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Nokia N95 review

 Review: April 2007  

Last updated April 2010

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The most technically advanced smartphone ever! Complete with satellite navigation, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, 3G video calling, and every other gadget you can think of! But is it too clever for its own good?

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Another Nokia Nseries smartphone! And this one is the most technically advanced ever! Can it really live up to the hype, or will it prove to be as unreliable and bug-ridden as some of Nokia's other Nseries phones?

The headline features of the eagerly-awaited Nokia N95 are mouth-wateringly amazing:

Let's start with the basics. The Nokia N95 is a 3G smartphone built on the Series 60 Symbian interface (version 3.1). Let's be clear from the start that these types of phone are slow, have a tendency to freeze or shut down, and have unstable firmware. They are also large and heavy. At 120g the N95 is of average weight for a smartphone, but is pretty bulky, despite its slide design. At least you won't forget which pocket it's in! When closed, you can access menu functions using the 5-way navigation key and the associated control keys. The N95 also has several other dedicated media keys that can be used as shortcuts to media functions. This is a good feature if you like to have lots of buttons to push, but sometimes they just end up getting in the way. When you slide the phone open you have access to a full keypad, but like the Nokia N73, the buttons are too small to be really comfortable. The user interface will be familiar to anyone who has used a Series 60 phone before: it's not as simple to use as the Nokias of olden days, but you wouldn't expect such a high powered device to be, would you? So, without getting into the functionality of the phone yet, we'd give it 2 stars for usability.

Now, the kind of person likely to buy this phone isn't going to be put off by wimpy considerations like size and ergonomics. Perhaps not even by warnings of bugs and a sluggish user interface. It's what the phone does that matters most. And this is where the N95 really delivers! The first multimedia feature that you encounter is the screen, and it's a massive one: 2.6 inches across, 240 x 320 pixels, and an incredible 16 million colours. An ambient light detector is used to control the brightness of the screen, making it usable under most lighting conditions. It's one of the best screens ever, and does full justice to the camera and navigation systems.

The camera is a first in the UK: the first phone camera to hit the 5 megapixel mark. At this number of pixels, you can (theoretically) match anything that a dedicated digital camera is capable of - provided that you have the optics to back up the megapixel grunt. Nokia have been developing their camera capabilities quite impressively recently using Carl-Zeiss optics and Tessar lenses - the Nokia N93 being the best camera phone before the release of the N95. The N95 lacks the optical zoom of the N93, but retains the autofocus, flash and lens. Does the 5 megapixel sensor make up for the lack of an optical zoom? The answer is no, so in our opinion the N93 is still king of the camera phones, but for practical purposes the N95 is a better option. It can certainly match or beat the Sony Ericsson K800i. The video camera is also outstanding, recording in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) at up to 30 frames per second with stereo audio. There's a second front-facing camera for making video calls too.

The other most interesting feature of the N95 is the built-in GPS navigation system. The N95 actually has a GPS system built into the phone, that communicates directly with the satellite. This enables you to use the phone to track your position either on foot or in-car. You'll need to buy a license to use the Nokia mapping system though. Now, whilst this is a nice feature to have in a phone, we've got to say that it doesn't match the quality of a dedicated satnav system like the TomTom One. The sensitivity and reliability of the GPS receiver is not as good, and neither is the user-friendliness of the system.

These are the most groundbreaking features, but the N95 has almost everything else you could think of including in a phone too: a music player with support for all common music formats, a stereo FM radio, integrated handsfree speaker, speaker independent voice dialling, talking ringtones, HSDPA (the fast data transfer technology dubbed "3.5G") and lots more! When it comes to connectivity, the N95 is the best-connected device in town, with support for Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Infrared, Wireless LAN, TV-Out and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Its memory is also more than adequate with up to 160 Mbytes of onboard memory and support for microSD memory cards (up to 8 Gbytes). Battery life is OK - when you consider how much work has to be done to power this beast, you can't really set your expectations too high.

