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Samsung D820 review

 Review: July 2006  


In a nutshell: Premium slide phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, memory card & Bluetooth.


The Samsung D820 is a premium slide-up design phone very similar in design and specification to the Samsung D800. Like the D800, it's modelled on the popular D500, with a sexy slimline look, and similar features. The D820 has the advantage of a memory slot and is quadband, but other than that the same comments apply. Read the review of the Samsung D800 for more information, and compare with the features below. For some reason, Samsung didn't fully release the D820 in the UK, so it's a phone that's not easy to find in the shops.

Samsung D820 features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 262,000 colours, QVGA
  • MP3 player with digital power amp and dual speakers (supports MP3, AAc and AAC+ formats)
  • Email
  • Document viewer (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML)
  • Memory: 73 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB, TV-Out
  • Quadband
  • Size: 99 X 51 X 15 mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Talktime: 2.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 200 hours

Samsung D820 user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by Manluc from UK on 27th Jan 2010
D fone is good, irresistible to user-friendly. but when it started 2 give problems u wl hate to hear that u wl fix it month after month, that is its side weakness.

Reviewed by KarmaCW from UK on 28th May 2009
I have been using one since October 2007. It is a good phone but somehow my simcard was locked...how can i unlock it?

Reviewed by Melinda from UK on 13th Feb 2009
I love my d820. I've got it now for 3 years and still using only the one battery and I mxit alot. The only bad thing about it is the sound is not loud. 9 out of 10 for D820

Reviewed by Muhammad Rashid from UK on 31st Jan 2009
This mobile is very easy to use and good looking and stylish model. Very thanks. Muhammad Rashid

Reviewed by jaka from UK on 26th Dec 2008
the only annoying things about this phone is that we cant install java from a file (from computer) via cable or any other connection we gotta do it over the air using GPRS.. other than that, this phone is fine. I dunno about people complaining bout its screen broke after it fell...mine fell for couple times, and i mean HARD fell!! everything works fine afterwords. the looks is reaally bussiness look...so if you re looking for eye catching phone, you should not go near this model

Reviewed by dot from UK on 2nd Dec 2008
i have had this phone for 2 and a half years and i havnt had one problem! it is fun, stylish and its function are awsum.,.really i would recomend this phone to any1 looking for a long lasting fone:)

Reviewed by loai from UK on 25th Nov 2008
the battery sucks the sound quality not good ...but video recording great

Reviewed by jimmy cricket from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
this isnt a go at this particular model, but just samsungs in general, they absolutly refuse to accept any java/programs by bluetooth, and even if you use the usb cable you still need to download lots of programs to do it (softick ppp/jad converter ) etc..were nokias/sonys/blackberrys etc..you press right click and send!!! simple as. oh, samsungs also need to have a java menu un lock code that is different for each model...in other words sending anything more complicated than a photo or mp3 turns into a bit of a joke...i couldnt recommend pretty much 90% of samsung phones, so do yourselves a favour and buy somthing from another manufacturer

Reviewed by ahmed arroudj from UK on 21st Oct 2008
ok i def got this phone and its not bad at all but i def forgot my pin code and now the only thing i can do ... well i cant do nothing lol is there a way that my phone would work again cause i def dont wnana buy a new one

Reviewed by mobster from UK on 10th Sep 2008

Reviewed by Nadia from UK on 13th Aug 2008
I have used it for a year now and ready for a change.. Pros: it has great screen resolution and picture quality.. Cons:but its messaging features are not so great, cant autosave sent texts, and battery dies quickly especially when using the internet.. oh yea,and has no FM radio.. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy it..

Reviewed by ashtafyr from UK on 5th Jul 2008
i use this fon for almst a year.. i love taking pictures using this fone but after a while..the fone says preview error... any idea wat causes the error? is it the firmware,hardware or the lcd flex cable?

Reviewed by kgotso from UK on 27th Jun 2008
Hi. my name is kg from South Africa. i'm not really a fan of Samsung but i'm hectically inlove with my D820. although it's been giving ma network problems. no matter where i go, i just can't get any coverage. please help.

Reviewed by bhak from UK on 7th Jun 2008
this is the worst phone i ever bought, there is reception problem, call end key does not work it has gone for repair like 4 times in the last 6 months, suggest to stay away from samsung

Reviewed by David from Ghana from UK on 21st Apr 2008
I love samsung product, the phone that i'm uing is samsung d820.

