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Panasonic VS6 review

 Review: December 2005  

Last updated May 2006


In a nutshell: A 2 megapixel camera phone with an amazing high quality display.


At first glance the Panasonic VS6 seems to be nothing special. It's a rather square and unstylish clamshell phone of average size, average weight and average price. There isn't even an external display. So you open it up expecting to be disappointed and WOW! look at the quality of that screen! It's got a big (2.2 inch), bright, high resolution (320 x 240 pixel) display with, get this, 16 million colours. 16 million! Consider that the best high-spec phones from other manufacturers currently have at most 262 thousand colours, and you can appreciate the difference.

Wait there's more. The camera is 2 megapixels! That can't be right, for this price you'd find very few phones offering 1 megapixel - how can the VS6 have 2 megapixels? And a very high quality video camera! And there's Bluetooth, MP3 audio, great 3D games like Sonic the Hedgehog™ too! How on earth have Panasonic managed all this for the price of an average mid-range camera phone? We don't know, so you might want to get yours before they realise they've made a big mistake and put the price up!

The memory of the VS6 is limited at 32 Mbytes, but remember that you shouldn't compare this phone with high-end smartphones and the like costing 2 - 3 times as much. For the price, 32 Mbytes is as good as you're going to get.

The VS6 is a strange beast. It has the best display on any mobile phone period. It's got some other fantastic features too, like the 2 megapixel camera and video recorder. Yet it's limited by the 32 Mbyte memory capacity and it's pretty ugly too, although this is subjective of course. So it's not the best phone ever, but for the price it's unbeatable!!

Panasonic VS6 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom and photo editor
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 320 x 240 pixels
  • 40-voice polyphonic MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS
  • Games: Sonic the Hedgehog™, 3D Football, plus downloadable Java games
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, InfraRed
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 96 x 46 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 101g
  • Talk time: 2 - 8 hours
  • Battery standby: 150 - 430 hours
  • Triband

Panasonic VS6 user reviews

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Average rating from 155 reviews:

Reviewed by Lindsey from UK on 20th Mar 2010
I've had this phone for 4 years and it's still going strong! I love it. As long as you have enough light, the pictures from the camera are stunning.

Reviewed by I love my cat from UK on 26th Dec 2009
I owned one of these for 2 years and it was absolutely brilliant. It was exclusive and the display is brilliant. This is still one of the best phones today.

Reviewed by ak from UK on 28th Aug 2009
battery isnt good, doesn't last 24hrs onces its over 3 years old.

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 6th Jul 2009
I Like Phones All The time This One Is the best and it's Fantastic Phones Forever and this one is Very great Kind Regards Lewis B Untied Kindom

Reviewed by Lawrence M from UK on 27th Feb 2009
I love the VS6. I've had it for three years now, and even though someone gave me their old Nokia N95, I sold it and kept this. It does what I want and every time I flip it up, I feel like Jim Kirk! Best phone I've ever owned.

Reviewed by George from UK on 16th Feb 2009
I think most of the people who reviewed the Panasonic VS6 said almost everything about it. The reason I'm writing this review after all these years of using it (almost 3 yrs) is its durability. So please note the following incidents: 1. My kids threw it in a cap of hot coffee for almost half an hour (camera inside the cup). It still works fine (and the camera too). 2. It fell in the kitchen sink (full of water). It still works. 3. I forgot it all night long on the garden table (it was pouring all night). It still works. 4. It fell of numerous times of the bike. It still works. Honestly, I could be writing pages of incidents where other cell phones would have definitely failed. VS6's durability is unprecedented. I would gladly buy a newer model based on that. George Seitanidis Thessaloniki, Greece

Reviewed by DAN from UK on 1st Feb 2009
i hate the panasonic vs6 there is a reason it i cheap because it is cheap i wouldnt recomend buying this phone.

Reviewed by tom taylor from UK on 19th Dec 2008
bought one for the wife 4 yrs ago, she loves it, wont part with it

Reviewed by dEv from UK on 28th Nov 2008
It's the best phone I had ever met... Light, easy to use, stylish... and most importantly, very durable! I dropped it into the water one day, but it still function now!

Reviewed by yang from UK on 13th Nov 2008
amazing, been using it for 4 years now

Reviewed by Theresa from UK on 30th Oct 2008
I absolutely loved this phone, but sadly i lost it!! What a dafty! I just seem to find it again. Would buy it again anytime.

Reviewed by donna from UK on 16th Sep 2008
I have one of these phones and i love it, but, i can not find a charger for it anywhere. I did find one company but they didnt send it after i paid for it.

Reviewed by fifi47 from UK on 28th Aug 2008
I've had mine for 2 and a half years and it is amazing - I can't give it away! The screen is its best feature and the camera is also good. The only bad things are its battery standby, loading time, and the memory... But that is fine because it is really good!

Reviewed by Karl Barnacle from UK on 15th Aug 2008
My phone is the Panasonic VS6 and i think it's the best phone ever!! it's beautiful and sleek and stylish ans offers loyal service 24 hours a day. i don't know what i'd do if it weren't for the VS6. thanks panasonic! My friend had one too but it couldn't offer him more memory so it had to go. RIP VS6.

Reviewed by victor adams from UK on 26th May 2008
this is very TAPA phone

Reviewed by Tristan from UK on 11th Jan 2008
I've had this phone just over 2 years now and it's never failed me ... although it doesn't look very stylish, the camera is good, the battery life is long and it's dead easy to use. Mine even survived being dragged through the sand 18 months ago! The only annoyance with the VS6 is that the plastic cover on the back occasionally falls off as its not very well attached.

Reviewed by Toelie Theron from UK on 10th Jan 2008
I love my Vs6. Its a plain- wusiwug phone. Has THE best screen view wich is the reason I bought it. Even on a bright sunny day you can still see the display perfectly. This phone is just as easy to use as any Nokia, and wont dissapoint.

