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O2 X2 review

 Review: January 2005  

Last updated April 2005


In a nutshell: The O2 X2 is exclusive to O2 and is an enhancement of the popular O2 X1 camera phone.


For the price, the features are poor compared with similarly priced camera phones such as the Motorola V300 or Samsung E600. In particular the phone has limited memory, poor battery life and a small display. The phone has also inherited many of the reliability problems of the X1, making it a poor choice.

O2 X2 features include:

  • Integrated VGA digital camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Dual display with 65,000 colour 128 x 128 pixel internal display and OLED outer display
  • Multimedia messaging
  • 24-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Java games
  • Predictive text with ability to add words to the T9 Text Input database
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Memory: 1 Mbyte
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Size: 81 x 44 x 21mm
  • Weight: 89g
  • Talktime: Up to 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: Up to 170 hours

O2 X2 user reviews

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Average rating from 164 reviews:

Reviewed by ollie from UK on 28th Oct 2011
This is a good transition phone when you want to save up for a new phone and want a cheap replacement.

Reviewed by K from UK on 26th Jun 2010
Love this phone had it a decade and it's still going strong :)

Reviewed by paul from stockton from UK on 13th Apr 2010
i had this phone when i was little and i thought it was the best phonw i had ever had, i would recomened this phone. it is better than my current samsung tocco, that phone is rubbish.

Reviewed by Finbar McGee III from UK on 15th Nov 2009
They are mostly talking rubbish! I have just replaced this phone after 5 (yes 5)years. It has been as reliable as you could hope for. It still works as well as it did in 2004 but the (original) battery has finally given up. I am replacing it for a touch screen.

Reviewed by daz from UK on 5th Jun 2009
hello 2009 june well i brought it for £2 from boot sale and it works really well ! ive even brought phones for £1 with sim in and one phone had £25 pound credit still on it ! people are nuts ! save money buy a used fone ! and who care if you drop it or someone nick it !

Reviewed by mwc from UK on 20th Mar 2009
I like it cause it's simple

Reviewed by M from UK on 26th Feb 2009
the worst phone i've ever had. it was terrible. and after about a month, it stopped letting my text messages come through so I had to switch the phone off then back on again for my texts to come through

Reviewed by muzammil ahmed from UK on 20th Aug 2008
i think that this phone is really bad so you might not want to buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by James from UK on 23rd May 2008
I've had this phone for around four or five years now. It would no longer be considered modern (it isn't, it's chunky and slow as hell) but it hasn't let me down yet. There's nothing wrong with the camera, it does all I want it to: take pictures. All the people who've said they have to turn it off to get texts must be doing something wrong. I don't get that problem. People who get new phones every four months are idiots. It's a waste of time and money. Ashamed of your mobile? No I'm not! Ashamed that your perfectly good one is leaking toxic battery waste into the environment because it only had 24 polyphonic ringtones? Yes, which is why I've had the same one for five years!!! Don't be stupid.

Reviewed by jak from UK on 27th Nov 2007
woest phone ever

Reviewed by andy pandy from UK on 13th Aug 2007
Can`t get me head around this phone. Everytime i put it in me pocket, it switches itsself off. Good looking phone, but features let`s itsself down. Don`t buy unless you leave it in car as a spare

Reviewed by Cal from UK on 29th May 2007
One thing about this phone that really annoyed me is that when using the camera, the lens is on the bottom half, and the screen is at an angle. So to get a decent pic, you have to bend down and look up to the screen. I have to say this is the only phone i was glad when it was stolen!

Reviewed by rumahn from UK on 22nd Apr 2007
this is brill (im bien sarcastic)

Reviewed by Calum from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
Absolutley Rubbish Phone, the buttons are so close together that I find my fingers acctually acheing when im texting someone. The lack of features on this phone is the worst, no bluetooth or even infrared for godd sake!!! there are 2 good things i can say about this phone, one of them is the actual look of the O2 X2, i think it it highley attractive. The second thing I like about the phone is that you can store over 300 text messages which is pretty cool, apart from that the phone is very overpriced! a DO NOT BUY phone.

Reviewed by stacey from UK on 12th Jan 2007
iv owned a O2OX for about 3 years now and i really hate it its too bulky and its got a rubbish camera !! well my dad wont get me a new one no matter how much house work i do.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 22nd Dec 2006
I can't understand why nobody enjoys this little phone. I've had mine for 3 years now, and yes it did have some faults - but they were at the beginning now. Over time things do breakdown, and my battery has gone, so I'm replacing it with a S.E W300i ;)! lol

Reviewed by anunimpressed person from UK on 18th Jun 2006
I agree with all the 1 star reviews, I have brought the phone which follows this one, the o2 X2i, IT'S RUBBISH! doesnt do java, no proper ringtones, internet doesnt work, dust keeps on being let into the screen as well, having sent it away and gertting a different one, i still have the same fault. it dosnt do video capture, oh the list is endless on what it doesnt do. I have only had this phone nearly 4 months and I am looking for an upgrade.

