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Samsung Chat 335 review

 Review: February 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Chat 335 is a budget BlackBerry-beater. With a full QWERTY keyboard and an optical trackpad, it's ideal for texting, emailing, facebooking or tweeting.



Move over BlackBerry, Samsung is here! The Samsung Ch@t 335 (or Samsung Chat if you prefer, since the web isn't very good at @ characters) looks like a BlackBerry, smells like a BlackBerry and does very much what a BlackBerry does. Yet it retails for less than half the cost of the BlackBerry Curve. Is this for real?

We gave Samsung's first attempt at a budget BlackBerry, the Genio Qwerty, a bit of a thumbs down. But the Ch@t is something altogether different. Although it retails as a budget pay as you go phone, Samsung have styled it as if it really were the BlackBerry-beater it yearns to be. It's pretty much the same size as the BlackBerry 8520, but noticeably slimmer, being ultraslim at just 11.9mm. Yet it doesn't feel like it's about to snap in half. It has a metal finish and a quality feel about it. The QWERTY keyboard has been completely re-engineered and is much easier to use. The keys aren't huge, especially the space bar, but they're as big as they can be in a phone this size and they respond nicely to the touch. You can program shortcuts into the QWERTY keyboard for fast access to favourite apps.

The display is completely standard for this kind of phone: 2.4 inches, 320 x 240 pixels, LCD. It's the "correct" display for the phone. Between the display and the keyboard sits the optical trackpad, which differentiates between normal finger movement and fast swipes, helping you to move around the screen and scroll up and down easily. We have to say that QWERTY keyboard + trackpad + slim design = superb ergonomics.

So, we've got a great keyboard, let's start typing. The Ch@t is great for texts, emails and instant messaging, and equally handy if you like to tweet or catch up on facebook. The Chat may not be a 3G phone, but it's about the only sub-£50 phone that comes with Wi-Fi, so it's pretty nippy getting on to the net. As well as Wi-Fi, there's Bluetooth and USB connectivity too.

The Ch@t is no smartphone, but there are a few apps you can install and it comes with 5 embedded Java games. You won't get bored on the bus either, because it has a music player and an FM radio, with the ability to record songs from the radio. The 3.5mm audio connector lets you plug in any standard-fit headphones for the best audio quality.

Like most other phones in this price range, the camera is very limited, being just 2 megapixels and with no autofocus or flash. It can record video, if you really push it, but don't expect much from it. It's fair to say that imaging is not the Chat's strong point, but then most other entry-level phones are no better.

The memory of the phone isn't huge, but is adequate for the job at 60MB. If you're going to use the Ch@t as your music player, you'll want to buy a microSD memory card, and the Ch@t can take cards up to 8GB. The battery isn't very high powered, but the phone manages to eke out enough juice to last a couple of days between charges, even if you use it quite heavily.

We've been quite charmed by the Ch@t 335, despite its silly n@me. It sets out to deliver the power of a BlackBerry for half the money, and we think it succeeds. Corners have been cut in certain places, but not in core functionality, nor in build quality or aesthetics. As a result, we really can't find fault with this phone.You might also like to consider the Nokia Asha 302, Orange Rio II or BlackBerry Curve 9300.

Samsung Chat 335 features include:

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Samsung Chat 335 user reviews

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Average rating from 267 reviews:

Reviewed by penelope from south africa on 1st Dec 2014
samsung is not a good phone
it freeze when downlouding something

Reviewed by Raphael from England on 13th Sep 2014
its not that good and it annoys me that my bluetooth headphones wont work with the chat

Reviewed by Lily from Wales on 2nd Aug 2014
I got the samsung chat 335 on my birthday the most innoying thing with it is hen you send a message it makes a very innoying noise and i just cant change it

Reviewed by CASUALGEEK from FRANCE on 1st May 2014
Do not buy this phone , you can get better for the price . The storage is very limited which means you will have to get a micro sd card , the interface can be counter-intuitive , you cannot access the samsung app store designed for the phone because the web page is too heavy for the intergrated browser to load. Navigating the internet is a pain and most web pages can't be accessed with the default browser . Also , forget youtube on this : the quality is horrible and after a while there is difference between video and sound, and you cant scroll through streamed video ( you have to watch them from the beginning you cant skip ). The phone will sometimes glitch out or freeze . you cannot open pictures more than 1mb and cant install apps more than 700kb. If all this doesn't discourgae you , when i recieved this phone i was happy because it looked a lot better than my old nokia i had before , but that phone was more powerful. Do not buy this , buy an entry level smartphone but do not buy this piece of junk.

