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O2 Ice review

 Review: December 2006  

Last updated June 2007


In a nutshell: The O2 Ice is an attractively-styled 3G phone with a classic candy-bar shape.


It's a very slim phone, at just 14mm, and elegant, with an ice white colour scheme. The keypad is well laid out, with small but nicely raised keys and a 5-way navigation key and is easy to use.

The O2 Ice supports video calling with a front-mounted video camera. There's a second rear-mounted camera for taking still images. This is a 1.3 megapixel camera and gives acceptable results, but is by no means the best camera on a mobile phone. The Ice has an MP3 player, which is of reasonable quality. Although the memory supplied is just 32 Mbytes, which is not enough to store more than a handful of music tracks, there is a Micro SD memory card slot which allows you to expand the total memory to more than a Gbyte - enough to store plenty of songs. This isn't up to Apple iPod standards though, so don't expect to replace a dedicated music player. There's a headset socket on the side of the phone. The O2 Ice comes with a USB cable for transferring music files from your PC, and also supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

In addition to video calling, the O2 Ice supports all of O2's 3G services, and being exclusive to O2, the phone is configured with easy access to these. For example, you can access O2 Active with a single key press. Internet access is fast, thanks to the 3G connection.

Our first impressions of the O2 Ice were good - it's a compact 3G handset offering excellent value for money - but as with so many of the O2-branded phones, it's unreliable. Read the user reviews below for a flavour of people's real-life experiences with this phone. The main problems seem to be software/firmware related, and can range from particular functions not working to the whole phone shutting down and needing to be replaced. These problems appear to be random, so if you buy it you might be lucky, or you might not.

O2 Ice features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Display: 256k colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Video camera
  • MP3 player
  • MP3 ringtones / 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: email
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes plus Micro SD memory card slot
  • Size: 117 x 49 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Triband plus 3G
  • Talktime: 6 hours
  • Battery standby: 312 hours

O2 Ice user reviews

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Average rating from 244 reviews:

Reviewed by Naveen from UK on 26th Sep 2011
02 ice phone not opening images shows "waiting"... if any one know the solution please suggest it here

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 26th Jul 2011
A phone that never let me down. I've had loads of phones since the O2 ICE and regret "trying" to upgrade the ICE - because honestly it does what it needs, texts, calls and the front camera is perfect for a mirror! -Though the mp3 and features I wouldn't call outstanding

Reviewed by ann mole from UK on 7th Feb 2011
love my phone. easy to use great photo's. just one bad thing not great at picking up on voice recorder. but love it.

Reviewed by YohCeezaX from UK on 28th Sep 2010
I have had this phone for roughly four years. It has never given my any problems, and as a not to heavy phone user, I've never needed to upgrade. As I now consider getting a new phone, only because I would like to play games on the new Windows Phone 7 Operating System, I think it's time to let the rather old dog die. Although it's in perfect working order and only a few dents! Just thought I'd give it a outstanding review before I let it go forever.

Reviewed by Nellie from UK on 1st Jan 2010
This phone is amazing, i could never have got a better phone- i got it ages ago and then i got a new phone, the lg ks 360 but that was rubbish so i went back to this one and i love it!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by John R from UK on 2nd Sep 2009
Several instances of it not receiving calls when we know they have been made and in good areas of reception. Also can't hear the ring tones as they are very quiet. No Radio. Changed phones now, got a spare dud sim and will use it as a camera and music player from now on. John R - 2 Sept 09

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 15th Jul 2009
this phone is ok but the ringing volume is very low i never hear it, and it crashes alot.its alright as a basic phone if u dont like all the fancy stuff

Reviewed by O2 customer from UK on 12th Jul 2009
Dont buy it, nothing wrong with the phone (ish) but when the OS messes up and you need to do a system update (quite a basic function of any post 1998 mobile phone)... you won't find anything helpfull on the O2 website. Seems they are so embarased about their own model phones... so embarased that the O2 store near me doesn't even STOCK O2 PHONES!!!! Looking for updates on the website will leave you confised and/or stressed

Reviewed by CRACING from UK on 1st Jul 2009
Hello all, As I have seen almost all o2 ice phone has waiting screen problem and I too faced this problem when I was having this phone. However its no more... So I like to help you ppl to solve the problem and I'm 100% sure its. !NO SCAM! Mail me to : CRACING.Support@hotmail.com. Best Regards

