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Samsung D410 review

 Review: August 2004  


In a nutshell: The Samsung D410 is the first in a new generation of Samsung phones featuring a slide design.


The slide motion is semi-automatic, which means that a gentle push will make the slide mechanism open and close automatically.

The outstanding feature of the D410 is the size and quality of its display. The slide-up design allows space for one of the largest displays on any current mobile phone, and the Samsung's screen has 262,000 colours, making for a superbly crisp display with vivid colours, easily viewable under different lighting conditions. As a direct comparison, the D410's screen has nearly twice the number of pixels of the Samsung E700 or E800.

The D410 also features a rotating 300,000 pixel VGA camera for taking pictures on the move. The camera incorporates a digital zoom, brightness controls and a multi-shot function (up to 15 pictures). Photos can be saved as wallpaper, or sent to another phone or a computer using MMS or email. The phone also functions as a camcorder, allowing you to shoot video clips. The phone's large 262k colour screen is ideal for viewing recorded images and videos.

Samsung have added a number of nice user-friendly features to the D410 that have been missing from previous Samsungs. These include one-touch operation for key functions such as WAP, camera, texting, etc. Another nice new feature is 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, offering the best sounding ringtones yet.

On the negative side, the D410 still has the external aerial that tarnishes the phone's appearance and is at risk of damage. The phone is also missing Bluetooth and has very limited memory available for storing pictures and Java games. It's also far too bulky to be a practical option for most users. On balance the D410 seems to be a prototype for the fabulous D500 - it has some great features, but as an all-round performer it doesn't stack up.

Samsung D410 features include:

  • Large TFD display (176 x 200 pixels, 262,144 Colours)
  • Rotating VGA Camera (640 x 480 resolution) with digital zoom, multi-shot, frames, effects and brightness control
  • Video recorder & video playback
  • Voice memo recorder
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, including 34 embedded ringtones
  • Wallpaper & screensaver, including 6 embedded (supported formats: WBMP, GIF & AGIF, JPEG, Operator Logos)
  • User-selectable keypad tones and slider tones
  • SMS (with learning T9, maximum storage 200 messages), MMS (multimedia messaging), EMS
  • E-mail (POP3, IMAP4)
  • WAP 1.2, GPRS class 8
  • Data transfer: IrDa, PC serial cable transfer
  • vCard/vCalendar via IrDA
  • Downloadable Java™ games (4 games included)
  • Phonebook (maximum 1000 entries)
  • Organiser: Clock, worldtime, alarm (auto switch on, when phone is off), scheduler, calendar, "to do" list, currency converter, calculator
  • One-touch key operation for camera, WAP, SMS, voice memo, ringtone and silent mode
  • Memory: 600 Kbytes (image & sound), 850 Kbytes (Java games)
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri-Band (900/1800/1900 Mhz)
  • Size: 98 x 49 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 116g
  • Talk time: 4 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 10 days

Samsung D410 user reviews

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Average rating from 91 reviews:

Reviewed by Asqar.M from Indonesia on 29th Sep 2009
i've had my D410 over 5 years now ,two time change the flexible cable . for sms,call and receive , games the fone is still good work. i agree with hieu canada ...... 5 stars !

Reviewed by natasha from South Africa on 13th Sep 2009
very bad phone l totally hate it

Reviewed by kimo from eygpt on 11th Jun 2008
v good

Reviewed by Hieu from Canada on 19th Oct 2007
I'm not a crazy mobile users ! Hmmm, mainly just for sms, call and games sometimes.... the fone is excellent in design and work without any errors, can guarantee with u ! Yes, compared to nowadays, it's nothing, no mp3, no video call, no bluetooth, but actually for an average user like me. It's more than enough! And recent Samsung design, I think they ain't good as D410, so it stilll goes with me then...... 5 stars!

Reviewed by elliot from uk on 24th Jul 2007
what an ugly phone. the aerial is hideous..

Reviewed by JOHN KILLIK from SOUTH AFRICA on 23rd Jul 2007
Excellent phone. Has Had no problems in 3 years of strenuous use. J Killik SA

Reviewed by Beewol from Uganda on 19th Jun 2007
I have used the Samsung D410 for a while now and i guess its not the best there is but it does look sleek and stylish.the problem though is that its aerial makes it seem old fashioned a little out of touch with the new way of things.Also i have issues with the fibre, it seems to affect the sound once the mouthpiece if faulty.Some time back it droped down, took me a good spending to fix the sound and the mouthpiece.otherwise, its not too bad after all.

Reviewed by nHinE from Philippines on 31st Mar 2007
this phone is hideous... no go0d features at all! the only thing i liked about it , is it's camera... cause it rotates.. that's it... but the sad part of it is that you cannot upload any pictures on your PC. damn ... stay away from this phone!.. you'll regret.. i'm sure..

