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Plusnet Mobile

 In a nutshell  

Last updated November 2016

Plusnet is a UK-based broadband and phone provider, offering either standard or fibre broadband internet, including phone calls. YouView TV and BT Sport Lite are also available to broadband customers. On 29th November 2016, LIFE Mobile customers joined the Plusnet family and became Plusnet Mobile customers.

Best buy: 30 day SIM only (250 mins, 500 texts, 500MB data) from Plusnet Mobile (£5)


Plusnet Mobile launches

On 29th November 2016, the Yorkshire-based telephone, TV and broadband provider Plusnet joined LIFE Mobile, part of the BT parent business, to provide a mobile service operating on the EE mobile network.

Plusnet Mobile launches with a wide range of tariffs, combining 4G data, minutes and text bundles at low prices. Plusnet's stated goal is to offer "more for less", including UK-based customer service, a Smart Cap on your monthly bill, and special discounts for Plusnet residential broadband and line rental customers.

Plusnet's deals are all 30 day rolling contracts with no long term commitment. Plusnet uses EE’s 4G network, giving 99% coverage of the UK population.

We are hoping to start collecting Plusnet Mobile reviews from customers of the new network, but in the meantime, we have over 300 reviews by customers of LIFE Mobile for you to read.

Best buys
30 day SIM only (250 mins, 500 texts, 500MB data)
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30 day SIM only (unlimited mins and texts, 4GB data)
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User questions

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What is the matter with the plusnet website?

Asked by Andrew from UK on 21st Dec 2016
I have been trying to access my account with Life (now Plusnet) for over 2 weeks now. I continually get this message - "www.plus.net took too long to respond". Can someone please tell me what is wrong with it.

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 21st Dec 2016
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're not aware of any issues with the website, it appears to be up and running our end. You can always try a different web browser or device and see if that helps.

If you have any further questions, you can call us on 500 free from your handset, 0800 079 1133 from a different handset or send an e-mail to mobile-help@plus.net quoting "S21 Question" and we'll be more than happy to help!

- Rebeka

Reply by S21 from UK on 21st Dec 2016
You could try cleaning out the cache and cookies from your browser, or use incognito mode in Chrome.

Extend timeout before divert to voicemail?

Asked by Alan from UK on 19th Dec 2016
Hi there,

I've just been chatting online to one of your support people, I wanted the timout before an unanswered call gets diverted to voicemail extended.

He said you can't do that, is that correct?

I'm pretty sure LifeMobile could extend it to a maximum of 30 seconds, is that no longer possible with PlusNet?


Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 19th Dec 2016
Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch and bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry to hear you've been advised of this but I can confirm we're able to extend the ring-time to a maximum of 30 seconds before it reaches Voicemail. We'll need to raise this with the relevant department in order to do this and we advise a timescale of 5 working days for a response once it's been sent off.

If you give us a call by dialling 500 from your SIM, one of our colleagues will ensure this is sorted for you! -Ashleigh

Text messages to mobile shortcodes?

Asked by Ian from UK on 12th Dec 2016

The above page mentions that text messages to landline numbers are non-inclusive and charged at 15p per message and that text messages to mobile numbers are inclusive and then charged at 15p per message after the inclusive allowance has run out.

When sending a message to a mobile shortcode, the service provider usually states something like "messages cost £5 plus the cost of one standard rate message". What is the cost of one standard rate message sent to a five-digit mobile shortcode? This information is missing from your list.

Please add it.

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 12th Dec 2016
Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about this.

The reason we don’t have information on the prices for sending text messages to shortcode numbers is due to us not supporting this service; however I should let you know that texting landlines is free as long as you’ve still got text messages left in your bundle. We'll only charge you 15p if you continue to send text messages once your text messages run out.

I will feed this back to the relevant teams to look into including this information on our website.

If have any further questions please send us an e-mail to mobile-help@plus.net. :) - Emily

Reply by Ian from UK on 13th Dec 2016
A one line clarification that "Plusnet does not support sending text messages to mobile shortcodes" will alleviate people asking why they are unable to vote on various TV shows or enter competitions.

As for text messages SENT to landline numbers, the mobile-price-guide page is explicit in explaining that the inclusive allowance covers "standard texts to any UK mobile". It does not mention texts to landline numbers.

In the price table "Send a text message to UK landlines" is in the part headed "Additional charges - these are the charges for services that aren't included in your plan".

If text messages to landlines are included in the allowance, you'll need to fix the wording to make this clear. Currently it implies the opposite.

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 17th Dec 2016
Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting back in touch with us about this.

We're thankful for your great suggestions on how we can improve our website, and I can assure you we're always working hard to improve every aspect of plusnet mobile; including the website.