Reviewed by Forget O2 from UK on 17th Mar 2006
March 06- This phone is still being sold in India under its original manufacturers brand: Benq S670C. In the UK O2 no longer supply any spares, including the obvious ones like batteries. Ring them up, call into a shop, they just don't want to know. Neither do Benq UK. The lesson here is never buy an own brand label phone from O2........ they just expect us mugs to queue up to upgrade every year to the next load of rubbish!

Reviewed by steph from UK on 25th Nov 2005
i owned this phone for about 6months then gave it to my dad, i think it pretty rubbish.the camera is terrible no zoom and not clear at all , although in the o2x2 defence i have seen a few people put "THERE IS NO BACKGROUND LIGHT ON THE KEY PAD" how stupid r u people lol even the worst phone has a keypad light but it jst happenes that on this phone u can turn it on and off as the phone is made so u can put it on energy saveing mode ie. turning off the flaashin light on the front and the keyt pad light ITS ALL IN THE MANUAL PEOPLE!! any how back to the rubbishness of the phone , it is got hardly any memory wot so ever and it crashes every1 time u recieve a txt and if your luckily enough for your phone to let a multimedia message though u have to turn it on and off again ( which takes about 5 mins) to actualy get the message. the ringtones are appaling and as for the alarm ..what alarm!!! it doesnt wake me up and im not a heavy sleeper!!! this is only just going briefly over some of the o2ox problems my friends!! the list is end less but i will save you the bordem of going through all 100 and sum odd. over all i think this fone is RUBBISH NEVER EVER EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT FOR YOUR OWN SAKES , I KNOW IT MAYBE CHEAPER BUT IT ISNT WORTH ANY MONEY AT ALL , IF YOU WANT A GOOD PHONE SAVE UP AND BUY THE NOKIA 6230 OF SAMSUNG D500 THEY ARE NOT MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!!

Reviewed by Cal From Manchester from UK on 24th Nov 2005
OK, iv had this phone 1 year and 11 months and honestly it is a bag of junk... There are more bad things about this phone than there is good, lets start off with the bad things.. Ok number 1. I hate how there is no backlight on the keypad it is so fustrating trying to text someone in the dark 2. The way they have constructed the keys on the pad, they are that close together that after a few words your finger/thumb starts aching... 3. The ammount of memory the phone holds is really poo, 1MB is just not enough.. The only good thing about this phone is its look.. It looks realy good and stylish, thats about it from me, hope I have changed your mind about buying this piece of junk..

Reviewed by Sunny D from UK on 14th Nov 2005
Just... LOL!

Reviewed by I am broke because of O2 X2 from UK on 24th Oct 2005
I would like to share with you all the problems I have had with this phone: 1)The phone freezes when about to receive a text so you have to stop what you are doing, be it writing a text, setting alarm whatever, until the text comes. 2)The memory is small, so when your message boxes are full (which comes as a complete surprise, at least it did to me, after reading in the manual it can store 400 texts), you have to delete messages or else you are constantly displayed with an annoying message 'memory full please delete messages' whenever you go to the main screen. 3)When the memory is full the phone is very very slow. 4)Deleting messages takes a liftime. 5)As a result of number 3 above, my thumb seriously HURTS after writing a single text, I think the ergonomics of the phone must be rubbish because it really does not feel comfortable to text. 6)When texting, you are not notified of when you are running into more than one text, and so can end up spending A LOT unexpectedly. One text message costing 10p does not allow for much, it really is rubbish. At one point I actually spent about £1 on a text because I had no idea how much it was costing me. 7)The whole phone reception seems to freeze so that you cannot receive texts or calls, and what's worse, you don't realise until you try sending a text yourself. This has caused quite an upset with people not being able to contact me for long periods of time in the past. You then have no choice but to turn the phone off and on again. 8)I used the internet on the phone for a few months after buying it, not having to pay at all. Then suddenly one day it started charged me, unbeknownst to me. It seems they really are into money-grabbing. 9)The battery has started to run out very quickly, I am finding I need to charge it almost every night now. It runs out at the most inconvenient times. All in all, I think it's pretty obvious to see I am hating this phone, and needless to say, I am getting a new one this Christmas. If you have any sense, do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by Despiser of O2 phones from UK on 5th Oct 2005
This is without doubt the worst phone i ever had the displeasure of owning. Picture quality is awful, battery life is very poor, it regularly cuts out or turns itself off even with a fully charged battery, the screen freezes and it crashes several times a day requiring you to turn it back on again and listen to the REALLY loud and irritating O2 noise it makes when being turned on. O2 MUST HAVE BEEN PLAYING A PRACTICAL JOKE WHEN SELLING THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Jenna from UK on 19th Sep 2005
Hi i hate this fone 2 i cant stand it nearly everything is wrong!! i have the same problem as Sara i can never get into my contacts either and wen i cant do that it also duznt let me read txts and doesnt alert me wen i recieve them.. If i turn my fone off i can never read my txts contacts atall 1ce its turned on so 4 about 3 months now my fone has NEVER been turned OFF i hav 2 chrge it every night 2 keep it working! the frony screen has a massive crack in it along with 3 of my fendz ho hav this fone also hav cracks in it bt everything seems 2 work with their contacts etc tho. Oh the ringtones r ok if ur that botherd download them or buy them cz the actual volume on this fone id good! the camera is very poor quality and doesnt hold many pics. Also u cant see the screen in daylight atall!! Oh and someone stated the keypad doesnt light up but it does you have 2 go 2 setting then powersaving and turn it off if u have powersaving on it turns the keypad lights off and the 02 on the outer display doesnt flash!! all in all this fone is rubbish and i have 2 wait until x-mas 2 get a new 1!! I CANT WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS!!

