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Last updated October 2013

Orange is one of the "big 4" mobile networks in the UK, and is owned by the same company that owns T-Mobile.

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In 2010, Orange became part of Everything Everywhere Limited - the company formed through the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK's biggest communications company. In addition to its mobile phone network, Orange also offers mobile broadband.

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Orange user reviews

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Average rating from 523 reviews:

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 29th Dec 2014
Ridiculous prices. Terrible coverage. Complete lack of customer service. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by Deval Majithia from UK on 21st Jul 2014
I moved to Orange recently, biggest mistake of my life. For the 3rd time in a month, I've had no network signal at home so cannot make or receive calls. Calling Orange customer services is a nightmare as they cut you off after you've been put on hold for at least 45 mins, & then nobody has the decency to call you back, even though I gave them my landline. The last time they said the mast in Harrow was down & it could take 2 weeks to repair!! For a big company like Orange (EE) this is appalling. Piece of advice to anyone thinking of moving to Orange......DON'T!! Worst company ever.

Reviewed by Mike H from UK on 14th May 2014
Been with Orange always. Reviewed my sim only contract from 15 to 10 per month a few weeks ago, gave up 100 minutes for doing that but it was worth it to keep costs down and there are plenty of other deals around for the same price. However they have started charging me for calling voice mail, something they have never done and this added 10 to my bill. Apparently they can't do anything about it, even when I asked for the PAC code to move to TESCO. What a weird company.

Reviewed by natasha from cardiff on 25th Jan 2014
Im so frustrated with the amount of money that has been swindled from my dolphin pyg pack and my husbands canary.ouragous. Does this ompny hVe o scruples. Put ten pound in mondAy left with 4.50 on tuesday after 1text. It seems i cant leave company even though i ownmy owngalaxy ace2 .numerous occasions ihave been robbed. InvaluBle info u say well not much is bding done is it. Scandalous

Reviewed by Al123 from Uk on 15th Dec 2013
I ordered a new phone with a orange sim card and they normally say it takes up to 24 hours for your sim card to be activated but for me it had been over 5 days so every time i rang them up i would get different information and everyone would tell me something different. orange costumer service is not helpful at all.

Reviewed by Tim Gilbert from UK on 19th Oct 2013
Things were ok after switching from Voda until start of summer. Suddenly experienced no signal in certain places including my workplace which had been fine. Been to phones4u, orange and EE stores yo complain, was told it was temporary, then tried sorting the phone with various resets. No different. Was told to write to Orange who had yo respond within 5 days. 10 days later I get an abrupt and unsympathetic woman on the line who says I have never complained of poor signal before (this is 4 months after ininitial complaint). Puts me through to a technician who tries one thing, doesn't work. "We could send you a booster, but we don't do it with businesses, as you're issue is at work, I'll have to speak to the boss. I'll call you back". Two weeks later, I've heard nothing and in the same situation. Absolute joke. Worst provider I've ever been with.

Reviewed by J Ewing from UK on 14th Oct 2013
I have recently not been able to access my phone'error with network' comes up. I send texts, these are sent then I get a message to say ' message failed' so i don't know who has and who hasn't received my texts. Orange customer service useless- say that there are problems with signals around major towns. Why don't they warn their customers instead of taking money? I am a pay as you go customer.
As soon as I use up my credit I shall find another provider.

Reviewed by Jeff Ligo from UK on 10th Sep 2013
I have been with Orange since December last year. Unable to login to my account. Help lines useless long delays and when you get through their messages the person lies to you. I have been told 3 times problem would be fixed in 2 days. Now 9 months. Could not find an email or postal address to write to on their website. Eventually got through to their correspondence address. No joy still not fixed (9 months now). Complained to CISAS and asked for 100 compensation. Orange paid up but CISAS said their was nothing wrong with their website, their 150 service and felt it was OK for Orange to claim they ere "totally committed to excellent customer care".

I suggest anyone who is unable to login to their account writes to Orange 'correspondence@ee.co.uk' and asks for 100.

Reviewed by really fedup from UK on 13th Jun 2013
SO no signal for days or dropping in and out phone customer services from land line {no signal again} 30p a min cant hear as call quality poor after 20 mins put thru to Technical even worse quality after 10 mins give up. they ring back suggest i change provider hang up and text my code. Great to feel so wanted after 10years.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 5th Jun 2013
Before I went on my year abroad, I rang orange and asked them to suspend my contract so then I wouldn't have to worry about paying my bill each month. They said they would arrange this and not to worry. Find out a month later when my bill is due that they haven't done this and I ring them again, same result. After 3 more tries and the same information I've given up. Would suggest avoiding Orange all together.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 18th May 2013
Orange has a poorly maintained network with poor signal coverage for voice calls across quite a few areas in the midlands UK. Also issues with overloaded network dropping calls. Poor value for money and lack of flexibility in contract packages. Customer service is very poor and very time consuming with problems rarely resolved. They do not offer an acceptable service but then neither do most of the other mobile phone operators.

Reviewed by Thom from UK on 18th May 2013
The prices of Orange are certainly not competitive, they charge ten times more than some of the competitors for minutes and for internet. So you would expect at least decent service, but that is not the case. For 6 weeks now I am trying to get an answer to a simple question, but promised call backs never happen, there is no email support, and even letters remain unanswered. I tried to complain to the executive office, but they say I have to escalate according to their plan. So again I call customer service and ask to speak to a manager - but the manager is "busy". What a Kafkaesque charade of "customer service". If things go fine, good for you, but if not, consider yourself warned.

