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Nokia N97 review

 Review: June 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Available in Black or White, the N97 is more a mobile computer than a mobile phone. Packed with every imaginable feature, Nokia's designers have succeeded in creating a device that is supremely powerful yet easy to use, with a user-friendly touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. With music, video, photos, email, web and downloadable apps all easily accessible from the customisable home page, the N97 delivers everything that we could ask for on the move. However, it's big, heavy and expensive, and has the usual freezing/crashing problems that come with NSeries phones.

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The N97 is much more than an enhanced N96 - it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen display. Other features include a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, GPS, WiFi and 32GB memory. Nokia claim that it is the "most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence". Throw away your laptops, guys, the N97 is here!

There are so many touchscreen phones on the market these days, it's tempting to think that they are all the same. But the Nokia N97 does offer more than most. Nokia seem to be positioning the N97 less like a mobile phone and more like a handheld computer. Although at Mobile Phones UK, we tend to be sceptical about a lot of stuff, we're actually genuinely impressed by the N97 design concept. The N97 has both a touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard makes typing fast and easy, and we definitely prefer this to a virtual keyboard (although it isn't the best keyboard ever - it's too wide for comfort, and the space key is in the wrong place.) Whether it's texting, e-mailing or writing notes, the QWERTY keyboard makes things possible that we simply wouldn't have bothered to attempt on an old-style mobile. But it's the touchscreen that will demand most of your attention. The screen measures 3.5 inches across, which makes it the same as the Apple iPhone 3G S, but it has a higher resolution than the iPhone, at a massive 640 x 360 pixels. With this resolution, there are almost as many pixels on this pocket-sized device as there were on early personal computers. And that makes it possible to start thinking about the N97 as if it were a handheld PC, which is exactly what the engineers at Nokia have done. The touchscreen is of resistive type, similar to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, not quite up to iPhone standards, but pretty slick nonetheless. It's not quite as responsive as the best of the best, and the menus are sometimes slow to respond - typical of previous Nseries phones. The biggest problem is that the user interface feels like it's Symbian with touchscreen functionality bolted on - which is exactly what it is - rather than a native touchscreen OS such as Android, Windows Mobile or Apple's OS X.

The home screen of the phone is information-packed and fully customisable. You can simultaneously view the date & time, your inbox, the weather forecast, RSS feeds, Facebook and quick links to your favourite web pages. This is similar to Samsung's widget interface appearing on phones like the Samsung Jet and the i8910 HD. Touch a web icon and web pages open up in their full glory, with easy touch controls to scroll and zoom. There's full support for Flash videos as well. It's the mobile internet as it should be, and once you've experienced it you won't want to go back to how things used to be. The internet is fast too, either using the 3G HSDPA connection, and even faster is the WiFi connection, where it's available.

The N97 has a built-in GPS receiver, and you can use this to find your location, to geo-tag photos and to navigate. Nokia Maps is supplied, plus multimedia city guides and there's a built-in compass feature too. A 3-month trial licence for pedestrian and voice-guided drive navigation software is included.

The N97 has plenty of custom apps available too. Built on the mature Symbian operating system, there are plenty of apps that will be suitable for the N97, and you can download applications, games, videos and content through Nokia's Ovi store.

Nokia haven't taken this opportunity to upgrade their camera though. It's the same old 5 megapixel camera that appeared in the Nokia N96. But that's not a complaint - the camera is a good one, with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and a dual LED flash.

The N97 really is a feature-packed phone. It's much more like a laptop in terms of its capabilities. We're not going to list everything that it does, because the list would be too long! See the detailed spec below for further info. Suffice to say that it can handle pretty much any kind of media and communications that you can think of. With its close integration with the internet, it feels very much like the 21st century has arrived. We just want to mention the enormous 32GB of onboard memory, plus the ability to increase this with a 16GB memory card.

Nokia's battery life figures are very impressive when you consider what this device is capable of. With 6 hours of talktime on a 3G network and up to 430 hours of standby, this is as much as we could have hoped for. We don't yet have any real world data on this, but hopefully our user reviews below will help to clarify this.

Finally, we have to comment on the size of the device. Yes, it's big, but what did you expect? It's heavy too, but there's a lot of stuff inside! This is a phone that does its best to pack in every feature that users might want, and we think that it's succeeded. Is it the best phone ever? It's probably Nokia's best phone, but at its heart the Symbian operating system feels dated compared to the slickness and speed of the iPhone, or the power of Windows Mobile phones such as the HTC Touch HD or Samsung Omnia. And just like all previous NSeries phones, reliability is a huge problem - expect your N97 to freeze and crash from time to time. We would definitely recommend the N97 for NSeries fans looking for an upgrade, but fans of other smartphone operating systems will probably prefer to stick to what they know. You might also check out the Nokia N97 Mini.

Nokia N97 features include:

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Nokia N97 user reviews

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Average rating from 217 reviews:

Reviewed by michael from nigeria on 27th Dec 2013
am using n97 love the product but am figuring may be it can download gta san andreas

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 29th Jun 2012
Just got N97 from second hand shop for 60, I love it, very fast, typing is now so easy, beautiful screen and best of all I can carry a spare battery for it to change on the move if I need to.

Reviewed by Fardeen from India on 23rd Jun 2012
Best mobile *-: i hav evr used..
Nokia n97 is awesome.