Reviewed by Chatterbox from scotland on 11th Apr 2014
I like my chat :-) x

Reply by rose from usa on 1st Dec 2014
u'll hate it one day

Reviewed by kelvin meylere from uk on 16th Feb 2014
Nice phone but full of complications trying to set receiving emails up.

Reviewed by Zoe from England on 16th Dec 2013
I find the Samsung chat is a great phone! I use it for phone family and friend and for me its the right one! However i did have some technical issues but its know solved by a code.

This code resets your phone just type *2767*3855# then call it. BUT THIS DOES DELETE EVERYTHING!

Reviewed by Emma from England on 29th Nov 2013
The trackpad stopped working and when this happens you basically need to get a new phone as cant scroll anything!

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 24th Nov 2013
This phone is best for a 10-16 year old child/teen because it has facebook,twitter,youtube and games all the things 21st Century kids/teens need and like so if your child/teen wants a phone for christmas or their birthday I consider this phone for 10-16 year old children/teens or for adults aswell for texting and calling. Thankyou. (P.S This phone is around £35 pay as you go or £7.50 a month)

Reviewed by Chloe from Belgium on 19th Oct 2013
When i text it normally is like me then the other me then the other but its different, it like me me me the other the other the other ,, whats wrong with my phone?

Reviewed by Peter Chivs from Britain on 6th Oct 2013
Had this handset for almost two now. I liked it a great deal at first though the buttons are a tiny bit small. Sometimes texting a full stop will appear as if by magic even though you don't need it! The track pad seems to have a mind of its own too. A good value telephone for a teenagers first handset but not really half as good as you'd think it would be. Nice size but the screen is scratched too easily in a pocket with coins or keys in it so if you do buy one get a slip case or something if you're like me. The battery life is a plus though seems to last a long time but when low it can suddenly have no juice left in an instant. i don't find the music on it particularly quick to load so rarely use it for that.

Reviewed by Breda from Wales, UK on 30th Sep 2013
Great telephone! If you want a camera use one. If you need the Internet use a computer. The battery will last a lot longer too!

Reviewed by bob from usa on 23rd May 2013
very bad phone that just takes the mickey. have to pay for all apps, games and music and even when you do they are rubbish! poor battery, poor signal, poor storage, poor everything. the camera is worse than my drawing(and that's bad) you cant put a lock on it so anyone can use your phone if they lose it, even kids think it rubbish. basically it is a rubbish phone and is embarrassing.

Reviewed by Amon from Krakow on 1st Apr 2013
Very nice phone, wifi is good, signal is good, understated looks help me stay un-noticed in the crowds.

Reviewed by brenda from trinidad and tobago on 26th Dec 2012
it is like a generic black berry curve all the feature does more or less the same however the volume is not the best.

Reviewed by Ellie Hall from England on 5th Nov 2012
can not get apps on mind or facebook or twitter it keeps on freezing.poor battary life,i tryed to put put a lock on but went on a puk lock :(

Reply by Meg from England on 15th Nov 2012
Mine went on puk lock and I had to take it to the shop which was really annoying but otherwise it has been really forgiving and the battery Asts forever and a day. All in all, this phone is reliable and easy to use perfect for all ages due to its easiness and it's fashionable looks. Also, who wouldn't want a phone called Chat!??!?

Reviewed by Zak from England on 28th Oct 2012
This phone is fantastic! It has the qwerty key board and optical track pad which are the two things why I was considering the blackberry. It is slimmer than the blackberry and cheaper. I have the sim free one which is great to try out different networks. The FM radio is good for recording songs and the phone has a good battery life. This is the best phone I've ever had. I would recommend this phone to everyone!

Reviewed by Debbie from England on 3rd Oct 2012
If you want internet it is a rubbish phone. Could not even get lottery results. (insufficient memory) even after I put extra sd card in.

Font on internet changes to big or to small as screen cannot cope with different internet sites.

Chatting and texting is fine.

Internet absolutely rubbish.

This phone is going back tomorrow.

Reply by Kofi from Ghana on 16th Nov 2012
You can install opera mini to solve that problem.... I have opera mini on mine and goodness i can access almost every page. I have also made the memory card the default memory for all applications.

Reviewed by C leech from Uk on 22nd Sep 2012
Phone so rubbish for web searching . Has phone keeps saying not enough memory . I have sd card in . Im is slow would never buy one ever rubbish rubbish dont buy one ........