Reviewed by vimal raj from india on 17th Jan 2007
this item is my favouirite pet.excellent, i recommented it to my 16 friends and they now fans of samsung.

Reviewed by maria from Bahrain on 19th Aug 2006
this mobile has nothing.the only thing good in this mob is bubble smile

Reviewed by Jake from England on 20th May 2006
I've changed my mind this phone is rubbish! I've had a d410, d500sgh, d500, d800, d820 and this is the worst one

Reviewed by Dj Sid from Bangladesh on 4th Apr 2006
oh boy,I cant beleive I am reveiwing this nightmare of a phone called samsung d410 and in many cultures known as d415,whatever it may be called it is actually a mobile users nighmare.I had this phone last year and the only good thing about it was its large screen and good pic quality,besides that it was a vampire living on my blood and pure frustration.The screen goes to keylock within 3secs b4 u realise what happened and unlocking it takes forver.I had to sell it at a give away price(still I thank God I had managed to get rid of it) and now I have a samsung d500,a moto v3 and a panasonic GD55.I am planning to go for the D600 and a vei next so i hope my reveiw helps.Stay Away from d410,Uve been warned

Reviewed by freshy_bhai from pakistan on 11th Mar 2006
i buy phone on 1st januay. i buy from shop for £300 but it no worth it. IT break after 2 week and repair not possible. i ring samsung, but no answer being said. I think they try 2 con. Very crafty people. i no like to have phone without bloothooth. i need but i no have. i complain2 newspaper but they tell me to go away. me very angry :( .

Reviewed by Ovie from Nigeria on 1st Feb 2006
I think this phone is poor. I bought it just when it came out. For so much, about N54,000. It is just so expensive with little function to go. Quite Okay the screen is a bright 262 thosand colour and cute, but that's as far as it goes. It fades in the sun. audio recording (amr format) is only 5 and not more than 5 secs. The video recording is without sound and is less than 20 secs. No support for MP3 No integrated habdsfree(loud speaker). No blue tooth. The infra red doesn't work. I think that I was cheated by Samsung. I disagree with the last person who said that the phone was made years better than other phones its time. I think that is not true. The phone lacks very basic essential and important functions. It is so bulky yet no good function to show for it. Then why in heaven did they give it so much weight?Any one that thinks of buying it, should think again. Samsung D600, SE K750 are better alternative. You are warned. The one I have is spoilt now. The screen just went blank. Totally white. Think twice friend.

Reviewed by Jake from England (UK) on 29th Jan 2006
I think that the phone is quite good because I have one but it really does look ugly with the areial and its got infa-red instead of blue-tooth which makes it a bit rubbish and when you receive a wap push message it doesn't work when you want to read it!!!!!!

Reviewed by Will from England on 14th Jan 2006
This phone was so far ahead of its time it is unreal. It still looks better than nearly every phone around almost 2 years after its release. I was one of the first people in the UK to own one and bought it 'handset only' for about £400. A bargain it was too- I never experienced any problems with the phone. For over a year, everyone who saw it was amazed at how stunning it looked... and I never once saw another person with one wherever in the world I went. Maybe now the features cannot compete, and the external aerial was always a tad poor aesthetically speaking, however, for pure class, smoothness, sophistication, and to be truly unique (put simply, a cut above everyone else and their phone) nothing ever has and probably ever will compete with the Samsung D410. Its extremely high price tag, styling, futuristic design, and scarcity make it a genuine classic.

Reviewed by Bol from Tampa Bay, UK on 7th Dec 2005
This phone has an amazing screen and a high quality camera, i recommend it to anyone looking to by a new phone. If price isnt an object get the D500, the updated version of this phone.

Reviewed by ibrahim from united kingdom on 26th Nov 2005
it is one of the best phones i have because it has built in digital music player its great and i recommed it to anyone its a great phone without a doubt get it get it get it

Reviewed by Joe Starling from England on 21st Oct 2005
The phone that I have is the Samsung d410, this isnít a very new phone and it has two phones which have been upgraded from it. The reason I choose this phone was because I liked the look of it and it carried a camera on the back of it and Iíve always wanted a camera phone. I use my phone mostly every day in my life to send text message and call people, and also receive them from people. The phone is a pay monthly phone so I received the phone for free and I have to pay £15 a month. The reason I choose this tariff is that I seem to use much more text messages then I do calling. I choose the tariff that gives me the most text messages. By paying £15 a month I receive 250 free texts and 100 minutes of free calls. The phone is easy to use and its pocket size once you slide the two halves together. The good reason why I choose the phone is because it is meant to have a big, clear, colourful screen. When I take the picture of anything the camera and video are both very fast acting and the camera allows me to take 15 different pictures of the same thing in a split 5 seconds. Another good feature about the camera on this phone is that the camera is turn able and you are able to turn the camera round on the top of the phone. This is mostly used to take a picture of you and other things that you need to take a picture of. The phone is that the camera has special features such as zoom, double zoom, night vision, heat seeking vision etcetera. My phone also features a rotating 300,000 pixel VGA camera for taking pictures on the move. And the Samsung's screen has 262,000 colours, making for a superbly crisp display with vivid colours, easily viewable under different lighting conditions. Photos can be saved as wallpaper, or sent to another phone or a computer using MMS or email. On the bad side, the D410 still has the aerial that ruins the phone's appearance and is at risk of damage. The phone is also missing Bluetooth and has limited memory available for storing pictures and Java games. The phone satisfies all of my needs it is an easy hand held. Object it isnít exactly long and jiggered so it fits in your hand just perfect. And it doesnít feel like over phones when you hold it against your ear. The other good things about the phone are that the ring tones are polyphonic which means they arenít tuned into keypad beeps. You can use the microphone on the phone to record your own soundtracks and listen to them, as your ring tone or a messaging warning or as simple as an alarm clock.