Reviewed by Regina Nomuthandazo Munyulwa from Zimbabwe on 11th Mar 2012
I have the phone bt im not good with technology eg i cant seem to b able to watch any type of video online. I have tried downloading what applications I think might help bt hey its not helping. Dont know what to do. Bt its best phone anyone could wish for. Its a laptop in your hands.

Reviewed by someone from wonderland on 24th Feb 2012
pffft nothing but problems... only plays half the music reception always bad botton got stuck in first week i got it.. waste of time buying one

Reviewed by Jo Sones from Scotland on 13th Feb 2012
Phone keeps changing the speaking mode during a call. Callers cannot hear you talking.
Does not hold a full charge for 24 hours. That's with nothing turned on.
Complicated method of increasing the size of text.
Backlit keyboard has a mind of it's own.
Difficult, now near impossible to charge or connect with PC. The connection socket does not seen up to the job required of it.
Flash light saturates on side of any picture taken.
Keeps flashing up messages when you're trying to do things. The messages prevent you from continuing until they decide to close.
It's no good being a great phone if you can't see why it's great.
Nokia even advise you to turn it off and on again to clear it when it freezes. I shouldn't have to pay a lot of money for a phone that freezes.
In a word, it's Rubbish. I can't wait for my contract to finish.

Reviewed by Paschal madukwe from Nigeria on 17th Jan 2012
I know the n97 maynot compete with other advanced smartphones in touch screen sensitivity and occassionally hang but once u get to knw wht apps it can handle...it becomes easy.we wonder why its expensive...hello...its a nokia...the most reliable mobile phone..guranteed to last.feels more like a palmtop than a mobile phone..the best nokia handset iv ever used for now..give the phone some credit.and yes,i hv so many stuff on my n97..thanks to 32gb plus 4gb micro sd.

Reviewed by Slavkec from Bosnia on 19th Dec 2011
Learn how to install custom firmware and this phone can do wonders. Original firmware is complete junk.

Reviewed by Hamza from Pakistan on 16th Dec 2011
HACK your N97 and all problems are solved... I promise...

Reviewed by mahesh from srilanka on 6th Dec 2011
i love my n97.............

Reviewed by harry from UK on 21st Nov 2011
absoulutely rubbish worst phone i ever bought

Reviewed by AK Palathinkal from UK on 24th Oct 2011

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 22nd Sep 2011
The N97 is an absolutley amazing phone. It is amazing......If your interested in getting it you should because i reccomened it....

Reviewed by Henry Van Holton from UK on 11th Sep 2011
Just got this 2nd hand, flashed it to rid it of operator junk, updated firmware and now have the best phone ever, no crashes and very fast, all for 95.00

Reviewed by adiyasa from UK on 1st Sep 2011
Well, I bought the n97 last year right after my n96 and ngage service sunk. It was a good smartphone. The only problem was the low ram and bad proccesor. If nokia replace symbian s60 with symbian^3 on n97n it will crash iphone!

Reviewed by saif from UK on 30th Jul 2011
I love Nokia N97 Mobile phone. I am feeling so good with Nokia N97 and i love this phone even i have an I phone.

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 5th May 2011
This phone really should have been an iPhone killer but Nokia released a half finished product and have paid the price. It remains to be seen if they will be able to regain their reputation via their alliance with Microsoft (another company known for releasing compromised products). However having owned this beast for nearly two years the fact that I've stuck with it shows that it must have redeeming features - I've recently updated it with a custom firmware (Hegazy C6 v.11) and suddenly it rocks - if only it had worked like this out of the box then Nokia would be in a far healthier postion than that which it finds it self in now

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 6th Apr 2011
not a bad phone, it has some great features. yet it is buggy and is prone to shut down and freeze once in a while. also this phone breaks very easy as mine did! I would recommend to buy this phone if its under $300 as i wouldn't pay more for it.

Reviewed by Bibs from UK on 28th Feb 2011
i am over this phone. It has a mind of its own. Freezes so the only way to get it working again is to take out battery. My slide button on side broke so using the phone to slide open is nightmare. Takes up too much time to lock and unlock. Just before warranty ran out the mobile stopped sending sms. In the end i had to download new nokia software. But that stuffed up my facebook usage. I can use it but some applications dont work now. The phone is slow. Writing is too slow on screen and keyboard. The phone cuts out during calls and internet. Ring tones change as they like. Sometimes its my nominated ring tone other times its nokia song. Camera quality is low. Even though its 5mp. The other day i was using my camera and it told me my memory was full. I checked and had around 160 photos, whereas i ve had much more than that previously. I am not impressed by this phone at all. I used to love nokia phones, but now my opinion is changed. Comparing the phone to others on market, others seem to have better everything. Not happy, Jan!!!

Reviewed by That Girl Over There from UK on 25th Jan 2011
i HEART this phone! it makes evrything to simple and surfing the web on this phone is great.i dont know why you people are complaing so much mine has only crashed once and thats it also the battery has nothing against it from me. i got mine from vodafone contract.my old phone the legendry N95 worked for whole three years before it started crashing ect...I totally recommend it

Reviewed by Rajiv Bakshani from UK on 22nd Dec 2010
The best symbian phone ever. The only problem with the phone is that when you take pictures the screen appears cloudy. Otherwise its a solid phone with great battery life, very easy to use... The finns have truly done a great job with this one. It puts every other phone to shame even the iphone...

