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OVO Energy

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Date: January 2016

OVO Energy is an independent UK gas and electricity supplier with UK-based customer services. 33% of OVO's electricity comes from renewable sources, or you can opt for a 100% renewable tariff. Smart meters, an OVO app and online account management make it easy to manage your energy.


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OVO Energy user reviews

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Average rating from 4 reviews:

Reviewed by Chris from Uk on 5th Aug 2017
Been with ovo for 3 years had no problems, most of my family are with ovo as well and also had no problems with the service.

Transferred my old Nan to ovo she now saves £37 a month she was with eon - can't fault the service brilliant.

Reviewed by Sarah from Yorkshire on 3rd May 2017
This is a warning for all those who want to use Ovo to budget and not over-spend. This month I was contacted by Ovo to say that, unbeknown to me, 301 days ago there had been an ‘erroneous transfer’ of my account, and that for the past 10 months, Ovo had not been providing my gas. I had no way of knowing this, my gas supply was continuous, I was topping up on my app as normal, the homepage of my app said “your gas and electricity balance is...”. But apparently British Gas were supplying my gas, and it took Ovo 10 months to figure that out. So, yesterday I received an email saying they had “corrected the erroneous transfer” (again, which I had been totally unaware of) and that now I had a bill to pay of £220 to cover my 10 months of gas!! They said they would take a payment of £1 per day (which of course is an extra £30 a month on top of my usual payments), which may not sound much to some but to me it is! So either Ovo or British Gas made a mistake in erroneously transferring my account, and now I have a large bill to pay because of it! Surely having a pay-as-you-go account is so that you can keep track of your spending? But what if you can’t trust what your balance says, and what if you get a surprise bill 10 months later? The whole point of me being on Ovo is so that I can use their app and manage my money, but now I’m finding myself with huge extra costs each month until their mistake is paid off.

Reply by G from UK on 5th Mar 2018
Thank you so much.
I heard a story where someone was using these but they had submitted the wrong postcode, so someone eles's house got switched over by mistake!
You think they would have to get your signature before they can do things like this but apparently not!!!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 17th Oct 2016
I've tried all the big six companies, which are all a rip off! Transferred over to OVO about 4 years ago brilliant cheaper. Just give my meter readings on-line every month that's it! I have also recommended other family members who also agree with me.

Reply by tom from uk on 30th Nov 2016
Been using ovo myself for over 2years and ihave nothing but praise for this company, the smart meters keep my bills so acurate and i can log in to see what i am using.

Reviewed by Jacqui from UK on 9th Mar 2016
I have had non stop problems with OVO. It all started to go wrong when they helped themselves to a 684 direct debit even though I did not owe them any money.

They are now trying to charge me 150 for court fees even though they did not go through the process. I contacted the courts and they have no records of OVO applying for a warrant.

Their customer service is non existent, their staff are arrogant bullish rude and threatening.

If you have not switched to them then you should not bother. You would be better off banging your head against a wall. It is the worst experience I have ever had with an energy supplier. It is an absolute nightmare.

Think three times before switching to them.


OVO Energy website

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