Reviewed by Saman from iran from UK on 17th Apr 2008
Hi g have aD820 and itis the perfect mobile

Reviewed by Nirz from Nepal on 18th Jan 2008
this is the worst phone of all.......the screen just got broken when it just fell out of my pocket.....not very strong and battery life is not so good and sliding becomes a headache after using for a months (rough slide) the worst model i have ever seen in my life.......i'm gonna swtich into sony cause it's got everything i need and sound qualitiy is good smooth graphics and long battery life ......... if there is anyone who is thinking to buy samsung products plz plz plz do not buy any products because it is just waste of money.

Reviewed by gogogaga from u.s. on 30th Dec 2007
phone is nice

Reviewed by 96645bvvvcc from california on 29th Dec 2007
the phone is nice but there is some things that i want on it and it doesnt have it

Reviewed by Sri from India on 28th Dec 2007
I have been using this phone for a year now. Its been a wonderful experience. The screen resolution is unbelievably good and the screen is pretty wide also. Its obviously very stylish and havent had any major problems till now. The only prblm is with the battery.

Reviewed by does not matter from u.s. on 28th Dec 2007
the phone is ok but the only thing i dont like about it doesnt have flash

Reviewed by Rajeev kumar from india on 23rd Dec 2007
i think this is one of the most beautiful gsm mobile phone but it has very low sound output

Reviewed by Mutheliso Phiri from Zambia on 24th Nov 2007
This is a really great fon and am not looking to have it changed for anything yet. What I dont like about it though is the sticky slide, the low tones and that I cant use other features while the muzik player is on.

Reviewed by GEORGE TOWOBOLA from South Africa on 24th Oct 2007
This is a KAK phone, it just died on me after my last rating on this. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Caleb from South Africa on 22nd Oct 2007
I have used the D820 for 2 years now. It's been sent to Smasung for repairs twice for very poor reception. Still not happy with "repairs". I think that it's a problem with the phone not the network as I have used it on other networks with similar results. The phone is feature rich, but not useful to me a a phone. I have switched back to an old Nokia phone and only use the D820 as a backup and as my telephone directory.

Reviewed by lesley from namibia on 11th Oct 2007
its realy a cool phne to have compared to the d600 bt wht i hate is its battery life span, my battery last only for 2hrs after listenin to music and the whole pc studio thing to i dnt understand it, dnt knw how to upload videos 4rm pc to my d820 anyone who can help me pls e-mail me at leskham23@yahoo.com, ratings 3.

Reviewed by Lucas Morulane from South Africa on 19th Sep 2007
its a great phone, all it needs is themes, fm radio, and more onboard memory

Reviewed by Abraham - Zambia from UK on 14th Sep 2007
The slide is poorly designed. Does not open and close as easily as a slide phone should. Difficulty in downloading pictures from phone and ending up deleting great pictures.

Reviewed by Daan from South Africa on 11th Sep 2007
I have the D820 for just over a year now. Some 6 month ago the bluetooth stoped working and I send it for repairs. Maybe it is Vodacom, but I battled for 5 month to get it repaired until they replaced it with a new one. Now there is some firmware error that dont allow the email to be used. It just reply with "No new email on server"

Reviewed by Tian from South Africa on 29th Aug 2007
This is the best Phone by far... Ive drop it in water... i droped it down strairs... kicked it.. and droped it some more... Ive never ever had any problems with this Phone ecept the sliding fuction thats realy sticky and hard to slide open... ive had the D820 for over a year now... Its very user friendly... is comes with 2 batteries and the battery life is a bit below avrage

Reviewed by henry umetor from south africa on 18th Aug 2007
yo whats up y'all.I normally change phones every few months but since i got the D820, i ve been using it for longer than usual and am not planning on changing it soon.The TV outout is incredible and overall, this phone is damn tight.But the only problem is d battery life,too short, but then i lov the phone to bits.

