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Samsung D600 review

 Review: September 2005  


In a nutshell: Slide phone with 2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player with surround sound, memory card & Bluetooth.


The Samsung D600 is an upgraded version of the highly-rated D500 and was voted Handset Of The Year at the Mobile Choice Awards 2005. It's two years old now, which is pretty old by mobile phone standards, but now that the D500 is no longer available, the price of the D600 has dropped dramatically, and we think that when priced under £100 on Pay as you Go, the D600 is still an outstanding phone.

The D600 is very similar in appearance to the D500, sharing the same slide-up form, but there are some subtle changes to the design. The phone is thinner, but slightly longer and wider. The keypad layout is basically the same, but with some small styling differences. The D600 is available in a choice of black and grey colours.

The slide-up form factor has proven to be very popular. Like a clamshell, it enables a large screen to be placed within a compact phone design, and it has an advantage over a clamshell in that many of the phone's features are conveniently available on the front face. A gentle push will make the slide mechanism open and close automatically, giving access to the keypad below. This design has now been in use long enough to dispel any initial concerns about its durability.

The Samsung D500 was at the cutting edge of phone technology when it was launched at the end of 2004, but what's new in the D600? First of all the camera has been uprated from 1.3 megapixels to 2 megapixels. The camera can take print-quality images and comes with a powerful 4x digital zoom, an LED flashlight, a choice of shooting modes and an image editor. There is also a high quality (by phone standards) video camera. A useful innovation is a TV-out connection, so you can view your recorded videos directly on a TV! The D600 also supports PicBridge for direct printing of images to compatible printers. The screen has also been upgraded and enlarged, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, 262k colours and stunning clarity.

The phone comes with an MP3 player, which now supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ formats. The MP3 player supports 3D sound technology from stereo loudspeakers. MP3 clips can also be used as ringtones as an alternative to the 64-voice polyphonic MIDI ringtones that come supplied. MP3 ringtones offer the highest quality audio possible.

The phone makes use of the same voice clarity technology used in the D500. The phone automatically senses the volume of the background noise and will increase the volume and clarity of the incoming call to make it more audible. In addition there is an integrated handsfree speakerphone.

When it comes to connectivity, the D600 is very well specified. As well as full Bluetooth support for wireless headsets and data transfer, there is support for a USB cable connection to a PC. A Bluetooth stereo headset and Bluetooth car kit are available from Samsung. As mentioned previously, TV Out and PicBridge are also supported. The D600 is also Samsung's first quad-band phone, making it truly a world phone.

The D600 can handle most kinds of messaging, including SMS, EMS, MMS and email. It incorporates a new PicselViewer which enables office documents to be viewed. The formats supported are Excel, Word, Powerpoint and HTML documents. The TV Out feature can be used to display documents on a TV screen if desired.

The memory available is 81 Mbytes - enough to store 60 minutes of video or up to 20 MP3 tracks. In addition the memory can be expanded using a TransFlash™ card, making the storage capacity of the D600 as good as any other phone on the market.

Are there any problems with the D600? Well, nothing major, but some small things that could be improved ... the PC software supplied isn't the most user-friendly, you can't change the default message tones, and there's no option to have vibration and ringtone simultaneously. OK, these are minor quibbles and shouldn't put anyone off buying this amazing phone! You can read the user reviews below for "real world" comments, but what stands out is that there are no major issues with this phone, and it comes quite close to perfection!

In summary, the D600 builds on the success of the hugely popular D500. Whilst it doesn't have the Symbian applications of a Nokia smartphone, nor the auto-focus ability of the latest camera phones, for under £100 it still offers extraordinarily good value for money. The D900 is the replacement for this phone and is highly recommended.

Samsung D600 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with flash and digital zoom x4
  • Video recording & messaging (352 x 288 pixels) with video light
  • 262,144 colour TFT LCD display (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Music player (MP3/AAC/AAC+)
  • Java™ games (3 embedded games - Forgotten Warrior, Freekick, ArchAngel)
  • Ringtones: 64-voice polyphonic and MP3
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth™, USB, SyncML, TV output, PicBridge
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • Messaging : SMS (with learning T9), EMS, MMS
  • E-Mail client (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP) / vCard / vCalendar
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Phonebook (max 1000 entries)
  • Caller ID (Text/Photo/Video)
  • Memory: 81 Mbytes + TransFlash™ card
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10
  • Quad Band (GSM 850 + 900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz)
  • Size: 96 x 47 x 21.5 mm
  • Weight: 103g
  • Talktime: up to 7 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 300 hours

Samsung D600 user reviews

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Average rating from 487 reviews:

Reviewed by annoymous from annoymous on 3rd Jan 2012
it's quite good for an old phone but whenever i take a photo/video it says memory full even if i delete some photos/videos please please help!!!

