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Palm Pre review

 Review: December 2009  

Last updated April 2010

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Palm's first phone to run the webOS operating system is a funky touchscreen multi-tasking gizmo designed for the facebook generation. The Pre has many attractive features, but we feel it's too early for mainstream users to rush out and embrace the webOS platform.

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The Palm Pre is a newcomer to the world of mobile phones. The Pre is the first smartphone to run the Palm webOS operating system. The first of anything often turns out to be lacking in a few ways (remember the first iPhone, the first Android phone, etc.) So we'll be sniffing around to see if there are any "beta-testing areas" of the Pre.

The Pre is exclusive to O2. The webOS was designed from the bottom up as a multitasking interface, and the Pre just positively oozes with the desire for you to multi-task. Go on, it dares you, open up yet another application. I can handle it. And what's more I can make all those apps talk to each other too. So its various calendars talk to each other, the calendars talk to your contacts database, and the whole lot (Palm calls them "activity cards", which sounds a bit pre-school) constantly interact, update and send you notifications. There's a whole social whirl out there on your Palm even when you're not using it! The Pre is a phone designed for the social network age. It integrates Facebook, Twitter, email, texts and all your Google stuff, and lets you keep track of everything in an easy to use and responsive fashion. It works best if you have plenty of contacts and an active online social life; otherwise you're missing out on what the Pre has to offer. The user interface is very responsive, and you've no doubt seen the pretty TV ads with stuff zooming all over the Pre's screen at breakneck speed. It's fast, it's intuitive and it gets the job done. And with a choice of a virtual touchscreen keypad or a slide-out real QWERTY keyboard, you can talk to your Pre just as rapidly as it talks back to you.

The Palm comes with a media player that supports most common formats, including MP3 and AAC audio, and MPEG4 video. The camera is rather poor though. It's just a basic 3 megapixel camera that would be fine on an entry-level phone, but not on a device that costs this sort of money. The Pre has good connectivity, including USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, and comes with a GPS receiver too. It's quite chunky in size and fairly heavy, but not too big for a smartphone. The disappointing factor is the smallness of the screen. At just 3.1 inches across, it could really do with being larger.

We can't really find any areas where the new webOS platform falls over. It seems to be as well designed and capable as say, Android or OS X. The range of apps is limited at present, but that's to be expected for a new OS. Where the Pre does fall down is in the hardware that supports the OS. It doesn't offer the best value for money, in our opinion. The QWERTY keyboard, though welcome, is a bit small and plasticky, and in fact the whole phone construction is a little on the flimsy side. We don't like the camera one bit, and the battery life isn't impressive either. The pre certainly isn't an iPhone killer, or anything like it. It's the first of a kind and is best suited to technologically-minded early adopters who like the touchscreen gizmos, the multitasking and the social networking features, or who just fancy a change. Mainstream users should approach the Palm Pre with caution. The Palm has dropped in price a lot since launch and may now be worth a look if you like something different.

Palm Pre features include:

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Average rating from 40 reviews:

Reviewed by TMcC from Scotland, UK on 6th Jul 2011
I tried to unlock palm pre from 02, so I could use it abroad with a local sim. I had a great deal of being totally messed around by 02's customer services having requested the code (so much so that after many years of using 02 exclusively I am leaving them for good). Anyway, the phone itself went totally crazy as soon as it was switched on and is now useless. Battery useless - needed charged every few hours. Could never recommend it, with the exception of the keypad which was easy to use for someone with big hands like myself.

Reviewed by JC from UK on 6th May 2011
Quite poor machine, especially for the money they sell it! Many functionalities available in the Palm Treo missing, including PC/laptop backup and GPS car navigation. The HW is feeble, stop working (nobody could explain why) two weeks after buying it. Replaced, now after a year the battery charging through the USB port stopped working, have to buy a ahrger for the battery which each time I take it out and in has to go as you expect through a mini reset of the phone. In the UK Palm Pre has been given to sell to O2 exclusively. They could not have done a worst choice, O2 is extremely expensive and unfriendly. I am glad the contract has finaly finished, they are appalling. Palm do not have any upgrade program or loyalty plan, this is the 3rd product from Palm I have bought and if I want to replace this malfunctioning unit I have to buy one at exaclty the same price someone has never purchased a Palm from them. I will never buy a phone or any other product from Palm again.

