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Last updated October 2013

O2 is one of the "big 4" mobile networks in the UK.

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O2 was formed in 2001 and is part of Telefónica O2 Europe. It was originally part of the BT group and is one of the biggest mobile operators in the UK, with over 18 million customers. In addition to voice, messaging and data services, it also provides 3G mobile broadband, fixed broadband and home phone services.

O2 launched its 4G service in August 2013, with monthly contracts starting at £32/month and with music, sport and gaming services included. The initial coverage is in London, Leeds and Bradford with a further 10 cities planned by the end of the year. Be aware that O2's 4G service does not support the iPhone 5.

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Reviewed by re from england on 15th Mar 2015
I have had to continously contact o2 about picture messages not sending and a message appearing saying 'queuing for sending'. I ended up going into the shop to have this issue resolved. It has now happened again. Am I going have to keep traveling backup the o2 shop once a month to get the issue fixed? I should be entitled to £5 off my bill every time this issue occurs to o2 fix the contract and honour there terms and conditions. This is a long term problem as it's posted on all the forums.

Reviewed by carolyn stewart from ireland on 11th Mar 2015
I changed to 02 on the recommendation of friends. I did this on 6 March and by now, 11 March I have had so many issues and made so many calls to their customer services I feel that I have made a terrible mistake. I now have no internet!

Reviewed by Koulla Panteli from Uk on 28th Feb 2015
Please do not join O2. Very poor service I have been with them for a number of years and recently I have been charged a disgustingly pricey bill. They are very unhelpful when queried. The direct debit is taken at willy mildly times when it suits them and you can be barred even though you paid your bill. Discussing I will never join O2 again and will tell my friends too.

Reviewed by Ken from Uk on 24th Feb 2015
Used to be the best now without doubt the worst.

Hope 3 sort them out.

Reviewed by Russ from UK on 21st Feb 2015
After a frought relationship with Vodafone, (I was a customer since the Marconiphone days) I switched to O2 initially on a pay as you go basis.
Following repeated marketing calls from O2 I agreed to take out a contract, the hook was "the smartphone of my choice after 12 months with no cost to myself and no changes to my contract conditions", call me neive but a contracts a contract (verbal or otherwise), now the initial 12 months is over the offer "does not and never did exist" (all calls recorded for training purposes" Only when it suits! Sum total myself and family migrating far away from O2, conned me!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sophie Yelverton from Iraq on 30th Jan 2015
I think that o2 has the worst customer service ever!! I spent 7 hours on the phone to them but all they did was hassle me and transfer me through to other departments. I am not impressed what so ever! this is a disgrace to humanity and I believe that o2 should be shut down! the incompetence of them unforgiveable I feel betrayed as a loyal customer. NEVER USE O2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 8th Jan 2015
I have just had a debt collector turn up asking for £600 for an O2 contract I know nothing about. WTF!!!
O2 fraud dept has washed their hands of the case and insist I owe the money for a phone a contract I know nothing about.
Corporations at their absolute worst. Pay £600 or have a marker on my credit rating. I am at a complete loss about this one...
Avoid O2 at any cost if you value your peace of mind.
(If I could give no stars I would)

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 2nd Jan 2015
I ordered my upgrade iphone 6 over 4 weeks ago. I received a series of texts telling me that it was on its way but so far I haven't received it. It's to get through to anyone to complain, they just give platitudes and say that the order is 'being processed'. They want one to use the on-line chat, but this is like going into an Alice in Wonderland world of double talk. The complaints service just buries the complaint. There is no way to post on their Facebook page and Tweets are ignored. Overall they are a total shower with non-existant customer service and a cavalier attitude to their customers. They be avoided at all costs.

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 2nd Jan 2015
The last time I needed help from O2 business support, three years ago, the service was excellent. Calls were answered within a minute and everything was very professional. Sadly the opposite is now the case.
I have recently needed to call every day after an order for a new phone went badly wrong. I have been passed pillar to post, spent ages in queues, and the people I have had to speak to come over like a bunch of crooks!!. All they seek to do is get "orders" and after that you are "on your own". You really feel that they are out to con you one way or the other. I actually lost my temper, a rare occurrence, due to constant repetition of the phrase "I can only apologise".
This company seems to be going down the tubes.

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 6th Dec 2014
Finally!! Breaking free from the cowboys that are O2 after 5 long years!

Constant overcharging, ridiculous roaming charges and having to stand out in the cold due to calls continually dropping. Astounding that they wouldn't budge when I presented them with evidence of 2 years worth of invalid charges while abroad or calling non-UK users due to lack of service. (god knows if I had the entire 5 years worth of information on what they charged me.) This despite the fact that my contract was up for renewal for another month. A battle to even get them to waive the termination fee which is really like rubbing your nose in it to the last degree.

To make it even more laughable, I called their own direct customer service line 3 times this morning before I could get through as the first 2 cut out. Absolutely laughable, 4 bars connected and dialing their own line and the stability of the line still couldn't be maintained.

If you ever want to feel what the urge to go on a murderous rampage is, then talk to 1 of their live chat "experts". 5 minutes on that should give you a clear indication of what it would feel like.