Reviewed by Rosa from UK on 11th Oct 2005
This phone is easy to use. It's problem is that it doesn't do very much at all. The wap is limited as most downloads are not compatable with this handset. Also the infra red function is pointless, unless you want to copy your friend's address book (providing they have the same handset as you!). On the plus side, the camera is very good for a mobile, and the picture quality is great. It's a shame there is no way to transfer pictures to your PC. Overall this phone is poor by today's standards, but I would definatly consider having a newer Samsung moile phone.

Reviewed by kerry from Belfst on 4th Sep 2005
it was very poor i didnt like it one bit! it had no good things on it! ive just got to say one thing to you dont buy this fone its junk!

Reviewed by ABDUL REHMAN from PAKISTAN on 17th Aug 2005
One of the most beautiful mobile desighn,i love the shape and colour,but it has no blue tooth.And not enough memory for video clips.

Reviewed by Sahban amir from New-Zealand on 17th Aug 2005
It has everything you need and is a bit big but besides that there is nothing wrong it is compatible with almost any ntework Ihave had it for a year andm it has had no problems

Reviewed by Vivek Bajaj from Thailand on 9th Aug 2005
I liked the phone when I bought it. It was cool, althought there was little memory and no bluetooth, I still liked it because it was okay for my use. After 5 months he Flex Cable got problem and there was no sound and display. I got it repaired but after 15 days the same thing happened again. really annoying, the phone should work for atleast 2-3 years properly. The slider is the worst I've used. I would suggest never to buy this phone.

Reviewed by Kris from UK on 12th Jul 2005
When i recieved this phone despite its sheer size i absolutely loved its slick looks and was proud to get it out when i was out clubbing etc (though this was summer 2004, not 2005). Alongside its neat and lush appearance the screen is bright and colourful, however, thats about it. The text messaging is, not just bad, but absolutely plain wrong - whoever on God's green earth decided that the txting should go back to capitals everytime you use it deserves to be shot in the chin, my mates thought i was having a go at them everytime i texted them. The built in memory for videos is diabolical, as far as i remember i could store 10 videos... 10!! i could have understood this if the phone featured a memory-card slot to back it up, but it doesn't. The tipsy (if not drunk or mental) designers back at Samsung also decided that the video-playback should feature a lovely border around the screen and i did not understand why there was an option to make the video screen small or large, it didn't make a difference to how many videos could be stored. I sent my phone back within my month's try-out period after realising i could not bare depending on this for at least a year on contract. Sending it back made me realise how bad the phone was even more when i could not save my photos and videos due to there not being any kind of computer connection. I do realise that i am typing this review nearly a year after i had it and that technology has progressed a lot since, but there is no excuse for this atrocity of a phone, i am still happily using the Nokia 7610 - a superior phone in every right - which came out around the same time and which i purchased just after the D410. Be warned, I am rating this 2 stars wholy due to the quality of its slick design and the clear colourful display which were both good at the time. However if i were to rate this compared to 2005 standards it would get a 1 single twinkling star next to its name. Noway will i ever buy another samsung phone - mostly because i would hate to contribute to the wages of whoever was incharge of making this phone, they aught to be ashamed.

Reviewed by linz from scotland on 25th Jun 2005
I've had the D410 now for a year. I've given it 3 stars because I find it an excellant phone however the only thing was the fact that it is a bit bulky and that when txting it always goes back to caps. It doesn't have much memory for holding videos and they only last for 30 seconds. Screen and photo qualtiy is excellant. One thing that really hacked me off was when I accidently smashed the screen and phoned o2 to ask about getting it fixed. I had insurance and stated i wanted my phone back because i had a lot of photos and video's private numbers that I wanted to keep etc... as the pics and video's cant be stored on your sim. This was fine and they said they would pick my phone up and hand me a replacement for the meantime. A

Reviewed by Sloper from UK on 21st Jun 2005
I've had my D410 over a year now, and at first I was chuffed with it. I'm still happy with it in most respects, but I'm so irritated by one or two points that I'm now looking for a new phone. First, and most irritatingly, is the texting. The phone always defaults to caps. I change it to lower case, but then after entering punctuation, it has changed back to caps again!! Drives me crazy, especially if I haven't looked at the screen for a while, then have to delete and type again. Also, entering punctuation and symbols (for emoticons) is too long-winded. Second, you can only store four videos, and there is no way to get these off the phone and onto your PC. Photos can be emailed though. Video volume is extremely poor, as is ringtone volume. Other than those points, the phone has always worked fine. It makes phone calls, no problem.

