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Panasonic X70 review

 Review: December 2003  

Last updated November 2004


In a nutshell: A colour phone with integrated digital camera and Bluetooth™.


The Panasonic X70 is a nice-looking phone that is a good size and feels nice to hold in your palm. At 92g it's lightweight, but still has enough weight to have "presence" in your hand. The exterior has a small flashing light display that alerts you to incoming calls and displays basic phone information. Opening the flip reveals a good sized internal screen. The keypad layout is similar in style to its predecessor, the GD87.

The X70 has a high-quality TFT screen with 65k colours. The digital camera comes with a flash light that enables you to take pictures after dark. However the resolution of the camera is poor compared with most other camera phones available, and image quality is somewhat lacking.

One key improvement over the GD87 is the addition of Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity, which enables you to wirelessly connect a Bluetooth headset.

A nice feature (missing on some other camera phones) is that you can attach a picture to an entry in your phone book, so that person's picture appears when they call you.

The main issue that we have with the X70 is that apart from Bluetooth, it doesn't really offer much more than the older GD87 - we feel that Panasonic have lost their momentum with the X70 and the phone is now looking very dated.

Panasonic X70 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera with flash (110k resolution)
  • Colour TFT display (65,536 colours)
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity & Infrared
  • Downloadable ringtones & wallpaper
  • Games
  • Phone book (200 names & numbers) with pictures
  • User memory: 4 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • E-mail
  • Size: 87 x 47 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Battery standby: 75 - 250 hours
  • Battery talktime: 1.5 - 5 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Panasonic X70 user reviews

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Average rating from 148 reviews:

Reviewed by Dario Western from UK on 16th Jun 2010
I got this phone from a guy on ebay last week, and I am quite disappointed with it. The camera is crappy with only two choices for picture resolution (which are both very inferior), the battery runs down to one point after only 10 hours of the phone being switched on, I cannot see all my contacts listed on my SIM card whereas I can with the other phone I've got, and the texting is quite cumbersome. It's got the usual bells and whistles like fancy ringtones, nice flashing lights when you phone is ringing, and it's relatively easy to use the other features, but then again they are standard with other phones on the market today. I'll move onto using a different mobile phone, and just give it to my folks to use for their occasional overseas travels.

Reviewed by v from UK on 22nd Apr 2010
love this phone

Reviewed by Cristina from UK on 9th Dec 2009
Love it but not using it because the chager is broken and can't find another one. Need help! The model No. is EB-CAX70UK. Any idea where I could buy one from? So, I've got to give only 1 star!

Reviewed by JOHN WILSON NTULLO from UK on 13th Mar 2009
the mobile phone is extremely nice the problem is lifespan of its battery

Reviewed by dom from UK on 30th Jun 2008
i got my dads old panasonic x70 an it is cool but i cant recieve many good ringtones or videos.

Reviewed by mikey from UK on 24th Jun 2008
this a really good phone my phone broke so im usin this 1 at th mo dont listen to uver reviews buy it its great good camera and blutooth vry handy

Reviewed by anoynmnous from UK on 24th Dec 2007
The phone is great and everything is easy to find. Nice with looks, good size, great features and is probably the simpliest phone I have used. Everybody just needs to stop complaining!! This phone would be a perfect fit with anyone!!!

Reviewed by Mongolia from UK on 21st Sep 2007
good enough

Reviewed by pekpek from UK on 31st Aug 2007
but you cannot connect to the computer with this,.!!!yhis suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Reviewed by Patria from UK on 26th May 2007
I had this phone about a year ago, and i must say this is a very good phone. Very easy to use, affordable and defenity looks good!

Reviewed by Hazzy from UK on 19th May 2007
this phone is good if you want a basic flip-up phone

Reviewed by Slayzr7 from UK on 16th Apr 2007
this phone is good, just the battery life of course. The user face is quite friendly

Reviewed by VV Subbarao from UK on 9th Feb 2007
It is a pretty good, i bought in Nigeria and using in India, but only the problem is that the incomming signal strength is low and finds difficult is noisy areas. I think it is possible to add the feature to increase volume of incoming voise. niceRao India

Reviewed by hayden from UK on 10th Jan 2007
it is the best phone in the world

Reviewed by Adeoye Augustine from UK on 13th Dec 2006
The phone is good and I can recommend it to anybody to use. The only problem I have with the phone is that one cannot get the original battery in the market. The manufacturer should try and package new set of panasonic x70 with 2 batteries. Adeoye Nigeria

Reviewed by carla from UK on 3rd Dec 2006
you have no idea what your talking about, you can't comment on the phone until you have actually had it yourself for every day use. i had the phone myself for a good year and a half, its bound to be dated now as it is 3 or more years old. when it came out it was a top of the range phone. it was one of the first phones to have a respectable resolution camera on it. i don't understand how you can rate it so poorly, the only things that let it down are the camera and the fact it has no memory card. but when it came out memory cards weren't about in phones anyway.

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 29th Jul 2006
the camera in dark is really bad even with light on and the bluetooth is reliable and the camera zoom is alright, its has an average battery life aswell but it has a camera and bluetooth and if thats what ur looking for in a phone get it

Reviewed by thea from UK on 28th Jul 2006
this is the pansiest phone ever..i mean the look is alright..i went through a cell phone shop n i aboslutely fell in love with it..then like after 2 months i got tired of it..the camera is not all that great..the ringtones are pansy..n it get scratched up eaasily..i wish i could break it and get a new phone..hmm..hmm..life sucks being a teenager..stupid phone!

Reviewed by Lynsey from UK on 7th May 2006
I've had this phone for a while and yeah the bluetooth and things are reasonibly good. The camera isn't great but i can live with that. It's not a great looking phone, i think it needs updating and when you open and close the flip the click gets really annoying. I don't like this phone that much but I can live with it until i get a newer up to date one. Overall it's an ok phone but if your looking for a funky, trendy phone I wouldn't recommend it.....

Reviewed by hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii from UK on 6th Jan 2006
may not be the most up to date phone but it is still good!!!!!!!!!!!! i have had mine since august 2004 and its still going strong. my battery is starting to die quicker and it turns off sometimes but who cares.

Reviewed by knight from UK on 18th Nov 2005
nice phone. works just fine.... no problems with using it.. not the best camera phone ive used but it will do.. guys.. just a piece of advice... don't compare it to the latest phones! then youll start telling this phone is crappy compare to the new ones! use your brain people!