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 24th Feb 2013
Well-meaning but next-to-hopeless customer service operatives from the subcontinent, a website that is slow and often down for maintenance, increasing fixed contract prices halfway through the contract and notifying customers via a take-it-or-leave-it text ....... just 3 reasons why the future is definitely NOT Orange.

Reviewed by Antichrist from England on 23rd Jan 2013
Been with them for about 5 years now, no real problems, the odd rare dropped call

Reviewed by roy from UK on 23rd Jan 2013
is there a simple way of topping up my phone on line,it would be quicker going town to top-up

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 21st Jan 2013
Spent hours and hours complaining about no signal in Plympton Plymouth for past 3 months. Get nowt but empty promises. Im stopping my direct debit till they sort it.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 2nd Dec 2012
Been an orange customer for nearly 2 years now and they have been great! Even when I lost my phone, they quickly sorted out my contract and fixed my problems. However some of their prices for contracts seem more expensive compared to other networks like O2 and tmobile

Reviewed by Jack from United Kingdom on 11th Nov 2012
I have been with orange for 2 years and I have had some problems dropped calls one or twice and when I went to fort William I had no signal but that was becouse it's right next to Ben Nevis the highest point in uk but over all there a good service

Reviewed by Iz from UK on 14th Oct 2012
Been with orange for a long time now and changed to a SIM only offer about a yr and a half ago. i was given a pretty good deal with some extra bundles which the sales person "forgot" to mention only lasted 18 months. So 18 months later, I get a bill which is much more than what I usually pay. I compare my last bill to my recent bill and find out about this '18 month' time frame and get infuriated! I wouldn't have minded if the sales person would have just told me this but now I have to pay 20 more this month just because he "forgot" to tell me about this!!!

Reviewed by carl from UK on 1st Oct 2012
Glad to be rid of them after 2 years (see other reviews) never trust them always keep a eye on your bills and watch your data

Reviewed by Val from UK on 22nd Sep 2012
I have been with orange many years and always had good service, but for the last year I have had very poor customer service also problems with phone (Orange network problem) which is still not sorted trying to communicate with them now is very hard work. I do not believe in paying for a service I do not get. I will be leaving orange as soon as contract ends. Their company is now a very bad mobile operator to be with. What happened to them?

Reviewed by j green from u.k on 17th Sep 2012
I have no orange signal on my phone and I am regularly registered with T-moble.I decided to buy a T-mobile phone but orange do not want to give a migration number from a service that they do not provide. Greenie

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 2nd Sep 2012
Orange customer service is appalling as many other people have said, I have been trying to sort out a problem with billing errors on a PAYG Canary contract and it's just not possible to sort it. I have been basically told through "live chat" that there are no errors so I can't dispute it! The whole attitude is that you, as the paying customer are either wrong, stupid, lying or any two or three of the above. The service on mobile is very patchy with many areas in the South West having little or no signal. Home phone and broadband are OK as long as you don't have questions or billing queries. I have found over the years that mobile phone companies are the last bastion of terrible customer service and incomprehensible billing but Orange are the worst of all. My advice, especially if you live in a poor reception area like I do, another provider could hardly be worse.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 26th Aug 2012
I have had numerous problems with poor signal in certain areas with my iphone and with some of the applications not working, even at weekends. I have phoned Orange to get the problems sorted out and they are still on going. I also found that my account had been cancelled and then reinstated. Just over a month to go and i can go elsewhere. Orange are hopeless.

Reviewed by Laura friery from UK on 18th Aug 2012
Absolutely love orange been a customer with them for 7 years never had any problems and just recently taken out home broadband and its great no problems with that either would highly reccommend them

Reviewed by Ciaran from Diamond on 26th Jul 2012
I booked extra internet access with Orange before I went to Spain. When I got there I got a not an authentication error every time I tried to access the web . The Orange help line was of no assistance . When I returned home I phoned Orange customer service who told me someone from complaints wouls phone within a few days. When this did not happen I wrote to Orange and still I have heard nothing . This ahs benn ongoing for amonth.

Reviewed by enric from UK on 12th Jul 2012
I love BillMonitor which checks your usage against your current plan and shows you where you are wasting money and tell you the best contract...

Reviewed by Jean from England on 28th Jun 2012
My husband and I have oldish Samsung phones on pay as you go with orange. Both phones have started to power down for no reason. Samsung told me to insert new sim cards. I have done this but the same thing is happening. Apparently there is a problem with older Samung phones and orange sim cards. Both companies are investigating. This has been ongoing for five days. Planning to buy new phones - not Samsung and not orange.