Reviewed by Lara from UK on 8th Jan 2008
I've been using it for a year and I am so happy with my phone! The pics it takes are even better than some or our old digital cameras here at the library I work for, so it's been a real life saver. On the bad side, the software is not Vista compatible (surprise, surprise...) so I had a hard time using the usb.

Reviewed by najirb from UK on 5th Dec 2007
This phone is outstanding for the price. Had the VS2 for a year which was very good. Upgraded to the VS6 15 months ago and it is still superb. Lots of features and very intuitive to use. All the keys/menus are laid out exactly as one would expect (Unlike the Moto Razr) This phone is better than most costing three times as much and at this price, there is nothing better. If you want a cheap phone that has all the main features, look no further than the VS6

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 11th Nov 2007
I've now had the phone for 2 years, and it's never failed me. The camera has still yet to be matched for the price and although it may not have a huge number of features, it is fantastic value for the price range.

Reviewed by john smith from UK on 29th Oct 2007
all i can say is that this fone is very nice with its 2 MP camara had myn a year it gr8 nd 4£60 it a bargin

Reviewed by zaynab al-alawi from UK on 9th Oct 2007
the best phone, loads of memories with it, love the flip open thing, no need to lock the key pad, huhuhuh, it was my baby, i lost my baby just a few days ago...huhuhuuhuhuu....i want to buy it again, no other phone can replace her....huhuhuuhh

Reviewed by Jacqui from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
Got this phone last year. Screen size excellent. Can hold over 100 text's sent and recieved so in that way excellent. Camera ok. Only gripe would be orange do not recognise it and can not get gprs on it so can't download anything. very frustrating.other than that easy to use. looking to replace this year. looking at sony ericssonW880i is it any good?

Reviewed by Stevo from UK on 22nd Aug 2007
I have been using mobile phones since the very first suitcase style monsters and in that time I have tried to stay as close to the advances as possible, from the Nokia, Sony etc etc there is no doubt in my mind that the VS6 is the best phone I have ever owned. Not pretty but in a leather case who cares. This piece of technology marks a milestone in common sense. Simple, reliable, and the battery goes for up to a week. Perfect.

Reviewed by Simon Desmet from UK on 6th Aug 2007
Like it very much. It's quick, never has problems, and it's battery is very good

Reviewed by Zoran, Macedonia from UK on 5th Jul 2007
For your money, this is a wonderful phone. Display and camera are amazing. Everything is perfect, except limited mp3 and video camera. I will give four stars. Greetings from Macedonia!

Reviewed by Mariyana from UK on 12th Jun 2007
great cell. nice look, easy to work with ... just lovely for a reasonable price .... still waiting .. c'mon go and gave it :))) ENJOY

Reviewed by f.khan from UK on 7th Jun 2007
i love my vs6 m0bail phone 3much 1 softwares good 2screen n display n camera i love .........but one problm game is not avlibel so i want game tq .my eml ad ufarooqkhan@yahoo.com.

Reviewed by SS from UK on 25th May 2007
I have had this phone for nearly 2 years now, and I strongly recommend it for price. The camera is good, but it hasn't got a flash or a cover, but the shots are good! From the outside it looks quite tacky but once you flip it open it's really good! One thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a usb for the computer and the video quality isn't that good, but overall, it's brilliant.

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 22nd May 2007
This phone has been great i love it . had it about a year now. Its got some great tricks and stuff the camera is amazing even thought it makes everyone look horrible. ermm it gets scratched really easy. THE CLICK ON IT IS THE BEST. Can't get bored when u click it. love it! want a new fone tho .. had it too long soo bored

Reviewed by John from UK on 14th May 2007
Love the phone, hate the fact that it is very hard to find games to download to it.

Reviewed by latifa from UK on 14th May 2007
this fone is really good and i have had it for a year now and you should buy it lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has great features and its really easy to use and i have never had any problems with this fone !

Reviewed by james from UK on 9th May 2007
I had the misfortune of getting this with my birthday money yes it has all that stuff above but it dose not tell u the bad points 1 .cannot send or receive any thing over a 1 mb so no songs or music 2 .very very quiet speaker so you would have to bee in some where very quite 3 .the battery life is terrible about1.5 days max 4 .buttons are too small in the middle so you press the wrong buttons all the time 5 .rubbish design - it has a button which flips it up and can open its self in your pocket which turns the screen on and lowers the battery life 6 .you can only get the most basic games on it and you have to downlode them which costs loads 7 .even though it has a 2.2 inch 6,000,000 color screen the video sises is about 2 cm achross 8 .the providers (e.g 02)contacts come before yours do in the phone book and if you delete them they come back 9 .the blue tooth on it only stays visable for 5 mins at a time which is annoying 10 . the price i bought this phone for £90 now one of the best phones ever the sony erricson k750i has come out fore cheaper 11 .it can only video for a 1 minute and the quality is terrible and dotty it seems like it is only 0.5 megapixles so the only good things i would say about this phone is the amassing screen and camera if i was gonna buy a new phone it would not be this one so dont buy one because you will regret it forever! james

Reviewed by Neville from UK on 7th Apr 2007
This is an amazing phone to use with great menu structure ect. but the phones capabilities are severely limited by dismal bluetooth capabilities. Nice one Panasonic but more bluetooth capability is a MUST these days.

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 19th Mar 2007
Omg this phone is mint! Its gorgeous! The camera and pic is excellent and its soo stylish! Seriously BUY this phone! Its amazing for such a small price...trust me.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 17th Mar 2007
As everyone jas said, amazing phone for the money! I got it on Contract, and followed a Moto V620. Although the Moto was ov good build, it lacked features etc, and the panasonic is pretty damn good! 2mp cam, video, bluetooth, iR etc etc My only complaint about it is that o2 do not support the phone for email/mms etc - which is strange as it was taken on an o2 contract! It doesnt even received the 'You have received you MMS settings' text when putting in a PAYG sim card!