O2 have cleaned me for thousands I reckon over the last 5 years. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH O2.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 1st Dec 2014
Just bought a Lumia 1020 from them ( only network supplying it at the time). Tried to register it with them for the free camera handgrip for 2 weeks so far !!!
Waited over an hour today to speak to someone and finally spoke to no less than 5 people none of whom could actually sort it out.
No response to emails . All I get is the blame shifting response or being transferee to someone else despite asking not to be.
I left vodaphone for this . Why oh why oh why .

I'm just out of my cooling off period too. What a shame .

Today I fimd they've withdrawn the handset so I've no idea what happens now.

Reviewed by Gary from Uk on 21st Nov 2014
Terrible company now I have been an 02 / cellnet customer for 20 years they used to have the best signal & customer service and they were relatively cheap.
Now they pass your details onto 3 rd party's azzuri who sign you up to overpriced 24 month sim only contracts with out your permission / authorisation.
Now for my story!!!!!
I called O2 directly looking for a new iphone 6 after waiting in a cue for 25 mins I gave up .and decided to try later on second attempt I waited 40 mins with no idea what position in the cue I was finally when I got talking to some 1.They told me I was no longer an 02 customer. I said this must be a mistake as I have been with 02 for years I was then told I was with azzuri now who!!!!! I said you need to call azzuri and then proceeded to give me the wrong no for azzuri after some googling I managed to find azzuri only it was to late to call the office was closed.
I ended up buying a handset from apple directly I was so sick of getting the run around
My contract is up in august and it won't be made easy to leave but I am PAC ing off to some other network. What a joke 02 are now.

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 5th Nov 2014
I live in central Brighton. Not a huge city, but it is a city. You can walk to the official city centre in 10 minutes. But O2 coverage normally hovers between two bars of 3G and E. Calls divert to voicemail from lack of signal several times a week. There has been no improvement in this situation in the last 6 years. However in the last year other networks have improved so I'll be moving my provider once my current contract expires.

Reviewed by andrew davis from uk on 2nd Nov 2014
To contact an actual person that you can speak to is very difficult and the contact number will keep you on hold forever without any indication or queuing system to let you know how much longer you will be waiting in the end it is usually the norm to hang up as it is so frustrating waiting with no info at all to tell you anything - i will be cancelling my 02 contracts as soon as i can - i have been with them for 6 - 7 years but have finally had enough as it has not changed.

Reviewed by Julie from Uk on 29th Oct 2014
Most of the advisors are useless and few of them seems useful but after few days you realise that in fact they are liars. I have been waiting now for 3 months to get a voucher for referring a friend and I don't think I will ever have it. But I had the "pleasure" to spend 2 or 3 evening with the customer service on the chat...for no results, but Dan, Kevin, Bill, Jasmine...I know them all now!!

Reviewed by toxana from scotland on 27th Oct 2014
The Lowest customer service i ever seen in my life

Reviewed by Anne Seth from England on 21st Oct 2014
I have had a contract with O2 for many years but the price just kept going up. I thought I would try and discuss this with customer services but after half an hour on the phone of being told I was in a queue I decided to drive to Cambridge to discuss face to face in store. There were 4 assistants and no one else in the shop but no one wanted to help me. I was given a phone to speak to customer services about terminating my contract/taking out a new one. An hour later I left the store. I felt I was treated very poorly NO ONE could be bothered to help me .
I drove to Bar Hill, went to Tesco Phone Shop who were helpful,polite and at least seemed to care. I wouldn't ever recommend 02 to anyone.

Reviewed by David from England on 17th Sep 2014
we took a 24 months corporate contract with O2 in 2013 for 14 handsets. Their network coverage in Hampton, Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge is very poor. There is either no coverage or calls drop with no reason. Other times the voice quality is very poor.

There are also problems with mobile data on 3G network.

The only good thing about them is that they have hotspots in shops and town centres. So I can connect to internet for emails and other business use.

Reviewed by Nasir from UK on 18th Aug 2014
Avoid O2 at all cost. The UK signal coverage is poor.
Been with O2 for over 7 years and the customer service is miserable. Unable to take mobile phone calls at home with no signal, need to go near a window to carry on telephone conversation. The monthly direct debit contract is 24 months and very expensive compared to other networks. The 3 G signal is never available, and yet O2 is eager to launch 4G.
I agree O2 was very good in the past, but now its customer service and signal have both deteriorated badly. I have no intention of renewing my contract after over seven years.
The replacement handsets were also faulty, with no mobiles to use. The case went to the Ombudsman services to resolve.

Reviewed by Paul Davies from UK on 12th Aug 2014
Like most of the reviewers on this site, I too have been with O2 for many years and have unfortunately witnessed their gradual decline in quality from their customer services to their strength of mobile signal. The latter, I blame on their eagerness to forge on with the lucrative 4G market whilst letting the 3G network suffer as a consequence.
An example of the signal issue is this ... last year, in my kitchen and lounge, the signal on my phone was (to coin an old CB expression) blowing the windows out. It was terrific. Today, I am lucky if I get one bar. Nothing in my home has changed and I have tried several different phones but the issue is the same.
O2 can't give me an explanation for this, stating that there signals are working well... This really doesn't give me confidence to renew my contract this October.
In my mind, O2 have lost the edge on both quality and price which is a damn shame as 12 months ago, there were so dog!!