Reviewed by Stuart Diane and Nick. from U.K. on 27th Jun 2012
I have been with Orange 12+ years and generally found them very good and able to sort things out, however I am changing my mind. I now have one of those wonderful when it works Nokia N8's. First I made the mistake of upgrading at phones4u, the salesman in the shop never told me the unmarked phone I now had would be considered unacceptable to my Orange Insurance, had terrible problems setting it up, eventually a GREAT and FRIENDLY chap from Everything Everywhere sorted it in a very long call. It has gone wrong many times, phones4u not at all helpful and has now been back to a Nokia Shop several times as problems that bad, then a lady at Orange sold me a new plan that does not function correctly on a N8, tried to talk to them, got nowhere, sent e-mails that never get answered,so now stuck to end of contract, I think our 3 mobiles will go to another network in the near future after as I say 12+ years with Orange who seem now not to have any care for you once they sell you something.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 18th Jun 2012
The customer service at Orange is by far the worst network it exceeds any other customer service dept that I have ever spoken to. The staff are rude and ignorant and poorly trained. Having been convinced to switch our landline and broadband to them with the promise of vouchers we are now over 120 days into our contract and still without the vouchers. When I tried to chase it up we were repeatly told to go through a website still not hearing anything over a month later, we were finally told that basically we were not going to get them. I thanked them kindly and cancelled the contract. Don't be conned by them they are a shoddy company who couldn't give a toss about their customers.

Reviewed by melissa from UK on 9th Jun 2012
I got a LG phone 4 my Christmas but coz I opend it early and it was faulty they couldent take it bk I have Bern in the shop 25 times and no replacement phone yet

Reviewed by ali from uk on 7th Jun 2012
Having been with three, vodafone, t-mobile, I decided to take a contract with orange during december 2011, through dialaphone.
What a mistake, they have changed twice my price plan with no consent of mine, altogheter I must have spent at least 24h on the phone with the inneficient customer services depot. In short please stay away from them, they are terrible...useless

Reviewed by Drew from UK on 30th Apr 2012
No signal at busy times at St Pancras station in London. This problem has been happening at exactly the same area over the same time period (approx 6pm -7:30pm) for several months. Orange refused to accept that this means that their towers are full (as phone does get signal in the same area at all other times). Instead attempted to make me switch phone settings back and forth. After being told to switch back to setting previously been told was causing the problem tried to cancel and was put through to retentions which was an endless repetitive cycle of attempts to encourage / coerce me to remain with them. After 40 mins of frustration hung up and wrote this review. Don't make the same mistake as me.

Reviewed by John from UK on 15th Apr 2012
Customer service is extremely poor. Signal is patchy to say the least. I have used all of the major network providers and in my opinion Orange is the worst one in the market place.

Reviewed by Lee S from Wales on 13th Apr 2012
Poor signal where I live and where I work, although in city centers it's been good.
Main reason for the 1 star review is the pathetic attempt at a "customer service" orange have. 9 times out of 10 the custoemr service agent dealing with any call/complaint just give you generic and bog-standard answers without even looking into your personal situation - this also goes for their broadband.

Reviewed by Concordia from UK on 7th Apr 2012
The worst experience we have ever had.bought 30 days sim only contact. After constant overcharging canceled it, in short while received a treating letter from the 3rd party,regarding that we owed to Orange money for the 18 month contract with the free phone! Were trying to sort it out with the orange customers service, they said us that we are not on their system anymore, so they didn't have a clue know how the canceled 15 pounds sim only turned to the 250 bill. The guys from 3rd party called us "****** foreigners, who are getting free phones and making hassle". Unfortunately, they didn't know either, what that 250 was for, but promised to come and start throwing furniture from our windows. It took us 2 more weeks, lots of energy, money and worries to get it sorted. So, especially if you just came to the uk, be aware of Orange! I think they have some kind of data base of whom just came and can't stand up for themselves.and the general advice is NEVER USE ORANGE!

Reviewed by Terence Burke from England on 2nd Apr 2012
I have been with Orange for years on pay as you go but my wife who has a contract with Orange, has not been able to call me for just over a year (I dont even get a missed call signal) the Orange staff told us it was our post code (rubbish) she cant call me in any location. The other problem I am having is that even though I very rarely use my phone my credit keeps going down; last month I put 20 on & it went to 85p after 6 weeks even though I had only made 10 calls! & my call duration is usually around 30 seconds, if I am on for more than a minute it would be a personal world record.

Reviewed by Mainecoon from United Kingdom on 25th Mar 2012
Have had orange mobile for many years without too many problems!However this month got bill and charged for call never made for 30!Orange said phone USA as they couldnt help!I was at work at the time so couldnt have made this call!Am most unimpressed so am going to change provider at earliest opportunity!So much for loyalty!

Reviewed by gaz from UK on 15th Mar 2012
had orange home broadband and phone etc bad service as thay flob you off got cut off 3 times in a week bad service and woulnt advise my worst enemy to join them for home broadband and home phone 1 out of 10

Reviewed by liam from UK on 29th Feb 2012
i purchased a blackberry mobile phone in an orange shop. i was entitled to a discount on the tariff they were offering, so therefore i picked up the phone in the knowledge that my tariff would be 18.75 a month, rather than 25.00. i then noticed after a couple months, they were charging me 25.00 and not 18.75. naturally i went to the same phone shop, and spoke to a member of staff. he firstly was co-operative but there was no apology. he said he had sorted it, and explained he would call me to confirm that the discount had now been applied. shock horror there was no phone call, and the next month still no discount. leaving me feeling rather hacked off, i again returned to the orange shop, only to be turned away as i had no proof of my paperwork. which amazed me, why he couldn't have just taken my mobile number and name, i'm almost certain he could have done something. so i returned the third time to speak to another member of staff who reassured me it was sorted and the d iscount would be applied. guess what... that's right no apology, and yes, following month still no discount!!!! this was now the 5th month after getting the phone! so i phoned the shop and spoke to another member of staff, who again did not apologise!! i asked to speak to the manager. they replied no manager in today. what about a supervisor i asked, no she replied, there was no supervisor or manager in, this was a saturday by the way! well they have finally applied the discount, but they still haven't re-embersed me for the money they've overcharged in the 6 months!! for those thinking of buying from orange, think again, so awful customer service, and no apology! oh, and don't get me started on the handset blackberry!! terrible, just terrible!!

