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Orange Rio 2 review

 Review: May 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Orange Rio II is a treasure. It's got BlackBerry style at a budget price, and it even packs in 3G HSDPA and a touchscreen user interface.



The Orange Rio II is a surprising little number. It looks like a BlackBerry, but costs a fraction of the price. Yet it gives a lot more than you'd expect from the price tag. In some ways it's even better than the BlackBerry Curve 9300 costing twice as much. This is one of Orange's top selling pay as you go phones and you can see why.

With the BlackBerry looks and the purse-friendly price tag, you can see at a glance that this is a phone for the facebook generation. It has a great QWERTY keyboard, plus the benefit of a touchscreen - something that the BlackBerry 8520 doesn't have. This isn't the highest spec phone by any means, but for messaging it's great. As well as text and video messaging, the Rio II comes pre-configured for push email, and there are widgets for quick access to facebook and other social networking sites. The Rio II also has the benefit of 3G with HSDPA giving fast access to the internet, so there's no hanging around waiting for facebook to load.

There's also a basic 3 megapixel camera with video, plus a media player and FM radio. A 3.5mm audio jack lets you plug in your own headphones. In fact you'll need to, as headphones aren't included in the box.

The built-in memory is 80MB - very generous for this price range - and you can add a microSD card to give plenty of storage for music, etc. Connectivity is by Bluetooth or mini-USB, and a USB cable is supplied in the sales package. Battery life isn't great, however.

We think this is a fabulous little phone. It's smart, it's easy to use and it's not expensive. We've just got to say it - BlackBerries are not the only fruit.

Orange Rio 2 features include:

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I have inadvertently locked the keypad and cant remember how to unlock it. Its just showing me a picture of a key?

Asked by lyn from england on 16th Nov 2018

Why can't i download facebook lite & messenger on my phone?

Asked by Joseph victory from Nigeria on 9th Dec 2017

Does this phone Rio 11 suport watsap?

Asked by David from Zambia on 24th Mar 2016

Orange Rio 2 user reviews

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Average rating from 84 reviews:

Reviewed by Paige from Wales on 27th Dec 2014
I think this phone is decent as i got 6 months free top up with it and it is amazing for sms, but it took me forever to figure out how to register the sim and the facebook and twitter apps don't work for some reason, so if anyone knows something about that, drop me a reply?

Reviewed by Ess from Uk on 9th Sep 2014
Have had my Rio ll since 2012. Now the phone screen is frozen and Im unable to use the phone as it keeps switching on and off on its own. I cannot make or receive calls and am no longer able to connect with my service provider. I took it to the shop and was told I need to upgrade the software which would mean I would lose any information I have saved on it. I send off for a new battery in the hope this would fix the problem but its the same... Can anyone help please?

Reviewed by Jonathan from Ireland on 22nd Mar 2014
It's a poor quality game

Reviewed by SHARDEY NELSON from GHANA on 12th Mar 2014

Reviewed by Emlew from England on 4th Dec 2013
had this phone for ages now and it's worked fine, but the charger plug cable casing split although the usb cable still usable. problem now is that when trying to use browser screen freezes so have to switch phone off - Facebook loading fine though.

Reply by will from england on 9th Jan 2014
Hi, I've just got a Rio II but when setting it up I accidently ended up in portugese instead of english - how do I get back to english - the handbook is no help and trying to contact phone orange is a waste of time.

Reviewed by Appiah abraham from Ghana on 5th Nov 2013
Xpera power,but screentouch performance poor...
doesn't support whatsapp,and several others...
battery performance very poor;can't take along when embarking on project;can't take me afar when tripping...

Reviewed by Samuel Ayoola Adegbola from Nigeria on 30th Jul 2013
Its a nice and a smart good mobile phone but there are some features missing e.g: no applications for downloading whatsapp chatting, no spare battery in market, and no spare casing in market . Please try to make all these features available to enhance the quality and demand in market. Thanks.