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 19th Jul 2014
Exactly O2 has lost it's Mogo - the shop assistants are half heated about helping & I made the mistake of going into there shop on Camden high st : I have been with O2 for a decade yet because I got a new number two years ago they only have records of me being with them for 2 yrs : I wish I had let my contract just end I got talked into a rolling sim 4 different O2 reps told me different things not once did they say this rolling sim is a upgrade when I was offered it : u can tell they r happy 4 people not to be to aware of whats benefits there coustomers more what they benefit - yet there is a lot of competition out there - the last good thing priority moments yet half ok

Reviewed by Mirza Ali from UK on 19th Jul 2014
O2 used to be good, now going down in reputation and service, with poor customer service,expensive plans/handsets.Without the customer's knowledge they appoint Azzurri to take charge of accounts, so the customer is pushed from pillar to post for any issues arising from mobile phones. With faulty handsets, it took O2 more than 5 weeks to send re-furbished handsets which were also faulty, with customer at the receiving end of this miserable service. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS, THEY TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS OF OVER 7 YEARS VERY SHABILLY. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS NETWORK PROVIDER TO ANYONE.

Reviewed by AB from UK on 19th Jul 2014
what has happened to o2? used to be good now going down the pan with shoddy customer service, expensive plans/handsets. heard a rumour of a merger with three, if that's the case i'm off, three are a company worth the watching. Shame as they used to be good.

Reviewed by MARIA ANN TUCKER from UK on 7th Jul 2014

Reviewed by ANITA from ENGLAND on 4th Jul 2014
if you have a problem with a phone you get poor service
The assistants are only interested if you are taking out a contract.
I am 77 have just had a bad experience with this O2
company and will not be renewing my contract when it runs out.
My nokia is faulty has to have a repair only had it 12months,they have loaned me a phone I cannot use to the tune of £25 deposit,I believe they have broken their contract with me.I am not sure of the law but intend to find out.
They can phone me all they like on this mobile phone but I wont be answering they will have to phone my land line
so I am without mobile which is like a life line to me if I venture out on my own as not in the best of health

Reviewed by Richard from Uk on 17th Jun 2014
I recently can home to the uk I had two unlocked iPhones and wanted data more than phone. I went to the kidderminster o2 store and they gave me a fair rate 1 gig for £15 and plenty of calls and texts. We were I going to be in Devon and again I reminded them I needed data coverage. This is where their deceptive practices came to the for. They showed me a 2G coverage map and said you will be fine no problems.
On arriving at our destination in Devon I turn on cell and have little or no phone and absolutely no data. I went into the Barnstable store in Devon and they tell me we only really have 2g coverage in Devon. That brings up the question why are they putting stores and selling phones in an area where there is no coverage?
They suggested I phone customer service on a landline . When I said I don't have one that's why I bought O2 it appeared to be a point of confusion. Maybe all O2 customers should be switching back to landlines because of the poor coverage?
They allowed me to phone customer service I repeated the above story reaffirming it was the data I wanted and need. The representatives answer was she would take the data off and credit my sim for £15 . I explained I would only probably make 20 calls and even fewer texts in the 6 weeks I am in England and I again needed data. Her answer to this was "what do you want to do?" No help ...
This whole experience of the baiting and switching coverage and buyer beware has left a bad taste in my mouth with o2 I would never recommend anyone in the Southwest of England to use their service.
I looked this morning on T mobile and they appear to have much better 3G or 4 G coverage I will be switching at the end of month of having no phone coverage thanks to the crooks at O2

Reviewed by David from UK on 24th May 2014
I have been an O2 user since the days when it was called Cellnet when it was owned by BT. It is now owned by telefonica the Spanish telecoms Company.
I am shocked and amazed at all the negativity directed at O2 in the reviews I have read. I work all around the south east and find the signal is generally very good. I also get a phone call every two or three months from customer services to check as to whether I am happy with the service or not. Generally I am very pleased !

Reviewed by Mary from Northern Ireland on 4th Apr 2014
I cancelled my O2 mobile contract as from 24 January 2014.
I received a letter saying that I would receive my final account in 4 to 6 weeks. Two days before the six weeks were up (I had expected to receive the final account by post) I received a letter from a debt collector asking for payment of the account together with their fee of 19.16. I paid this as I did not want to be registered as a bad debtor at my time of life (I am 69 years of age and have never been in debt). I contacted O2 to ask for a refund of the 19.16 I had to pay, through no fault of my own, but they refused. I emailed them again but have still not had the courtesy of a reply. I would not recommend O2 for a contract phone to anyone. Like another reviewer, if I could give minus ratings, I would do so.

Reply by Donald Couper from England on 1st May 2014
I had a similar experience with orange some years ago. After getting nowhere with them for weeks I phoned Oftel. Within hours I was speaking to a normal person, and the situation was resolved. It still left a bitter taste though. Best of luck!

Reply by Matt from Uk on 16th Jun 2014
Same experience with 3network exactly. About 6 years ago

Reviewed by Random User from UK on 31st Mar 2014
Increasing prices now and then, customer service advisers speak broken English, probably based somewhere in Asia to cut the costs, don't think about loyalty, all they want is your money . Was offered a free phone with free unlimitied internet for upgrade only to find myself charged 5 extra for "data" when I called the customer service they said it was my fault even though my order on my account says free unlimited internet! Will never use them, at least directly, a lot cheaper through online based companies who offer cheap deals with cashback.