Reviewed by Conan the great from UK on 12th Mar 2007
it is ace!!

Reviewed by Joseph Kean from UK on 7th Mar 2007

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 27th Feb 2007
This phone really is amazing. I have had it for 8 months now, the only fault i have found with it, is that mine seems to have a battercover which is easy to accidently remove. It hasnt caused too much hasstle tho, and Im sure there is a way to remedy it. It really is one of the best phones I have ever had. Its a real phone. Non of this uber thin buttons diddy small so you cant press them nonsense. This is a great phone.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 19th Feb 2007
Quite good for da money, da only problems are dat the camera doesn't zoom quickly and that much, you can't take pics while moving, isn't an mp3, and doesn't have romovable memory. Oh yeah, the video's blocky. Thinking of getting next da sagem my 600v, da alcatel OT-E801 or da emblaze touch 7 - a bit of a step down on the camera but i don't use dat that much and they have mp3 players and removable memory

Reviewed by Ashton from UK on 19th Feb 2007
This is a great phone in the way of features and the only drawback I can see is the small and non-expandable memory. As phones go it is not particularly sleek or elegant but it's definently not ugly.

Reviewed by scott from UK on 14th Jan 2007
its an awesum fone but a pity about the memory and its not memory card compatible :(

Reviewed by Fearghal from UK on 16th Oct 2006
i have had this phone since january, and now its october, and for Benny M, yes you can have predictive txt, simply when your in new message go to options, then input method, and choose wat one you want, next of all, you can have the beeping sound off the dials even when not on silent, its easy, go to settings, then phone settings, then key settings, then u have to choose one of 4 key tones, but here the simple yet clever bit, to to key volumer and put to 0, see!!! ok now my own view on the phone, at start i loved it, but later on down the line im not so sure, lets just say iv gotten used to it lol, its just so big, a brick more or less, the camera, yes ok its 2.0mp, but you wudnt kno it compared to a samsung d600 camera. and there no flash, which makes it hard to take pics during the night. the screen is great, really clear and big, fantasic, 10/10 for screen. its a shame that it hasnt got an mp3 player, and the most annoying thin g is, when someone trys to send you a sound clip, it cant be longer then 1.00min, thats really the only main problem i have with this phone, and for £120 (less now) i think its really good "phone" for your money. i really like the wee button on the side to open the phone, its become 2nd nature for me, and when i look at other flip phones i keep placing my thumb up on the side waitng for it to flip open lmao. unforunentley in my phone (i dont kno if it happens to any other the phones) but my centre key, the wee sluver one, it keeps sliding out of place, and i have to push it back into place which can be frustrating at time, but im sure thats my phone. overall i do like the phone, but my dad got a new contract phone, and when the 12 months are up im going to get a samsung d900, hopefully it will be stil advanced enough in a years time lol. but yes i would get this phone!!! wow i really did write alot didnt i!! lol, must of been inspired!!

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 4th Oct 2006
its agood phone but no mp3 player

Reviewed by michael from UK on 13th Aug 2006
i bought my vs6 for my son and he said it was so good, i bought one for myself. the picture quality is out of this world, and i think it is the best phone under £175 ever.

Reviewed by Benny M from UK on 19th Jul 2006
This is about the worst phone I've ever owned and I'll tell you why! 1. Texting: Texting isn't simple. It takes an ice age to send one text. There is no predictive text that I can find, though I don't much care for predictive anyway. The phone is so slow and guarenteed, if you press the buttons quick-ish - which I do - the phone locks up and hangs. For no reason. Just that it can't handle the moderate speed I text at. Secondly - unless you have the phone on silent, the keypad beeps on every damn letter you type. So, to type the letter f, for example, you'll get 3 beeps - just to type F! Its an annoying beep too. 2. Call quality is absolutely awful. Its quiet, the speaker is so tiny, my hair can obscure it and then I can't hear the person at all. 3. Battery life. Oh dear me. I've had my VS6 since March, and its now July, and i've gone from having 3-4 days battery life, to around 36 hours battery life. God forbid you make a phone call when you've only 2 bars (out of three) left, and you'll go down to almost nil battery life! 4. Speaker isn't loud enough. I am in london alot, and don't think i've once heard my phone go off while wandering around. So alot of my credit seems to go on phoning my voice-mail. 5. the navigation button is awful. 6. To get to the missed calls menu you have to actually get a missed call in the first place! Dialed numbers had a button, why not msised calls? As you cant hear the damn thing when it goes off, surely access to the missed calls is a nessisity? This phone does have good points. Sonic the hedgehog is a nice little novelty, camera's okay (noisey in comparison to some phones though) and... thats about it. Don't buy this phone. Seriously. Its dreadful!

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 17th Jul 2006
Have wanted the Panasonic VS6 for a while, but not been able to afford it until now. Have read every review on many sites, and agree with all the posative comments passed, suberb phone, classy looks and feel, with a superb camera, which brings me to the query by Mickey and his review dated 18.06.2006 and his comment about the Macro Mode Switch function, although a phone first and foremost, the macro switch allows close up photos to be taken, I have yet to find out how close, but I suggest 20cm would be near enough. 65 pounds well spent.