Reviewed by james from england on 10th Aug 2012
I like this phone its simple and quirky and is a budget version of the blackberry.. i dont really like phones that have everything because your not going to use it all. i just use this phone for messaging,socializing and occasionally entertain myself with the current games. but there is a problem my optical trackpad doesnt work so im having to make do without it which is a shame. :(

Reviewed by melanie from england on 7th Aug 2012
This phone is driving me mad can some one tell me how to set up my email on it? It keeps coming up disconnected by server! when i do to send one its a live.co.uk address pleaseeeee helpppppp apart from this i kinda like the phone!

Reviewed by Tabs from Wales on 12th Jul 2012
I downloaded a Facebook app for mobile, but sometimes when I go on it the phone switches off then on. Any ideas how to solve that problem?? (everything else is great though!)

Reply by Otto from Ecuador on 7th Jun 2013
same problem as yours, did you find a solution for it?

Reply by Michelle from England on 13th Dec 2013
I had that also, so to cure this i went onto mobile internet and searched for facebook. when you get this up and sign into your facebook then save it as a bookmark. that way every time you bring up that bookmark it takes you straight into your facebook news feed!

Reviewed by Emily from england on 4th Jul 2012
its rubbish after 10 month its broke :l i wouldnt buy it

Reviewed by Dave from Scotland on 3rd Jul 2012
Good phone for the money you pay but will not load some web pages as just prompts the user with "insufficient memory" message. Keyboard and trackpad are really good though and the camera actually takes a decent picture for 2mp.

Reviewed by Wayne Dawson from England on 28th May 2012
This is a great phone, only 1 problem so far i've found is that the Pre-installed wallpapers & Music are locked-in and cannot be deleted. Therefore using up half your Internal phone memory.

Reviewed by Melissa from England on 21st May 2012
I do not have any major dislikes when it comes to this phone, and do think that it is worth the money, however there are somethings about the phone that I think could be better. I find the phone quite hard to text on because the keypad is quite small, I also feel like when Im texting I am going to break the keys (especially when Im texting fast) and this is a little frustrating because I text alot. Normally when I get a new phone it does not take me that long to learn the new keypad, however it is taking me a long time get used to this keypad because it is quite small and I find myself constantly looking for the letters so I dont end up pressing the wrong button. Some keys are a little slow and need pressing down harder in order for the letter to appear and when I want to make a letter capital the button you press to change this is a little slow and I find that when I read back through the texts the words that needed a capital infact dont have a capital because I have typed the text fast and the button has not worked fast enough. This is all the fault that I have found with this phone so far, and Im sure my issue with the keypad will get better, as I am still adjusting from my previous phone. Hope this was helpful for people.

Reviewed by Niamh from Wales I on 20th May 2012
I have owned the blackberry curve and it is NOT worth the money at all! My mum bought me this phone in february and when i saw it on the box i was a bit sceptical because the last thing i needed was another blackberry senario but when i opened it up i was plesantly suprised! I have the pink version (but it is more of a rose-red than pink!)and it looks and feels fab, it has grip on the back of the phone which is v.good. I have two faults with the phone and they are the fact that the internet is much slower and you have to have the large date & time on the homescreen that effects your wallpaper. I definatley recommend this phone its FAB! :))

Reviewed by mel from wales on 30th Apr 2012
After numerous Blackberries that freeze, crash and cost a bomb, have gone for this cheaper option and Samsung was always my favourite make before. Loved my BB but cannot afford to replace again after my 3 yo 'giving it a cup of tea'. This is pretty good for the price and 'feels' better than the BB Curve. I will get used to the lack of apps as i didnt really use them much except fb and twitter and i have them here. And with wifi its plenty fast enough. If it had some more themes i would be very happy as opposed to happy. Excellent for the price. Recommended.

Reviewed by Fiona from England on 27th Apr 2012
I got this phone in the summer and i love it the camera is OK but a great budget blackberry plus the screen has not froze like sum blackberry s

Reviewed by madison from uk on 22nd Apr 2012
well i havent got this phone yet but my mate had it and it was exlant
i wud recomend it to a freind its a good phone a part from when u click the tracking pad it sticks some times

Reply by mia from England on 16th Jun 2012
Hello Madiee i think its u :D im getting your phone :DD xxx

Reviewed by emma from uk on 12th Apr 2012
i don't like this phone, and the battery life isn't very good. when you use it everyday the keyboard starts to stick and it doesn't type properly. it has frozen quite a few times and the screen went white and it wouldn't do anything for several hours. it also doesn't connect and i'm left with no network. it also won't allow me to download apps.
it was a good phone at the start but now i would much prefer a blackberry (although this phone is very similar) it lacks certain qualities that the blackberry has.