Reviewed by Ryan from United Kingdom on 19th Feb 2014
Just had customer services call for the third time and when they asked if I was renewing my contract, I asked, could they better or match virgins 15 sim only unlimited texts, calls and data.. He hung up! Rubbish customer service. Over priced!

Reviewed by James Addison from England on 18th Feb 2014
I want to make my experience of o2 customer service very clear to everyone thinking of using o2 services. I took a contract out a few months back and started to experience problems straight away. I had the handset changed in the first 28 days. I have also had a sim swap to try to solve the signal problems causing calls to fail in strong signal areas. After this didn't work I contacted o2 customer service via phone. This is where the service received went down hill very quickly. In the first phone call the member of staff I spoke too agreed there was a problem somewhere. However, they told me there was nothing else they could do to try to rectify this. They also told me that I would not be compensated for the frequent drop out of signal nor would I be able to cancel my contract. I then rang back a few days later due to this problem becoming very frustrating. After over 90 minutes on the phone I was told I needed to do a disconnection and recollection to try to resolve the issue but this would leave me with no service during working hours. (note that 90 minutes on to customer service asking to be put through to management was not an isolated case for me.) When I was finally able to do this I rang back and requested a manager to perform the disconnect and reconnect at a specific time on a specific day. two days after this was meant to occur I rang back to ask why this wasn't done. The manager I spoke too stated he could see the request on the system but couldn't tell me why it wasn't done or contact the manager and ask why. I then had to rearrange a time slot when I could be without signal for the time period needed. the disconnect and reconnect actually happened as requested this time! However, I asked this manager to listen to previous calls and call me back. He stated he would call me back within 24 hours. This was 3 working days ago and I am still waiting. Not only have the managers failed to do as promised they also told me false information on numerous occasions. They where even unaware of any policy regarding reasonable adjustment for a disability! These are only some of the problems I have personally experienced. Also note that the escalation line that you are passed through too when you request to make a complaint is always very busy which to me means my experience of poor customer service isn't an isolated case. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!!!

Reviewed by Taj from UK on 6th Feb 2014
by far the worst network available. poor customer service, appalling coverage, ridiculous deals...... in short A MOBILE NETWORK FROM HELL!! absolute bunch of theives!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to cancel!!!

Reviewed by Pete from uk on 29th Jan 2014
Don't believe their coverage maps. Bought xperia z on 4g contract and the coverage map said seamless indoor and outdoor 4g in my area. I can't even get a signal outdoors and despite phoning several times, I am still waiting for 02 to get back to me. All they have said so far is that their map may be incorrect and need updating but I have entered into a 2 year contract and spent money on phone accessories on account of there incorrect promise.

Reviewed by farel from uk on 4th Jan 2014
very very poor customer service. i stopped contract with them now.

Reviewed by A Man of Kent from UK on 26th Dec 2013
I live in Kent within the London commuter belt. The O2 reception is dreadful. Avoid. Texting is possible if you are patient. Phoning forget it.
O2 say they are aware of issues, they share with Vodafone.
Will change network as soon as possible

Reviewed by russ from uk on 30th Nov 2013
ive had a problem this morning with o2 top-up not crediting my wifes phone after the 15 was taken from my account, the bank has confirmed this with a transaction id. 2 hours of phone calls and im now waiting for a manager to call me back, but the way ive been dealt with so far im not expecting a call.
The "customers service" advisors are the most incompetent patronising and unproffesional i have ever dealt with. i have a contract with o2 as well and have been for 10 years which will definately stop at the and of the contract.
phone service and reception is also very poor and mobile internet is poor at best, IF i can get a signal.

Reviewed by Mark from Uk on 6th Nov 2013
Terrible. Terrible network. Used to be good for coverage. These past few months I and my friend who lives in another part of the country kept on having same problems. Calls cutting off very bad reception. Then I find out that other networks like Vodafone. EE which are now orange do 3G coverage in the area I live while O2 far behind in the times don't offer this even though I as well as other customers pay 47 a month for the contract... A service which we are paying for but not recieving!! While other networks provide it. O2 seem proud to be advertising 4G. Before you move on to 4G I suggest you sort out the problems with 3G first. Perhaps o2s problems have come about because they have become too greedy. Too many other mobile providers piggy backing on their network while O2 customers suffer! I visited Shrewsbury the weekend. Big town so shouldn't have any problems here I thought. How wrong was I. I got disconnected from O2 chat (complaining about network coverage!) and my friend who was on phone with his mother got disconnected and attempted the call 3 times until he gave up.... This was in a large town. So what was the excuse here O2??? Stop getting greedy. Sort out your own customers problems because people are getting sick and tired of a bad network that used to be good!