Reviewed by dominic from UK on 9th Jul 2006
this fone is amazing i cant belive how wonderful it is. its got the best screen ive ever seen on a fone . its camera is great too

Reviewed by mikey from UK on 18th Jun 2006
This phone is a dude of a phone, hear me now. The camera's so high quality and multi-shot is cool aswell. The video is fine but the sound is too quiet. The speakers too quiet aswell which just adds to the whole video thingy. The sound recorder is at the perfect recording volume which really makes you wonder what happened to the video. The ringtones it comes with are fine but any you put on there are too quiet. I thought that 32mb memory wasn't much when i first got the phone but for the price it's all you should expect. You can't send or recieve anything over a megabite using the bluetooth or infared but you can up to 6.5mb using the pc cable. The screen is unbeatable, seriously now. Just about the only other phones with 16 million colour displays are from the panasonic vs series; its only equaled by its own blood. And its huge... 2.2inch 320X240 pixels, how buff is that? The graphics on screen you know like the menus and all that are so good. Samsung have made it their mission in life to make decent phones with all these buisness features and then finish it off with a cluttered wallpaper and ugly menus which look as if they were designed by an efficient german or polish man. These one are super good looking and easy to use on any colour scheme. Shame about the keypad, ruins the whole look. And you can't get the better looking red one anywhere. The light on the front makes up for that. It does all these crazy patterns in 7 colours. If someone sends you a text with an emoticons it even lights up according to the mood of them. The games are good too. It comes with the origional Sonic the Hedgehog + level select - special stages which kind of makes sense as they didn't unlock anything. And finally theres Panasonic Box. It's this place where all the content is designed especially for the phone and it's free, you only pay the wap charge. In the likely event you buy this phone after reading my review you should download Lamb Dash. Oh yeah I know this site isn't a blog but theres a button on it called the MAcro Mode Switch and i can't work out what it's for. It does nothing to the pc or phone, it's not in the manual, well the name is but it doesn't say what it does. It's so insignificant it doesn't even put the backlight on when you switch it. Is it like tonsols. Humans have evolved beyond the need for them but we still have them. Maybe in the concept design for this phone it had a purpose but they removed that feature and left the button purely to annoy people like me. BUY THIS PHONE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE

Reviewed by Glenn McKenna from UK on 17th Jun 2006
Got this phone in Dublin, Eire... brilliant cam & the phone has nearly a cool 80's sci-fi vibe bout it wen ya look at it long enough. This is my 5th Panasonic mobile & I swear by em. Tis grand to be different.. don't be sucked into gettin the so called 'better' brands others have... they can't see quality & value wen it comes a beggin! VS6 is a remarkable production, so much to the basis that the other brands should take a leaf. Panasonic - take a bow - NOW! ()=)

Reviewed by Roeland from UK on 5th Jun 2006
I have this phone for 4 months now and it's the best value for money you'll ever find... The only thing i hate is that my wonderful phone has a 2 megapixel camera and a video capture mode with sound while my network provider doesn't support MMS. Time for a change, maybe..

Reviewed by charlie girl from UK on 22nd May 2006
this phone is amazing my only complaint is that i flipped the screen up nd it broke lol but i like it anywayzzzz bla bla bla its a good phone lol

Reviewed by Ben from United Kingdom on 21st May 2006
I just got this phone yesterday and I love it! The screen just blows you away with its crispness and colour, and the pictures the 2mp camera takes are amazing. The videos are good too, I recorded some and sent them to friends via bluetooth. It's also really light, lighter than my old Moto V220. And the design is brilliant I think, I love the styling of it. Overall a brilliant phone, and definatly worth the ridiculously low price of £80. I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Leigh from England on 21st May 2006
I don't use the phone a great deal - probably an age thing! However, the Panasonic is very easy to use thanks to its big and easy keys and good screen. The 2meg camera was the main attraction for me, I don't always wish to carry my Canon dslr. around. The sharpness is fine to make 10x15 prints, what I criticise is the colour of the image. The left side has a green cast and the right magenta. Most times it isn't an issue, but I wonder if this is normal?

Reviewed by Martin from Leicester,England on 19th May 2006
This is a budget phone that has top end functions.It is well made as you would expect from panasonic.The photos are good when taken outside but not so good inside but for the money it cost I am being picky.Onspeed mobile works great on the phone and now I can access any website I want. Great phone and what a bargain.

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 15th May 2006
Had it 2 weeks so far & can say its a wonderful phone for the money. I've only had to charge it once during that period so people complaining about battery life, must have a knackered one. The issue with people not being able to hear others is due to them not holding the phone to their ear (lol). If you want a cheapish phone that takes decent pics & handles the basics well, then this is certainly worth considering.

Reviewed by Jasmine from England on 14th May 2006
I Think this phone is awesome. I love the fact is has Sonic on it! No-one else has that on their phone haha. I love the button that flips it open too.. easily amused. Blah blah it's an amazing phone. I'm really writing to respond to the review by Mark on 5th May, to get up missed calls you press the green "pick up phone" button then it comes up with dialled numbers, scroll left and you go to answered calls, then scroll left again and there is missed calls. I had that problem too. Once again, totally love this phone, I had a dream it broke.. and I woke up crying! Ahah. Says it all.

Reviewed by Sue Robson from U.K. on 14th May 2006
I have just purchased this mobile and cannot recommend it enough. Having had several eye operations the clarity of the screen and being able to see the telephone numbers well displayed are really superb.

