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Samsung Armani review

 Review: February 2008  

Last updated April 2010


In a nutshell: The Samsung Armani phone is a truly compact touchscreen phone. It doesn't have the ease-of-use of Apple's iPhone nor the high-end features of the LG Viewty touchphone, but it looks amazing.


We loved the LG Prada, so we were really looking forward to reviewing the Samsung Giorgio Armani. Samsung plus Armani is such a fantastic combination, that success is guaranteed, right? Well not necessarily, because a lot has changed since the Prada phone of 2007 - the Armani now has to compete with newer touchscreen phones like the iPhone and the LG Viewty. Let's put the phone through its paces and see how it shapes up to the competition.

The first thing to say is that if you love Armani, then stop reading now and just go and buy the phone. It's a beautiful phone, and you can call and text with it, OK? Seriously though, it's a stunning phone to look at. It's really tiny and weighs hardly anything, at just 85g (the iPhone weighs 135g!). It's the smallest and thinnest of all the touchscreen-driven phones currently on the market. The finish is much nicer than our photo here conveys - it's finished in a combination of aluminium and stainless steel. It also comes with a specially-designed leather pouch to protect it from scratches. Apart from the send and end keys located beneath the screen, the Armani is entirely touchscreen controlled, and this is the secret to its good looks and also the cause of most problems.

The device is smaller than other touchscreen phones available, and that means that the screen is smaller too (2.6" compared with the iPhone's 3.5"). It also has a lower resolution. Inevitably this makes the touchscreen interface harder to use, although Samsung have done their best with the award-winning Croix user interface which uses touch and audio feedback and specially-designed graphics and icons. The bottom line is that it isn't as easy to use as an iPhone or a Viewty, especially for texting.

Just like the iPhone and the Prada phone, the Armani phone isn't at the cutting edge feature-wise. It takes reasonably good photos with a 3 megapixel camera (with zoom & flash), records video clips and plays music. The internal memory of 60 Mbytes is enough for around 15 music tracks, but you can easily expand this with a memory card. Battery life isn't great, but it's acceptable at around 2-3 days of normal use. The phone supports Bluetooth, including Bluetooth wireless headphones. You can also browse the web and send emails, if you really must.

Technically, the Armani can't compete with modern touchscreen phones, nor does it have the ease of use of the Apple iPhone. What it does have is the Armani brand, to-die-for looks and a truly compact body. It's about expectations - don't buy this thinking it's the best phone ever, or has the most impressive spec available, because it hasn't. Buy it because you like the style and are willing to compromise on ease-of-use and high-end features.

Samsung Armani features include:

  • 3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash
  • Video recorder: 352 x 288 pixels at 15 fps
  • Display: TFT, 240 x 320 pixels, 262,000 colours (2.6 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, WMA, ACC, ACC+ formats, OMA Digital Rights Management)
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, email with attachments
  • Java games
  • Memory: 60 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (up to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • Internet: WAP 2.0, web browser, GPRS Class 10, Edge Class 10
  • Triband
  • Size: 88 x 55 x 10.5 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 360 minutes
  • Battery standby: 220 hours

Samsung Armani user reviews

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Average rating from 108 reviews:

Reviewed by Gee Browne from UK on 13th Nov 2011
I was once the proud owner of an Armani mobile and i can tell you it's the best phone i have ever had. the touch screen is a little too sensitve when texting and you might have to save msg to draft a few times if you are sending a long text so that you dont lose the text but other than that it's the best.

Reviewed by John Neville from UK on 14th Jul 2011
I still have the armani phone long after the contract ran out ( 2 years ago ) the phone is still brilliant absolutely no problems with it . And it still looks good

Reviewed by kamrun from UK on 22nd Aug 2010
it lukz nice buty i lov sml fne.and i dnt knw anyting yet but i'll find out.so far it luks rly nice&gud

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 16th Nov 2009
I brought this phone over a year ago it had to be repared through a charging fault ever since it came back it its like it wont let me text it goes on to something else when i dont want it to its a nightmare. I am now replacing it with a blackberry Curve.

Reviewed by john bishop from UK on 1st Nov 2009
Texting is difficult. Trying to edit your text once written is such a pain (fixed in the Tocco). The screen in unresponsive. The whole system is slow and doing anything is a bit of an effort. The phone is nice to look at but not much more. Flicking through photos is slow.

Reviewed by Tala from Lebanon on 1st Oct 2009
I "won" this phone 7 months ago, I feel pitty for the ones who had to buy it. Seriously you have to press hard on the screen to get words written, and once you are typing your long sms and if you wanna go back and edit, it erases everything on the screen so you have to start all of over again. I stayed out of contact for 7 months just b/c evey sms takes me 15 minutes to type or re-type. The pictures have bad resolution. Don't get overwhelmed by the looks, the phone really has bad functions. **Two Thumbs Down**

Reviewed by john neville from United kingdom on 24th Sep 2009
This phone is brilliant IT IS ARMANI for gods sake, just look at it. The phone is amazing, it doesn't takes ages to send a text, just patience, you can't have a small elegant phone with large numbers CAN YOU ?? do I like this PHONE course I do. Did I keep the phone after the contract ran out YES. And for your information I do not have pianist fingers either, I have large Engineers fingers and I can still use the keypad. Best phone I ever had.

