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Nokia X3-02 review

 Review: February 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is a new style of phone with both a touchscreen and an alphanumeric keypad. Although it's a resistive touchscreen and quite small (for a touchscreen), it's certainly a lot better than not having one, and we think that it's a real asset. The X3-02 is incredibly lightweight and thin too, and will slide into the smallest pocket with ease. Yet it manages to pack in a fully featured music player and radio, lightning fast internet access and Wi-Fi. The camera's average and we'd have liked more memory, but overall the X3-02 gives you a lot for your money.

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What is it about Nokia? They release a terrible slide phone, the Nokia X3, then they come out with a completely different phone and call it the X3-02, hoping nobody will notice. Confusing or what? But at least they keep on trying, and the X3-02 is actually a lot better than the X3. It's not an update you understand, it's a completely different model. Maybe Nokia's environmental folk think they have to recycle names as well as raw materials.

Anyway, the X3-02 is a new breed of phone called Touch and Type. It's got a keypad and a touchscreen, you see. Sony Ericsson have been here already with the Aino and that ended in tears, but at least Nokia have priced the X3-02 sensibly. The key feature of the X3-02 is the screen/keypad combination, so let's talk about that first. We've never been a fan of alphanumeric keypads. Ever. But plenty of people seem happy with them, and it's obvious that pairing the keypad with a touchscreen has got to be a good idea. The screen's quite small, and being resistive it isn't the most responsive touchscreen ever, but it's better than not having one. In fact, we think it's a great idea.

Featurewise, the X3-02 is again an oddity. It has a lot of some things and not enough of others. In brief, it's greatest assets are its incredible thinness and lightweightedness; its brilliant array of connectivity including high speed 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi, its music player and radio and its general funkiness and wide choice of colours. On the bad side, the camera has full focus instead of autofocus, and no flash either, no GPS and not a lot of memory.

On balance, it's a nice phone, and we're totally sold on the Touch and Type concept. Give it a try, you might like it. Just make it clear that it's the X3-02 you want. On no circumstances get the X3 by mistake. And beware, because many users are reporting the old Nokia problems of freezing, crashing, blank screens and general breaking that is all too familiar.

Nokia X3-02 features include:

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Can I use x3 02 for browse Facebook, Imo, vibes and whatsup?

Asked by M d Hussen from UK on 9th Jul 2017
Hi everyone
Can you please let me know whether I can use Nokia x3 02 for browsing internet like Facebook, Imo, viber and whatsup etc?

Phone does not charge, screen is blank?

Asked by berna from Philippines on 27th Feb 2017
What can I do about my Nokia x3-02.5 that's almost 5 years recently does not charge and when I turn it on the screen is just blank white, not yet done anything but trying to charge, hoping for an answer, thanks.

What i have to do my phone drops into a water n cannot be repaired now its 2 year i stop using it please help how to repair?

Asked by moti amsalu from ethiopia on 19th Jan 2017

Nokia X3-02 user reviews

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Average rating from 97 reviews:

Reviewed by Aldrin Tapalla Silva from Philippines on 18th Jun 2014
Hello! I can't reset my Nokia X3-02 because of my keypad, I don't know if I typed numbers correctly, and it says "Code Error", then I don't know how to type the numbers in security code.... Please help, thank you

Reviewed by Aworinde boluwatife from Nigeria on 2nd Jun 2014
i love this phone but if nokia can jst update this phone and adjust the missing features like the GPS,FLASH,TOUCHSCEEN e.t.c.all of this we beg you please adjust this phone,not that we don't like it but if you can just help us adjust it we will be so grateful and we will be your nokia fans forever,thank you.

Reviewed by Brian from Zimbabwe on 31st Jul 2013
I love my phone, i buy it six monthz ago no problem

Reviewed by Farhan from pakistan on 11th Jul 2013
I've my nokia x3-02 , and the problems is "message storage is not ready" .. I can't open my messages and mails, i tried to reset but the problem remains the same ( soft reset+hard reset=both). anybody have any idea to fix it ?? how can i format my x3-02's phone memory ..??