Reviewed by James from England on 13th May 2006
Do not read this review thinking I have had this phone for a long period of time, and have finally got round to sharing my experience of it. I bought this phone today, and this review is based entirely on first impressions. I have the black and silver version, and in my opinion the phone looks good. It has been said it is an ugly phone, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I don't think any phone is beautiful as such, but I do think that this is a very nice looking phone. You cannot write a review of this phone without mentioning the camera and its quality. I recently saw one of my mates owned a digitcal camera that was also 2 mega pixels, but has less features on it than this phone. Once selected, the camera has 6 different sizes to choose from, including small to ultra large and a "main display" option, which does exactly what it says on the tin. There are 3 types of image quality, night mode, a multi shot mode (great for getting the perfect picture), 4 effects including negative, a self timer andeven 5 different sounds when you take a picture. It should be said that this is a camera that is also a phone. Videos are also possible, but they take up a large percentage of the relatively small memory available (32mb) and the extended ones last only for 45 seconds. The quality is not high, but much better than other, more expensive phones I have seen. Don't let the 32mb memory put you off - it is ample for a large number of stored pictures. The menu page is clear and detailed, thanks to the 16million colour screen (most phones come with 256k or near - the difference is THAT big!)and the keys are seperate and simple. The screen size is huge, and is well lit. You have options on everything, including whether you want a backlight on the keys or not! The ringtones are adequate if not extraordinary, the games are very high quality (if of course you like Sonic and Football) and the phone is only availble from the carphone warehouse. It does however come on most networks, although as varying prices (I got mine on Orange, as it was joint cheapest with Vodafone) I highly recommend this phone to anyone, no matter what the budget. Even the texting is simple and clear, and you will never make a silly mistake using this phone. I am very happy with my purchase.

Reviewed by amos les from uganda on 13th May 2006
from the first time i saw this phone i just fell in love with it it features are just what ever one wants on a phone i just to unbelieveable to have. however i have a little problem my phone has a problem and i need your advice when i open the flapp the screen turns white and i cant view any thing on i once showed that there is an error with the camera hardward my email is amoslesuk@yahoo.com please help i cant afford to loss such a phone

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 5th May 2006
I agree with all the positive things said here. I researched the market well before looking at the VS6 and it has lived up to it's promise. So why did I give it only 4 stars? a) Battery life is a problem, though it improves if you reduce the brightness of the screen. b) It's JAVA operating system can be slow in responding. There is not the instant response I got from my Siemens. c) If anyone knows how to access the missed calls log, at any time, let me know. It's available when the call is missed but after that, nix. Great value and I would purchase it again. Mark

Reviewed by Johnathan from U.K on 2nd May 2006
This phone really is the best anyone is going to get for the money. Best screen i have ever seen, and it really acompnies the amazing 2 MP camera. while the video quality isnt amazing it is still great, but what do you expect for a phone at this price? Cant fault panasonic one bit

Reviewed by Theo from on 23rd Apr 2006
The picture is excellent and so is the screen. Really really nice phone apart from 2 things. When recording videos or sound bites sometimes the sound just doesnt work ie you cant record any sound. The other is that just above where it says 2 mega pixles it gets a bit scratched up. This may be from where it opens or somthing in my pocket but there are lots of small scratches the same length and width on the top bit. Apart from that it is a great phone for a really good price so i would certainly buy it again.

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 22nd Apr 2006
i love this phone i got it today and it is really good for money. The 2 mega pixel camara is wicked and so is the flip button... although i fear that in time it will brake :S The screen is amazing qulity and very large and clear. The sonic game rocks but i dont understand the football one :S A lot of people say this phone is ugly but it isnt that bad although it is on the big side it is lightish and quite smart. Dont listen to the bad coments it is a good phone buy it!!! xxx

Reviewed by tony uni twenty oxon surrey uk from england on 18th Apr 2006
What a brilliant phone the vs6 is. WoW ive had two reasonable phones, ive just come off the moto v620 and three years ago the samsung t100(also that square nokia but im trying to still block that out). This panasonic vs6 has the best features of both my previous phones and improvements. Quick loading for viewing photos, a fancy multicoloured light, customizable keys, Good camera, no duff software or old boring software still used on the new motos, mp3 capable, multi alarm clocks, and numbered short cut menus as well as a good solid build. And even infra red if you can be bothered. What a bloody bargain. oh plus games you actually want to play ie sonic and others u can download for free from panasonic that are in 3d, wow! Need I say anything else. Oh yeah no front display means you have to actually open the phone to see whose calling and if you dont wanna talk to them its to late cause youve already put half the effort in. But its brilliant. Design could be more "pretty". But for the modern, modest man it does the job. PEACE. Im looking forward to a nice next 11 months with this. Touch Wood.

Reviewed by Eddy from England on 14th Apr 2006
For the money you pay this phone is outstanding, but after a while dirt gets under the bracket and ruins the paint on the outside which ruins the apperance and the video is rubbish and blocky and you have to move really slow to get an ok video. The screen and pictures are good though. Its worth the money you pay but no much more.

Reviewed by Rikki from UK on 11th Apr 2006
Most people when looking for a new phone always like to go for the big brands (Nokia, Samsung, Siemens etc) but I knew I wanted a good quality phone with camera etc and a great price. The Panasonic VS6 answered my request with great results! Camera: The Camera on the VS6 is extremely good compared to other phones. The colours are clear and bright and pictures turn out really good. However the camera struggles a bit in shadowy areas and pictures can look slightly blurred and not as clear when they are viewed on the computer full size. The pictures only look good on the phone because they have been compressed. The effects available on pictures is good and the multi shot function is very handy. The Video capture quality is ok, nothing brilliant which is a shame considering the quality of the video while you are recording and the fact that the camera is supposedly 2 Megapixels! It is limited to videos of 1 minute long which is also a pity. Looks: The Phone doesn't look that bad overall. Some people say it is ugly but isn't a phone really about functions not looks? Screen: The screen on the VS6 is amazing. Excellent quality and pictures appear clear and bright. Video playback of any kind on the phone is slightly blurred but considering the fact that its a phone, is acceptable. Connectivity: The connectivity of the phone is excellent. Bluetooth, Infra-red and USB work well and are extremely easy to use. I have easily uploaded and downloaded photos and videos from my phone to the computer with ease and bluetooth and infra-red work just as they should. OVERALL the Panasonic VS6 is an extremely good phone for the money and is definately worth the Panasonic brand. Excellent quality all round and a brilliant phone if you want quality cheaply. Buy the phone NOW!