Reviewed by faye from england on 23rd Jul 2013
Its good

Reviewed by will from england on 3rd Jul 2013
its good
when I got it I didn't realise you had to pay for games
get a android if you want free games
also the music on my phone kept deleting its self
but it is the 2nd bets phone I have ever had
get this or a htc desire c

Reviewed by imran khan from pakistan on 13th Oct 2012
real its a good quality product of orange i personal used this mobile especially the voice quality of its very clear and keyboard its very soft and easy to used at the end its a wouderfull product of orange mobile

Reviewed by grace from uk on 1st Oct 2012
yeah great phone and all but howd i get whatsap for it??

Reply by Waheeda from england on 13th Oct 2012

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 24th Sep 2012
I have the Rio II mobile phone, I suppose I agree that its a good phone for the money. Battery life is rubbish, even when not running the internet it only lasts about 20 hours, and thats being kind!!

I am glad that I have bought this phone, as I now know that I do not like the Qwerty keyboard, so would never go to the expense of buying a Blackberry. I am a touch typist myself, but find this style of keyboard annoying.

Ill be taking out a Samsung SIII mobile phone contract very shortly, but this Rio II has served its purpose in the interim.

Reviewed by riley from usa on 8th Sep 2012
it is outstanding!!!! Amazing phone!! :)

Reviewed by lozza from england on 21st Aug 2012
i think it's good, especially since i got it so cheap! it looks good and i find it easy to use, it's better than my last phone but am annoyed it doesn't have any free apps, but for the price it really isn't surprising!
i enjoy using it and like unlocking it! ;)
i think it is worth it and is brilliant brilliant value!
seriously i got it for under 20, and everyone who is dissapointed, what dd u expect it is a cheap phone that looks nice and has some decent bonus features! :)

Reviewed by Sophie from Uk on 28th Jun 2012
It is a fablouse phone with everything u could want and I was going to all the price for a blackberry but as soon as I saw the price of this phone and what it could do I got it straight away for my birthday

Reviewed by Josh from England on 26th Jun 2012
-everything eats the battery up, i've had it a month and i have to charge it almost daily
-the limit on the sd card is about 2gb and it won't recognise anything higher (but thats true of most phones i guess)
-i managed to get on facebook once, now it freezes every time i try
-in texting, the delete button means you either delete a single letter with each time you press it, or if you hold it down it deletes the whole message. gets pretty frustrating.
-the camera insists on making a shutter sound every time you take a picture, which you cannot silence
-there is no way to turn off vibrate on silent
-you can't put a security code on the phone

so yeah. it has its faults, but the keyboard and touchscreen are good, mp3 works fine, good internet service, it looks stylish and once you get used to the little things its pretty good, and very good for the price.
and its fun to pretend to have a blackberry.


Reviewed by Anthony Handley from England on 25th Jun 2012
Worst phone I ever have had, cannot change ring tone, texting is a nightmare. Downloaded the software to PC and cannot get music onto it even though I placed it directly into appropriate folder. Just got it and its going back , if they wont take it back its in the bin.

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 21st Jun 2012
Had this phone for about a month now. And I'm pleased with it. I didn't want an all singing all dancing kind off phone. I don't need or want all that. I went into shop asking for a basic phone with querty keyboard and they recommended Rio 2. Gettining into Facebook is an issue, sometimes freezes. The battery could be better but its fine for what I need it for. Txting is great, the keys are fine for me. Still finding out things on it. But overall very pleased. If you want a phone for basic needs, then this is ideal. I also love the colour [white]. This is a cheap alternative to the Blackberry, Ive been told, as my hubby has one of those.

Reviewed by Robo from UK on 17th Jun 2012
It always amazes me that people spend less than 40 on a phone and then moan that it is not as good an iPhone or Blackberry. Get real! For what it costs this is an amazing phone. Got mine for less than 25 with phone fund discount and for that amount it is excellent value.