Reviewed by keli from England on 28th Aug 2009
I have had this phone for nearly 2 years now and i love it, my contract ended and i kept using the handset, its extremely easy to use (its just takes getting used to, just like every other phone out there!)Its stylish and tiny, and with the memory card i got with the phone its hold 100's of song and pictures and videos. Brilliant phone, definately the best iv ever had!

Reviewed by cathy from england on 25th Aug 2009
This phone may look beautiful but it is the worse phone I have ever owned. It takes forever to send a text or dial a number as touchscreen keypad is so tiny that all the letters and numbers keep coming up incorrectly. My heart sinks every time I receive a text when I think how long its going to take to reply. Have contacted samsung in relation to this and they say that there is nothing that they can do.Have had this phone now for four months and it gets more frustrating by the day. Please take my advice and DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by ab from uk on 4th Aug 2009
I like this Phone, its realy Small & compact, it does just about everything a Mobile can do nowadys, as for the Bad reviews below, you should know how to use a mobile & Calabirate The Touch screen before giving this phone a bad Rating, as for me Its Brill.

Reviewed by Rachael from England on 14th Jul 2009
LOVE IT! It got quite scratched so I scratched all the paint off and now it's silver! (looks much better!) Yes, it sometimes has a mind of it's own but it looks sooo good! Had it for a year now and everyone comments on it! Camera is rubbish but I've got a real camera so it's not a big deal! Looking for a new phone now - nothing is going to look as good as the Armani :)

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 25th Apr 2009
The armarni is small... does everything you want... mp3 photo.. calls.. texts.. and looks AMAZING!!! much better than any LG as all LG phones are guaranteed to break down. AWSOME PHONE

Reviewed by izzy from england on 25th Apr 2009
its ok but it looks like a box.

Reviewed by Sammy from England on 17th Apr 2009
I come from England and bought this phone here it is wicked however I dont have it my brother had it and let me borrow it. Its alright however LG Touch phones are better!

Reviewed by Duke from Canada on 15th Apr 2009
I purchased this phone for a good price last year and to be honest , I would never EVER pay the retail amount. I believe when the phone came out it was $500 + The only good thing this phone has going for itself is the size and the camera (DURING THE DAY) Pros: 1. size 2. color, sharpness, mp3 capabilities, bluetooth, video, customization - wallpapers, etc Cons: where to start 1. when the battery is almost out of juice, and you go to charge (wall charger) the phone makes this annoying clicking sound and will not hold charge. the only way to by-pass this is to remove the battery, re-insert and the charge for 5-10 minutes with the phone powered off. Then you can go ahead and start charging with the phone turned on. The battery life is brutal 2. sending text messages can take forever sometimes - the response time is fairly slow - especially if you have fat fingers! 3. don't bother going on the net 4. slow interface 5. camera at night - don't bother To sum up this review, I would recommend choosing another touch screen like the htc or iphone I wouldn't buy this phone new and would not pay more than $200

Reviewed by top from mauritius on 10th Apr 2009
it a flop mobile

Reviewed by becca from England on 6th Apr 2009
I have had this phone since it first came out and i really hate it .. i thought it would be a good phone as i like up to date technology but it is such a let down .. so i am now looking for its replacement .

Reviewed by beccs from Untied Kingdom on 6th Apr 2009
To start with it was the phone to get .. it was cute .. small .. and it was a touch screen .. for the first few months it was ok but the it started to do odd things .. like when you click at the top of the screen it would say you clicked at the bottom .. like when texting you would try to put a 'c' and it would send the text :S .. then it would type odd words in or it would just cancell all of the text it has just taken ages to produce .. then you have to start over again .. how annoying !! .. once the novelty has worn off this phone is no good at all .. im already looking for a new one after spending so much on this :@

Reviewed by Elle from Australia on 4th Apr 2009
Really good phone. I am 11 and the phone is an object to show off to your friends. The music player can have more than 50 tracks, well mine can. There is only 1 thing every time I try to send a message with a photo,sound etc it comes up as SERVICE UNAVAIBLE

Reviewed by jem from england on 30th Mar 2009
sick phone :)

Reviewed by rougerie from south africa on 27th Mar 2009
if your idea of a phone is a full featured gadget, then this phone is not for you. i use this phone to make phone calls, play music and snap a few photos every now and then, so this phone is perfect for me. this phone was never released to be a high spec phone. the main purpose of this phone is to be a stylish accessory and it exceeds with this. it was never meant for the mass market - its target is the individual who likes something different. its for the person who doesnt give a damn about the specs of a mobile. a better description of the phone is probably that its a fashion accessory with the capability of making phones calls. if thats not what you are after, then buy something else - the armani wont do it for you then. i love this mobile. the great thing about the phone is all the stuff thats bundled with it - you get a leather case for the phone, 2 batteries, a 2gig memory card, a bluetooth headset...awesome sales package. i think its a great phone and definitely worth it. its something different, and thats what im after, and this mobile succeeds with that.