Reviewed by Amisha from England on 28th Nov 2011
I think its an ok fone it isnt that wow nd it isnt that bad but oday at skool i wa shelping 1 of my friends find their bag in the dark by putting on the permanent camera flash and my fone was full charged 2 seconds ago and my battery died completely so i now think this fone is completely junk and am gonna get a b3210 instead which is alot better just saying warnin u really thx for readin this

Reviewed by BTrayaL from UK on 14th Jul 2011
Do NOT buy this unless you want a battery with less than 10% of the advertised length. Yes, you read corectly, my D600 lasted (while new) a little more than a day WITHOUT extras, calls, sms, photos, videos, internet.

Reviewed by micky from UK on 5th Mar 2011
mines 6 years old now dropped it loads of times even bounced it off a wall once still works perfectly they dont make em like that anymore

Reviewed by jennifer from UK on 24th Nov 2010
just obssessed about the phone

Reviewed by tennant from UK on 29th Aug 2010
great phone when it works, but is basically useless because of the poor battery time. I have replaced my battery so it is probably a phone problem.

Reviewed by George from UK on 29th Jul 2010
Still using my D600 today, have had since new in 2000,probably needs new screen now but best buy ever made.

Reviewed by mohan from UK on 26th Jul 2010
it was super..................and very sexy.........

Reviewed by Leia from UK on 9th May 2010
I've had this phone for four years now. I've dropped it a good few times, and its been kicking around my school bag for that time and it's still functioning well. Only problem is that if i take the battery out and turn it back on, the time and date resets to the time/ date when I bought the phone. Other than that bluetooth is great, sound is good, not too fussed about the camera. A phone is a phone, I don't really use it as a camera but the quality isnt great. It slides just as smoothly as it did the first day I got it. It could do with a bit more memory, but hey, it has four years worth of junk on it. Great functional phone, it will last you a long time and it handles daily use well.

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 20th Apr 2010
I've had this phone for almost five years now and it really is excellent. Not only does it take great photos and video, but the call quality is fantastic and it fits beautifully in my hand. Most of my friends have gone through two or three handsets since I've had this phone, but I still haven't seen anything that I would rather have. A great phone that I can't recommend highly enough!

Reviewed by haider from UK on 25th Mar 2010
exelent phone good for every day use. someone offerd me 30 for it. ITS A OUTSTANDING PHONE AND I WOULD RATE IT 10/10

Reviewed by sami from UK on 15th Feb 2010
nce phone!!!!!!!!!!!! i`ve got one but da window craped so i`ve got a samsung tocco light accually i wished that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!any way bye bye!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 10th Nov 2009
I absolutely love my D600 ! I have had it for over 3 yrs now and it still works perfectly ! It's stylish, robust, sexy...... Tried a D900 recently, only kept it for 1 day then sold it. Not a patch on the D600 ! I've just purchased a brand new D600 off ebay for when mine finally dies, although I think that may be ages off yet !!!!!!

Reviewed by Lotus from UK on 27th Oct 2009
I bought this phone 4 years ago and until now i'm still using it. Even though there were a lot of new mobile phones that went out of the market months after this phone's release, I did not buy because I'm still satisfied with this phone even until now. Inspite of the many times it fell from my hand/pocket/bag, it's still functioning well. Thanks Samsung! I'm planning to buy a new phone not to replace it but i need to use another network's sim. It will also be a divert phone in case my D600 has no battery since the battery is not functioning very well anymore coz of my abuse. lol...My new phone would still be Samsung but of course it would depend on the price. Time's are hard these days. :)

Reviewed by hitman honey from UK on 19th Oct 2009
this phone is rubbish ur better off buying a orange rome i bought mine 4 40 pounds 2 mega pixel camera mp3 caller id micro sd slot the loudest speaker ever i researched and its the 2nd loadest phone 4 playing music aloud basiccaly all im trying to say is that this phone is rubbish and dont buy it