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 25th Oct 2005
Hello I have had this phone for just over a year. I don't use it very often, mostly there for emergencies as I am disabled. Hubby tried to ring me a couple of months ago and the phone turned itself off. I blamed it being in my bag!! Then I read these reviews. These are the problems I've encountered: Turning itself off for no reason Not being able to turn it back on again Battery not charging properly The clock gaining time - I mean hours.. It has taken me three days to be able to get the phone working and to stay on, except when I had it plugged into the mains. I've had to disable Active Flip, that's great with a flip phone, and I've had to turn off Vibrate. Now if I receive an incoming call or text I can actually answer it, FOR NOW. The clock is keeping the right time.. When I spoke to Panasonic they said they'd never had any problems like this, well they ought to read this site then.. And I would have to pay to get it repaired.. Only two months out of warranty.. I think it's a really poor show when such a large and I though good company, treats their customers like this, I will never buy or recommend Panasonic anything to any one. Thanks

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 11th Aug 2005
Good all round phone with adequate features. the bluetooth is missing some more advanced features but is more secure because of it. eg my mate couldn't log on to it and see all my files like he can with some phones, also no messages from strangers while in the pub. Had no problems sending receiving files from PC's other phones etc. The camera isn't really that bad. Pictures are small but camera light means you often get a good pic which you can see well on the screen. With the Java you can only download games which use In-Fusio so no extra applets etc & i never worked out if you could get them for free anywhere. Did have some problems with the battery getting a bit loose over time making it switch off and the paint scratches off. Battery time and connection cable were all fine esp if you turn off unnecessary features. Overall a good quality phone but looking forward to a new upgrade.

Reviewed by JORDAN from UK on 9th Jul 2005

Reviewed by jessica from UK on 21st Jan 2005
well i have looked at ppls reviews n i cant bleive what ther sayin trust me this phone is excellent i have had it 6 months now n it has neva froze up on me or turned itself off. n for u stupid ppl who dno how ta fyn ya last calls try pressin the green button n wala last calls answered cals n unanswered cals r there aint hard! n as 4 the messages its so easy 2 txt n if u get a word wrong u dnt have to delete the whole word try usin the arrow keys delete the letta which is wrong n put in the right letter n if u cant use predictive try the other txts! the camera quality is gd 2 me i think its a nice stylish phone n 4 the retard who sed the charger is fragile n breaks easily there lyin! am a teen n i know bowt al this n am expert with txin its so easy so stop complainin bowt it try usin the manual n get it in ur thick heads that it is a gd phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Yusoff, Malaysia from UK on 7th Jan 2005
Having bought this phone second hand after using nokia 6510. Of course the menu is different from nokia. There are few flaws in design. 1. I found the phone switch off by itself for no apparent reason. try to change battery to new replacemnt but to no avail. the cause is SIM card is not inserted properly. 2. There is no way , documented or experienced to take phone numbers from SIM Memory for sending SMS unless number from SIM card memory copied first to phone memory. Battery life is short. Documented at 150 hrs but manage only less than 24 hours with hardly any call.The plus point for this phone is 1. It is small and light-weight, well disigned 2. Keys-Nice feeling. 3. Main screen briliant colour and sub screen with different colour and 4. you cant enjoy the colour if the phone switch itself off(Thats the way to they manage to get 150 hours: I think). I would not commit to recommend it to friends. So Panasonic what has happen ?. Where has all good people gone. And by the way Dont use the camera. The picture produce is lousy. It will break your heart.

Reviewed by Freya from UK on 7th Dec 2004
Same problems as everyone else that has only given 1 star. The phone turns itself off all the time. When you get an incoming call it turns itself off....when you get a text it turns itself off!!! I am on third handset and about to go and get a new phone....not worth the hassle with this one! I would not buy anything made by panasonic again or advise anyone else too!

Reviewed by karen from UK on 20th Nov 2004
only had the phone a few days but it seems great, the ringer tones are good and loud, great when its in my bag, the menus are easy ive had most of the phones on the market but up untill now couldnt find one that i liked thanx panasonic for a great little phone

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 1st Nov 2004
Nice looks, good size and weight. Features aren't too bad and the Bluetooth is useful. Texting has been a hassle with lousy prediction and keys placed to help you lose your message. Battery life is poor. Worst of all the build quality is bad - with reasonable treatment the case now looks a mess and charging is just a game of chance - for the first time, I'm looking to get rid of a phone whilst in contract.

Reviewed by Jon from England on 29th Oct 2004
I don't know why everyone is complaining about the reception - that is your network you fools, not the phone!!!! it is very easy to use, and the features can be changed with ease, no problems. i have bought quite a few of them for family and sold a few, i would recommend this phone! only downside is what people say about texts, if you press the red button it's gone, but they're saved to outbox! also, for you idiots that wrote that incoming and outgoing calls can't be saved, THEY CAN!!! Press the green button and voila, they're there, in their opinion its bad but it really is a good phone and Panasonic have done a great job with this model, i'm awaiting a model that will be even better (if they can do that!)

Reviewed by Sabrina from England on 29th Oct 2004
On the upside: It's a nice looking phone and so much easier to write long text messages on. It's nice that you can change the front screen light to signify who's ringing or if you just feel like a change as well as add a picture of the person who's ringing. On the downside: It's battery life is terribly short. You can have one decent phone conversation before you have to charge. The photo quality is also very poor, especially the night time ones (even with the photo light). There are mush better camera phones, with amazing zoom capabilities and as soon as my contract is up I'm changing phones.

Reviewed by Nicole from England on 28th Oct 2004
I do like the style of the Panasonic x70 and i also like the fact that you can have all different coloured backlights for the sceen. I also like the idea of having a picture of the person who is phoning however one thing that i do think you could improve on is the qulity of the speaker phone on the Panasonic X70 it isn't that clear. I also like the idea of the camera light. I think this is a great feature to the phone. The reason why i myself gave the particular phone a 4 is because i believed it was a good, stylish little phone and i do enjoy using it.

Reviewed by David from England on 25th Oct 2004
Absolute rubbish. Had it nearly a year now, and though it was fine for the first 9 months or so, once the charger socket has gone (which it will because they, and the chargers are absurdly fragile) you will have to send it to Panasonic to be fixed, But to fix it they have to wipe all your pictures and messages and whatever off it, but thats OK because you download them all into handset manager before you send it can't you, except you can't because handset manager is flipping useless and doesn't work on Windows 98 even though they say it will, and of course with the charger/data cable socket broken, you can't connect the phone up to your computer anyway even if handset manager did work. All in all, putting design over build quality is just not good enough and I cannot wait to trade the stupid thing in.