Reviewed by Dene from England on 13th Jun 2012
I bought this phone after people said it was good, and obviously because its cheap, i paid only 50 for the phone, which i bought at tesco, i took it home, first of all tried to put in a memory card, it didnt fit. I turned it on and in the space of an hour got over 30 messages from orange saying that i need to turn the phone off as it cannot be registered yet. It never did register. Anyway, i tried sending some pictures and photos from my old phone, they were all perfectly clear on that, on the Rio they were all blurred and looked terrible. You cannot organise the background folder order, you cannot change the lock format, the touchscreen is not good, you have to press quite hard, the only decent thing is the qwerty keypad. The camera is absoultely shocking, you need full light to be able to get a half decent picture. Its cheap and all that, but if i was you, i'd look at something else. *im returning the phone*

Reviewed by Jasmin from CyberSpace on 12th Jun 2012
Well, my rio was a degrade from an iPhone 4 since the screen had cracked when i dropped it... I know a few people with the Rio I and i had a minimal price limit so i turned to this phone. I was expecting to be a bit dissapointed but in all truth i wasn't! I had been hopeful for a blackberry, but with my phone fund i got this for the minimal amount i would've paid for a bb for just one month! Its a good phone. I'm familiar with the dodgey touch screen because i had a orange lisbon before my iphone, so i wasn't that dissapointed by it. Its good for just a cheap practical phone, and facebook is an added bonus. The qwerty is good for texting, and it would be good for somebodys first phone. :) i was having second thoughts after ordering, considering i should've bought the samsung ch@t 335 but i think i made a good choice. Obviously not got good features like my iphone had but i still have my ipad for apps etc. so i'll survive. Good phone, if a bb that u want is out of your price range get this! ^.^
Jasmin, 12 years old

Reviewed by Tom from England on 30th May 2012
This phone sucks... I brought it because I thought it looked good, thats about all thats good on it. The internet is slow and eats the battery, the reception is rubbish, the screen is way to small.

Save your money and get a proper phone.

Reviewed by georgia from uk on 26th May 2012
i have had this phone since november last year and its RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its caused me loads of trouble got bad signal and very poor battery i am getting rid of it its a piece of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jane from england on 22nd May 2012
great phone only thing that lets it down is battery life

Reviewed by lorrainew from uk on 7th May 2012
have just purchased a rio 11 i love the phone but i cannot download a tune for my meessages is this normal ? i just get a beep which if i do not keep checking my phone i can miss a message - can any one help me ?

Reviewed by Dixon from UK on 28th Apr 2012
Well my son just boughtthis thing and I have spent three hours trying to get some songs on it for him. The manual is useless... help on the web says the Orange people in the shop are clueless and I am not impressed. The bluetooth does not transfer with iPhones (but I blame iPhones) and it SEEMS the only music format is MP3. itunes to MP3 converter anyone???

Reply by rach from uk on 3rd May 2012
im also trying to figure out how to put music on this phone and am failing miserably !!!! ive had the phone for sevral months now and have still not figured it out :/

Reviewed by Darre from UK on 9th Apr 2012
Got this phone for my daughter, 13 year old and on PAYG, an upgrade from her unreliable 20 Samsung.
She has been bugging me for a Blackberry after her dodgy Samung kept on freezing, but because of the cost of them, I didn't think it was worth getting one just yet.
The Rio II comes with a 2gb memory card and headphones with mouthpiece. The battery life isn't great as she seems to be charging nightly. It has a lot of features, touchscreen, navigation key, qwerty keyboard,-Facebook and Twitter plus other social apps. It has good Internet browsing software but unfortunately no WiFi!
You can't go too wrong with this phone, especially if you're thinking of getting a Blackberry, get this first and see how you get on with the functions and than upgrade later . She's happy and the Rio looks and feels good and works well. So far, so good.
Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because of no WiFi.

Reply by Afrine from UK on 5th May 2012
you can download wi-fi on mobile9 on apps! but you need internet connection!!

