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Nokia X3 review

 Review: February 2010  

Last updated June 2011

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Nokia X3 is an inexpensive slide-design music phone. It has a good music player, FM radio, memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers. It also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and has good battery life, but is let down by a poor quality keypad and is well over-priced for what you get.

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Here's a secret: at Mobile-phones-uk.org.uk we're not big fans of Nokia's slide phones. They never seem to get them right. First, there's the infamous Nokia wobble, then there's usually a whole load of problems that emerge when you start using them. But let's not get distracted by all that now. Read the review and find out a bit more about the X3 first.

So, the X3. What is it? It's a budget music player with a slide design. Everyone wants touchscreen phones these days, but maybe not everyone. You maybe want a phone with a normal keypad because all that touchy-feely stuff never seems to work properly. That's good. Here's the X3.

So, it's a budget phone. Costs less than £100. It's a music phone. It plays music and has stereo loudspeakers. You can play your music out loud, if you like that kind of thing. If not, it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use some proper grown-up headphones. There's an FM radio too, and you can add a microSD memory card up to 16GB and store your whole collection. It's an Xseries phone too, so it has dedicated music keys on the front. That's all good.

What else? Well, it's a slide phone, so it's nice and compact and not too heavy. No 3G, but battery life is good. The screen's very small. The camera's below average for the price too, meaning no autofocus or flash, so don't expect to do a lot with it. There's little onboard memory and there are no "extras", just the basics.

But why only one star for this rather unexceptional phone? It's the keyboard, it's just awful. The first one we tested, we actually thought it was broken. So we tried another. It was the same. The keyboard just has a totally non-clicky, flaccid response. And that's just unacceptable.

What a shame, as it could have been a nice inexpensive music phone. The question then, is what to buy instead? You could try the Nokia X3-02, which is far superior, or you could even downgrade to the old Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, which has the key advantage of actually working.

Nokia X3 features include:

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Nokia X3 user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by RANU from INDIA on 2nd Jun 2013

Reviewed by Unknown from England on 17th Aug 2012
Had this phone for a year and got bored of it coz there's hardly any thing to do really so decided to sell it and I got an iPhone instead.
I love my iPhone to bits<3
But it's a ok phone. On the go. Good speakers for your music and media player. But I really didn't like the small screen but at the time, it was the one that appealed to me and I loved it but now as you know all the touch screen smart phones getting released which made the phone seem Old and tired.
Rating would be a 2.

Reviewed by dashing guy from pakistan on 23rd Apr 2012
it is a very good phone to have

Reviewed by dileep from india on 21st Apr 2012
iam using nokia x3 from 10 months, its a excellent phone simple and good to look and the battery is very very excellent, speakers are excellent slide is good its overall a excellent phone in slide phones which i have seen but the defect is it is not having flash and it is not an indian phone so no warranty is been giving in the nokia care,

Reviewed by Olexiy Logvinov from Ukraine on 22nd Nov 2011
My wife have been using this phone for one year now. Yes, it is just an overpriced mobile phone with mp3 player and an awful keypad. It worked fine until last month. Then suddenly the battery life decreased from about 4 days to just 12 hours. I have replaced the battery with the new one but that did not help. Now I'm trying to find the solution (right now I'm charging the phone with the usb cable. If that does not work I will restore factory default settings and then try to update the OS if available.) I wonder why I must fix those battery bugs after just one year of using the phone. My good old Nokia 1112 have been working perfectly for more than 3 years and the battery life is still about 5-6 days. I would not buy Nokia X3 now.

Reviewed by The Baron from Zundalandz on 22nd Nov 2011
One day a N95 and a X6 were left alone in a quiet draw, this phone is the result of that. The best phone I ever had, music is crystal clear, calls are clear, battery lasts long time, reception is awsome, great all rounder

Reviewed by Shiks from Mauritius on 10th Nov 2011
im having network problem with my nokia x3 though it has gone to repair already..

Reviewed by bernardopare from ghana on 7th Nov 2011
My nokia x3 blinks 4 times when i turn it on and it turns off again

Reviewed by Lesley from UK on 4th Nov 2011
I bought this phone in February and twice it has failed and has had to go away to be 're-flashed'. The phone boots up, but the screen doesn't show any icons or lists, and is grey in colour. When this happens you also lose anything you have in the phone - contacts, photo's, texts, bookmarks, and it won't allow you to sync to the Ovi suite to try and update the software (in case that was the problem). It is a rubbish phone and I can't wait to replace it. I'm currently back to using my 5-year old Nokia which has never failed me yet.