Reviewed by Paul from Wales on 15th Feb 2012
Been with Orange now for over 10 years tried Cellnet to start with so you can see how long ago that was. Cannot fault Orange one bit yes there have been the old dropped call and the odd day when there was no coverage but at those time customer support has been second to none. Recently upgraded phone again so with Orange for yet another 18 months of unrivaled quality.

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 10th Feb 2012
I had a orange dolphin package a few years ago it was suppose to be a good low cost way for me to manage my hectic lifestyle by always ensuring I had a phone with calling texting credit on it that wudnt make me broke. I kept well within in my limits and everthing was fine until one day I noticed they had put me on the wrong tariff they had put me on the racoon package despite me having paper documentation to the contarary. They apologised and said I they would change it but I would have to wait until the end of the contract. I flipped and said look it was your mistake I dont want it. they said they look into it. they rang back and said I could change it but it would take a month. Annoyed I agreed, they said I coud use my phone as if it were racoon but I would be charged as dolphin package. I did not trust them so I didnt use it like they said but kept to the dolphin package limits. Month goes by no phone call. another month goes by and I remember they still havent called back, yet i was still being billed for it. so I rang them they said it was all sorted. so I use dmy phone agaian. I cant remember all the ins and outs because it was so long ago but basically for a package that was suppose to be 10 or 15 a month what ever it was I ended up owing them nearly a 1000 in debt, which i couldnt afford and helped ruin my life, thanxs orange way to go. but looking back i should have sued them seeing as they put me on an unagreed contract, which I have proof of the doplhin package I should have been on but alas hard to prove what package their charges were reflecting as it was so long ago and the sim was made inactive. they are a terrible network and company. get a pay as u go is my advise. network i dont dont kno up the individual. i use vodafone myself they are ok customer service is okish but they dont have very good online customer service only over phone

Reviewed by Shree Rai from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Perhaps this is the worst mobile network in the UK. Its signal coverage was worst but now has been improved since it has joined with T mobile network. Some of my collegues still have it & I'v seen how frustrated they are with network.

Reviewed by Alyx from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Ridiculous will never recommend to anyone! They over charged me over a period of months and when i decided to leave they gave me bills that supposedly i has never paid the full amount, i asked for an itemised bill during the time i was waiting to recieve the bill, i recieved another bill telling me that i not paid and the bill had gone up. Now having trouble sorting this out! Total joke!

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Moved from Vodafone, BIG MISTAKE!! In every measurable way Orange is inferior. The signal is terrible wherever you go, and even when you can get signal the Internet is slow, and unreliable. I am not surprised that Orange is losing customers, given its shameful lack of useful customer services! and the idiots they have in their customer services centres, deserve an award of their own. oh and of course the increase in Monthly Charges, even when you are mid term! luckily I only have a few months to go, and have been able to prevent a few others making a big mistake!

Reviewed by Fruitini from UK on 1st Feb 2012
I can't rate the network as the service that was supposed to sell me my phone was so rubbish! Having been put off buying a handset in a orange shop by the gormless sales staff... I decided to try my luck online. I received receipt of my order and eagerly awaited the arrival of my phone. No phone but I did get a dodgy looking email with my name and the order reference incorrect informing me that the payment failed. I rang orange, gave them my details again... only to be called by my bank to check why 2 payments were being drawn out of my account!!! Anyway the result of the tussle between my bank and stupid orange has been that two weeks later I am still phoneless and orange hadn't even had the decency to call me to let me know what has happened to the order. Avoid them if you are looking for your next handset!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 21st Jan 2012
Moved to Orange having been with o2 for years. Big mistake! . I've had problems from day one with Orange. Connection didn't start on the day it should have & had to wait another 2 days. Phone became totally unresponsive on day 20 of having the phone. Although Orange confirmed there was a fault with the phone 3 days later they informed me they would only give me a refurbished phone and not a new one as I had had the phone more than14 days. However nowhere in writing or verbally was I advised that this was their policy. Customer services are patronising, unhelpful and in my experience their knowledge of phones is limited. Customer services and the shop staff give different advice. I would prefer to cancel my contract with Orange but they've told me I can't do that either. My advice is to keep well clear of Orange. Looking forward to going bak to O2 who have better customer services and their coverage is better too.

Reviewed by paul from UK on 19th Jan 2012
Orange - iphone 36 extra and 99.99 iphone 4s very good value for money for what i get, coverage absolutley spot on 3G 2.4mb download and 45mb upload, using speedtest for iphone, Orange Broadband 17.75 per month actual download 5.7mb download upload 0.36mb fantastic, i cant understand why there a so many bad comments, maybe just the general public want too much for nothing. coverage everywhere i have been fantastic, customer service also brilliant never had a problem abroad or an english call center everything i ask has been done immediatley never had to speak to anyone higher. The people who you speak to on the end of the phone are just doing there job, so lets not give them grief. NOTE 3 uk cheap prices phones and plans, they have been voted worst for customer service, had dealings with O2 and vodafone both poor coverage and signal, both of them have increased call charges a lot to compensate for the price index increase , Orange just increased line rental. so too all Orange customers please stop giving bad reviews its so easy to criticise and harder to praise, people below with nothing else to think about in life other than there phones behave and shut up.