Reviewed by Butterfly from England on 13th Mar 2009
For the first 8 months this phone was amazing. Cute, handbag sized and never let me down. Now it has decided to grow a mind of its own, when i try to type a text the phone either cancels off to the menu screen or types words of its own accord and sends the text. i would not recommend getting this phone unless you want to be stressed out of your mind!! Its drives me crazy!!

Reviewed by James from Scotland on 9th Mar 2009
Also have this phone & cant connect to internet

Reviewed by So from scotland on 27th Feb 2009
The phone isn't bad but i can't seem to get on to the net for some reason, if someone could help, that would be great

Reviewed by Tracy from UK on 2nd Jan 2009
Brilliant phone, had it for about 3 months now and no problems at all it works great I absolutely love it, It's nice and small and slim unlike the big bulky Tocco, LG and iphone. This phone also has the pre-set text animations (little men depicting angry, confused, cry etc.) and pictures unlike the newer samsungs (Tocco, Omnia) which don't support any pictures in the texts. I am a text addict sending approx 3000+ texts per month so was very dubious about getting this phone as some reviews said it was hard to text, NOT TRUE!! it took maybe a week or two to get used to it and at first was slow (usually i can type a full long text in seconds) but as i got used to it i got faster again and within 2 weeks back up to full speed! it just takes patience at first to get used to touch screen (as with anything new) but is well well worth it! I LOVE THIS PHONE. The photographs and video are good quality (if taking photo's using the highest 3m pixel quality they tend to blur as it takes a slight delay in taking photo but if using normal 1280 x 960 the photo's are good and this size is good enough to print out. The only little disappointments for me was no slot on phone for a phone charm/dangley or strap etc but i just unscrewed one of the tiny screws at the top right and put my dangly thread round the screw and screwed back in. and also no skin change, on my E900 you could at least choose black or white but on the Armani you cannot change colour at all. Overall this is a brilliant compact phone and i'd recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Blake from England on 21st Dec 2008
Great phone, easy to navigate, very much recommend this. Love the fashion based design. Could be improved - camera could be better. But overall fab.

Reviewed by john from wales on 21st Dec 2008
had the phone for about a month now and not a problem jus takes gettin used to

Reviewed by Isidore from Venezuela on 17th Dec 2008
I bought my Samsung Armani almost a year ago and had been happily using it for quite some time. I'd never really paid very much attention to how truly effortless it is to use. When the iPhone 3G came out I bought it immediately, and after enduring two weeks of a poorly designed interface, the maze of applications and a baffling SMS setup I reverted to my faithful Armani. Many people say that due to its lower resolution and now 'sub-standard' interface, the iPhone is superior to use. This was certainly not the case for me although I believe the Armani is better suited to those with more nimble digits.

Reviewed by jatt from uk on 14th Dec 2008
brilliant fne but wen u touch the fne it sumtymes goes to anotha place

Reviewed by Lam , Yichen from Sg on 3rd Dec 2008
Well this is a good phone. i had a hard time finding it. Eventually i bought from a giorgio armani shop. it costed like $1499. Cheaper version onmia is also great. But the armani design captivates me. With smooth edges and clever touch screen. The phone is really incredible.

Reviewed by ahmed from bahrain on 2nd Dec 2008
i love the armani, i've struggled to find this fone, since it was discontinued in shops, i finally found it in a shop as a 2nd hand, which costed me around 125 pounds, i bought it without hesitating, it comes with a bag and a small bag aswell black in color, and a screen cleaner...awesome, its amazing hope it lasts forever, i always knew this is the fone im looking for. xD

Reviewed by mii boii from uk on 23rd Nov 2008
cool fashionable phone love it!!!

Reviewed by shannon from UK on 8th Nov 2008
love the fone its great the design is great aswel everything is great!!!