Reviewed by brookes from UK on 13th Sep 2005
i have had this phone for a while now and it has caused me no stress or grief,it is stylish compact and just fits anywhere. the light is good to on the outside, if you dont like it buy a new one or stop moaning. the only problem is that the aerial is not big enough.

Reviewed by sara from UK on 6th Sep 2005

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 1st Sep 2005
This phone does have a lot of issues which i will not repeat BUT just read "sledgehammer's" comments 7 down from the top. It just made me cry with laughter. He really hit's the nail on the head. I can't stop reading it and it has made me feel much better about the phone.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 31st Aug 2005
Im currently on my third replacement due to faults and about to give up and buy something worth the money. Cons: As a phone its basic function is to call however, some days it just decides not to bother connecting despite good signal. Text messages arrive in blocks of 20 after days of hearing from no one(-is this O2?? or the phone?)Writing text messages using the T9 is frustrating due to the limited dictionary and inability to add new words. The patronising '!' after the failed message is also very irritating. (im just being fussy now) Sometimes text messages have actually sent despite a failed message being shown. (annoying when people recieve the same message for the 9th time). Ive had to put up with freezing of the screen, the inability to turn on and messages that come through 'incomplete' and so refuse to open. The latest development means if i close it to hard the phone turns off. Camera isnt great but then I dont expect that from a phone. Pros: Lots of memory to store messages 500+ in inbox. (does get slow though) 'All delete' function. Power saving function which turns off the annoying flashy lights and makes the battery last a little longer. Its small and looks quite good with a handy mirrored front. Despite having no insurance O2 have been very good to replace the faulty handsets with new ones - almost as if they are giving them away! Dont buy this phone. x

Reviewed by 02 user from UK on 24th Aug 2005
I've been on a few sites reading comments bout the o2 x2 phone. I get a new phone about once a year and have had mine since March. I agree that there are some teething problems with it but most people probably haven't looked at the manual or actually spoken to someone who knows what they are doing. 1) Camera - I ahve got some fantastic pics on my phone both day, night & indoors, there is a function on the phone where u can change the light conditions and the resolution. I have seen a lot worse picture phones. This is mentioned in the manual! 2) Battery life - this is actually an OK phone for battery life. Naturally if you are goign to spend hours on it, then the battery life will wear down quicker. Also a tip for extending battery life... let it wear down completely then recharge it. Constantly recharging it means that battery life becomes shortere much quicker 3) This phone does hold a lot of text messages. Yes it does operate slower... but doesn't anything even humans where memory is concerned. Simple answer delete some of them, or download anything thats important to a computer. Also heres a tip... when u switch ur phoen on u have to wait bout 30 seconds before u can use the functions to the optimum. 4) Any phone with metallic shiny screens are going to get scratched! But as other people have said... it just takes some looking after 5) This phone has so many good functions... I have downloaded ringtones, got different wallpapers, and as for the alarm... its called get up you lazy people. I sleep like a log but those alarm tones make me wak up even if my phone is at the other side of the room!

Reviewed by Nicholas from UK on 1st Aug 2005
Got this phone for christmas thinking it was great but a month down the line i hate it. Complete waste of monney better going for a standard nokia. Camera is so bad its worthless. Is nice to text with! but every thing else lets it down. But still staying with 02 just not there mobiles.

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 27th Jul 2005

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 22nd Jul 2005
Complete and utter pile of JUNK. Don't even think of buyin this phone. I got it for my 21st and it does look good from outside but don't be fooled. I have had 3 different handsets. It freezes if you turn it off and u have a whole "switch it on back off and on" fight to try and get into your contact list! Sometimes doesn't send msgs. Doesn't even bother tellin u number of characters so u waste another 10p for a full stop! If it's sunny you can see sod all on screen. Ringtones are pretty rubbish. Can only store 10pics as u get "memory low" annoying message, quality of pics looks like u have vaseline smeared on camera. The camera is in stupid awkward place and u will be lucky if battery lasts 2 days! DONT GO THERE x x x

Reviewed by Tammy from UK on 11th Jul 2005
I bought this phone cos i thought it looked really nice and it does but the memory space is really small it can only hold about 10 good quality photos and 1 voice recording and 100 messages which isnt very good considering i paid #130 for it !!!!!!!! Also now and again it freezes !!!Don't buy it !!!!!!