Reviewed by Ashley from Scotland on 20th Oct 2004
I had my Panasonic X70 for about ten months until it was stolen. I thought it was a great phone, i never had any problems with the battery. (The Best way of getting the battery to live longer is to only charge it when the battery is down to its last bar. Dont charge it if you still have two or three bars left, its a waste). I have had no problems with my phone what so ever. The camera wasnt amazing, but being my first and only camera phone it did me fine. The only thing i didnt like was the inbox showed you the start of the message, not the person who sent the message, which is what i prefered. As for ringtone, i used me own, being able to record your own ringtones was great, i had a few great recording from a Justin Timberlake live. Overall, a great phone, no problems. I really miss it!

Reviewed by CHR from UK on 20th Oct 2004
even tho i havint used 1 b4 it seems exelent i bought 1 today, had a few douts by these coments but ill give it try looks exelent, but seems otha ppl dont think so camera dunno but from ur reviews seems horrible!! is it that bad!!! what is it like??? thnkx

Reviewed by John from UK on 20th Oct 2004
Phone was obviously rushed on to the market to stay competetive They should not have bothered I am on my third phone and the same faults were back within days. Now Orange say it will not be replaced only repaired how long to repair just depends they say..... Depends on how far they have stuck their fingers up their A***s. I was in the Orange shop in Doncaster by arrangement and the manager went and hid. The phone rings all day long but never gets answered even the manager at the call centre admitted there was a problem when he spent over three hours trying to contact the shop. I think I will send phone back to Panasonic encased in a block of concrete perhaps they can find a use for it... As a DOOR STOP

Reviewed by Katy from UK on 17th Oct 2004
This phone was such a disappointment!!After about two weeks it started crashing on the odd occasion especially when getting a text message. This 'odd occasion' then progressed to 9 times out of 10, it deletes some messages by itself and gets rid of numbers in the phone book sometimes too. Very annoying! it does have its good points but if you want your fone to actually function properly i wouldnt buy this fone at all

Reviewed by Sammy from UK on 17th Oct 2004
I've had this phone on contract since it came out. When my contract ran out I gave it to my daughter. You no what kids are like always dropping them and breaking them. But my daughter loves this one. Its lightweight, good camera, long battery life, great games, wicked tones. Everything she wanted. So if you think this phone is rubbish try READING the manual!!!

Reviewed by Emma from Australia on 13th Oct 2004
Hey, someone in the reviews gave this phone a bagging due to him not being able to find out who called him last, well READ THE MANUAL (oh, no, of course, that involves effort, gosh!) Just press the green call button in the menu, and good lord! people you've called, missed calls, people who've called you! Gee! I have no real issues with this phone - camera hates sunlight but I've got some really crystal clear indoor shots with it. Also, sometimes the wallpaper goes all static, but you just have to set it again. The only main issue I have is the battery life - Very very very low. But hey, I think I gave it a battery memory by charging it nightly. My bad.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 12th Oct 2004
Occasionally does what it says on the tin but then it does it badly. I wouldnt mind too much if it was simply a reliable telephone but it's not. This is my second X70. The first one ceased functioning after 2 weeks. I think that may have been a result of attempting to use it in Spain (they dont like temperatures above 25 or below 24 celcius. This one continually turns itself off - always at the most inconvenient time. The camera works sort-of. Big deal! The menus are hopeless. Dont buy this phone if you are used to the userfriendliness of Nokias.Dont buy this phone if you want to make phone calls abroad. Dont buy this phone if you want to make phone calls from anywhere else. Consider semaphore before wasting your money.

Reviewed by sean from uk on 10th Oct 2004
rubbish with a capital R

Reviewed by Mhairi from Scotland on 9th Oct 2004
Firsty I'd like to say, I read the reviews that had been left already and to be honest, I havent had any problems with my mobile, its never switched off on me or anything like it so I wouldnt let that put you off, it can happen to any model, I used to have problems with an old Nokia model I had. Secondly a couple of other things were untrue, you dont have to delete the whole line or word if you have made a spelling mistake, all you do is delete the letter, re type it and then predict it again, and you dont lose the text message if you try and send it and it doesnt for whatever reason, if you go to your outbox, its saved in there. I've thought that myself when i've tried to send a text and its said 'Message Failed' but it does save it for you. Good points- This phone took a bit of getting used to as I was used to the Nokia models. I liked the style of the phone when it arrived, thought it looked nice and sleek. Once i'd read the manual it was easy to find my way around, to be honest, i dont use all the features it has! I love the different colours you can choose for the front screen! Bad points - The picture quality isnt as good as I thought, I'm really not that impressed with it but then again, I hardly use that facility as my mates dont have a camera phone that I can send them too! Think next time i'll get one with a better quality to it. Also the games are good (having paid for new ones), but you have to pay when you get passed a certain level, AND you have to pay for each level which I wasnt too happy with! It seems they are just trying to get money out you all the time! And lastly the quality of downloading Real Tones isnt that good either, I wouldnt bother as you will just waste your money :( All in all its a good mobile, with alot of good qualities

Reviewed by Jeanette from Australia on 7th Oct 2004
First impressions? I loved this phone. It's stylish and lightweight and fairly easy to use (once I'd read the manual). However after just a few weeks it started to play up. It began switching itself off everytime a call or message came through or when the alarm went off. It began deleting messages by itself. It had poor reception and battery charge. I wasn't too impressed with photo quality either. I even sent it back to Panasonic twice for repairs and it came back with the same problems. I thought it was just my bad luck, but then I read all these reviews! It sounds like it's fairly hit and miss with the quality of the Panasonic x70. I'm heartbroken that I have to part with this cute little phone, but it's just been more trouble that it's worth. And yes. I'm going back to a Nokia.

Reviewed by Lee from Uk on 5th Oct 2004
Im about to go out to the shop to buy this phone. Firstly ive read your comments about the reliability, it concerns me a little, but i will give it the benefit of the doubt. Secondly, its a PANSONIC!!!!, if anyone has ever bought/owned/liked a Nokia then i doubt they will like Panasonic, i have owned 3 previous panasonic phones and they have all been 1st class, they just operate a little different to Nokia's and the like.

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 5th Oct 2004
Huge disappointment. I've bought lots of Panasonic products in the past (TV, Camcorders, etc) and always been impressed, but not this time. It looks ok, but everything else is rubbish. It consistently turns itself off, and fails to charge even though the charge light is on - apparently a common problem, and the reason why my dealer had no spare courtesy phones. It also loses previously saved phonebook entries. The user interface is appallingly thought out, and it takes numerous presses even to start keying in a text. If you fail to send due to poor reception, you have to hunt around the folder system to try to find your message to resend. Oh, and the camera is poor, as is the sound quality. Im going back to Nokia. Definitely one to avoid.