Reviewed by Sophie Chandler from UK on 17th Oct 2009
i had this phone about 2 years ago, ive had about 7 phones since then and none of them have been any good, only because its brick like and old i dont use it anymore, but it doesnt turn itself off or have memory card problems etc, i wouldnt recommed it anymore because obv its old but it was a a fantastic phone whilst i had it (L)

Reviewed by tom from UK on 29th Aug 2009
i have this phone for two weeks now. It takes 5 mins to charge the battrie

Reviewed by bob from UK on 18th Jul 2009
this phone is bad

Reviewed by billg from UK on 8th Jul 2009
great little phone with a good camera, but cannot zoom the picture on the phone afterwards to investigate a photo. also flash is not the best. had it three years, no problems easy and reliable - was going to complain about the underscore but just saw the comment below - thanks. I have just returned to this d600 model after my later U600 failed for the second time...

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th May 2009
LOVE this phone... its Great Great Great =] had it for about a year now had no problems with it at all. still works Perfectly... the video player and camera have come in so handy captured heaps of stuff, i bearly have to use my digital camera hehe ;) 10/10 phone!!

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 3rd May 2009
This phone isnt the most stylist and its not brilliant for storing music etcc... but this phone is amazing i have had it for 4 years! it is easy to use. it is solid i have nver had it fixed and i think i have dropped on every suface possible! i love it!its cameras good it has loads of little extras including bluetooth! i dont go anywhere without it!i have been oftered other phones which are better in everyway but i just cant part with it! =D It is excellent i DO recommened it to anyone! xx

Reviewed by monkey from UK on 2nd Apr 2009
love this phone. had it for two years and it still works as good when i bought it

Reviewed by ALI from UK on 6th Mar 2009

Reviewed by johny from UK on 14th Feb 2009
without doubt, THE best phone i have had, had my current one for about 3 years. tried all the new ones from samsung and other top brands, but none of em better this phone.

Reviewed by cal from UK on 1st Feb 2009
alrite phone, has some features that i NEED ... bluetooth etc. buying an LG KC550 Orsay which will be brilliant ! .... d600 good battery life i think cos i charge it every night and it lasts the whole day, wat more do you need?

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 25th Jan 2009
Amazing phone, i've had this phone for about 2 or 3 years now and i've used it every single day. The video recording is amazing, i've been to concerts next to a huge speaker and i've got amazing sound and video quality. The camera is pretty good when you mess about with the settings on it. It can stand alot of dropping, i dropped it out of the top of my double decker school bus and it still works and looks perfect! Looking for a phone ? GET THE SAMSUNG D600!!! best phone you can get!

Reviewed by Cathy from UK on 10th Jan 2009
I have had my D600 phone for about 3 years now & I have found it to be the best mobile phone I have ever used. The only thing I don't like which the phone doesn't have is Multimedia but I love everything else about it

Reviewed by LuLu from UK on 8th Jan 2009

Reviewed by Bianca. from UK on 28th Dec 2008
i got this phone in may 2006 and had it for atleast 2 years and kept it because it was amazing, great phone excellent camera. but the screen went and had all lines come accross it and to repair it was more expensive than getting a new phone so i got a U600. U600 doesnt match up to it at all, i will be sending back my U600 and getting this repaired.. the phone is worth it. BEST PHONE I HAVE HAD. 5 STARS! :)

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 26th Dec 2008
it is a really good phone had it for ages and dropped but it still works the camera isn't that great but o well about to buy a samsung tocco cos it's time to move on

Reviewed by Faraz Mahboob` from UK on 10th Dec 2008
ive had this phone now 4 years, wat can i say its excellent i bought it for 120 and it was worth evry penny great 4 txting nd calling, da camera on it seems to gd to b 2mp only problem i had wid it was the unfriendly computer software, the music player was poor nd after 2 years it started to get major problems like turning of by itself but this fixed by itself within 2 weeks, neva had the problem after 1 great thing about the phone is dat it doesnt break easily i dropped the phone repeatedly nd nothing eva happened i would seriously recomend dis phone, but i dnt think it sells ny more, shame im now upgradin to a sony ericsson w910i can't wait

Reviewed by georgina from UK on 8th Dec 2008
Ive had this phone for over 2 years now and its still great! it good robust phone that is still compact....its got a cracked screen, been dropped numerous times, once into a fast flowing river yet it still works fabulously! only fault is that you cant listen to music whilst txting but tbh who cares, got an ipod to do that! xxx

Reviewed by vinjeru mhango from UK on 4th Dec 2008
i bought a second hand d 600 and i liked . But i encountered a problem with the slid. Other wise the phone is excellent. Am looking for somebody to repair it.

