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Samsung A800 review

 Review: March 2003  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A good basic phone with polyphonic ringtones.

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The Samsung A800 is a stylish phone and was hugely popular when it was launched in 2003. It has a very similar appearance to its big brother, the Samsung T100. As well as looking very similar to the T100, it shares virtually all the same features, including the 40-voice polyphonic ringtones, except that it doesn't have a colour screen. If you're prepared to give colour a miss, then you will find the A800 to be a good value stylish and functional phone.

The A800 features the extremely popular dual-display that means you can see who's calling you before deciding whether to take the call. To accept the call, you just flip open the phone. The external display also shows useful information like date & time, battery life and reception quality.

Key features of the A800 are its tiny size and weight and excellent 40-voice ringtones.

Samsung A800 features include:

  • Polyphonic ringtones (40-voice) and customisable ringtones
  • High-resolution screen (128 x 128 pixels) plus external display
  • WAP 1.2.1
  • Voice dialling and speed dialling
  • Voice memo (10 minutes)
  • EMS
  • Predictive text messaging (T9)
  • Phone memory (200 names)
  • Caller display
  • 3 games
  • Downloadable screensavers
  • Clock, alarm, calculator
  • Size: 80 x 40 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 68g
  • Battery standby: 150 hours
  • Battery talktime: 3 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Dual band

Samsung A800 user reviews

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Average rating from 157 reviews:

Reviewed by ramish from pakistan on 27th Nov 2014
love this product

Reviewed by Caroline Rae from UK on 14th May 2014
I have owned this phone for 10 years now & it has never let me down. I have another phone now but i always use it as back-up. Fab little phone .would be lost without it

Reviewed by tom from UK on 8th Dec 2011
bought this phone of ebay as my samsung touchscreen broke just wanted something cheap and one that will LAST MORE THAN 10 MIN unlike the phones now

Reviewed by Beshoy Nagib from UK on 13th Nov 2011
I LIke It It was a Beutefull Mopile

Reviewed by lee killick from UK on 8th Mar 2011
i like the phone just it hard to get the menu up

Reviewed by Maikl from UK on 23rd Oct 2010
Very Very Very outstanding

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 6th Oct 2010
2010 and my A800 is still going strong. Original battery too, lasted since 2003 with seldom a complete discharge/recharge. Signal strength on the dinky aerial is on the low side but on a par with my iPhone. But nothing beats the tiny size and slip-in-pocketability of the A800. Just that it's a right pain in the backside trying to remember to press the keypad and not the screen.

Reviewed by SueGS from UK on 20th Feb 2009
I've had my faithful A800 since about 2003 & I'm still using it now (2009) :-) Aside from the slightly irritating noises, which can't be turned off, but can be decreased in volume, it's a fab little phone. Its small size means that it can be slipped into a pocket or bag without feeling as if you're carrying a house brick around. Recently, I gave my A800 a makeover with a Scuba suit-style case & bought an in-car charger & USB charger, so we're all set for many more years of service (touch wood!).

Reviewed by peter dorf from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
I bought the A800 in March 2004. Still going Feb 2009. As all I'm able to do with any mobile is phone or text then I guess I'll keep using it till I or the phone expire. The phone is as simple as I am and we get along well together. I may even take it out to dinner with me on the 5th aniversary.

Reviewed by jiguur from UK on 5th Jan 2009

Reviewed by dasser from UK on 20th Jun 2008
its a very sexy good loking phone with its sexy aqua blue lcds and cool ringtones its tiy and sexy, but after 3 years the screen has gone blank sstill it will be one of the top models of samsung's history like t100.

Reviewed by Hanna from UK on 1st Apr 2008
The phone is nice, butlooses battery very quickly. You cannot replace the battery easily, for while the fact that the battery doubles as the back of the phone, it makes it very hardto disatatch it from the phone.

Reviewed by Christine Freeman from UK on 29th Mar 2008
Im happy with the phone but were can i obtain a new samsung battery

Reviewed by John from UK on 5th Mar 2008
i bought this phone for my daughter, Enily but she accident;ly droped it and it snapped in half

Reviewed by AYESHA from UK on 5th Jan 2008
this phne is really good.

