is great, it looks fantastic and the fact that its only 9.9mm thick is really impressive. However, i have just started using one and im struggling. Part of this could be that i have always been a fan of nokias and their styling and menus. This phone is most definitely NOT for anyone that sends text messages frequently. In my opinion it isn't as diverse as the nokia 6230i, when you compare the two handsets their features look similar but the nokia has a lot of nicer little extras, like changing the phones colour theme (the samsung only offers black or white). The samsungs text messaging font is huge on the smallest setting, something which i personally hate. When you dial a number the digits are so big that a basic phone number doesnt fit on one line - it looks sloppy. The keytones are loud, childish and irritating. More importantly for me, the ringing volume for an incoming call is dire. On full volume (level 7) I can barely hear the phone when it's i n my pocket. Should you wish to upload your own mp3 ringtone the sound is even quieter, I've missed three phonecalls because of it today already. The 2 megapixel camera has complicated settings, and is practically incapable of taking a good picture indoors in artificial lighting. It is extrmely difficult to get it to take a clear picture, the slightest little movement and the image is ruined. It is also very slow to open and browse through images. The keypad takes a lot of effort to use, you have to concentrate hard on what youre pressing and how hard youre pressing it because the keys don't click, theyre touchpad style. This is a nice idea in theory but its extremely impractical when youre trying to dial a phone number quickly and it ends up entering the same number 3 times because youve pressed the key a little too hard. You cant alter the sensitivity. The screen is great, the graphics are good, the music player is nice and the video recorder is also of a high quality. As far as i am concerned samsung have created a professional looking phone with extremely bulky and childish features, if you are someone that relies on your phone for all day every day use i strongly suggest you look for something else. Sorry samsung!

Reviewed by Jeff May from South Africa on 19th Sep 2006
This fone is great for buissiness It is slim and fits into your pocket easly even when you are wearing tight pants. This fone is cool and very modern. Well done SAMSUNG!!

Reviewed by id lyk 2 remain annonymous from same as my name on 18th Sep 2006
i think this phone is excellent! it has everything anyone could ever wish for in a phone the cameras great its great looking and it also has great quality pictures! thats bout it really x

Reviewed by Leanne from Birmingham, England on 7th Sep 2006
Ive had this phone for two days now and i think its great, the camera is awesome quality, and u can whats on each side of the photo youve taken (which ive never seen on another phone), its got some funky little features on the settings menu. The buttons are strange but unique there flat so seem like 'touch screen' buttons. Theres everything u need on this phone, looks good, sounds good. If you like samsung flip phones then this is the one for you. i certainly recommend this one. xxx

Reviewed by bec from UK on 7th Sep 2006
This phone is amazing the style is slim and ultra modern. Only drawbacks is the battery life isn't the best but who cares. Buy this phone or you will miss out.

Reviewed by Ben from England! on 26th Aug 2006
This phone is the best thing that ha ever happened to me! it makes the motorola razer look stupid and that goes for any other phone aswell! so trust me, if u buy any phone then buy the D830! you will regret it if you dont!

Reviewed by Stu from England on 24th Aug 2006
This is a very good phone, Well built (Titanium I think) Excellent screen Quality, Excellent earpiece sound quality (The clearest phone I've used in quite some time).Expansion slot is a good addition if you like to use it for MP3's. this phone would of got 5 stars if it had not have been for two grumbles. 1/ Battery life is appalling I got 2 days with moderate use 2/ the key pad is far too flat, it's difficult to text on this phone, you have to keep checking to make sure you have actually pressed the buttons right. The menu and wap buttons are also of the flat type, (It look as if it all one key unit printed out together. Why couldn't the key pad been more like the D900's that is a good one? I would recommend this phone. Just be aware of the Battery and poor key pad before hand...

Reviewed by fargello from egypt on 24th Aug 2006
the phone looks great as we expect from samsung and the camera is good however is the screen is small and tiny a little bit and the battery is very bad it only takes one and half day and u gonna have 2 recharge it again i had d500 and makes me high all the time nothing beats u d500

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