Reviewed by thushara from SriLanka on 11th Aug 2007
i love very much the D820 phone.it is very good for any man to use with love. THANK U FOR SAMSUNG COMPANY FOR DESIGN LIKE THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Aaron from India on 3rd Jul 2007
Its very good phone i love it really it is very helpfull may u all but SAmsung D820

Reviewed by Praful from India on 2nd Jun 2007
Samsung D820, I dont like mobile, 1. no battary backup 2. No good sound, 3. Nowindows base, 4. any software no loaded, 5. Very hi price. any more problem. I like sony w550 and nokia N72 (music + battary) sam.d820 # - 5 star. so good launch ur prodct. (music + battary + picture) PRAFUL KANADE (mob No: 09881344316) pune INDIA. Thank U. Email : prafull_kanade1@rediffmail.com

Reviewed by osei asibey from ghana on 30th May 2007
Very,Very good phones with serious features but just that my battery is not strong and had just one.wish i could buy a new one.Given an option,i will go for the same fon

Reviewed by Renni from Nigeria on 28th May 2007
i think this is one of the best mobile i have ever used.

Reviewed by YVONNE from south africa on 10th May 2007
wonderfull phone just the battery,i guess that the reason why the manufactures give 2 batteries

Reviewed by Effy from UK on 1st May 2007
Had this phone for almost a year now and after a while you beging to see its pros and cons! Pros are the looks and its originality. Very rare to see one of these in the UK. Phone itself is gorgeous, mega slim with a nice wide bright screen. Camera quality is amazing considering its only a 1.3mp. Now the cons, not particularly loud ringtones and you can not have a personalised SMS tone! Come on Samsung! Battery life is poor, but its talktime is only 2 hours and a bit offcially but you can push a bit more if your lucky which makes a change from false statements. Internal memory not great but takes microSD cards which is fine by me. the sliding mechanism gets a bit sticky at times too which can be annoying if ur in a rush! All in all a good reliable phone that hasn't let me down but never really excited me greatly after the initial feeling. 3 stars seems fair

Reviewed by kerry from South Africa on 18th Apr 2007
great phone but the charger connection is ridiculous, my phone is not even 4 months old and has already been in for really expensive repairs because of the fiddly recharge outlet.Really angry because the phone is hardly used.

Reviewed by Claudia from Australia on 4th Apr 2007
EXCELLENT!!! great price and great features!!!

Reviewed by fati from libya on 1st Apr 2007
it's very good , just camera 1.3mg

Reviewed by kunal kumar from india on 28th Mar 2007
it is bast piece of samsung. i love this piece very much. but price is slitely high.

Reviewed by Coldflame_Chris from Philippines on 17th Mar 2007
This Phone was great! excellent....

Reviewed by Jethro from South Africa on 5th Mar 2007
I am very dissappointed!! I have had this phone just over a year and have sent it back once for repairs or software upgrade because my bluetooth didnt function and they replaced the slide which was sticking, Got it back and then the main speaker went and before i coudl send it back the delete button and the back button and the up and right keys on the main square pad have packed up. I am fed up!! Overall this phone was good but i dont like it at all now!!!!!

Reviewed by Marius from Albania on 3rd Mar 2007
I've been using this phone since 6 months,and im fully satisfied.It's the best phone i've ever had.I recommend you too to buy it.

Reviewed by Saurin Shah from India on 18th Feb 2007
I have been Nokia fan till i bought this phone... Samsung has real good engineering capabilities to manufacture awesome phones....Love its screen ,shape and features. Samsung is at par with nokia if not the leader in terms of skill and concepts....

Reviewed by daemon_ph from phils on 16th Feb 2007
pretty sleek design with cool features great rotating and outstanding imaging power!! brilliant phone!!

Reviewed by Pieter van zyl from South america on 8th Feb 2007
The screen goes to easy and it is to big

Reviewed by Daan from South Africa on 23rd Jan 2007
I am very satisfied with the phone. some matters however, the bluetooth has stopped working. How do I get it working again? Haw can one backup java programs on a computer if I have to send it for repairs of firmware upgrade?

Reviewed by BAHRAM from IRAN on 15th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Sepand from Canada on 11th Jan 2007
The phone is good, but it has its downfalls, and I mean those little things that some of us care about. After being a 6-year Nokia user, I just don't understand Samsung. Nothing's logical in its interface and the way the menu is set up, and writing text messages (sms) is just a pain. For example, when the T9 doesn't have the word you want, the addition will start by default with block letters. And when you pass a word that you want (on T9), if you go back, instead of going back to the last word, it deletes a letter. Stuff like that.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 10th Jan 2007
Nice phone and did consider it but to be honest, I found that the D900 could be had for similar money once I shopped around so opted for that instead. All samsung phones have awesome reliability and clarity and will last a couple of years at least, I just preferred the looks of the D900 to this

Reviewed by Nathan from England on 8th Jan 2007
This phone is the most rubbish pohne ive had and ive had anokia3210 thats how rubbish it is its absoulute rubbish dont buy it

Reviewed by Mani from India on 6th Jan 2007
Excellent.. Extrodinary.. Marvellous... haven't seen this much clarity in any other mobiles..simply says this phone is outstanding..I LOVE MY PHONE....thanks to SAMSUNG..