In conclusion, The Nokia N95 is bound to be a smash hit, but equally there are bound to be unsatisfied users returning their N95 to the shop. Early adopters will love the wealth of features that this phone offers (literally the best you can get at the time of launch), but the N95 does suffer from practical disadvantages, and you'll need to decide whether the benefits outweigh the problems.

The new Nokia N96 is a slightly improved version of the N95 8GB. The new Samsung i8510 is very similar to the Nokia N95, using the same Series 60 user interface, but offers an improved 8 megapixel camera and some other refinements.

From 16th October 2008, the N95 8GB is available with the ground-breaking Nokia Comes With Music service. This deal is exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse. When you buy a Nokia "Comes With Music" phone, you get a whole year of free unlimited music downloads! Whatever you download during the year you can keep forever. We would rate the N95 8GB Comes With Music as a 5 star phone.

Nokia N95 features include:

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Nokia N95 user reviews

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Average rating from 1012 reviews:

Reviewed by A-H from UK on 5th Jan 2016
By the way, about the review I posted here just below, I was talking about N95 8GB, which was way better than the normal N95. The 8gb revision was way cooler looking and better battery life and software overall.

Reviewed by A-H from UK on 4th Jan 2016
Really awesome thing this was back in the day. In fact I kept on using it until 2014, when I finally upgraded to a Windows phone (I'm loyal to Nokia).

Even as of 2014 I was able to use it for various browsing (Opera Mini), texting with Whatsapp, note-taking, e-mail, and as a really good music player (better than non-Symbian Xpressmusic), high quality sound recorder, and I had BBC iPlayer on it too, and a working Google maps. I also had a Youtube app (dont think it works anymore because Google ended support for older apps on all platforms). But I did have many S60 games (not java) such as Need for Speed which have modest graphics and not bad. Had some really good N-gage games too like Metal Gear Solid Mobile.

Man it had a TV output that even my new Lumia and many other new phones dont have. Was quite useful for videos from Realplayer on TV and stuff. It had two great stereo speakers with high volume, and support for 3D sound.

The device can be hacked where it will get lots of other special features and apps.. I never hacked mines unfortunately, wish I actually did.

Guess what, I was looking on some old photo albums on my PC and saw some photos I took of myself with my N95 a few years ago. I then realised, just how GOOD that camera still is. The quality was honestly very good even when zoomed in. The quality was horrible at night (N82 with Xenon to the rescue) but it was BRILLIANT during the day, and still is in 2015, to my surprise.

There are so many other features this phone has that I personally didn't use but it shows what it was capable of in 2007. Quickoffice for MS Office documents for example, or wireless keyboard support (Windows phone still cannot in 2015), Adobe reader for PDF, Powerpoint PPT etc, modem usage.

I seriously miss this legendary phone, but it will always have a place in my heart and of so many others who've owned this. It was outstanding in a lot of ways.

Reviewed by Mausam from India on 15th May 2014
The Fav phone!
i used android for last couple of years, used tab and other sophisticated devices..then i got dis..n95 at a very awesome price...voila! Its superb in terms of a phone...backdated might be with s60 symbian 3.1...still can cmbat firmly with any android 4.4 kitkat of these days with a carl j. lens and fav inbuilt irmware and built up...
I love it...

Reviewed by Marulashetty from India on 11th Sep 2013
I love this phone ever

Reply by S60 from Kalzedonia on 16th Mar 2014
You are right man! Its 2014 and i am using my n95 every day,i can play like a gameboy with it,take amazing photos nd videos,gps navigation, wifi,yt downloader.... Better than a high end android,or ios,(im writing this with the n95 :)

Reviewed by Norman from Tunbridge Wells on 28th Mar 2013
Brought this way back on 14th June 2007 and I have loved using it ever since. I was amazed how many firmware updates were made available each with many improvements. I have installed a 16 gigabyte micro sd card and all is well, enough room for all my train pictures and technical details of every locomotive each on it's own chronologically ordered pdf.
The N95 for me has been a good friend over the years and I have brought two more examples in good condition so I can be a N95 man for many years to come. When I observe modern phones it reminds me of modern class one rolling stock - they are not as exciting as the old ones, and N95 is the A4-Pacific of mobile phones.