Reviewed by lakaki from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
this is a CLASSY phone...who needs colour when this is there...even after using many other phones which have a range of features, the samsung A800 still attracts me...small, slick and one of the best ive seen so far...absolutely love this phone...the blue screen is awesome...the dual screen brilliant and overall..it cudnt have been better!!!

Reviewed by alun from UK on 8th Jul 2007
i have thins phone and its been droped 100's of times its been trud on thrown around rooms and its still going, a tough little phone

Reviewed by Junelle from UK on 20th Jun 2007
We are in June 2007,I have had this phone since 2003. Never thought of changing it yet.Really cute and chic, however the incoming ringing tone volume is not loud enough for me.

Reviewed by kelly from UK on 29th May 2007
i have this phone for ages and my mum had one too

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 24th Apr 2007
I used to have this phone and i thought that it was exellent

Reviewed by ClevTrev from UK on 4th Feb 2007
I have 2 Samsung products and they are now both US. My Samsung TV emits a loud high-pitched noise after 20 minutes which drives me up the wall. My Samsung A800 mobile's screen no longer works, effectively making it useless. Well done Samsung.

Reviewed by david from UK on 14th Jan 2007
love the phone but it is on virgin mobile would love to change it to orange from my little one who loves it more than has it is a small phone any view on how to change it please contact me email at dagodai@aol.com many thanks 5 stars for this phone

Reviewed by Kash Mahmood from UK on 6th Jan 2007
After My experience with buying a Samsung washing machine for 600 and it developing a major fault on the logic baord (non-wearable part) just outside its warranty period and Samsungs accpetance that 'this should not happen, but tough luck' I would urge any one who is considering purchasing Samsung to re-consider. Products are only good if the service provided when things go wrong is first class. Samsung are second rate.

Reviewed by chris cooper from UK on 4th Jan 2007
i like this phone because of it light weght and sexy lookand also its wap etc are also good.wheen i first got it i had 16.00 pounds on in credit and i found it very easy to down load ringtonnes.

Reviewed by Catherine from UK on 30th Sep 2006
I got this phone 3 days ago as a sim-free clearance deal for 40. I think it's second-hand, but the only problem I've come across is the left scroll-key - I have to press it harder than the others to make it work. The site I got it from did warn about this sort of thing so it's not too much of a problem. This phone is ideal for someone like me who just uses their phone occasionally and doesn't want all the latest features, but wants something small and stylish. The reception is crystal clear and the phone charges super-fast, even when I leave it on when it's charging. But if you use your phone a lot, I wouldn't recommend it cos the battery doesn't last long. What I was looking for as a replacement for my Nokia 'weighs a ton' 3310 was a small, flip type, simple and stylish non-camera phone - and the A800 is just that. However, if you want from your mobile: a 262K colour screen, MP3 player and MP3 ringtones, 3G, 3MP camera with video recorder, bluetooth, infrared, MMS etc. - don't consider the A800 but start thinking about what a phone is really for!

Reviewed by none of ur bussines! from UK on 5th Sep 2006
It was a good phone when it came out but I would not recomend anyone to buy it now. the battery life time is extremely short and it is black and white, no camera... so if what you want is a high-tech phone this is not the right one for you. However if you just want a very stylish phone that has all the basics- voice dial games etc then this is the perfect one for you. It is a good phone but some people may just want something more modern.

Reviewed by > from UK on 11th Mar 2006
I have had many of the problems discussed here too. I thought it was just my phone but apparently not! It turns itself off randomly after sending messages, copies messages, claims to have a full inbox when theres only about 20 messages in there and loads of other things. The customer service was unacceptable, as my phone started to go wrong about 2 months after getting it. This phone cost me nearly 150, and other cheaper phones i have had have been much better. My advice - Don't bother!

Reviewed by Mel from UK on 20th Feb 2006
not very good-cant put on just silent-it has to vibrate. cant ring and vibrate at the same time- has to be on vibrate or on ringtune. cant stop tune from playing when phone turned on. even after network is found when phone has just been turned on you cant use shortcuts until about 3/4 minutes later. not really happy with it overall.

Reviewed by tehe from UK on 15th Aug 2005
I got rid of this phone about a year ago. My mum's phone died so i gave it to her. A year on it is still going and have had no prob at all with it since the day it was bought. It must be 5 times more reliable than my motorola v80 that must crash and freeze once a week, infact today a was texting on it and the colur screen disappeared and became blue. The reception is good also because even though it is a dualband phone when we went to France there was still quite a good signal!