Reviewed by jjoe from malaysia on 25th Dec 2006
im now using tis phone. its awesome.. the design is great, the features is marvelous. if you wanna find a good speaker phone..take no doubt tis suits ur needs. the phone support mp3 , aac, n aac+ format. the aac n aac+ suit the phone, bring out the full potential of tis phone. the camera is good but lack of autofocus. if u only wanna capture still image.. tis phone is all u need. the video recording is very decent.. but not perfect. it support up to CIF 358x288, but eat alot of space. overall this phone is great, is excellent.take a demo, feel the power in it.. u will noe the difference..

Reviewed by Nick from India on 29th Nov 2006
I have used many phones till now but this phone is outstanding.I haven't seen screen clarity like this in any other phone. I can bet that this is one of the best phones available in the market at this moment for common people. For anyyone reading this review for decision whether to buy this phone or not, I would suggest to go for it and you will not be disappointed. I have read many reviews mentioning that bluetooth not working,battery goes down incessantly. But thats a fauly piece one has received and one should not blame the model for that.

Reviewed by chantal from south africa on 14th Nov 2006
Hey 2 evrybody who says that the Samsung D820 is a gr8 phone,I totally agree with that,I am a nokia fan but when i got the phone as a gift i totally dig it,the features,the picture quality,but i have only 1 problem,i really really would like 2 have my email setup.Please,prettyplz can sumbody help me with that,i would gr8ly apreciate it.Much Love

Reviewed by Taiwo from Nigeria on 16th Oct 2006
I just got this phone and I must say, it's the bomb. It's light and with a memory card, you can store a whole lot of stuffs, whatever. It's just the bomb.

Reviewed by Trevon Morris from Jamaica on 26th Sep 2006
Ok just and update on the phone my last phone was about the fact I can play 30 songs and up before battery even starts faltering. Well to hell with that, I can replace those mp3s with 3gp video and have the same sound quality and play up to 20 videos for the day. I can still play 30 songs and my battery life is even better. Usually people who have low ratings for phones can't use a good phone they are just not technology driven or even know how to use techs. Matters not if you studied computer, you still maybe a dud with techs. The fact that I can plug it into any PC with no drivers and play my songs straight from it is also a plus Quicktime or Media PLayer 11 plays 3GP format, so that is a breeze. I still reccommend this phone and it's new models which are already out there. For all you haters why is it your only on a post as a small majority it is telling you something

Reviewed by muthuraj from india on 23rd Sep 2006
I bought it few months ago.had few problems.Image viewed throurg camera goes inverted automatically.removing the battery cover is difficult.availability of accessories is query.anybody having solution?but i love samsung phones

Reviewed by Ariel Teodoro from Cavite, Philippines on 22nd Sep 2006
well, i got my d820 just a week ago and still learning the ins and outs of. reading reviews like this teaches me more to get the most out of this masterpiece. just like the pressing the "1" while viewing your video, which turns it to full screen view. that i didn't see in the manual! thanks to that guy's review. learned from you, accidentally! i am a nokia fan as well, but i'm finding samsung d20 right now at par with those. the best thing i like is the "privacy" feature which you can protect your "private" files....good work there samsung!

Reviewed by john from S.A on 19th Sep 2006
I bought the D820 Three weeks ago and im still loving it.This is an amazing phone and the chicks dig it who ever who rates this phone below 4 stars is either really technologically uninformed.The only downside to this phone has to be fact that it`s not 3G.But otherwise i would recommend This Phone to anyone,whats this talk about the keypad tones thats all nonsense it really easy to deactivate it.Samsung has really gone all out and i have no regrets. For real Info Email me On letladirams@yahoo.com

Reviewed by FIJJY from Namibia on 9th Sep 2006
I'm a samsung fan! This phone is real good, nice design, very stylish and the best thing about it is the external memory-card and the picture qaulity. But functions wise I'm supporting a D500. The D500 is having a lot of fuctions compare to a D820 and D600 and got a better sound outputs!