Reviewed by AA from UK on 10th Jun 2005
I used to love this phone, it looks good, and had good functionality (though not everything I wanted). However, the buttons stopped working after 10 months, I use my phone a lot for texting and general use, but not excessive, and I look after it, so I expected it to be a bit more sturdy. Even though I have insurance and am still within warranty, 02 say they won't replace my handset, but I can pay £25 and get another one. I do not see why I should pay anything as it is not my fault. Anyway, ultimately, I have to question the longevity of Samsungs after this experience, but I do think that if handset problems occur, it is up to the network provider to sort it out. Will steer clear of 02 from now on, and probably Samsungs, although I do find them easy to use ..... when they work properly!!!

Reviewed by sajid mandli from india on 10th Jun 2005
this phone is same as girlfriend it works and obey just for few month but afte,hmmmmmmmmm it goes rubbish speaker got rabbed and after i lost hte display when i asked the dealer it was a belt problem which cost highly .so never ask for samsung please

Reviewed by Lissa from UK on 5th Jun 2005
Overal i have been pleased with this phone apart from one thing: it lasts SIX MONTHS and SIX MONTHS ONLY!! after 6 months the screen fails to work and all i got was a blank white screen. my network supplier sent me out a new one on warrenty but this problem happened again another 5 months later with a brand new phone. totally unacceptable and very very annoying.

Reviewed by nic from uk on 28th May 2005
I got my phone from the internet from the pictures id seen of it and the information i read about it it sounded like an ideal phone. When the phone was delivered i was shocked at the size of it and the memory capacity for videos. Overall i think the only good thing about this phone is the quality of the pictures. I have had nothing but problems with it and cant wait for the contract to finish. If i had of known what i know now about the phone before i got it i would never have bought it its a disappointment:(

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 24th May 2005
i have had this phone since it first came out, i have had no problems at all, it is the best phone i have had in a long time, i would reccomend it to any body!!!!! the picture quailty is VERY GOOD and all the other functions of the phone are ACE!!!!! if you are thinking of getting a new phone i would say 'get a samsung'

Reviewed by billy from uk on 23rd May 2005
Next year we bought a samsung mobile D410.this phone is good taking photo .this phone is good for colour only but this memory is very bad .actually every thing is bad inthis mobile. this is a realy cheap phone.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 20th May 2005
It's only average overall cos its good to use and beautiful phone, and anyone who sees it is like WOW... BUT.. the text msg's get messed up after about 5 months, and then the speakers break! AND then the screen gets mashed up!!!!!! its sooo silly... wen i had it, the foto's where excellent though... but now its a waste cos ive lost all them good foto's =( stupid fone!!!!

Reviewed by Rahul from UK on 17th May 2005
I was impressed for about a day after buying this phone.. but to be honest its bulky, annoying to carry around, and it doesn't do much.. doesn't even have bluetooth! Pretty disappointed.. im thinking of changing my cell soon.

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 17th May 2005
I love my mobile, ive had this phone for about a year and had no problems. The bad reviews that have been recieved are rubbish. This mobile is so underclassed when compared to other phones. It has excellent picture quality and memory. The size is not that bad, although a little big, but compared with phones like nokia n-gage, its cool. I think that this phone is individual and an excellent phone, dont knock it!!

Reviewed by lion from Slovenia on 16th May 2005
Its a good phone, the camera is great. But some functions are missing in it

Reviewed by Emma from Wales on 28th Apr 2005
I bought this phone last June and was so impressed with it. I didn't know anyone else who had one. Pictures brilliant quality, voice calls good, looks great (although rather bulky). Anyway after about 4 months it started going all fuzzy and also when i received a text old texts came up instead. After a week of that the phone went totally dead and wouldn't even turn on.....so I sent it to Samsung who repaired it for free which I thought was really good of them. Has been working really well up until now....it has started to turn off and also showing old messages when I get one.......obviously a major problem. My contract is running out in June and I was thinking of buying the D500 as it's the upgraded version of the D410, but everyone seems to have one and I recently saw and read reviews on the E720 and am going to go for that. Sounds AMAZIN!!!! I wouldn't recommend people to buy the D410 as I reckon it would probably conk out and I think its just a fault in every D410 as it was the first sliding phone. I will always buy samsungs though....I mean they are deffo best looking phones around, and good quality (apart from D410)!!!! I will give this phone a 3* as it has been a good phone apart from conking out.