Reviewed by mel from uk on 10th Apr 2012
this phone is very simple to use the only problem iv had is sending picture message i have done everything i was ment to but still cant send them

Reviewed by Laura from Scotland on 30th Mar 2012
This phone is shockingly bad. I only bought it because it was a cheap contract and bitterly regret not getting a more expensive contract which would give me a better phone.

If you literally do nothing with your phone apart from phone people and text then go for it but if you do anything else buy something different, even for taking photos the camera is slow and only 2mp which these days is pretty poor. If you plan to go online with your phone just avoid this phone, save yourself the hassle and pay a little extra if needed. I have a lot of samsung products including my last phone, a samsung tocca lite which was brilliant. This phone has made me rethink if I would buy another samsung phone.
Very, very poor....

Reviewed by star from uk on 30th Mar 2012
i'v had samsung chat for over a year and it is soo rubiish it keeps saying conection lost and i can even download apps like whatsapp how anoying :@

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 26th Mar 2012
I love my Samsung Ch@t. There are a few slight issues though; after three months i still haven't worked out how to email and the track pad can be temparmental at times - i am always phone people by accident. However the querty key pad is easy to use and responsive, i love the whole set up and PEOPLE THINK ITS A BLACKBERRY UNLESS THEY HAVE HAD A SAMSUNG CHAT THEMSELVES AND YOU HAVE SPENT SOOOO MUCH LESS. I looooovvveeeeee this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by whoeveruwantme2b from whoeveruwantme2b on 23rd Mar 2012
hmm kk. not the latest and can ppl stop complaining. the phone u have to return to shop is probably bare doged anywaz lol. GR8 PHONE THO!!!!!!!!!!!! X

Reviewed by Lisa from Bedfordshire on 17th Mar 2012
I got this phone april 1st 2011 and so far it has been back to the shop 5 times all for the same reason. Firstly i like to say its a lovely phone, does what it should do. Buttons can get stuck so can be a pain when texting, can not connect to the internet, I love the fact you can record the radio. The lock button on the left doesnt work but the main problem is the track pad is broke according to phone 4u who I brought it from. It has been sent of 4 times to get this fix, they say 3 and once rebooted in the shop and now it broke again. Im hoping for a new one now as when I go to send a text it freezers and I have to switch the phone off. not a great phone.

Reply by Ali from UK on 26th Mar 2012
You must just be unlucky. No one I've spoken to has had this problem - it seems to be very rare and i have NO problem conecting to the internet, as long as you have thhe pass code for the wifi! :)

Reviewed by Trevor from UK on 17th Mar 2012
Bought this as a Christmas present for my grandaughter. Wished she had choosen another phone as tracker pad kept freezing and has now stopped working completely. Reading these reviews it would seem to be a common problem. Should have read these reviews before I agreed to but it her.

Reviewed by bles-fav from jamaica on 16th Mar 2012
I loveeeee this phone, easy to use, comfortable, and does what its suppose to.

Reviewed by alfredpr19 from nigeria on 13th Mar 2012
i love this phone more than what words can express....... the graphics, the rotating function, in fact every thing about it is cool keep it on sansung......

Reviewed by Mark from Wallsend on 10th Mar 2012
Decent enough cheap phone, £40 pay as you go from Tesco, but keys are TOO SMALL!! ..really difficult to type without touching neighbouring keys.
That I can live with.. but the .. `camera` ? if that is what it is.. DREADFUL! REALLY DREADFUL! Think along the lines of the very first cameraphones..and you`re CLOSE. No flash, limited zoom etc. etc.

Reply by Steve from UK on 12th Mar 2012
Bought this for my son and he adores the camera & video. He uses it in preference to his Kodak digital camera. Keys are too small, really? They're the same as a blackberry! How big can they be without making the phone bigger???

Reply by Alyssa from Ireland on 17th Apr 2012
If you want a camera and video recorder - BUY A CAMERA OR VIDEO RECORDER!!!! I agree with Steve! You are being unrealistic! They can't make the keys bigger without ruining the great, practical, slim size of the phone. However I do agree that the camera is SHOCKING! I've had my phone for months now and i still don't know how to zoom and that is sooo basic it hurts. Honestly I think you were just expecting too much. Its a phone!