Reviewed by Akshay Kohli from INDIA on 28th Aug 2006
A bit early to give my comments 'cos I bpught it yesterday only. Even then, the features that I've explored by now...the phone is very good by looks, good camera. The only problem which I find is it's childish looking TEXT SIZE and FONT...may be there is some setting to be done which I don't know...so if any body has answer for this problem pl. let me know....

Reviewed by Mike manning from South africa on 12th Aug 2006
Very good toy

Reviewed by jibendra from thapa on 7th Aug 2006
Brilliant, i got it yesterday and i was astonished by its features. picture quality is good. very good memory. good disign. samsung's hit bull's eye.

Reviewed by louis from south africa on 29th Jul 2006
when i first got my Phone i opened it and the charger didnt fit in the slot it took some time for it to go in and then went in and didnt charge so its not the best to reccomend for youl............................................

Reviewed by Myra from Phils on 26th Jul 2006
FYI everyone, the keypad tone cannot be turned-off if you chose the following dialling settings: Quill Pen & Sticky Note. So you need to be content with choosing NORMAL for dialling setting. Love my phone, altho i would have prefer if it had a flash for the camera.

Reviewed by chick1 from US on 24th Jul 2006
I'm not sure if its just me but I don't think it is because I heard it from many people.. this phone has bad reception... and a lot of my phone calls get dropped or never even get to me. I also have issues with the voicemail.... I dont get notice that I have a voice message until about two hours after the voice mail was made. This phone sucks!

Reviewed by llaw019 from NZ on 23rd Jul 2006
It looks awesome, I think the slide function is a little stiffer than D800 but I like this over the D800 as it has better keypad and look. However, the screen of D820 is not as bright and the size of the letters are smaller than D800, but thats something one can deal with. I tend to use the phone with minimal background brightness to reserve battery anyway. Now to compare the D820 and D800 with D600. 1st, Stuff the camera, who gives a dam*? who intend to take important pictures with a phone? as with those emergency ones or those of your friends and family, which would be view on the phone anyway, what will a mere 0.7mp do any difference? on to the look, simply, D600 look a piece of junk...round...big...chuncky...cylindrical...bla­ck...hahaha even if it has the GREATEST function in the world, even if it has a 3mp cam, internal 5Gb memory, 3G etc, I would not want to buy it. It reminds me of E800 with is a girls phone and the E800 looks way better anyway. Also, do one really need 3G? i mean...talking with the phone in your hand by your ear is already annoying...(thats why people designed a little thing called hands free) now talking with your arm out in front of you, looking at the phone while you talk? crazy...not to mention you gotta brush your hair (or for some people put make up on)before you can make a call? absolutely annoying! The thing annoys me with the D820 is that I dont understand why they hide the real screen behind a wall of clear plastic (maybe thats why some people say it collect dust? because it has a layer of empty space in between)? whereas you can see directly on the screen for D800 which is why it is brighter! A good advice for advoiding dust collection is to try not to press on the screen too much as this creates crack / leaks on the side of the screen where dust and infitrate. I had a V3 and the clear coating of the keypad starts peeling off after a month of normal usage and I dont have long fingernails! Will never buy those phone with that kind of so call "fashionable" keypad again...will stick to good old plastic like this D820 from now on. I had a E398 before too and it was really fun, too bad samsung phone cant be modified so easily like motorola's do. Also, for multimedia... I cant believe someone could actually watch movies on a 240x320 screen...wouldnt that give your sore eyes? I never use the video fuction to watch any movies...waste battery...a phone is a phone, if you want a good camera, get a real camera, if you want a real multimedia device, get a iRiver or something...I either drive or work or at home or with friends. none of these activities require the multimedia function of a phone... you cant listen to mp3 at work, you dont want to use that mp3 at home coz you got a $5000 stereo or at least a computer, you cant replace the stereo in the car and you will look like an as* listening to mp3 while you are out with friends! sure it is fun to take some photos whenever you want, but does that require a 2/3mp cam? what are you trying to do anyway? spy on people? take pictures in the changing room? dont think so! (may not be true for some people though haha). Also for some of those who heard things about how korea has 7m p phone and are jealous...there is no need to be, most of these >5/6mp cam are interpolated, which means it is actually a 1/2/3mp camera but uses some method (dont want to and cant explain) to make it look like a higher pixel image. it is not real, it is like a very clear way to digitally enlarge / zoom in the image. think about it a real 5/6mp digital cam cost heaps and is often quite big. fitting in to a low cost phone is impossible. Not to mention there are no optical zoom in a mobile phone yet. These kind of interpolated camera are cheap, I can get a 10mp one easy for about $200-300 in New Zealand / Asia.