Reviewed by RAmi from UK on 20th Dec 2010
the N97 is really powerful device once you figure out how to make it serve ur goals, i dont know why, but i really didnt see any cool game on it, and still the 3D games and applications are slow...

Reviewed by Yash Kulkarni from UK on 17th Dec 2010
I updated to this phone from a symbian 60 version 3 phone.It is more or less a great update with almost all the fatures u can imagine possible in it! web browsing is fast and easy,Camera is great so is the music player.. Yes it does have the occasional hang problem-but those who've used symbian earlier know this is routine. Good phone great features!

Reviewed by Benedict from UK on 9th Dec 2010
My phone keeps telling me the memory on C is full. I have a free mass memory storage of 29.2GB. Why is this the case. It is a nuisance

Reviewed by kez from UK on 24th Nov 2010
great, phone had it a few months only crashed and froze on me once, but the things you can do are great and I recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by mr kane from UK on 24th Nov 2010
Worst phone I've ever had. It changes its settings whilst in your pocket. It's just switched itself off completely and I can't get it back on. I got it about 14 months ago but only started using it properly for about the last 8 months. My message to you all is don't get one, and if you've got one get shot of it now to avoid disappointment.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 29th Oct 2010
Do not buy, it is slow, unresponsive and crashes all of trhe time.

Reviewed by Steve H from UK on 11th Oct 2010
First rate Rubbish, terrible phone only by the grace of god have I not hurled this phone out of the window !!! To many faults to list will just list the most annoying. Touch screen, feels like your using it with boxing gloves on. Drains the battery all by its self for no reason, changes settings ie ring tones etc for no reason, Nokia software for the PC diabolical, crashes and needs the bat removed to re boot, this has happened so often the back cover does not fit now. I could go on forever, I have had this phone for a year.

Reviewed by Khalid, London. from UK on 9th Oct 2010
I hate nokia phones because nokia phones always made me disappointed like N97 was my worst experian. I'll sugest to all of you never buy nokia big phones it's just a wastage of money.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 5th Oct 2010
Appalling phone. I am on my second one having rejected the first and I am pleased to be coming to the end of my contract with it. It would be good if it worked, but it is a jack of all features, master of none. -Weather forecast / facebook intermittent at best; -Sat nav - Hahaha. Got me lost and then lost GPS signal on mate's wedding day, I was the usher. Should have binned it then. - Internet only works if you restart the phone first - Wireless keeps cocking up my home internet - Resistive touchscreen resists your commands - Camera lens cover scratches the lens causing glare on all photos! - Doesn't always let you answer it when it is ringing!! Seriously PLEASE AVOID THIS PHONE LIKE THE PLAGUE IT IS UTTER RUBBISH AND WILL MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT FOR YOU thank you

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 4th Oct 2010
The worst phone i have EVER had!!!! It won't let me send/receive txt messages, unable to retrieve missed calls and now it tells me that i have absolutely no phone memory even though i have nothing at all stored in my phone! I am also unable to get on the internet as the phone won't allow me to do so even though i pay for this as part of my contract! To anybody whois considering getting this phone, i would say don't bother!!

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 3rd Oct 2010
The N97 has a very serious problem It's phone memory is weak and most application updates go through this channel eventually exhausting the phones capacity to work unless you cancel other applications. Having had this phone for a year I cannot vouch for it. Also copy and paste is not easy but that is a minor issue.

Reviewed by M Jansen from UK on 29th Sep 2010
All my N97 did was increasingly crash till it froze completely [after 4months]and Three wanted to charge for the repair. I really disliked it , simply answering the phone took too long. So many menus to go through.Gone back to my old slider. This was a barrier to communications device.Three no longer offer it, the first I ordered had to go back beause it was faulty. Three staff themselves say it is troublesome. Good on paper bad in practice.

Reviewed by simon from UK on 3rd Sep 2010

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 28th Aug 2010
This is the worst phone Nokia have released by far, Had mine for 6 months, its been in for repair twice (both times had the screen replaced), it was good at first but quickly got bad. Screen became unresponsive, the phone decided to open menu's and apps on its own, battery life is shocking, and i when i take pictures with the flash on i get glare on the left hand side of the pics. All in all a bad design, bad phone and i won't be getting another nokia for a long time, I expected better from the Nokia guys.

Reviewed by x from UK on 26th Aug 2010
this is best phone i ever...

Reviewed by John from UK on 13th Aug 2010
The worst phone i have ever used. Its slow and keeps freezing constanly even when i am using just one app. The unlock button broke off mine within two weeks. Just a relly poor phone overall i will never get a nokia again !