Reply by Mark from Philippines on 20th Aug 2013
Same situation to your phone. How could you conquer that problem. Now, I trying to reset it.

Reviewed by Micky from Uk on 3rd Jul 2013
i want to update my nokia x3 02 and stop the phone flashing and turning off really annoying

Reviewed by Lar from US on 13th May 2013
Great design.
Too bad !

Reviewed by Andrew from Jamaica on 22nd Nov 2012
This phone was given to me by someone when I lost my phone. First of all, it has no screen and each time I want to make a call, I have to remove the battery and put it back in before I can make the call. When I read all the reviews, they are similar to the problems I inherited with this phone. Now I know why it was given to me. This phone costs $25,000.00 in my country which is a lot of money to me. And to think that I was going to purchase a screen for $5,000.00! It is a good thing I did my research.

Reply by rgv from india on 2nd Sep 2013
the screen costs me less than $2

Reviewed by patricia from philippines on 31st Oct 2012
After 1 year when i bought this phone the keypad number 1, 5 and 7 doesn't work .

Reviewed by sue from uk on 16th Jun 2012
Have had this phone 4 well over a year love the touch&type,although its pretty basic i can honestly say i've had no problem with it at all, my screen has never frozen as people have said in other reviews camera pretty good for cheap phone would buy it again,have bought nokia phones 4 over 10yrs never had to send any of them for repair,mayb im just lucky.

Reviewed by mb from UK on 13th May 2012
Dreadful phone- avoid!

First one lasted about a week before problems started- main one was an annoying flashing message telling me to unplug a usb cable, even though I had no usb cable attached. Returned to 3 and got another X302 as replacement.

Been trying to live with the problems for the last 6 months but it keeps getting worse.

1) Touch screen often freezes- have to switch off and back on again

2) When I get a message often tells me the message storage memory is not ready when I try to access inbox- have to switch off and on, and when I turn back on the new message has disappeared, and takes up to a day to show up.

3) Friends complain they can't hear me properly- sounds like there is a lot of shuffling in background even though I'm completely still- never had these complaints with any other phone

4) The charger keeps popping out of its socket

5) The green call button never works

6) The 3, 6 and 9 keys on the keypad either don't work or require a lot of force to make them work.

7) Screen sometimes goes blank

Like others who have reviewed this phone, I have had Nokias before that have been totally reliable and will last for years if looked after. The X302 is unreliable, totally frustrating and at times completely useless. Compared with smart phones it is pretty basic, so I don't understand why Nokia have managed to get it so wrong. I will not buy a Nokia again.

Reviewed by tt from uk on 12th May 2012

Reviewed by Farhan from pakistan on 14th Apr 2012
very gud

Reviewed by martin from uk on 4th Apr 2012
Don't get this phone!!! Easily the worst phone I've ever had. Speaker went fuzzy after only 2 months. Now the touch screen won't work after 6 months, now using a spare Samsung until I can get this one sorted. Seriously stay clear!!! And this is coming from someone who's had a Nokia for 11 years. If they had a "0 star" rating on this website i'd be pressing it!!

Reviewed by Dan_Druft from UK on 22nd Mar 2012
Was OK when first using it. Camera pretty good quality for a phone of this price. Only had it 9 months and the touch screen failed cant get in to anything , drove me mad so ended up throwing it against the wall. I enjoyed watching it break apart. Cheap phone don't expect anything much for the money

Reviewed by Mark Morgan from England on 21st Mar 2012
Screen crashed after a few months and phone is useless. I cant even answer it if it rings.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 15th Mar 2012
The Nokia X3-02 is a complete waste of time. I bought it in June 2011 and it was fine at first. Now 9 months later I have had nothing but trouble with it. It constantly freezes. I have to swithch it off and on again. Sometimes I have to remove the battery to unfreeze it. The freezing isn't a rare occurance, this can be several times a day. Many times I've been on the internet and the phones just gone blank and turned itself off. I have contacted Nokia 3 times in as many months for help. I now have a problem where the word 'waiting' is displayed across the screen of the phone. I contacted Nokia and they couldn't help. They suggested I returned it to them to analyse it-at my expense of course. I am waiting to update to a new non-Nokia model.
I would say overall - The Nokia X3-02 is GREAT - if you want a new phone for just a few weeks!!! Be warned!