Reviewed by deejayk2 from uk on 20th Sep 2010
wouldnt recommend to anyone - battery doesnt last a full day...the screen keeps freezing..takes forever to power up and if you live in england, most of the apps are useless!! Been in for repair 3 times and am now swapping the phone for a different model...palm pre? you can keep it!!!

Reviewed by Alison from uk on 1st Aug 2010
I was a firm beliver that all touch screen phones would be laggy and un-responsive and break within a week, when i got my pre i was pleasantly surprised. Touch screen aside this is a really good little smart phone, and to those complaining of the small qwerty keyboard, yes it is small and when sending texts you do sometimes(only at the beginning) end up sending rather than deleting, but keyboard mistakes are all part of having a new phone. The operating system is fast, well planned, and being updated all the time, i've had mine since january and have had 4! Yes it does take a while to switch on, but if you wish the phone to be un-noticable theres always the quick silent switch and aeroplane mode, so no need to turn off! Battery life can be poor, but if you give it a really good charge before you ever turn it on, it should keep lasting you all day, even with the use of apps, just make sure the wifi and bluetooth are off, as are always battery drainers. The app store is limited , but grows everyday with all sorts of apps, some useful but others pointless, but alot less pointless apps than you will find on the apple app store. Brilliant web browsing capabilities and amazing for social networking. Yes the camera isnt brilliant, but when a phone does everything else so well it's not too much of a problem. My only problem that i've had with this phone is the hands free headphones supplied in box, as a rather big for me, but i small ears to begin with. I think that it is a far better phone than the iphone but thats a personal view, as some people will disagree with everything i said. Brilliant smart phone for people with small hands, who like to be able to get lots of things done at the same time this is the phone, plus it's really quite a pretty phone :)

Reviewed by Steve from England on 29th Jul 2010
I really like this phone, especially the keypad. It has replaced my iPhone 3GS and I prefer it overall. It's not as responsive as the 3GS but it has many features that I prefer. It's easy to customise, and it's own version of jail-breaking is actually called dev mode which is perfectly legal and allows over clocking and home brewed apps. Cool phone, I like it.

Reviewed by Smithy from UK on 4th May 2010
Having owned an iphone previously and got bored of it, I decided to change to the Palm Pre. My expectations were that it probably wouldn't match up to the iphone - in some respects it doesn't but for me the Pre is a damn good phone. Touchscreen is, in my opinion, better than the I-Phones, multi-tasking (which current I-Phones can't do), smaller in length, no annoying syncing, Word, Excel, PDF capabilities. Some don't like the slide out keypad, and at first I didn't as it lets the phone down a bit, but you can download a virtual keyboard onto the Pre which works fine in both portrait and landscape mode. If only Palm had one on the phone as standard then this would be a really serious phone to the I-Phone. Not nearly as many apps as the i-phone, but that's not a problem for me as after the first month or so, the Apple apps just became a gimmick and some are just nonsense - I mean are you really going to use a 'tip' calculator when in a restaurant..? Nonsense. The Pre does every thing I need and more and I've had absolutely no problems with it at all. It's not an outright I-Phone kiler, but it deserves serious consideration and beats the Sony's / Blackberrys / LG's etc hands down.

Reviewed by Damien from Ireland on 6th Apr 2010
Easily the best phone i've used. Got it when upgrading from my iPhone 3G. WebOS is a dream to use. Multi tasking is great. Camera is better than iPhone. I have had it 2months and no bother at all with it. Would recommend it to anyone. Just wish there was more apps and the battery life was a bit longer

Reviewed by Al from UK on 6th Apr 2010
worst phone I ever owned, takes forever to power up, battery life is shocking,keypad terrible for typing, all in all glad to see the back of it and would never recommend this phone , not even to my worst enemy

Reviewed by Jeff from UK on 20th Mar 2010
The touch screen is awesome

Reviewed by John Parker from UK on 19th Mar 2010
LOVE IT ! It's awesome. One of the most responsive touch screens ever!

Reviewed by Lisa from USA on 7th Mar 2010
Igot a Palm Pre Plus 2 weeks ago and had issues from the beginning. It worked great for a week and I loved it, but it froze and wouldn't take calls or let me call or text. The store had to give me a new one. The new phone did not work well. Some of the apps wouldn't pull up. That was corrected when I downloaded new software on it, which I shouldn't have to do with a new phone. Lastly, I dropped the phone which I had a protecticve screen on it and the glass cracked. The store was not going to return it and I was going to have to pay an additional $89 to get it replaced, until I called the main number at Verizon and they are sending me a new one. I think I am going to trade it in. Too many issues.