Reviewed by D from UK on 9th Jul 2005
I purchased this phone in May 2003, since then it has not failed to disappoint and has not diminished in its quality at all. if you want a simple phone and you are not worried about colour screen, camera, video;etc- this is the phone for you. this is the most reliable phone i have ever purchased!! it has not failed to disappoint with an excellent baattery life. And lastly, the looks...this phone is just beautiful and simple!! When I first got this phone everyone was jealous of me, not it is a little old but still eprforms better than my sisters newisn Motorola V600 which just can't perform with high usage!! the fact that i can still give this phone 5 stars after over 2 years says a lot and highlights its reliability and consistency!

Reviewed by hibee from UK on 7th Jul 2005
this phone is alwrite...... if you just want somthing that you can use as a phone. No colour screen no camara only 3 games and dos'nt have loud speaker. Still reacomended.

Reviewed by Brt from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
Very good phone. Have it just less than half a day, and nearly always had a Nokia. This one is very easy and complete!

Reviewed by Alisha from UK on 20th Apr 2005
I think it's a great phone and i've had it since last Summer, i've ad no probs my friend even broke her fone to get the same one as me all the boys think it's amazing now they think i'm amazing if u dont have the Samsung A800 get it NOW

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 3rd Mar 2005
This found is gr8 4 simple people who just want a phone that will do all the things a phone should do. It is simple to use, compact and has a cool Light that flashes on the front. But now it is being taken over by much more modern camera phones and i find it lacks a lot of technology. It also hasnt got a colour screen! This is not one of Samsungs best phones. I think i would advise people who like to take pride in their phones, to buy a more updated version.

Reviewed by Susie from UK on 15th Jan 2005
The phone would be ok if it wasn't for 2 things. 1) The battery is a joke and only lasts for a day. 2) The phone turns itself off occasionally, especially after you have sent a message. Am getting rid of it - is driving me nuts having to charge all the time!

Reviewed by chupa from UK on 13th Jan 2005
even it's a small, cute and sofisticated phone, it has its idsadvantage: no COPY ALL between SIM and phons memory, no DELETE ALL fom any of this two, the battery life duration is max. 3 days in stand-by, the sound (even if is great like 'sound') cannot be heard in open spaces. I've got my A800 two month ago, and i am looking to sell. Pitty, 'cause it would be a GREAT phone if this probs. would be remediated.. and the price, please, 200$?!?

Reviewed by Caglar from UK on 5th Nov 2004
A discusting phone do NOT buy it. Mine broke after 8 months and it is 5th time I take it back to authorized repair center for the same problem of not hearing the other party while talking to me and they can not repair it. I am in Turkey. The authorized service center is Basari Elektronik. STAY AWAY ! ! !

Reviewed by SATONURN from UK on 2nd Nov 2004

Reviewed by Leonardo from UK on 27th Oct 2004
Nice design. Good software. Maybe a silent startup and shutdown would be MUCH better on this mobile. Tools are well made and handy. The bad thing definitely is online battery time. I must charge it every night or I'm in trouble with lack of charge in the next day. I had no problems with main and external LCD screens or lights so far (as some users have already experienced). A wireless data communication support would fit well for such a phone too. 4 stars only.

Reviewed by Stefaan from UK on 30th Sep 2004
A worthless phone, I'd give it a 0 if possible. The software is incredibly buggy, even after sending it to Samsung to flash it (and their customer service is absolutely worthless). Randomly deletes messages, moves em, copies em, anything besides what you want. It's impossible to avoid it making a load of noise when turning it on. Randomly crashes. The sim card comes loose regularly for no aparent reason. Interface is slow and unlogic in many areas. If your inbox is full, the phone does not warn you if theres a message waiting, it waits until you've made space to tell you theres a new message. Having a decent conversation on it is impossible, the phone echos everything and its much too silent at top volume. T9 is turned on every single time you have to enter something, if you turn it off its on again the next time. Ringtones and message received tones are terrible. STAY AWAY!!!

Reviewed by abdalla from UK on 30th Sep 2004
i just want to say that it agreat phone but it does not have a infra red device and it is the only thing ther phone needs]

Reviewed by James from UK on 20th Jul 2004
I got this phone about a year ago. It has been excellent until a few days ago when the external display dissappeared. Also, if you make lots of movement, it is easy for the sim card to come free. It is very reliable. The only let-down is that using wap is very expensive. If you need a phone to use every day, then this is the phone for you!