Reviewed by sophie from uk on 24th Apr 2005
hi i bort this phone about a mounth ago, i have had many phones in past but none of them are in anyway as brillient as this phone. i would deffinatly recomend this phone the cameras clear its got video as well,its easy to use it just simply brillient i dont no how i ever managed without it so remember where ever you are shine thankyou ps i would just like to thank samsung for making such an incredable phone thankyou once again x-x-x

Reviewed by EdyDuru from Romania on 20th Apr 2005
this phone sucks big time! i've bought it 2 weeks ago and all i can say good about it is the fact that it has a really large screen. exept that, the phone is a really piece of expensive garbage...bad signal, non-intuitive menus, the screen is poorly visible in the sun. dissapointment, all-around

Reviewed by mark from england on 14th Apr 2005
the d410 is a good phone with some flaws. on the plus side the screen is impressive, the clearest i have seen on a mobile phone. it has a huge memory for photos, i have over 200 hundred and it still has loads of memory. good design and the semi-auto slider has a lovely action! java and polyphonics (but most phones do these days) However, on the down side, Video memory is tiny (about 1 minutes in total!!) it doesn't save your sent messages so to send to several people involves retyping the whole thing or saving and sending it, can't send to groups. You can't have the phone on completely silent without going to phone settings, whereas most other phones are simpler to set to silent. no bluetooth, in fact any type of data sharing is impossible, infra red and mms don't work on my phone. even when someone sends me an mms i get an alert telling me to look at it online! I have had the same problem as some others, the screen kept going white and scarmbling, and the speaker stopped wor king, (ringtomes stopped working and couldn't hear people when they called me) However, i sent the phone back to samsung and it was repaired and sent back at no cost, samsung have THE best customer care I know. All in all, it has good features but there are FAR better phones availible, can't wait til next wek when i can upgrade to a d500!!

Reviewed by mike from on 14th Apr 2005
The camera is very good and the screen is to. But then screen sometimes completely mucks up and when it is shut it does not make any sort of noise. I thought the phone was goin to be brilliant but was very dissapointed by it. I would definately not recomend it. If you are looking for a good camera phone got the Samsung D500 or the Sony Ericsson s700i. These phones are fabolous compared ti the d410!!!!!

Reviewed by Watermelon from Vietnam on 28th Mar 2005
I havent seen a breakthrough in manufacturing mobile phones like Samsung D410. it has an extremely good screen of taking photos by its excellent camera (256.000 colors ) and it's also the first phone designed in slide-styled.

Reviewed by Rich from Uk on 26th Mar 2005
The d410 is outstanding, apart from the screen messing up when the slider was closed, that was easly fixed when i smashed the original screen. With a new screen fitted the problem has gone away. On balance the phone looks good, feels good and is jam packed with features. Samsung customer car is very good, I tried to fit a new screen myself (Dumbass) and when i put the phone back together it was completely dead. Sent it off to a phone fixing shop who sent it to samsung and within an week it was fixed and it only cost £20 deposit!!! (£7 was postage). SAMSUNG CUSTOMER CARE IS EXERLENT, to all of the people who's phone broke send it t samsung and if its in warenty they should fix it!

Reviewed by tash from uk on 23rd Mar 2005
my fone is the best i've had yet after only 7 months of having it i have found that it damages easily. I now can't hear anything as the speaker inside the phone has messed up and every time i push the screen down and back up again the screen is unrecognisable so i have to turn it on and off to get it relativly back to normal. apart from the vunerability of the phone, the quality of it is outstanding and the uses are unlimited. Also annoying when out of credit, lol. My fone does the same as lee's from england who also reviewed in october. I totally agree with his statement

Reviewed by Ebin from India on 4th Mar 2005
cool!!!!!. If you have money get it.picture quality is outstanding.One problem is that it has no bluetooth.

Reviewed by Danijel from Croatia on 21st Feb 2005
I've bought this phone few weeks ago. And I think that this is really good phone. Maybe, it is bigger than other models, but it has attractive macho look:-) Display is high quality, pads are big enough, so I don't have problems to push few pads at the same time when I write messages. Camera and video are also great. I think this is the best phone I've ever had. I recommend it!

Reviewed by Craig from England on 17th Jan 2005
This is the best phone I've had, easy to use great camera and display. But I have just had to take it to get repaired after the screen had become faulty, when i would slide the phone open the screen was white and I couldnt use it. The loan phone I have is a sony ericsson and isnt a patch on the D410. Hopefully this is a one off and I will have no further problems I hope so because otherwise this phone is great.

Reviewed by Cristian from Romania on 7th Jan 2005
Good job Samsung!

Reviewed by Georgez from Czech Republic on 5th Jan 2005
I love samsung too but D-410 haven't satisfied me as much as I expected. I am looking forward to D500, the best mobile I have ever seen. Bluetooth and everything, yeah yeah yeah.