Reviewed by The sledgehammer from UK on 4th Jul 2005
This will turn in to a rant but please if you are seriously thinking about buying an 02X2, PLEASE BARE WITH ME. Where shall I start? It's Terrible, just terrible. This phone has got NOTHING going for it. People say it looks good, but after 2mins it is scratched all over. The camera is in an awkward place, the pics are poor quality and eat up too much memory. Texting is probably the worse thing... Predictive text is shocking, you can't add words to the dictionary, the 1 button does f-all, and for any punctuation you need to select it through the star button - Why not let the 1 button do something like on a Nokia? The 1 button doesn't even give you the number 1; you need to change the setting from 'iTap' to '123'. To top it off it DOESN'T tell you how many characters you've used, so you don't know when youíre in the 2nd text until you've sent it. Itís extremely annoying to watch the balance go down 20p instead of 10p when the text has probably gone into the 2nd one by a character or so. It all adds up, all 02's benefit. Now onto the battery, mine doesn't fit properly so itís really squeaky every time you hold the phone, and its life, thatís awful too, I struggle getting 2 days out of it. After the charging it, I turn the phone on only to find I cannot receive or send text messages or phone calls because it is just loading the whole time. I have to turn the phone off and on again, draining the shoddy battery. The alarms on offer are not loud enough for sound sleeps like myself, and it will not make any noise if you forget to take your phone off silent. Another thing is that incredibly loud and annoying 02 network sound it makes when being turned on or off. What takes the biscuit is the fact these are loud enough to wake anyone up, but can't be set as an alarm! The screen is quite small and is impossible to see when in any sunlight, and the keypad doesn't light up, so using the phone in darkness holds severe difficulties. If you couldn't be bothered to read my boring on-going rant, please go ahead and buy the phone, if you read half of it and just came to the bottom line for the summary you will be unable to detect the sarcasm in the next statement.... This is the greatest phone ever made, buy it now! ;)

Reviewed by Nadine from UK on 30th Jun 2005
I got this phone for my birthday and after getting over the initial happiness of having a new camera phone I realised that it's not that great. The camera works quite well, it takes good pictures, but you can hardly store any pictures! I keep getting a message saying that my memory is low and i need to delete my messages..but even when I delete my messages I still can't get a lot of pictures! The storage space for messages is quite good, I can get 300 messages, which is a lot of space for me. But sending messages is a different story. I usually get a message saying the message failed to send, which is extremely annoying. And overall the phone is pretty slow, i.e. when deleting messages it takes ages to delete them. the ringtones are average..not brilliant, but they'll do. The backgrounds etc are rubbish and you can't record anything over 2 mins. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Reviewed by frankie from UK on 27th Jun 2005
this phone is great everyone ses its rubbish and the camera quality is abd maybe if you actually look after your phone it wont break durr!!! the colours screens great the camera is ace and everything abiout it is good even the price is better alot of orher phones.

Reviewed by DaNi from UK on 23rd Jun 2005
This phone is the worst phone imaginable! Got it 4 Xmas and its proper rubbish. Had to change the handset 3 times due to it being faulty and my THIRD o2 x2 has gone wrong!! Its awful and I wrote a letter to O2 complaining and i'm getting my money back! The majority of people with this phone HATE IT! If you buy it now, then you honestly will regret it!

Reviewed by DoN't BuY tHiS pHoNe!!! from UK on 23rd Jun 2005
Do NOT NOT NOT buy it is awful!!

Reviewed by tai from UK on 23rd Jun 2005
BEWARE DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY.....We bought 2 of these phones, mine was awful, poor pic quality, sometimes wouldnt work at all, poor sound, my partners suddenly became very hot and display glowed RED and was to hot to touch. One was exchanged for a different phone and one was replaced with yet another O2 X2. Well it is no better it works as and when it feels like it. So 3 phones in total all very very poor quality. Give me nokia anyday.

Reviewed by heya! from UK on 21st Jun 2005
This is the worst fone anyone could ever think of !! DON'T BUY IT !!!! OR UR JUST WASTIN UR MONEY ON A PIECE OF RUBBISH luv Rachel ! mwah XXX

Reviewed by wayne from UK on 14th Jun 2005
this fone is so bad i thought it was just mine when someone calls after a min the call cuts out

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 5th Jun 2005
This phone is poor, it does all the basics pretty well; Texting, phoning etc. But the camera is shocking and there must be a fair amount of light for a half decent photo. Even then I can only store up to about 7 photos. The upside is i have had no problems recieving photos. But there is not much more to his phone. It is really basic!!

Reviewed by X2 from UK on 1st Jun 2005
Just don't bother getting this phone. Actually I think it's now impossible to get this phone, they appear to have taken it off the market, although too little too late for my liking. I've had this phone for longer than some of you guys, so I really feel your pain. I've had so many problems with it and I have no prove of purchase any more, so I can't even return it, which sucks a lot. If your considering any of the X Series, don't bother. Please. Don't.

Reviewed by Sky Mango! from UK on 12th May 2005
I have hd my o2-x2 since xmas and already it's hardly going i cannot get into my txt message box and it takes ages to load and never mind even trying to get it on i think if this phone has such a poor quality then the price should have been much much cheaper we payed #149.99 for that phone and wish we hadn't bothered!!!!

Reviewed by MEMEME!!!!!!!!!!! from UK on 24th Apr 2005
hey!neva get this fone!theres no memory i can hold 10messages and 35pics!its rubbish! the battery runs out in a second!get the o2 x3 its way better and its the same price now!! DONT WASTE UR MONEY ON THE X2!!