Reviewed by Richard from UK on 12th Sep 2013
Good customer service cannot fault them. I had the misfortune to buy a Sony Xperia s on contract with them with insurance, the phone broke down more times than a British Leyland car lol. I went in-store after the 3 breakdown n 2nd handset I was told my case would be handled n taken to regional management level after 1 week was given a HTC one x that's been fantastic. Excellent customer care. Now the niggles 3g signal is woeful everywhere don't quite know how they can advertise a 3g network. Its only big towns n cities with 3g any smaller towns where there is no shops forget it. Only big shopping towns have 3g. I compared with virgin when it was only T-Mobile signal n it was better where I live, work. Go out to lol. O2 please improve 3g signal

Reviewed by alan jones from UK on 11th Aug 2013
having been with o2 for 30yrs I find my contract up for renewal spoke to upgrade team loyalty means nothing very rude disappointing attitude their answer was take it or leave it

Reviewed by Richard M from UK on 2nd Jun 2013
Before signing up to my chosen mobile provider ( three) I tried O2 on payg but was the worst signal coverage of all I tried. I was very surprised considering the experience/heritage of the company. I live in the centre of a large town.

Reviewed by Hassan from England on 6th Mar 2013
I've been with O2 for around 4 years now and Well I find the network a little much. By that, I mean the contract prices are expensive and the signal always cuts off randomly. And this is on a daily basis.

Reviewed by Ricard from Uk on 5th Feb 2013
Have been with O2 for years, entered blackberry 24 month contract, 25 month,did not get on with phone so want to but s2 pay and go and swap sim, not so simple, because of data plan, would not work on new phone, changed data plan but cost me 32 !!!!!!! Even though in same contract !! Will not use O2 again.

Reviewed by Jonathon from UK on 6th Dec 2012
Bought an iphone 3 from apple on a 2 year contract from apple. Could not fault either. Bought a new iphone(4)? In march 2012 fron carphonewarehouse. I don't know who's mucked up but on the same data allowance I usually use it in 10 days. I have never used it all before. Even in my 10 days of grace I cannot use internet properly. Long delays or nothing. All from same places I have lived and worked for 17 years. I think something has happened to 02. Like been sold to North Korea?!

Reviewed by Leena from UK on 26th Oct 2012
Appalling customer service for existing customers. I've been a customer for several years and their customer service seems to have deteriorated signficantly. Will not be upgrading and will change network providers...not that O2 seem to care.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 19th Oct 2012
I have been with O2 for more years than I can remember and have slowly managed to get all my family to follow suit and overall I have been more than happy with the service and coverage. However like 'Pedro' I am at a loss as to why they still ask for one off payments for handsets ranging from 49.00 upwards when you can shop around and find the same phone on the same tariff but the phone is free. Makes absolutely no sense to me, its almost as if they are living in a bubble and feel that although they are the same company supplying the same phones and same tariffs they are happy to rip off their customers who deal with them direct?

Reviewed by Michael from England on 19th Oct 2012
Ive been with O2 for a few years since cancelling my contract with 3, which really has to be the worlds worst network, awful customer service ( when you can understand them ) My phone was always going wrong, went back for repair many times and came back with damage that wasnt there when I sent it. I complained to OFCOM about them, All I can say with 3 is that the attitude is we have your money, anything goes wrong, TOUGH!!!!!! On the other hand, I really like O2 and I cant see me leaving them, good customer service and helpful staff in the shops

Reviewed by B Wrightson from UK on 18th Oct 2012
I live in postcode area CA8 10 miles East of Carlisle and the signal strength here is very poor.

Reviewed by pedro from England on 24th Aug 2012
I've been with O2 for some time now in fact when it was called B.T. at the moment I am on the simplicity paying 15-30 a month, I wish to upgrade my own phone now as it has come to the end of its life, I have looked at the Samsung s11 and to take out a 24 month contract with 200 minutes + 500 MB and free texts for the price of 21-50 a month,I have spoken to O2 on a number of occasions as to the cost of the phone, they require a one off payment of 49-95 for the hand set, other shops do the same price plan but with a free phone , when i asked why others could do this I did not get a satisfactory answer in fact O2 does not look after there customers dis spite what they say

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 6th Aug 2012
I migrated to O2, after many years with Orange,due to the awful customer service. Initially O2 was excellent, but over the past few years it has become as bad as Orange when I left. The new chat system is not fit for purpose and even though it is secure every time you are passed to another adviser you have to go through the security questions again and provide the history of why you called. Making it a very time consuming process. I recently called them over a query and it took 25 minutes to get through,and after 10 minutes of taking it was cut off. As there was no call back, I tried the Web based chat facility. Another hour and a half later I still hadn't resolved my query. It's as though once they have you the service is no longer provided to the once high standards. Wouldn't recommend unless there are changes.

Reviewed by Paula from England on 22nd Jul 2012
I have been with O2 for 17 years - prior to this it was BT. I am disgusted with there no customer service since my last 2 year contract. My HTC Desire developed a fault in May - my contact ends in Nov. Basically O2 do not care the phone doesn't work and my contact is over 30.00 a month. I took my phone into an O2 shop yesterday. They called O2 and after 1 hour they offered me 5.00 of the 'buy on' of my contract at 130.00 with only 4 months left on contract and clearly my phone is completely unuseable. I have sent off the phone for repair but had to pay 25.00 deposit to borrow a phone. I've lost all my txt messages and other personal notes as the HTC PC backup is useless. i've lost all my diary entries. O2 basically could not have cared less. I will be going to another network provider in November. Clearly part of the issue is that 'airtime use' and mobile phone are both in the same contract. Even trading standards appreciated my phone was 'not fit for purpose' but O2 didn't apologise or bat an eyelid even when I showed the 'guru' in the the Hempstead Medway the phone. O2 should be ashamed of themselves.