Reviewed by clare from uk on 10th Apr 2006
i have 2 phones - bought around the same time, my other is the samsung d600 which is my work phone, the panasonic my own. as i was getting an up to date phone for work i thought there was no point spending a fortune on something i wouldn't use that often so i bought the panasonic and i am very pleased with it. it is so much easier to use than the samsung and the batttery lasts much longer and so far so has the phone - on my second d600 since dec! overall i think this phone is easy to use and offers good value for money.

Reviewed by Alex from England on 9th Apr 2006
I've had the phone a few weeks now, at first i thoght exterior was not as pleasing to the eye as most other flip-up (or "Clamshell) phones and that the build quality was not what you'd expect from your avereage japaneese product, but the look has grown on me. The automatic flip-up button is not only useful, but also a very fun little feature. Even though it lacks a screen on the cover, i'd probably coose this phone over one that had now. The little multi-colour light on the front lets you know things just as well as a screen would (And with style), The only downside is you have to open it to see the clock. The 2MP camera is very good for a phone on the UK market, the picture size and quality options are also very useful. Although this is the first phone i've owned with the capability to record video, i feel that the playback quality could be better and the recording time shouldn't be limited to 1 minute. When composing texts the T9 text input can sometimes learn to add wrong words for no apprent reason, for example "Yot" instead of "You", this may have been through some fault of my own however. Aslo, once you confirm a word you have to erase it in order to chnage it, you can't just go back and change from possible predictions. But theese are all minor annoyances. The 16 million colour TFT display gives stunning clarity and allows you to view full size, high quality shots taken with the 2MP camera. It also a good size so its all the more useful. I could go on for ages but i'll just say that in my opinion its a excellent phone packed with great features and a bargain at that! A good buy.

Reviewed by tom from uk on 8th Apr 2006
this phone is not very well made, the midle button keeps getting stuck down which is very frustrating and hard to play the sonic game instaled on it. it has a good camra and screen. the phone is quite hard to use. and it doesnt have many features on it. unless you just want a good camra this phone isn't worth buying

Reviewed by john f burnley from UK on 5th Apr 2006
Great phone at a great price - easy to use - camera outstanding. Display screen beats any other phone I have seen. Clever flip-top button. Well-built, "feels" sturdy. Go and buy one!

Reviewed by Waller from England on 3rd Apr 2006
Well, my TV was a Panasonic, now my phone is too. After buying this top phone, I realised: Panasonic is just as good at 'lectricals as Sony is. And the Koreans should really stick to exports other than cars and electronics. The Samsung E800 I had before was pants compared to this. A truly unique Japanese phone in an overcrowded market. It's an absolute corker of a phone. Anyone who tells you otherwise is expecting too much of thier money.

Reviewed by Robert Richardson from East anglia, UK on 2nd Apr 2006
This phone is the best phone that ive seen in along time, i have friends who have £350 phones, and they dont compare. Everything about this phone is great. Power: i bought it yesterday and even from store, a battery that was half full ive taken abotu 15 photos, recorded vis, make lots of calls, txts and i even bluetoothed a few things about and the battery is still going albiet in the red just now, but that abotu 50hours ago from when i bought it. Camera/images: What can i say, perfect, really is the quality is superb, better than all the SE's and samsungs that my friends have. The screen is brilliant i love it, really do, and the quality of colours is just mind blowing, i tested it as well i got a photo wit alot of intricate shades, it wasa coral reef from a recent holiday and everything was perfect..so much so i photo'd it and have it as my wallpaper! - ncie way to get wallpapers easier btw ;) sounds/communication: They are really good, ive seen some stuff about the speak beign on the back, and its annoying but coupled with the vibrate by the time you have it out the difference in volume is hardly detectable. Also, for those who say that you cant put propper Mp3's on or stuff like that, ive discovered a loophole, the mic on this phone is REALLY good, so good you can microphone your stereo and have real quality tones up to 3mins for only 350kb...an amazing way to get ring tones (i have a load of songs, its a great bit of basic kit!) Texting is great, i like the interface, with lines and the background theme, lime green, is really nice for this type of stuff...and the punct. stuff is simpler than most phones 2. Games/extras: Video is great, and actually does have 25x zoom same a camera despitewhat others say...the video camera isnt the high point, but multi shot is a great feature, i used it loads yesterday! SONIC! well it take you back to your youth and the sega the moment u hear the tune...and the gameplay is great. the only retro game id prefer is mario but alas sonic is its equal so ill be happy! bluetooth, working fine, as is infraread. signal is fine, havent had a problem. erm anything else...no!, oh wait the flashing light...how cool, though dont leave it ON and ON charge! ull end up having a blue 0 flashing aty you (as ive just discovered as i plug it in) So yes, for the price, £109 from CPWH this phone beat any phone ive seen in it price range or above it. IMO it one of the best undiscovered phones out there...well done panasonic for being awesome and cheap! well thats all, BUY this phone, you dont want to miss out.

Reviewed by matty from england on 29th Mar 2006
ive had this phone for 6months and im realy disponted with it. Everything is rubbish with it apart from the 2 megapixel camera (breaks after 3months)and the 1million colour screen(becomes blured after a while).You cant store a ringtone,vidio,or a wallpaper over 1megabyte even though the storage space is 32mg how does that work out hey.you cant receive things throung infrared overall this phone is utter RUBBISH in the real world!!!!!