Reply by Lisa from Hastings on 3rd Apr 2013
You sound so exciting and know so much about N95, wow!

Reviewed by amankhattrioo1 from india on 12th Jun 2012
vry nice look.......

Reviewed by Dufe Bernasco from Ghana on 21st May 2012
Among all the phone I have ever used, my Nokia N95-8G is the best.

Reviewed by marlene from england on 5th May 2012
Just bought the HTC ONE X as it was supposed to have a good camera. I am taking it back to the shop and have resurrected my old N95 which I have not used in years. The camera is better!! and is 3G and quadband and has the front facing camera for Skype. Going to get a Sim only contract. What a super phone it is.

Reviewed by Yogesh thakare from India on 30th Apr 2012
It is a good phone,but it has a bad battery backup,and slow to function i request to make a good battery for N95

Reviewed by Ed from England on 17th Mar 2012
Just started using my N95 again after I got just totally fed-up with my HTC HD2 constantly crashing, freezing and the mic cutting out mid call! The Nokia was in the loft for over 2 years; brought it down, charged it up and it fired up first time no troubles at all!!

Brilliant phone, and still holds it ground in 2012!

Reviewed by Susie from Cheshire, UK on 10th Feb 2012
Brilliant phone. Had it 4 years now...can't fault it ! Dreading my 'upgrade' !! hahaha

Reviewed by imon from bangladesh on 7th Feb 2012
i love this things

Reviewed by outback jack from australia on 7th Jan 2012
My N95 is 4years old and by far has the best reception in remote area's and is still going strong if this one ever dies ill track down another new one on the net to buy

Reviewed by stacey rice from essex on 28th Dec 2011
nokia are the best phones in the world

Reviewed by itai chiriseri from UK on 7th Oct 2011

Reviewed by Ellen from UK on 26th Aug 2011
had this phone about a year now and its the best phone ive ever had im sure its unbreakable its been through so much with me lol, its amazing how it hardly needs charging haha, i would reccomend this to anyone (:

Reviewed by shabbu from UK on 13th Jun 2011

Reviewed by rex from UK on 4th May 2011

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 25th Apr 2011
Still up there with the best of todays smartphones in my opinion, I had an HTC Desire for a month and went back to my 95 as the desire had a (single) weedy speaker and a screen you can't see in daylight. As long as you're not an app addict the 95 is all the smartphone you'll need, just debrand it, put the latest firmware on, (version 35 was released by nokia at the end of 09) get yourself a big memory card and a sim only plan with a generous data allowance and you're sorted. People complained about battery life on the 95 but with modern phones not even lasting a day the 95 will last 2 with fair to moderate use plus you can see the screen in sunlight and the speakers are really loud. Also why don't android phones turn themselves on when you set an alarm? The 95 does! As I said I had a desire which this site said was the most impressive phone they'd seen, and went back to the 95, on which I'm currently writing this review. So for a 5 year old piece of technology there 's still nothing i'd swap it for, so much for progress lol

Reviewed by shakeel from UK on 24th Apr 2011

Reviewed by Dc from UK on 17th Apr 2011
The fone is amazing but the battery life is too short. What is the use of the tv out?

Reviewed by Ayshii + Nushii ? from UK on 25th Mar 2011
I cnt take pictures form my phone, but I can make videos. The buttons has gone somewhere I mean You press it but it doesn't take any pictures from ayshii loverzz..... But good phone though, its got really good battery life, Camera is good but I cnt take any pictures, Really good after all its mine init... Buy this phone and You will love it. well me Nushii I had this phone but my brother then sold it for £300 pounds,, amaziing,, Its nice phone got everything,, Getting this phone agian.. ^_^

Reviewed by Hira from UK on 24th Jan 2011
Using Nokia N 95 8gb, since Dec 2008 In Mumbai Superb Quality Videos, and Very sharp still photos I took from running car at Dubai of Burj Khalifa, got amazing details. Superb stereo sound.E mails , Net work all best, rearly crashes,as other say.I have used many Nokias.This is superb.