Reply by Ripped off from UK on 14th Nov 2014
Orange are the worst lier's with the worst customer service STAY AWAY FROM THEM

Reviewed by Dave from Uk on 16th Jan 2012
Excellent coverage where ever I have been in Uk. Customer services have been very helpfull over the years I have been with Orange. I have been with most providers and in my opinion Orange are by far the best.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 13th Jan 2012
After I bought this phone on pay as you go with the monkey deal You get 400 free texts and 100mb of internet as of the second week They did not give me this and decided just to give me the credit 10p A text and 20p a call this has been happining ever since I have rang up but no one at the customer services was able to help so this is why I gave them a 1 star.

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 31st Dec 2011
I'm with Orange, but moving to O2 - only because Orange reception at home is poor. That's the only reason. I've been with Orange for years and it's a shame that I have to leave them - their customer service, in my experience, is brilliant. No problems with leaving the network; received a PAC code by text within 2 minutes of my request. No quibbles, no need to put anything in writing. Would never have considered leaving if it wasn't for the reception issues where I live.

Reviewed by Russell Bird from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
Had an Orange internet dongle on an 18 month contract, signal died 16 months in. Customer services useless, thankfully the contract ended shortly after so I switched to 3. Have been on Orange PAYG for many years now, would have to admit that their signal strength has never been an issue for me even when living in Snowdonia. They have pretty good price tariffs, I think I'm on Dolphin which works great for me. The only bugbear I have recently is that I bought a new PAYG phone using credit from my Orange phone fund. Yet again had to deal with their appauling customer services which reminded me just how bad they are! It's been 48 hours now and my phone is still showing INVALID SIM. Currently without a mobile phone and about to leave on a 150 mile journey up North this afternoon...lets hope I don't break down! Also Orange are very secretive about their free customer service numbers, most numbers they advertise start 07...which to me is another indication of the contempt they have towards their customers. I think they probably deserve 1 1/2* but as 1/2 doesn't exist I'm giving them 1 star.

Reviewed by douglas MacRae from UK on 18th Dec 2011
Orange is the number one for me

Reviewed by Kyle from UK on 15th Dec 2011
great service ,great deals ,great customer service a fantastic network!

Reviewed by upset electrician from UK on 14th Dec 2011
Been with orange on my latest contract for 17 months out of a 24 month one.Have had problems since the outset, customer services are really not bothered and constantly promise false resolutions or talk down to you like your lying "im sorry sir this cant possibly happen".I have been accused of lying on the phone which really gets my back up.The worst customer services i hve ever had the unluckly pleasure to contact, poor iphone internet mates iphone on vodaphone is rapid,dropping calls, slow message delivery.All the people i talk about orange say the same so be warned!!!!!

Reviewed by Mike Benn from UK on 12th Dec 2011
Bad reception almost everywhere on mobile..... Broadband speeds unbelievably slow. Can't wait for contract to end.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 11th Dec 2011
Phone delivered on Wednesday, phone wouldn't activate, tried on line did not recognise SIM. Contacted Orange on Thursday who told me to turn the phone off for 24 hours and it would be activated. Still not activated on Thursday. Phoned Orange on Friday got passed around various different departments, they still couldn't tell me what the problem was other than something to do with their system! Agreed to resolve the problem asap., however could take up to a week?? Phone still not working on Saturday. Contacted Orange today (Sunday) again was passed around various departments as no-one knew what the problem was. Eventually spoke to an operator who kept me on hold whilst she consulted with a manager. Told there was a delay on phone registrations and advised that my phone was in 'pending'. Informed that problem would be resolved today and to switch the phone on and off every hour. Currently still waiting ...... and if not resolved, phone goes back tomorrow, will never use Orange again. Considering my experience and other reviews their future does not look bright!

Reviewed by steve bull from UK on 10th Dec 2011
Orange would have had a 1 star rating had i not FINALLY spoken to a helpful, and easy to understand, representative. I have tried to set up and access my account on line and there's always a technical problem!? To top it all off the reception is quite poor when trying to use the internet. I had been with o2 for 6 years without a problem and i'm starting to wish i hadn't left.....

Reviewed by hameed from UK on 6th Dec 2011
good phone i like it

Reviewed by wendy from UK on 3rd Dec 2011
ORANGE charge 6p every time you connect to your home broadband. call orange you may say................they r not interested and try to sell another payg plan which would include 100mb broadband mmmmmmmmmmm dont think so

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 1st Dec 2011
I don't ever have much of a problem with orange and usually good on the phone when I have had to speak to them. Coverage is patchy but that's Cornwall for you. Coverage doesn't seem to be as good as o2 nor does their customer support. But happy to be switching between o2 and orange for the best deals. Would happily recommend orange to someone but still prefer o2.