Reviewed by AT from UK on 24th Nov 2008
I have had this phone since it pretty much came out (over 2yrs)and it is only just giving me trouble, the buttons on the front slide bit are starting to not work so have to slide it up and down a few times...but other than that it is the best phone i have had apart from the old nokia classics that were built to last, i need to upgrade now because of the buttons and i will miss this phone! the camera and the video are excellent. i might just have to get another d600 if i dont like my new shiny one!

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 30th Oct 2008
this phone is amazing apart from the fact that i cannot feel the vibration in my pocket when i am walking and i cannot hear it ringing whe i am in a quietish place let alone a noisy town. other than that i would reccomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by E mcb from UK on 26th Oct 2008
I Love This Phone I hav had It For Ages And It Has Not Broke Onci i Recommend It To Every one Fancy phones are too much money these days and this is not so pricey and has got evrything u need on it 5 stars

Reviewed by KAT from UK on 19th Oct 2008
This is the best phone I have ever had and I would definatley recommend it - 2yrs down the line not a singl problem. You may find it had to buy one on Pay as you go now for free, but amazon does a good stock of them. | LOVE IT

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 5th Oct 2008
Mine supurb it still works after a 10m fall kicked down 5 flights of concrete stairs really durable so great as a first phone

Reviewed by unknown from UK on 27th Aug 2008
charged it up and battery melted! DONT BUY!

Reviewed by Unknown xXx from UK on 15th Aug 2008
I have had this phone for more than a year now and it is brilliant. Virtually flawless! Well done Samsung! I do have a few problems with it though, they are very small and very minor! The size is quite irritating, as large phones are now becoming outdated, I don't really like the chunky size of this phone. Apart from that, the only other problem I find is that while listening to music, you are unable to for example, read a text message without exiting entirely. :( Annoying! But the phone is brilliant. Superb internal memory, and of course you can also add additional memory to the phone using the card. The phone is very durable! I have dropped it many times and it has escaped without so much as a scrape! Thanks Samsung! ;)

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 19th Jul 2008
This phone is just the perfect phone for us ladies. It's slick,sexy,classy and even possesses a masculine touch. What more can I say except that I've had mine for over two years and it's still going strong. Jamaica.

Reviewed by amraez from UK on 19th Jul 2008
the phone d600 is poor it has got great features but one day after i bought it the battery was dead so had to buy a new one next day the charging wouldnt charge proply had to put the charger right in dig it in this fhone is going back im lucky got a garantee because this phone is rubbish stay away from samsung lg,sony ericsson, nokia and motorola are milles better go for w850i or 6230i they are better than this or even the lg choclote

Reviewed by smithy from UK on 9th Jul 2008
i think my phones awesome, its just a shame that my speakers have messed up coz iv listened to so much music

Reviewed by John from UK on 4th Jul 2008
Hi, Well, my phone's display decided to stop working in open slide mode (when you open it the display flashes, turns off, or displays a static image). This happened exacly 1 month after the warranty ran out. I treated the phone very well, my phones from 2000 still work! I'm not impressed.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 26th Jun 2008
Great phone.

Reviewed by Saif from UK on 7th Jun 2008
A friend has it for the last 2 year, still works. Also considering he is always playing with its slide it sats a lot about the high quality construction of the phone. Good mp3 player, good camera, TV out option is useful. Overall fully recommended phone.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 3rd May 2008
WOW- I have had this phone for two years now and have still not found a replacement for it, I love it so much! The only things it doesn't have are 'themes', which is when your menu settings and background etc. have the same picture or colouring and you can't set a song for your text message. I must say I have absolutely no problems with this, especcially not having the latter, as it is really annoying when someone doesn't answer the text straight away, so you have to listen to the whole song. It is very easy to use with a classy looking design. I find it MUCH BETTER THAN NEW SAMSUNGS as they are so lightweight they feel cheap and can sometimes looka bit tacky. Also, this phone has quite a masculine feel to it, but is still perfect for us girls as well!!! All in all, I would reccomend this phone to everyone. Oh, one last point-the camera takes great snapshots in the light, but the flash isn't great so night-time pics can be quite grainy.