Reviewed by jan ansari from scotland on 19th Feb 2010
its rubbish the blutooth is rubish and the camra is as well it is not very user freindly the screen cracked while i had it your better of with a orange vegas to be honest and the keypad broke in the middlebatery lasts less than 6 hours even with all features switched off. dont buy it its rubbish

Reviewed by Yot Y from England on 18th Feb 2010
i came across this phone and i have to say it is way better then the iPhone.

Reviewed by tom from uk london on 12th Feb 2010
well well I am impressed I baught this phone about a day ago as I walked passed the 02 store there it was looking at me I had to have it soo I did same contract as my I phone 3gs soo more than happy to be honest I don't really use the I phone anymore except for the I pod function this phone has completly changed my view of the I phone the only thing I'm finding odd though is the fact that when you tap on a search box like on google there is no on screen keypad is that normal or is it just my pre I don't even care the qwerty keypad is excellent any ways I rate this phone 10/10 stars amazing bit of kit

Reviewed by Drew from UK on 10th Feb 2010
I spent several days reading reviews of this phone (some good, some bad) before eventually opting for it as a replacement to my iPhone 3GS. This phone is quite simply awesome, the size and shape of the handest is perfect and very comfortable to hold and put in your pocket. I have read many reviews reporting a poor build quality which I totally disagree with - there are no issues in that department as far as i am concerned, also, there have been some comments regarding the size of the keypad, again, I dont see this, OK, so it may take a little getting used to, but after a sending a couple of texts you are more than familiar with it and writing out texts error free. The Web OS is a joy to use, very user friendly, it does everything so well - its as good as it gets for me, 5 out of 5

Reviewed by bongo from uk on 6th Feb 2010
This phone is a joy to use, really superb screen and operating system is fantastic. Yes it is different and takes a day or two to get used to, but it's worth it. The screen is pin sharp and I find the camera really really good. It takes sharp clear pictures in most situations. The latest update is free and wireless from Palm (ie the phone will auto update to the latest software automatically...COOL !). I cannot see the problem with the slide out keyboard being flimsy, I just dont see it..it works just fine, overall the build quality is excellent. The keyboard is not a problem either and I have fat thumbs..again, it takes a very short while to get the hang of it...then you're away !. Overall I love this phone, I enjoy using it....the internet is great, you can pinch the screen to zoom etc, really nice operating system...and the apparently you cant forward on text messages ? Wrong ! you can on mine...just tap the text you received and a small mini menu comes up with 'delete' an d 'forward' options on it. There is one fly in the ointment, the battery life is poor and needs charging daily...but already there are a number of aftermarket batteries the are double the capacity, for about £20, so problem solved. Give this phone a try, for a day if you can and you will love it....Ima not going to end by slagging off the Iphone, because the iphone IS a good phone and is very popular for good reason...but this is a match for it in mmy opinion...and its that little bit different..Iam looking forward to some good apps to come. Hoipe this review helps you decide...but I love it, its superb.

Reviewed by JL from UK on 30th Jan 2010
I LOVE MY PALM PRE! I did a lot of reading around which 'smart phone' to go for as I didn't want to be an iphone sheep and get one cos everyone else had, so I opted for the pre. I'm glad I did. As the review rightly says the first of anything is bound to have teething troubles and, with the limited number of apps and other issues this was the case. But with the advantage of the ongoing development, open source software and and over the air updates to the OS issues are readily identified and seem to be addressed when you look at the Palm support forums. The phone does take a while to start up, hardly an age, but then if you don't let the battery run out this shouldn't be an issue. Along with the recent update adjusting the network settings also improves battery life e.g. turn off 3g when reception is poor. I was concerned about the small keyboard but again this is something I have grown accustomed to and I too also find my messages are longer and less abbreviated. No more nasty predictive text! The screen is clear, operating system responsive and touch sensitivity spot on. It took a while to work out the contacts as my contacts from Gmail and my SIM were imported but with synergy you create contact profiles and group them all together. I'm looking forward to the coming Adobe Flash Player due out soon, making BBC iPlayer and all the other site that use Flash accessible from the Pre. This will be the cherry on the cherry on the cherry of a very very nice cake for me! If you're considering a Palm Pre try one out in the local O2 store first, I did and was hooked.