Reviewed by Asif from pakistan on 3rd Jan 2005
i wanna say, D410 is out of this world. there is alot of mobile n here but D410 is the best . none of these mobile campered with D410. but thereis one missing thing in D410 and that is bluetooth. the ringtones r best and camera is exclent . D410 i love u and i love samsung :))))

Reviewed by Gazza!!!!!! from England on 21st Dec 2004
This phone I Got off E-Bay. I think this phone is tip-top!The quality of the photos and videos are great and i love the way it glides up. The menus and short cuts are brilliant! I am now searching for the Samsung D500 simply coz Samsung has impressed me with this one and I want an MP3 player. Im sick off people moaning about quality of the cameras on phones! most of the picture qualitys are good considering it a phone! The only thing I dont like about this phone is that the speed of the menus is not the fastest and the software to the data cable is not the best but overall the phone is 4 out of 5. I cant wait to get the Samsung D500!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by azeem from pakistan on 18th Dec 2004
it is very big colour disply there are 2 lakhs colour display it is amazing phone there is no compition this phone with other......

Reviewed by akaninyene inyang from nigeria on 15th Dec 2004
the samsung d410 is a very beautiful phone, but its has a big problem with the screen, i sell samsung product mostlly in my state, many people has returned the 410 followed with the same complain,the screen switches off after 2 weeks of purchase, i have them now in the shop with no hope of repair, we hope the d500 will not have the same problem CHEERS AKAN

Reviewed by nicole from canada on 14th Dec 2004
I got this phone on my birthday even though i already had a phone(nokia). all i can say is that this phone is junk dont let its good looks fool you!! pictures are not clear! it takes time to load anything!. the only good thing i liked about this phone is the ringtones which r by all means outstanding! i had the phone for 3 months and its already dieing. If you want a phone to impress buy it, if you want a phone that will last get a Nokia. samsung should really stick to makin tvs not cell phones.

Reviewed by azeem ud din from pakistan on 13th Dec 2004
this is amazing phone and this phone price is very 8 song play in this phone why you are add in this phone memory cardcomfortable this mobile in this mobile mobile memory is very high ilike this phone

Reviewed by beto from gibraltar on 11th Dec 2004
got in the link and after a 2 weeks the phone started to turn off and not turn back on i definilty dont recomend any samsung phone i think its junk dont buy it

Reviewed by addis F from Ethiopia on 10th Dec 2004
My sister bought me this lovely phone and I found it very interesting with all its new features including the video which is uniqe when compared to my previous cellular. However, I was not able to apply the photo's that I pick from my freinds to be stored and used to pop up when they call me back. Rest, the unit is full of the new telecom technology.

Reviewed by xenion from romania on 6th Dec 2004
this phone is absolutely incredible , not as small as the similar slide phone e800 but the features are much better on it.One the few phones with a 262000 range of colour display wich really does make a differece , the quality of the pictures and movies is amazing , not to mention the 62 polifonic sounds . Opening the phone using a single hand with the slide function with a gentle push makes you fell the high class of the phone , is doesnt feel like that cheap plastic on the nokia 6260 phone (big disapointment) , but one thing is for sure , it is not a phone for any country folk ,it could easily brake when it's opened. One the most amazing phones on the market , it is really worth buying.

Reviewed by antoine gautier from uk on 2nd Dec 2004
I used to like this phone. I like it so much; I made my brother buy one. Error, after 6 month my phone died and my brother's phone is on the way to the phone's paradise too. We still have 6 month before the end of our contract and now we have to buy some new phone. Samsung builds some go looking phones with good graphics. But they need to last longer. In conclusion, that's a good phone. But don't buy it. Trust me on that.

Reviewed by Antoine Gautier from UK on 2nd Dec 2004
I used to like this phone. I like it so much; I made my brother buy one. Error, after 6 month my phone died and my brother's phone is on the way to the phoneb?Ts paradise too. We still have 6 month before the end of our contract and now we have to buy some new phone. Samsung builds some go looking phones with good graphics. But they need to last longer. In conclusion, that's a good phone. But don't buy it. Trust me on that.

Reviewed by Claw from England on 26th Nov 2004
This phone is good for taking photos and that is it. I have had mine for 5 months and it has broken already. The volume on the ringer and the speaker volume is dead. I do not recommend this phone to anybody!!

Reviewed by Kim from Scottieland on 16th Nov 2004
the phone is great but i dont like the fact that you have tae set up the whole mms thing. the phone overall is great but i am too used to nokias and will in due time, when i can afford to, buy a nokia.