Reviewed by Rifat from England on 29th Mar 2012
You should get the rio 2, its just so great!

Reviewed by David from England on 15th Mar 2012
I bought the Orange Rio 2 as a second phone for work purposes ( it saves me having to answer my own handset when people are phoning me at all hours of the day) I chose it pretty much for the price of 49.00 It also had a 2gig micro sd card already in the phone and I got 20.00 of M&S vouchers into the bargain. I wanted a qwerty keyboard and was not expecting a touch screen as well. I have to say that even though I have large hands I do not have any more difficulty using this keyboard than I do on My BB. The touch screen is actually quite useful too, OK it's not a modern sensitive screen but it is functional. The phone volume and call quality I have found to be superb. The screen is clear and well lit, the keys are not quite so bright but still bright enough to see in the dark.It came with a headset / headphones which, again , is very clear. I was also pleasantly surprised by the volume on the external speaker. Battery life has been good for me as it is a second phone I am not using it as much as my main handset but am charging it every three to four days. For a phone that cost me the equivalent of 29.00 ( M&S vouchers have paid for 2 meals for 2 ) I am really pleased. It is not a BB , although it does push email and connects to internet via network ( No WIFI ). The software is not the quickest but is perfectly acceptable. All in all a sturdy, nicely designed and very practical budget handset. I would definitely recommend it if you are not after an all singing all dancing smart phone. Very satisfied.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 10th Mar 2012
Ok so I went about doing a competition between a RIO phone and a MIAMI phone. 34 people chose RIO phone and 792 chose miami phone. Miami phones are actually about 5 cheaper but as they say, it's the actuall phone that counts! The rio phone is good, I can admit that, it's got some serious improvments and i would advise people if you want to get a really good phone, march to orage, and get a miami! Miami phones are big screens, slender, cute, stylish, easy to use and you cannot put it down. It's about 30 in the orange shop but the most expensive it's been up to in a phone shop is 140! if you get rio, fine but don't expect an amazing phone at all... just good. But if you get miami, whay hay! Just thrilling.

Reply by Sum1 from Not telling on 7th Jun 2012
Duh.Hello, Miami Phones Are Rubbish I Wish I Never Got It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by becky from england on 24th Feb 2012
it will be an good phone for social neworking and calling and texting and good for teens because all they do is facebook and things and texting xx

Reviewed by mark knight from england on 19th Feb 2012
Just got the Rio 2. In a nutshell it is an amazing phone for such a low price. It can do most of the stuff that the Blackberry can without the need to self destruct like the Blackberry. I brought this phone to replace an Orange Miami which cost around 30, so for an extra 35 I got the big brother which does everything I want it to do.
I would reccomend this phone to anyone - unless they are phone chav's who like the name rather tahn look for good value for money!

Reviewed by sue from uk on 16th Feb 2012
this mobile is so neat and easy to use and for someone who is 50+ its essential

Reviewed by Ross from Scotland on 4th Feb 2012
I bought this phone a short while ago as a temporary stand in for my HTC Desire HD which has developed a fault and needs to be sent off for repair. I have to say that for the money I'm really impressed. The overall build quality belies its cheap price. It really feels chunky and solid in your hands. On par with any of my family's blackberries that they own. The camera is acceptable for the odd snap, but the lack of flash lets it down a bit as is the lack of wifi which is really not on in this day and age. It's easy to type on and reasonably quick to respond although the touch screen can be a bit fiddly at times due to being so small. I really think they should have left that feature out because it only makes the phone more difficult to use. That said, it's a reasonably clear and bright screen.
Battery life for my taste is more than acceptable, (Takes a day and a half to start dropping from full charge... but after using a Desire HD which barely lasts 12 hours if you've got wifi or bluetooth on or are playing any games...using the music player etc, then my opinion might be a bit skewed compared to other phones.
Call quality is very good and the phone is really LOUD, which is great after the tinny, quiet speakers or the Desire and a major addition which differs from the official review above...Buying this phone from Argos as an orange payg, this phone now comes with a 2Gb micro SD card, which adds value to the phone and raises its basic phone memory to a useful amount.
All in all a cheap, robust phone that you won't have to worry too much about that does the basics. No, it's not a smart phone and it doesn't have anything but the awful orange app store and the orange bloatware which doesn't seem removable. But what it does do, it does pretty well!