Reviewed by Matt Oliver from UK on 11th Apr 2005
best phone i've eva hd an am ever likly to hve only problem i hd was wen i was plyin a gme an my m8 txt me it froze but all i hd to do was turn it off den bck on easily good value 4 money cept the gme u get with it is kinda rubbish

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 10th Apr 2005
Free upgrade from 02 more like a downgrade,battery life poor,pics poor and poor volume to hear who you are talking to. Rubbish phone stick to Nokia!

Reviewed by rosh from england on 2nd Apr 2005
this fone is absolute rubbish. i got it for christmas and after 2months the fone started losing the signal so u have to turn it off and on again to get ur texts etc - then 5mins later it happens again. u have to hold the camera 4 ages too. the only guf thing on this fone is the face morph on the camera effects. apart from that what a load of overpriced shizny!

Reviewed by tracy from UK on 2nd Apr 2005
boyfriend bought me this phone for x-mas loved it at 1st the look of it was great but it keeps freezing i keep gettin messages sayin failed when im tryin 2 send txt or media messages & when you phone someone you cant even get hello out b4 it cuts out! not happy with it at all & wouldnt recamend it to any-one

Reviewed by Grant from Scotland on 30th Mar 2005

Reviewed by Kat from England on 30th Mar 2005
I have to agree with mitch from scotland this phone really is rubbish. Even though it can hold many texts i have to keep turning it on and off to receive all my texts and sumtimes i have to reboot it by taking out the battery. Ive also had a problem with my fone suddenly making alarming sounds and the screen going completely white and there is a yellow line across the outer display. Can anyone help what this is?? Basically this fone is not good

Reviewed by Bob from Uk on 29th Mar 2005
Rubbish Fone Cannot do ne fin with it wouldnot recomend it, if you own this fone u r a mug

Reviewed by boris from England on 29th Mar 2005
Best phone in the world!!!!!!

Reviewed by dane from england on 26th Mar 2005
It is rubbish the first phone was better then this!!

Reviewed by karen from UK on 24th Mar 2005
My husband bought this phone for me at christmas. I was really pleased with it but recently it has started freezing on me, took it back to the shop where I was told it was a network problem, don't think it was as my friend is on same network and she didn't have problems. Anyway not that happy with it anymore as it is only 3 months old, don't expect it to start freezing. The volume on it is awful as well, I have missed many calls, I previously had a nokia 7250i and I never missed a call with that one. Taking it back to the shop at the weekend.

Reviewed by Danielle xx from Uk on 21st Mar 2005
This phone is brilliant, the camera is gd quality if you actually use your common sense n switch it to eitha outdoor, indoor or night mode! It stores lots of txt msgs and the colour screen is really gd, i particularly like the outer displays you can have. You have quite a few txt/ring tones to choose from and if you dnt lyk um jus buy your own, not the end of the world! The games are gd and finally if you actually look after your fne, it won't get scratched! It ain't hard to take care of them! 10/10 its brill! Luv it xx

Reviewed by mitch from scotland!! on 19th Mar 2005
i got this fone in nov 04 and although it holds lots of texts i find it very slow when my inbox is holding a lot.the camera is rubbish as it has no zoom and is really dark.my screen consistently freezes and i am unable to receive texts unless i switch my fone off then on again...i dnt recommend this

Reviewed by ciara from UK on 17th Mar 2005
i have the volume as loud as possible and still no sound comes out when i get a call saves very few pictures but it does beat the o2x1 which i had before. DO NOT BUY ANY OF THESE MOBILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Emma from ireland on 15th Mar 2005
this is an ok fone, the camera aint great and the battery doesnt last long. the gud thing about it is that it has free internet and you can store loads and loads of messages. it doesnt give you much space to take fotos. overall its an alryt fone.

Reviewed by Helen Barnett from England on 15th Mar 2005
this phone is a good phone but its is a bit hard to work for the simplitons like me lol but otherwise its a gd phone

Reviewed by sophia from england on 15th Mar 2005
this fone is ok but i wudnt rly reconmend it to some one who wants a fone for its picture quality or screen size because if u go to take a pic then its is all darks and gloomy then once uve taken it then it takes bout 2mins to load so u av to hold it in the same pace n keep deadly still also it is slow finding and loading things athought it can hold up too 400 texts if u want to send a pic message there is no hope there either it never works i av rang up so many times to get the rite settings but no still not working!!! i got rid of this fone month ago now n bought the motorola v547 it is brill best fone ever had!!!

Reviewed by Andy from Northern Ireland on 13th Mar 2005
i got dis phone in November 04. 2 Months Later... Lost It In. They are very easy to lose but apart from that... Their quite good. The Camera Is Good and the tones are good aswell. ( to get free ringtones use ur WAP on ur mobile and go onto the site - http://ringtonenation.com/wap/ ) When I Got My New x2 In January 05 The Camera Was Much Darker And The Tones Were Really Low For Bein On The Higest Volume. Nothing Bad Has Happened Like Screen Freezing But It Has Switched Off On Me Once Or Twice P.S. Does This Phone Has Video Record And Play Back?