Reviewed by David Harpur from N ireland on 13th Mar 2012
Obsolete rubbish have had nothing but trouble with it

Reviewed by Carol from UK on 12th Mar 2012
Under no circumstances should you purchase the Nokia X3-02 it is by far THE WORST phone I have had. I have had so many problems with it they are too numerous to mention. I am 14 months into a 24 month contract with 3 and had to resort to using a 5 year old Samsung. I am totally fed up with Nokia rubbish. I will never trust this brand ever again. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate the X3-02 a -10.

Reviewed by tc from zimbabwe on 12th Mar 2012
its a great little phone

Reviewed by richard from britain on 10th Mar 2012
had Nokia phones since 1997 but this one is inadequate, the signal strength is terrible,I wonder if it has a aerial?

Reviewed by whoeveruwantme2b from whoeveruwantme2b on 22nd Feb 2012

Reviewed by shahzeb from uk on 20th Feb 2012
this phone is terrible its always freezing and i had to get it replaced 3 times by carphone warehouse. what a piece of junk. the camera is absolutely whack and the 3.5mm jack port never works properly on any nokia x3 02 i have used till now. disaster phone id rather get the samsung galaxy mini. only good thing is the touch and type bit which can also be whack times.

Reviewed by suds from India on 20th Feb 2012
I have been a Nokia user for 8 years & have had no problems whatsoever, but all this has changed, I got a x3-02 less that 6 months back & now the touch screen is not gone. Not even able to Unlock the phone, so pretty much used as a paper weight.

The warranties are just for namesake & very rude. Nokia service in India ensures that they do not get to replace anything within warranty.

I am dissapointed & Nokia has lost a 'loyal' customer

Reviewed by SIMON from MALTA on 18th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Andrea from UK on 14th Feb 2012
I have it and it is used as a spare it is TOUCH so it is quite good and really slim and thin with a fancy speaker at the bottom.

Reviewed by Kalpesh makwana from India on 12th Feb 2012
I like it.

Reviewed by rony from bangladesh on 7th Feb 2012
nice phone

Reviewed by Alan from Finland on 2nd Feb 2012
I've been quite happy with this phone - it was the size and weight which attracted me most. The only thing I find irritating is when writing an sms it doesn't automatically go to a capital letter after a full stop as the earlier phones did and I have to constantly keep changing betweem upper and lower case!

Reviewed by Kenny from England on 20th Jan 2012
At first we were impressed by the phone so three of us's phones gradually all changed to X3-O2. Within 6-9 months time they are all broke and we are left with contracts still have over a year to run and fighting with 3. DON'T TOUCH THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Roland from UK on 12th Jan 2012
Phone replaced a Nokia 6220c-i over a year ago. I really like the touch screen, it complements the menu system well and seems a natural update to the 6220c. The main thing I don't like is the absence of Nokia Maps (I went out and brought an HTC Desire)! The touch screen can at times not be responsive, but it is a lot better than the Samsung Monte, but is no where near as good as the HTC Desire. The great thing about this phone is its size and weight, although I do wish it was a slide and so could be smaller still, this means it fits in pockets very easily, unlike the Desire.

Reviewed by chenclencule from uk on 7th Jan 2012
not good

Reviewed by nasro from Algeria on 7th Jan 2012
I love this X3-02 phone. I met no problem with this phone up to now. Thanks for the making of this phone.

Reviewed by Laura from Uk on 5th Jan 2012
Fed up with it keeps freezing up only 8 months old Back to shop tomorrow !!