Reviewed by Amelia from UK on 4th Feb 2012
Got a rio 2 for Xmas as I have just had a rubbish cheap samsung phone. Really wanted a blackberry but my mum said they were too much. Rio 2 is a brilliant phone, you can check emails, get the weather forecast, Facebook, twitter and lots more. Really good phone for messaging. You get more than it is worth!

Reviewed by Tina from uk on 27th Jan 2012
My Hubby got me the Rio II as an upgrade from Rio I. Fantastic phone. I had mine 2 days after it first came out & not looked back. Texting, touch screen, downloading, all so very easy. BUT NOW AFTER ALL OF THAT...... my phone has just gone wrong on me as in i can speek to you but cannot hear you. Does this come to mined to anyone eals ???? Hubby brought me a cheep look-a-like untill my Rio II has been repaired. can't wait, i wont my Rio II back. Never mine what others say this is a fantastic phone & you have got to try it out for your self. Yes battery is not as good as the Rio I, but recharging it over night is fine for me as i use is for my alarm in the morning. xx

Reviewed by Dami from England on 23rd Jan 2012
I am amazed at this phone, it is the one and also is packed with loads of features. Iam also impressed with the touchscreen and the qwerty keyboard as they just make it look so more attracting. I think BlackBerry will need better devices and also I think that this will do well as the phone would appeal to alot of people and also at 49.99 it is so cheap and just because its small doesnt mean its not good.

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 18th Jan 2012
Rubbish, broke 1st day I had it. As someone else has commented get blackberry or nokia c300 , nokia e5 or nokia e6. Yes slightly more money but its that or getting a rip of of a phone? Would NOT recomend x . However its ok for texting hope thats helped x :) Louise, chester

Reviewed by luke roycroft from england on 17th Jan 2012
dont get the orange rio it is rubbish and basic i have got it and black berrys and iphone r well better

Reviewed by Jemima from stafford on 12th Jan 2012
Well i got rio 2 for xmas perfectly fine but just got 1 comment the battery life isn't so goo but other than that amazing phone i am only 10 and i wanted a blckberry but then i heard about the rio 2 and i will stick with this phone xx

Reviewed by joe from england on 5th Jan 2012
very good so far, the touchscreen is a little lagging but the keyboard is perfect, the battery is fine this is a good phone for the price, what were you expecting for 49 quid, a blackberry? so is good phone so for that reason:

Reviewed by cheap phone pro from uk on 5th Jan 2012
if you have downgraded to the rio 2 then the chances are that you will struggle for a bit, but if you have upgraded from a vairy touch then the rio 2 is amazing, i jumpped strait onto the rio 2 and automaticly know how to work it. one problem is that i cant get it unlocked to t mobile were i have unlimited texts and unlimited internet. that would make this phone even better i think.

Reviewed by mandy from southampton on 4th Jan 2012
i got this phone for xmas the battery life is not good seem to be charging it up most days,and keep loosing the signal.it also is hard to use texing takes for ever.and the touch screen dosnt work that well,you get what you pay for thats why its cheap. i want to change it if i can.

Reviewed by shayll from wales on 3rd Jan 2012
i got this phone for christmas and its amazing but i need it unlocked

Reviewed by sandy from uk on 3rd Jan 2012
Recently purchased a Rio II as I already had the Rio I, just wanted to upgrade for a better camera on this one, but very disappointed the battery life is aweful lasts about 2 days if that. Already had another battery sent to me, but the same has happened with that so another handset is now coming to me. lets see if this works - DO NOT buy a Rio II, the Rio I was much better and battery life lasted 2 weeks...very disappointed indeed.