Reviewed by Amber from scotland on 9th Mar 2012
I love this phone with it's great qualities and it's my opinion but it's better than blackberry.Everything is great recommend it

Reviewed by Joseph Buttigieg from Malta on 9th Mar 2012
I had just bought this Samsung Ch@t 335. It`s a pretty good set, especially on wi-fi and its qwerty keyboard

Reviewed by Matt from Belgium on 4th Mar 2012
The Samsung Chat is the worst phone I ever had! I hate it when I gotta type a message bechause some keys don't work and my messages are full of forgotten signs when I check them afterwards...

Reviewed by Steph from England on 4th Mar 2012
I got this phone and I absolutely loved it, I got it as I could not afford a BlackBerry. The middle track pad stopped working, as did the middle button. I've not really heard of anyone else who has had this problem, but apart from that I thought it was a brilliant phone.

Reviewed by natasha from scotland on 4th Mar 2012
I got this phone for my christmas it was working brilliant till now.It needed charged but half way through charging it went off I thought it might have been because it was so low but I had left it for half an hour and pushed the on button and nothing happend so i plugged it into another charger and left it again and it still didn't work so I got a USB cable and plugged it into my laptop and it came on charged for a minute then went off and now it will not go on. Does anyone know whats wrong with it ?

Reply by Millie from UK on 5th Mar 2012
Have you tried taking the battery out for a minute? Sometimes if the battery is really low on charge, it needs a reboot to kick start the charging.

Reviewed by Karen from Halifax on 3rd Mar 2012
Mmm .... Nice phone carnt fault tht,but the I.M,yahoo,msn, twitter and all the rest of them apart from Facebook will not connect HOW ANNOYING and sometimes trying to access the web it will not connect 4 hrs AaaargH .... Cannot watch video's on Youtube and jst will not load some Websites .... Baaaaaa humbug

Reviewed by Alice from England on 18th Feb 2012
Love this phone but have one problem, when i send a message the alert tone is really loud, i have found the settings so i can change the volume when i recieve a message but i can't find a way to change the volume when i send one, can anyone help? would be much appreciated.

Reply by blossie from uk on 25th Feb 2012
try volume control on left side

Reviewed by abzzz from uk on 17th Feb 2012
ok ish could be better, keys a bit small, AND! it kept on turning itself off evry hour-sooo annoying during school! and wen my dad tried to fix it, it just kept on resetting before we'd even turned it on properly!

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 15th Feb 2012
I bought the Chat as a cheap bridging phone as my old one broke 1 month after renewing my contract. It is very good in fooling others that it is a Blackberry. There are annoying quirks - the Twitter App has stopped working and switches the phone off automatically every time I try to use it, now the Facebook App does the the same so I have to access these sites by typing in the URL. Lately the phone is refusing to connect to the internet (although beforehand it was sporadic).

It was a phone I was delighted with but now I am getting increasingly frustrated by it's flakey performance.

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 15th Feb 2012
This is the best phone ive ever had!!! It is miles better than blackberrys that break all the time, i can say mine has never broken and is the most consistant phone ive had. very easy to use and not a single thing to fault

Reviewed by chris fortune from Nigeria on 15th Feb 2012
I think this is a very good mobile phone in the mobile industry,good job samsung,more of this should be coming from you.....

Reviewed by Hilary from UK on 15th Feb 2012
Only had the phone seven weeks before the trackpad failed. Tesco refused to replace on the grounds that it was over 28 days since acquisition and insisted that they were only obliged to offer a repair at that stage. Poor quality. Tesco Customer Service even worse.

Reviewed by gary andrew jenkins from england on 13th Feb 2012
the best looking and priced phone i have ever purchased,i would recomened all my friends to buy one.i give samsung 10 yes 10 out of 10.best mobile i have ever had.mostly i have purchased nokia mobiles but there is no turning back now,ever.!!!!!!!!!!!
big plus it connects to my pc very easy.
bit of a downer i cant unlock it to all networks free,any one who can help me with this please email me at garyjenkins1@hotmail.com (all lower_case letters).