Reviewed by mick holmes from UK on 30th Nov 2011
Rubbish reception,rubbish customer service.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 19th Nov 2011
gave orange my mac codes after a while still not on broadband had to phone up this was 2 weeks later found out the mac codes were wrong why dont they phone u and tell u this still no one has to this day rang back glad i did not go with orange

Reviewed by dave from UK on 16th Nov 2011
I would never recomend any one to ever go with orange signal is rubbish

Reviewed by Employee Orange from UK on 14th Nov 2011
I have been an Orange employee for over 10 years, it is sad to see so many customers that are unhappy with coverage, and CS in different call centers here and abroad, i have been in parts of the uk and have never had any problems coverage wise in large places ie London, edinburgh, glasgow, and many more, I have visited many towns in this time where customers live not to check coverage but holidays and day visits with the wife and friends coverage excellent. I live in a village that consists of only 14 houses coverage fantastic 3G signal the village is 20 miles from the nearest town in a valley in north yorkshire. I agree the signal should be shocking but is far from the truth. I know I work for the company however I have never had poor coverage, uk or worldwide. Watch out for roaming costs calls as well as data. Broadband is superb. Yes was realy bad in the begining but now again brilliant cheap calls was on bt far too expensive easy to get broadband service and pri cing or even to sign up call 150 options 1-4-1 we do it in our area so much quicker. When customers call to leave and says signal issues we know its an excuse cos your friends are with other operators. Finaly again I work for Orange i will only speak as i find.

Reviewed by Ron from UK on 11th Nov 2011
Cancelled my upgrade with Orange and sending the phone back ,cant get my pac code until they recieved the phone back ! Tried to explain my reason for ditching the contract to Orange everything everywhere customer retention eg call centre/customer service and the package they are offering me is a Free Phone , 15.50/month, 50mins calls ,unlimited texts and 250Mbits data and Tesco offering similar free phone ,10/month , 5000 texts and 500Mbits data .Said she would call me back with an offer and not a whisper after 4 hours ! They need to get their act together or they gonna be trounced at xmas by other vendors

Reviewed by LEE from UK on 10th Nov 2011
Orange, T-mobile and Virgin are all pretty much the same network. Poor coverage, poor value for money, terrible customer service, I sent my contract phone in the post to them and told them where to shove it. What good is an iPhone with no 3g!?? Signal is very unreliable. 3G and GPS is the worst I've experienced. O2 are clearly the market leaders for all the right reasons.

Reviewed by Ron from UK on 10th Nov 2011
Having a nightmare ,upgraded to new plan ,new phone broken had to send it back .Got a replacement and registered new sim via automated system , old sim dis-abled and new sim not activated (7 hours now ).Tried to phone Billing earlier to querey a bill and ended up talking asian/english and got no-where ,asked for uk call center and the call dropped . Phoned again and the they hung up on me under the pretence of putting me through to billing. Tomorrow going with Tesco (o2 network)as they have lots of awards for customer service and value for money .Future was bright but going rusty now .

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Nov 2011
Upgraded my phone via phone to their customer services. 2 weeks later, no phone, no answer as to why other then it may take 30 days from their cs agents! Well why was I told 2-4 days at upgrade? And why am I being billed for a new phone I don't even bloody have yet!! Not to mention that signal is appalling in some locations! Going to cancel my contract and go to 02! Worst customer service and just service in general that I have ever experienced!! Bunch of monkeys!

Reviewed by Taj from UK on 30th Oct 2011
"Best Mobile Operator" - yes maybe in 2006, anything more recent to sing praises about? Just joined orange- regretting it all ready. Has to be one of the most automated customer services ever; choose from the options that are totally unclear and then go around the houses until you are put in contact with a call center god know where. Might be cheap; but already thinking of leaving.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
No coverage in numerous locations on mainland uk. Unresponsive customer services, non uk call centre..........a truly rubbish company

Reviewed by Gina from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
I wouldnt even rate 1 for Orange they are the worst company to deal with, I have been overcharged so many times now, and now I went abroad and have been charged for calls which were unanswered by the person I was calling, I dont understand them, also set up and paid for making calls abroad but still being charged at normal rate then there are some random charges of 5 each not sure for what. Before I went abroad contacted Orange as previously when I went abroad my phone was not working so wanted to make sure it doesnt happen again, the customer service is so useless it is unbelievable, I just want to get out of this stupid contract. Internet doesnt work half the time, reception is really bad as well. O2 was much better.

Reviewed by Paul Y from UK on 5th Oct 2011
I have been with Orange for over 10 years now you can tell how long because I first took out a Cellnet phone but had to change to Orange because coverage was poor in my area. I have been more than happy with them up until about a year ago when my signal took a nosedive where I was getting full signal this has gone down to 2 or 3 bars and in some parts nothing it seemed to coinside with the link up to T Mobile. I don't get 3G in my area(NP13)but then living in Wales we don't expect it either they'll have it in Outer Mongolia before we get it here. About the same time I started getting dodgy text messages which I find are costing me 3.00 a time I have tried barring software complaining to Orange texting stop to the perpetrators logged with TPS but still get charged sometimes as much as 12.00 a month due for a change in Dec so might look elsewhere.

Reviewed by ... from UK on 2nd Oct 2011
ive been on orange for abou 3 years now. & all the phones ive had worked fine, i had a blackberry torch and in the first abou 2 months, i rung orange and they said it was a techinal fault, ive rung twice after in the last few months that to ask for help on my signal,BBM and internet and every time ive rung they've told me its a faulty phone and had to send me a new one, im paying 50 a month for a phone that i dont evan want anymore because of how slow it is and how low the battary goes soo quick.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 2nd Oct 2011
The best.