Reviewed by Alex bear from England on 1st Jan 2012
This is a good phone it works perfectly and the keyboard is amazing

Reviewed by Bob Singleton from UK on 30th Dec 2011
Owning both a Blackberry and a Rio (as a spare phone), I am amazed at your review... a QWERTY keyboard "plus the benefit of a touchscreen" I absolutely HATE the touchscreen on the Rio. I don't see it as a benefit at all... indeed it is it's most hateful feature! I also dislike the keyboard of the Rio compared to the BB. On the BB the keyboard lights up so you can type easily even in the dark. With the Rio, the keyboard can barely be read in good light. As for the actual feel of the keyboard... well, you get what you pay for in life. The Rio is cheap for a reason, and that's because it's cheap and nasty. Add to this dreadful menus, the inability to store much information for each contact and an incompatibility with Macs (I can't back up data on my Rio to my iMac or MacBooks) and you have a phone barely worthy of a single star.

Reviewed by consumer from uk on 27th Dec 2011
I love my phone and its so easy to text on, its better than earlier blackberry models beacause it has qwerty keyboard and is touch screen. Only problem is i can't find a case for it ;)

Reply by Tina from uk on 21st Jun 2012
I got a case from my local market. a white one to match my phone.

Reviewed by Lyds from UK on 26th Dec 2011
As i mostly use a mobile for texting I liked the idea of this as it had a qwerty keyboard for a lot less than a blackberry. Have to say its been fine screen and battery wise in the first day since receiving it. Yes the buttons are a bit small and having a bit of nail is helpful for the touchscreen. But I can't believe it doesn't come with a variety of ring and message tones like my past nokias, samsung and sony ericsson's have done. Also, does anyone know how to show the name rather than the number of past callers/messagers. Thought I'd read it on here earlier, but can't find it now.

Reviewed by Dami from Uk on 25th Dec 2011
This phone is a cool one with a range of features. from mp3 players r cameras which can suit anyone and i adore the phone. It has many features which i am impresses with including 3G connection which is very fast and facebook, twitter apps so i advise u get this phone you won't be disapointted

Reviewed by Abby from england on 25th Dec 2011
this phone is amazing but the battery lasts about an hour!! and i cant find out how to download music onto it. the best fearture i thought was the camera because the quality was outstanding better than some cameras!! PS this review was also written by a twelve year old

Reviewed by Patrick Owusu Antwi from Ghana on 24th Dec 2011
Very nice, durable and good for browsing. But my problem however got to do with the battery?

Reviewed by Alysha from England on 22nd Dec 2011
I got this phone yesterday and already im really pleased with it, i had been saving up for a blackberry for a little while and when my sister showed me this phone i thought it was one. I decieded i would by it because my old phone, a miami by orange, was playing up even though i had only had it a year. When the rio came it was in good condition and everything seemed to work,there were a lot of features and i still need to try some. They battery isnt great but i can live with it. Overall I think this phone is brilliant! PS this review is from a tweleve year old!!! But whole family aproves of the phone even grandpa!!!

Reviewed by Caitlin from England on 24th Nov 2011
I don't care what people say..."this phone is bad, don't buy it" and "this phone doesn't live up". well, it's a 50 phone, what do you expect? It has excellent memory for the price, it is stylish and good-looking, it's simple to work....the only thing is, how do you turn off the camera shutter noise?? :@ But otherwise, EXCELLENT PHONE!! :D

Reviewed by Laurence from england on 21st Nov 2011
i got this phone and was bitterly disappointed!!! dont buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Jake from England on 20th Nov 2011
Really bad phone, i had read this review and went straight out to get one.... I don't have a clue how much Orange paid this company but; the internets slow, the texting layout is really bad, the touch screen is just a joke and that annoying mail button on the right always manages to accidentally get pressed, charging me for every minute i'm on there. Really poor phone to be honest, you'll be better of carrying a tin can and some string around -.-