Reviewed by Guru from UK from UK on 8th Aug 2010
I have N97 for last 6 months, 1 star is too much for it. Features are unmachable with other phones but basics does not work. I had the same problem of freezing, not able to unlock, unable to switchoff, the unlock switch brek (which nokia admit is design issue), contact does not displayed when a call comein, so every call is from a stranger. I talked to 3 numerous time before heading to carphonewahrehouse nokia engineer thrice. After that sent phone to 3 and they have agreed to send another refurbished phone or exchange with another cheap phone.....lost many business, social, personal hours struggling with this phone

Reviewed by Ashington from UK on 6th Aug 2010
In one word - rubbish, had nothing but troublw with it from the beginning, it freezes, do not connect tot he internet and has 'connection errors' in calls all the time, DON'T get one

Reviewed by jess from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
THIS IS THE WORST PHONE EVER! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE GET AN IPHONE OR BLACKBERRY. I have had nothing but problems and have had to send my hand set away countless times to be fixed. I am about to get my 3rd one and this time I will have to try and sell it myself, as 3 will not give me a different handset of similar standard. It won't answer for a start- freezes, does not show contacts on incoming calls- totally unreliable- awful drive you crazy terrible phone

Reviewed by John Butler from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
I have had my N97 for nearly 9 months. From the reviews I expect high performance from this expensive cell phone. I thought that firmware and software updates would gradually improve the N97 which is a good looking phone, nice qwerty slide out keyboard and valid touch screen. Unfortunately it is a terribly bad performer. The worst feature is that is does not charge properly. When it odes charge, which is not the case with standard Nokia chargers, it turns of once full and then will not recharge until unplugged. So if you use it like a main phone at your desk it will by about lunch time suddenly stop working because the battery is flat and the charger has to be reconnected and you have to wait fifteen minutes while it charges The Bluetooth does not work well and the USB connection is sluggish. I gave up and bought a new Nokia 6388 which does not have the same potential as the N97 but it is supposed to do it does OK.

Reviewed by JH from UK on 27th Jul 2010
I've had this phone for seven months now. All in all it is a good phone, however it does have some very annoying drawbacks. These are: poor reception, it crashes/freezes/misbehaves whenever it feels like it (even with all the firmware updates), it takes a while to navigate around which I presume is due to the old Symbian OS. If the above could be sorted out I would give it five stars. The reception issue in particular is very irritating.

Reviewed by Rich Rich from UK on 20th Jul 2010
Potentially this phone could be fantastic, Personally I think the design is perfect, the qwerty and slide up at an angle, clever. The 32gb of memory and radio emitter are still to this day very great and unique features, But its let down by horribly sloppy software, its just sluggish from day one, and so many errors, freezes and crashes occur it becomes more of a burden to carry. The battery is average. No more, no less. Externally its five stars for me, but the software is one and the usability of the phone essentially holds a stronger weight when reviewing a phone. And I am foolishly stuck with a 24 month contract. That is one lesson I have been taught that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Reviewed by king from UK on 18th Jul 2010
i have used that phone a lot and its simply useless. this phone is laggy sometimes and sometimes freezes.

Reviewed by merim from UK on 16th Jul 2010
everything stated above also was in my case buggy bull software hangs run out of memory etc...but after updateing this is a new device it has nothing to do with old buggy v11.speed slickness responsivnes bug free this new update is extremely good...altrough it wont fix my camera scratches -.-

Reviewed by Vlad from UK on 12th Jul 2010
Worst phone i ever had, 3 month of dissapoiments and than it tottaly borke down, nokia warranty useless

Reviewed by Mr. Wingnut from UK on 11th Jul 2010
I've had this phone for nearly twelve months now & not a day goes by when it doesn't need resetting. I've updated the software from Nokia's website hoping for it to be fixed but no such luck. As for apps, there's plenty of this to do with it when it's working, but it's not reliable enough & I've been tempted on a few times to throw it against a wall or out of the car window but I haven't found a phone to much it for features otherwise it would be gone. If you're after a phone that has everything I suggest you wait a while for something more reliable.

Reviewed by omar from UK on 5th Jul 2010
mobile very good i can't even understand it its totaly computar but its sound is low and don't support MP4

Reviewed by merim from UK on 27th Jun 2010
i remember when i firt bought a n95 it was the worst thing i ever bought but now its a superfast reliable and powerful device..i used n97 for 10 days it was awesome with very few bugs and i am sure it will reach the full potential within year or so...i will buy it next week...not interested in N8 as it doesnt have a QWERTY keyboard...

Reviewed by M Howard from UK on 24th Jun 2010
Hi, I bought this phone in March really hoping I would be able to view my emails. Two phones later (my current one is locked out) and I'm still no closer to viewing emails. I dont use the internet much so this feature isnt any use to me. The phone is much the smae as the old Nikia I had. The service I've received from carphone warhouse has been pretty poor - they just want me to sign the contract. Please - someone - help me get this phone to work!! MH

Reviewed by t from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
ok really. I cant upload most web pages cause it keeps on freezing. Whats up with that

Reviewed by Sam from UK from UK on 4th Jun 2010
Plz dont buy this phone......One of the worst phone I ever had.....

Reviewed by from a user from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
(+) nice design QWERTY keyboard 32GB!!!!! carl zeiss! (-) you have to trick the camera (use marker to 'paint' the glass around the lens) so the LED's light won't overflood your photo in pitch dark (found in youtube) quite slow max battery capacity, as for me, 2 days resistive touch screen symbian 60 (?!)

Reviewed by khaleque from UK on 30th May 2010

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 13th May 2010
Terrible phone - Bugged, freezes, crashes, slow, - Luckily managed to get a 3GS iphone and OMG what a difference

Reviewed by eljay from UK on 6th May 2010
N97 is the worst phone i ever had-been back twice for the camera lens scratch issue, screen freeze and not repsonsive, soft unlock failure, when charger disconnected it still shows charging, and now been back for no gps signal for 3 repairs. Still they dont swap or update it. I now have problem where after pcsuite update it keeps disconnecting my phone. even as latest firmware too, soft and hard reset does not work also :?(

Reviewed by aliasger from UK on 3rd May 2010
nice phone

Reviewed by ben from UK on 29th Apr 2010
This is just a phone with endless problems.... The phone doesnt charge right it freezes all the time and many more anoying problems. I had the phone for nearli a year sold it and got an iphone thats the best bet.