Reviewed by peanutty from UK on 2nd Oct 2011
just changed to orange from asda/vodafone because of cost, should have stayed, uk coverage is terrible, keep losing signal, binning monthly contract and going back to asda regardless of cost

Reviewed by Kernow from UK on 23rd Sep 2011
Poor Reception. Don't receive texts till hours later. When I top up, my phone fund seems to go down instead of up. Internet keeps dropping. Will have to unlock my mobile and look around for another provider. Did I mention very poor customer service. They can't understand the problem and have trouble speaking English. Left emails, called them. Telling me they will get back to me. But never happens. Luckily I am on PAYG, not like other members in my family who have a contract with them. And are forever complaining about service and coverage.

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 20th Sep 2011
Anyone praising Orange in these reviews obviously either works for Orange or is brain dead or most likely both. Seriously awful coverage almost anywhere. Ever find yourself as the only person in a group in a remote or even highly populated location with no reception? Well welcome to Orange! I constantly find myself to be the only one who cant make a call or receive a text on time in my office. Any company that ships it's customer service centre out to a 3rd world provider is obviously 'on the ropes' financially, greedy or hates they're customers or most likely all three. An orange traffic light signifies 'get set', well you might get set but you ain't going nowhere with Orange. Rubbish, pure and simple. My son was stuck in a torrential downpour last week, cold and wet with his friends and guess what he's was the only one that couldn't phone home, 'No Network Coverage' I want out of mine and my sons contract, I'm not prepared to keep forking out 70 a month for a virtual mobile phone provider!AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 15th Sep 2011
Rubbish network, even more shocking customer service, goodbye orange.....hello O2.

Reviewed by kelly from UK on 12th Sep 2011
Absolutely shocking customer service, ignore emails when you have a problem and don't call back, i'm off to o2.

Reviewed by l from UK on 11th Sep 2011

Reviewed by Kellow from UK on 9th Sep 2011
My recommendation is never ever go through Orange - customer service is just terrible. I have a 2 year contract with Orange and just over 6 months in to my contract my Motorola flipout phone is not working - it freezes and when you want to make a call it can take forever to get a line. In the words of Orange - not our problem speak to someone at Motorola - so they are happy to recommend this phone when they are just about to get my business but once something goes wrong with the phone they just don't want to know. So now I'm left with a further year and a half on my contract and no working phone - so Orange will keep taking their money and I'll have nothing out of this deal. Surely it's only right that you have a phone in working order for the length of your contract. By the way this is the second phone from orange that I've had a problem with - it doesn't matter that they don't make the phones, they should be aiming to help their customers for their own good na me not just turning their backs on you. NEVER EVER TAKE OUT A CONTRACT WITH ORANGE AS ONCE SOMETHING GOES WRONG YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN - I REALLY CAN'T SAY IT LOUDER THAN THAT.

Reviewed by Amira from UK on 6th Sep 2011
Orange is the best network i have ever been with and very cheap

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 6th Sep 2011
UPDATED from below (18/7/11). Well finally got some sort of result from Orange !! After more months of complaining Orange have credited ( not actually PAID money out ) the 99.99 to my contract account. This was after a Call centre Advisor said I was effectively lying about being given refund, i said in that case i will cancel contract and return handstand and cancel Direct Debit payments. He said i could not do that as outside of return period and breach of contract and Orange would take me to court. I said good as i could prove by credit card statements that refund had not been paid and bank would verify that was true and correct. I was then put on hold as he went to consult Line Manager/ Supervisor. Another person came onto the line and said as a gesture of *goodwill only* would credit account I said thank you and Good bye. May, June, July , August, now September .. fast, effecient service !!

Reviewed by dave from UK on 6th Sep 2011
Fine until you have a problem then they do nothing to help you, have had emails ignored and poor customer service and it's one of their own phones aswell, the san francisco, will never use orange again.

Reviewed by Douglas MacRae from UK on 4th Sep 2011
Orange is frist CLASS

Reviewed by Samiyah from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
poor signal, can't get it anywhere, the animal packages are okay but very limited. before the dolphin internet didn't have a 100MB limit and i was not made aware of, so i ran out of credit which annoyed me very much as it had only been 2 weeks or so and the customer service phone line were not very helpful about it

Reviewed by gary from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
they say you get to share t-mobile signal but as soon as you leave the e.u using there signal becomes impossible it would be easier to buy a sim card out there than have to wait till your in england to get your messages

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 28th Aug 2011
Poor customer service, phone developed a fault and took it to orange shop where it was bought and the "advisor" if you could call her that was not in the slightest bit interested, she never even looked at phone just told me to phone 450 as they do not deal with faulty phones instore, even though it was within warranty period and was the store i purchased it from, pointed this out to her and all i got was shrugged shoulders. Now on O2 and couldn't be happier the level of service and signal is so much better, will never again use this mob.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 22nd Aug 2011
I have a PAYG account with Orange and use the online service for topping up, changing details etc. Until recently I have not used the answering machine. I did not switch this on....it is on by default which I feel is taking a liberty. I found the charge for using it to be excessive and decided to switch the answering machine off. I spent some time online searching for a method to turn this off via the automated menu system only to find you have to speak to customer services and incur a charge to do so. I eventually found a way around this by adjusting the outgoing message and switching the machine off from there, only to find out that I have been charged 1.33 despite using the menu system and never speaking to a human in the process. I complained via email to their customer services team only to receive a reply that I needed to phone them using the 450 number for "security reasons". I had already given them my name address and mobile number in the email and copied the call charge information off my online account page, why did they need me to ring them? Why couldn't they ring me? If I phone to complain about unfair call charges I get charged for complaining! I generally use my mobile as little as possible as I consider them one of the biggest rip-offs in the UK. they use every conceivable way to charge as much as possible at every opportunity. If people were a bit more demanding we would get much better service and call charges, as it stands we are getting mugged by these massive companies and the "competition" between them is more like a cartel. Ofcom is useless in dealing with these money-grabbing rip-off companies and we therefore have no way of making our opinions heard.

