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Samsung Armani Night Effect review

 Review: March 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Armani-branded phone with 3 megapixel camera, video calling, MP3 player, FM radio, memory card & Bluetooth.



It's black, it has big Emporio Armani logos splashed on the front, side and back, and it puts on an amazing LED light show whenever it gets the opportunity. This is not a phone for the shy and timid. Samsung have continued their joint venture with Armani, but have produced a completely different kind of phone from the first Samsung Armani. Unlike the first phone, this one isn't a touchscreen, but is a conventional classic-shaped bar phone with normal keys. But it definitely has the distinctive Armani style treatment. It manages to be both understated and flashy at the same time! We're not going to comment any more on the phone's looks, as this is definitely a matter of personal taste, so let's check out what the phone does and how well it does it.

The Armani Night Effect isn't a large phone, but it somehow feels larger than it is. Maybe this is to do with the textured surface, or maybe it's just the uncompromising styling. It feels chunky in the hand, and we'd guess that this is more of a guy's phone. The keypad is a good size and works well, and ergonomically it's a simple no-nonsense phone. No messing about with touchscreens or styluses here!

The camera is 3 megapixels with autofocus, but curiously no flash. For a "night effect" phone, it seems weird that you can't take photos at night! It's a 3G phone, so you can make video calls as well as recording videos.

The phone has a music player with an FM radio, and you can add a microSD memory card to give more room for storing music. But with only basic music functions and no 3.5mm headphone jack, we don't advise you to bin your iPod just yet.

Functionally, the Samsung Armani Night Effect has enough spec to match other mid-range 3G phones. It doesn't have any outstanding features, apart from its looks. If you want the latest technology, then look elsewhere, but if you like the style and are willing to compromise on functionality, we say go for it!

Just a final word: we've never come across a phone that has so many different names. In case you're confused, the phone may be known by any of the following names: Samsung Armani Night Effect, Samsung Emporio Armani, Samsung EA, Samsung M7500.

Samsung Armani Night Effect features include:

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Samsung Armani Night Effect user reviews

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Average rating from 16 reviews:

Reviewed by Paul from England on 17th Jan 2010
Got the phone a couple of months ago. bought the phone purely because of the looks. quite impressed with the little samsung, however after a while it does get a little boring. for me theres not a problem seeing the screen outdoors. overall a very good phone, but trading it for a satio.

Reviewed by Petar G. from USA on 9th Sep 2009
I finally purchase my Night Effect and I will point out first, the reason is because I am a fashion junkie. I'll start with the price, it is NOT that expensive at all (I got mine for 265 USD from online). Here in America, service providers sell phones with similar specs, for up to that much WITH 2 years agreements, so all things considered the price of this phone is good and you get what you pay for. I happen to really enjoy the responsiveness of the keyboard and it almost makes me not hate the transition from a QWERTY back to a regular keyboard. The camera is decent enough although it definitely loses points for not having a flash. The music player is good and the music keys on the side are appreciated. The browser is so so in terms of functionality but not much more can be expected with this size screen and a regular direction keypad (I would imagine that for those of you can use the 3G, the browsing speeds would be much improved). A definite drawback is that you cant escape the browser and look at the home menu and then return back to it, it resets. The battery life is good enough. Last but not least, the the phone definitely looks wonderful, it's just the right size and the logos are nice. The LED flashing EMPORIO ARMANI is nice to impress people and for a shock effect and if you find it too flashy, you can always turn it off. I love this phone, and perhaps it could've been a lot more impressive with specs and features but thats why they make the Giorgio Armani version. For me this is perfect and nicely affordable.

Reviewed by Girl26 from England on 13th Aug 2009
I am hugely disappointed with this phone, it looks amazing and the menu options are great, but it is really difficult to see the screen in the daylight, to read a text outside is impossible. not only is there no flash on the camera which does make it pretty useless at night or when you're out clubbing, there also isn't a way to zoom in (if anyone has found a way, please let me know.) All in all this is a gorgeous looking phone, but as its not the first that armani have made, you would think they could have sorted out all these problems by now!

Reviewed by elliot from uk on 22nd Jul 2009
the lights are amazing

Reviewed by lily pod from water land on 21st May 2009
i hate it it is amazingly ugly i shouldn't hv bought the fone!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and a reviewer the 1 2 step down from my reiew u are ssssoooooooooooooooo funny

Reviewed by Adrees from UK on 20th May 2009
Sick phone !! wicked lights just beautiful

Reviewed by A Reviewer from Isn't that irrelevant? on 4th May 2009
Look. This, by features alone, is a usual mid-range phone. By looks, it really isn't. It's much better. If you want a mid-range phone with better features, go buy an ericsson. Go on. If you say "I want a mid-range with good features and STUNNING looks" Get this. Oh, and btw, nice one to the 'expert' there. 'SCANK !!!!!!! EWWWW I HATE IT !!.' Touche. A deep and imformative review. One last thing. If you pull out an Nokia, ppl think Saddo. You pull out a Ericsson ppl think 'They've followed the crowd' You whip this beuty out, ppl think WOW.

Reviewed by Faisal Khan from Pakistan on 2nd May 2009
Good phone, easy to use the camera is ok in the day time but needs flash for night use. Mine is white and it looks stunning, the music player is good the lights look great but can be too flashy for some people but that is your opinion...

Reviewed by jemima from england on 12th Apr 2009

Reviewed by grace :) from mancheSTAR(*) on 5th Apr 2009
i really love this phone the lights are cool :) xx

Reviewed by Milly from UK on 3rd Apr 2009
I hate it

Reviewed by monkey from uae on 2nd Apr 2009
like this phone, especially lights on the side

Reviewed by zohair from u.k on 28th Feb 2009
its a gret phone the sound quality is well better than pixon the camera is sikkkk i wold buy this product again

Reviewed by Mottz from England on 22nd Feb 2009
I got this phone from japan before it was even mentioned in the uk. This fone is sik im not even lieing sfe ppl buy this fone its cheaper in japapn and is better than the old samsung and also its better than the i phone looool u mans fink my english is pooor nah fam its not i cba to correct ma mistakes lmaooo so im gunna keep going keep going keep going untill ur uterally bored and click the [x] button on the right hand side of the screen ..... sfe ppl

Reviewed by Bradadectes from England on 20th Feb 2009
this [hone has the best design so you should buy it and wow your friends

Reviewed by Njs from England on 9th Feb 2009
I bought it in america I swapped my old armarni for it I now have my touch back Its good just not as good

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