Reviewed by Thatoneoverthere from UK on 29th Apr 2008
This phone is generally good but beware the poor quality of the fascia - after about a year, my phone has got dust galore in the screen and scratches all over. Also, virtually impossible to see in full to moderate daylight. Also, this thing refuses to cooperate with emitSMS on my mac. God knows why....

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 20th Apr 2008
i have had the phone a year at least, and i have had no problems what so ever. i am now looking to buy a new updated phone and i am going back to samsung as the d600 was so great!

Reviewed by kris from UK on 16th Apr 2008
this is one the best phines i ever had buy it if u wont somin gd but there r much newer modles out there

Reviewed by mohamed from UK on 16th Apr 2008
i love it

Reviewed by Chris A from UK on 10th Apr 2008
I think the D600 is a really good phone. Myself i have a Sony Erricsson W200i and the Camera Quality is 2 down from the D600. Contact: Chrisa2k8@googlemail.com

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 7th Apr 2008
i love this phone i have had it just over a year now and i loce it to bits. the only bad thing about it is that you cant have that many songs withiut a memory card in it and it takes a while for it to send messages. other than those two bad things, everythnig else it EXCELLENT. i would reccomend it to anyone. x

Reviewed by ----- from UK on 4th Apr 2008
I have had my mobile now for two years and i have never had any trouble with it.i did some research about it for a whilebefore i bought it as i didn't want to buy some sort of cheepy rubbish phone. Anyway, the camara is great on it, the mp3 player is ace (clear) and memory is ok, however you could use a memory card. the only bad points about it is that the mp3 wont stay on in the backround while you textof play on your phone.The only other thing i can recall is that you cant use one of your own mp3 player songs as as txt message ring tone. overall i can most definetely recomend this phone to anyone as its is reasonably cheap,easy to work and it is very trust-worthy

Reviewed by Kristina S from UK on 27th Mar 2008
I had this phone before i lost it :( It was amazing, it worked great camera was superb great amount of opinions and great quality. Good amount of memory too it comes with a memory card and a disc that you can connect your phone to your computer. You can make ringtones too and save tons of money. The phone bettery last a long time and even when it is dieing you can talk on it. You can customize so much on it i love it. definely pick on up It has a great amount of features too such as 3 alarm clocks if you can't get up in the morning like me.

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 18th Mar 2008
I love this phone. I've had for 18 months now, which is quite a while, and it's beginning to shhow that its old. However, it's just been everything I want and looks good too!

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 15th Mar 2008
This phone is excellent! I have had it for 4 months now it is excellent recommend it! MUST HAVE

Reviewed by kulls from UK on 13th Mar 2008
I think the only problem with the phone is the way all the files are organised. There should be a music folder where all the memory card and phn memory music are in. Other wise a great, solid phone. i have droped it may times and it still works fine. not purposly obviously :)

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 7th Mar 2008
I Have Had my phone for just over two and a half years currently. Over the years i have had many phones and frequently changed them due to fashion taking over so much of our lives. But i have had no urge to buy a new phone. It has long battery life. Very high quality camera. No faults to the company. Easy to Use and texting is very simple. Very good phone all round - perfect.

Reviewed by taz from UK on 22nd Feb 2008
i like this phone i got it for xmas 2006 - SATs gift

Reviewed by D from UK on 21st Feb 2008
I know this is abit old now but I've had this phone for a year and I still really like it! The only thing I'd say is that you cant listen to music and do other things at the same time, buti think you can in later models. and the samsungpc studio thing on the computer is very helpful to upload songs photos etc. a GOOD QUALITY PHONE!

Reviewed by deko_mafraq from UK on 18th Feb 2008
d bes hphone..cute

Reviewed by Arun from UK on 17th Feb 2008
Its very smartphone

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 15th Feb 2008
this phone was good 3 years ago and now it's just rubbish!!!