Reviewed by Paul from england on 14th Jul 2012
I work all over the country, and this is the worst network I have ever had, the coverage is terrible, I have a vodafone network and they beat them hands down, never again will I have O2 again.

Reviewed by kathy from united kingdom on 14th Jul 2012
i have just left o2 , i found the automatic phone choice confusing unhelpfullwhen i just wanted to talk to a human being and simple advice . i was left hanging on the phone 4 times yesterday each for over half an hour .

no customer service passed around put through to different departments with n o explanation using their own jargon.
i ended up cancelling my contract upgrade worn out and had enough.
at times some people didnt want to be bothered , over problems on sim upgrades , even didnt not know

Reviewed by David from England on 4th Jun 2012
O2 offer generally excellent coverage, reasonable prices and outstanding customer service.

I can't imagine that I will ever move away from them.

Reviewed by dav from england on 27th May 2012
wish they would do normal message delivery confirmation like other networks instead of having to start text with *0# to make sure text is delivered

Reviewed by Kae from Wales on 18th Apr 2012
Living in the back and beyond of Mid Wales, the signal can be very poor round here. Having had the same phone number for 20 years, I started with Vodafone, went to Orange and have been with O2 now for the past 8 years and couldn't be happier. I can even get signal at my parents house while my dad has to go out onto the lane with his Vodafone. I never have a problem with the lines being down, all my problems are operator error with my lovely Samsung Galaxy S11. With the other networks I could never get a signal inside most of the pubs in our town, which was usually when I needed it. O2 definitely the best for me.

Reviewed by Patricia from Suffolk, UK on 13th Apr 2012
I would love to joing GiffGaff a company that uses the O2 network. However, the signal is so poor here I would not be able to contact anyone unless I faced in the right direction at the bottom of my garden. Such are the joys of being 100 miles from London! Is anyone going to do anything about East Anglia being the last place anyone wants to do business with?

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 8th Apr 2012
After having a contract disaster with 3mobile I used payg for about 5 years. However as I used O2 I started to trust them and got a contract with them.
Best customer service, reasonable charges, helpful staff.
Nice to see O2 knows that keeping your customers happy is rule one to being successful.
Highly reccomend them

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 5th Apr 2012
I have been with o2 for 4 years, great reception! Keeps siganl in places my previous network (Virgin) could not get any. Customer service is excellent, and UK based. I had a problem with my pay monthly phone 18 months into my 24 month contract, I wasn't hopeful of it being replaced after this amount of time but o2 were so helpful and had it picked up from my door, repaired and sent back to me within days, free of charge. Upon receiving my newly fixed phone I discovered a different fault, I phoned o2 and they arranged the phone to again be collected, but this time they would send me an as new refurbished handset. As with any network, there will always be problems from time to time, but the way o2 dealt with me over this was fantastic. I will certainly be renewing my contract with them very shortly!

Reviewed by graham from uk on 23rd Mar 2012
i have been 02 for 14 years which was of course cellnet i have always had good service and the call centres are in the uk big bonus imo on my last contract my phone developed a fault near the end of the contract but was repaired without question under warranty i have never had a reason to leave

Reviewed by Andy from Scotland on 19th Mar 2012
I started my contract with Cellnet in 1999 which then became O2 and the continuity of service has always been superb. When my Daughter lost her phone at 2:30am in a night club and the finder was obviously not going to return it, there was an o2 Service agent available to help, the phone was disabled by 3:15am the same morning and a replacement SIM in the post the next day.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 3rd Mar 2012
I've been with O2 since day one and have never considered changing. Their customer service is top class and the pay and go tariff I am on is excellent value for money.

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 7th Feb 2012
I've been with O2 for two years now. Occassionaly calls get dropped and texts get eaten by cyberspace. Overall, though, it's been good service and their customer service has been very nice.

Reviewed by DavyB from Uk on 16th Jan 2012
Totally agree with alpesh customer services have been fantastic with me also. Excellent coverage . Never had a problem.

Reviewed by David from UK on 15th Jan 2012
Been with O2 for years on my mobile and have always been happy with the deals I get on upgrades. Last year also used them for my home broadband, terrific value for money and have never had any issues regarding service.

Reviewed by Ian from England on 14th Jan 2012
Been with O2 for years and I think its time for a change. The service and helpfulness of its staff has got worse over the years and the after sales care you can forget.

Reply by Loal from Uk on 5th Mar 2012
Completely agree. Been with O2 for nearly 5 years and the after sales is non existent now and always dropping signal no matter what phone I use and receive text messages up to three days late. Will be changing at next upgrade. Extremely overpriced too!

Reply by ahiranta from hampshire uk on 9th Mar 2012
I also having problems with o2 lately. For years O2 has served me well, no problems at all but of late it is one problem after the other. When contacting customer service (very helpful and kind) it is sorted for a few hours only for the problem to return over and over again. Now stopped the bolt on I was using and bought a sim card to call abroad in the one pound shop. To bad, I was very happy with O2 and would never have considered switching but now I am open to switching as soon as I see something I like accepting from any other provider.