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 19th Jun 2009
I had this phone and loved it, but eventually replaced it with a samsung that had better features. I've recently switched back to it because the samsung kept dying on me and I've found the ice so reliable, probably the most reliable phone I've ever owned! Still love it! x

Reviewed by matt from UK on 13th Jun 2009
i had myn for about 1 year, then it started to crash every time I wanted to access my photo album. Also at the same time I lost the ability to go on the the net. which is a shame because at first this phone was really good but now, its probably the worst phone iv had, and if its not the worst its defiantly the one I have had the most problems with.

Reviewed by lily from UK on 2nd May 2009
I had this phone once and it is really easy to use it doesn’t brake to easy so it is durable also I had dropped it into a puddle once and just left it over night and it was working very well the next morning its also very good for someone that likes texting a lot the key pad is soft so it doesn’t need much effort to type in a message

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 22nd Mar 2009
I've had this phone for 2 1/2 years now, and have had virtually no problems with it. I bought it second hand, without any software, so of course have not been able to connect it to my computer. It still hasn't failed to impress me - as a clumsy person, it is incredibly durable although not too large. It may be lacking in features that many people look for in hi-tech phones today, but it serves fantastically to anyone who just needs a phone to call and text with. It has recently been showing signs of ageing - occasionally freezing and needing to be restarted - but, for a phone that cost less than £30, it has been remarkably wearable. Will miss this phone when I eventually have to get a new one!

Reviewed by naresh bhardwaj from UK on 12th Jan 2009
i have o2 ice but phone not display missed,recieved and dialled call can i format the phone Please help me, if someone is having any solution for my above queries. narebhar@yahoo.com

Reviewed by jazz from UK on 21st Dec 2008
i brought my first one, and it was good to start with, but after a few months, i cudnt get on to my bluetooth, without it crashing on me, and i cudnt turn my fone off, bcuz then i was un-able to get my fone back on, because it wudnt reckonize the sim! i sent this back, and they replaced it with the same make, just new! so this is my 2nd one, and still it keeps messing up, it still freezes, and it wont alow me to get on my pictures, i can leave it for a day and my pictures still wont come up. its a rubbish fone, and i wouldnt purchase it again, i've had many fones before, but this is the most rubbsih! so if anybody is looking to get one, i wouldnt, because its going to cost alot to fix. also does anybody know the download to get my fone to work on my pc, bcuz i have lost the disk, and i need the download, to try and take my pics off!

Reviewed by lucy from UK on 31st Oct 2008
i think this phone is rubbish. i have had it for about a year and it keeps shutting its self down. and when ever i try to use bluetooth it goes it to a "recovery" mode and turns off and on again. its now doing it with texts as well!! it also keeps conecting to the internet with out me wanting it to and spends most of my credit!!!!! even sending 1 text can change cost from 10p to 43p!!!!! never get this phone if you want it tolast or want to keep your money!!!!!

Reviewed by jack from UK on 26th Oct 2008
i have had this phone for ages and everything is wrong with i have had 2 send it bak 2 the factory 6 times nd each time a new phone has had to been sent out to me, i have been forced to buy a new fone because you can now no longer look at any pictures or videos on it, the folders will not even open and i really cannot be bothered to get this fone again so i have bought a samsung G600 from o2 for 129.99 it is an amazing fone with a 5 megapixel camera and i recommend it to anyone who does not get that much mioney but wants a stylish fone

Reviewed by conor from UK on 13th Sep 2008
i loved this phone and dresprate to get it back

Reviewed by reevesey from UK on 11th Sep 2008
the best phone ive ever had

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 6th Sep 2008
not an amazing phone. crashes occasionally, it also muddles up some texts recieved, with past texts that havent been deleted. just an average phone with some problems.