Reviewed by ALI from UNITED KINGDOM on 2nd Jan 2012
I've had my phone for 11 months and was very pleased with it until recently. Screen locked up recalibrated it worked ok for about a day, now it is useless.tried to update software but have to delete some of the memory to do this even though i have 16gb memory card in.Bit dissapointed not lasted a year before started having problems.Thinking of re-furbishing my N95

Reviewed by Tahirali from Pakistan on 28th Dec 2011
It is very nice phone.its sensitive touch screen.plz buy this phone nd enjoy it.

Reviewed by nims from zimbabwe on 25th Dec 2011
its juss good

Reviewed by Kyle =P from England, UK on 20th Dec 2011
Got this phone last December, have to admit as I was stepping up from an LG Cookie it seemed amazing, with the 3G, WiFi, HSPDA and the like. It worked well for the first few months with only minor niggles here and there, as you'd expect from any phone, but by October it had totally packed up. It wouldn't turn on, no matter how much I charged it, and when I swapped my uncle's battery (from his X3-02) with mine it still didn't work, even though his did. So now I'm back with the LG, in the same position as I was a year ago. If you're looking at getting this phone make sure to check out others on the market, as there's many similar priced phones that do the same job.

Reviewed by Chris O'Malley from England on 19th Dec 2011
The Nokia X3-02 is generally a good buy. I have had this phone for nearly 5 months, but it does have its limitations. The phone is stylish and very lighweight,however,it is also very slippy and easy to drop. The photo memery is not very good and it does have a bad habit of crashing a lot. I frequently have to either turn it off and on again, or wait patiently for the phone to reset itself. This can be very annoying and frustrating. The benefits however can sometimes out way the negatives. The video imaging and camera are quite good, however there is no flash for the camera and the screen is quite small. The internet is quick and the Nokia X3-02 has Opera Mini built in as standard. Overall. I would rate it as 3 Stars.

Reviewed by Jack from England on 19th Dec 2011
Got the x3 o2 as my first phone and i have to say i am very pleased with it! I have had it for about a year and i have found the camera to be very good and the phone has great super fast internet access and with prediction on texting is a dream! I extremely recommend this phone to anyone who likes to text fast and of course anyone who wants to get onto facebook etc quickly

Reviewed by Steve Wilson from England on 8th Dec 2011
I would not touch an X3 - 02 with a bargepole. Mine spends more time at the repair shop than it does in my pocket. The screen goes blank so the phone is unusable regularly. I have had 3, maybe 4 speakers replaced on the phone. I have had two brand new phones as replacements and the same thing has happened to each of them. Orange do not wish to know and the Carphone Warehouse Repair Team know me and my family by name now!

Reviewed by ash curum from mauritius on 7th Dec 2011
ze fone iz troooo bonto netzzz saaa !!!

Reply by kris from mauritius on 11th Feb 2012

Reviewed by nigel castles from UK on 7th Dec 2011
worst phone ever bought. had 3 replacement phones then the last 1 has been repaired 3 times Nokia say it not there problem. now they say it has water damage that maybe caused by rain entering the phone... Nokia customer services rubbish aswell.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 4th Dec 2011
I got this phone with the hope of using it to browse the internet at WiFi hotspots. I get on well with the texting side of it, sound quality is excellent, battery life is decent (I'm getting about 4 days with regular use), it's slim and light and well put together and the camera is fine. This is a phone after all; if you want a better camera, buy a DSLR. Now the bad bits: The web browser is annoying and I can't get it to do anything without the screen going into zoom. It's so irritiating that I can't be bothered with that feature any more. I found the navigation of the screen reasonable, but I find myself having to burrow down 5 layers to find things like my music, which is weak. Also, when you get there, there are 2 directories for music. It tells me that I have 1.8Gb free, but won't let me copy more than 110Mb any directory on the card. The screen isn't that good on touch sensitivity either, so sometimes a feather light touch will do, other times you have to press quite hard.I have had a few screen freezes in the 10 months I have had the phone, so nothing too serious there.