Reviewed by Manish Tuli from India on 13th Jul 2006
dam good phone,its looks very sexy, i am having this mobile from last 2 weeks,cool mobile, i got 128 mb card also, mobile is rocking dear, Manish Tuli www.cre8ivemind.com

Reviewed by TIMAY from AUSTRALIA MATE on 13th Jul 2006
yer a great phone.. its got good sound and is overall alrite. should have a like different profiles. but its ok. you vcan try turn the keypad tones of by jus when the phone is on front screen jus turn the volume down on the sides. i did that and its ok.

Reviewed by Mila from Italy on 10th Jul 2006
Dunno, i just read some of the review and was totally disappointed those who gave this phone 1 star, as poor :s Myself, i've been using this mobile for quiet long time now, i've got it the time they were out, and still don't have any problems. I had D800, D600, D500, none of those i would compare to this one. All of the options satisfy me fully, im totally enjoying using it... The battery is fine, and can last for 3 days minimum, concerning the fact that i use sms messenging and phone calls all days long. Camera is great, the mobile doesn't have a flash, indeed this doesn't make it worse. Message tones, are similar, they are, but at least there aren't any annoying ones as in D500 or D600 which cannot be deleted and just waste the memory space...everything is great, my advice would be to get this mobile phone...even though the time i got it the price was really high, i still think that my money weren't wasted :) everybody who'd get can enjoy using it, as far as you take care of it, obviously if you'd box with it, this cell phone will start misfunctioning :D otherwise everything should b e fine.

Reviewed by Simon from South Africa on 4th Jul 2006
Bandzai from Lithuania - Try this to switch off keypad tones: Settings/Display Setting/Dialing Display/Font Type/Normal, then try switching off the keypad tones again. Overall, the D820 is a nice phone, but it has some annoying quirks. Bandzai's problem is one of them, another is its inability to play music and do anything else at the same time.

Reviewed by Bandzai from Lithuania on 2nd Jul 2006
Mine key tones could not be disabled also. Verry annoying. Tried to reset setting - did not help. Can anyone help please?

Reviewed by abraham from USA on 29th Jun 2006
the d820 is a excellent phone it just got one problem that we cant record videos to the memory card i mean we have to record the video to the phone then move it to the memory card so we cant record unlimeted video !!! if any body knows how to record video emeditly to the memory card plz help me (abraham200@hotmail.com)..... thanx

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 29th Jun 2006
Great phone, still getting used to all the functions, trying to find out how to change the message tones (to something not in the preselect list) and if it is possible to change the tone for the calendar alarm and if you can set the phonebook to only show Phone contacts or onlt SIM contacts

Reviewed by r.b.e.r. from Philippines on 27th Jun 2006
Im using this phone for 2 weeks now, i'm inlove with its sleek design and very clear and bright LCD display. This phone is superb with its features (1.3 mega pixel, mp3 player, voice and video recorder, file manager, TV output, quadband). This phone is not too expensive compared to other brands new phone. Just the battery life was not that good, it only last for a day and makes me charge it everyday. Also you cannot Play MP3 music while doing other stuff and can't assign mp3 and other sounds to text mesaging tone. For keypad tone question. You can turn off the keypad tone by reseting the phone settings ( go to settings > reset settings then choose All settings.)

Reviewed by CG from Sri Lanka on 26th Jun 2006
Its a superb phone. I totally agree with all the good comments made. I too have the problem of not being able to turn off the keypad tone. I followed the path Menu > Settings > Sound Settings but the Keypad Tone Setting is not accessible. ( It is not highlighted ) So really appreciate if someone can shead some light on me. Apart from that I love the design and the light weight slim phone. Its simply gorgeous.

Reviewed by Ben Rimmo from Australia on 24th Jun 2006
Awesome phone. I've owned every brand since 1994 and this phone is the best ever. Previous phone was a Sony Ericsson P900.