Reviewed by grave stalker from UK on 4th Sep 2008
hi im from new zealand and i love the phone and think that its the best fone made and im glad to be the first one in new zealand to own it i hope they can bring more into the country so other people can become users like me i love it to peaces so thanx guys from the 02 group

Reviewed by sudip from UK on 2nd Sep 2008
i have a o2 ic but sound is verry low

Reviewed by dani..x from UK on 31st Aug 2008
very good phone its lasted me nearly 3 years now bt time 2 get a new 1 now 2 thinz rong with it though.... 1. low sound 2. not enough space for songs bt you can get memory card overall very good gona miss it .... sort off

Reviewed by grappz from UK on 6th Aug 2008
lol, i spose it's ok, but mine isnt really white anymore, they sort of...stain lol, oh and where can you dowload the software to connect this phone to the computer? anyone?

Reviewed by flammable from UK on 3rd Aug 2008
I have had my O2 Ice for about a year now. I got It off of Ebay as I wanted the white one. Its a great little phone plays music games and has mini sd slot, and a camera. Everything I needed. Its nice stylish mobile that you can pick up for around £40 on ebay !

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
I love my o2 ice. ive dropped it in puddles and onb the floor and its got loads of chips in it but it still works perfectly. I LOVE IT !!!

Reviewed by Kandy from UK on 18th Jun 2008
bought this phone for my husband for his birthday in february and it worked perfect for a month...the piece by piece it started to shut down... 1st he couldnt get into the pc suite, then the mp3 player shut off and then he couldnt get into his photos... so i had to pay out and get him a new phone as no place would try and fix it... not worth its money, really bad unreliable phone!

Reviewed by gulay from UK on 13th Jun 2008
i don't like this phine it's rubbish! you shouldn't sell these phones because there really bad. i am going to report you. how can anyone even like this phone it would've been much more better if it was a sony erricson. but you 've totally killed the image.i am saying this out to every one now don't get this phone it will kill you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Neal from UK on 10th Jun 2008
I have the strawberry (PINK?) ice. It is 2nd one i have had. First one kept crashing. It would not let me get access to my pictures.. Just kept telling me "Please Wait" while it loads the thumbnails. I think the pc suite crashed it as that was last thing i did before. May i suggest nobody deletes or moves a file using pc suite. It did it twice. The strawberry one i have now is excellent. It has a loud(er) ringer, but still somewhat subdued. Works excellent for a contant 6000hz and 11000hz tone. In 3G area, wap and internet access (as modem via bluetooth) is amazing. I really do belive it wuicker than my home 4meg connection. 2G is slow (estimate about 1-2kbs download speed). Also keeps crashing me out of meed=bo. relatively limited javascript engine. Wont run gmail application, but google maps and ebuddy ok. Some games crash it too (Fishing Mania). All in al, this is a brilliant phone. It does reset and reboot itself on occasions, however i believe it because i pressing buttons for menus that arent open yet as I am quicker than it can handle. The text ection with its predictive and english dictionary is ecellent. So simple my mother uses one (She 88) I arked a 5 despite these problems because of th one thing I relly like about it.. Its one hell of a durable phone that can take a beating better than the rest of the market (flip and slides are soo flimsey on same price range phone)

Reviewed by adam from UK on 17th May 2008
i had the phone for 6 months and i absoloutley adore the phone but too expensive

Reviewed by Sadie from UK on 13th May 2008
I am very happy with this phone. I have had no problems

Reviewed by bob from UK on 12th May 2008
it is poor because you can not find it on most websites

Reviewed by George from UK on 11th May 2008
A good all round phone - not over complicated, it has few features the best of which is video calling (can be pricey tho). Sleek, lightweight and fits easy into your hand. Not great for music and the ringtones are awful - but there's nothing stopping you from downloading mp3 for free!

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 29th Apr 2008
i love my o2 ice best phone i have had, does all i want it to

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 7th Apr 2008
I bought this phone about 8 months ago and it did me fine for the first 4 or 5 months. It wouldn't save all my new contacts. They would stay for a few hours then just delete. Also, a couple of months after that it started to not save my call logs. This is a huge disadvantage as I can't see who my missed calls are from. Other than that it was alright, not very much memory though, but you get what you pay for (which wasn't very much). It was good for a while but started to go downhill after some time.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 7th Apr 2008
For the price of these phones you can't really complain, I've had mine a year and it still works ok. I did recently have that call log problem which was annoying but swapping the sim seems to do the trick. Its only frozen a couple of times. The camera etc is fairly good and it does the job ok.

Reviewed by nikki from UK on 6th Apr 2008
the sound of this phone is very low! and i can't get my picture folder to open.