Reviewed by Staci from London on 10th Nov 2004

Reviewed by florante from UK on 29th Oct 2004
very good

Reviewed by Paul Peacock from England on 25th Oct 2004
I've had mine for five months and it's died! I've always had Nokias before, and I shall be returning to Nokia for my next phone. The D410 has a great screen but that's about it. The user wap interface is hopeless in comparison to other phones I've used. If you are already browsing you have to pretend you're saving a page your viewing to access your bookmarks. The provision for Java applications likewise is hopeless. And what is the point of being able to record video if you cannot send it to another device such as phone or pc? Samsung have disappointed me with this phone, the technology is there but they haven't utilised it as well as I would expect from a manufacturer supposedly at the forefront of their field.

Reviewed by Aiman from Pakistan on 24th Oct 2004
The D410 is a good buy, considering the camera, graphics, clarity and video etc.. txt messaging is better with the shortcut button. however, the disadvantages include its size. which could have bin made smaller so as to fit in a jeans pocket. It could have been antenna-less. Has the probabilty to break off and asks for more care in handling. There is no blue tooth. I dont understand why not. provided every other feature is present.

Reviewed by JCE from England on 20th Oct 2004
Love this phone, but navigation not as good as Nokia. Battery life poor, but screen size and camera outweigh this. Difficult to buy accessories, maybe 'cos 'phone is new.

Reviewed by sathish from india on 17th Oct 2004
its good for use nise look I LIKE THE PHONE VERYMUTTCH

Reviewed by BEDan from Philippines on 13th Oct 2004
Basically I like the phone because of its elegant and classy design. Features are not that attractive. There are several improvements that should be made like on tones to accept mp3 and WAV extensions. Videos and camera are good but I guess it also needs some improvement like memory card. Pictures can be easily transferred to a computer via data cable. For me the design is very good but the applications and features must be developed and improved.

Reviewed by Troyman from Philippines on 12th Oct 2004
Overall an excellent phone but still can have some improvement. Picture and Video look great even when viewed over the computer. Sound is great. Menu is easily navigable. IrDA can be improved to send pictures and video to other phones. Ringtones are strictly MMF, it can be improved to accept MP3 or WAV. Since the phone takes good pictures and video, external memory hopefully can be added. Contact list can be improved to include mailing list on top of mobile, telephone, home, and email contact.

Reviewed by chris alpe from New Zealand on 10th Oct 2004
The only problem I have problem, that being the software does not allow me to link up with my Apple Mac.... Help

Reviewed by Lee from England on 5th Oct 2004
I am sorry to have to write this as up until the 16th September I was more than happy with the D410. But on the 16th September my phone began to do some rather strange and bizaar things. You will notice(if your phone has a fault) that the display becomes distorted, resulting in blue/black or red/orange lines about the screen. Or the screen could just be plain white. I have sent the phone back to Samsung as this is clearly a mnufacturers fault. I do hope that they are able to repair the fault as i love the phone!

Reviewed by Tendani from South Africa on 4th Oct 2004
Received my phone last week.It`s phinominal.It does everything I ever wanted a cell to do and much more...Excellent work guys

Reviewed by Pr|nCe from UK on 3rd Oct 2004
Its a great phone.. doesnt have some hi tech features such as mp3 playback and memory expansion but apart from that this samsung phone rocks.. Is a smart presentable phone which speaks for itself frm its appearance only.. Samsung has once again created a beauty although a lack of some features is there still doesnt make any difference to the class of the phone.. After all its a phone n not a mp3 player or memory device! Enjoy n i say its a great buy for those tht want a decent rocking style phone with commonly used features with class.

Reviewed by Jamal from Bahrain on 29th Sep 2004
Its the best phone ever of samsung it much better than E800 ! and its memory much bigger so i say choose D410 better !

Reviewed by Sabrina Mason from England on 6th Sep 2004
I upgraded from the Samsung V200, which I agree with Darren, I totally loved this phone and wish I sticked with it. At present my D410 is 6weeks old and broken! The screen keeps on crashing just like the old Nokia 8210's. I am reallt disappointed in O2 as they will not fix it due to the phone being more than 28 days old! It cost me £59.99 just to upgrade!!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 2nd Sep 2004
The D410 is almost the perfect phone. It has an absolutely outstanding 250,000 colour display and the phone looks the biz, but it's a shame you can't expand the memory of the phone. With a high-res video the phone really needs more memory, and there's no slot for a memory card and no option to upgrade. The maximum length of a clip is around 20 seconds, although you can store ten or more at a time. I was disappointed by this, but apart from that it's a wicked phone.

Reviewed by Kenny from UK on 27th Aug 2004
I upgraded to this phone after spending a year with my trusty V200. Samsung have done it again! This phone rocks! If you thought that the screen on the V200 was good, you gotta see this one! Being a clamshell fan I wan't sure about the new slide style, but it's pretty cool actually. Cool multi-colour light on the front. My only complaint is that there's no data cable supplied in the box with this phone (the V200 had one). You can buy them on ebay for #3.50 so I don't know why Samsung decided not to include them as standard.