Reviewed by alpesh from uk on 4th Jan 2012
Best customer service and always lookafter customer

Reviewed by anonmous from ireland on 3rd Jan 2012
amazing :D

Reviewed by sara hegarty from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
I have been with O2 for years and until recently i would have reccomended them to anyone, I think they must have changed policy or outsourced their customer service people who used to be helpful and polite, now whenever i speak to one they don't seem to actually work for the same company as the last, none can ever tell me the same story and i am still waiting for the phone call from a manager which I have been "assured" is coming from two different reps but never actually does. The only contact i actually recieve are letters threatening to take me to court over a bill i have been trying to pay and resolve for over three months now. Absolutely terrible steer well clear I don't know what changed and it is a big shame as they used to be so good.

Reviewed by Andrea from UK on 6th Dec 2011
I have been with 02 pay as you go for as long as i can remember, the signal quality is really good, download speed is good, internet access is only up to 1 a day, good value for moneyy for 15 a monthg you get unlimited calls and texts to any other 02 number leaving you with your credit to contact any other networks, overal it would take a lot for me to change to a differennt network

Reviewed by K from UK on 6th Dec 2011
Good price and phones, fantastic coverage.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 4th Dec 2011
Yes, the network and signal are all good and fine, but I am sick and tired of getting O2 spam via text telling me to text STOP to this or a host of other random, smarmy messages about talentless chart musicians clearly aimed at the 13-18 year old demographic. Unnecessary, unhelpful and annoying - I don't want my network operator constantly in my face. Less is more.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 4th Dec 2011
Ive been with 02 for about four years now. The deals are great and the customer service is top notch and very helpful. The coverage isn't bad either all round very good network to be on.

Reviewed by Amisha from UK on 28th Nov 2011
You get good signal pretty muche everywhere probs even in a bin (never tried it though, seems a pretty mankified thing to try nd do) so yea its quit good

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 28th Nov 2011
Good network with decent signal let down by their poor instore staff (twice I've been put on a contract other than what I signed up for) and their high prices (5-10 a month more expensive than big rivals)

Reviewed by kj from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Customer care great signal good download speed questionable

Reviewed by Danny Morris from UK on 22nd Nov 2011
I've been with O2 for several years. Joined on a business tariff and payed a little more to get responsive customer service. Until this year any call to them was attended to readily with rarely any wait and always a helpful, transparent and informative support. So good was my service I tended to recommend them. Lately the quality of service has slipped to poor with rude customer service and what seems to be an arrogant disregard to any of my concerns when I called lately about poor reception in many areas when those on other networks keep connection. All I got was a dry 'we have the best coverage' response with no attempt to even acknowledge my concern. I was stupid enough to be seduced into a 24 month contract on the strength of my previous experience and now have over a year before I can cut loose. From good to rubbish in less than a year and I'm not sure they even care that much.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 18th Nov 2011
iv'e been using o2 for a number of years now and i can honestly say ive never had any problems with them , reception is second to none as opposed to a mate whose on a different network , hese struggling to get a signal in areas of the dales and the lakes were i have no problems

Reviewed by Ms G Browne from UK on 13th Nov 2011
Up until March 2011 i was with 02 but had to leave after a reduction to my tariff was not applied and and i recieved a bill which i should not have recieved. The person who assured me that i would still be paying 20.00 per month neglected to input the renewel onto thier data base and i was subsequently robbed. I tried in vain to reason with them but they did not even give me the benefit of the doubt despite being with them for over four years and having had the same proble 18 months prior to that. 02 have gotten too big so they dont really care if they lose a few thousand people after stinging them for extra undue money. Horrible company to be with.

Reviewed by val from UK on 12th Nov 2011
good network .would not have any other.

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 9th Nov 2011
O2 are great, far better than other networks such as orange and vodafone. I have good reception, not any worse than any other network and at least O2 have uk based call centres which offer good customer service. People seem to moan about the slightest thing, and to be honest the grass isnt always greener on the other side, O2 have their faults but are by no means the worst provider out there and usually the ones that say they will never be back come running back with their tail between their legs. Anyway thats just my opinion, everyone has different views but i think O2 are cool :-)

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 9th Nov 2011
I have had no problems with 02. l have always had signal even when my friends who are on other networks don't. Customer service at any company nowadays is poor but I haven't had any problems with 02. Have been with them for years and will stay with them. They have a wide range of different tariffs and the one I have picked is cheap but still gives me everything I need. Moved to Orange briefly a few months back and had a terrible time with them not to mention they were extortionate !! There customer service appalled me but this just confirmed how good 02 were and I quickly moved back!

Reviewed by Pineapple Express from UK on 7th Nov 2011
A few years ago, i'd have rated O2 a well deserved 5 - not now though, 1's as good as they get. Poor customer service, expensive tarrifs, awful reception...they've gone from alpha male to runt of the litter. If less is more then O2's stance must be less for more. I pay through the nose for a contract which O2 feel they can change on a whim. 6 weeks left on a 24mth contract...then i'm out for good!

Reviewed by Shane from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
I actually paid 153 to get out of my contract with O2, they have the worst customer services in the industry. Rude incapable under trained completely useless. If it meant going back to them or never using a mobile phone again I'd go without. I was with them for over 10 years before I'dd had enough and left.

Reviewed by kyle from UK on 1st Nov 2011
good value, terrible reception. takes a few minutes to even load a web page like facebook.