Reviewed by Numan from UK on 28th Apr 2010
Very Beautifull.

Reviewed by jouzee from UK on 28th Apr 2010
This is pretty good phone. GPS works, camera works and software works pretty well. Im waiting Nokia N8, thats gonna be my next phone :)

Reviewed by CaptainKristoff from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
WORST PHONE I'VE EVER OWNED. The hardware is really good, I love the keyboard and the screen's very responsive for a resistive though colours are nothing compared to an amoled. That's about all the good I can say, I've had to send mine back 4 times and had two of them, all in the space of 5 months and am currently having the hassle of having to negotiate for a decent replacement. It's essentially as powerful as an N95 but been stuffed full of far more than it can handle. I'd love to know if Nokia got even one person to test this piece of I can't say what before releasing it, it really is a joke. AVOID the phone and personally, I'm avoiding Nokia from now on as I like smart phones and I like ones that work! Humph!

Reviewed by SJ from UK on 16th Apr 2010
Ha ha ha ha Amasia!!! You make me laugh! "As far as the freezing...what the heck do you except, its a hand held pc" It is not a handheld PC, if it was it would have a proper OS on it. Let me put this simply for you. "NO I DO NTO EXPECT IT TO FREEZE, EVER!! THAT IS WHY I PAY 45 POUND A MONTH" So Stop defending these idiots in Nokia, who have been far to lazy to test it properly and get with it!

Reviewed by Zoe Jade from UK on 15th Apr 2010
I wanted this phone so much and at first it was problem free. But with regular use the phone memory began to reduce, until it eventually stated its memory was full preventing me from even reading let alone sending texts, which is a very basic need considering the features the N97 is packed with. I tried to delete unwanted items in the Phone memory to free it up but there was no data stored to be deleted so why was it shrinking? And I still had 29.5GB left on the mass memory. Then add to this the constant freezing, internal phone errors, and cutting off my phone calls and I was extremely disappointed with it. I used to swear by Nokia phones, but have now avoided them like the plague, and am instead getting everything nokia promised from my new Blackberry Bold 9700. The longer I had the N97 the more problems I discovered. The first 4 months were fine so don't be fooled if it works like a dream at first! You have been warned!

Reviewed by gunit bali from UK on 12th Apr 2010
i got lots of problem with N97 and its repair three time by vodaphone now today i m talking with them again about my phone problem don't what i m going to get but never going again for nokia....

Reviewed by Amasia from UK on 9th Apr 2010
I have had my n97 for a good 6 months and i love it! It does have its downs, but what phone doesn't. As far as the freezing...what the heck do you except, its a hand held pc!!!! The only problem I have is that the screen switching when answering a call, but that is minor and can be dealt with. This phone is awesome and glad I purchased it.

Reviewed by zabirzabir5 from UK on 6th Apr 2010
It horribly freezes and crashes,annoying and frustrating.But full of feature like laptop in hand,user can do everything with this,due to slow processor speed 434 MHz it could not bear more application load,user should install only very needful application keeping in mind not so many at a time,it might freezes and crashed,ofcourse install only from signed and licened one not untrusted site.If so its a great mobile.

Reviewed by smiley from UK on 5th Apr 2010
I HATE this phone! The worst thing about it, is that it had great potential! lovely graphics, camera, pull out keyboard is very useful, very long and impressive battery life, and technically very easy to use - it does have truly great features - when it works, it is very true to say that it would be a truly an amazing phone. And a choice I would like to add, outweighed the Iphone, and from the features that it has onboard, it was the better choice, there is no doubt about that. At he begining, when I got my N97, I could put up with some of the niggly little software problems, but despite Nokia trying to fix the little bugs, and updating the firmware, there have become other problems, freezing, crashing, and if you have had to turn it on or off, or remove & replace the battery to restart the phone once, you have done it a million times! It just doesn't do it for me anymore - I have seriously had enough of it 7 months later - I am so disappointed with it. Sending it to Nokia for repairs all the time, and not being able to update the software because the phone keeps telling you it has a system error!! I previously had the awesome, trouble-free N95, and was excited to have learned about the release of the N97 - a better phone - like I say potentially excellent phone. The other highly irritating thing, and you only need to be a user of Nokia's diabolical Ovi Software! to use in conjunction with your Nokia phone - it slows down your computer, freezes, scrambles the titles of any songs that you put onto it, and then it gives you an error report to Microsoft - great, fantastic, irritating phone software - irritating PC companion software - marvellous! I have always been a fan of Nokia, if you really enjoy tearing your hair out in frustration this really will be the phone for you - so good luck with that!

Reviewed by Miss M from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
I wrote a review on the 26th Feb(see below)and I take back everything that I said. I agree with all the other posters about reliability and switching off etc, I have had the first phone less than two months and already it had to go back because it died and refused to start up. I was then offered a second one, which has also been sent away for repair. You have heard the saying "when she's good, she's very good and when she's bad, she's very bad" This says it all for this phone. Too bad I am stuck with it for 18 months, I dread to think of all the problems that might be looming in the months ahead. Thanks a lot Nokia.