Reviewed by Do Hai Tuan from UK on 1st Apr 2008
It's so beautiful

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 31st Mar 2008
my o2 ice phone has brocken after 8 months, I am not able to locate calls log(received, missed, or dialed calls)

Reviewed by i love my o2 ice but it has some fults from UK on 28th Mar 2008
i bought this phone about 8 months ago and it has some fults its sometime frezes and its getting slower evey day and ts doesent charge very well at all but i love it still

Reviewed by shane from UK on 21st Mar 2008
had phone 18 mts fine downloaded content lost sound folder just waiting is the message any ideas

Reviewed by wemblkey from UK on 16th Mar 2008
rubbish phone i still have it trying to sell it !!!

Reviewed by Srikanth.k from UK on 10th Mar 2008
Hi, Has anyone got problem with stops responding on "waiting" screen. I have the solution! If you want help, then try mailing to my id cracing.support@gmail.com Many Thanks [Editor's reply: Whay not just post the solution here for all to see?]

Reviewed by franko from UK on 8th Mar 2008
boss phone i love it

Reviewed by Olivia from UK on 20th Feb 2008
Really annoying phone. I tried moving the files onto the memo card but it keeps saying: warning! Memory full wen The i totally emptied the memo card out!

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 16th Feb 2008
this phone is awful as the files will eventually not open after 2-3 weeks

Reviewed by sharron ozborn from UK on 16th Feb 2008
amazig phone the best in universe

Reviewed by Asim Sajjad from UK on 8th Feb 2008
Its cool

Reviewed by RAJEEV from UK on 3rd Feb 2008
simpli great phone having all cool features.

Reviewed by Eleanor from UK on 22nd Jan 2008
the 02 ice is a GOOD phone ive had 2 now with mine it has problems like > when uve missed a call u go to view the missed call it says nothing >when someone sends u a multimedia message when u go to view it it says YOU'VE havent got a multimedia message when you have > IT freezes then when u turn it on it gives me 2 bars

Reviewed by jimzi from UK on 21st Jan 2008

Reviewed by Kathii from UK on 4th Jan 2008
My brother has had this phone for almost a year it's a reallly good phone but it's not easy to keep clean and is not very ice phone.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
hi, i have had this phone for nearly a year now, not really had any major probs, except the last week or so the call log is no longer there, thought i'd done something to it but after reading these reviews its obvious there is some sort of fault. yes i also agree with it being to quiet, dont think much of the non email facility either?! roll on next month so i can get rid of it and buy a new one!

Reviewed by Amrut Barde from UK on 30th Dec 2007
people with missing call list remove your sim put another sim start the phone dial out then check your call list shut down and re put your sim it works

Reviewed by JaMiE from UK on 9th Dec 2007
I have posted a comment on this phone before on the 18th of febuary and it blew up on me on my holidays so i bought the nokia xpressmusic 5200 on the 3rd nov and so far its the loudest phone ive hd

Reviewed by connor 13 england from UK on 8th Dec 2007
its allright but my bluetooths broke the music is not load the camera is very poor the buttons stick i would keep clear from this phone

Reviewed by billybob from UK on 28th Nov 2007
poo speakers but overall its gd

Reviewed by ur ma from UK on 28th Nov 2007
this phone is awful -a brick -rubbish camera -low sound -only 35 entries for the phonebook -looks awful -freezes all the time!! dont get it!!

Reviewed by Adnan Cheema from UK on 21st Nov 2007
very nice phone ever had easy to use brilliant graphicks

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 17th Nov 2007
ii love this phone i would keep it forever but i need i new phone but this phone is so good the sound is ok on it throw aint really that loud is a bit

Reviewed by Martino from UK on 15th Nov 2007
i like this fone ive had it for like 11 months its a good fone, my fone went through the toughest cadet exercise ever go my o2 ice but im no one for complaining but my photos and images are total wrecked it just keeps saying waiting it also the same connecting to samsung fone via bluetooth can anyone help me plz XD

Reviewed by joe from UK on 8th Nov 2007
o2 ice 4evaaaaaa its really gud. i think i look good wen i use it. coz white is right. cool.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 7th Nov 2007
OOOOOOOOOOK!!! i have had the phone changed already coz it was faulty... now i have the new phone it has stopped me entering the photo file it just says 'waiting...' it doesnt ever have a call list so i cant tell who ive missed calls from etc and it wont bluetooth it just says 'recovering...' and then turns off and on! What is wrong with these phones :|

Reviewed by G3RG from UK on 5th Nov 2007
a brilliant fone!