Reviewed by CHRIS from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Wish i'd found this page earlier, just bought one of these Phones X3 02 looks great but it's functionally a complete NO NO the most un user friendly Phone ever. it keeps automatically locking the key board and it's impossible to get it on again with out completely switching the phone off . total wast of money. nokia are meant to be a good company extremely disappointed

Reviewed by SYLVIA from ENGLAND on 23rd Nov 2011

Reviewed by Lloyd from England on 14th Nov 2011
Recommended Nokia to my wife when she was due an upgrade. This piece of junk is what she ended up with. Battery lasts 40hrs on standby, Nokia claim 430!. It crashes, brings apps up when you don't want them, all round piece of junk. It's two months old, and on it's way back to Nokia for 'repair'. All I want is rid of it and a reliable phone, that does as you ask, in its place. 22 month contract still to go yet!

Reviewed by michelle from england on 12th Nov 2011
OMG! in theory, phone is fab.... in reality, worst phone ever! doesnt hold its charge - thats if you can manage to charge it without wiggling it every 2 minutes. camera blurred. repeatedly freezes. and trying to get it fixed.... haha impossible task. rating = exceptionally poor

Reviewed by Cheryl from Australia on 11th Nov 2011
I bought this phone about 1 month ago and its been the biggest nightmare yet. It keeps turning itself off, freezing up, the touch screen tends to take of by itself. The battery runs out quick and gets very hot. It even reset itself and i lost everything on it. I sent it back to nokia and the only thing they did was an upgrade! Did it fix it? NO! Do not buy this phone, do ur research on the net there are huge problems and nokia will not help anyone with them. $180 for a phone isn't much some would say but when its about a useless as a brick i would say $1 is too much. Please save yourself the headache and cash there is better around. Just wish i'd had known!

Reviewed by HelenM from UK on 10th Nov 2011
I love mine. Battery life was poor for first week then suddenly improved and is great now. Screen freezes happen but are rare and I back mine up on PC so never lose contacts by accident. Had it around 6mths and it's just survived being knocked into the bath by my cat! One night in airing cupboard and working fine even though water got right in. X3-o2 suits me because I can't get on with iphones/blackberry as I seem to hit several "keys" at once and they're just too big to carry. Saw a remark that you can only delete messages one by one but you can do it by folder or conversation too. I like the choice of normal inbox view or conversation like a smartphone. I may get another in case they stop making it!

Reviewed by Josh from Uk on 7th Nov 2011
This phone is great got it like 10 months ago and iv never had a better one in my life BUY THIS PHONE :)

Reviewed by sunny from Pakistan on 6th Nov 2011
I am using nokia x3-02.this is nice and touch is soft if we compare with nokia c2-03

Reviewed by Caz from UK on 4th Nov 2011
The Nokia X3-O2 is the worst phone I have ever had! It is only 8 months old and fails to perform even the basic functions. Also, the back keeps falling off and it re-sends messages which have long been deleted! I would not reccommend this phone to my worst enemy. Stay clear. You have to give a rating here, the lowest being one star / poor so that's what I will give it but a more accurate rating would be -5

Reviewed by Rod from Scotland on 1st Nov 2011
I got one of these earlier this year (2011) free on a 15p/m contract. Should've gone for a cheaper deal, but otherwise I'm quite happy with it. Wireless don't always work well, though that's possibly a problem with my router, as a phone it's good but a bit easy to press the mute button against your ear on the touchscreen. Not had a problem with the hardware, except camera exposure could be a bit quicker, blur and such, quality is good when you get a static shot. I love the small size, my reason for going for this phone, it's very light and thin indeed and you get used to the keyboard quickly. One thing I wish is that it ran android. The nokia markets rubbish for this phone (games and useful apps). I'm sure the phone could be massively better with a decent OS and more support.

