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Nokia X7 review

 Review: July 2011  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Running the Symbian Anna operating system, which isn't our favourite and is destined to be dumped by Nokia, the X7 suffers from a low screen resolution, slow processor, inadequate memory, a mediocre camera and an average battery.



The Nokia X7 is an upgraded version of the Nokia X6 and is available on the 3 network. The X7 is quite a bit larger than the X6: in fact it's a bit of a slab. That's partly because of its big 4 inch screen. It's not a bad screen: it uses AMOLED technology, so it's bright and quite clear. It responds nicely to the touch without too much prodding, and 4 inches is a good size. But it has a significantly lower number of pixels than most 4 inch screens, and that means that small fonts and HD images are a no-no. Strange really, because Nokia's publicity blurb for the X7 makes a big deal about HD games and HD videos. Sorry Nokia, not on a 360 x 640 pixel display.

Things don't get any better when we look at other features. Take the camera. It's got 8 megapixels up its sleeve and can record video in 720p HD. But it's a fixed focus camera. What happened to autofocus? Memory: a paltry 350MB of onboard memory, although an 8GB microSD card is supplied for free. Big deal for a £400 phone. The battery? It's just 1200mAh, which ain't good enough. The 680MHz processor isn't fast enough for a premium smartphone.

And the most awful thing of all about the X7? It's the price. On contract you'll have to pay £25 per month to get this phone for free, or over £400 on pay as you go. For that amount of money you could buy a dual-core HTC Sensation or LG Optimus 3D. That makes us quite cross actually.

Nokia X7 features include:

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Dale Smith from Scotland on 27th Feb 2012
i have had no complaints with the phone untill recently it slowed down and the screen flickered on and off. Eventually it stoped working altogether from no fault of my own untill about two hours later. This has now been three times this has happened. If this happens to you or a person you know I recomend sending it back to nokia under the phones warrenty and then if you can upgrading to a phone that is not a nokia.

Reviewed by Frankie from Bethnal Green on 22nd Nov 2011
I just got five of these for my kids, what a great phone, I did not know what modern phones could do, games are great, calls are clear and they look the bees nees init, I will get another one for me now so I can play along with me kids.

Reviewed by Regulus from Naria on 7th Nov 2011
This phone works great, except that I wish the camera have a focus on it instead of a snap-shot feature. I really like the clean layout of the phone, 3 pages might not be enough on the menu... I really want to know how to change my sms ringtone...seeing that I will most likely to hear that than my regular ringtone..

Reviewed by Dan from England on 2nd Aug 2011
I too am somewhat confused by the review for this phone. I have several phones including Samsung Galaxy S, and Wave 2. Yes symbian is behind other operating systems, but with anna the eye candy has been increased and it feels far more pleasurable to use, the hardware is first rate and i have no trouble comparing it in the same breathe as my galaxy s. I think my biggest confusion in this review is battery life!? regardless of being subjective/opinion how can the reviewer say battery life is poor! my galaxy s with conservative use may see in the second day, this like most nokia's can easily see out two days of decent use. The processor is another point, it is slow compared to the competition, but more than adequet for running symbian which is known to be conservative to run, I have no lags whilst playing angry birds, with two or three other apps open in the background. The screen is another area where it excels, yes the resolution is dissapointingly low, but the amoled tech means that colour and brightness make up for this at least to my eyes anyway. I will always be a fan of this site but i do believe this review is by someone who harbours a resentment for symbian or has been using android too long. Oh and by the way you state in the specs that it has tv out, which it catagorically does not!, again leading me to believe this review was just going through the motions and not accurately researched

Reviewed by adija from England on 27th Jul 2011
A poor review indeed. Did you read the specs and the price and pre judge the phone before using it? Can you tell me why, without saying 'android phones have more' the processor is not fast enough? I your answer isn't along the lines of 'the phone is sluggish/ it's unresponsive' ( which it isn't) it's going to make me think this isn't the subjective, quality review site it used to be. Did you actually play any games on the phone? If you did, you would know that quality games like asphalt 6 look amazing and are very smooth and fluid which is what the gpu is for. Go and do your research on the gpu and you'll see why nokia talk about the gaming in the way they do. Your moan about the memory makes no sense, I've got a 32GB memory card in my phone which is plenty, 8GB is just to get started with, thats the whole point of expandable memory isn't it? iPhones have no expandable memory, but Apple makes that so it ok.o The camera, whilst not the best Nokia can offer, is not as bad you make out. It's an eDof camera (more research needed me thinks) not full focus and as long as you don't do macro photography and the light is good, its excellent and certainly no worse than the cameras on the android phones you seem to love so much. The battery, on paper, doesn't sound like much but it lasts longer than you expect. I get through a day and a half of heavy usage, how long did your review one last? You also conveniently haven't mentioned the excellent Nokia Maps with free navigation without the need to use your data connection, the wide video codec compatibility (up to 720p which is HD, but you knew that) the new music player, the aluminium unibody and other good things about the phone, but then, if you haven't used the phone how would you know? My personal view of this phone is that if you wants a well built, it screened Nokia and your not particularly interested in having the best camera on your phone or you want an upgrade to an x6 then this is a good option. If you the best phone camera get an n8. If you want to talk about how fast your processor is then you need a galaxy sII, which is admittedly a quality phone. Finally, I would point out that I, and other people reading this site I imagine, have little or no interest in your personal feelings, what we want is to know how the phone works in the real world, not how it looks like it might perform based on some specs that you've read. Please review all phones to the same standard (like you used to) in future, the direction this site has taken in the last couple of years is not good, almost as biased as gizmodo these days.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 27th Jul 2011
Thanks for your review. Sorry you didn't like ours. We always try to be objective, but our review is just an opinion, not a fact. Hence the value of user contributions such as yours.

Reviewed by Marcus from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
terrible phone very like a brick phone and poor quality mine bad in one day only. dont buy.

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