Reviewed by saeed from uk on 7th Nov 2008
I've had this phone for about 2 months and absolutely love, it takes some getting use to, but that's all part of the excitement- however the phone does tend to take all the attention away from me- but I suppose it's what armani does. some of the issues mentioned on here are really unjust. the camera is good in day-light, but evenings and night pics could be better, although you would need to change the settings etc to use in different places. Texting is difficult at first, but once you know what you are doing it's very simple, and you get faster once you are familiar with it- the text pridictor is the only fastest way to text- and if you have chunky fingers- you will find it hard. As for the using keyad during calls- simply unlock the phone, press the icon which looks like a keypad, and hey presto the numbers appear like magic. the best thing about this phone is that it doesn't stick out when wearing jeans, or suit trousers. I think the other faults re: tapping phone too hard, may have just been a problem with the phone and not a fault design- You do get the odd 1 or 2 that slip quality- but that just needs a phone change. the best thing about this phone is that you can transfer items to and from your pc direct to the memory card with having to install the samsung program, especially good for those with windows vista- or with small memory space on their laptops. overall for the size- this phone does everything for a fraction of price, never crashes, and very sytlish, and a mate even offerred my his brand new N95 when he saw me pull mine out to make a call- I refused and I'm glad- as this is a phone that does everything plus more. Re; web and mms, simply phone your providers and get them to text you the settings. again not Armani's fault but the providers- Voda/Orange/o2 and all the others. Hope I've been constructive- only thing I would say I am dissappointed is that the headset should come with a remote to save you having to pull the phone out everytime you wanna change tracks, and the battery could be better, especially if you tend to listen to music on the phone.

Reviewed by dannett from England on 5th Nov 2008
every day for the last week i have been reading all the reviews for the armani samsung and most people on the sites i was looking at were saying dont buy it its rubbish! and i neally took there advice but changed my mind because i was useing the prada phone and the reviews for that were saying its rubbish and iv had no problem with mine, anyway back to armani i brought one and its A ok ! iv been on it all day and iv sent my number by text to all my friends and iv had no problem useing the text, so anyone whos thinking of buying one of these phones i would say go ahead because everybody is diffrent and some are still not used to the touch phones so they have no paitence but there is nothing wrong with the workings of the armani samsung.

Reviewed by Meerah from UK on 16th Oct 2008
I got my Armani phone when it first came out and I was so excited about it, having never had a touch screen phone I was very excited HOWEVER I found it very hard to use at first and gave up after 2weeks and went back to using my p910i. Abt 2 months later I started using it again with patients and I can honestly say it is one of the best phones out there. If u get use to using it, its perfect everything is basic and wonderful.

Reviewed by cihat from Turkiye on 15th Oct 2008
It is a great phone, be patient first then you will see how great the phone is. This is the samsung technology and number one.

Reviewed by Catherine from England on 11th Oct 2008
Awful phone, the picture camera is awful, dont buy it HONEST

Reviewed by Tiffany from USA on 29th Sep 2008
I love my Armani Samsung P520 phone!! it's soo hot looking and soo cute! it has all these great features, the only probelm is that i don't know how to copy music on to it..

Reviewed by jordan from england on 18th Sep 2008
it is a quality phone

Reviewed by Lau from Lincs on 15th Sep 2008
I had this phone a few months back and I traded it in for a good ol' sony ericsson! It indeed looks pretty, but it has its bad points! 1. Not vibrating when it rings means you can miss calls. 2. when messaging (sms) if your finger even slightly touches the wrong part of the touch screen your time consuming message has been cancelled and you have to start again! (and I have very small hands and fingers and it happened alot to me!) 3. It can cut off alot during calls which can end up being annoying. 4. The camera is very poor, even though it's a 3MegaPixel, when pictures are taken they blur too easily. ( Not a phone for a picture taking fan at all) But other than that, it's a very sexy phone. Nicely made, good accessories, Good Armani make..

Reviewed by gandunator (farida) from mars on 18th Aug 2008
reely good phone i it like sorry about english im new to country

Reviewed by hmm from est on 17th Aug 2008
I got this phone few days ago and at first I also had a bad feeling about it, but I am getting used to the texting and stuff. I am however dissapointed in the camera. My previous phone was Samsung U600 and it took great pictures, so it makes it hard to give my old phone away..

Reviewed by vince from milton keynes on 5th Aug 2008
i have had this phone for 5 months now. when i opend it and put him in the leather case 2 months using this slow phone i take the case of right and the whole paint came off with it so now its silver :) lol. this phone is slow and ribbish not buy it buy the i phone 3g :) x

Reviewed by bernie crane from russia on 30th Jul 2008
i think this phone is horrible.i thought it would be good but no way!!the touch screen is so bad becoz it takes a while to click on it.you have to click it hard.And Myne broke 5 days later when i bought it.i wouldnt recommend this phone at all.

Reviewed by Mak from UK on 15th Jul 2008
Had this phone over a week now and no problems with it at all. Of course you need to get used to the touch screen, but it does what a phone should - make & receive calls, send & receive texts. It has nice bonuses like a 3.2 mega pixel camera, a decent speakerphone capability. If you want a mobile office get the iphone or Viewty, if you want a much smaller, more chic phone that does the basics and looks good doing it then get the Armani.

Reviewed by junulrik from japan on 12th Jun 2008
Despite of many negative comments on Samsung Armani, I still consisder as one best compact phones. I think i very illogical to compare it with iphone or with other multifunctions unit.. As if you are comparing vertu or nokia arter with iphone or lg units.. the target consumers of samsung armani are those who use their phone for calling or receiving call and not to send text messages as normal people do on the street.. in short this Samsung Armani is for a limited number of people, not for common ones..