Reviewed by Dave from Central UK on 28th Mar 2006
Forget your Nokia's, Samsungs and Motorolas this phone is a breath of fresh air in a saturated market and highly unique. Being in the older age bracket of life I wanted a phone that had a good clear LARGE screen my eyes are not as they were, this phone has it. The keypad is ideal for large male fingers - many phones these days seem to cater for dwarf like fingers, okay if you know Snow White. The menu navigation system is clear and very logical to use. I have downloaded MP3 files from my laptop via bluetooth to the phone and they work well. The 2 megapixel camera is excellent for capturing family moments like the kids birthday party. The flip mechanism is top rate too. Well done panasonic for bringing innovation to a mobile market that needs inspiration. Buy this phone ,, you will not be disappointed. Oh yes and the cost ONLY £110 ,, how on earth have they managed to keep thre cost so low? A cool phone that is highly deceptive. Give it a look and be stunned by its capability ( I was !!)

Reviewed by gurpinder singh from austrailia on 27th Mar 2006
this phone is really good i read the reviews on this site before i got the phone and i can say that this phone is exellent i got it for a cheap price and his has everything i want its the best get one

Reviewed by Alex from England on 25th Mar 2006
I got this phone a few months ago, and have found it to be a excellent phone, the camera quality is great, and it has great games aswell, such as Sonic, and a football game. Best phone i've ever had, and this is my 8th phone in about 4 years. It's also very cheap, it's worth every penny!!

Reviewed by Jonathan from England on 3rd Mar 2006
I was using my sisters D500 before I got this. I've had it for a few days now and can honestly say the VS6 crushes it. Love the fact that it has no external screen to scratch up. The battery life seems good, but as is true with most of these high-tech phones, if you're going to use all the stuff like mp3 players, games and cameras then your battery life is bound to be crap (lol but its still better than the d500). The opening mechanism is wierd at first, and you'll have to show it to people wanting to look at your snazzy new phone as chances are they'll just yank it open. It seems pretty sturdy though. Another odd feature is to have the phones speaker on the back of the unit, which leaves it very open to obstructions, a bit of a pain because unless you use some of the pre-installed ringtones the sound can be quieter than most other phones. The charger slot is nicely fitted with a snug protective cover, stopping pocket fluff getting in there. However, its rubbery glued-to-the- unit look seemed to me it could very easlily be ripped off. The keypad is lush, very similar to Nokia's and easy to use. I had to ask my woman-a photography fan-what the switch below the screen did, and apparently it's very handy for close up photo's when flipping it somehow makes the image detail clearer. Nice touch! The screen is absolute bliss, very bright, clear, and HUGE! The Sonic game is cool-however no longer exclusive to the handset as some networks are now offering it. The camera and video quality is decent, and the pre-installed tones are as you'd expect. The only pain with the media part of the phone is it's inability to send or recieve objects over 1MB in size, which has been noted in other reviews. This-to me anyway-is proof that the phone is NOT an MP3 player. The software recommended in another review is useful, but even then the downloaded MP3's for somereason play at a lower volume, as mentioned earlier. The SMS storage capacity at over 500 is the biggest o f any phone I've ever used, and the clarity and size of text is great! Menu navigation is also very easy. I got it from the Carphone Warehouse, who give you some wallpapers with their log smeared over them (arse) and their logo also appears when you switch the phone on and off, something which irks me a bit. BUT (!) you get some absolutely amazing free stuff from the Panasonic WAP site like free games and tones and wallpapers that truly do the phone's screen justice. My sister has recently upgraded to the D600, and wants to swap with me! For someone who-like me-doesn't need a phone to save the world it's a damn good buy.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Mar 2006
HAd a d500 before this and i can say this is one great phone! The screen is really big and clear, the one press auto open button is easy and is great to show off. Camera better than the d600 because with that you have to wait a few seconds and keep the phone still while you take it with this one it takes on second and they save very quick. Video qauilty isnt that good but that doesnt bother me as i dont take many anyways. Sonic game very good, and although some say its ugly i rather like it and pictures on the internet make it look big you need to see it in real life to see its not really that big and it doesnt weight that much at all! Overall a very good phone for the price.

Reviewed by yenrod from England on 1st Mar 2006
Had a GD87 - lost it ;o( Heard about this soo I just had to GET 1 ! ! ! Its fairly similiar to the '87 but that screen - WOW ! The flip mech' - is pretty handy. As I'm a Sharp person usually this is like a breath of fresh air... Makes a difference to a Symbian60 phone - which I hate... If your bothered about the memory then how about reducing the pic. sizes ! or getting hold of the data-kit so you can take the pix off the phone and print to a comp or such like ? The VS6 IS a great phone no doubts - its different and thats what makes it great: you wont be wasting your time trying this phone if not buying it.

Reviewed by Gizmo from England on 27th Feb 2006
Your average mid-range cam phone, the best thing about this phone is that it flips open when u press a button on the side...ringtones are appalling/no MP3 and video recording is useless,no screen on the front so u cant c tym or hus callin ya :s and buttons r 2 close 2getha...Pictures are good quality and luk excellent on the high res screen but every game is rubbish xept 4 sonic which is ur unbeatable megadrive classic...i had this fone but if i wer u i wud stik wid the D500 or the 6230i cus ther jus ur overall..well..good phone

Reviewed by Hawker from England on 27th Feb 2006
I've had this phone since Xmas..and I'm well pleased with it!! Easy to use, great camera and a fantastic display! Battery life is good, and whilethe design may not be to everyone's taste, I think it's so ugly it's actually cool!!! A manly phone some might say...definitely not one for the girlies, (though I do believe it comes in Pink), teens won't like it 'cos it doesn't come with 3 million tacky cheap interchangeable case fronts that drop off everytime you put in your pocket or handbag!! Nice to have a phone that's not so common!!....people seem to notice it more!!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 19th Feb 2006
I found this phone had an outstanding camera and great picture quality. There is a large amount of memory and I have not experienced a single problem with the phone. My only moans are that the phone is quite large and ugly when opened and the video quality could be a lot better. Other than that this phone is great. Recommended.