Reviewed by RC from UK on 21st Jan 2010
I had this phone for 24 hours before returning it. It takes an age to start up and the battery lasts less than 6 hours even with all features switched off. Nice idea, but doens't work in practice.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 19th Jan 2010
It's a great phone, not without flaws, but I love using this. I use it for business and social purposes - the internet browsing is outstanding and set to get better once they release Flash onto the phone. The phone will also have video player capability from February and slowly maturing app catalog access from March. They have also made improvements to the way the system works so it doesn't run down the battery so fast. The keyboard is tiny but you get used to it fast and I type far longer messages now than I used to, so not losing patience with it. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but I think it has good BB/iPhone crossover appeal. It looks good too.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 18th Jan 2010
My Palm Pre only lasted 24 hours before I decided to return it, and in that 24 hours, I had nothing but issues with it. Even though its advertised to sync with Gmail, they fail to mention that you are limited in how much can be sync'd, and if you use labels in your email, it will fail to sync anything that comes in after that. The keyboard is far too small for anyone bar a child (though even my 6 year old struggled with it), and it feels flimsy when you have the keyboard out. The camera produces very grainy images, even in good light. Apps were very limited (I knew this prior to purchase, but I was suprised as to actually how limited they are). There are also issues with the clock (have a search on google), and I was forced to reset it every an hour as it was at least 5 mins out each time, which makes the phone nearly unusable. The phone takes over a minute to start up and shut down, and battery was also incredibly poor, and lost 25% battery power even when the phone was switched off. If you are wanting a smart phone, go for an iPhone. If you are wanting an email phone, go for a blackberry. The palm pre does not seem to know what it wants to be, so fails miserably at doing either.

Reviewed by Nathan from Peaks on 17th Dec 2009
iv had the iphone 3gs for just over a year now, and tried this a week back and loved it! Its a bb and ifone in one! 5/5!!

Reviewed by Catrin Frame from Wales !!! on 30th Nov 2009
I think this phone is great if you are looking for a nice touchscreen phone but you still want your little slide up style, and it has a very tiny QWERTY keyboard when you slide it up. Its great for multi-tasking and internet. When your on the phone to someone it curves around your face which makes it one of the most comfy phones to ring people on. If you want an amazing camera, this ISN'T the phone for you. I was going to get it but i looked at a couple of reviews and it stated that it has no flash (not to bad) but if your like me, and love your different colours and so on, it doesn't have the option for black and white, sepia, negative, etc. It also has no video recording or voice recording. Palm have made this phone very shiny, small and cute, but it is only made from plastic. It doesn't have the quality i'd want. I recommend this phone to people who aren't too fussed on the camera, voice recording or the plastic cover. The packaging is very eco-friendly, and by that i mean its small packaging. it has exactly the same things as normal phones, but other phones waste space. I like the eco-friendlt packaging. The phone also has an easy and responsive touch screen. It has a touch screen, as good as the iPhone ! Isn't that great? :D hope i helped.

Reviewed by jonny from england on 29th Nov 2009
On top ten phones this is meant to be the best phone on there so are you sure you've got the palm pre or the palm 5. If you've got the right phone check again . It's meant to be the best!!!

Reviewed by Grant from England on 29th Nov 2009
Cute phone. But that only last for a gimmicky few hours. Battery is more than terrible and App are limited in number and basic in use. I'm stuck with this phone for 24 month. That is hell!

Reviewed by Dave Gregory from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
This is one sweet little phone. Had it for about a week now and must say I'm enamoured. It ain't the most feature-rich phone on the planet right now, nor is it brimming with apps, but there's time a-plenty for all that. But what it does, it does very well, very prettily and with the quiet assurance of quality. The big issue I agonised over before jumping in with the Pre over the iPhone was the teeny keyboard... And.... Well, it's actually fine! I'm a big fella with big hands, but I find that typing on the Pre is fast and accurate... I can whizz round the clever little keyboard faster even than I could on my old predictive text Nokia... And the issue of it missing predictive text: who needs it when you have QWERTY? You don't use it on your computer, do you? Other things: music is good, if basic; SMS is efficient and now fully-featured; web is fine, but sorely needs Flash; calender, contacts, email - all tasty and slick. Nah - never mind the naysayers, this is a funky little phone - gets my vote!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
I upgraded from an O2 xda which was fine but a little dated. Suffice to say it was a joy compared to the Palm. It looks cool and once I got used to it the keyboard was fine but it just has too many niggly things that should have been thought through better before launching. The battery life is hopeless for anyone who wants to use this as a business phone, it needs charging twice a day. I finally gave up after 10 days and returned to O2. Sadly I think its going to be an iphone for me, and I was so hoping the Palm would be a keen competitor