Reviewed by zoe h from scotland on 18th Nov 2011
this is a gr8 phone! i am 11 and i really wanted a blackberry but then i got this phone and im satisfied! i agree that the battery life isn't too good but everything else is 10/10. it is very good for txting, nice size key board. its good having the touch screen as well, just occasionally it isn't 100% sensitive. very good, i've got it in white which is nice especially if you want a change from black and i dont think it looks tacky like someone said on these comments. the only thing is that is that if you want a game, then it costs 5... :/ i bought the sims three and its AWESOME!!! the phone is very good and i would recommend it if you wanted a not to expensive, good quality phone. someone in my class said 'lets see your phone' ,so i showed them it and they said 'oh, cool! you've got a blackberry!'. so it looks like a blackberry too! one of my friends have a normal rio and when she saw that i had facebook on my phone she was well jealous! now one of my other friend wants a rio 2 too cos shes not allowed a blackberry and wants a good phone.the bluetooth on the phone is gr8 to. altogether, a gr8 fone; why waste money on a blackberry when you can get this for a fraction of the price?! go on, buy it - its AWESOME!!! :) (btw everyone says htc phones are rubbish) x lol x :)

Reviewed by me from england on 12th Nov 2011
This phone is brill!!!like a blackberry but not!!!!!i got a free pair of headphones worth 60!!!!!=> im only 12 and i love.purfect 4 me i have all ways wanted a blackberry so this is purfect!!!!!!!!!im well happy!!!!:-)

Reviewed by oggy from uk on 10th Nov 2011
Nasty phone the keys are very small i am not impressed with this phone

Reviewed by shardy from England on 2nd Nov 2011
I LOVE my new phone, easy to use and looks soooo smart also got to use my orange phone fund and because of this phone only cost me 18.99. sending text and emails are simple. sound quality for music is fantastic Highly Recommend this phone. Partner has a Blackberry curve and he actually prefers my NEW PHONE...lol

Reviewed by Jessica P from England on 26th Oct 2011
I lov ethis phone, but how many texts and minutes do you get in a 10 contract?? x

Reviewed by Keith from England on 23rd Oct 2011
A great phone, no problems with keyboard, or battery life. Has any one managed to download their music in MP3 format without a mini usb card. In theory it should be possible to copy your music files as data, butthey do not appear in the music list.

Reply by Amelia from Uk on 4th Feb 2012
I haven't been able to download but I have got 4 songs by Bluetooth without a mini USB card

Reviewed by Freya from Wales on 18th Oct 2011
Facebook keeps crashing, not very good at all! Other than that, its an amazing phone!

Reviewed by Drew gena from uk on 15th Oct 2011
its a good phone and great if u wanted a black berry and u cant get one! but the only think i want 2 know if its got bluetooth??????? :) x

Reviewed by Alanna from Scotland on 13th Oct 2011
The rio 2 is outstanding because it has a quilty keypad and it's great because it also has touch screen

Reviewed by bradlad from kazhakstan on 7th Oct 2011
i leik dis phnoe ver much i boght it frm usa on holday and it very good i liek it and it makes my english bettr

Reviewed by Anonymous from Anonymous on 6th Oct 2011
I just got the rio phone 2 and I don't see why there are some bad reports! It's perfectly fine as long as you don't jack it up! Thats when everything goes wrong! I'm only 12 and I hnk it's a great phone if you can't get a blackberry! xx

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 20th Sep 2011
You've got to be kidding me. Why are there so many good reviews here? Its touch screen doesn't work properly, the menus are nonintuitive, and email drafts don't get saved if you're out of the network range and it fails to send. Typing is awkward, as the keyboard is very cheap.

