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Panasonic TX-48CX400B review

 Review: August 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Panasonic Viera TX-48CX400B is a cut-price UHD (4K) TV. Despite its low price, this TV offers big-screen UHD viewing, plus the benefits of Smart TV and excellent connectivity. The picture quality isn't quite a match for more expensive models, and sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, but if you're on a tight budget, this is definitely one to put at the top of your list.


Design & looks

The TX48CX400B may be cheap compared with other UHD TVs, but it doesn't give away its low price point with its looks. Its appearance is smart, with a very narrow black bezel surrounding the screen, framed with a chrome-effect edge. The chrome-effect base has a minimalistic look, and a discrete Panasonic logo below the centre of the screen completes the package. It doesn't have quite the high-end looks of more expensive Panasonic models such as the CX700B, but it still looks stylish.

The TV has very low power consumption for a UHD TV, and is A-rated for efficiency. A standard TV remote is included in the box.

Picture quality

48 inches is an excellent size for a family TV, if you have the space. And with its low price, the CX400 makes big screen UHD viewing available to everyone. But can such an inexpensive television really make the grade?

The first thing to say is that UHD is still in its infancy, but some 4K content is starting to appear on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, and once UHD Blu-Ray launches, a lot more titles will appear. In the meantime, you'll be watching mostly HD content, and some standard definition TV channels.

The screen used in the 48CX400B is quite bright, and capable of reaching satisfyingly deep blacks too, so contrast levels are excellent. Viewing angles are quite wide, although not as good as the CX700B. UHD images are pin-sharp, and HD content looks good too, although standard def broadcasts can be patchy. If you watch a lot of SD television on Freeview, this may not be the right television for you.

Motion control isn't as fine as in Panasonic's more expensive sets, but with a 200Hz effective motion rating, it isn't a problem most of the time.

The TV is 3D-enabled, but no glasses are supplied with the package.

We'd say that overall the picture quality is surprisingly good on the CX400B, although it's not as refined as the outstanding Panasonic Viera TX-50CX700B.

Audio quality

Audio quality is fairly basic on this TV. The twin 10W speakers do their best, but lack any serious punch. The addition of a sound bar would make the world of difference to your audio experience.

Smart TV

The TV comes with access to Panasonic's Essential Apps feature, which provides a simple interface to access all the services available. This system is new, and not all apps are yet available, but they will include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and catch-up TV (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5). The remote control includes one-touch access to Netflix.


We're really very impressed by the number of connectivity options that Panasonic has provided in this budget model. Usually, HDMI ports are the first thing to go when a manufacturer is looking to save some pennies, and yet the CX400B comes with 4 HDMI ports. You'll also find 3 USB connections, SCART, component, composite, optical audio output, a headphone jack and a CI+ interface.

The TV comes with an ethernet connection and Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet. It's DLNA certified and can be used to display pictures and video from your home network. It also supports display mirroring of compatible smartphones and tablets.

The CX400 has a built-in Freeview HD tuner with a 7-day Electronic Programme Guide.

Conclusion - UHD on a budget

When you compare the price of the CX400B with rival UHD televisions, the question you must be asking is - is it the real deal? It's such good value, it seems there must be a catch.

The quick answer is that yes, it's the real deal. We're pleased to report that there are no fatal cost cuts. Sure, there are some compromises. The picture quality doesn't have the finesse of the more expensive Panasonic models, like the TX-50CX700B. It's not as bright or vivid, and it doesn't upscale to UHD as well, but for most viewers the differences won't be glaringly obvious.

The bottom line is that this is a 48-inch UHD TV that costs less than most 40-inch UHD TVs, and that's not something that can easily be dismissed.

Panasonic TX-48CX400B features include:

User questions

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I have dropped my remote control for my smart TV Panasonic TX-48Cx400B. Now its not working can you help please?

Asked by Boyd from United Kingdom on 18th Jun 2018

Where to find display mirroring?

Asked by Eugene from Ghana on 23rd Jan 2018

I bought tx- cx400b they told me is LED but as I removed from the box it has labed as LCD am confused please explain to me.

Asked by Nekz from ghana on 25th Dec 2017

Reply by S21 from UK on 25th Dec 2017
All LED TVs are LCD panels with LED backlighting.

Reply by Nekz from Ghana on 2nd Jan 2018
What is backlighting and what does it do can you please explain further please. ..?

See all 24 questions

Panasonic TX-48CX400B user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 8 reviews:

Reviewed by Jessica Smith from United Kingdom on 27th May 2017
I bought this tv 18 months ago. Our first smart tv at ultra 4k too but now faulty already. Screen goes black every few mintues... i was think Viera panasonic tvs will always be my favourite. Not now! Ok its your budget range tv but still a lot of money that has now been wasted.

Reply by Alex from UK on 7th Oct 2017
This happened to me. I unplugged the Amazon Firestick until I need it, now the TV is fine.

Reviewed by Jamie from United Kingdom on 3rd Jan 2017
I wanted a 4k telly and for it to be 3d. There weren't many around, so I didn't have much choice. Everything considered, I went for this slightly nervously, as some reviews were really slating it. I don't know why, I'm well impressed. They may have been TV snobs, but this TV is great, and for the money cannot be criticised.