Reviewed by DJ Acer from England on 4th Oct 2004
THIS IS THE WORSE PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO USE... On first appearences, i liked the lok of it - the overly friendly salesman showed me on various websites that this phone was a £300 5 star phone at the top of its leauge - Well, i should have known better to trust him,eh??? 1) TEXTing is awful. There is NOTHING easy about writing a text with this phone - even finding your way into composing a text is a pain in the butt. Predictive text is useless, make a spelling mistake and you cantjust change a letter, you have to delete the whole word and write it again. Most annoying of all though is the way it deletes your whole message if you try and send and you have no reception - which happens regularly... 2) Bringing me neatly on to the RECEPTION. It is rubbish. Rarely get a decent signal anywhere in Bristol. 3) NO CALL LOG. Why, why, why can i not save the number of the last person who called me??? This is so simple, and probably one of the most useful functions of a mobile phone - and yet Panasonic have left it out of the X70. Come on - Panasonic should be able to do better than this. 4) GAMES. one game of Breakout (reminised of my days playing this on my Atari 2600) - but i got to level 5 on my first game and was told i have to pay 50p for the next level??? Coporate swines! Haven't i paid enough for this phone already??? And now im bored of it i have to pay £1.50 for a new game... WHAT A SKANK! I am just glad i realise just how bad this phone was in the first few days of having it - it will be going back to the shop tomorrow. DONT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 2nd Oct 2004
Got an X70 as an update, never had a Panasonic before.....never will again! Thought it would be really good to take photo's and download them to my pc, so bought a cheap usb cable from Ebay...it didn't work. Bought a very expensive usb cable from Panasonic........didn't work, website is bloody awful for anyone needing help and there are no instructions anywhere on how to to anything at all!!!!!!!!! Bought an infra-red suite totally expensive! You have already guessed it didn't work, right? Waste of time money and effort. There must be more user friendly phones out there and I'm off to find one! If you're thinking of buying this phone my advice would simply be DON'T!

Reviewed by James Niclair from Uk on 30th Sep 2004
Fine phone, decent standby (Unless you forget to turn off Bluetooth that is) and fairly hammerproof. Have had this phone for 3 months and it's never let me down - bluetooth works and I'm totally happy with it - I just need to work out how to use voice dial with a bluetooth headset as I've done it a dozen times accidentally (Hence one very large phone bill last month) JamesN

Reviewed by tris cokes from england on 25th Sep 2004
Pretty poor performer - freezes often - then turns itself off - anyone know how to change the colour of the top and bottom bars/information on inside screen. Can change wallpaper ok but can't work out how to change the rest - someone changed it for me in a pub and now I can't change it back!

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 9th Sep 2004
I take great exception to being called a retard by Oliver. He may have got the only "perfect" X70 which has been produced. I thought we had a democracy and that everyone was entitled to their own opinion, and that is what the rest of us who have taken the time and trouble to write a comment about the X70 have done. Or perhaps I'm wrong ???????

Reviewed by Cheese Man from England on 2nd Sep 2004
I had this phone less than a week and it broke (refused to turn on). Thankfully it was less than 28 days so i swapped it for a samsung e700. Good points :- cool clock on the front err thats it Bad points :- rubbish camera quality sending text messages was an absolute pain quite bulky broke within a week summary mediocre phone at best, get a samsung e700 or e800 if you can live without bluetooth.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 30th Aug 2004
Waiting delivery for my 4th handset - due to a variety of faults with previous phones. In fact this is my second handset this week alone!!! The battery isn't holding its charge, the phone turns itself off while in pocket, it wouldn't accept incoming calls, the phone becomes extremely hot while on a charge...... Would recommend any other phone but this one.

Reviewed by emma from uk on 27th Aug 2004
can u buy the panasonic x70 in pink yet or is that just in different counteries???

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
I've had the X70 since December last year and to be honest I'm a little disappointed with it. The facility to save SMS is sort of non-existant, but there is a way around it sometimes, type the message out then go to send it but cancel it, it ocassionaly goes into your outbox so you can use it form there. The camera is not that bad, actualy had some decent pics with it. I'm onto my second handset as the holes where the charger fixes in damages extremely easily and I've just had to have a new battery. I brought a separate bluetooth headset to the one Panasonic makes, but that is a different story. If I have the phone on quiet mode and I send a text (delivery report facility switched on) the screen sometimes lights up to tell that the message has been delivered. Also I have the phone on rainbow colours when a call comes in, again that sometimes fails so have to rely on me hearing the phone (over my loud stereo in car) or wait for the bluetooth headset to tell me there's a c all. Sometimes the phone won't make calls even when I have a full signal. All in all I'll be glad when December arrives so that I can change it for a different one, but to which one ?????????????????

Reviewed by Jadie from uk on 21st Aug 2004
i have this fone, and i have had no major problems yet.. i dnt no wat sum ppl r tlkin about, wen they said it has no zoom it blatently does if u wer to read the manual or in my case which i lost it jus continuosly(however u spel tht) go through the phone, if you go into camera mode and thn use the arrows on the curser right to left is brightness and up and down is zoom or normal.. so plz do get it right next time, also i agree the messages in sms inbox r a bit rubbish by not havin the sender and juas sayin the first line but u get ova it! this fone is so much better than the samsung e700 i dnt no wat ur talking about. obviously u dont either otherwise u wouldd of known about the camera zoom etc.. and u can hardli say ur samsung flashes colours wen sum1 rings or txts u can u now, so ha! go get a panasonic x70 if ur finkin bout it... i was gunna get the next 1 the x60 but it isnt out yet ar wel x

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 21st Aug 2004
This is a rubbish fone, can't get any reception indoors and software faults meant that it had to be repaired within the first two weeks. Texting is bad, camera is rubbish, can't get infrared connection to work. No short cut keys and mnenu is horrible. I am giving up and going back to Nokia next time.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 11th Aug 2004
Looks good but this is a bad phone. Can you not pick less than 1 star? Forget the camera - if you want decent pics - don't use a phone! The real problems begin here: 1 - Defininately the worst is that SMS can't be saved. When typing a long message and a call is received or you press the "Red" button by mistake, the message is lost! Come on Panasonic, how basic is this!? At least give us the option to save!? My first Nokia 10 years ago could do this! Also, takes about a thousand button clicks to send it - very irritating. 2 - SMS are listed by content rather than sender. This is not so bad in the Inbox where they are sorted by date but in Sent Items they are listed alphabetically meaning it is nearly impossible to find what you are looking for unless you can remember what you typed in each of 100 texts! 3 - MMS are displayed by a number rather than the sender name even though they are in my contacts. 4 - IR handset manager can't find the phone even though the link works fine - can send files OK. I see lots of others have had problems with this too - anyone got a solution yet? I'm binning it and going back to Seimens - they can make a decent phone. Yours frustrated Phil