Reviewed by Lisa from Paddock Wood on 2nd Nov 2011
Wonderfull phone, lovely camera beautifull screen browser good, love watching ITV player and You tube on it

Reviewed by Meurinho from Swaziland on 11th Oct 2011
Ey x3 z a nice 4ne bt internet z very poor try 2 upgrade it

Reviewed by j t from england on 8th Oct 2011
I had the nokia x3 for over a year what a load of rubbish. The key pad is so poor that trying to text with it waa rubbish.

Reviewed by ramler from KENYA on 13th Sep 2011
I bought the 4n early thz year and it was quiet okay.the phone is very nice 4 browsing.

Reviewed by Miheso from Kenya on 25th Aug 2011
Am currently using it after losing my 5130 features almost same good andstrong phone but price is too high for the phone

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 16th Aug 2011
After having this phone for not even 3 weeks I had to send it off for repair. It appeared to be fixed but oh no the same problems kept occuring. The phone would nearly always freeze on me when writing a text and the only way to solve this was to turn off and on the phone every time. 2/3 times a day the middle button would just stop working, this is the worst phone I have ever brought. In the space of 5months the phone was sent off for repair 5 times and I was told I could have a replacement to only the find the same problems. I'm so upset that my money went to waste. Do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by Justin from Nigeria on 10th Jul 2011
The nokia x3 is good for browsing

Reviewed by Nokia User from USA on 15th May 2011
Price: £40. Comments: The phone is good. It has a sleek, and glossy design, and the red buttons on the edge make it look expensive and classy. The keyboard looks flawless, but sometimes looks are deceiving, right? The buttons light up to the tune of the music, and it slides like a well oiled door. Overall I'd day it's good a phone. Good Points: It is a great phone for it's value. It has a lot of features, the design is great and the camera is normal standard. It also has features of a much more expensive touchscreen phone, like picture editing and effects. It is basicly like a mini N95, just cheaper and simpler. Overall, it is a good phone. Bad Points: The keyboard looks flawless, but at first, it's not. The lack of buttons on the touch button pad, makes it hard to press them, in a rush. It is more a touch-pad, than button pad. But, it is easy to learn how to use the touch-pad, and within a week, you don't really notice it. Verdict: A sleek and classy phone, good for it's value, with a strong sturdy design, which will last you over a year. With one minor fault, the touch pad. Describe this phone is 5 words: Sleek, classy, modern, tech-no and good.

Reviewed by adam coe from great britain on 11th May 2011
i purchaced the nokia x3 in april 2011 for a treat to myself havin owned a sony erricson w205 which was rubbish at txting and rubbish camera,the nokia was so much better at txting and the camera was amazing i thought,i had over a 100 pictures stored in it and loved to mess around with it,being able to make pictures black and white and allsorts,the radio was good too,was able to have it on without needing headphones for an arial.the only problem was that after 3wks having it was the usb port fell out so i had to send it back,i understand that these things happen very rare so i am going to get the same modile phone very soon. 10 out of 10 if it wasnt for the usb port so im going to give them a 9.

Reviewed by david from s wales on 10th May 2011
x3 not a good phone 32 days old stopped working it keeps going off hate it do not buy one

Reviewed by dominic from england on 16th Apr 2011
yes yes

Reviewed by yan from mauritius on 4th Apr 2011
had this phone for almost one year now. easy to use,lignt and battery last long.could have improved the caméra résolution but there caméra phone now. it is a very good phone with great speaker.work very well with a 8GB micro SD.

Reviewed by Justin from UK on 31st Mar 2011
I currently own this phone, i have had it 8 months in total now, since July 2010 and its a very reliable phone, good battery life depending on how much you are using it, I tend to use my X3 every day non stop so it goes on charge every 2 nights, Strong phones really... I shouldn't say this but its a good thing about the phone - i was annoyed one day and launched it at a road, and theres a few scrathes on the back but it hasn't effected anything, camera still works... the camera is pretty alright if you have a steady hand the camera quality is mint, I would reccomend this phone for anyone 13+ very easy to use, music buttons still work perfectly

Reviewed by Tony from uk on 15th Mar 2011
Nokia x3,well not a bad phone ive had much worse,my x3 has never let me down,great loud speakers,im on 02 so had no network probs,keypad is a bit small but dont bother me that much,ive had mine for over a year now and its still going strong,perhaps if some of you look after your phones the keypad may still work and the screens just dont crack for nothing...

Reviewed by Martin from England on 10th Feb 2011
Should have been S60.

Reviewed by Mmx from Scotland on 3rd Feb 2011
Its a good mobile packed with lots of cool stuff,the keypad is not great but its functional,a well made good phone especially if you like music,stereo sound from the 2 speaker's is good.you can use standard earphones with it so no buying expensive nokia headsets,overall an ok phone for not alot of money.