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 13th Feb 2012
i bought one and i had it for nine months. then one day i turned it off and it wouldn't come back. i tried everything i asked my family,blogs everything so i got a blackberry that was the best decision i ever made

Reviewed by Christopher from France on 12th Feb 2012
Now i got à Samsung chat 350 on saturday for100€ and si far i am very satisfied with it
It is the best phone I have ever had and if you arre getting one I strongly advise to get an unlocked one so that you can get free mobile ( free is a mobile network you don't actually get a free phone)
Best of luck with your new phone

Reviewed by George from Luxembourg on 12th Feb 2012
I got the phone for Christmas. Except unbelievable built quality from an ease of use point of view it is a disappointment. I was happy to have a phone that I can access several email adresses although there is no direct access to GMail as in a Nokia although the seller promised this to my wife. When opening the Email inbox it is impossible to receive instantly your emails and -wait for this- you have to delete all emails first because of "maximum number of entries reached" every time and then reload the whole email list including the new ones. When the new ones are there you still have to "retrieve" each and every email contents. Bluetooth for in car usage works well although the Samsung asks you each and every time to connect or not and there is no possibility to recognise your car once and for all and connect automatically. If you get in and out of the car often this is annoying. Internet is hopeless and keylock comes too fast. Bottomline is if you want a good looking and well built phone for chat and calls it is perfect but don't use it for anything else. Regards.

Reply by Mick from England on 28th Feb 2012
Your car system will automatically access your phone without confirmation by doing the following. In the bluetooth menu of your mobile select "Options" and then choose "Authorise" and this should hopefully do the trick.

Reviewed by Trevor Lock from UK on 11th Feb 2012
I've had a Blackberry and Nokia E72, the promblem I've found with these is the quality of the voice calls, they are rubbish! So I decided to try a Samsung Chat@335 the call quality is far superior, and though the other features are basic they all work adequately. For it's money 10 out 10.

Reviewed by gedge from philippines on 11th Feb 2012
nice handset.. but little appreciated in installing softwares

Reviewed by Raj khadka from Nepal on 10th Feb 2012
nice mobile.....

Reviewed by gary jenkins from england on 8th Feb 2012
i got a samsung gt3350 after xmas and i must say,its the best phone i have ever had.!surfs the net via wi fi really fast,and screen is really clear,bit small but exellent.they will sell in there millions.!nice clear phone as well as very sleek case and style.can take photos then download into windows 7 via a mini usb lead.

Reviewed by rach from uk on 8th Feb 2012
i bought this phone about a month ago as my blackberry broke an needed something to replace it until i was due an upgrade. the phone looks nice but occasionally when im writing a text not all the letters come up so i end up spelling loads off words wrong... and it takes a long time to scroll bak to the words u want to correct. Also wen i try and go on the facebook app the phone keeps restarting which is very annoying. saying that the wifi and camera are good and you can put a memory card in if you want more space for your song/ pics etc... good phone if you are on a budget or for a short-term thing, luckly my upgrade is next week as i think a month is far long enough to be using this phone.

Reviewed by ben from england on 7th Feb 2012
good phone does the job perfectly

Reviewed by Clarke from Great Britian on 5th Feb 2012
i love this phone. everyone who sees it says 'is that a blackberry?' then they are surprised when i tell them its not. the battery life on this phone is amazing!(even when i go on facebook it still lasts for a week! but there is one tiny problem and that is when you download the facebook app, when i go to open it, it always restarts the phone. any ideas on how this could be fixed ?

Reviewed by alan from wales on 5th Feb 2012
Got a samsung chat for christmas,and the trackpad has stopped working already! Is there any way it can be sorted without returning it?

Reply by gary andrew jenkins from england on 13th Feb 2012
if your phone,or track ball cursor is playing up.as a last resort try setting all your settings to factorey default.please dont ask me how to do this as im new to this samsung as well.but i remember that when i downloaded and modded settings some of my other mobiles played up.if this doesnt work then go on the samsung site for help firmware upgrade ect.good luck gary andrew jenkins from england.

Reviewed by Woldrick from Aruba on 4th Feb 2012
The samsung GT-S3350 is the best phone ever!!!1 I got it as a christmas gift and everybody who sees it goes like "wow! love your BB!" (but it isn't one!) and also i like the LCD screen but there's a phew things that i just don't understand about is that: i can i go on the web but i can't log in to messenger or yahoo or facebook or twitter it keeps telling me that i have been disconnected from the server due to a temporarely network coverage! can somebody please tell me what this mean and how can i fix it pls!

Reviewed by Elvis from Cameroon on 31st Jan 2012

Reviewed by cora mclaughlin from england on 29th Jan 2012
i love this phone i have had it for seven months and am over the moon the camera on all querty phones is not great and this is no exception but i love apsolutely everything else about the phone it is quite ro bust as me and my clumbsyness forgot were i put it and it turned out someone had placed an old tv on it but it returned after 2 weeks without a scratch and still in working order :) i am very happy with it !!