Reviewed by Mickfb from England on 21st Nov 2009
I have had my pre for 3 weeks now. I had to change it once for another one because of weak signal. This one is fine and I live in an low signal area. It took me a good week to get use to it, this is only because the system is so different to the Nokias I have used I.e. N95 8gb. The pre system is a joy to use easy to use no trouble finding what you are looking for unlike symbian 60. The screen may not be as big as the iphone but it is bright and clear to use. Yes the keyboard is a little small but I have no problem with it. I am writing this review with it. The up side of this is that the phone is pocket friendly. The battery last a day with email and web use. You can't tell me the iphone last any longer, my touch does'nt. The browser is a joy to use. Stick with the the phone you will love it. It do'es have some sort comings but they should improve over time with updates.

Reviewed by james from uk on 19th Nov 2009
got one, it didn't work. Got another worked ok. keyboard terrible. Screen accuracy very poor. worse thing was battery life or should i say lack of it. sent it back now deciding wot to go for instead. avoid this phone !!!!

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 16th Nov 2009
The more I use it the more I hate it. I just think this one should be left to the techno geeks. I spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to copy and paste music over to the Pre using the USB. Depsite numerous tries and tagging albums and songs the only album work that seemed to get carried over were attached to that music i'd actually downloaded, very poor when I have a large amount on CD's. It did actually carry over the album work and out it in my Photo's file, 4 copies, which I then had to individually delete. Nothing about the phone seems to be easy, everything you look up on the net seems to involve a further download or an adjustment of settings. There really is a limite number of apps for the Non US market, for all the hype it really isn't that great.

Reviewed by John Freeland from England on 14th Nov 2009
I was advised by o2 to upgrade from my HTC S710, which was still perfectly good after 2 years but battery gone and felt the need for 'new' technology. What a mistake!! QUERTY keyboard unusable for all but those with tiny fingers. No predictive text - no voice tags for contacts, making hands-free outgoing calls impossible. Touch screen very hit & miss. Dreadful user guide. Charge port has very flimsy and hard to open flap. AVOID THIS HANDSET AT ALL COSTS. Seriously thinking of buying a new battery for my old HTC.

Reviewed by vwman from UK on 11th Nov 2009
I've had TWO of these in the last week what a nightmare, they would not work they froze up even the rep in the shop could'nt get them to work only my opinion but leave them well alone

Reviewed by joe gellenbeck from us on 7th Nov 2009
this phone does alot but it can strech your patience pretty thin.Going from letters to numbers is a PAIN.The letters and numbers are way to small.The lack of instructions on how to work the phone leaves you guessing alot and useing trial and error.I love what i can do with it but hate what it takes to get it done.

Reviewed by Mimz from america on 6th Nov 2009
It is a nice phone although it lacks space for music.

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 4th Nov 2009
The Good: A great looking phone with an outstanding touch screen. Easy to set up. Quick internet access and GPS. Huge internal memory although a card slot would be a useful addition . The Bad: Applications are very limited, but no doubt this will improve with time. Palm really need to look at the free demos of games such as Connect 4. Users get a miserly 30 seconds to try the game before it stops. Why bother? Currently the full version isnít available to purchase. Basic SMS facility. No group texting or forwarding for instance. Limited options in respect of SMS alerts. I wasnít able to get the Palm Synergy software to install so cant comment on the sync facilities. The keyboard is very small and mistakes in typing were common. I can accept that was down to my poor texting skills however placing the cursor to make corrections was very fiddly and ultimately extremely frustrating. I did find the keyboard very creaky with a little too much flexing in the body of the Pre. I had more dropped calls than normal and found the reception a little marginal at times. The Very Very Ugly. Battery life is abysmal - rarely more than 24hrs. I got reacquainted with a pay phone yesterday for the first time in several years! Redialed calls made to ďmissed callsĒ from the notification area canít be cancelled as the screen goes blank. Pressing the power button doesnít work either. Very frustrating, particularly as I didnít intend to make the return calls on most occasions. This phone shows promise , but I think it is far from the finished article. Iíve returned mine and will go down the Blackberry route instead. It was worth a try , but I couldnít recommend the Pre yet.