Reviewed by J Roberts from UK on 1st Mar 2010
I have had an N97 for about 6 months now. I bought it direct from Nokia. Almost from day 1 there have been problems with the operation of this phone. It regularly shuts down and reboots during use. It freezes mid-use and won't unlock unless plugged into the charger. The slide button on the side of the handset, used to lock and unlock the touch-screen, often does not respond and you have to slide it several times to make it respond. The battery life is poor and rarely lasts more than half a day (without excessive use). I have also had problems recharging the phone and the charge mini USB does not fit properly into the side of the phone. Therefore I am never sure if it is charging or not. Recently it has stopped charging at all and I am totally unable to use the phone at all. Despite the fact that the problems started a matter of weeks after I received the phone and the handset is totally unfit for purpose, Nokia are refusing to refund me my money. Having read lots of online reviews and comments, I can see that by no means am I the only person struggling with these problems. I bitterly regret buying this phone.

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 27th Feb 2010
I have the displeasure of owning a Nokia phone,especially the N97. Who ever thought about inventing that piece of trash should be locked up! The phone...,does everything apart from working properly. Get rid of any Nokia phone available.

Reviewed by kong fu from UK on 27th Feb 2010
very good phone

Reviewed by Miss M from UK on 26th Feb 2010
I got this phone following an upgrade from my N95 8gb. So far it has not let me down, particularly as I was worried from all the posters below me! I did seriously consider getting the iphone 3gs, but because it was missing some very basic features which are on my N95 (including the ability to bluetooth to other phones), I decided to get the N97. I have had absolutely no trouble with it and it works like a dream! The battery life is very good, currently working at nearly 3+ days before having to recharge. The apps and widgets are great fun and I love the fact that you can do two different tasks without having to exit one programe. Also, the homescreen is fully customisable, I can pick and chose what widgets and apps I want. The slide out keyboard is great and feels solid. The only downside is that mine did not come with a memory card in the box, so I had to buy one seperately, but apart from that, fantastic!

Reviewed by Nina Colquhoun from UK on 19th Feb 2010
I absolutely hate this phone and am stuck with it for another year. It is the worst phone I have ever owned, so slow, unreliable, it has been fixed/replaced six times. I will never get a Nokia again!

Reviewed by Woodsy 1405 from UK on 17th Feb 2010
I was initially very pleased with this phone. It had great functions and I thought that all my prayers had been answered. HOWEVER I was wrong. Quite frankly it is rubbish and has been back to the shop twice and I am expecting more visits. It has had all the upgrades but still freezes and locks itself. No matter how many times I unlock the screen remains unresponsive unless you give it about five minutes to catch up. This is the most expensive but the worse phone I have ever owned. Don't do it unless you are on contact or you WILL regret it. Personally I hope it continues to give up so my service provider will replace it with something that works when it should (Like a Sony)

Reviewed by jane from UK on 1st Feb 2010
worst phone ever made by nokia! Upgraded from the n95 when it first came out, was ok for about two months... Then the problems started! First one day it turned itself off, wouldnt come back on, when it actually did it just froze on the nokia start up! Even taking the battery out wouldnt work! Sooo... Sent it back, got a new one. Same thing happened again! Got another new one... Then that one is completely messed up! The button at the side u use to unlock it fell of after two days! The front camera comes on by itself and takes pictures non stop until u take the battery out! Plus... The keyboard didnt even work from day 1!! On my 4 phone now, worst thing i ever done getting a 24 month contract with it!!!! X

Reviewed by robert from UK on 24th Jan 2010
ive had this phone for 2 months now i never dropped it or anything and now it wont charge! is a brilliant phone when it "works" but has its faults.

Reviewed by Jerome Shikongeni from UK on 18th Jan 2010
i own a nokia n97. To be honest i must say its a bit of an anticlimax after all the beautiful reviews i read before i got it. Maybe my expectations were too high. Ok i'm not sayin its a bad phone but i've got my issues with it. Let me put it this way- you have windows xp and you loved it- it was easy to use and more of a soldier in the field. Ok then you get vista and it feels more like a secretary in an office who is on that time of the month(period as in fullstop hehehe). I had a N95 before and despite its structural problems eg. irritating battery cover, i loved it. It allowed me to do things with it, kinda like xp. Now i've got this n97 and i feel something's missing. It freezes and crushes... a lot! And i find myself havin to hard reset it just to get it functioning. Irritating after customizing it to my liking and having to restart all over again. Its got a lot of functions in it but most are internet dependant which makes it an expensive machine to use afte r one has already spent so much gettin it. I love music and i loved my music and gaming keys on the n95. It would have been nice to have them on somewhere on the n97. The touchscreen is huge but the response can get rather iffy. The structural makeup of the phone is good though. I dont have to worry about the battery cover breaking every time i put it in my pockets like i had to with the n95. I'd like to see how it does after i update the firmware to v2 though. Hopefully it will become the machine that i'd love to have. Thinking of moving away from nokia for a while by the. Maybe get an iphone or google's latest foray, the Nexus one. Hopefully the n900 will be a better nseries phone

Reviewed by Paul Allen from UK on 14th Jan 2010
The Worst phone ever! What have nokia done? The idea is good but it just does not work. You need two hands to even use the "speed dial" feature. Hate it Hate it hate!!! and i love Nokia or used to. I have put my n97 away ready to to mmobile hell. I am using my trusty old N95 which is by far the best phone i have ever used.