Reviewed by realrabbit from england on 20th Oct 2011
for the first few times i used the phone it performed well and the screen turn white .sent the phone back to 3pay they said its got liquid damage. . ok help don,t want know go buy a refurb model from one of our shops, would not even give me a reasonable price on a new one. over 300 asked to replace the phone

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 17th Oct 2011
I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this phone, I loved that it was touch and type and all the features. But the frequent freezing and black screens, the wiping of everything off my phone recently, the fact it's my second one in under a year and it' breaking again, the put down the phone button breaks within a few months. I can't wait to get a different phone.

Reviewed by G twizz from South africa on 16th Oct 2011
The nokia x3-02 its a great phone its impossibly thin and has great touch screen and 3G and i think its a great phone to buy and has great many colours that you can choose that go with your personality and why nokia won't fix the freezing and black screen problems

Reviewed by SeeJayKay from UK on 13th Oct 2011
The good bit, as a basic phone Ok and battery life reasonable. The bad bit. The touch screen is too small and unresponsive. The camera is rubbish. Difficult to navigate around the menus. I hate it! I'm stuck with it for another 18 months.

Reviewed by sonu from india on 10th Oct 2011
i got this phone 6 months ago, screen froze and didn't work well............and touch is satisfactory

Reviewed by Elizabeth from UK on 7th Oct 2011
I love the touch and type format and it's a good phone... Except it frequently crashes and has to be restarted. I've only had this for 6 months and already it is frequently crashing, i often have to take the battery out to restart it, sometimes the touchscreen and keypad stops working. Other people i know have had this phone and it broke within a year. Would be a good phone if it was actually reliable...

Reviewed by dennis from uk on 2nd Oct 2011
touch screen is rubbish, scrolls too fast,cant delete missed calls, cant delete draft messages, cant use downloaded or received files for tones, only had it since dec 2010 and i have tocharge it virtually every day and it is only in use about 10 hours per day. verdict? i will never buy this phone again, nit at all impressed, my old nokia flip was better and more reliable. worst nokia ever,STAY AWAY, DONT BUY YOU WILL REGRET IT

Reviewed by Sanskrit from India on 30th Sep 2011
This is a basic phone at a great price and some very easy to use keys and steps. it stores only 2000 nos and recvs and calls all you like. good battery and no weight at all, so thin that you keep re checking if its there on you. the function to schedule a call and then when the alarm goes off just hit the green key is wild to catch up with delinquents who test your patience. i would buy 2-3 of them in the case nokia decides to upgrade and destroy a good thing

Reviewed by branimir dimov from bulgaria on 15th Sep 2011
i really wanna return my nokia x3 02!!! can u imagine u can not dissable the automatic keyboard/screen lock???? u cant change the screensaver aswell,the themes are pretty crappy,my older phone was loads of better than this. i just WON'T buy nokia never again! so i m tellin u people if u think about bying one (X3-02) do not! u ll get totally dissapointed be sure bout that!

Reviewed by NBL from NZ on 3rd Sep 2011
Don't buy this phone. The touch screen has problem, it frewuently freezes, have to re-start it most of the time.

Reviewed by Clive from UK on 27th Aug 2011
Love this phone! It's lightweight, compact and multi-functional. All well and good the last comment saying what he said, but he hasn't said why.... Internet is very quick and the option to use both touch screen and keyboard is very good. Far better than a Blackberry.

Reviewed by Chintu from India on 22nd Aug 2011
Waste of Money. DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by Unknown from Pakistan on 20th Aug 2011
This Phone -__- Wat is this phone. I brought this phone on pay as you go. And wat happends when you buy it not on contract. NO INTERNET NO MSN :@ Wat the hell man. Also why would you put this phone on contract. Like seriosuly. To be honest people DONT BUY IT !! Try iPhone Or BLACKBERRY BOLD !! .... Wickedd .. Imma Get That Now :)

Reviewed by Peter from Ireland. on 18th Aug 2011
Reviewed this phone earlier this year. Since then my touch screen bit the dust. Just would not work at all. A shame cuase it was a nice little phone.