Reviewed by smurfpac from England on 9th Jun 2008
brill !!!

Reviewed by Magnus from Norway on 1st Jun 2008
To MUHAMMAD NOMAN. If I've understood right this warranty thing, it is possible to repair in any country where is Samsung service partners. (check www.samsung.no -> Support. In Norway service partners are www.zodiac.no or www.deltaservice.no .) Don't forget to enclose the phones tax invoice when sending it to them. But give them a call before sending your phone. Also if they need to update the software, you may loose your original country/language-settings. And what comes to that phone... one of the worst thing ever! Okey, I have to give couple of stars, because of that nice design. But in a nutshell: "Beautiful piece of junk". For instance "writing a SMS" - whoever came up with this SMS platform-idea could have not gone more wrong. Probably hasn't never sent or received a single message and definitely wasn't standing in a queu where the logic was dispensed. Also my fingers tips are way too large for the screen and it (or I) usually chooses either an upper or lower option, but not the one I want from between. of course that might be just lack of practice. It's not as sophisticated as Prada is. However this has more "kick", "rock" and something more. So, I adore this phone when i don't have to use it or even better; when it's not on. Cheers!

Reviewed by halpeeto cipriaani from england on 28th May 2008
the samsung armani is not a very good phone it has disraced samsung well and truly. it is a buetiful phone but the features are rubbish. it has the same features as the samsung e900 and that is a good 50 years old.the touch screen is the worst thing it is just to figity and the screen is too small.the apple iphone is much better because its bigger and apples are good for you

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 12th May 2008
i dnt know how you all cope with this fone i had this for a few days and it made me realise how impatient i am. you should have to wait over a second before the screen knows youve selected something.

Reviewed by Noman from Pakistan on 6th May 2008
necccc2005@hotmail.com MUHAMMAD NOMAN i have bought gergio aramani samsung one 2 weeks ago its not working now when i power on my gergio armani its blinks like this gergio armani appears and dispears on screen and when i attached it with charger or data cable its just blink without gergio armani i bought it from Pakistan and now i m in Norway i m very much woried about my phone will u plz help what can i do now plz reply me to help me warranty which i got from pakistan (united)does it work in norway or i should send my mobile phone back to pakistan is this is serious problem with my phone if some one ask to me how is gergio armani i personlay not suggest him to buy this phone because after buying such expensive some one can not afford problem like this so plz help me to get rid of this problem see u plz reply me

Reviewed by callum from uk on 3rd May 2008
well wat can i say about this fone? as me and you know, we all like a fone that looks nice and has the best camera and mp3 player. well this fone obviously looks very good, but not as good as the soul. but camera and mp3 not too good. screen is poor quality as well. simple menu thou, it is easy to use but has not got very many features. i would really reccommend the lg viewty or the nokia 6500 slide.

Reviewed by Nkaka from Britain on 26th Apr 2008
My touch screen failed within two months of taking delivery.Got replaced with new phone.If you have large finger tips as I do a bit messy texting.Out in the open screen not easily visible.Whats also missing is bose headpones!!!

Reviewed by Craig from England on 25th Apr 2008
Yes another fashion victim here! I have always had Samsung phones and thought that they have only got better and better. I was on vodafone and really wanted the Armani phone(Unfortunately not available on vodafone)so had to change to Orange. Well it's two months down the line and a little to late to realise what a mistake i've made! unlimited texts ha! i've sent 11 texts in that time, not for the will of trying! I've even sent a text (by mistake) to my insurers telling them ' I missed them and looked forward to seeing them later'! my 1 and 2 buttons (if you can call them buttons) work spontaneously, so i sometimes get to delete voice messages before i've even heard them! The phone pad locks after about 9 seconds, so if you are listening to a recorded message and it says now press 3, you'll have to release the lock first! and be careful when holding the phone too close to your ear, as the ear may touch the screen and choose your numeric option for you! The phone itself looks great but as Paul McCartney now know-looks ain't everything, asked Orange for a downgrade but no....looks like yet another EBAY item being listed and drag out the old phone instead.