Reviewed by Tristan from UK on 11th Jan 2010
I love what nokia have done in the past. I think the symbian os they use is one of the easiest ways to get around a phone. but the N97 just seems to fail at everything. Restarting, slow to respond, freezing, not responding at all...the list goes on. i'd say steer clear of this one. Hopefully nokia decide to make something user friendly in the near future and and we can all stop complaining about their not so brilliant products.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 8th Jan 2010
seems like everyone else is having the same problems as me. really is an awful phone. very nice to look at but non the less awful. i was put off buying the iphone because of the cost and poor deals available so went for the n97 instead. ended up with a 40 a month contract for 24months. one of the biggest mistakes i have ever made. had it for about 6 month now and desperate to get rid but nowhere will offer what i would regard as a reasonable price because of all the problems with it. environfone are offering last time i checked 185. for a phone that is less than a year old and was surrounded by vast amounts of hype. surely this must tell nokia something. lets list the problems 1 - awful quality sound. my gf has the 5800 which i my opinion has brilliant quality sound and is supposed to be a lower range model than the n97 (i am not defending the 5800, as this to is an awful attempt by nokia as it cant even keep the right time). although vodafone did give me some free speakers which i must admit are good, but to my understanding are only abailable to vodafone? 2 - the lock button fell off. so now i am forever having to slide the phone up and down to unlock it which gets very annoying. i would send it back for repair but vodafone will not give me a replacement so i would be without a phone for christ knows how long. 3 - the applications available are, most of them, awful. are they seriously trying to compete with the ipone here because they are just a joke. they only good one i found was a spirit level. works well, but not much use really. 4 - the charger adapter that came with the phone so you can use old nokia chargers. i thought this was a briliant idea. especially when you are staying over at a friends for instance. worked well for first few months, now is completely knackered! 5 - screen is very un-responsive. i am forever having to keep pressing the screen for it to work. then because it has been pressed so many times it just freezes! 6 - when unlocking the phone(sliding it up and down due to lock falling off)it often unlocks but the light does not come on. so this means i have to press the power button, squint so i can see where it says lock screen and keys and lock it just so i can unlock it again. 7 - the little pen that comes with the phone, while nice to look at it rubbish. most other touch phones have a pen that slides out so it is hidden away when not in use. this comes attatched to a little flimsy piece of string and makes the phone look cheap. however, this is one of the things on my n97 yet to break. probably the only part nokia didnt actually make themselves. i could probably go on forever about the problems with this phone. nokia has really dissappointed me with this phone. in the past i have been a loyal nokia customer, but if this phone is anything to go buy, it will be the last nokia i ever buy!

Reviewed by ariel from UK on 8th Jan 2010
I have Nokia N97 and not found any page to download apps, games, free themes. Until I found: www.touchnokia.com. It is recommend!

Reviewed by nottmbantam from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
I've not had this phone since June, when it was first released. I have upgraded the firmware on the phone three times now, and am currently running on v20 - which is by far the bet, and what the phone should have been relased with all those months ago. THe previous FW versions were very poor, and I had a lot of problems with v12 - crashing the phone several times a day. With that FW version, I would nt even give the phone any stars at all. However, with v20, the phone work much much better, but it still has one bug ( call answering bug ) so with that in mind, I can only give it four. If you do buy the handset, make sure it's got v20 firmware installed, if not, then don't bother.

Reviewed by mona from UK on 27th Dec 2009
i love this phone. Its just a matter of getting used to it n knowing how to use it. Battery life is a little short but nokia offer current softwrz to resolve that. You do need softwer updates. I cant get enough of it. Iv had it for 3weeks and every day i discover summat new. I had the n95 8g an u cant compare it to th n97. N nokia have had faults in a batch but have not dispatched any till the problem was sorted. It is a mini laptop with easy access internt, quick and reliable. My only thing wud be when the battry is low it tends to slow down.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
THE WORST PHONE IN EXISTENCE! This phone is the worst phone I've ever had. The problems are endless, it crashes, it'll refuse to charge, the screen freezes, it wont send picture messages, internet makes the phone freeze for hours, messages occasionally delete themselves. Plus as a phone itself its just awful compared to the ipone considering how expensive it is. I've had it repaired twice now and its still just as bad. Everyone I know with this phone has had problems with it and even phones for you said that 3 out of 4 people have had to send this phone back. DO NOT GET IT! not worth the risk. This does not deserve one star!!!

Reviewed by giridhar from UK on 16th Dec 2009
giridhar excellent

Reviewed by Hong Kong from UK on 10th Dec 2009
not nice!!! stupid pulling lock it doesn't function all the ways, i got to miss the calls as i can't unlock the phone after few trials!! the phone will restart or switch off itself for no reason, and sometimes it will get hung out when multi-tasking! it's the most expensive phone i have ever had, but it makes me the greatest disappointed!!

Reviewed by wayne from UK on 10th Dec 2009
this phone is nothing but a load of rubbish it freezes ,have to take out battery to get it to work, the camera lens is scratched where you open camera ,will not buy nokia again

Reviewed by don from UK on 8th Dec 2009
I love it but hate certain things like the freezing which at times requires battery removal! I have a white one and cannot find a way to turn the lit keys off. This should not be automatic as many times there is enough light to see the keys. When the keys light up then you cannot see the black chacter outlines. I don't like that at all. Stick with black colour hand set. The scratch guard savers are way toooo expensive! Come on competitors, give us a hand. I really love the 32gbyt and music and pictures are superb! Unless I just haven't figured out a few things it needs cut and paste off web sites and email.