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 13th Jul 2004
can anyone help me! iv had this phone for about 9months & my screen is starting to play up. the external display goes all funny and also sometimes when i open the phone the colours are the wrong way round. so wat should be black is white and wat is usualy white is black! its really annoying and also the lines of text go all funny! but only when it feels like it i took it back to the shop and they basically said its wear and tear and theres nothing that can be done! if any one can help me please get in touch my email is j_e_s_s_8701@hotmail.com thanks

Reviewed by Judith from UK on 7th Jun 2004
I have had mine for almost 1 year and it is the most eye-catching phone ever. Its features are superb and it is a hardy insturment. I would never change mine for any other.

Reviewed by cheryl from UK on 11th Apr 2004
I got this phone a week ago and i really like it its easy to use when you work out what buttons do what.Txting is easy you can have predictive txt on/off i prefer without. I still like this phone its value for money i got it for 99.95 from argos as it was on special offer.I didn't think i'd like this phone as i really wanted a camera phone but i was fed up of lookin for one that suited me and ive herd that a few av problems wif them.This phone is great even though it hasn't got a colour screen the blue backlight is fab!! The ringtones r ok most of them are classical tones but ive downloaded a few and they sound great you can download them from www.cbfmobile.com u luk 4 ya tone then get the code and use ya WAP on ya fone to download the tone it didn't cost me anything as i have the o2 simcard where you get 300free txts and 300 free WAP mins if you top up B#10 every month.This phone is really light looks cool and is just really good im still working out new stuff on it now. If anyone is considering getting this phone i would definately tell ya to get it its fab!!!

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 9th Apr 2004
A poor mobile,The battery life is nothing short of a joke. The joint of the clam shell is coming loose and the signal is extremely bad( I now it depends on the area u r in,but i compared it with my brothers,and his was a GOOD reception!,I even ended up having to use his phone to make a call !!). And the good points about it....Errmmm....There aint any!

Reviewed by becca from UK on 7th Mar 2004
this phone was perfect for almost a year and then it just stopped. it wouldn't turn on apart from flashing at me and then nothing... I sent it back and they told me that it cannot be repaired. The same thing happened to my friend, and her and another friend both had previously had theirs repaired because the light kept switching off when they were txting. it is a good phone as long as it doesnt jus break on you.. design fault?

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 3rd Feb 2004
Don\'t even bother. I got the phone back again today after it was sent off to be repaired for the third time. Everything has broken with it, from the LCD screen not lighting up, not receiving any signal, side button getting jammed, to wap not working and text messages not sending. I really wouldn\'t bother. I couldn\'t get on the Samsung Fun Club website (despite having detailed emails to and from one of the \'enginneers\' at the site, who have now just ignored the whole issue). You can never find good polyphonic tones to download. The battery life is awful and I have got to the point after 8months of owning it to having to charge it overnight every night JUST to have enough battery to send txts. Thoroughly fed up with it, would rather have a one legged pigeon.

Reviewed by UNHAPPY customer from UK on 6th Jan 2004
After getting the phone for less than 3 months, the light on the LCD screen is not working. I send down for repair and the sales girl asked me to wait for 2 weeks! I asked her why it take so long and she show me a long list of customers waiting for the same spare part! Always hang and then auto delete all the phone nos that store in the phone memory. Get tired of having to deleted every single outgoing messages one by one! After you reset the alarm system, it still ring. Even the girl working in their repair shop told me she had the same problem too. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by saloo_reloaded from UK on 18th Dec 2003
Bear in mind the following before getting this one. I used it for a few months before returning it: 1. The ear phone volume is too low!. Even on full volume, you may have difficulty hearing from the other side (especially if u r at a noisy surrounding!) 2. The ringer (incoming call alert) and vibrator does not function at the same time!!! 3. Issues with battery life! Write to saloo_reloaded@yahoo.co.uk if u have the same problems!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 4th Nov 2003
This is a thoroughly good phone, even if its menu system isn\'t as well thought out as the likes of Nokia. It\'s fun to use, has good loud ring tones and works perfectly well but three niggles: 1) If you pause for too long while writing a text message the phone will delete the entire message and take you back to the main menu. 2) The menus can be a bit slow, almost as if the processor isn\'t fast enough for the software that the phone uses. 3) Battery life is dire for a modern phone.