Reviewed by Katie from England on 24th Apr 2008
Ive never written a review before I recieved my new samsung phone about three days ago and i must i love it! It looks amazing, and after having had samsung phones for the past few years, i found really simple to use. Its very easy to navigate between different menus. In terms of texting, at first it was a little frustrasting but being someone who texts a huge amount, it didnt take too long to get used to it. Although i wouldnt recommend it to people with larger hands. The camera works pretty well, the best quality pictures are taken durning the day, when there is plenty of light. Not so great in an evening. But then I have a digital camera for taking quality pics. As a mobile phone camera its more than adequate. In response to the picture messaging, u may need to download the settings from the samsung mobile website. but you will also need the settings (from the same place) for internet browsing. Overall I love this phone, found the touch screen easy to use hae had no problems as of yet, would recommend this phone to anyone

Reviewed by bushra from bahrain on 18th Apr 2008
very nice

Reviewed by BEC from UK on 8th Apr 2008
for jan uk- when you are calling from your mobile hold down the hold button on the side of the phone to unlock screen then on the screen near the bottom are some options- loud speaker,put caller on hold, number option and message. Press the touch screen button that looks like a keypad to get numbers. hopes this helps CAN ANY ONE HELP WITH WITH KNOWING HOW TO SEND AND RECIEVE PICTURE MESSAGES? PLEASE

Reviewed by Jan from uk on 3rd Apr 2008
Can anyone tell me how to find the keypad so I can press a number option when calling a call centre. I have to hang up and use a phone with keypad. Thanks

Reviewed by sonny from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
I have recently purchased the Armani Samsung phone. I am a huge fan of the brand and the phone looked very sophiscated, so i bought it. I have realised 2 days later that i made a huge mistake. Looks is not essential, if you find it a big issue to use the phone. I could not access the touchscreen as freely as i would expect. I had to keep pressing it a few times and sometimes adding a little more force, which you should not be doing. It is very poorly designed which is such a shame as the phone is beautiful. Unfortunately I am returning it and i am feeling very upset in doing so. If you want practicality aswell as looks then do not go for this phone.

Reviewed by lauren bbe from england on 31st Mar 2008
i heart mi fone !!!!!

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 13th Mar 2008
I love this phone!! When I went to get it, th guy in the O2 store had one of the Prada phones, which is similar. He said it took him ages to get used to the texting, and for the first few days he wanted to throw it against the wall, but eventually it clicked, and he loved it. I had the same experience with the Armani!! I wanted to hurl it out the window!! But I've got used to it and find it easy to use!! I love how slim it is too!! I hate big chunky phones!! Not very lady like!! Anyway, my advice is to persist with it!!

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 12th Mar 2008
I got this samsung armani phone as a spair of the moment thing, on an 18 month contract and oh my gosh... i wish i never got it. Writing a text message on this is a nightmare- like many others after using it for a couple of hours i put my sim back in my old phone. Im now trying to sell the phone! in my opninion sony ericsson are the best phone's around, although they could look better.

Reviewed by CT from Hungary on 7th Mar 2008
Hello, DR! It is a fantastic phone I love it as well. MODIFY TEXT: to modify text on the the text editor screen you can use the long drag method (softly drag your finger on the screen). With a long bottom to top or top to bottom drag you can move from row to row. With a left to right or right to left move you can move across letters & words. If you not release the display under the move you can step multiple row at a glance. When you find the position from that you can insert text you can touch the keyboard icon or you can touch the editor section itself to jump the text writing screen. CAMERA ZOOM: In camera mode you make a left-to-right or right-to-left long drag on the screen.

Reviewed by CFC from UK on 6th Mar 2008
To answer DR's question, it's just a matter of knowing how to move the cursor. To do that, you only need to slide your finger horizontally to make the cursor go left or right, or slide your finger vertically to make the cursor go top or bottom. Hope it helps.

Reviewed by DR from United Kingdom on 3rd Mar 2008
Had the phone 2 weeks and really like it. Waited 2 years for a small compact phone from Samsung after being one of the first to get the E900. Getting the hang of it and texting now nearly as fast as with other phones. Can anyone help me with 2 things though? How can you move forward or back in the middle of a text to change something or add or delete a letter or word? And how on earth can ou zoom in when taking a photo? Unless it is not possible to do these things then I can't say anything negative about the phone. I didn't buy it for the name and the leather case is not my bag but have had Samsung for years and this fits nicely in pocket

Reviewed by Andi Mould from UK on 1st Mar 2008
I have had this phone for 2 weeks now and it's the most irritating phone from Samsung ever. I had the choice of this or the LG and I so wish I chose the LG now. Who has small enough fingers for it, txting takes forever and I am still awaiting the codes to be send from Orange so tat I can use MMS and web. No one seems to have the codes.

Reviewed by james from england on 20th Feb 2008
i have had this phone now 4 3weeks and have had no problems with it ,its a great phone and would recommend it to everyone ,its as strong and reliable as all my samsungs i have had in the past,samsung forever

Reviewed by Ann Marie Mc Nee from Scotland on 19th Feb 2008
My son was sold a contract with 02 with this amazing new P520 Armani phone he lost his battery I have spent 3 whole days trying to obtain a battery from 02 and wait for it Samsung themselves whocannot supply a battery for their own phone- they gave me 4 telephone numbers and 5 websites to access a battery none of which sell them, in actual fact it is a big white elephant so if you have been DONE the same as us no luck they dont give a damn.