Reviewed by sean from australia on 11th Aug 2004
I'm writing this review in an attempt to help those poor people who are giving this phone 1 or 2 stars. First question ARE YOU LITERATE? in reading your reviews, 99% of your complaints can be fixed, i had them, and you know what I did? I read the manual. *shocked silence* A bit too drastic for you? camera quality, for all those who complained about it, yup it ain't too good, its grainy and doesnt seem to pick up the photo light too well. BUT if any of you had read the manual, you would know that you can change that. if the picture is grainy, then you swap from PNG to JPEG format (or vice versa as they are both suited to different distances and lighting conditions), if the picture is fuzzy, then there is a neat little thing in the camera menu that those who had read the manual would know about, the camera is defaultly set to MEDIUM quality and to the LOW resolution. you'd be surprised what reading the manual can do for you, you might want to try that before complaining abo ut the phone on the internet or even shelling out another $600 for aother phone.

Reviewed by mia from uk on 10th Aug 2004
i think this a most excellant phone, its usful and it has a good camera light. its very neat and stylish and is simple to use. i also have a motorola v500 which my brother gave me and to be honest it doesnt even come close. i dont think it looks as good and the panasonicx70 which has more features, is easier to use, is more reliable and looks better. its also an improvment on LG C1100 (i think thats what its called) which i was using for along time, yet again the x70 has more features and has been far more reliable.

Reviewed by zac from uk on 28th Jul 2004
it is a very good phone i dont no what everyone is on about , i have had no promblems only when i dropped it from about 6ft high when the areil came loose but still then it worked fine!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kathryn from UK on 26th Jul 2004
This phone was good at first but now won't charge as the charger is badly designed and is very difficult to attach. It swithches itself off all the time, the alarm only works when it feels like it and to top it all off it won't send sms.

Reviewed by Darren from England on 25th Jul 2004
Had this phone now for a few weeks, and it is very stylish and easy to use. So GO AND BUY ONE!!!!

Reviewed by Montague Smith from australia on 22nd Jul 2004
absolute rubbish, i have to move outside of my house so i can get a reception from the people calling me, it's now in being repaired as everytime i get a phone call it dies! the person calling me still gets a ringing tone but my phone essentially can't be answered as i can't hear it, it just drops dead. like mentioned in the posts above i would steer clear of it! service girl said if it's physical or liquid damage i'd have to pay for it, lucky i'm not the only one with the same problems

Reviewed by sam from england. where the sun dont shine on 21st Jul 2004
i dont have this phone. thank god. i have an e700 an its loads better. however i have used the x70 alot so i know what im on about. the cameras, which are the main selling points of both of the phones are v different. the e700 has digital zoom, effects, frames, multishot (which is v good an fast) timers an rotations an the picture quality is amazing. the x70 has no zoom, poor picture quality, a useless photo "light" which doesnt light anything up, and a multishot which takes 7 pictures over the space of about 15 seconds compared to samsungs max of 15 in 2 seconds. the games are carp on the x70, the screen is dull an hard to see outdoors. the design is ugly an the phone feels tacky. the texting is frustrating to the point where you want to snap the phone in half. it wont save words an sometimes it wont even recieve messages. aaaa i hate my phone so i'll stick with my e700 which i broke so i'll get a new one

Reviewed by Andy Cardiff from UK on 7th Jul 2004
This is the worst phone I have ever owned, and I've certain had a few in my time. It should never be advertised as a camera phone as the camera is next to useless! Even the (after thought) plug-on camera accessory I had with my old T68i took far better pictures. The user interface feels like some proto-type and is dreadful. It takes five key presses alone to start typing an SMS. The predictive text is dreadful and doesn't allow you to add words to the dictionary or learn frequently used words. If you spot a miss-predicted word, you can not go back and alter it, you have to go back, delete the whole word and then retype it again and then change it to the correct word. No short cut keys to jump to 'create SMS' or 'turn-on bluetooth' etc. I also don't like having to read an entire SMS guessing who it might be from all the way through, only to find out at the end of the message!! Mine also frequently crashes on receiving an incoming call. It shuts down for 15 seconds and doesn't even list a missed call when it comes back on, so if you aren't watching it 24/7 then you will never be aware that you even missed that call! Looks good, but doesn't deliver, at all! STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by James from Nth Ireland on 7th Jul 2004
To make a point my last phone was a Nokia 3650 for 18mths, I thought I would make a big change. Photo's on the X70 are not so good but most printer software makes up for the short fall in quality. Setup is a fraction of the time I had with 3650 plus the screen is bright and clear. Down fall no memory card or slot. Bluetooth or infrared lets you easy transfer. In a nut shell I have no regrets ie "Orange World" runs better than "Vodafone Live"

Reviewed by Jimmy B from UK on 6th Jul 2004
Had this phone only 3 weeks before it started going wrong! First it wouldn't charge (intermittent fault), then the camera would only work when it felt like it (again intermittent) then the screen went white and would not work again (terminal fault!) basically it was poo. I've now got a Nokia 6610i which is v nice... I may have just been unlcky and had a duff one as many other reviews seem to love it but I personally had a lot of trouble with the X70 and only 3months of very frustrating use out of it....

Reviewed by Dick from Kenya on 30th Jun 2004
When i saw this phone it looked good and from what i heard it was susposed to be really good, so i bought it. I have to admit, it is stylish and it looks cool. But a few pointers have to be made about the phone: camera needs to be better, pictures are fuzzy. no java - no good games. battery life (goes out fast, it meets its death every 2 days after charging it. So the phone is okay, but i sugest, dont upgrade to it from other panasonics

Reviewed by Richard Heaton from uk on 23rd Jun 2004
How bad has a phone got to be for my daughter (15) who was highly embarrassed by her nokia 3330, not want it as a present after using for a weekend. She's now gone back to her old phone. She mainly used it for texting which apart from being fiddlely doesn't show who has texed you, also if the signal isn't strong enough it doesn't give you the option to save the message if it cant send but deletes it. I used it for a couple of days and found it useless in the business environment I work. What use is this phone? It only got a signal on our kitchen window sill when all our previous generation phones get a signal in most of the house. Its gone back and I'm well out of pocket. Do your homework, I trusted the salesman and the price bracket this phone is in, both turn out to be unqualified in the marketplace.

