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Date: January 2016

npower is one of the UK's largest energy companies, active in the generation, trading, transmission and supply of energy. As well as supplying electricity and gas to millions of British homes, it also provides boiler cover and repair services.


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Npower user reviews

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Average rating from 14 reviews:

Reviewed by Wayne Simpson from United Kingdom on 6th Sep 2018
Shocking all in all.Every time you want to get in touch take forever.Don't deserve a comment to be honest.My wife said they are a great company,my advice seriously go elsewhere these just keep putting there prices up.You have been warned this company is getting worse as you can see in all reviews.About tome empower you got your act together or just close.As for the manager it would be nice to talk to them face to face and justify why keep putting prices up randomly?Rant over and please avoid this cretinous firm.

Reviewed by YL from UK on 9th Feb 2018
I am writing to advise that I will be telling all of the people I know in my business breakfast networking groups ( total of 30 people in one and 22 in the other) NOT to ever use NPower because you are holding me hostage for the next 3 yrs. I am just starting a brand new business, I have not moved into the shop premises yet, I have no move in date, and I do not even have the keys, but because I signed a contract over the phone ( yes, I am nieve, this is my first time starting a new company and never realised that there is no cooling off period, plus I was told that there are no cancellation fees) I have an official complaint number . I am stuck with you for 3 yrs, I will be writing to my local newspaper, and telling everyone i know what you have done. All I want to do is get out of this contract. I am a small one owner shop, well, its not even a shop yet, but you are stuck around my neck for 3 yrs, so I will tell my story for the next 3 years. Just let me go!!!

Reviewed by L Evans from Uk on 13th Jan 2018
We switched from Npower years ago and have to say it was one of our better choices. Our parents on the other hand have been loyal customers for over 15 years and are currently being treated appallingly. At the end of 2017 they were told they were in debt for over £700 even though they have yearly meter readings, have always paid by Direct Debit ("DD") and have been asked by Npower on several occasions to lower said DD. After complaining numerous times and Npower being unable to show my parents what fuel they are being charged for Npower are trying to increase the DD payments to £197 per month for a one bed bungalow.
Disgusting. Much better suppliers out there. Avoid at all cost!!

Reviewed by Doinita from uk on 22nd Nov 2017
I just joined Bulb after having lots of grief with Npower, my usage is less then £600 per year but still they increased my direct debit from £70 to £107 per month! I complained and got no answer!!!
After reading the reviews here, I decided to join Bulb, wich I advise you to do the same :)
I`ll get £50 towards my bills for joining, anyone who reffers a friend gets another £50, they pay my old supplier cancellation`s fee and they handle all the papers regarding switching to them. Totally recommended!
bulb.co.uk/ refer/doinita

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Don't pay by Direct Debit as it's a con - they take what they want from your account and you can't stop them until it's too late. I pay at the Post Office.

Reviewed by aki from uk on 8th Jun 2017
The worst company ever.
Bill is not clear at all, account system is mess.
When I phoned up to customer service to ask clarify the reason the bills which I am getting, they pass me around three people and need to wait 45 minutes to get answer.First two was totally useless, who is paying their salary? its customer! such a waste of money!!
The final answer they gave me is totally made up, and the guy explaining so fast he is knowing English is not my first language!
All the time they just wanted to get rid of me not want to help.
I am so happy we left this company.

Reviewed by Chelsea wood from England on 20th Mar 2017
Appauling customer service and awful value for money. On the first occasion we gave meter readings when asked, on the second meter reading the computer system their end automatically changed our reading without informing us. We was made aware of this when we received a letter stating we was in over £700 worth of debt. We was promised we could never get in debt with them again as we was now on a payment plan and giving monthly readings. After many issues and upset we chose to change supplier. While the switch was taking place I contacted npower to make sure all was up to date which we was informed all is well and up to date. After chasing up out final bill we have now been informed we have another debt of £353.

Reviewed by Bren from England on 7th Feb 2017
Absolutely disgusted with this company passed around on phone hung up on engineer's not turned up numerous times to fix the problem costing me money booking days off work WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.

Reviewed by Mario from UK on 28th Dec 2016
Would never use Npower even if they were giving energy away absolute shambles, appalling customer service cannot berate them enough.

Reviewed by John M from Uk on 23rd Dec 2016
Npower have just debited my reserve by 270 because they claim there was a glitch in their system in January 2014! No explanation until February 2017. They told me that there are other customers in the same situation. Beware! Check your statement. You might not have enough to pay your next bill.

Reviewed by M GARIBBO from UK on 11th Dec 2016
They stole 53.29 pence from me through a direct debit but refuse to refund.

Reviewed by John Draycott from Uk on 13th Oct 2016
N power became my supplier without my permission by taking over my residential meter with a business contract eighteen months later they are finally sorting it !!!!! Keep away.

Reviewed by Barry from uk on 12th May 2016
Have just left this company, I have been a customer for many years, Would never go back, the amount they have charged me within the last 6 months to heat & light a one bed flat is more than a friend pays for their 3 bed house to a different supplier.. Happy to be free from a scum company avoid at all costs.

Reply by jamila from uk on 2nd Sep 2016
Yes I totally agree as a single and eco/energy aware person they have done the same to me and not on my usage.

Reviewed by amanda browm from uk on 4th Apr 2016
As a new business I had a call from a company saying they were metre retention (there is no such thing) implying it was a government scheme to get business the best tariff I have since found out it was a broker that lied to tie me into a contract with npower when I phoned and told npower they could not care less about the bad practice used and are keeping me locked into a higher tariff for 3 YEARS awful practice avoid avoid avoid.

Reviewed by rob cook from uk on 27th Jan 2016
Appalling Service, Woeful Billing, Pathetic!


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