Reviewed by charlene from England on 11th Mar 2005
Although i have only had this fone for 2 weeks (O2,x2) it seems pretty good. The camera is quite clear although it does take a while to take a photo and so far i have 20 pics on it and i can still take more. The battery only lasts 3 days if your lucky and the display is pretty small. I have not had any scratches on dis fone yet but have noticed that the outer display and the internal one gets very greasy easily. Overall this fone is good for the money but i would spend more if you wants a decent one.

Reviewed by someone from somewhere on 10th Mar 2005
well i dont know y u all have put 'poor' 4 this fone but u know wot u all have a bad taste. my sis has dis fone and i fink its pretty gud and i fink u shud go 4 it.........but if ur looking 4 sumfin much better then nokia 3220 or nokia 6230. thats all im gonna say 4 now but go on take my advice!

Reviewed by miss from wales on 9th Mar 2005
all of the 02x_ range is rubbish!! i know peple who have had trouble with the x1 and the x1i and i have had trouble with the x2

Reviewed by from on 8th Mar 2005
This is an amazing fone the camera is great the tones r gr8 the games r ok. The style is so ccccccoooooooooolllllll and internet on it is so much fun u can download really good tones for cheap prices. BEst fone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

Reviewed by jj from england on 8th Mar 2005
this is a rubbish phone. the camera is awful and it is quite hard o distinguish what you are taking a photo of if you are shooting from a distance.i would not reccomend this phone as it is slow and there are much better phones for about the same price.

Reviewed by Melv from UK on 8th Mar 2005
Can anyone tell me what PHONE LOCK means, when I turn it on this is the screen I'm presented with, what is the code? melvynbull@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Nick @ The link from England on 3rd Mar 2005
I feel that this phone has been a let down so much. its a shame cause it had the style and price to be a roaring success. Well i think as time goes on(X3) they(O2) will bring out better phones. BUT give serious thought to buying any phone thats made either in part or wholely by a network provider. nick :D

Reviewed by James from U.K. on 1st Mar 2005
I bought this phone when it first came out in august 2004. I only bought it because i needed a triband to work in cyprus and it looked quite smart at the time. Little did i know i was making the biggest mistake of my life. It worked fine up until xmas 2004, Then came the problems. Screen freezing, wouldnt register with network, even though i live literally 1mile away from an O2 mast. I couldnt get in my phone book or anything, the basic software was a pile of poo. I was happy for it to go back for repair, until i learnt that one of my collegues has had this fone replaced twice, and still fixed a whopping 5 times. O2 are now offering me a replacement X2 which im not happy with. Ill happilly pay extra to upgrade to the X3. This fone should never of been marketed as O2 no-doubtedly knew the problems with the handset. I would warn everyone and anyone, DO NOT BUY THE 02 X2!!!

Reviewed by ??? from france on 24th Feb 2005
its *bleep*

Reviewed by Gus Monsoon from UK on 23rd Feb 2005
CONS: The software is quite slow. Texting is very awkward, compared to almost all other manufacturers. Camera is rther poor quality. battery life is not great. PROS: quite a nice looking phone. nice responsive keypad.

Reviewed by jane from england on 23rd Feb 2005
i got this phone cuz my 02x1 broke with the usual screen freezin ect ect welll its ok.... i meen it does wat u want but the screen is tiny and the camera is pretty bad, even if u get a gd photo u cant actually see it cuz the screen is so dam small. nice outside tho the mirror get very scratched and damaged. not enuf momery so u can have photo's OR messages OR voice memo ect.part 4rm tht i suppose it does the job

Reviewed by philis eugine from england on 22nd Feb 2005
Don't buy this phone! i bought it for my birthday to replace the nokia 6820..WORST MISTAKE EVER!! i was unsure as it didn't have many of the features that the nokia does but as long as it had a camera.If only i knew the pictures it took are complete blur! The sound memo doesn't last long either and iv'e just had to put it to get fixed as the screen has stopped working!

Reviewed by Angela from Scotland on 19th Feb 2005
I bought the X2 for £69 ( using a £10 voucher in Comet)to upgrade from the X1. I had been reasonably pleased with it and the features worked well on it so assumed the X2 would have improved features. However I have to agree the the two things that annoy me most are the poor camera quality - my X1 took great quality pictures and you could adjust it- and the poor battery life especially as I use my phone as an alarm and reminder each working day. From the reviews I think many of us have a phone with poor camera quality and others have been lucky to get one that works as it should. I find it impossible to take a photo without bending my head to an unusual angle and it is always blurry ( I did remove the sticker)! I was going to give the X1 to my son but have kept it until I decide whether to bin the X2! Also prefered the X1 address book which kept all one person's numbers under their name as I took ages to rename the numbers once I swapped them to the X2 by sim.

