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Samsung Chat 357 review

 Review: October 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Chat 357 offers BlackBerry-style keyboard functionality without the high price tag - that's got to be good!



The Ch@t 357 updates the original Samsung Chat - the hugely popular messaging phone. 

Samsung has shaved half a millimetre off the thickness of the phone, and it weighs in at under 100g, making it a convenient, lightweight phone to carry, but still with the benefits of the full physical QWERTY keyboard that outperforms its touchscreen rivals when it comes to typing speed. The keys aren't huge, especially the space bar, but they're as big as they can be in a phone this size and they respond nicely to the touch. You can program shortcuts into the QWERTY keyboard for fast access to favourite apps.

The Chat 357 is available in either Grey or White, with a smart metallic look. The controls are very practical, with an easy-to-use optical trackpad that differentiates between normal finger movement and fast swipes, helping you to move around the screen and scroll up and down easily. 

The TFT screen measures just 2.4 inches, and with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, this isn't ideal for web browsing or watching youtube videos. But for messaging and facebook, it's not a problem.

This is not a smartphone, so you won't be able to download apps, but it does come with Facebook and Twitter integration along with Multi IM for instant messaging on MSN, Google Talk or Facebook Chat. You can also send and receive emails via Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail.

The camera is very limited, with just a basic 2 megapixel sensor that can record video at 15 frames per second.

As well as a music player, there's an FM radio and you can plug in any standard-fit headphones using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Memory is limited, with only 34MB of built-in storage. You can add a microSD card for storing music, photos, etc. The Chat isn't a 3G phone but does have built-in Wi-Fi.

The battery isn't very high powered, but the phone manages to eke out enough juice to last a couple of days between charges, even if you use it quite heavily.

There's not a lot of difference between the 357 and the original Chat 335, so read the hundreds of user reviews of that phone if you want to find out more. Overall, the Chat 357 offers excellent value for money. It may not have a touchscreen or the ability to download apps, but for core messaging - text, facebook and email, it's very hard to beat.

Samsung Chat 357 features include:

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My optical track pad will not drag but it will still press!

Asked by sally from uk on 3rd Nov 2017
My chat 357 was working fine, went to use it but the optical track pad will not drag, though it will still press (which is no use at all as without the drag function, I can't access any messages, contacts etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I did take the battery and sim out for 10 minutes or so, just to see if that would make a difference, but it did not!

hi...my samsung chat 357 will not show my contacts.

Asked by sally from uk on 28th Feb 2017
I cannot seem to find my contacts. My daughter borrowed my phone to play a game but now my contact buttons when pressed just say 'entry empty'. But, when i've gone into my logs to fine an old mssg to then use the number that way, i've then tried to save that number to my contacts and it says - already in use, but where? I've gone onto my menu page and to the red icon and pressed that too, only to have the same mssg pop up....

Samsung Chat 357 user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Zayn from England on 23rd May 2014
Best phone I ever had track pad goes a bit crazy internet is bad but otherwise it is perfrect in all ways though the battery life is not very long only about like 1 hour and a half

Reviewed by Pearl from UK on 8th Apr 2014
As far as practicality and image goes, I am very pleased with this model phone. However, I am not having any luck setting up internet using Livebox-EFD7, which is the network provider for my laptop. Everytime I type in the password, I get a message saying 'authentication failed', which is baffling!! I would like to know if anybody else experienced similar problem?

Reviewed by Peter from Nigeria on 20th Mar 2014
very nice phone,so try i hav ur own and follow comment...

Reviewed by Tom Orrock from UK on 17th Feb 2014
I have the silver model which in daylight is difficult to read keypad as orange backlight makes keys impossible to read!!

Reviewed by Peakman from U.K on 10th Feb 2014
Why do the batteries keep running out when I hardly use the phone to call or text people?

Reviewed by ann from belgium on 10th Jan 2014
Keyboard excellent, but EDGE too slow and memory too small.
will change with 3G instead of Edge.

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