Reviewed by jed from UK on 26th Aug 2004
This phone is very good apart from 2 things, firstly the speaker volume is pretty poor meaning you can miss out on calls especially when you cant have vibrate and tones at the same time. Secondly the battery life is terrible the screen uses power so quickly its unbelievable. If you use the screen a lot expect only a couple of days of power per charge.

Reviewed by Daren from UK on 24th Aug 2004
well have had the phone for a week now, upgraded from the V20 which i loved. the D410 is like a revamped V200. The menus are fantastic and the whole layout is really good. its more of a mans phone in comparison to the E800. i do have a few niggles with it. the D pad is fixed with what it shortcuts to, which on the V200 you could program to point to where you wanted. the T9 dictionary doesnt seem to store any words just adds them to the text. samsung have got very tight with what they supply with their phones now...i got a data cable with my V200 not so with the D410. i assumed i could use the data cable with the D410 this doesnt appear to be the case, however after contacting Samsung several times they cannot tell me why! it should work and still does with the V200. anyway the D410 is a fantastic phone and one i will be reluctant to upgrade from. GET ONE!

Reviewed by Ashley from UK on 21st Aug 2004
Wicked phone!!! Gr8 camera, polyphonic hi-fi tonez, got it free on O2, you'd have to kill me to take it off of me, can't stress how cool this phone really is.

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 20th Aug 2004
Best phone ever! WIth this outstanding phone you have a super high resolution 265k colour display, a rotating camera, brillinat 64-voice polyphonic ringtones and cool games. The slide design of the phone is excellent and very cool to use. Shame bout the antenna, and it's a tad heavy, but these are minor faults. The camera is excellent, you can choose the image quality but it's best to use the highest resolution, because then you can transfer the photos to a PC for printing or editing. I'm impressed by the quality of the photos. Multi-shot feature is good too. This is a truly outstanding phone and the best out currently.

Reviewed by Fadi from Austria on 4th Aug 2004
This is the best phone I have ever bought. this phone includes a lot of features other mobile phones lack!. for example: rotating camera, 265K colours, high resolution colour screen, excellent phone design. If you're looking for an outstanding phone to buy I suggest buying this phone the Samsung D410!

Reviewed by Sajjad Tufail from Sialkot , Pakistan on 20th Jul 2004
Nice Design, Most Clear Display, Bit heavy to hold in pocket, Nice rotataing camera, Antenna dosen't seems good but, fair as I think without it would, look like incomplete or unfinished phone. Amazing ringtones. Samsung keeps it's triditions to produce attractive mobiles and again leads the way producing 265k color display and 64 chord polyphonic ringtones. the ring tons have really excellent quality. Again samsung disoppointed regarding reception quality, this expensive phone also disconnects the calls where the signals are bit poor, same problem with nokia phones. Only Siemens works where nokia and samsung stops. Overal phone is quite attractive. Pictures memory is enough but video memory pool is less than satisfactory requirement of memory. It just hold 3 clips of 9** kb each and as 3mb is total the remaining of few kb's isn't usefull. I transfered the photos to pc, didn't feel any difference in picture quality than it's size when taken with superfine and economic quality mode. as you set more resolution of taking pictures the image quality is reduced than small one. especiall I noticed that on 640x480 resolution the center area of photo ( when transfered to pc ) is clear and our is much blur. and have on phones screen it's amazing with it's 265k screen. other hand the battery charge dosen't last more than 2 days if phone use frequently all the day. but in normal use it can give upto 4 to 5 days as it's screen completely turns off on standby mode. Again Overall phone is Good, but Much costly. only business class will buy it without considering it's high price. As young guys will wait for it's price to reduce.

Reviewed by stan from pakistan on 20th Jul 2004
nice phone but lacks the masculine touch.....but cool all the way though i had to sell mine

Reviewed by alex from UK on 19th Jul 2004
Looks sweet, very impressive to look at, best screen quality available on a phone today, nice games (golf, chess, others), ring tones not that great (obviously polyphonic hi-fi), has a light which changes colour when receiving data (calls, texts, GPRS, etc) 8 different colours from 1 light! -Situated below screen. Button layout good. Overal ease of use 3/5 still dont know how to zoom. Got mine on O2 200 for 30 quid a month with 400 anytime any network minutes. VERY happy. I really recommend this phone, best ive seen so far!

Reviewed by raj from uk on 8th Jul 2004
phone is amazing no delay in picture taking or the video facility. Includes multi shot (up to 15 shots at a time) the best phone around at the moment

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 6th Jul 2004
The phone is great. it looks great, the funtions are great and yeah even tho it has an aerial, its still 1 of the best phones out just now!!

Reviewed by joe from South Africa on 3rd Jul 2004
Great functions, Great look, Great design. But an aerial on a phone in 2004???? That is sick. Because of the aerial i subtract 2 stars. If it wasnt for that long horrable aerial I would Probably buy it.

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