If you have any further advice on how we could change this, please send an e-mail to mobile-help@plus.net or you can always contact us via our Live Chat feature. - Emily

See all 15 questions

Plusnet Mobile user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it, and please ask questions in our User Questions section above. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by Arun from UK on 11th Dec 2016
What a shambles it has been in an attempt to gain full service. Been with Life since April 2016 where the port went absolutely haywire in March. 7 months down the line the incoming service + data go down. Suggestion was the sim maybe faulty. Get this replaced with no luck for service restoration. In an attempt to speak with the previous person who handled my complaint and fully conversant with issues simply NOT INTERESTED!!!! A manager takes on-board to deal and keep me updated but that was just a smokescreen. After discussssing with several advisors only one person, SAM, takes on board my issues and bless him keeps me posted as promised.
After having both incoming and outgoing services restored, the DATA remains an issue! The operations team are of the opinion the handset i am using is not fully unlocked! What rubbish when the same handset has been used since April 2016 and no issues. Currently another carrier SIM used on PAYG whilst issue gets resolved and that functions ok.
The LAMEST EXCUSE is to get an email confirmation and this was done and sent via email. Now an email states want this confirmation as an email attachement! The email actually provides a case refernce number from the handset manufacturer!
What more do Life/Plusnet need to progress the full provision of service????
These guys need a bit of training in how to resolve the network issue and not let a customer run around to get feeble confirmations just to buy time!
Is this going to get resolved??? The previous complaint handler who undetstands the issues is clearly not interested at all.
Is someone from Life/Plusnet going to do something now as 2+weeks aint acceptable. I dont hold my breath at all!!!!

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 12th Dec 2016
Hi Arun, thanks for leaving us a review; we appreciate all the feedback we receive.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some disturbances with your service, but glad you’ve now got your incoming and outgoing services working again. We aim to provide all our customers with the great service they deserve, and unfortunately in this situation you’ve been left with out your data; however I can assure you our team will be working hard to have this resolved for you as quickly as possible.

In situations like this when the obvious causes have been eliminated we have a process to follow to make sure we find the direct root of the problem, and I understand this process may be frustrating for yourself, however we need the information so we can come to a conclusion for the fault and then work to fix this.

If your complaint had been previously fixed we’d need to go through the process of opening ad new complaint which means the complaint handler you dealt with the previous time wouldn’t be able to pick this up until the complaint procedure had begun. I can assure it’s not the agent doesn’t care, it’s because we have protocols to follow in instances like this.

Due to this being a personal issue about your account, I can’t discuss the specifics with you but if you drop us an e-mail to mobile-help@plus.net quoting ‘S21 Review’ and I’ll make sure this is picked up for you. – Emily

Reply by Arun from UK on 16th Dec 2016
Dear Emily,

i had an email on 12/12/2016 with a response as 'you should expect a response from us within 24 hours'. Its 16/12/2016. is anyone going to call me or do i have to continue chasing???

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 17th Dec 2016
Hi Arun,

I'm aware you have spoken to a member of our team and hopefully this is all resolved for you now.

If you need anything at all, contact us and we'll help in anyway we can!

- Rebeka

Reply by Arun from UK on 20th Dec 2016

you maybe aware but it aint resolving my problem. A manager rings and promises to call me bck yesterday or today and only then I realise that an email has been sent suggesting i carry out steps that really do not work. everytime you call and say this is not woprking it requires 5 days for your operations guys to deal with the issue. I have asked to be put directly through to the complaints team but the advisors are not allowed to do so as its only a manager who can do that. How the heck is someone supposed to deal with issues like this when a manager has fundamentally failed to contact in the first instance and send an email. Not everyone has the luxury of browsing at personal emails at their workplace. Therefore could you be kind enough to ask one your complaint teams to contact me directly and urgently so that my DATA is working. A month to deal with attempting to rectify a simple situation is beyond a joke!!!!
You have my contact number, so a phone call would be useful.

Reply by Plusnet Mobile Team from UK on 21st Dec 2016
Hello Arun,

If you've been advised you'll receive a call back from one of our managers, that means your situation is a high priority to us and we'll certainly be getting in touch with you shortly.

Escalating technical issues to our Operations team requires them to perform very thorough investigations to diagnose and correct issues, so while I appreciate completely that this has left you out of your full service for a long time, we are certainly going to make sure it gets resolved for you.

In the meantime, if you'd like to discuss this in more depth, (for instance, if you'd like to know when we're calling you more exactly) then we'll need you to get in touch with us again by a private message with your account details. That can be via Facebook or Twitter, or again by telephone or email, or through our Live Chat (https://www.plus.net/mobile/).

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and we'll speak to you soon, Arun. :) -Marc

Reviewed by John Hart from England on 29th Nov 2016
I`ve been with Life mobile since January 2016 and everything has been brilliant.
Just hope that now it`s Plusnet Mobile, I get the same excellent service and no changes to my monthly contract. This is the first day with Plusnet and everything seems fine. Hope it stays that way.

Reply by Plusnet Team from UK on 30th Nov 2016
Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch and leaving such fantastic feedback. :-) It's been sad to say goodbye to LIFE Mobile, as it's the end of an era but we're extremely excited for our new adventure with Plusnet Mobile!

I would like to say a massive thank you for being a loyal customer and I can assure you nothing will change in terms of your contract. You'll still be dealing with the same smiley faces through Customer Service, as we won't be going anywhere! If you ever have any queries though; please feel free to get in touch as we'll be more than happy to help.

We're still contactable by dialing 500 from your SIM, or 0800 0791133- which is a free call from any line and our fantastic Live-Chat Team will now be available at https://www.plus.net/mobile/. -Ashleigh

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