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Samsung BD-F5100 review

 Review: March 2013  

Last updated October 2013

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: This compact, entry-level Blu-Ray player offers great value for money.


Design & looks

Samsung's 2013 Blu-Ray players feature an unusual asymmetric design with a curved corner. Apart from this, the design is quite plain, with a tray deck and touch key control button. Overall, this is a compact and unobtrusive player. The player is Energy Star 2.0 compliant and in-use energy consumption is an almost negligible 8.8W.


The player can play Blu-Ray disks as well as DVDs, including DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW. It can also play CDs, including CD-R and CD-RW. As this is the entry-level model, there is no support for 3D disks.

When playing DVDs, the player can upscale to HD using Samsung's BD Wise feature. This also adjusts settings such as contrast and colour balance, and gives the best results for older DVDs.

Audio quality is good, with support for HD audio formats.

Smart TV

Smart functionality has changed in Samsung's 2013 range. Popular apps like YouTube and BBC iPlayer are now native to the device.


The player connects to a HD Ready TV via HDMI and there's a coaxial digital audio output for connecting to an external speaker system.

A USB port in the front panel lets you plug in a USB or external hard drive and access music, photos or videos on your TV.

An ethernet connection enables internet access.

If you have a Samsung TV, the Anynet+ feature lets you use just one remote control to control both devices.

Conclusion - a compact entry-level player

This entry-level model in Samsung's 2013 range delivers a ton of features for around £60, making it one of the best value Blu-Ray players you can buy. When you compare this model with players from a few years ago, you'll appreciate just how much value you're getting for very little cost.

The Samsung BD-F5500 costs very slightly more and adds support for playing 3D Blu-ray disks.

Samsung BD-F5100 features include:

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Just bought Samsung 5100. When trying to set it up, it says check cable connection... it's the same hookup as my old one. Does it require a special cable?

Asked by Frank from Usa on 9th Feb 2017

Does the blue ray BD F5100 or /and 5500 have integrated wifi?

Asked by VOGEL from FRANCE on 4th Mar 2016

Samsung BD-F5100 user reviews

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Average rating from 12 reviews:

Reviewed by kasetti from finland on 23rd Dec 2016
The DVD upscale quality on this player is utter rubbish compared to my other bluray player from sony that is the same price. Though DVD upscaling on this is on par with my Xbox one s and my pc which are bad as well.

Reviewed by Josh from Same on 17th Apr 2016
When reproducing Internet content like youtube or netflix for a few hours, it "hangs", just have to turn if off from time to time.

Reviewed by odading from indonesia on 18th Oct 2014
Just bought BD-F5100.
All my SD-movie on my external drive won't upscale to full screen.

For example, ff the movie resolution is 720x576 in my USB drive than it display exactly 720x576 size in the middle of my 1920x1080 42" TV screen with black bar top-bot left-right.

Even my very very cheap chinese dvd player with USB plug, will upscale the movie size.

Is this a stupid Samsung ?
or a defected product ?

I will write to Samsung directly about this.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 25th Mar 2014
The S1 review is completely inaccurate. The only two smart services are YouTube and iplayer and that's it, you can't add more.

Their claim that it 'delivers a ton of features for around 60, making it one of the best value Blu-Ray players you can buy' is completely untrue.

Wireless Blu-Ray players with many more smart features including Film rental services can be had for cheaper than this model.

This is a very basic player with paltry smart features that require a wired connection. It is completely overpriced for what it is.

Terrible review.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 4th Feb 2014
When I first got this little bit of kit, it was excellent, iPlayer worked without any issues, unfortunately it auto updated to the 1009.5 firmware and now has turned into a 60 pile of junkp.

iPlayer no longer works, Cinavia protection prevents watching some movies via USB. Samsung support is shamefully non existent, either via facebook, twitter or indeed the good old phone.

Samsung support website wont allow you to log-in and ask them questions regarding these issues, even after it forces you to register your name, phone number, address etc.

If you can get one with the old firmware (and dont update it), its definitely worth 60, but otherwise stay well clear.

Reply by Tim Cannell from UK on 6th Feb 2014
Samsung support website is a joke - they just suppress any negative comments as they choose.

Reply by Tim Cannell from UK on 8th Feb 2014
New firmware update 1010 with iPlayer fix now released... however no phone call from Samsung as they promised and no acknowledgement that they even broke this in the first place.