Reviewed by Orla from England on 28th Jan 2012
Me and my friend Emily had a competition - she bought a Blackberry and I bought a Samsung Ch@t on the same day, and we both use our phones approximately the same amount, for the same things, and are both fairly careful. Since October when we got the phones, Emily's Blackberry Bold has been in for repairs for a total of 2 months, and has had a lot of electrical faults, whereas nothing has gone wrong at all with the Samsung. It is perfect, and it can do pretty much everything that a Blackberry can, except maybe the camera isn't great, but for under £50, you wouldn't expect it to be. It is the ideal budget phone and I have lost count of the number of times it has been called a Blackberry by my friends.

Reply by BOB from ENGLAND on 19th Sep 2012

Reviewed by priya from england on 28th Jan 2012
it's great. it's super slim and easy to text the cases are amazing too, everything's great, but eh camera's a bit of a let down

Reviewed by Annabelle from England on 26th Jan 2012
Hello I think the phone is brilliant for texting etc. I really like it if you get a case it is looks nice too! I really like this phone brilliant. Get this phone if you are thinking about it... The fonts are really nice too! everything brilliant (outstanding 5 stars) LOL!

Reviewed by JP Strydom from South Africa on 25th Jan 2012
I have a chat myself and i have 2 say that it is an outstanding fone. It has great functionality and ultimate performance.....from quality 2 looks....it has everything. All that lets me down is the camera, but when you compare the price, you just forget about it. So far i am enjoying the phone. I actually think they should've called it the GALAXY Ch@t and see it as the cheapest galaxy on the market. :)

Reviewed by Tamal from Bangladesh on 24th Jan 2012
I just want to say in one line that "this phone is very ease to handle" And i agree with all previous positive comments...!

Reviewed by Harjoat from England on 21st Jan 2012

Reviewed by Mary G from England UK on 21st Jan 2012
Loving my new Samsung Ch@t. Great to get back to keyboard and trackpad after awkward touchscreen scrolling of last phone. NIGEL from UK - I think your "unable to send multimedia messages" problem was explained to us at the shop. On contract free minutes cover the basic texts and calls - not picture messages or calls to/from abroad. We were advised to put a 'pay as you go top up' of say £10 on the phone that would sit in the background but would be there to pay for multimedia messages or international calls.

Reviewed by jane from Great britain on 21st Jan 2012
this phone was great as my daughter wanted a phone like a blackberry for christmas. she says it is great and carnt stop texting and facebooking on it!great phone overall!

Reviewed by sajid khan from uk bradford on 20th Jan 2012
this phone is the best but it dosnt have bbm but it is better than a bb curver 8520

Reviewed by Emily Scruton from England on 19th Jan 2012
I've had this phone, since this morning. I got it at carphone warehouse on an upgrade, for £50. I thought at the time, for £50, it's nothing special. Well, as usual, I was wrong. This phone is a really unique, nice, slim, realiable phone to use. People say, "Blackberry's are way better." THATS BECAUSE YOU SPEND LOADS OF UNNESACERY MONEY ON IT. I recommend this phone to anyone. If your in doubt to buy it, I say HELL YEAH. The wifi's really nice as well, I can use google, facebook (via wifi, not the social networking app), youtube, EVEYTHING, all for free on the wifi. The only thing that stumped me, was that it doesn't come with a USB lead, So I can't transfer music. But apart from that, it's great, and you can also put memory cards in, the MicroSD ones to be precised. Not all the photo's worked, (as i transfered them onto my phone, from my memory card) but thats not something I'm going to loose sleep over. Have fun with this phone,it's the best that money can buy.

Reply by gary andrew jenkins from england on 13th Feb 2012
my samsung was boxed the same no usb pc data lead.but not to worry go down to your local stapples office furniture and computer supplies shop and the samsung gts3350 data lead is around 10 pounds or less,job done.!!! i live in cambridge.

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 19th Jan 2012
Phone is good except for the fact i cannot send or receive picture messages, keeps coming up with "unable to send multimedia messages" been through the manual but still no idea, anybody got any easy options for fixing this problem. Ta

Reviewed by Nilesh from UK on 18th Jan 2012
Phone is good BUT its software (Operating System) is pathetic to say the least. May be I am spoiled after using Android and iOS (iPhone). Its not intuitive and not convenient. It CANNOT beat Blackberry. You would not like to use it for regular emailing using its native browser. I am regretting buying it. No problem with Phone hardware... its the software which has killed the phone. NOT recommended.