Reviewed by I hate PHONES4U and O2 and the X2 from England on 17th Feb 2005
I have always been with orange ( for 7 years) but as my girlfriend was on O2 i decided to change (big mistake). I went to phones4u and was advised that the X2 was a great phone with good camera. I expressed my concerns after hearing about all the problems with the X1 but was assured all that was sorted out. I went ahead with the purchase and was made up for a month. then the problems started. I cant always get my conact list up so I cant always see missed calls or dialled numbers etc so I have to take the battery off and reboot the phone. Sometimes I have 4 bars but cant connect to the O2 network because the coverage is rubbish. The camera doesn't work anymore at all. The phone memory is rubbish. With one press on the keypad about 3 different numbers appear (very annoying when trying to txt or dial), predictive txt is pointless on this phone. God I can go on and on. Phones4u have basically told me to get lost after having my phone repaired a few times, O2 have tried to tell me there isn't a problem with the range (do a little) searching on the internet and you will see the problems. Therefore I am £120 down and a phone that I couldn't give away. please please please whatever you do don't buy any of the X range from O2, i.e. X1, X2, X3 or X4. if you are going to go with O2 make sure the coverage is good and remember there are better networks who will price match and deal speak to them first. but the most important, DONT EVER BUY FROM PHONES4U once they have sold you the phone they dont want to know. It will cause great stress and anguish if you do. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER. Thanks. Adam.

Reviewed by Mare from Scotland on 15th Feb 2005
I got this phone as an insurance replacement for the O2X1 (just don't go there), so far so good, when you get a msg you can tell who its from, and be able to see who's calling you. A phone's a phone, so i'm not too fussed abiut the camera (just as well really), so overall, the mobile will do, i'm not looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Reviewed by from england on 14th Feb 2005
this phone is okay it is not the best phone i have ever had. the camera is pritty rubbish, the vioce memo is only roughly 30-60 seconds lond. the only thing(s) that are good is the picture, and the texting, also you can add pictures to the contacts which is kind of cool.

Reviewed by rob from UK on 14th Feb 2005
its a nice looking phone but not worth the £150 i paid for it. no bluetooth,,,poor camera and most of rubbish ringtones !!! to find a decent one is hard and no matter how i try i cant get crazy frog!!!!! i have always been with O2 but i guess it maybe time to look for a change.

Reviewed by Jamie from England on 12th Feb 2005
When I got this phone I thought it was amazing, it is still definitely the best lookng phone out there. however, the screen is amazingly small. Every time I put a new contact in it made me put a voice tag on, but there is no way of using voice tags to dial numbers. The camera is poor quality, and no video recoring or playback is a serious downside. There is no Bluetooth or Infrared. It is a tiny phone so it can fit into all kinds of places including between your car keys so it severel scratches and dents the lovely shiny external screen. I paid £150 for this phone, and I will never buy an O2 phone again (although they have the best tariffs for texters by far). It does look nice, but that's about all there is going for it!

Reviewed by David Sandell from England on 9th Feb 2005
Awful phone, awful features, awful camera, awful everything! You have to tilt the phone towards you when taking a stand up picture and you cant see the image without bending down! The O2X1 had a decent swivel camera so why didn't they keep it on the 'O2????? AND, they did't keep with the small video feature either?!? The screen is too small, no speed dial, pathetic memory, The only credible thing about the phone is it looks quite stylish, but when u start 2 use it its a different story. Fortunatley i got this phone free on an upgrade so i really feel for anyone who parted with cash for it. My next upgrade is due soon and i cant wait to bin this one.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 8th Feb 2005
Ibought this phone as a present for my Wife at Christmas, I paid £140. You can buy it Today for £99 or less. DO NOT waste your money on this phone!! Getting the settings to activate this phone are a nightmare!! Poor screen, Poor Camera and most of all, some of the WORST sounds that Ive heard from a modern mobile phone. It should indeed be a Crime that 02 are STILL selling this thing. A Bad Buy for us........we will be looking for a Better Quality replacement .......Soon.

Reviewed by laura from uk on 8th Feb 2005
i disagree with all of you my phone has got 15 pics on n its still lettin me take more! downloading on this fone is just as dear as on ne ova!!! i think this fone is well worth the money !!

Reviewed by dan from england on 7th Feb 2005
good phone but £2.50 per ringtone is a rip off the only thing about this phone it doesn't have blue tooth Monday 7th february

Reviewed by Annabel Smith from UK on 6th Feb 2005
well to be honest, the phone is OK.... it freezes up quite a lot (as did the O2 X1 when i had that) and the camera is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!! i dont mind the phone on a whole as it does its job and looks good, but as far as accessories and camara and the cool factor; its pretty bad.