Reviewed by LEZZ from BRITAIN on 12th Jun 2006

Reviewed by Samuel Lim from Singapore on 12th Jun 2006
It's a great phone!! Great looks!! Wide and slim.. omg.. it's just a babe man.... just too bad it doesn't have a 2mp camera.. or else i will buy it immediately.. didn't need to consider for so long... With Samsung D820, it's not so hard to imagine. =)

Reviewed by Frazer from Northern Ireland, UK. on 11th Jun 2006
Samsung are taking another go at the slim side of mobile phones, and, as this phone proves, it turned out pretty well. The D820 is similar to the D800, but the D800 has longer battery life, and slightly more built in memory. However, the D820 has a TransFlash card slot, which fits into the square, thin design like a charm. It has the same operating system design as the D600, and shares most features with it too. It has a Picsel Microsoft Office Document viewer (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), an Image editor, a Voice Recorder, Java applications, TV-OUT(the cable comes in the package, unlike the D800) and lots more handy little features you would expect on a Samsung phone. I was actually quite disappointed with this phone, I wasn't a fan of the OS design in the D600, and I was hoping for something different in the D820. The D800 has a different OS design, which I liked, but it's not worth whinging about. The screen on the D820 is fantastic, infact it's the best screen I have ever seen on a phone, crisp, large and bright. Music enthusiasts may be drawn to this phone too. With the TransFlash memory card support and the abaility to play MP3s, the improved headphones and even the player itself. It has built in 3D speakers at the bottom, and the player has different equalisers, a concert-like 3D echo option, and two different skins and visualisations. Unlike the D500, it has Autoplay, meaning you won't have to change to the next song every time it ends. So, what about the camera? Although only 1.3 Megapixels compared to the D600, it still has good quality. You'll notice the camera on the top can be rotated 180 degrees, a feature that definitly comes in handy. It doesn't have any flash, but you will be glad to hear it can recored and play MP4 format videos, that means far more quality than ugly-old 3GP. Another great feature is, when you are playing videos, you can press the "1" key and it will go into full-screen mode. You can even slide the phone down and it won't stop the video. This feature looks far better on the D820 than on the D600, simply because of the design. The buttons are nice and easy to use the navigation button in the middle is smooth and and the "i" button in the middle of it lights up and has an interesting metal rounded-texture finish. The phone however lacks a shortcut button to the camera on the side, but you can always set it as a navigation button shortcut. Overall I am pretty pleased with this phone. The design is stunning, the screen is beautful, the sound quality is impressive and the rotating camera is a great feature. The only problem that I have with this phone is that with the bottom bit, it is sometimes a bit hard to slide up with one hand. The slide is stronger and more stable than the D600, but it's not as easy to slide up. And a few little features I would've liked to see: The first being more and interesting themes, dark aqua and mahogany doesn't really cut it, I would've liked to see the themes on the D500 on this phone in greater quality and detail. Also, it would've been nice to be able to set a message tone as an MP3 aswell or a download from your computer instead of the defualt ones, which are all practically the same. Still, there's really no reason why you shouldn't buy this phone if you like what you're seeing. It has all the essential features and more ( Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS, MMS, MP3 etc.) If you want something like a D600 but a better design and a few other interesting features, then the D820 could be the phone for you. Not as groundbreaking as the D500, but a great phone in it's class.

Reviewed by George Towobola from SOUTH AFRICA on 9th Jun 2006

Reviewed by Jacques Bos from South Africa on 6th Jun 2006
I bought this phone today and i must say, i haven't even checked out all the features and i am already amazed. The looks is stunning. To all the people that say this phone sucks, well you don't know what a phone is. Throw your your piece of Nokia in the bin!!!

Reviewed by Ted Haykal from Australia on 4th Jun 2006
this phone is the best i really like it i recognmend it to anyone. but the camera should of been 2 megapixels this phone really beats my old nokia 7260

Reviewed by ted from UK on 4th Jun 2006
this is the best phone i have every had the camera is the best it had a lot of memory it is very thin and the battery lasts for a long time

Reviewed by mark from south africa on 3rd Jun 2006
i think it is da bomb and i think all those 1 stars are so badly lying it is like way betta than any nokia

Reviewed by Rob from England on 2nd Jun 2006
I had this phone for a week and I can honestly say I'm utterly sick of it, bluetooth is dysfunctional and camera is less than D600, i'm goin back to D600 no doubt, this phone is a lazy cash-in

Reviewed by Sumesh from UK on 2nd Jun 2006
A Splendid phone of its class. The smooth slide clamshell design is the best part of it. got good signal strength. wide screen and picture clarity is excellent. but can improve the cam. The other party won't hear your voice as clear as you think. Any way i liked it. this is my first Samsung product. Keep going Samsung!