Reviewed by Colin from Yorkshire on 22nd Nov 2016
I have 2 48inch tx48cx400 models and believe me stay well clear from them TV no1 if didn't have 500 quid in it I would put a brick through it it has only got 1 app BBC iplayer 2 weeks after purchasing it started buffering and the retailer who sold me it tried to blame the Internet as TV no2 started buffering at the exact same time so what do you do get in touch with your Internet supplier so after 4 weeks of engineers coming to and fro new routers it was the TV that's when the problem really started so far TV no1 has been supposedly been repaired 4 times and the same problem keep coming back picture crackling and and the bottom half goes completely green like the old space invader game when you got invaded and the excuses one was I could be interference from my combiboiler that's on the kitchen wall so I turned my room round got a new aerial new coax and still the same problem other problems the BBC iplayer keeps freezing and sometimes I've got to turn the TV off at the socket just to get back to my normal TV and the list goes on that's enough about TV number as I'm waiting on trading standards getting back to me. No2 which I bought 8 weeks before hand for my son's Christmas some Christmas presents that was it's had a new motherboard just like TV no1 and it keeps disabling it's self from wireless devices and when I reported that I could not believe the reply I got can't you plug the TV in the router yeah I could if I had a 20 meter cable. I am livid they were supposed to come today to try and have another go at fixing it did they turn up no so I phoned the repair people allocated by Panasonic only to greeted by ignorance and attitude as if it was my fault the tvs are faulty so I was straight on the phone to Panasonic they where no help whatsoever they said they need to get it into the workshop what good is that TV no1 been there 4 times and out of curiosity I went into my sons room and switch on the TV and guess what that's crackling aswel I've taken that many videos my phone is full I've had to delete precious photos to make space because I'm going to have to start videoing TV no2 now be warned none of this is fiction stay clear of them Panasonic tx48cx400 look in argos catalogue they have even stopped selling them the only good thing about these TV is the fuse in the plug that's not blown yet.

Reviewed by Craig from England on 11th Nov 2016
I purchased this Tv yesterady and for the price so far so good. I have gone from a 32" basic model to a 48" HUD TV and i very impressed. i did read a few negatives reviews and i was a bit worried as this was after i brought but but after a few tweaks to the picture and sound i am now happy. I have also been able to link my SKY controller to the TV as i did experence a few issues with this and heard people have struggled, but after a little google reserch its done. i think look of the TV is good, the sound could be a lot better but my next purchase will be a nice sound bar. Overall so far i am happy with the TV and for the price £380 i cant really grumble!!

Reviewed by Brian from Uk on 27th Sep 2016
I wanted a 4K tv so as to be future-proof. This tv has surpassed all my expectations. With 3D glasses from eBay I can watch any film in 3D. Wow. I never expected that. Yes you do need a soundbar but value for money this is the Model for anyone after a good budget family TV.

Reply by Mikeyboyhilts from UK on 15th Nov 2016
What glasses did you get please? Got some of eBay which won't pair with the telly so bought the Panasonic TY-ER3D6ME glasses and they won't work either!

Reply by Greg from Uk on 20th Jan 2017
What 3D glasses did you get I have a Panasonic tx55 cx400 and can't get glasses that work with it.

Reviewed by Mark from United Kingdom on 24th Sep 2016
Bought from Tesco Direct but left confused as Tesco advertise this TV as a LED screen but when the package arrived I was left scratching my head as it clearly states it's an LCD TV all over the box infact nowhere does it say LED screen? I immediately went back onto the Tesco Direct website as I thought I had made a mistake, but no! It's clearly described as a LED screen and it does not state LCD anywhere.
I phoned Tesco who immediately apologised for sending me the wrong TV and offered 40 as a good will gesture but on further investigation after Tesco contacted Panasonic they told me that it was a LED tv and gave me a technical explanation from Panasonic, "great"! But why am I left with the feeling of being mislead and miss sold on this TV when it's clearly advertised as LED but the package is clearly labelled LCD?

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Sep 2016
Hello Mark, this TV, like all others described as "LED" is an LCD screen with LED backlighting. Don't worry, you have not been mis-sold.

Reviewed by Craig from Scotland on 31st Jan 2016
For 378 you can't grumble with the quality this is, had to hook up a hi speed HDMI cable to run my ps4 as the normal HDMI can affect gameplay (very laggy otherwise).

One (ok two or three issues) I have are the remotes not the best, a lot of symbols that I have no clue what they do bar the smart feature,

The "essential apps" is a minefield trying to find ways to get other apps onto the TV is proving difficult (still searching for ways to do this)....plus a fair few are German (which I have no need for).

Last issue is there's clearly a message waiting to be read at the top of the screen but there is no way to read it.

Other than that I'm extremely happy with the TV, YouTube streams direct from it and the 4K videos they offer are stunning.

Reply by Lloyd from UK on 14th Apr 2016
The build quality isn't up to the usual Panasonic standard and the message in the corner waiting to be read is annoying but the picture quality is amazing for the price.

Reply by Steve from UK on 22nd May 2016
The App section is limited however in Smart TV mode, if you press the number 1 on the remote you can get the sub menu to drop down.

Reviewed by Carmel from UK on 23rd Sep 2015
This model is Panasonic's entry-level 4K UHD TV. Yes, the price is good for a 48" screen, especially for a UHD model but there are compromises or negatives to offset this!
Firstly, there is a synchronization problem between the on-screen image with the dialogue coming out of the speakers (Lip-sync delay). I'm not sure what causes this but it is evident, especially when watching News reports on the HD channels!
Secondly - and Panasonic have NEVER improved this over decades of manufacturing TV's - is the poor sound quality! It seems that Panasonic can produce good images but not good sound. The 2 x 10 Watt speakers are abysmal and really drag this model down from a 5 Star to a 3 Star rating.
The only way round this is to use a separate audio amp attached to the AUDIO OUT sockets and a decent pair of Hi-Fi speakers. This way you can reproduce far better sound than you will get by adding the rather poor Panasonic sound bar!

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