Reviewed by chris from england on 16th Jun 2004
Review: I fist got this phone in December, and everything was great, but ove the past month, the camera has stopped working, blue tooth is intimitent, and the sceen on the case has stopped working. I don't bash the phone about, but the outer paint of the casing is peeling off also. I'm really disapointed with the quality. I have always had nokia before, without any problems, but this phone is bad . . just though, on predictive text, it doesn't learn words either, so if there is a name or a word which you use often, it will keep getting it wrong!

Reviewed by ANDREW from UK on 14th Jun 2004
i can make calls! buti cant take internet! Ive got network prblem ! My phone keeps cutting of I can turning it on by my self ! But its keps cutting of! question is whats the problem

Reviewed by fone love 4eva from uk on 13th Jun 2004
i had had the panasonic x70 for a week and i think it is really good da camera is k but o well.

Reviewed by steve from UK on 8th Jun 2004
this phone is c$$p i have had it for 2 mounths and i woud rather walk around talking into my dads underpants

Reviewed by new user from uk on 6th Jun 2004
i've only had dis fone for bout a week and i think its a nice fone, its good lookin, small, light and best of all its a camera fone. although the camera quality isnt that gud i still think its a gud fone but then there r a few dissapointments like it doesnt tell u who a message waz sent by and u only can hav one game at a time. the bluetooth is gud and the infra-red but the battery life isnt as gud. overall gud fone to use.

Reviewed by amy from uk on 1st Jun 2004
i have have had the panasonic X70 for about a month now and so far i am very impressed with it. the battery life wears out after a day when you first get it but what do you expect if you have just got a new phone! you are playing with it all the time. after a little while you don't play with it so much and the the battey life lasts longer. the camera is good quality and you can add frames to your pictures as well as making it black and white and all sorts of other things. it is a beautiful design and is very light. it is excellent value at the orange shop for just £180.00. it is very easy to use and has many original functions such as when the phone is closed if you press a button the front screen goes rainbow coloured which is very cool and there is a voice recorder. there are also lots of different clocks to choose from (digital, normal clock etc)the ringtones are great and when you are on something like games you can close the flip and when you open it up again the games a re still there. the phone also has blue tooth although i haven't used it it sounds good. i highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by livvy! from UK on 25th May 2004
Panasonic X70 vrs Motorola V500 ive had the X70 for a few months now and i have to say i am extremely impressed with it. when first thinking of getting a picture phone i was stuck at whether to choose the Panasonic X70 or Motorola V500, thank god for the X70! my friend got the Motorola V500 at the same time and when comparing picture quality, memory, gadgets and overall style the X70 won hands down every time. i found the picture quality to be very good, i dont know what everyone is making a fuss over, some of my pictures look of better quality then another friends Motorola V600!!! (by the way the Motorola V500 is VERY heavy compared with the X70 or many other new clamshells.) The Panasonic X70 is light and looks good all the time, the camara light is really bright and is VERY useful as a torch if nothing else! ... But, as with everything, it does have it down fall, the battery life is poor for a phone that has so much to investigate and when a text is received you have to read it before knowing who it is from, but for me thats not so bad as you can normally tell who its from anyway just by reading the first line. There you go, thats my view!

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 11th May 2004
I've had this phone for a couple of months, and I love it. OK, the camera isn't too amazing and can be grainy, and the texting is a bit dodgy with flipping between upper/lower case and numerics, but that's something to get used to. The ringing volume and the earpiece volume is loud. The screen is lovely and clear and displays photo realistic colours. I'd recommend this phone to anyone who wants something stylish, lightweight and with a good battery life. And contrary to other reviews, mine is working fine!

Reviewed by Daz from UK on 6th May 2004
I've been reading all the reports of unreliability on this phone so I decided to wait a few months before passing judgement but up to now I've only managed to crash it once (and that was under exceptional circumstances i.e.. -25C in a meat freezer). The X70 looks great and feels solid (unlike some "flip" phones out there). The outer monochrome display with multicoloured backlight and changeable analogue/digital display outshines it's rivals, the only problem being if you put it down on your desk someone always wants to pick it up and have a closer look. When you open the cover you find a large bright clear display with a clock even your granny could read and as with most phones now the background can be changed to any picture you have in your data folder. The keypad has a nice feel and is well lit although the D pad is a little awkward at first. The menus are quite easy to follow as long as you're not one of those people who believe all phones should be like a Nokia. I don't know about you but I use my X70 primarily as a phone so I was pleased to find the reception is better than average and call clarity is excellent although there's no external volume control which would have been nice. If you use SMS a lot using Abc rather than T9 then this is not the phone for you as you have to change mode to write numbers. The ringtones are reasonably loud and annoying but if you like you can download any MIDI file up to 50 kb and set it as your tone, the vibrate is also powerful enough to make you think you're having a heart attack if placed in a shirt pocket. The camera is a bit of a let down, the photo resolution is only adequate viewed on the display (the way it was intended to be viewed) and laughable if transferred to a web page (hmmm I always wondered why I bought a digital camera). As with all phones the battery life isn't as good as the manufacturers claim, with bluetooth on I get about 3 to 4 days with an average of 20 to 30 mins of calls per day. It does have a power saving setting (which doesn't appear to be in the manual) if you go on settings/clock/power time you can set a time to turn off when you go to bed and back on in the morning but if you have SIM lock enabled you only get about a minute to enter your code before it turns back off. Bluetooth works fine with Plantronics M3000 and Kondor Konnect headsets (the only ones I've tried) although if using voice dial the name prompt is very loud. The X70 also connects well with my PC using Mobile Fun MA700 bluetooth fone data suite (£39.95 but great fun). All the usual features you expect are found in the organiser i.e.. Calendar,alarm,calculator etc. Also a currency converter (very useful). There are many other features which I haven't used yet but I'm sure I'll get around to it in the future. All in all I find it a nice practical, good looking phone with more good points than bad. Recommended

Reviewed by Kevster from U.K. on 22nd Apr 2004
This phone does not even deserve the 1 star it has been awarded. It is, in the the most basic of language, C**P!!!! This is the first camera phone I have purchased and to be honest I bought it as a gimmick and I wish I hadn't bothered now. The camera is such poor quality, I have seen better quality pictures taken in the 50's. The light serves no purpose what so ever. The menus are too complicated for quick navigation. Even the most basic of features seems to have been over looked on this phone. There is no way to get back into the missed call menu. If you are sending a text and you hit the wrong key, that is it, the text has been erased. Don't get me wrong, the phone looks great but that's all it has in it's favour. Take my advice, steer well clear of this little heap of junk!