Reviewed by Nikki_Babii from UK on 12th Jan 2011
this phone is excelent.. the only thing that lets it down is its battery life, idk if this is because i always have sony ericssons and thir battery life is really good, it is loud which is always good, the camera is perfect and all in all its an excelent phone, apart from the battery life.

Reviewed by saghir from UK on 11th Jan 2011
n95 is very good

Reviewed by Campbell from UK on 5th Oct 2010
A robust and trusty phone for the 18 months I've had it from 3. A lot of features and applications that I haven't used but it's a great working phone for a journalist on the go and superb for pics and vids of a publishing and broadcast quality. It's even survived being knocked about and dropped on the pavement! The N95 may be long gone from the phone shops but for anyone looking for a reliable mobile with lots on board, it's just the job.

Reviewed by william brown from UK on 28th Sep 2010
I had this phone for 3 years no truble so far 100%

Reviewed by James from UK on 16th Aug 2010
My old man is still using my N95 8GB black mobile. Have a quick look again and it really is a great mobile, Onboard GPS is ok and its a feels very plastic but its solid, has great apps, easy to use and sound quality is still very good. 5mp camera and video is also very good. I think the silver phone was a disaster and finally fixed but the Black 8GB should have come out first and it would have been a big hit. I think having it on the same silver platform will bring marks down as it still is a great mobile.

Reviewed by ben from UK on 6th Aug 2010
this phone is good, very good. but i have replaced the LCD twice due to cracking it by sitting on it. software could be improved

Reviewed by Jona from UK on 24th Jul 2010
It promised a lot and delivered nothing. This phone is poor quality rubbish. The paintwork wore off quickly. It crashes/freezes constantly, poor battery life...the list of complaints goes on and on - it doesnt even have good sound quality when it comes to receiving a call. It doesnt even get the basics right. A total rip off! I would never EVER buy another Nokia product.

Reviewed by Mellissa from UK on 17th Jun 2010
Well, this phone is rather okay. Although problems have started to arise... My volume button broke randomly, and also the paintwork on the phone is awful, it wears off extremely easy. mine now looks like a yr old phone. not only 3 months!! apart from that the phone is okay i suppose...

Reviewed by paul from UK on 4th Jun 2010
What can I say about this phone, I have had this nearly year now never had a problem it runs so smooth :). I have Tom Tom have used the sat nav hundreds of times never let me down of course it has all the usual features 5m camera TV quality video I have used the camera many times on days outs I cannot see me getting rid of it in the near future I highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Barida Leadu from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
The phone is very great i am enjoying it but one thing i dont like about it is the screen which has no screen protector and can be easily get scratched and make it look untidy and difficult to see during the day

Reviewed by Ollivia from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
It is OK. Sometimes it freezes and it takes forever to turn on. Sometimes, when listening to music, the volume buttons freeze and I can not change the volume of the song. However it has a brilliant camera, but no frames, to take amusing photos - I was quite dissapointed. If the phone is dropped, it becomes scratched easily, and it is not that easy to find cases for the phone. It has some amazing features, but on the other hand, I do wish I could have some different features on the phone.

Reviewed by Suny from UK on 25th May 2010
The best phone ever. I've upgraded the firmware which works like charm! Everything this phone has works amazingly after the firmware upgrade! BEST PHONE EVER!!!

