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Panasonic VS2 review

 Review: February 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Panasonic VS2 may be butt ugly, but boy, do you get a lot for your hard-earned cash!



This is an entry-level clamshell phone, priced at under £100, but in some ways it outclasses top-of-the-range phones costing £200 or more. The best feature of all is its high quality display, which is large, bright, high resolution (320 x 240 pixels) with, get this, 16 million colours. 16 million! Consider that the best high-spec phones from other manufacturers currently have at most 262 thousand colours, and you can appreciate the difference. It's also the first sub-£100 phone to offer a megapixel camera: 1.3 megapixels to be precise, and a good quality camera at that. There's also a good video camera.

Other nice features are the high quality 40-channel MP3 ringtones, fantastic 3D games including Sonic the Hedgehog™ and 3D soccer, and the cool auto opening mechanism. Physically it's not the best-looking clamshell, and it lacks an external display so you have to open the phone to see who's calling, but on the positive side it's very slim.

The memory of 32 Mbytes is very good for an entry-level phone. Bluetooth is lacking, but it does offer infra-red and USB connectivity. Battery life is relatively poor.

For the price it's an excellent phone and definitely worthy of consideration. Spend a bit more and you could have the Panasonic VS6, which offers a 2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

Panasonic VS2 features include:

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Panasonic VS2 user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Katie from England on 27th Jun 2009
I got this phone in 2006 but in 2008 its battery died. I would love to get it fixed because this phone is by far the best (minus the battery problem) I would love to use it again!

Reviewed by Min from New Zealand on 12th May 2009
I bought this phone of a mate for about 50 bucks. LOVE IT!!.. im addicted to it.. txting is really easy and feels nice on your fingers!.. Yeah i seem to have the problem with the battery life aswell.. mine only lasts about 6 hours.. sucks.. But this is a great phone.

Reviewed by siobhan from new zealand on 13th Jan 2009
i found one in the bottom of a lake and it had obviosly been sitting there for days. i piked it up dried it and turned it on and it went!!!

Reviewed by Jazz from Australia on 5th Nov 2008
I Have Had my Pink VS2 for 4 years now... i always get comented on it and it is the most reliable phone i have ever had. It has been dropped in a pool, fell in a glass of alcohol, eaten by the dog, smashed against a wall and dropped numerous times. The buttons are spaced well and the one touch flip is a so convenient. The camera is adequate and you cant fit many songs on there but isnt that what cameras and ipods are for?? Most Amazing phone ever... highly recomended

Reviewed by cherry from scotland on 7th Oct 2008
hey whats not to like with a phone that operates liek a star trek beam me up intercom device, appreciate its quirks - it's only a phone.

Reviewed by joey from AUS on 14th Apr 2008
i hate this phone i had one and theres not much to do with it, only good thing is the camera, it has no room for mp3's i could only get 10 seconds of a song on it, for me this phone was kind of a waste of money... 1 other good thing though it can take a beating thats for sure

Reviewed by Andrew Waite from New Zealand on 9th Aug 2007
Had VS2 for 1 and a half years, and its become a land line since the battery life has reduced to about half an hour after 3 hours of charging,so i now just keep it plugged in at the wall.its not the battery either, as i have tried vaious batteries.good phone apart from this tho

Reviewed by jessica from Australia on 17th May 2007
best phone ever soo good. mine got water in it and brokeeee! so devoed i recomened this phone for everyone!

Reviewed by mike from abudabi on 13th May 2007
i brought this phon and it was fun 4 the first couple of weeks i had it but one nite i put it on the charger and it caught on fire

Reviewed by hema from India on 17th Feb 2007
Am also having problem with speaker after a year..and hearing that manuafacturing has stopped..

Reviewed by srinivas from India on 3rd Feb 2007
I had bought VS2 in Nov 05. Just about an year back. The spreakerof the phone is not working. I can use the phone either with hands free or with speaker mode. On going to customer care in Bangalore i was told that the speaker is OK how ever problem is with the PCB and would cost min Rs 2500. Also the PCB is not availble. As long as it was working it can be rated 5 star how ever for reliability and product support i can hardly give one star. srini19t@yahoo.com IMEI - 356801003527943 tele 09880426880 India

Reviewed by sdywon from Malaysia on 31st Jan 2007
This phone is definitely worth buying with almost full specs for half price of that same specs in other brand. I love its camera and video features that easily beat all other brand phone of the same range. Excellent, consider VS 6 and its better than VS2.