Reviewed by Antonio from Lisbon, Portugal on 9th Sep 2011
I got the RioII from Optimus, the phone itself is great, has Blackberry like functions and for only 15 per month I get 500mb of internet service as well as free calls within the optimus network. The touchscreen sometimes takes a few attempts to select something on he scren and the battery life is whatever. I charge mine every two days and i do use it to go online so for what I paid which was 55 on sale, its the best phone out there if you want a discount Blackberry

Reviewed by hdhdhe from birmingham on 5th Sep 2011
very good

Reviewed by Anonymous from England on 30th Aug 2011
This phone isnt as good looking as the 1st 1 that i have so..

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 20th Aug 2011
I'd just like to point out that headphones DO come in the box. It's a great little phone, way better and much more fun then my old one. The camera is sufficient enough, but hey nobody expects anything too fancy for that price ;) The general layout of the phone is lovely,and I enjoy using it. I am however worried about how quickly the touch screen will get scratched but I'm sure screen protectors will do the job. I'm on the Dolphin program with Orange and I have to say for 10 a month I was quite chuffed with what I got in return. I get unlimited texts for 5 and 100mb internet free if I apply for it. As its pay as you go, i don't need to wrry about not being able to afford it. I havent experienced any problem with the battery, the keyboard is lovely and the features are useful and easy to use. I prefered the black to the white and the white one looks a bit tacky. For a teenager this is a great phone, I would recommend it to a friend but I don't want to because I want to be the one with the 'cool' phone :P

Reviewed by Julia from West Sussex on 11th Aug 2011
I am pleased with it but the battery is complete rubbish. My old phone used to last about a week with 12 hours notice to the battery running out completly. The Rio goes from 2 bars to nothing in a couple of hours then just dies and switches itself off. Most annoying if you don't want to carry the charger around with you all the time. I only use it for texts and a couple of calls a week - no internet. But other than that very pleased with it.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 5th Aug 2011
Great phone, rubbish network

Reviewed by shaune from england on 5th Aug 2011
outstanding top of the range phone can get better some one said he spent all hi money that he was saving up on his phone then saw my rio 2 and was so said that he didnt buy it if you want my opinion buy its amazing and trust me you wont regret it

Reviewed by ramona from uk on 3rd Aug 2011
i think this is a really great phone to buy and it works just like a blackberry someways even better. But i have to charge mine like every 2 dayz so the battery is tht great but its a cool phone and my friends all think tht ive got a blackberry nw. Its a great phone!!

Reviewed by Zoeehh Snm from England on 31st Jul 2011
The best phone ever !!

Reviewed by Satana from England on 20th Jul 2011
love it so much buy it

Reviewed by Julie B from UK on 15th Jul 2011
Had Rio II a week now,really pleased with it! Being touchscreen and querty keyboard you get the best of both worlds. Camera is good. Price is fantastic...Mine was 59.99. Only fault I have found is battery doesn't last very long.

Reviewed by Beth M from UK on 10th Jul 2011
i love my rio, i was worried because a lot of people said the keys were too small but i find it easy to use and simple. it is stylish and a great alternative to spending loads of money on a blackberry, when you can spend less money on a phone just as good, just as stylish and easier to use... :)

Reviewed by Andy M from UK on 8th Jul 2011
I've just got one of these from the Orange Shop. I bought the white one - last one ava in 2 shops - and think it's superb. At the mo (JULY 2011) it's on special buy at 59.95 and comes with headphones AND a 2GB micro SD card so the deal is even better.

Reviewed by James from uk on 28th Jun 2011
BUY THIS PHONE, it's features are exactly the same as a blackberry if not better! with qwerty keypads and touchscreen on this phone it is just one of those 'must have' products. With the low budget this phone is great for anyone, never let me down had it for months and i'm loving it, can assure you if you buy this phone you will NOT be dissapointed. so get looking!!

Reviewed by sakira from england on 17th Jun 2011
rio is the most best phone it is like a treasure of your life!

Reviewed by Tina Blundred from UK on 18th May 2011
I have got the orange rio and it's a really good phone,I have been waiting for the release of t orange rio ll since Feb 2011.Now it's been released I can't wait to go out and buy it.

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