Reviewed by Prabir from India on 12th Aug 2011
Nice, simple phone with loads of features. Good value for money...

Reviewed by rahul from india on 23rd Jul 2011
not bad but hangs sometime. web browser is not satisfying.no flash but have high quality in day light.other thing is that it is a s40.

Reviewed by sidharth from india on 15th Jul 2011

Reviewed by Sharon from England on 8th Jul 2011
Not 2 keen on this phone, only had it a wk & the screen went black although everythin else seemed 2 work but wasnt any help if i couldnt see wot i was doin. Sent it back & got a replacement of the same phone & 2 wks after receivin it the menu button on the screen wont work, so cant use everythin on the phone. Very disappointed indeed.

Reviewed by Digvijay from India on 26th Jun 2011
Its a gr8 phone .da only fault i found in gt was that it is based on s40..

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 15th Jun 2011
As soon as the memory get over half full then the phone starts to freeze in the call log page - all I want a phone to do is call and answer - this does not do it

Reviewed by daegee from nigeria on 3rd Jun 2011
got dis fone lyk a month ago. Since then been learning new things abt d fone. 2 me dis fone is a bridge btwn java and touchscreen fones. Nyc set up but d browser is just d small glitch and d absence of a flash camera is 2 me just anoda thing 2 upgrade. Lyk d fone but dere is always need 4 improvement

Reviewed by Geoff from United Kingdom on 2nd Jun 2011
I've had this phone for a couple of days and am now starting to get my head around it. If you are expecting an Apple experience of "it just works" you might be disappointed! Don't get me wrong it is a good basic Smartphone but I haven't found it to be the most user friendly. I've had problems with the Wifi (and judging by the support forums I'm not the only one) but I've discovered that its down to my router (seems there are compatability problems with some Nokias and Netgear routers). I also had a problem syncing between the phone and my ovi.com account. This was solved by setting up an account by using the phone directly to set up the account rather than doing it online first. I personally like the touch and type interface and don't have a problem with a keypad. I like the phone for my needs. I can sync online to my calender, email etc. If you are looking for a basic Smartphone then this will be fine but you might have to work at it a little.

Reviewed by brian from wales on 26th May 2011
not a good phone and it keeps freezing on me

Reviewed by Pete from Ireland. on 23rd May 2011
Got the phone last week. I think its a great little phone for anyone who needs to talk and text with the odd bit of internet use. Music player is good. Camera is okay. Not great but okay. Battery life seems good. I find the touch & type interface great. The touch screen works fine I think but as Ive never had a top of the range smartphone or an i-phone I cant compare. Im sure its not as responsive as the more expensive smartphones. All in all im liking it a lot. If you dont want a full on smartphone its a great choice.

Reviewed by DM from UK on 20th May 2011
The touch screen is a disaster - not a patch on my i-phone. Definitely would not recommend this phone, it's way below par on the responsiveness of the screen.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 12th May 2011
Had this phone for about 4 months or so now. Really like it as its smart, well built and light with a good battery life. Texting takes a while to get used to as keys for space and editing words are on the right hand side instead of bottom. Once you get your head around it its brilliant to use. Combined with the touch screen its a revelation and is very user friendly. The screen is decent in terns of quality and responsiveness considering its not capacitive. Has loads of features for the price. The series 40 operating system suits this device perfectly and loads up web pages etc pretty fast. Only quibbles I have is that the wifi is a bit stubborn, seems to work sometimes and others not. Also the top left corner of the edge of the screen has a slight dent as the screen isn't totally flush to the body. Don't think it'll be long before the screen has problems due to this. If its a budget phone your after this is hard to beat.

Reviewed by graham from scotland on 11th May 2011
hi got one of these recently,,just out the box - wifi didnt work and screen froze when trying to set up email !

Reviewed by Sushil soni from India on 5th May 2011
Nice phon

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 5th May 2011
My x3-02 is broken..lcd, volume control and speaker are damaged.. Parts i hope should be available. Accidents happen. No parts.. I am disappointed.