Reviewed by rachel c from UK on 27th Sep 2003
the fone is wicked,what more can i say about a cool and stylish fone and the polyphonic ringtone makes it stand out from the croud. SO GET 1 NOW!!!!!

Reviewed by Raj from UK on 16th Sep 2003
This Phone is awesome. It does not have colour screen but it is so cute and catches everyone\'s eyes. If you want to go for a phone without colour display, this one is the best!!!

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 15th Sep 2003
Further to my review on 10/9/03, I've spoken to Samsung direct... you can't disable the switch on/off etc. noises, but you can put the phone into "quiet mode" before switching off if you need to switch off quietly!... but the phone forgets that it's been put to quiet mode when you next switch it on... and it will play that f#*%! tune again! The Witch pictures on the external screen at switch on/off are "features", and can't be changed or disabled My phone has been returned

Reviewed by Rick from England on 11th Sep 2003
Love the phone. Its slick, compact and has all the facilites i need. The smile light on the front kicks ass. It is the don. Bein able to change the colour is wkd as well, n the way it dances to the ringtones is well funky. The blue backlight is so cool and i think it looks better than a lot of the colour screen fones i hav seen. The reception is excellent and the battery lasts long enuff. It seems a lot better than its older brother the T100 cos of the size and the slickness of it. Gotta admit, it does have the ladies comin uo 2 ya. My mates got a T100 and girls ignore him. He's beta lookin thatn me as well. My A800 is attracting ladies cos they think its well cute. Looks like its gudbye to Nokia 4 good cos these Samsung phones are better looking. Ringtones r amazing. You can dowload them from www.cardboardfish.com and you can also download them via wap. WAP is the cheaper option via cardboardfish.com costing about 30p a ringtone. The noises are a little annoying sumtimes, li ke wen ur switching it on and off and it does also make some uneccessary sounds like wen u send a msg or add a contact. After u download the 2nd ringtone it starts replacing ur old ones already set on the phone. overall though i giv the fone 9/10 cos it has everythin bt has a few problems like the annoying sounds at times.

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 10th Sep 2003
problems: how to get rid of "switch on/off /delete text/enter in phone book noises... but keep ring when called "hands free" not truely hands free... you need a hand to press an button to answer calls can't change external "witch" graphic on switch on/off can't seem to ring and vibrate at the same time. hands free needs to hang round neck... not much good if you want to keep your phone discrete I've e-mailed samsung with these problems... if i get any answers I'll post them here

Reviewed by Elspeth from UK on 6th Sep 2003
Hi I have read most of the reviews and i am thinking about getting the phone but some people say it is really loud and makes a noise when you turn it on and off etc is it possible to turn that off and when you write a txt can you change it so you can just write what you want in slang, like u and r etc. Some people say its breaks something to do with the screen being blurred Should i get the phone my friend is using it at the mo her other phone is a 8310 and she prefers her 8310 much more and said the samsung A800 isn't very good. Please help or email me a reply at lc_hamster@hotmail.com Thanks Elspeth P.S Sorry i went on a bit.

Reviewed by Suze from UK on 5th Sep 2003
I got my A800 last night and have already mastered how to use it - its easy to use, looks fantastic and is dead dinky. I'm impressed so far.......I love it!

Reviewed by Ellie from England on 3rd Sep 2003
I haven't actually bought the phone yet but before I do I wanted to know how easy it would be to break the flap or somehting. I am quite clumsy so if it is easily broken then it is not the phone for me! The other thing was the sound level. How loud is the lowest sound setting? I leave my phone on whilst I am in my lectures at uni, and I need to be able to recieve messages without anyone knowing! Please let me know the answers to my questions at loopylozzie666@fsmail.net. Thanks!

Reviewed by Alex from England on 2nd Sep 2003
To the people who say they are sick of the on and off melody tones, the simple way to get rid of them is to hold down the HASH key before you turn off your phone putting it into silent mode! :) Overall this phone is great, great style, good features and all that but I got in March and I have recently had problems with it which have forced me to send it away for repair. The display screen was mirroring and going into a negative image, then a few days later my phone was switching off completely and then it jus woudlnt show any display at all. I sent it away for repair under the warranty and got it back and its fine now!:) And to people who are downloading extra ringtones onto their SA800's, beware that once you download more than two the ringtones start overwriting your current ones!!