Reviewed by Eminem (bud bud bud 2.99 in shops) from UK on 12th Feb 2008

Reviewed by fliss from UK on 11th Feb 2008
this is the best phone ever it may not look good but it is extremely good i love it sooooo much but it is as good as some of the new phones out because it has a very good camera,internet,bluetooth i would advise you to get it.

Reviewed by rebecca from UK on 5th Feb 2008
its ok ive had it for about a year but when you acedentaly lock it its a nightmare trying to get hold of the puk code

Reviewed by LUCY PINDES from UK on 3rd Feb 2008

Reviewed by alan ellison from UK on 26th Jan 2008
the mobile is easy afortable and suprisingly fantastic

Reviewed by Sam radford from UK on 18th Jan 2008
I have had my d600 for about a year n abit nw and i tell u its a kick ass phone....Its gone underwater, about 5 times and it still works absolutly fine, and its scrachted up to the bone.... as for the features they are great 80mb of interneal memory with a micro sd slot for up to 8gb.....The camera is also fantastic, when they say 2 mega pixal they mean it, and its got great features like auto setting iso frames brightness controll 4x zoom remeber this phone is 3 years old and its as good as some of todays!! Also be4 i go id like to point out u can here the sound of the speakers from timbuctoo i tell u the stereo speaker system built is just gr8....Bye :)

Reviewed by luke s from UK on 15th Jan 2008
this phone is da best, the camera on it is exalent and so are the looks i think samsung sould re brand it as the D 900 as it is beter .all my frinds say it is the ultimut and when i got it i thought so to the memory is good as well its alot beter than well any thing relly . if you are going to bye a knew phone bye this one.

Reviewed by louisiana from UK on 21st Dec 2007
i think this phone is pretty good. i use the camera lots and the memory fills up loads even though ive got a memory card in it.the music i put on it is good and gives out a good signal.it has good bluetooth activity and its easy to transfer things but its a bit slow. this phone is for people who want all the gadgets like mp3 and camera and video and bluetooth. good luck finding a phone and i do think you should take a look at this phone first

Reviewed by hellotim from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
This phone is not perfect but is extremely good. i used to have a D500 for a few months and then got a D600 in red, it has been the best phone i've had sofar. Camera; brilliant for a 2 megapixel, memory is decent with a card, the mp3 player is very good but not as good as a Sony K750i mp3 player the bluetooth works fine. But there are some problems... My Dad has had a Black D600 for 1 and a half years and the paint is fine on it, but my red version ive had for nearly a year and the whole of the battery paint has peeled off the phone and it looks horrible, the battery is rubbish and the main problem is that it is boring, you cant have custom message tones and i don't like any of the tones except for 1, on sony ericssons you can have cool themes and you can minimize the Mp3 player while doing something else on the phone, which you can't do on a D600. So thats why i'm getting a SE K800i soon.

Reviewed by jit from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I just love my mobile. I am full satisfied. dont need anything more.

Reviewed by mama jabba from UK on 28th Nov 2007
this phone sucks

Reviewed by cheesey from UK on 18th Nov 2007
Amazing phone I used to update my mobile annually just for a change or if I wasn't happy with my old phone. But this phone really has it all! All I need in a mobile. ;)

Reviewed by Tobias from UK on 10th Nov 2007
nice looking phone and sound is clear. However I am more interested in photo quality and it sucks on that.

Reviewed by bob highbury from UK on 6th Nov 2007
amazing it really is. samsung d600 is a reliable phone

Reviewed by Hi Everybody from UK on 4th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Martin Shields from UK on 27th Oct 2007
This phone is great if your wanting tons and tons of music, pictures and games on your phone. The phone has a very large memory but recently it ran out i got a 1gb memory card and i was going to buy a ipod but you may aswell buy this phone because it has loads of memory. Also samsung have done really well to make it easy to use there is no poiint in paying an extra 50 for the d900 it is basically the same but bigger screen. I got this phone from tesco last year for 70 and it is brilliant well worth getting but unfortunately tesco dont sell it any more because they have a new range in but you can still get it for under 100 !

