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Panasonic TX-48CX400B

User questions

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I have dropped my remote control for my smart TV Panasonic TX-48Cx400B. Now its not working can you help please?

Asked by Boyd from United Kingdom on 18th Jun 2018

Where to find display mirroring?

Asked by Eugene from Ghana on 23rd Jan 2018

I bought tx- cx400b they told me is LED but as I removed from the box it has labed as LCD am confused please explain to me.

Asked by Nekz from ghana on 25th Dec 2017

Reply by S21 from UK on 25th Dec 2017
All LED TVs are LCD panels with LED backlighting.

Reply by Nekz from Ghana on 2nd Jan 2018
What is backlighting and what does it do can you please explain further please. ..?

It goes off by its own every 5 to 10mins. What do I do to fix this?

Asked by kweku from Ghana on 26th Oct 2017
I bought this model about three weeks ago and when its ideal for a little while it goes off on its own.

I have a Panasonic TX-55CX400B tv and I am wondering which active 3d glasses to buy?

Asked by Alister Cheesewright from United kingdom on 13th Sep 2017

Does this tv do 4k upscale?

Asked by Tom from England on 16th May 2017

I have the TV and I'm trying to use mobile app TV remote but it won't connect to the tv.

Asked by Hrvoje from Ireland on 13th May 2017

Can I connect this tv to a sound bar? If so how?

Asked by Tom Byrne from Ireland on 2nd May 2017
Sound is sometimes a little unclear on movies.

What kind of screen technology does it have?

Asked by malcos from romania on 3rd Apr 2017

Obtain a users manual for this tv?

Asked by Terry from Uk on 27th Mar 2017

I need to replace the stand on my friends TV. ..it's broken where can I purchase one from?

Asked by Marcia Blake from England on 1st Feb 2017

Reply by Mike williams from Uk on 25th Feb 2017
What is the best internet price?

I cant find Amazon video on the apps (How do I add it?)

Asked by Olivia from UK on 23rd Jan 2017

Where to find display mirroring?

Asked by sabih from uk on 15th Jan 2017
cant find mirroring option

Reply by Steve from Uk on 19th Jan 2017
Can I load kodi onto myth l47et5b?

What glasses actually work with this telly please?

Asked by mikeyboyhilts from UK on 15th Nov 2016
Tried two different sets now and neither will pair with the tv, even the TY-ER3D6ME Panasonic ones.

Given the sub-standard sound system, what do people recommend as an appropriate sound bar or base that represents best value? I don't have the space to insert a complete surround sound system.

Asked by Don James from Ireland on 13th Oct 2016

What are the spacing dimensions on the pedestal stand - have a TV stand that is 980cm wide?

Asked by Mark from uk on 18th Sep 2016

What's the weight of a Panasonic tv led wifi tv tx48cx400b?

Asked by P w farmer from Uk on 1st Sep 2016
What's the total weight. 07786651674 or pwf3568@gmail.com.

Is it able to do 7 day free view catch up?

Asked by Anne from U.K. on 5th Aug 2016

The tv when arrived stated it was LCD and was also marked on the back as LCD, is this LCD or LED as listed?

Asked by R Wilson from UK on 13th Jul 2016
Model purchased was TX 48CX400B listed as LED.

Reply by S21 from UK on 13th Jul 2016
Don't worry. All "LED" TVs are LCD displays with LED backlighting.

Hi.can I joint usb Bluetooth and Bluetooth speakers?

Asked by Bilal from Uk Manchester on 20th Jun 2016

How can i get apps on to the TV?

Asked by Noel from IRL on 16th Jun 2016

How do download other apps for this to I can find a way how to do it please help ???

Asked by Michael donnelly from England on 13th Jun 2016

Dose it have screen mirroring?

Asked by The_Beast from England on 4th May 2016

Reply by Charlie from UK on 4th May 2016
I don't have the TV, but the specs say yes, it does.

I have this TV and I'm struggling to steam UHDTV from 2nd gen Amazon fire TV box as it says it doesnt have HDCP 2.2 support, however all the specs online say otherwise..... have you come across this issue with this TV?

Asked by Mark from England on 2nd Apr 2016

Reply by Martin McClean from United Kingdom on 4th Jul 2016
In setup under sources you can select the HDMI ports and switch them to enhanced. I think this will sort out your problem.

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