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 15th Apr 2004
I brought tyhis phone on the 14th of April i have only had it 1 day but from what i have seen it is the best phone i have ever had. I am used to usin sagems (previously myx-6). This phone has everything you need camera (also camera light) games and much more. It is a very small phone which is quite handy and the camera quality is much better than my old phone. Id rate this phone to anyone who can afford it really because it is quite expensive.

Reviewed by Aaron S from Birmingham England on 14th Apr 2004
Phone: Panasonic X70 Age: Jan 2004 model Had it for: 2 months Previous Phones: Nokia: 3210, 7110, 8210, 9210, 6210, 7210, Ericsson T68, Sagem Myx5, StarTac, Panasonic GD60, GD70, X60 Cool features: Alarm: This is much better than any Nokia I have used, 4 different alarms with selectable melody (you can even use a voice recording). Configurable: You can configure the 'hot' buttons to do all sorts, configure the screen case, configure the menu themes, configure the configuration. LEDs: They look good. Speakerphone: Loud, clear and easy to enable. Finish: super sexy finish, with clamshell 'click' Panasonic X70...it's a shame because it is so cool it hurts me to say this, but the crap parts are as follows. Battery: This is a joke, there is no way this battery should run down so quickly (few days tops), no excuses, it's not a smart phone, it doesn't have Java, Panasonic need to be careful with their 200+hour battery life estimations or else someone (like Orange) will take them to court. Camera: Another joke, my workmate has the GD87 and his camera is CRAP BUT STILL MUCH BETTER THAN THE X70!!! I waited a year for this phone to come out for the camera to be crap? The flashlight is very cool and will have the opposite sex running to you in droves but when you turn the screen and show that the light made no difference you will look like an idiot. Games/Apps: This is by far the best joke, Panasonic in all their wisdom decided to let the operators rip off their customers, so they disable the Java (making the phone virtually useless with a laptop) and decide to use this infusio crap which basically means you can only use software if you're prepared to 'infusio' £1.50 to the operator. Then when you're bored of it you must delete it and pay another £1.50 for the next game. SMS/MMS: This one is fast but stupid. It won't learn new words and won't highlight old words, so if you're trying to change 'bun' in to 'bum' it wont work, you have to delete the whole word and type it again. Messages in the sent items folder appear all mixed up, with no order, no names, nothing.. Messages in the inbox are in order but once again have no names/dates unless your prepared to read the whole message.. once again, stupid! Phonebook: Okay more stupidity in here, if I enter 'Dave' as an entry in to the phones memory and then copy Dave off my SIM on to the phone, it assumes this is another Dave and WITHOUT ASKING makes another phonebook entry with exactly the same name. This may not sound bad, but just try copying new SIM entries for old contacts to your phone and you will see what disaster this will cause. Final note: This is one of the most desirable handsets currently on the market with superb build quality, excellent screens, very bright LEDs and it's also very very sexy.. It's just a pity it's a dumb blonde...

Reviewed by Billy J from England on 8th Apr 2004
X-70 Vs E-700, Which is the better phone? I have owned the Samsung E-700 and to tell you the truth, I didn't ind it that good. It's slightly smaller than the X-70, and has no exteral aerial, but the features on the X-70 are much better, for one, the X-70 has Bluetooth compatablity which is much better than having wires getting in the way. The X-70 has voice dialing, the E-700 doesn't. I now have the X-70 and I'm very happy with it, so in my opinion, the X-70 has the slight advantage,

Reviewed by JK from ENGLAND on 7th Apr 2004
This is a poor excuse for a mobile phone, I've got a mate that has the Panasonic GD87 (the previous model) and it is way better than the X70. Ithought the point in bringing out a new phone was to ake it better than the last model, but who decided to put a rubbish camera on a new phone. And another thing is the power button, it is far to close to the 3 button which annoy me when i am trying to play games or type a text. one last critiscim, the internet/GPRS button is really annoying, i have found my phone at leasst 5 times when it has been in my pocket and the GPRS HAS SOME HOW COME ON RUNNING UP MY PHONE BILL aarGGHH. But other than the above its alright. PS. Iit could use a longer battery time aswell.

Reviewed by Linda from Australia on 6th Apr 2004
I got my phone from Hong Kong.. thought it was very cute. I have always had a Nokia and was hesitate to use the Panasonic interface but the it hasnt been as bad as i thought. There are many functions that annoy me though, messaging is a real pain... very fiddly. The camera is quite crap and that photo light is useless. In comparison to the Samsung, E700 it is considered very poor. Sometimes it does freeze. I wont say its a bad phone. I like it but prefer samsung E700 over it any day. But it is a little better than the Nokias that are coming out. In general still quite easy to use and has the functions necessarily need as well as conveniently having the blue tooth function

Reviewed by S from UK on 6th Apr 2004
For a £250-300 phone it is a disappointment. I expected it to be thousand times better than any other phone out...how wrong I was. I camera is rubbish my friend has the GD87 and the camera is so much better. Why did panasonic change it. The pics are fuzzy and poor coloured. Also the lack of graphics and colour is a dissapointment. The GD87 has a much better menu and compared with Samsung the phone looks like it's three years behind everyone else. Also the 'amazing' photolight does sweet FA nothing more than a torch. The worst thing about this phone has got to be the txt messaging. Instead of displaying the name of the sender it displays the first line of the message...Wot is with that?? Nokia please bring out a decent flip phone your new one sucks!! Samsung keep up the good work!! 3 phones are the future and not too expensive on contract.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 3rd Apr 2004
Ive had this fone for a while now and i have to disagree with alot of the reviews which say it is completely rubbish and so on. Fair enough the camera isnt amazing or anything and the foto light is a bit poor but on the whole it is a great fone. It looks really stylish and is realtively simple to get used to using (i myself have only ever had nokias which are usually very similar so moving away from nokia was a bit wierd but within a few hours i was fine). Texting does take a while to get used to and you yave to be a bit careful with the central circle buttony thing (im not that technical) but if you are wanting a mobile that looks really good, relatively simple to use and has space for LOADS of pictures as well as the ability to do voice recording and stuff then th Panasonic x70 is most definitely worth considering!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 24th Mar 2004
I've had the phone for 3 months now and it hasn't really impressed me. The camera is completly crap and all the photo light is good for is a torch, the camera isnt sensitive enough to actually pick up the photo light unless you go up really close to something. It's away getting repaired at the moment for the second time as the bluetooth and both screens stopped working and when it came back the outer one was still broken. The battery life is pathetic, it only lasts one day! It also has the funny habbit of switching itself off randomly, even when there is plenty of battery left. Cant wait till it comes back though so I can sell it and get a samsung E715 instead.