Reviewed by Steve Torino from UK on 18th Aug 2011
Very poor network coverage and even worse customer service. I'm now on PAYG, and recently wanted to unlock my Nokia. I spoke to a customer service agent in Philippines, who said it would cost 20.20 and would take 48 hours. I then added enough credit, called back and spoke to someone in India who said it would take 7 to 14 days, I gave all my details including email address, postal address and IMEI. After 14 days, nothing happened, I called back and spoke to someone in Philippines. She told me it hadn't been completed because they didn't have my email address! Pity no one contacted me to get it again, it's not as though they don't have my number!! That was 4 days ago, I wish I had confidence that I'll get my unlocking code soon, but alas where Orange are concerned I have no faith whatsoever.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 16th Aug 2011
Have been with Orange for 8 years. They used to be the best network around. But in the last 18 months turned into one of the worst. No signal ever! Not at home or at work. Again, problems with their "mast" Customer service went from one of the best to one of the worst too. So i sent a letter to the CEO. Got a reply from one of his minons with no solutions, a bit of money off my bill and a few spelling mistakes! Just running down my contract now before i head over to Vodafone. Which is a pity as i was so loyal to Orange, but all the things that made them great have all but GONE.

Reviewed by Markie from UK on 12th Aug 2011

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 8th Aug 2011
Orange, and in particular their Customer Service team are quite possibly the most offensive and disgusting customer support team I have ever dealt with. I returned from a short holiday to Belgium to find out that my bill for that period was up to 900 (incl VAT) - a good 850 more than usual. When I asked why this had happened, it appeared that the call to 150 I had made prior to going away to set up international data roaming and reduced call costs in order to keep in contact with my pregnant wife had not been added onto the account by the CS agent based in (i am guessing) India. I had been on the phone to her for 9 minutes, and she had done NOTHING. not even made a note on the account. I discussed the issue with 4 other Orange employees, and strangely they all had different stories about what packages were available - their product knowledge is shocking it would seem. I was then told that I had been given duff information (they admitted that at least) and would be offered a reduced payment of 650 to compensate this - I would however have to make the decision then and there as it would not stay valid for any time - i.e. they tried to get me over a barrel. Since then, having refused the "offer" it has been escalated to a Manager who has now offered my a reduced price of 160 which is completely unacceptable to me. By their own admission I was given duff information by a CS agent who knew nothing of my language or Orange's packages - and am being asked to pay 3 times my usual bill for their mistakes. Not on Orange. I plan to take the company to court unless they resolve this in my favour. Myself and my wife have suffered undue stress over this, let alone the hours I have spent chasing and speaking to them. Disgusting. Once this is resolved, I am going to buy myself out of my contract and most likely move to O2.

Reviewed by James from UK on 31st Jul 2011
Oraneg used to be one of the best networks in the country but now are dropping faster than flies. I can't get network signal in certain areas whilst others on different networks can. They continually have 'problems' with their mast in my area so I cannot send texts or even phone people for up to 24 hours. This has been happening a bit too often for my liking considering I live in London.

Reviewed by excustomer from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
Sadly had to leave orange, they are an ok network, certainly not the worst out there but was fed up of getting practically no signal all the time and unlike some other reviews iam not going to rant and rave about poor signal, i just made the decision to leave but then iam payg so can understand why some people on contracts get upset. Way better than vodafone and virgin though.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 21st Jul 2011
Just moved to O2 today due to lack of signal and not having the phone i wanted. Orange are an ok network, nothing special but like i said, no point having a phone if you struggle to get a signal.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 18th Jul 2011
Had Upgrade handset 3/5/11, returned and received by Orange 5/5/11. Sony Arc returned because full of Orange crapware installed. Paid 99.99 for handset STILL WAITING for refund and it's now 18th July and counting !!! it takes 28 days to process .... it's 28 Business days ... it's another 7-14 Banking days for Accounts to process .... We will investigate and call you back .... I'll personally supervise refund and call you back ... 28 days was June 16th for me, rang up every week since and when you EVENTUALLY speak someone it's same excuses every time !! So much for 5+ yrs of loyalty when you are treated like .... you know the one !! Last contract handset will ever have from Orange, will buy sim free and shop around for sim only deals. At least most times can speak to English person but it's not right to say that these days is it ...

Reviewed by Vanora from UK on 18th Jul 2011
They are very helpful when you eventually get to speak to someone but getting through their long-winded automated telephone system is a pain. I've just changed over to a SIM only tariff from PAYG so it remains to be seem whether it works out cheaper as recommended by the Orange sales department.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 11th Jul 2011
Just dreadful - overpriced and poor network coverage. Sometimes messages take hours to arrive - on at least one occasion it was over 24 hours ! Virtually no reception at home - "blank" spots in areas near home. It's not that I live in the Fair Isle or somewhere remote - I live in central Edinburgh. Avoid

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