Reviewed by RamasX from Lithuania on 1st Jun 2006
I've changed my NOKIA to D820. It's amazing! The design is outstanding. No chance of slipping, quick startup & smoothest slide phone ever :)

Reviewed by Aquila from Australia on 29th May 2006
I've had to recently part with my beloved samsung D500 and thought is there a phone out there which can replace my poor phone? The D820 has answered my prays! Even though the D820 has less functions than the D600 out on the market, the fact the phone is slim, the camera being 1.3MP and all the basic stuff is up to scratch - do you need more? I've had this phone for a whole fortnight and still loving every moment of it! I really highly recommend this phone! Especially if you are a lover of slide phones like myself!!!

Reviewed by Dominic from Malaysia on 28th May 2006
it's really a great phone.excellent.didn't mistake for having this.get this phone after considering nokia and sony ericsson's walkman phone.love it so much.but there's a question.can anyone tell me how to let the picture which i've downloaded from my pc and fit it to my phone's screen?please tell me.thanks!

Reviewed by Tristan from Australia on 25th May 2006
First of all, for all of you that are having trouble turning the keypad beeping off, Menu > Settings > Sound Settings > Keypad Tone. First of all, i love phones and hav had more phones than i kno what to do with. Ive never thought much of samsung phones until i owned a d500, i thought it was a great phone, i then when back to nokia but once again im back to samsung. Doesnt that say something? So all these clowns saying that these phones are rubbish, grab a brain, throw ur motorolas in the bin, get a life, and get a d820. what? u say they're rubbish phones? nah, it must be that u dont know how to use it. what? ur battery went dead while playing mp3's? try charging it first, it helps. anyway, its a great phone and im very pleased with it, one or two extra features like a flash and a bigger memory card bundled with the phone instead of just a 64 meg one etc would of made it easily one of the best phones out at the moment. tv out rocks! :)

Reviewed by nick from uk on 21st May 2006
AWESOME phone! massive sharp screen with great colour. very slim and its so light barely realise its in your pocket. camera is great much better than i was expecting for 1.3 mega pixel. nice animated flash menu. pdf, word doc viewer, tv connection, usb connection, image editor which is good its like photoshop on your phone! one thing i would say is little bit hard to text with the key pad set in. but ignore these few people saying its rubbish as again samsung have impressed!! also you noticed the people saying its rubbish can never spell!!! haha anyone know if an extended battery is available for it? if so where? thanks

Reviewed by sam from guernsey on 21st May 2006
i love this phone..... few probs.... keypad tone - cant turn the this off all i hear is beep beep beep beep..... arrrggghh it's doing my head in, it's not highlighted so i cant turn it off. i saved all my setting e.g rintone and that, next day they were defaulted again!!! but i still love it, looks great!!! sexiest phone - if anyone figures out how to solve my probs plz email me - sambee@cwgsy.net

Reviewed by Suresh Krishnan from UAE on 20th May 2006
After going through the reviews of the new models and visting the showrooms many evenings finally dicided for this phone over Nokia & Motorolla. Its a great phone. Good look, light weight, very good picture, sound & camera clarity and easy menus. The memory card slot is external, no need to switch off and open the phone as in the Nokia models. It has pdf viewer, a tv connector which will allow you to the contents on the television. And privacy too, you can protect folders/memory card with passowrd. Overall, a great phone.

Reviewed by Tacruza from Singapore on 17th May 2006
It's simply an awesome phone! Sleek and light. Sound quality is great too. Was surprise at how sharp pictures turn out from a 1.3mega Pixal camera phone as compared to others. However on the downside, when playing MP3, you can practically do nothing else with the phone as accessing other menus on the phone will stop the MP3 playing. But overall... great phone!

Reviewed by charl from uk on 15th May 2006
this phone is absolutly awful.. i brout it and within a few months it started freezing and the weneva u slide it down the screen wen off... now the screen is permenantli white.. and they wudn replace it.. so ended up phoneless.. dont bi it!!

Reviewed by hemant kumar sharma from philippines on 9th May 2006
This is hemant sharma from philppines. samsung D820 is outstanding phone and easy to use.loking excellent due to slim slide.i have one problem in keypad tone, its not highlighted and i dont know hw to mute keypad tone.bt its nice to use.

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