Reviewed by lisa from UK on 13th May 2010
i would love phone but does get problems mine play about on games.video,carmera switches to white screen with nokia on it than goes to wallpaper camera and video a bit slow to come on i have took to carphoneware house said needed flash update said done it but not work but to be honest dont do all time i up dated on net but says its up to update i would not recomend to anyone wish went for n958g

Reviewed by James from UK on 29th Apr 2010
This was a step up from Nokia E65, the N95 8GB. Great menu, modifications by user, loud speakers, video image was great, big screen, nice buttons, slider was not so tight but worked well (I have a thig about rattly sliders on earlier nokia ranges). The camera was great, video recording very good. Lots of Apps, Wifi, Bluetooth, easy to use. Video/movie/music playback was great. Nokia maps was free and easy to use. Could use 3.5mm headset. Calls were reliable and good battery performance. Has to be one of my faves and my old man has it now and loves it. I think a better battery-wait every phone could have better batteries lol. I really can't say a downside as mine never crashed. Maybe the slider could have better build quality with a glass screen.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Very good phone,indestrucable.hard to find bad things about.the only things I dont like about it are the battery life and how chunky it is.Overall HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 24th Mar 2010
I think that Nokia must have made loads of duff phones because I have no idea how anyone would rate it less than 4 star? I feel sorry for anyone that has got a duff one because you're missing out... I think it is absolutely brilliant! For the first couple of weeks I had my doubts on such an expensive phone as it kept crashing, however, it's stopped and now is what i think everything a phone should be. Ok it doesn't have a touch screen but it really doesn't need it, brilliant Carl Zeiss camera, large screen, great sound quality, it's everything a phone should be! Trust me

Reviewed by michael liweleya jnr from UK on 8th Mar 2010
wow its amazing how long this phone has stayed with me. I got it on the 17th of April in 2007. you have to admit its a good phone,even though the battery kills all the fun

Reviewed by Tom M from UK on 21st Feb 2010
Even with all the new flashy phones Nokia are bringing out, this 3 year old barge still just about keeps up. Sure, it does'nt have touchscreen, and the battery life is a little weak, but it can do practically everything else the Nokia 5800 can (which I now use) and will definately keep it as a back up phone or when I need a decent knockabout camera.

Reviewed by Onkel_Dieter from UK on 13th Feb 2010
I bought my N958 on Ebay second hand. Aside from a few light scratches on the screen, im very happy with it and have had no problems with it a all!!!!

Reviewed by harley from UK on 7th Feb 2010
had this phone just over a month, loved it at first until the screen and buttons froze. mic stopped working. battery dies in less than a day. kept flipping from main screen to messages to menu. wi-fi was amazing when the buttons and screen worked but it's not worth it. wouldn't recommend, wish i'd never bought it.

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 4th Feb 2010
I have the N95 8GB that I use now, but this review is for the N95. The major complaints about the N95 were battery life, software crashes and lack of internal memory RAM, so multitasking was limited. Believe it or not on both mobiles there is now a new firmware/software, even though these phones are no longer distributed in Europe! Mine is now European software version and could not be better. When I use my N95 now it is like a whole new phone compared to when I bought it a couple of years ago. Battery life is significantly better, and multi-tasking is now much more feasible and actually usable. I would still recommend the N95-8GB model ove the N95, but if you want a cheap smartphone or have an N95 sitting in a drawer, just get it and update the firmware. You will be pleasantly surprised! I would say that I think although it is good of Nokia to update the software on this phone regularly, it should have left the factory with the software O/S that has only been available for the last 18 months. Only NOW is this a great phone!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 30th Jan 2010
The N95 8GB is very different to the original N95 - many areas of the hardware and styling are redesigned. The N95 8GB has so much RAM (working memory) that you can run a huge amount of applications simultaneously with no problems at all! 3.5mm headphone jack, podcast application, 802.11g wireless connectivity, great music player, great GPS with FREE Nokia voice navigation as of last week, and a whole host of 3rd party applications than run, really make the N95 8GB a brilliant phone to buy. If you don't want a modern touchscreen, and want better VoIP in-built SIP/H323 functionality then this is the phone for you, and best of all it's cheaper on auction websites than it's newer cousins. The 5megapixel camera is as good as you can get or expect from a phone. Don't be fooled by larger megapixel numbers, that just means a bigger picture, it does NOT mean a better 'quality' of picture, which is surely what you care about, right? The original n95 is not as good in comparison to the N95 8GB which only comes in black, so many of the complaints here regarding the original n95 are TOTALLY INVALID! You should remember the N95 8GB came out at the height of economic success, so components are superb. If you compare this to the N96 or N85 with 'cheaper' components and casing, you'll see the N95 8GB is still popular with those "in the know." Fully recommended phone, with great battery life. Keep in mind that if you use 802.11g wireless connectivity or GPS on any mobile phone (or laptop, think about it...) the battery runs down quicker. But even with maximum heavy usage you'll get over 1 day out of this phone. With normal usage, 3 days is easy. A great buy!