Reviewed by David Cox from UK on 18th Feb 2008
i love this phone havnt had anything better, dead stylish. WELL DONE SAMSUNG

Reviewed by rahimo from uk on 18th Feb 2008
Ideally I would have given it 3.5 stars On the whole a good phone. A few negative points though; tricky to use, slow and battery life is appauling specially when you use the walkman function

Reviewed by Bam from UK on 16th Feb 2008
I just received the phone a few days ago. All it has is looks..the rest is well schroka! I just got my phone with unlimited texts, only problem is it takes me 5 mins to write a text. It was designed for people with THIN fingers. Personally i say dont get it..

Reviewed by Angie Babe from UK on 15th Feb 2008
Help - have completely lost the will to live having owned this truely AWFUL phone for almost week. Haven't owned any other brand of phone other than Samsung for years and years so when I saw the Armani, being a complete fashion victim and Armani girl I just had to have it. Have just called my provider and told them I'll be sending it back tomorrow, that's unless I need to send a text tonight which will send me totally over the edge and cause me to drown it. Do not choose this phone unless you can spare at least 20 minutes to send texts, and are happy to watch the world go by while you wait for its slow responses to EVERYTHING you ask it to do. Saw another review somewhere which sums this phone up 'Looks like a supermodel, performs like a glamour model' - never a truer word was spoken. If your the sort of person who is happy to go out with a complete looser just because they are drop dead gorgeous, then you and the Armani will be very happy together. Otherwise, admire from afar but dont go there.

Reviewed by Tallullah from UK on 14th Feb 2008
I have just got the Armani phone and I admit that it look nice but I am very unimpressed with the functionalty. If you want to be put off texting for life buy this phone and spend endless hours trying to send one text.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 12th Feb 2008
Had this phone for a couple of weeks now & must say I'm very impressed. The looks are outstanding and the build quality is the best of any phone I've previously owned. I've not had a problem with the touch screen as some appear to have in these reviews. I found the response times of the screen and the ease of navigation perfectly adequate. It just takes a little patience to begin with until you're used to it. My only niggle is that it is a bit slow to access the memory card but again patience is a virtue & it plays videos that other phones I've owned have spit back at me so the wait reaps rewards. JR, if in a call, you wish to press numbers you have to press the hold button to unlock the screen & then you can press the number pad icon & the numbers come up on your screen for you to press. There's an automatic lock when you make a call to prevent accidental pressing of the screen when next to your ear.

Reviewed by LK from Scotland on 12th Feb 2008
Do not buy this phone! I got mine 2 weeks ago and am now back 2 my Samsung x830 and have the armani on ebay!! The phone is so slow it may look gd buy its user functions aren't! when looking thru ur pictures it takes ages! Honestly i thought b4 i got this phone it looked brilliant which it does but i ignored the comments about it and went and got it and now 2 weeks later i'm back to my old phone and have the Armani on ebay! please take my advice and DO NOT BUY THIS!

Reviewed by leeza06 from glasgow on 11th Feb 2008
this is an ammazing phone the touch screen is graeat and also the memory is superb. i think it is the best phone ever

Reviewed by jr from UK on 10th Feb 2008
I've had mine for about 6 weeks now and although I'm still struggling a bit with the touch screen, I love it! With three Armani suits and three Armani jackets in my wardrobe, what other phone could I possibly have chosen?!! Love the leather case - love the little pouch - love the cleaning cloth - love the slim-line instruction book - everything about it is so cool! OK, it takes me ages to send texts still - but I'm getting there. And what if the camera's not that hot? Who uses a mobile phone to take anything more than spur of the moment snaps? I just wish I could work out how to get the dialling screen back in the middle of a call - I often need to call the office to check my voice mails and still can't find out how to enter my password - same problem when I get the automated menu on a call and want to press the right number. But I'll persevere - no doubt I'll stumble across it one of these days - in the meantime, these minor inconveniences are a small price to pay for being the only person I know with this super stylish Samsung!

Reviewed by kamran age...12 from uk on 10th Feb 2008
forget evri other coment.......ive had the phone 4 two weeks and its amazing so designer

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 8th Feb 2008
Well I've only owned the Samsung Armani for 4 days now and I've got to say I love it! Yes the texting is difficult at first but having sent quite a few text now it's getting alot easier. It's a small and compact phone and I love the leather case that comes with it (great idea). You can transfer music and picture files from your PC using a USB cable and a drag and drop system which is really easy to use, and you can use MP3's as a message tone (a feature not avaliable on most Samsungs). The only down side I was a little disapointed in is the camera isn't the best and it doesn't have auto focus which is a shame but other than that I would highly recommend this phone and definitely rate it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Nazir from UK on 8th Feb 2008
Hi have had the phone for a month now. Excellent phone. I have had prada baefore and charged it every night. this can go days if you are average user. Touch screen very good. You need to get used to it. The longer i have it the better it is. No problem with menu system. Texting is easy. Nice wallet that ends call also when you close it. I would definately recommend it, but only if you have used toch screen or are patient to learn to use phone.