Reviewed by Tian Tian from singapore on 31st Aug 2003
I brought it a week ago.. It's a neat and cute phone. Anyone know of any site can download ring tone and image for low price?

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 31st Aug 2003
I love this phone & am really impressed with the ringtones especially as u can download free ones from samsungmobile.com, though you have to reigster & pay for ost of WAP. BUT help! Like many other I find the sound that the phone makes when i turn it on or off or delete a message etc etc is really really annoying! PLEASE tell me how to turn this off! Please email zoe_abrahams@hotmail.com i'd really appreciate it thanx!

Reviewed by abbas from karachi on 30th Aug 2003
its a good phone but samsung may provide its cd to download ringtones like t-100

Reviewed by jess from brum on 30th Aug 2003
well from what ever1 as sed on here this fone soundz well worth havin! itz tiny & iz wat i need 2 impress ma matez :o) but i wonder if ne1 can help i wna b on o2 and i wnt the 200 free tx ya get wen u put 10 on ya fone but wat do i ask wen i go 2 buy the fone!? wel if ne1 can help jus send me email j_e_s_s_8701@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Carly A. from England on 29th Aug 2003
i think da samsung a800 is wicked and i hope i get 1 4 xmas. i wish evry 1 would stop moanin bout it, u can do far worse than dis fone!!!

Reviewed by Natz from England on 29th Aug 2003
im getting it 2moz n im really exited! im gettin trainers 2!1!! im gettin dis fone coz ov all d gud things i herd bout it!!!!

Reviewed by Tizzy from London, UK on 28th Aug 2003
Neat little phone, my hubby brought it for me during our wedding weekend, so it will always be special. Very small compact, but packed with features. The top flap does have a danger of becoming loose, but you just have to treat your phone with respect. I am also getting a mini stub for the arial with should make it even more compact. Thanks to Claire for the great free tones download website, cost me 50p using the wap service - would have been cheaper if I figured out how to use wap! Others reviewers have asked how to turn off the annoying bleep you get everytime you use the keypad: Sound Settings>Keytone>Off

Reviewed by Billy from England on 26th Aug 2003
This phone rocks. It looks really good, has some really good features and the polyphonic ringtones are to die for. The only problem I have is finding somewhere to download screensavers or background pics.

Reviewed by LOUISE from ENGLAND on 26th Aug 2003
This phone is a really light, sexy and girly which is reliable and easy to use. I got my phone 3months ago and i have had no problems at all. And the ringtones are a good standard to.

Reviewed by harry from england on 26th Aug 2003
has anybody managed to turn of the hidously embarrassing turn on/off tunes?

Reviewed by ollie from uk on 25th Aug 2003
does anybody have a website to download screensavers for the "idle mode" backgroung, i cant find one anywere! please help me!

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 23rd Aug 2003
Bought the phone a few days ago after reading the reviews on this site. Ideal for trouser pockets as I often go out without a jacket. Ringtones are great & have downloaded them from http://www.cbfmobile.com/ (thanks claire for the site). In general a cool phone.

Reviewed by Ricardo man from England on 22nd Aug 2003
This fone as everythin u need and just cause it aint got colour dnt mean it's bad, it is good lookin, compact, light, wicked features and is just outstandin! well done samsung!!!!ringtones r wicked aswell!

Reviewed by Sulman Athar from UK London on 21st Aug 2003
The Samsung A800 is an extremely sophisticated phone which offers downloadable polyphonic ringtones and lets you customise your own phone the way you want. Its voice activation features are also impressive and there is a range of multimedia avaliable such as games. The only negative side to this phone is that it needs to be handled with extreme care as the external display is very easy to crack and the flap can very easily be broken. Apart from that the phone is impressive.

Reviewed by gemma from england on 20th Aug 2003
i put a deposeit down for this fone today not really having a chance to look at it that well, so i dont really no anything about it i just got it cos it looks nice, so can you tell me a little about it pls? could you e mail me at gct86@hotmail.com thanx very much :)

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 19th Aug 2003
I got the phone yesterday and love it. It's really compact and has some great features such as the dual screen and phonebook options. The only criticism would be the lack of choice with the pictures and ringtones. I found a great site for polyphonic ringtones http://www.cbfmobile.com/ which is really cheap as you only pay for the cost of using WAP to enter a code, so it only cost me about 30p. Does anyone know of a good site where I can get images for the display background from? I've been looking but can't find anything for this phone-claire_haze1@hotmail.com, cheers.