Reviewed by fady victor from UK on 26th Oct 2007
excellent phone that is what i want

Reviewed by Umar from UK on 25th Oct 2007
i have had the phone for 2 years its been in the wash and tumble dryer and it only cost 5 to fix i have droped it and thrown it and only cost 10 to fix it is a very cheep phone yo fix but it has all the things your want in it you can hack in to ppl bluetooth put codes in it and every thing if your want the code to make it louder go to the main screen and type*#8999*8378# then press 229 up and then ok then change the numbers.

Reviewed by ben robbo from UK on 22nd Oct 2007
i hav ad this phone 4 ova 2 years now n i think it is rubbish, dust gets inside ur screen the memory is rubbish, the camara and video is ok. The best thing bout the phone is proberly the looks. This is the second samsung phone i have had and i prefer the d500 which is the 1 i had b 4 the d600. My advice for the d600 is not 2 buy 1 cuz if u av it 4 ow long i av had mine u will soon want 2 get rid of it. i av now got enough money 4 a iphone which is wot i is buying lol

Reviewed by Tabraiz Mohammed from UK on 21st Oct 2007
poor not a goos phone reason is that the microphone got faulty and nobody could repair it and samsung are charing more than the phone is worth. my point of view buy nokia and nokia always

Reviewed by jed from UK on 21st Oct 2007
i have the D600 ITS BRIL!!!!!!!!! recomended i normally get a new phone evrey 6 months but i decided to keep this and have now had it bout 1 year

Reviewed by james smith from UK on 20th Oct 2007
this phone is rubbish the top came apart from thhe bottom when i opened it

Reviewed by Madi from UK on 18th Oct 2007
I love this phone! I've had it for over a year now and not had any problems. But i'm thinking of getting a new one. The wall papers and ringtones are a bit poo, but that doesn't really matter Great Phone :)

Reviewed by mr p from UK on 18th Oct 2007
I HAVE HAD HUNDREDS OF PHONES But this is simply the best. I thought the P900 was a great phone but this beats everything. PLEASE samsung make a new version of this with the same look, less weight, same width, improved standby/talktime, same depth, better camera and perhaps a personal organiser and You will never have to make another phone again. No one can fault this phone.

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 14th Oct 2007
I HATE this phone. I've tolerated it for a year and will never buy another Samsung because of it. The reason? It's simply far too slow to respond. You delete a text message, it flashes a pretty animation, so you close the phone ... oops ... now it's stopped deleting the message and you start all over again. Try using the camera at 2mpix ... press the button, count 4 seconds ... *CLICK* ... which picture did it take? Is it in focus? Your guess is as good as any. The menus are OK, the usability is great (apart from being too slow), the limited choice of text alerts is irritating, but survivable, the camera is awful. Note that there are hacks available for this phone to overcome the text alerts & vibrate-and-ring ... but you need a different cable to use them, and it invalidates your warranty. Do not buy!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 9th Oct 2007
This is a great phone!!!!!

Reviewed by RICHARDOOKU from UK on 6th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Dave Batista from UK on 30th Sep 2007
Had this phone and i can say that it was excellent. unfortunately, baterry gone out in 2 hours while listening to mp3

Reviewed by jim from UK on 28th Sep 2007
it is very good

Reviewed by shivukumar from UK on 27th Sep 2007
i like very much..........

Reviewed by laura martin from UK on 24th Sep 2007
i had this phone last yr and wish i still had it, it was brilliant. i love the fact that its not really super slim, it feels very sturdy and tough, i dropped it a million times and it was fine. very good camera. iv had lots of phones before and after this one, but this is my fav of all time! if there isnt enough memory for songs, get a memory card from play.com for 5.

Reviewed by Melv from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
I had this phone for almost a year and it was without a doubt the best I have owned. The camera quality is good, the slider is extremely sturdy and it is just generally a great phone. Could have more space for music files, but I guess a memory card can sort that. Only reason I no longer have the phone is due to losing it! But I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by perks from UK on 21st Sep 2007
i like my samsung 600 but i can not get my bluetooth to work t mobile can not do it for thay said to get hold of samsung so wot can i do

Reviewed by mcdon from london from UK on 17th Sep 2007
just to fantastic,cocastic even peppsisitc.i love the phone just the way it is.

Reviewed by sian jones from UK on 17th Sep 2007
the bestphone ever i love it its my 4th one great stuff

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 15th Sep 2007

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