Reviewed by The King Jaffdog from UK on 6th Feb 2005
I'm nearly 19 now, and for the past 6 years or so, mobiles have been really taking off. I vowed all them years back that I would never buy one because of their uselessness and that they were quickly rendered obsolete by the next model up. Well I stuck to my word until now because it is really more convenient to carry a mobile for arranging things, I mean a whole day would be spoilt at times because I was for example around the corner of the cinema, while my friends were about 5 metres away and we couldn't find each other! So now I see all these 8 year old chav's hanging out with them, and seeing as mass market mobiles were around before they were even born, I thought I couldn't be left out in the cold any longer, plus the fact I got a job in a mobile phone shop! So now on with the phone. I find this phone excellent in every possible aspect, the style, the quality, the ease of use. I can't really go into every detail for now because I think those type of things are really best looked at at first hand. Believe me, if you get this phone, and especially as an entry level phone, it will definitely impress. Do not listen to the people on this page, seriously, would you tell me now that you would take advice from individuals (and there are so many of them here) that can't even spell many words right, cannot write in continuous prose, and decline to even spell the device's name correctly? (fone, anyone?). They seem to complain about the quality of the camera, well sure that would be valid 100% to complain about...if this were a digital camera we are reviewing. People, it doesn't take a genius to work out that this is a phone (it's quite self explanatory, really). I use this phone as a phone, to phone people, not to take pictures of them, surf the internet, or use it as some sort of MP3 player, that is what you buy individual devices for. So all in all, this is an excellent phone, it's quite cheap these days compared to before and definitely holds up against the others on the market. The only fault I can say is that it isn't exactly up there with the £200+ models, but nobody said it was. Excellent.

Reviewed by jacob from wales on 6th Feb 2005
i think it is a great phone but i dont know if it got blue tooth or were the infered

Reviewed by Gromit from UK on 4th Feb 2005
This is a quick message for all the people who are slagging this phone off: This is a great phone and can save way more than 8 photos! Your hand must be huge if it gets in the way of the camera and not all the games are £5 - some are only £1.50. If you have a problem with this phone then fair enough but I have just explained all your problems! Get this phone - its cheap, fun to use, colour screen and has great camera (you can set it to indoor, outdoor and even has night vision!). This in some peoples views is a load of tosh but in effect you must be spoilt if you think its rubbish - it is a basic, well made phone. Full marks.

Reviewed by Mahesh from India on 4th Feb 2005
Excellent for the value !! I must say the camera quality is as per the cost if u want good cameraphone buy something expensive not o2 x2 by the way who will give you a exceptional quality camera in low cost ? The piece I have is good one plus I liked it more then my Motorola E398 to be frank bcoz of the beauty of the handset and the fantastic quality of Ringtone. eventhough there is no MP3 player but the polyphonic ringtones sounds better in o2 x2 loud & clear enough. I particularly liked the polyphonic ringtone composer very easy to make high quality polyphonic ringtones in minutes. But I didnt liked the Interface it sucks. and settings are complicated. could have improved the battery life. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a normal quality phone for such a low price. use the phone to see the quality instead of just reading some bad reviews and spreading rumours that o2 x2 sucks. but the truth is its the Best phone available for the given price range !!

Reviewed by dan from england on 3rd Feb 2005
very good but games cost £5.00 per each and butit is everything you want 3rd february

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 2nd Feb 2005
I thought the fone was a gd buy wen i saw it advertised sorry to say but it is rubbish the outside screen is all scratched up which is an embarasment. I want to buy a new fone but am still paying off this one my advice do not purchase this fone.

Reviewed by Natalie from Scotland on 2nd Feb 2005
I got this phone for christmas and i think it is brill! it looks good and it has everything you need! so BUY THIS PHONE its the best phone ever!!!

Reviewed by dan white from uk on 1st Feb 2005
good all round phone very pleased

Reviewed by laura from scotland on 1st Feb 2005
i bouGht thiS phone second haNd twO monthS ago whilE it waS tWo wkZ olD anD i paiD 60 quiD foR it,i asked the dude y he was selling it he said it was rubbish but i bought it anywaY.........!!!!!!! doNt waSte ya moNey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nikki from Scotland on 31st Jan 2005
i wish there was a choice to pick no stars becuz i dont think this fon desrves any stars!! ok yea wen u byu it its so small and cute then u use it and i have 2 charde it every day!! how anoying!! i can only get 5-8 pics if im lucky wen i take a picture ther is a 3 secs delay!i think this fon should be banned!! its complete waste of muny! im throughin mines in the bin and gettin a samsung D500 its the best :D choi 4 now ;)

Reviewed by Desease from UK on 30th Jan 2005
i have to agree with everyone else. This phone is bad value for money. The battery life is the worst I've ever had.. come on,it will only last 2 days if your really lucky! the camera is rubbish. doesnt hold vey many images. Unlike y kids fones Ericsson T160's battery last for over 1 week..even the flip screen scratched whilst IN my bag..!!! I will be dumping this asap!!

Reviewed by Nicola from Scotland on 30th Jan 2005
this fone is rubbish i can only have 8 pictures on it!!

Reviewed by Perks from UK on 30th Jan 2005
Awfull, steer clear at all costs. The software is a complete joke. Its been back to be fixed twice now, but as the probelm is in the basic software, no change.

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 27th Jan 2005
fab fone every1 should buy it!

Reviewed by claire from Engalnd on 27th Jan 2005
i Wouldnt even get me started on this fone. i submitted a review not so long ago about this fone. it broke and i had to get a new one. That was fine but now i have had it once again under a week and it has done exactly the same thing! I am sorry to say this but this fone is rubbish an whoever thought it was a good fone is completely rong! The camera is rubbish and the game!?!?!?! my god its the worst how old do they think the people that will buy this fone are? 5? i think not I WARN YOU NOW STAY AWAY FROM THIS FONE!!!! DONT WASTE UR MONEY LIKE I DID!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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