Reviewed by Phill from UK on 26th Jan 2010
Had the phone 26 months now. It's a tank. To replace this phone with one of similar features would cost a small fortune. I did get to play with the HTC Hero for 2 weeks and that's much more buggy and slow. I'm a big fan of the N95

Reviewed by michael from UK on 26th Jan 2010
some pretty good features, but not unlike other readers, I too have experienced numerous irritating screen freezing and crashes. Also a distinct lack of memory makes the viewing of many web sites impossible. I guess we can't have everything we want, can we?

Reviewed by Snux from UK on 24th Jan 2010
I had this phone for about 2 years and it rarely gave me problems besides the back cover otherwise its outstanding i actually prefer it to the N97.I d recommend it

Reviewed by lee from UK on 20th Jan 2010
What can I say about this phone, I have had this nearly year now never had a problem it runs so smooth :). I have Tom Tom have used the sat nav hundreds of times never let me down of course it has all the usual features 5m camera TV quality video I have used the camera many times on days outs I cannot see me getting rid of it in the near future I highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Bill McKeon from UK on 6th Jan 2010
Three n95's within 12 months all phones well looked after, the third one faulty within a month , this was 2 weeks before the 12 month warranty ran out which ran from the first phone, these phones had also been away on numerous occasions to be fixed. If Nokia can't give 12 months warranty on a new phone it means that the product is garbage and us fools are paying big money for Nokia's mistakes. I was under the impression that these later models were advancements but it turns out they are just expensive mistakes replacing previous mistakes.

Reviewed by M Murphy from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
Never let me down...forget all the hype...this is a solid 'Mercedes' of the phone world!

Reviewed by stuart wilson from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
i love my nokia n95 it is the best oll the offer nokia i have had hafe brok this disinge is the best i got the best mobil in my famaly i am onley 12 yers old i payd for it it is very dere its mp3 player is very lode and simple if you do not now wot mobil to get the nokia n95 is the one to get trust me you will be shooct

Reviewed by James from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
Found it a pain to use from the day I got it. Knew within 5 minutes it was not user friendly, in SA you can't return a phone to service provider if you have opend the box. After 18 months still regularly have to redo actions as the menu does not respond to basic logic. The phone has now also started hanging or switching off by itself when it the handset gets too hot, not only from use but external factors as well. Voice/reception clarity has also diminished over the 18 months.

Reviewed by Julian from UK on 27th Nov 2009
I bought an N95 thinking it would be the equivalent of a 'swiss army knife' instead of carrying around an assortment of phone/camera/Mp3 player gadgets...well,it was,until I found that it couldnt last the day without being charged up again and again and again...! Was soooo disappointed with it-promised so much yet so difficult to live with AND I hardly used all the functions in a given day! Going back to Sony Eric-like the look and reviews of the new W595...sorry Nokia...must try harder!

Reviewed by amanda from UK on 27th Nov 2009
i think your phones are awsome they are so coll .keep pu the good work .amanda

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
I have had this phone for just over 2 years and have never had a problem with it. It is single handedly the best phone I have ever owned and shall never use anything other than a nokia again!