Reviewed by Adora from UK on 7th Dec 2009
I have had my N97 for nearly 5 months now, and i have to say i love it. i admit the phone was a bit buggy when it first came out, but the fimeware updates have fixed so many of the problems that it runs like a dream now. I use my N97 for everything and hardly find myself using my laptop anymore.There are of course still a few bad points, the battery life is rubbish and i frequently have to charge the phone, also I have a problem with the charging point, it seems to have become like a loose connecton and charging the phone has become a nightmare, but the phone is still under warrenty, so a trip to a nokia care point should soon fix that. All in all the pro's far outway the cons and i am glad i purchased this phone.

Reviewed by Jake Linder from UK on 7th Dec 2009
N97 is the worst phone I have ever owned. It is very very buggy. Interface lag. Unresponsive UI, app crashes, phone stalls and massive amount of dropped calls. I was so patience, waited for the 2.0 firmware, but it did not solve anything. I really think their arrogance against there N97 user base says alot. Support "There is nothing wrong, but we can exchange your phone". I am on my third phone. It's not the phone, it's their buggy Symbian platform.. :(

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 1st Dec 2009
I've had this phone for a few months now & I'm finding it brilliant. I've updated the firmware to 2.0 & now have smooth scrolling & better memory & power management. The known bug with the unlock slide button has now been fixed & it is completely responsive. And the odd crash I experienced on the previous firmware has completely disappeared. The feature set is superb, my previous phone was a samsung omnia with a very similar feature set (which I also loved by the way) but the ease of use of the N97 makes this so much better. & the Ovi store is gaining more & more apps by the day. I'm not sure why some people make out that a resistive screen needs to be almost punched to make it work - it doesn't. A very slight finger sweep will see my phone scrolling & selecting like a dream. I've never had to use the stylus as it's so finger friendly. Overall I'd find it hard not to recommend this phone. I've never owned an iphone so won't try to compare the two but I'm not sorry I bought this. The physical keypad was what swung the decision for me, after missing it when I had the samsung Omnia & I'm very happy indeed with my choice. If you want an iphone - go buy an iphone, I'm sure you'll be very happy with it. Don't whine & moan about how another phone isn't as good. If you want a phone with a physical qwerty keyboard then this has to be in the top 3 devices out there in my opinion.

Reviewed by samantha from UK on 30th Nov 2009
i absolutly love my n97, i've had it for about 4 months now, and i still discover features :) it is a great phone, packed with things that will keep you smiling. Fair enough the n97 has it's faults, but then again wouldn't you expect technology like this to have them faults. I can't complain to be honest, the only thing i dislike is that nokia ovi store is a bit of a joke. They obviously rig the 3 star system and they delete negative reviews which really gets on my wick. If the ovi store was improved and nokia would let people be honest and host thier opinion i would give this phone 5 stars but i'm going to give it four. Overall i love this phone, even when it has it's glitches.

Reviewed by james from UK on 26th Nov 2009
I have had the N97 since july and have given up on it. I rang vodafone, and the guy i spoke to said they've stopped selling this fone and are recalling faulty ones. I was offered the blackberry 9700 Bold but i prefer the iphone, so i'll be able to swap in january, anyone looking to buy this fone please stay away. It will appear as brilliant at first, but then you'll realise the software on the fone is too buggy.

Reviewed by neal edwards from UK on 25th Nov 2009
fantastic had a couple of weeks crashed twice but otherwise outstanding better than the n96 by a long shot

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Nov 2009
A very unreliable phone. Its drops calls, the camera lens scratches when sliding the cover, the phone memory is small causing unstable behavior, you have to rub the screen the get it to move, the slider switch is prone to come off, and to top off the system has more bugs than a rain forest even with update version 20.

Reviewed by peter allen from UK on 24th Nov 2009
hello there ive had my n97 for a couple of months now ,the 2nd one to be exact yes they are a very impressive phone packed with all the features you ever need and i am so happy with the phone .when its workin properly yes it does freeze alot but weirdly seems to work better the more stuff thats on it ive just done a complete factory reset and its returned to the slow old phone it once was , n95 springs to mind, if the n97 had the frezzing issues sorted out then it would be un stoppable but as this is a big issue its very annoying to say the least peterallen.27@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by n from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
it suxs

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 20th Nov 2009
I was informed by the man in the vodafone store that this was THE phone to have. On his opinion i signed the contract and have had my N97 since release, at first i thought, this is a great phone, GPS, internet and all the other stuff it others. Then it started to freeze and crash, i let a go it was a new phone and i new there would be software updates that would hopefully sort this. i have downloaded these updates expecting each time for them to be fixed, this was not the case and i am just giving up on it. However i am writing this review using my N97 and in many ways it is a great phone but the bugs it has do make it an annoying and tedious phone to use. i will be switching to the iPhone shortly if they cannot fix the issues EVERYONE is having with the phone.

Reviewed by gjp from UK on 14th Nov 2009
i just bought my n97 so far so good. internet connection is fast. the only problem i have is the movie player it doesnt seems to recognize mp4 format which i converted.

Reviewed by N PRADEEP from UK on 8th Nov 2009

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