Reviewed by Tim Cannell from UK on 10th Jan 2014
I have just bought one of these from Sainsburys - however although it has the latest firmware installed iPlayer is broken - can find and list content however any attempt to play back fails and causes unit to lock up until mains power reset. From others comments can only draw the conclusion that Samsung has failed to test this software revision as I understand earlier versions were working.

Reply by Colin from UK on 11th Jan 2014
I have had the same problem when i loaded new firmware. Have not been able to go back to old version. iplayer freezes once you select a program. Shame because it worked fine on version 1009.3. may have to send it back to amazon. Have tried reset and laoding software from usb stick.

Reply by Colin A from UK on 27th Jan 2014
Exactly the same for me. iPlayer worker perfectly. I had the update set to auto. The player updated then... No iPlayer? Symptoms are exactly as described above by Tim. Very frustrating. When are Samsung going to sort this out? I rely on iPlayer as I have no aerial connection at the moment.

Reply by Tim Cannell from UK on 3rd Feb 2014
I subsequently raised a phone support issue and have been given a reference number - they listen and log the issue but without any commitment to doing anything about it - pretty poor that they are still selling these with the 1009.5 firmware which has been out for 2 and a half months. The Community Q&A (htp://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/BD-F5100/XU-support/ask-and-answer) on their official support site is a bit of a joke and doesn't offer any useful help at all. Furthermore it seems as if my Samsung account is locked out preventing me from commenting more there...

Reviewed by lee from uk on 22nd Nov 2013
This is a great piece of kit, internet viewing is very good and internet HD on YouTube is superb,using BT 500mb power-line though mains wiring and this includes using a mains extension lead which is not recommended but makes zero difference,cant understand why people are having problems with it,online update couldn't be simpler,unit notifies you an update is available,and it took seconds to update it,the price is very good,maybe I just got a good one but I would not change it, internet speed i have is about 35mbit. The router is down stairs and the unit is upstairs hence having to use powerline as unit not supplied with wireless,only youtube and iplayer on unit.

Reviewed by Martin Groves from England on 19th Nov 2013
Hate it.
Cannot get lovefilm
Would not do a firmware update online or via USB
Spent hours trying to do so with help of samsung.
Today 19/11/13 prompted to do a firmware update.
Update installed, first time ever.
BBC iplayer now does not play programmes.
Player locks up and has to be powered off at mains.
This has happened 3 times now.
Think it is time to get my money back.

Reviewed by Samu from Finland on 12th Nov 2013
+ Cheap. Easy 2 use. 1080p HD.

- No wifi. Loud.

= 8+


Reviewed by Felipe from Colombia on 7th Oct 2013
I bought one two weeks ago. My experience with it has been satisfactory. Haven't had any problems except for a very slow performance when playing videos from youtube, it is too slow even when disconnecting all my devices from internet and I have a 4mb home connection.

I recommend it for playing all kind of Bluray discs and dvds it does bring great definition but not for playing from internet.

Reviewed by Sandy from usa on 20th May 2013
Bought one 5-6-2013. Used happily for two days when the screen went black and machine completely shut down. Happening repeatedly, sometimes multiple times in an evening. Returned unit 5-18-2013. Assuming it was a fluke.....exchanged the machine. It is 5-20-2013. I have the new f5100. The machine shuts down constantly. Disc, Netflix no matter. I have always been happy with Samsung. But, it didn't even wait two days this time. I will be returning it for good this time. I strongly advise against this model. Unless you like buying frustration.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 19th May 2013
Just bought this Blu Ray player, love it, it is easy to set up and use. I had a little niggle with the sound on 1 of my Blu-Rays, but I think that was my fault, ejected and restarted it and it was perfect, it is an amazing improvement on my previous Phillips player and is 30 cheaper than that was.
The smart system supports only You-Tube and BBC-Iplayer, I haven't found a way of adding anymore apps, however I rarely watch anything else but BBC, so this is just fine for me.
A great entry level player for people without a lot of money.

Reply by Sandy from USA on 20th May 2013
Let us know how you feel in two weeks! This was a horrible model at my house. I tried two!!!! Both, same problem. Screen goes black. Machine shuts down competely. Must unplug to regain any type of power. First one took two days to act up. Messed with it for 10 more days. Took it back and got a replacement. Immediately it wouldn't work right. Got a half hour sit-com and total freeze. Every 1/2 hour to two hours after that. I like Samsung... but, if I had bought it at Walmart.... I would have expected lesser quality. I am a Samsung supporter... but, they could loose some ground if they are not real careful. Do not buy this product.

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