Reviewed by Julie from Australia on 13th Jan 2007
This phone has given me nothing but trouble. First the phone wouldnt close and i had to get it fixed and wait 2months for it. Second it keeps turning off and Third the paint is coming off. Thtas all after one year

Reviewed by Rachel from New Zealand on 18th Nov 2006
Love my phone! Though was gutted to find that it didn't come with Sonic in NZ. But happily I found Panasonic Box online and apparently by using this i can download Sonic :) plus heaps more! I will say this phone does not have the greatest sound quality, but other than that i am very happy with it!

Reviewed by Ross from New Zealand on 9th Nov 2006
A brilliant phone in every way but the bad battery life causes this to be a very good phone, instead of outstanding. ok price, grate screen, good camera. recommended.

Reviewed by nigel from uk on 13th Aug 2006
i had a terrible time with this phone DONT CONSIDER BUYIN IT!

Reviewed by 5ofus from NZ on 19th Jul 2006
Man some of you are the biggest whingas and by the sounds of things have gone through way too many fones that this one just doesn't compare. Anyway why buy the fone if your gonna tirn around and say you hate it blh, blah, blah. Do your homework first! I bought this fone a couple weeks ago and I really like it. Still figuring some stuff out but overall it's very coool. To you others..shut the hell up!!

Reviewed by kaytee from england on 18th Jun 2006
i think this phone is exelent because it has all you really need in a phone like picture id when someone calls you and a outstanting quality camera that videos aswell it also has a voice recorder that you can record songs onto.instead of bluetooth it has infrared witch is where you can send and recive things from other peoples phones .

Reviewed by Ted from New Zealand on 31st May 2006
This phone is a must-have for a person who wants a phone that is average/awesome.. the camera and video taking is alright... and other features such as games, internet, messaging are also great, oh you can multi-txt as well! However, the strange thing is.. although my phone is a VS2 it keeps on saying that it is a VS3!! And i downloaded that X-Men 3 game but it is completely different from the screenshot! Any explanations anyone? By the way, i give it a 4/5 :-)

Reviewed by JORGE from SALVADOR on 26th May 2006
It cost me $195 and its an exelent phone for the relative low price, the camera its 1.3 mega pixels and the photo size is 1280x1024 the screen its one of the best i ever seen, if you can compare this phone with a motorola razr v3 you can see this phone its a lot better

Reviewed by Nicola from New Zealand on 23rd Mar 2006
This phone cost me $198 NZ and it's brilliant - screen size and colours are awesome - I personally have had no problems with the battery life - make sure you charge it well/properly the first time - let it run down and fully charge again & repeat. If I am not using the phone to talk it can last approx a week for jusy txting or sending pxt. I thnk for the price its a wicked phone and well worth it!

Reviewed by Sanahal Y from India on 20th Mar 2006
Apart from the poor battery life, everything packed in the VS2 is excellant. It has a great 2.5" LCD display, a good camera with exceptional picture clarity and a good video quality. Overall a good bargain.

Reviewed by Chrissy from New Zealand on 14th Mar 2006
I love this phone! The screen is so clear and colourful, and the phone is a good size. My only main gripe with it is the battery life. I did charge it fully the first time, and it still dies very very quickly, from two bars to nothing. Find I am charging it nearly every day even though I am not using it very much! Other then that, no problems. The camera is excellent, it is very easy to use.

Reviewed by Kristy from Australia on 9th Mar 2006
I love this phone. I disagree with whoever say it's ugly. I got the pink one and it's very pretty. the only thing is that it's hard to put more games on it, because of compatibility issues. the battery is great. mine lasts up to 4 days. So whoever said it didn't have good battery time, was wrong. I am however having problems with sending MMS. but I'm sure we will work out the problem eventually. It light weight and skinny and also I can assign personalized tones to callers. I've done it before. I like being able to assign photos to callers and also it's great being able to take pictures and songs from my computer and put them on. everybody i meet loves my phone.

Reviewed by Cecille from Canada on 2nd Mar 2006
The telephone is stupid i had it for 1 week and it sucks

Reviewed by Chad from USA on 15th Feb 2006
Iluv it, well mi friends got it but i am sooooooo jealous battery life npot great but sooooooooooooo worth price

Reviewed by Kt from England on 6th Feb 2006
I recently got this phone as I read about the good quality of the screen, however I was put off by the bad reviews that people were giving it but I have to disagree. I love this phone, it's brilliant. It has tonns of room, a brilliant colour screen and camera and I've never had a problem with it. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a decent camera phone, to get this. I guarantee it's better than most of the good priced phones out there.