Reviewed by Maria from Russia on 17th Jan 2012
I've had this phone since December and i'm completely pleased with its 'superb ergonomics'. However, as for those small points you face every day, i'm really upset about using the app: what i need is the ability to minimize! As i use opera browser and an sms comes, i have to finish the app, read the msg and then stat the browser again. Quite an annoying thing. Or maybe i just don't inderstand something. Does anybody have the solution?

Reviewed by bles-fav from jamaica on 17th Jan 2012
very good phone considering price does what i want.no complaints

Reviewed by lilly from england on 15th Jan 2012
its really good but i have question that is can u insert a memory card in a Samsung chat???????

Reply by nor from st.vincent on 2nd Feb 2012
yes you can. you have to take off the back cover. the memory card slot is on the left hand corner above the battery.

Reviewed by LINDA G from ENGLAND on 14th Jan 2012

Reviewed by mack from LA on 14th Jan 2012
this phone os really good so y not by it its better than the bb

Reviewed by Xruz from Philippines on 14th Jan 2012
I bought this yesterday as a cheap back-up phone, it's more on the looks that it takes its edge over the other cheap QWERTY phones like Nokia C3. But in terms of functionality, it's more on the basic side, but that's what you get with a cheap feature phone. I tried to install Facebook for every phone which is java based, but it failed to launch the app, it reboots every time I tried to open the app. The keypad is quite on the difficult side to use, aside from being too small, flat and crowded, it's also quite hard to press, as I see it's made out of a rubbery plastic material. The built-in social networking apps, such as twitter and facebook, are quite annoying to use, something you wouldn't like and get used to when you have experienced using the same apps in a full pledged smartphone. Overall, I'd give it a 4 on the somewhat "svelte" looks, but average (2) on the functionality. So that's 3.

Reviewed by Amit Sinha from India on 13th Jan 2012
I have been using this phone for about 3 months. I am pleased with the quality of this phone. I really liked its sound quality in the headphone.

Reviewed by Lalit from Mauritius on 11th Jan 2012
I Love this phone, excellent

Reviewed by karlos from uk on 9th Jan 2012
brilliant phone for the money i paid £50 on payg i love this phone " ITS MEGGA

Reviewed by poppy hill from engaland on 9th Jan 2012
The Samsung Chat 335 is a very good phone. You can choose different settings so you have a wide choice. The camera is very good and decent and you can change effects so it is very good. Battery lasts very long.The keypad is very easy to use and you can change the sensitivity of the mouse so it is very easy to use.It is very easy to use messaging wise and very helpful to me. so i recommend this phone is a very good phone.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 8th Jan 2012
Ordered from Tesco as the deal was good. All round decent phone. People that complain it it is not as good as phones that are many times the price or that it does not do things it does not claim to do need to think a bit more.

Reviewed by Chris from Nigeria on 8th Jan 2012
d phones ok...but the name is ironic chat 335 duhhh...it doesnt accept most chatting applications. Accepts some jar files (max 699.9kb only!)...samsung shud gt us an application lyk d bb messenger!!! WiFi works well, has a usb, strong battery...useless browser, good fonts,nice track pad n keyboard... GET US A SAMSUNG MESSENGER® PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Reviewed by BISHNU CHALISE from NEPAL on 7th Jan 2012

Reviewed by Claire from England on 7th Jan 2012
Got this phone for internet on the go use but can't get internet on it so it was a complete waste of money and does not come up to standard on all it promised to be.

Reviewed by Nyiko from south africa on 7th Jan 2012
Ive been using da fone 4 three months nw n da phone is not dat bad it hangs nw n then,da battery is ok compared 2 my last fone(n 5130xp) da music is not da loud bt ok.da built of da fone screem quality,keypads r responding well like it 2 bits,da browser is nt up 2 standard everytime it says insuffitient mem which irretating at times,da display isbig enough 4 da phones size &clear even at low brightness which i always set 2save da battery all i all its nt a bad fone

Reviewed by Shahid from Uk on 6th Jan 2012
The phone i generally good but if your on Facebook and want to view some images it will say not enough memory and you wont see the picture also you cannot use YouTube on the phone .

Reviewed by Kieran from Hull on 5th Jan 2012
Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the wifi? Its not working on mine

Reviewed by naimah from england on 4th Jan 2012
i love this phone so much but the thing i dont understand is that it doesnt come with a wire to connect the phone to a computer/laptop

Reviewed by Dilafrose from England on 3rd Jan 2012
Not Much Impressiver than the samsung tocco Lite..

Reviewed by Saffiahommenau from Awesome world on 3rd Jan 2012
Not a bad phone for the price but blackberrys are far better

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