Reviewed by DD from UK on 24th Oct 2007
the phone is rubish do not buy it. The sound is low and it mashs up easy DO NOT BUY IT

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 24th Oct 2007
Great phone though theres some problems with the software. I've had my o2 ice since jan 07 and after trying to delete some videos it displayed "waiting" and stayed like that. It was replaced in may and has just done the same thing again.

Reviewed by Jayanth from UK on 22nd Oct 2007
O2Ice is an excellent phone but you cannot rely on its alarm to wake you up in the morning as the volume is too feeble.Another draw back I exprience when travelling -it doesn't confirm the sim station from where the signal comes i.e.doesn't tell you where you are unlike other handsets.all other functions are very good.We miss the 3G facility it has because of the service providers.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 22nd Oct 2007
I got the phone about 5 months ago and since then all it's done is play up. Ramdomly freezing and turning off, after each phone call I have to take the battery out and restart it or just let it recover. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 22nd Oct 2007

Reviewed by Conor Bailey from UK on 9th Oct 2007
Good phone but got it second hand so im waiting for the disc tha lets me put mp3s etc. on there good phone so far anyway good job o2!

Reviewed by Fall Out Girl from UK on 4th Oct 2007
When I got the 02 ice for Christmas last year I though all was fine and I had a nice looking phone. Until I sent a text message for the first time and the phone froze. I didn't think much about it after that until it got more and more frequent. My call registers disappeared so I couldn't tell who I had phoned or who had phoned me. The next thing to go wrong was my bluetooth, when I try to send something through bluetooth the phone switches off and says "recovering". It is now away to be fixed and I'm looking for a new phone...Good while it lasted though, it was easy to use although the sound was really quiet!

Reviewed by Lea from UK on 3rd Oct 2007
For the price I think it's brilliant, I've had mine since March and it's been perfect, never had any problems, easy to use. I have a 1gb memory card and so far I have 75 tracks and several music videos on it - I think it's brilliant for the price! Only problem I have with it is that it isn't very loud

Reviewed by ziba from UK on 1st Oct 2007
i have had mine for 6 months and it has been through everything i do ... alot, and ontop of that it gets dropped about once a day lol, and its never once failed me, i really love this phone and how sexy it is, the only bad thing is the size of the headphone socket, unusally small, and the games, or lack of.

Reviewed by Sree from UK on 30th Sep 2007
Its so cool .. like breathing fresh air..

Reviewed by liam from UK on 30th Sep 2007
i bought this phone thinking it would be the best one but there are many bad things i could say such as: the sound is far to quiet if you are looking for a phone with good speakers. i cannot access the music folder when you ring people they cant here what your saying and you cant hear what there saying this all happened to me within 1 month of purchasing the phone.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 29th Sep 2007
its a nice little phone but whenever i go on pictures and images it just stays there waiting...can anyone help me with this? besides that it is very good-looking and nearly always has reception! its is not very loud though i think the volume needs to go higher coz i sometimes miss calls or texts coz i can't hear it ringing...

Reviewed by craig from UK on 29th Sep 2007
its rubbish! dont get it!

Reviewed by Barry Donnelly from UK on 26th Sep 2007
The o2 ice is a great phone but now i am having a few problems with it. The software on it is faulty and when I call someone the screen freezes and will not allow me to do anything same thing happens when someone calls me. Also the call log does not work either. Very dissapointed with it now thinking about a new phone

Reviewed by joe from UK on 26th Sep 2007
i thought it was good, it looks nice but there's one problem - when I try to delete songs from the phone, it can't delete them because it says it's the ringtone file even though i changed it ages ago.