Reviewed by ED FOUNTAIN from UK on 4th Nov 2009
I Got my first Palm Pre last monday, 2 faults, faulty screen and light shining through the casing on the upper left front cover. O2 replaced the handset on the door step the very next day, faulty again, black mark under the screen and flashed on and off, everytime I made a call, once again O2 replaced the handset on the door step next day. So am I happy with it, not as good as the Iphone I had before, in respect of build quality and the buttons are too small I keep having to go back and check the spelling and have sometimes hit the send button befor I have finished typing, also the lack of copy paste for texts and no predictive text let it down Otherwise very happy love the features

Reviewed by Ben M from UK on 29th Oct 2009
I really do rate this phone. It is really cool and fun to use. However like the last review it takes a while to get used to. The battery life isnt the best. It doesnt even last a whole day without needing charging.

Reviewed by francois moochos from scotland on 29th Oct 2009
think of a jigsaw puzzle with 2000pcs. the age group would be 12+. think of a jigsaw with 100pcs the age group would be 5+. i went from the blackberry pearl 8120 o the palm pre and unfortunatly its in the 5+ catagory. I sent mine back after 10 days. like many I waited months for it to come out as I thought it would be equal to the iphone and for me, having an actual keyboard would split the 2. How dissapointed I became when I spent most of my time correcting spelling mistakes because the buttons are just so small. Don't get me wrong in terms of multi tasking it's better than the iphone. However, don't make the mistake of running google searches comparing the pre with iphone. Especially if you've had a blackberry because the blackberry can multi task also. The hardware is poor also and run you tube clips to understand what I mean. The screen wobblingis unerving for 10 days into a 18 month contract. My 6 year old daughter loved it but she doesn't pay for it so it went back. My advice go to an o2 store and try before you buy. ps luxuries like text forwarding and changing of sms tones don't exist on this phone.

Reviewed by Tony J from UK on 28th Oct 2009
first use of the palm pre has been a little clumsy to be fair, a great looking phone with lots of additional expected features but not 100% sure this is the finished article yet, lots of promise from palm about upgrades and new apps etc so will reserve judgement for now. Very easy to set up email with corp. MS Exchange account, calendar & contacts a bit of a problem though and still not synching despite recent upgrade, be prepared to do a little digging around from user forums and community sites to find out how to use your palm, really lacking in user guides. Accessing the interweb was really simple and at a decent speed, lots of cool features that make playing with the web fun again Using apps can really eat into battery life and be prepared to pay additional money for the touchstone charger, which is un ashamedly cool. Overall I would recommend the phone to a friend

Reviewed by Javid Hafeji from UK on 24th Oct 2009
Phone is brilliant

Reviewed by James Webb from UK on 19th Oct 2009
The Palm Pre is simply amazing. I have been waiting with baited breath since it's announcement back in January 2009, and it has been worth the wait, I can't believe it has finally arrived. The thing that caught me be surprise was how small the Pre is, it's smaller then I thought and from a front on view it make ths iphone look like a brick! The build quality is very good in my opinion, I have no concerns with the slide screen (I have seen worse but not seen much better!) I love everything about this phone, the screen is brilliant, crisp clear, easy to use and to navigate round. The keyboard is small but not unusable and doesn't take long to get use it, typing emails isn't a chore and I have a lot less miss types on the Pre then phones with soft keyboards. WebOS is the cherry on the cake, it is fantastic. Setting up email is as easy as putting in your email address and password and you are done, linking contacts from other sources is easy thanks to Synergy. Currently syncing with Google Calender isn't happening but an update from Palm will sort that (US had similar trouble early on!) The App Store is limited at the moment to only free stuff but again an update from Palm to enable paid for apps will open the gates to lots more brilliant apps, just need those programmers programming!! Anything bad to say...?...not really, there is 1 thing that would make the Pre even more perfect and that is removable storage (micro SD card or something) I've had the Pre since Friday 16th Oct and still lovin' it! 5 stars from me and well done Palm.

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