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Panasonic VS3 review

 Review: February 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Panasonic VS3 is virtually the same as the Panasonic VS2 and the same comments apply.


Panasonic VS3 features include:

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Can i buy this phone i use to have one?

Asked by Aiulu from New zealand on 14th Jul 2018

Panasonic VS3 user reviews

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Average rating from 22 reviews:

Reviewed by Moss from United kingdome on 7th Jul 2007
Hi everyone, I just got this phone last 2 hours and it seems amazing but I got it for 10 because the screen was broken it had some black spots but its cool I can still use it. the phone looks slik but it doesn't have decent features....

Reviewed by apple from belgium on 25th Apr 2007
I bought this phone last year, because of the specs (like the big display) and also because of the outside of the phone (i thought i looks stylish)...I still like the functions of the phone, but my phone looks horrible! It's not that i throw with my cellphone or something, im just an avarge user but the material is very bad, so its like my phone has fought in a war or something! I think that Panasonic just doesnt have enough experience making phones yet so thats why their material is so bad...the outside of a phone shouldn't be 'soft' and easy to make scatches...I wish i never bought it...so ppl please consider this before u buy this phone...and by the way sorry for my bad english

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Apr 2007
apple, your English is very good. Thanks for your comments!

Reviewed by dado from croatia on 13th Jan 2007
great phone

Reviewed by Carson from united states on 5th May 2006
This is a great phone but after a while (4-6) month the phone starts wearing out. The screen is fantastic the camera is fantastic sound is great and i love the size of this phone.

Reviewed by JUlIAN from canada on 22nd Apr 2006
this phone is beautiful. great camera and good features

Reviewed by Adi from Romania on 21st Apr 2006
I'm wondering,this phone,can only make videos with a duration of only 10 seconds?I buyed this phone yesterday and when i tried to make a short clip it stops at 10 seconds.please answer to my question Sorry for the mistakes but i'm from Romania

Reviewed by Federico from Italy on 3rd Mar 2006
Hi! I've 3 Panasonic VS3 because I've bought with a Vodafone promotion and I payed 69,00 each one. After this, I bought a USB cable on eBay for 10,00 (inclusive of shipping) and this cost it's good because I can use the cable with all the 3 mobiles. The mobiles are good for me. The software it's quick, sending sms it's really simply and the screen it's fantastic. I know a lot of people here ask for other features or is disappointed for some of them but for me this phone is the maximum (with this price!). The battery it's not a problem for me with a normal use and, most important, I turn off the mobiles when I sleep (if you usually don't receive emergency calls during the night, I think it's not necessary to stay on). I'm a minimalistic user: calls & sms. If I want to listen music, I turn on my iAudio mp3 player; if I want to take some photo, I turn on my Canon and if I want to play, I turn on the computer. That's what I do. But after see the fantastic 16,7 millions colours screen, I've done an exception and I've opened a thread where at the moment I've posted more than 2,000 high quality images free for all and created for sharing! You can find the wallpapers here: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=803037 Bye! Federico

Reviewed by cozz from romania on 13th Feb 2006
this phone's great...simple to use...fast speed through the menu...good pics....excellent messaging...brilliant display...battery life far more than expecetd...brilliant..reccomend it

Reviewed by ALEKA from GREECE on 10th Feb 2006

Reviewed by jimmy from canada on 6th Feb 2006
this phone is awesome loveit get it i mean it

Reviewed by patric from liberia on 6th Feb 2006
ugly this phone really suck

Reviewed by vic from australia on 20th Jan 2006
this phone is great and in response to asdf yes my phone screen to moves side to side when closed and you can hardly hear people when calling. these would be my only problems 16 million colours!!

Reviewed by asdf from Australia on 19th Jan 2006
The features of the phone are all very good, but the screen on mine can be moved from side to side when the phone is closed. I was wondering if that's just mine or is it for all VS3s. Can someone please reply?

Reviewed by brandon from australia on 17th Jan 2006
this is a apsolutly brilliant phone and im an aussie i know whats a waste of money and wats not and ur defently gettin ur money worth hear no doubt

Reviewed by P C Rathore from India on 29th Dec 2005
I have been using this phone for one month. Excellent screen and Camera, Very good features.

Reviewed by Bella from Australia on 27th Dec 2005
Got this phone for christmas - love it! It looks so snazzy and classy. Love everything about it :D

Reviewed by blake from england on 25th Dec 2005
has full sonic the hedgehog game! and is brilliant

Reviewed by mango from Australia on 12th Dec 2005
Phone is nice. Easy handling, and it just looks nice. If you're after something that does the job for you + niceness then this is the one. Xchangeable cover is a great idea!

Reviewed by corban from nz on 27th Nov 2005
its the best with 16 million colours its got everything so if your looking for a phone just pick pansonic ideas for life

Reviewed by Ow Yeong from Malaysia on 25th Nov 2005
fantastic screen!

Reviewed by Sandro Pessoa from Portugal on 24th Nov 2005
Only one prob... The sound quality is pour. The rest is excellent. Lots of goodies.

Reviewed by SHABIR from ENGLAND on 18th Nov 2005

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