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 16th Aug 2003
I've only had this phone for 3 days and I've just put it up for sale on Ebay anybody interested head that way, because the phone's driving me insane! Positives: Great size, shape, quality feel, useful features. Negatives: Lets just say it has some "musical features" that i feel are maddening. Plays musical noise everytime you save a setting, add to your phone book, delete a message, switch the phone off or on and it cant be disabled!(well I have yet to find the off button for this) Put it this way if you want a descreet phone for meetings and open plan offices, don't buy this one because this "musical feature" likes to broadcast to the world what you are doing. Oh and the 2nd and most major feature I dislike is the total lack of common sense which has gone into the design of the texting menu. I cannot seem to find a way of making the Texting format non-predictive as default. It changes back to predictive everytime i want to send a message. And the reply to txt feature is right down at the bottom of the menu system so it takes absolutely forever to just send/reply to a simple txt message. It has polyphonic ringtones, but they seem to have filled the phone with every ring tone youve never used on your previous phones. And it says downloable ring tones well I've yet to find a tone on the samsung website that is available for this phone. The lowest sound setting to me isn't low enough I still think its quite loud. Disapointed, I'm going back to Nokia.

Reviewed by Oatesy from Scotland on 16th Aug 2003
Got this phone around three months ago. Its really kool and looks very stylish. The ringtones are the best thing about this phone. All the latest chart tones sound great!! My melody box is actually full and would like to hear from anyone who knows how to delete any tunes I am finished with?? recently i have encoutered the problem of the phone switching itself off but apart from that i really like this fone, a real touch of class!

Reviewed by lucy? from uk on 15th Aug 2003
I got this phone yesterday and the booklet was really hard to understand, but once you start pressing the buttons - you learn it very quickly. I don't know what the people are goin on about when they say it is hard to download ringtones. A minute ago i went on www.polyphonicringtones.com and downloaded busted - sleepin with the light on. It cost 3 but it is good. You had to text with the code of the tone, then they txt you bak. you have to go on wap and they txt u with an ID no. it is very simple and good. All in all, the phone is brill. The tones are good, and the games and the flashing colours and witch is cool too.

Reviewed by ben from uk on 12th Aug 2003
Can anyone who uses this phone actually spell? Stop destroying what is a glorious language you ignorant idiots. I like the phone.

Reviewed by lisa from uk on 11th Aug 2003
I've got a question - does the predictive text function learn new words or not? Trying to decide whether to buy this phone or not. i want a flip/clam phone that learns new words and holds its charge. any ideas?

Reviewed by Mel from England on 8th Aug 2003
I haven't got de phone yet - i'm gettin it soon. I'm a bit worried tho cos i love funky poly ringtones and loads a peeps av said its hard to get em or the ringtones on de phone aren't dat good. But there's been lots of good things about it so i can't wait to buy it. I write again after i've got it.xxx

Reviewed by Kayla from England on 6th Aug 2003
Its soooo cute! da blue backlight is classy, who needs colour??!?? small, compact, deffinately a womans phone. Got 1 because my 3330 started playing up, and i needed a touch of class, this A800 is deffinately it. I love it!!! The people who said they'v had problems its probably that u force da flip 2 far back and end up breaking the connection, its a goddamn PHONE, its not a bomb proof, anything will break if u dnt use it carefully. Love your baby,I do! I love my pnoe! lol x

Reviewed by AkBaRzAi from Pakistan on 5th Aug 2003
well i don't have the flipStyle phone but its coooool well ihad a nokia 5510 and its gud too (for music lovers) but i dropped it and now the screen is blank ... so is this phone sensitive too?? well waiting for my A800.

Reviewed by Lol from UK on 1st Aug 2003
Haven't bought this phone yet - will do soon - but for everyone who asked, you can download ringtones at: www.samsungmobile.com (you have to register) or www.O2.co.uk

Reviewed by Nick from Wales on 1st Aug 2003
I love this phone! This has to be one of the best looking phones on the market - its just so stylish! Great features and excellent build quality. Also the sound quality and clarity is unbelievably good. If you want to stand out from the usual Nokia crowd you cant go much wrong with this phone. Buy it.... Now!