Reviewed by SUZI from UK on 23rd Sep 2007

Reviewed by Will from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
Keeps breaking, poor software, unreliable, appears good but is very tacky. NOT RECCOMENDED

Reviewed by james from UK on 23rd Sep 2007

Reviewed by Leigh-Ann from UK on 21st Sep 2007
I love my ice! It takes good pictures. Sometimes makes me look orange and isn't very loud so I miss a lot of calls, but it will do for now =D

Reviewed by Pradeep Sharma from UK on 20th Sep 2007
hi, I m using O2 ICE. Its a very good mobile. Please send me GPRS Setting of this phone. leepradeep28_1980@yahoo.com

Reviewed by mat from UK on 20th Sep 2007
o2 ice is ok, in the way that it is so slim. but the main problem is that there is only a very limeted range of games that you are able to get for it.

Reviewed by saad from UK on 19th Sep 2007
it is so good

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 17th Sep 2007
Don't waste your time with this phone, it is the worst handset I have had the displeaseure of owning over the last 7 years of having a mobile. The software on it has failed twice now since January and even though the nice people at O2 replace it free each time, it is a like for like exchange therefore problems are reoccurring. Texting is hard as the keys are not user friendly and 50% of the time don't register your touch. When your inbox / sent message folder are all full up it won't tell you this, until you have finished texting the message you are on and ready to send - and you can't send it because there is not enough memory! (for those of us you like not to delete messages till you have to). There is also no option of changing the display on the phone eg a different colour scheme / font etc. One of the main cons is that the overall maximum volume level of the phone is unbelievabley low. I have had missed calls because of failing to hear the handset ring. My call register section of the phone has now stopped working eg no log of missed calls / dialled numbers etc. And to top it all off it looks like a ladyshaver. I think O2 have actually stopped manufacturing the O2 ice now but beware of the inevitable replacement...

Reviewed by molly-ann.xxxx from UK on 17th Sep 2007
this phone is rubbish dont get it (: lol get they D900i muchh betta x

Reviewed by lisa from UK on 12th Sep 2007
i thought it was a rubbish fone. the battery broke its to small for the fone, it knocks off all the time and i cant ring people. dont buy it.

Reviewed by ant from UK on 10th Sep 2007

Reviewed by Alannah from UK on 5th Sep 2007
hiya, i got my phone earlier this year and i love it it. its so different form other phones. but the music doesn't go very loud and if you want to listen to music you cant do anything else.

Reviewed by the cruising crew from central punjab from UK on 5th Sep 2007
hello der...this pone is brillliant. wen i hold it out of my bindow i can still hear what the speaker is saying. i always use video calling so i can see all my yaars ben we are talking. the plastic is a bit cheap quality and makes look tacky sumtym. i like the mp3 ringtones i have daler mendhi as my ringtone and disis fab i dance evrytym my pone rings. i like the internet cos i dnt hab computer in home so it make sit easier and saves me some rupees. ok thanks...bye xx

Reviewed by wayne manchester u.k from UK on 4th Sep 2007
think he 02 ice is a reasonably good phone it has god picture qaulity, wich is better than my previous phone, (nokia 6111), and the video capture is rather good aswell, it is nice and slim, wich is what i like in a phone, and it is also easy to use, especially for texting, wich i do a lot of. the only problem that i am having is trying to find the software to connect the phone to my p.c, as i didnt get a disc with th phone, and im struggling to locat the software, from the internet, as there is very little source, to download for the 02 ice. wich is a shame realy, if people have the software, on disc, then coulkd somebody, please, contact me, if they are willing to send the file to me via computer, i would be extremely greatfull, indeed. (email ; brightblue3y3z@hotmail.com )

Reviewed by emma from UK on 31st Aug 2007
its the worst phone that i personaly have ever had and it doesnt even look nice!!!!

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 29th Aug 2007
I got the phone a couple of months ago the phone cuts out when you get messages it cuts out when it rings and the speaker is not loud

Reviewed by kelly from UK on 28th Aug 2007
well i only use this phone as a back up as this is the second ice i have bought the first one wouldnt let me in to my pictures i could take them but not view them!! i suppose its not a bad phone but would only use it for a back up phone!!!

Reviewed by craig from UK on 27th Aug 2007
i have had this phone for about 8 months and would advise no one to buy it. camera not good, music too quite. DONT BUY IT

Reviewed by **mz.REMEDY<3 from UK on 26th Aug 2007

Reviewed by monil goyal from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
very sophisticated n different phone.but the sound is nt that high.a lovable phone

Reviewed by mumu from UK on 21st Aug 2007
its a cool set.and i like it soooo much.

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