Reviewed by j from uk on 6th Feb 2008
Give it 10 days, and you can work it with relative ease. Not a week, but at least 10 days. Its frustrating first, and then it comes together. The camera's not great - better than the Prada - and the internal memory is rubbish, and memory card access slow. But seriously, would you buy Armani cause you were a techie? No. You buy Armani cause you're a fashionista, and its easy enough to use after that. That's all.

Reviewed by Dally from England on 2nd Feb 2008
Great phone, looks amazing, best phone of 2008, small, compact and its designed by Armani. What more do you need. Yes messaging is awkward but you do get used to it, five stars all day long.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 2nd Feb 2008
I've had this phone for nearly 3 weeks now and I love it. People who sent it back after a day have not give them phone a chance. Because it's touch screen you need to use it for at least a week to get used to everything! When I first got it, i was fiddly with it but everything is ok now. I love this phone, best one i've ever had, and that's including the sony ericsson k800i!!

Reviewed by Mattylad from England on 1st Feb 2008
Can't understand all the problems with the touch screen, yeah it's different and awkward to work initially but like everyhing else, you soon get used to it the more you use it, and on top of that it looks amazing and is ARMANI!!!! Don't be put off buying, just be patient getting used to it.

Reviewed by Amy from England on 31st Jan 2008
Looking Good (Y)

Reviewed by Afsar from Bangladesh on 30th Jan 2008
It's simple classic phone and it's looks amazing. I just like it!

Reviewed by jess from huddz on 30th Jan 2008
very nice

Reviewed by Golio from UK on 29th Jan 2008
I think it is so unnessarily to have a phone like that as you will be advertising armani and on top of that you would have to pay for the phone. its useless

Reviewed by julie from london on 28th Jan 2008
abosultely hate it lovely deisgn screen colours dull though, but you cannot text at all its awful if you text.

Reviewed by homorabies from qwertyworld on 27th Jan 2008
lame lame lame

Reviewed by Sam from United Kingdom on 26th Jan 2008
Well I actually work for the Carphone Warehouse and my personal opinion on the p520 is that it looks amazing. Its a really sleek small phone, much thinner and easier to hold than the LG viewty which is like a brick in phone form. In terms of what it offers its quite mediocre, 3MP camera with Flash and auto focus is good but heres the big one, the touch screen is appalling. You'll find yourself more often than not hitting the wrong icon on the menu because the armani phone thinks you are always pressing 2 cm away from where you actually are. If you can't hit the right keys when you are navigating the menu imagine trying to text, its nothing short of a nightmare its taken me weeks to get used to. Plus points the box is nice and its free on Dolphin 35 (500m and unlimited texts). Happy hunting

Reviewed by ali from egypt on 26th Jan 2008
its good

Reviewed by kt from england on 26th Jan 2008
gr8gr8gr8 da best eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by Peter from Liverpool on 25th Jan 2008
This phone has been a first for me - the first phone I have ever sent back!! Whilst it has a good look about it, the phone itself is an absolute let down. Where do I start! The touchscreen is so hard to use, the menus are confusing and the speaker quality when making a call is notoriously bad for starters. I wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone at all unless you just want to sit it on your desk and look at it.

Reviewed by Ranson76 from UK on 25th Jan 2008
Fantastic looking phone! You can tell it was designed by someone who knows about godd looking things!! Shame that the technology in it has been thrown together by someone who knows jack about technology and what works!!!!

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 24th Jan 2008
i got this phone this afternoon and dispite the reviews i found the touch screen easy to use. the only downside that i've found so far is that when viewing photos from the memory card the responce is quite slow. it's very similar to other samsungs features wise but the touch screen makes it all the better. also the music is much better than other samsungs and is layed out in artists, albums etc...much like the ipod or song walkmans. hope this helps. overall i would recommend this phone.

Reviewed by freddy carrillo from london, uk on 24th Jan 2008
i bought and used this phone for only 1 day and decided to return it straight away, as it is very difficult to use, and very disappointing. would not recommend at all.

Reviewed by Irrate Owner! from Scotland on 23rd Jan 2008
Ive had this phone for only a week and im already at breaking point with it. its completely slow and non-responsive and no offence to any1 with large/fat fingers, you are NOT going to b able to navigate ur way around this or text AT ALL. ive small hands/fingers and txting on this phone is almost impossible. This is a beautiful looking phone, dnt get me wrong, but i didnt buy it to stare at it!...i bought it to txt mainly and make the occassional call as u would expect from a mobile phone! on the plus side u get beautiful accessories free with it. a lovely black cover for it, velvet pouch, free memory card etc. However, i feel i will return this, as im still in my "cooling off period".

Reviewed by A from uk on 22nd Jan 2008
sold my lg viewty to get this phone. got it at the end. have to say this is a rubbish phone when i touch to send a txt it goes somewher else ive never use a phone worse then this. i trying to sell this now to get the lg viewty back. lg viewty is every bit better than this.

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