Reviewed by semir from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
its just fantastic

Reviewed by diane from UK on 21st Nov 2009
I love this phone. The slide goes both ways, and I can easily switch between the songs and my work. However, I find the Symbion OS pretty hard to navigate, and its crashed a couple times. Maybe its the display that I really love.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 10th Nov 2009
Everyone saything that this phone is great is clearly wrong. i've had the N95 now for a few months, and i find it terrible. my screen is filled with black lines, it crashes all the time causing me to have to take the battery out and wait for it to turn itself back on. the battery life is also poor and i have to charge it daily otherwise, it'll die during the day. also, when deleting message it is then slow for about 15 minutes after. Terrible Phone. My advice, dont buy it!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 8th Nov 2009
Hi well Nokia know how to make ergonomic mobiles that feel right in your hand and are easy to use and you'll find this with the Nokia N95.

Reviewed by ramesh from UK on 7th Nov 2009
iam using n95 iam using this mobile for the past 5 years i have also used htc mobile but i did not feel as convinent as n95. This mobile supports all the softwares and every thing i have not seen such an exzcellent mobile as n95. i always load all softwares and it also supports if any one wants to buy any mobile please buy n95

Reviewed by David from UK on 30th Oct 2009
the phone was wow jst over the moon. i got it in march 09 and sadly got rid off it in aug 09. wish i never but swaped it for the SE C905 which has a better camera 8.1 mp x

Reviewed by brian finlayson from UK on 25th Oct 2009
Decent phone but real problems with the mic. Battery life is limited and have to charge up each day. Casing on the back breaks really easy and I rely on sellotape now.

Reviewed by nottmbantam from UK on 25th Oct 2009
I first got this phone two and a half years ago - 2007, and used it for two years solidly. More recently, I bought an N97 and used that for four months. Want to know which phone I'm using now? The N95. THis is a solid solid phone. Great telephony, great media, great applications . As far as I'm concerned, it beats the N97 ( at least til the N97 gets v2.0 FW upgrade ). Also, the N95 8GB does not have a memory card slot, so get the N95 as this will run a Micro SD car up to 16gb ( provided you have the latest FW ) . Honestly, it's so good to use after the N97, I'd give it 6 stars....

Reviewed by BioB from UK on 18th Oct 2009
i've had this phone just over 2 years, apart from the the near constant crashing, restarting for no reason, case falling apart, crashing mid phone call and various other faults, the cameras pretty good =D

Reviewed by Ankur Goel from UK on 12th Oct 2009
I am using N95 (Black Silver slider phone), I am facing problem with the phone is that-at times I am unable to receive and make calls. However this problem gets fixed temporarily when I switch off and Switch on my phone. I have to do this process for 5 times in a day. Please help my email ID is ankursgoel@gmail.com

Reviewed by lochan from UK on 7th Oct 2009
too slow buddy

Reviewed by Julian from UK on 2nd Oct 2009
I really like this phones looks and the spec sheet.My sone have used theirs to bits (literally!) and I thought I would get one too...BUT,that battery life is appalling!!! I have to charge it everyday and I hardly use the thing..goodness knows how quick it would drain if I used the MP3 player regularly! Think I will get the Sony next time...sorry Nokia but 'could do better'.

Reviewed by Richard Finch from UK on 30th Sep 2009
I realy think Nokia let us down with this my n95 was good for the first moth that that when it all happened the same problem I has with a old nokia with the S40 os frezzing crashing and a new problem it would send up to ten SMS messages after I sent the 1 I wanted to send plus so meany oth problems from how the phone was mad to software problems i hate the hand set and I think nokia need to scrap the syimben os for somthing that works propley iv changed to the iPhone 3G and it's everything the N95 isn't Sorry Nokia I know you can do better so please do

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 19th Sep 2009
had the phone for a year now and starting to have problems with the screen and restarting. Well i guess thats what its all about nowadays! after 1 year, expect problems, no software update, bluetooth, connection or 10 million megapixel camera, 3g , iphone, blackberry storm, nokia n97...ALL THE SAME .....after 1 year, expect problems such as freezing and reception!!!...