Reviewed by lulu from scotland on 1st Aug 2003
i love this phone i love the colour bit and i just downloaded ringtones if u need any just check out a mag the witch is soooooo cool just got it 2 days ago I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Reviewed by marie from england on 30th Jul 2003
well i got my fone on monday 2days ago for my bday on thursday and i think its wicked! but as everyone is asking WERE CAN U DOWLOAD PICS AND RINGTONES ?there has to b sum were if any one nos how plz mail me nicearse69blonde@aol.com thanks alot ill keep looking and let u no bye bye xxxx

Reviewed by Helen from England on 29th Jul 2003
Does anyone know how I can turn off that horrid tone/melody that blares out when you turn the A800 on and off. I have had the phone for 1 day and am not too impressed with that noise.

Reviewed by Jill from UK on 27th Jul 2003
I bought the a800 after my sis got it and recommended it and I love it, the only thing I don't like is when you add a new number or delete a text message a tune plays. how do you get rid of it coz its really annoying! Apart from that fab phone.

Reviewed by VANYA from ENGLAND on 27th Jul 2003
Getting my samsung a800 tomorrow! When putting in search for websites that do the a800 ringtones tons come up then when i get on there they aint compatible! Hmmmmmm! Owts gotta be better than the one fingered casio keyboard Nokia tones! Swore blind i'd never have a Nokia then purchased the 8210 and totally regretted it! Built like tanks but poor value for money, fingers crossed i'm gonna be well pleased with my a800 soooooo watch this space!! ;)

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 26th Jul 2003
Only received fone yesterday. Intial reactions....is it possible to be in love with an inanimate object? This fone is gorge! Plz can sum1 say if this fone will receive polyphonic ring tones. Have gone on Samsung.com and seems that this fone is not compatable to download tones from there site. Anyone with any suggestions?

Reviewed by lol from england on 26th Jul 2003
oh my god, i need this phone, my mate has got 1, its so cool. if any 1 wants to sell me theres, then id be very grateful. well done samsung

Reviewed by Angelo from Philippines on 25th Jul 2003
pro: small, lightweight, chic-trendy look cons: programs, application speed, keypads sucks like hell. bought it about 3 months ago. at first i was very excited: i was like being unique from the nokia phone users. also it was the flip-flop type. but later i realized that it was such a hassle of flipping and flopping it everytime someone called/texted me. after that you'll get bored of it. too much glamour, you know what i'm saying? it's also not user-friendly for people who don't use cellphones much. also it has software problems.

Reviewed by sexy kim from england on 25th Jul 2003
This phone is amazing, it is very very attractive. I think the ringtones are great but does any one know if you can compose ringtones onto this fone?!? This fone is light small and is easy to caryy around and if any one is considering buying it i would definatly reccomend it. Its a very ladylike phone ,better then all the other phones ive had which are, samsung a300, nokia 3310, 3410 and 3330.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 21st Jul 2003
I have had my phone 6 months as i brought it in January with some money i had got for my birthday. It was a great phone then and still is with its tons of features but the only things i have to complain about are the embedded keyboard not like a nokia one which stands out and that the screen backlight fails to operate. Apart from those glitches its a great phone but they should have made the light more relliable and the keys easier to work with because i am off to buy a Sony Ericsson T68i. Please tell me if any one else has had the backlight problem and if they know where to download pictures and screensavers becuase wap and pc have turned up nothing.

Reviewed by - from - on 20th Jul 2003
Anything that boasts several colours of flashing light, slinky silver and a witch that says BYE has got to be worth it! i love it and swore I'd never have anything but that idiot box of a Nokia.

Reviewed by Rafal from England on 20th Jul 2003
I think its the most reliable phone i had!

Reviewed by Carly from UK on 19th Jul 2003
got mine today and I'm i love with it!! I don't care about downloading ringtones and stuff as am happy with the ones they have on it!! Get this phone ***NOW***!!!!

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 19th Jul 2003
This phone is v.cool.Can any1 tell me where 2 get ply ringtones from 4 it cheap or not mail me @ sk8erlew@hotmail.com

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