Reviewed by Saiful from Bangladesh on 20th Jan 2011
Not at all satisfied with this product, constant network problem but a fantastic mobile for music, also having problem with the key buttons they are not at all user friendly, I personally do not recommend any body buying this product

Reviewed by Granexito VII from South Africa on 31st Dec 2010
The phone sucks and honestly all my phones are Nokia and I never had major such a dissappointing phone. Its 6 days old and it just went off. Now it just blink and goes off. What a waist of money, I'm changing brands after 10 years, this really sucks

Reviewed by Tom from Essexxx on 17th Nov 2010
Went into the O2 shop yesturday, and asked what camera was better the x2 or x3. X2 was 5mp WITH flash and this x3 is 3.2 WITHOUT flash. Think its a rubbish camera if im bein honest, it dont even have night mode. For some reason, since yesturday ive had to take the memory card out 5 times because it says its not in there. If this keeps carrying on it will be going straight back. Not too kean, nothing to write home about.

Reviewed by Samantha from England on 9th Nov 2010
Personally, I thought I'd give a slide a shot. Have always been a fan of nokias, until now! I have been the proud owner of my Nokia X3 for about six months, and now I am honestly just about sick of it. At 3 months old, it decided to have a fit, and the keypad broke. It just wouldn't work, apart from the on/off button which did a fat lot of nothing when you have a PIN on your phone. Now, 3 months later it's been running slow and sluggish, poor thing. So I deleted a few messages to clear some room, and thought a good turn off, let it rest and then turn back on would do it the world of good. WRONG. Turned it off, fine. Now it won't turn back on. So from brand spanking new, to six months later, it's been in Nokia hospital twice. Am not amused, and would definatly NOT recommend this to a friend. I wouldn't even recommend it to an enemy.

Reviewed by Roskoe from Bulgaria on 24th Sep 2010
this phone is the best.I don't have anithing else to say

Reviewed by Mduduzi Phiri from UK on 12th Sep 2010
normally they say you get what you pay for but with nokia X3 you get more than what you pay for. I own it, so i know i have got everything i need in a phone and more for just less than R1500

Reviewed by takudzwa from zimbabwe on 22nd Aug 2010
it is a very good phone with great speaker, fantastic looks & a lovely finish. this is a phone & a half!!!

Reviewed by redrose11 from U.A.E on 19th Aug 2010
i dont think x3 is as bad as the others said..it's camera is normal&the slide is not loose...i guess that depends on where it is made but sometimes it doesnt let me open the media player or apply themes and it tells me to delete items from the phone's gallery in spite of that almost all of my data is on the memory card..but i love it anyway

Reviewed by Pratima.. from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
nokia x3 doenot support ebuddy n nimbuzz mob application why??? boring.........

Reviewed by Tadiwa from Zimbabwe on 29th Jul 2010
It's a complete humiliation to the Nokia industry. And it's ugly too!

Reviewed by derek from uk on 10th Jul 2010
yeah, i had it for about a week and it was just an awful phone. I agree about the keypad but it is also terrible at web browsing

Reviewed by mandy from uk on 7th Jul 2010
Bought the x3, thought it was a nice phone... But after about a month, when i was talking on it, it sounded like a tin box, then i couldnt send picture messages or recieve them, when i had been doing the day before.. Took it back to o2 and they sent it of to get repaired, it is as new now... When you take a picture and want to delete it you cant deleted straight away or send it straight away, because it is processing photo grrrr.. Wouldnt recommend any1 buying this phone at all.

Reviewed by john from uk on 21st Jun 2010
great phone when i got it, but the misic speaker broke, i asked orange and they got me a replacement phone, then i put it in my pocket and the screen had cracked, i did nit even have anythink in my pocket! cheap but i would rather get a sony erricson w205

Reviewed by tina from uk on 18th Jun 2010
hate the nokia x3, its keyboard is all 1 so keys the wrong letters mostly,my lcd screen has cracked bein very delicate and when slide open its very loose, and causes the vibrate to like echo.if u get me, and as for the batter life,mine never even lasts a full day,and not like i listen t music on it much coz i cant due to battery life,

Reviewed by rola from lebanon on 14th May 2010
i hate it so much

Reviewed by rohit from India on 10th May 2010
camrea quality was not good also keypad is very bad

Reviewed by keao15 from uk on 7th May 2010
great phone had to send it back to get camrea fix but over all i love it has all latest applicans email windows msn n email. great for music. and has a wide range of extra apps avilable form the ovi store all maps work. i love it and would recomend it to everyone

Reviewed by winter from malaysia on 19th Mar 2010
quite a buy if you are looking for a mid price phone, good interphase, quite resistant to shock and drops, hardly lags when used with a 16gb memory card with full capacity but downside is it collect finger smuges easily, has a mis quality screen and the camera is not really good.

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