Reviewed by STEVE from UK on 18th Feb 2006
a very good cheap phone , cam one of the best i ve used the battery life is long on stand by though ring tone volume is a little to quiet

Reviewed by Rob Hargreaves from England on 17th Feb 2006
When i got the phone i was very diapointed with the video quality.The video only lasted for 1 minute and it was blocky.The photo quality was ok.I f you are thinking about gettin this phone please dont.I currently now have a nokia 6630 and it is brilliant.DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!

Reviewed by stuart from scotland on 15th Feb 2006
This fone is the best i'v ever had. I sold my D600 and bought this instead.It is a great price and the screen is brilliant. BUY THIS FONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by george from greece on 14th Feb 2006
for the price i think it s the best cellphone you can get

Reviewed by TS from England on 12th Feb 2006
Superb value for money. Great camra and graphics. As goog as top phones on the market.

Reviewed by josh from uk on 11th Feb 2006
top phone outstanding camra and great games but its soooooo ugley

Reviewed by Chris from Ireland on 10th Feb 2006
The camara is brilliant however im getting a w800i now for a change alough this fone is brill CrIz

Reviewed by Fred Howat from England on 10th Feb 2006
(A rewiew worth reading) Well what can i say. For the price, i guarantee that you will not be finding a better phone for quite some time. Many people say that this phone is not an mp3 player, which in part is true. It is not a phone with a dedicated mp3 player, but it has the ability for you to put mp3 files into a seperate folder in your ringtones, and then played looped or random. The one draq back for this phone is that it cannot recieve any files above 1 megabyte, which deems many mp3 files usless for this phone, but fear not. If you have a blutooth adaptor for your pc (can be brought for around £10), then there is a piece of software that will compress your mp3 files with minimal sound reduction, to about 5 times as small, therfore you being able to put 5 megabyte songs onto this phone. This is what i have done, and can roughly get about 20 full songs, plus various videos and pictures and games. The site for this software is: www.eniacjia.com/dietmp3/dietmp3-download.asp Other features are well mentioned on other rewiews. Enjoy this awesome phone!

Reviewed by castro from España on 9th Feb 2006
Good telephone, excellent chamber, Bluetooth, irda. Very tight price. Commendable 100 %.

Reviewed by Toria from UK on 8th Feb 2006
FAB! It's the same size as the V3i though a little thicker. The screen/colours are fantastic and the menu is a breeze to use (I didn't even look at the manual for ANYTHING). You can download MP3s, photos etc.. using the Handset Manager software (downloadable from the Panasonic website) and a USB data cable (not, sadly, supplied with the phone). The ONLY criticisms I'd have are a) only 32mb built in memory (not upgradeable) and b) you get a Carphone Warehouse start up screen which is a tad tacky but since the phone is a CPW branded phone, it's not surprising. Also, the battery life isn't brill but when you consider what it does, then it's fine! I'm sick and tired of people whinging that phones don't have good cameras or video - if you want something to take fantastic pictures or movies, buy a camera/camcorder! This is a PHONE and therefore specifically designed for talking to people! If you want an all singing, all dancing phone, then you'd have to expect to pay a lot more money for something that's probably bulkier. I think it's better than the V3i, if only for the phonebook - the one on the V3i and it's predecessors is pants - why don't Motorola update their software I wonder - sorry, this is a Panasonic review! I'd whole heartedly recommend this phone to friends, family and colleagues alike, though phones are a very personal thing! I like it and it's a bargain at £120 odd.

Reviewed by rach from uk on 8th Feb 2006
the only reason i give this phone two stars is for the camera pic quality. iv'e owned this phone for approx two months now and can tell anyone interested in it please don't be fooled by what seems like a bargain too good to be true. the battery life is just average the reception very poor wherever i am. video cam just average (go's very blocky) no software or data cables supplied with it and the biggest annoyance- the sound quality. even on its highest setting it is very low. forget about hearing txts or calls coming through if your in a busy street/your mobiles been left upstairs ect..you'll miss them. making/recieving calls is a very big prob..i strain to hear other people (no i'm not half deaf) and vice versa. if panasonic rectified this problem and the sting bags had supplied it with a usb data cable i just might of been able to live with it a bit longer. as it is i can't wait to get rid of this mobile. motto: if something sounds too good to be true it usually is! i certainly won't be keeping it just for its quality camera..whats the point in that????? just to add this phone did feeze up on me the other day when a text came through. i was unable to read it/make a text..nothing. the prob only rectified itself by taking the battery out then putting it back in again. like i said before - AVOID!

Reviewed by Hugh Overend from UK on 7th Feb 2006
Great phone, in just about every single way. There is no denying it, especially at it's extremely reasonable price. Ignore the negative reviews, these people clearly have no sense and every single one seems unable to spell. This phone is great. End of story.

Reviewed by Abby from England on 5th Feb 2006
absolutly superb and value for money!!!!

Reviewed by Vl from England on 3rd Feb 2006
This phone is the worst ive ever had!. The Quality isnt that good ive had better but if you want a working phone its quote good!.

Reviewed by caitlin from on 29th Jan 2006
buy this its grea the best birthday present!!!

Reviewed by Pip from UK on 28th Jan 2006
This Phone is my best ever. It looks quite plain from the inside but when you open it is amazing. it is quite big but fantastic nevertheless.The picture quality is just like WOW!!!!! nice and lightweight. Im a 16 year old teenager, so i no what is good. :P

Reviewed by Simon Eyles from UK on 25th Jan 2006
The worst phone that i have ever had the misfortune to have. I got it for my birthday and when i looked at it i was almost sick! The look is rubbish as it has no display and is boring, the camera is rubbish and the memory is tiny so i cant hold all my pitures. Do not buy this phone you will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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