Reviewed by Anna from Russia on 1st Feb 2006
I LOOOOVE this phone. So does each of my friends. Even my teachers would come up to me and ask whether they could take a look at my mobile (çause I always put it on my desk =) I guess you guys just didn't charge it appropriately the first time and screwed up everything. So for those who are deciding whether they should buy this FANTASTIC phone: BUY it BUT read the instructions carefully))) VS2 4EVER!

Reviewed by masterx from scotland on 31st Jan 2006
well all the papeol who said this phone was bad it is not but there is only one problem it will not connect up to vodafone live and way it has lots of opsinal choose and the best camrae in di world it as good vidio and every thing and i got it in janurary and it is theeeee best man i all so would like to say that is infact just buy it is di best man love it world peace

Reviewed by Winner from Winnerland on 28th Jan 2006

Reviewed by rhys gardiner from england on 24th Jan 2006
ok ok its not the best phone in the world but its a phone its got video and stuff but its kind of ugly threre not bluetooth or mp3 no exstenable memory BUT ONE VERY STUPID THING IS THE BATTERY IT GOES SO FAST but know worries its a phone im kind of happy ive got the videos i want the sounds i want ohh yea and the camara is realy good so all together its got to be a 6/10

Reviewed by A DUDE from TAMIL LAND on 15th Jan 2006

Reviewed by scott from sydney, australia on 5th Jan 2006
this phone is just the best. it is aesome with so many functions and qualities it is not funny. BUT the only thing i dont like about it is you cant assign personal ring tones and you dont know who is calling you. BUT you can set it so that you need to press a key to answer the phone instead of just using the flip function to answer. tammy and aqilah what more do you want out of a phone. it is a cheap but quality phone that has all and more of the functions of the much higher priced phone. get a life you guys

Reviewed by aqilah from brunei darussalam on 26th Dec 2005
i hate this fone. the battery cannot stay overnight. not many function. although the colour 16 million.

Reviewed by tammy from australia on 20th Dec 2005
This phone is so bad, don't buy it!! It is a load of junk, I've had it for a week now and there is nothing good about it even the button to make it open is cheap and tacky the whole look of this phone is cheap and looks like it is about to fall apart. I am not very pleased and i will be sending it back it is not worth the amount of money it is selling for it should be $10... DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by kelsey from australia on 11th Dec 2005
i love this phone it is really good i got the pink one like 2 months a go and its awsome they are way betta than all my frinds phone and this fone cost like 1000 dollars it really kool!

Reviewed by afroman from New Zealand on 9th Dec 2005
OMG. This fone sucks. Its battery cant barely survive overnoght. Camera is crappy for 1.3 megapixel camera its more like a 0.0 megapixel camera. DONT GET THIS FONE IT SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS. Only $200 NZ, cheap piece of junk. its looks and the automatic opening is the only good thing about it. everything else is junk. DONT GET THIS FONE. DONT GET THIS PHONE. IT SUX. SUX. SUX. PEACE OUT. AFROMAN IN DA HOUSE

Reviewed by bazman from New Zealand on 7th Dec 2005
Great screen, great size. the only gripe I can think of is the battery indicator, only three bars and that last bar goes reeeeal quick (so quick you don't really have enough warning to get it to a charger). Other than that, 1.3Meg camera - I ahve never bothered with camera's on phones due to the limited quality, but I find myself using this one.

Reviewed by teether from beaverland on 4th Dec 2005
I've had this fone for about a wekk now and it really does suck. The looks are terrible, whoever designed it should have been shot. Another thing is that it keeps on freezing when i try to open a message. This problem keeps on coming back. DO NOT Buy this fone!

Reviewed by Elvito from New Zealand on 30th Nov 2005
The phone has gr8 display and is worth ur money as it is only 200 dollars NZ which is something around 110 US However i cannot live with a fone which has small memory and no bluetooth to transfer files....

Reviewed by barsuk from england/lithuania on 21st Nov 2005
Phone is really very interesting. All in it is pleasant to me except for a small memory size and absence Blutouth. I have a big question. Where it is possible to unblock it or where to find the information on it in the Internet? Thanks.

Reviewed by Basant Lakhotiya from India on 19th Nov 2005
display and camera of this phone s excellent .but battery life s so-so.disavantage is it dont contain bluetooth and memory s not extendable.

Reviewed by ilvbp from oz mate! on 18th Nov 2005

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