Reviewed by ian from UK on 5th May 2011
wanted a phone for a dummie this phone fits the bill easy ish to use let down by the fact you cant delete recent calls 1 at a time you have to delete them all also if someone calls you and you need to send them a tex with a contact no you cant do this unless you know the number of your contact and have to put it into your tex manually

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 29th Apr 2011
I've been using this phone for 2 weeks now, since I have had to send my HTC Desire away for repair. Its a very nice phone, very light and slim. It has excellent sound quality and battery life goes for at least 2 days. Areas where it lacks is in its web browser capabilities. The web browser is functional but not as easy to use as a proper smartphone. Web sites with video, often you can not play the video, but youtube works very well. The email functions has built in settings for gmail, hotmail, ovi mail, yahoo mail so its easy to set up.

Reviewed by ya dad from ya mum on 25th Apr 2011
sik fonee

Reviewed by missy from oceania on 19th Apr 2011
Solid build, and with added feature of BOTH touch and push - this is only a plus. My only beef is that it is slippery to hold. But that's being fussy.

Reviewed by Rick from Uk on 17th Apr 2011
Its a nice little phone well worth the money x

Reviewed by Roger from Devon UK on 10th Apr 2011
Easy to use fone does what it says on the tin, easy to use and at 80 its a bargain. Also Trixie from UK on 22nd Feb 2011 the all message delete button is real easy to find. Menu - Messages - Delete messages - All messages. Simple's

Reviewed by AT&T no more from US on 26th Mar 2011
Best of all it has SIP VoIP over WiFI so getting free calling as well. I like it a lot!

Reviewed by Anoop Nair from India on 26th Mar 2011
It's a nice phone with a powerful music player. Touch is amazing, wonder if the screen was bigger. Everything is great about this phone, except for the S40 OS, which is very old. One bad thing about it is, the search on contact is not good. It doesn't search names which have two words, only first word is searched.

Reviewed by azwad from india on 24th Mar 2011
i dont like this mobile phone this is old style

Reviewed by Gaddz from Cambodia on 22nd Mar 2011
I love this phone, its a leader, beautifull screen, camera is so good producing very good shots of the mountains, internet using opera is faster than my lap top, nokia rock&roll.

Reviewed by Lisa from EUSSR on 16th Mar 2011
Great phone, easy to use no problem setting up, no moisture problems however I only put it to my ear.

Reviewed by Max from ENGLAND on 15th Mar 2011
I have this for a month,so far so good, nice phone. No problem with moisture as I use the phone for what it was made for, some other people should buy an alternative device;-) X3-02 is the best.

Reviewed by Stacey from England on 24th Feb 2011
Be carefull with this, my one died on me, I took it back to the shop and they said moisture had gotten in and affected the circits.On the good side the vibration alert was loud and powerfull.

Reviewed by Trixie from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
I dropped my old phone in the mop bucket at work and bought this phone to replace it after looking at the ratings on this website. My old phone was the Nokia 6303i classic and although I didn't like it initially,it really grew on me and I wanted a similar phone with a better camera. I'm easily pleased, old school.. not interested in app's or using the phone for the internet, I just want a reliable phone that I can make and receive calls on, send and receive texts and take photo's when I'm out and about. This phone fits the bill perfectly and still flashes when I've received a text or phone call (which is what I really loved about my old phone!) In my opinion, it's a nice looking, modern phone for those of us who just want the simple things in life. It lost a star with me because you have to delete messages one at a time, there's no multi-delete option (or not that I've found yet).

Reviewed by wayne from UK on 21st Feb 2011
Had this phone for about 5 months and have to say its an excellent mid range phone, i have had no problems with it whatsoever, ok its not the greatedt for surfing the net ,with the small screen its a bit cluttered but saying that its fine and pretty speedy..its no iphone 4 or htc desire but for what it is at what its aimed at its a almost perfect and very accomplished handset.

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