Reviewed by GC from UK on 14th Mar 2004
Decent phone - good looking, camera is acceptable but bluetooth is not very good compared to Sony Ericsson, speaker phone is practically useless, and volume is too soft.

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 11th Mar 2004
Function by function my phone has packed up. First the front panel light, now the camera. Picture quality is absolutley diabolical compared to other phones I've seen since I got my Panasonic in December. The maximum ring volume is way to quiet. Texting is overly fiddly. I could go on with a list of problems but quite frankly you're going to discover them yourself if you buy this phone. It amazes me that there are so many positive reviews here, I can only guess that they haven't had their phones long.

Reviewed by Gary from uk on 9th Mar 2004
nice looking phone. definately poor camera compared to some in this price range. grainy pictures. 3 months after purchasing charge inside phone has packed up. apparently a fault on a certain batch. ok so these things can happen but the online retailer can't take the phone back after 28 days so they say and so they gave me the service centre number. BIG PROBLEM. PERMANENTLY ENGAGED. Back to the online retailer and they've got the same problem with that number. they can't help cos they don't have another number. unbelievable! anyway decide to surf the net. find www.domestic-appliances and their list useful numbers. Panasonic is there. Ring it and find i'm through to panasonic uk switchboard. helpful lady explains that you just can't get through to customer care. much to busy, perm engaged. she takes my details and says she will get them to call me 2morrow as it's 5.20pm and they've prob knocked off. sure i think but ever the optimist i put the phone down and decide to write thi s to help anyone with the same prob, then BINGO! PHONE RINGS AND IT'S PANASONIC CUSTOMER CARE. another nice lady arranges for collection of offending article (her name and email address provided just in case) and says it should be returned in 3-5 days. SPOT ON . CONFIDENCE RESTORED. for anyone having similar problem call panasonic uk switchboard on 01344 862444. If they keep to their word i'll come back and give them another star!

Reviewed by bad boy from UK on 5th Mar 2004
i got the x70 2 months ago and it isnt half as good as the samsung e700. if you want a really good looking phone with excellent features and a superb crystal clear camera then look no further than the samsung e700

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 21st Feb 2004
I can,t understand why eveyone is saying the phone is so bad, it is awsome,there is so much you can change on it. The texting is so easy and its a good idea that you can save a photo to someones name when they call. Ok the pics are not to good but thats what digital camaras are for.I had a nokia 6100 before this phone, it was very good, never played up once, but it was sooooo boring. My sis has just got the samsung e700 and compared to the x70 the pics are a lot clearer but the phone itself is not as good. I\'d certainly recommend this phone, love it.

Reviewed by marcus from UK on 21st Feb 2004
ok i juz got the set. which i feel is a total let down from panasonic. well it looks really good, but i will name the faults now. 1. the camera cant take good pictures as it claims, it has blue dot all over the screen. 2. the downloaded ringtones cant be heard at all, so it leaves you with only the default lousy ringtones. 3. the price is too steep for such a lousy phone. 4. its lack of java and 5. i think motorola phone are much more worth it to buy.

Reviewed by roger from england on 19th Feb 2004
This is without doubt,the worst phone i have ever owned,the messaging sucks where you have to read the message to find out who its from and the bluetooth sucks as well,i can`t get mine to tranfer anything to my pc although my last phone i had no problems with and the software you get with it doesn`t even support bluetooth,i`ve only had it 3 weeks and the light on the front screen has stopped working so i`m sending it back for a replacement and then i`m gonna sell it and go back to using my Nokia 7650,this is the first time i have had something other than a Nokia,and to be honest,"Nokia" you can`t beat em.

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 9th Feb 2004
Truly outstanding. Neat,compact and feature packed with great connectivity options including bluetooth which works really well. I have used mine for 3 months now having dumped my previous 3G handset because of unrealibility (NEC e606 on 3). This device does everything a mobile phone should and lots more and even in a shirt pocket its so light you forget you have it! Superb!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 6th Feb 2004
dont waste your money. i admit, the phones casing and styling is nice. but thats its best point. this is a camera phone, and the picture quality is ...... to politely put it 'not good'. the build quality and design are great, and functional too. but this phone is let down on the sofware side. the model i had was the Orange branded one. the screen is ok, colourful. the games function ..... isnt java, so limited and costly. texting is quite good, the T9 dictionary is comprehensive to begin with. and the rest of the features are no more special than other phones that have them. compared to the samsung e700 (which i dont own, have only used a friends) .... better phone is the e700. which has a much vibrant screen, and a massively better camera (and i compared pictures taken in artificial light). the light on the x70 is a nice gimmich, useless, but thoughtful. its only good for taking pics in very dark areas, or really close up (blair witch style). if you want a phone to pose with, and dont care about functionality, this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by Abs from UK on 31st Jan 2004
this fone is bad its one of da best fones in its category mind only cost me £250 which is a bargain and the screen is not as bad as ppl say i have had the SonyErriccson Z600 and P900 and the X70 is the best fone i have had the E700 and E710 which are suppose 2 have better cameras but they rn't and sold they look niser but and better on paper but they don't necessarily have the best camera and the camera on the X70 is better than of any fone i have tested. This is really one of the best fones around.

Reviewed by freed saddique from UK on 25th Jan 2004
a great stylish phone looks great.great features its got everything you need but sadly its my third hendset due to camera faults ringtone volume goes up n down and turns off itself and many more complicated faults..let down panasonic

Reviewed by Stuart C from UK on 23rd Jan 2004
Very disappointed at first, it has grown on me, but still suffers from a number of niggles: Picture quality is poor, even for a phone camera, as is the sound. Much more annoyingly, there are far too many menu levels to negotiate and prompts to respond to even for simple actions(it takes ages to get to the screen showing who sent a text), editing text messages is very fiddly (switching between alpha and numeric, upper and lower case, inserting punctuation - all a pain compared with a Nokia,) battery life too short (the claimed 250 hours standby is nonsense,) so overall barely rates even three stars.

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 22nd Jan 2004
Overall I am fairly happy with the phone, the only draw back for me is that when you receive a delivery report after sending a text message the phone is not able to let you know what time the message was delivered, which is somthing I like. Also in text messaging there is no "archive" facility as in if you want to write a message but not send it there is nowhere to save it to. The only option is to send it to yourself and keep it in your inbox. There are certainly pros and cons with this phone but it is far better than the Nokia 7210 I had before.

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