Reviewed by Nishaanx from UK on 25th Oct 2011
I have been a customer of O2 for 8 years and I have been receiving appalling service over the last few months and especially the last few days. I am not one of theses people that only complain when things go bad as I have on numerous post supported O2 completely. Their service is now at a point where i'm really struggling to see the point in staying with them. Their price plans and tarrifs are now one of the most expensive! Not to mention that they have done away with free unlimited internet for your mobile devices! I hope more people complain to make them realise that they are now losing valuable ground. Any other network should capitalise on their 18 million customer database! soon to be 17 999 999.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 19th Oct 2011
On the whole their customer service is pretty good. The fact that their call centres are UK based is a big plus. My brother is with T Mobile and he says that althought their customer service reps are pleasant, he can barely understand a word they say and they can rarely understand what he's asking them. However their signal strength is pretty bad. When at my friends I have to lean out of the window or go to the top of her garden to make a call. Even at my own home I regularly loose connection during calls. Another friend who is on O2 also has the same problem. I am currently with them for Broadband and home phone otherwise I think I may have moved to Vodaphone simply because of the useless signal strength I get

Reviewed by stephen mckeever from UK on 14th Oct 2011
o2 took my texts off me after 2 and a half weeks.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 28th Sep 2011
I'm in two minds about O2 - when I first signed up to a contract with them in 2006 they were excellent - would recommend the best phones, get you the best deals and I never had a problem. However since 2008 they seemed to be getting in poor quality phones - maybe I just had bad luck but my last three phones have been terrible and I had so much trouble returning them. When upgrading contracts the staff are now unhelpful to the point of rude and when I upgraded last year I was told I was on an eighteen month contract but when I checked my bill they'd put me on a two year contract with a phone that didn't make phone calls!! However there are good points to 02 - the freebies for 02 priority are pretty good, no other phone company offers the range of discounts and freebies O2 do (although these could be better) Also you can now talk to a customer service advisor online and these seem to be a lot more efficient and helpful than when you phone up.

Reviewed by Katherine from UK on 24th Sep 2011
brilliant network. i am on pay as you go and there is lots of freebies that you get and that is great. i have been with some others and this one is the best. it is worth topping up the 15 a month for it.

Reviewed by adam radcliffe from UK on 16th Sep 2011
Great good customer service good network coverage a little lacking in 3g /hdspa same with mobile broadband I would say there my favourite English mobile network and ive used them all except t mobile

Reviewed by - from UK on 5th Sep 2011
Ever time u refuse my age iam fed up and movin 2 a different network

Reviewed by S from UK on 28th Aug 2011
Best of the lot, good customer service

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 27th Aug 2011
I think O2 are possibly the worst service company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. After the crazy bills of 700 quid for a month I recieved when I occasionally was abroad with work I decided to leave and join vodafone, who have a far better passport package. But to add insult to injury o2 have continued to charge me for an inactive usb broadband dongle which is out of contract and I don't even have any more. I tried to call them to cancel several times but their highly ineffective staff could never locate my account, which rolled on and on. Having cancelled the direct debit they have now passed me over to a debt collecting agency for a service I have not been using but due to their inefficiency have been unable to cancel. So the robbing continues. Customer service is terrible.

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 30th Jul 2011
o2 isn't as astonishing as it's reputation was portrayed in the past. I believe it has made new terms and conditions to create a profit rather than impress their customers such as; the o2 unlimited tariff - when your month for unlimited has finished, your charged 15p per minute for the first 3mins you call someone. This means, EVERYTIME you ring someone in the first 3mins you'll lose 50p. Also, I wouldn't reccomend this network for smartphones, you can find better deals like internet and texts from T-Mobile. However, the 'o2 surprises' and connection is excellent. On the otherhand, i've noticed calls from Sony Ericsson mobiles on o2 sometimes is affected by a disturbing buzzing sound. Overall, o2 is acceptable, but i wouldn't reccomend it.

Reviewed by me from UK on 27th Jul 2011
Great network, best of the lot!

Reviewed by me from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
Just joined and so far so good, the sales advisor in o2 shop was most helpful and friendly and the whole experience and network is 100 times better than some of the other so called "providers" i have been with.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 21st Jul 2011
Both my wife and I were with O2 for 17 years and have been very pleased with their customer services, always very polite and helpful and sorted any concerns very quickly. Only found a few signal dead spots so coverage good for me. Only left them as we now live abroad for most of the year. I have tried a couple of P&G sims from other suppliers but not so good coverage where I lived ( Hertfordshire ). If there is a good signal in your area they are the best.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 21st Jul 2011
Just left Orange today and joined O2 and so far so good, have an excellent signal compared to literally no signal with Orange and everything feels as if it is just a whole lot smoother so hopefully it will keep up. Don't get me wrong Orange are ok but no point having a phone if you get little to no signal.

Reviewed by kj from UK on 19th Jul 2011
Been on all networks & o2 are so far the best by a mile

Reviewed by Cheryle from UK on 10th Jul 2011
I have used o2 network for lots of years now(even wen it was called "BT CELLNET"!!and i still rate it as the best,i also like vodafone as my 2nd best,i have never had a problem with the signal on o2 and the perks they have to offer are great!I would reccomend o2 to anyone.

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