Reviewed by melanie iqbal from UK on 11th Sep 2009
i love this phone best ever

Reviewed by Nori from UK on 5th Sep 2009
The battery life sucks for real :(

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 1st Sep 2009
Interesting that many people report crashes. I've had mine for a year now, and I am delighted with it. The phone has not crashed once, and I use all features - camera, video, GPS (for car satnav and cycling)), MP3, email, text...oh..and for calling people! I wonder if the crashing problems are related to the bastardised firmware which some operators (3, Orange etc) put on the phone to personalise it to their network - I say this after a 6 month nightmare with an Orangified N70 - never again. Mine is a bog standard Nokia factory phone on O2, and it works 100%. I have an N96 which the phone company sent me, but it's sitting in its box. I feel no need to change, this phone does all I need, and I am happy.

Reviewed by Vickzz from UK on 31st Aug 2009
One of the worst phones Nokia ever manufactured!

Reviewed by saqib butt from UK on 31st Aug 2009
i like it n 95 best series in nokia

Reviewed by C.M from UK on 26th Aug 2009
great phone had a few months as a temperary replacement - really good camera for snapping away and a great music player, had AC/DC blaring away for ages. people have moaned about the size but its nice to have something a bit bigger in your pocket makes it feel like it wont break i half!!! on the downside the OS is bland and boring as is the PC suite and its not very user friendly and battery life is average but as its got so many features (barcode scanner anyone) you can forgive these tiny downsides one of the best mobiles ever!!!

Reviewed by IanRich from UK on 14th Aug 2009
My N95 was purchased in NZ on December 1, 2008, and from about 2 months old suffered from these problems: Phone suddenly freezes and the screen goes grey, button lights on but keypad lights off. At this time I cannot switch the phone off, notice overheating of the battery and case, and the phone will not charge. Phone must be left off overnight before it will restart. The clock stops at the time of the freeze. After restarting, text messages often disappear as they are received. Pressing the numeric keys sometimes causes the phone to restart during times of apparently normal operation. Video playback causes freezing. These symptoms can occur up to 3 times per day, the phone operating for only 3 or 4 hours in any 24 hour period. The symptoms become more frequent as time passes. New parts were fitted (AUK014847) as below at NokiaCare June 11 2009, but the symptoms started to reappear after about a week. No restore was carried out after the repair, nor applications installed: Part code: 0269756 Slide unit assembly including cable UI BD, [A3-A4] 4850074 LCD AM TFT a-Si 240x320 COG Frank I have given up on the phone now, and gone back to old SonyEricssons. NokiaCare in NZ and Malaysia are full of apologies but there is not a remedy in sight. But it is worse than that!!! These are the same symptoms that I experience with my other N95, purchased September 20, 2008, in China. The problems started in early November just after my return to NZ, the phone just 6 weeks old but it could not be replaced as I had left the country. When I returned last December to Jiangsu Province, where I bought the phone, I returned the phone to the Nokia Care shop for repair. After 4 repair attempts over two months the problems remain, again getting worse. NokiaCare in NZ have refused to repair the Chinese phone as they offer no global support. They are my first Nokia phones, and I must say that Sony Ericsson and Samsung have proven much more reliable over the past 15 years.

Reviewed by Emmy from Aus from UK on 12th Aug 2009
I bought Nokia N95 on Nov 2007, it was okay for a year. After the 12mos warranty, the phone crashes all the time. Took them to Nokia Care and was advised that my phone was unrepairable and unupgradable to the latest software. Nokia care told me that it is still okay to use. All right, after six mos. My phone freezes after receiving a call and have to reset or reboot all the time. So, the most trusted brand (what they say!) is not really a very good brand after all. In addition to my problem with this phone, the battery cover has been damaged due to constant removal of battery (just to shut the little machine)and now seems that blue tack is putting them on together. Where can I get a battery cover and have this phone fix?

Reviewed by Lily from UK on 6th Aug 2009
This phone is good for me as i love music and you can download music and stuff but i hate it when the battery runs down. But over all i think it is a excellent phone, and the camera is magnificent.

Reviewed by Brand0 from UK on 5th Aug 2009
Shocked to read so many negative comments about the N95. Though having said that, my current phone is my third, after having the first two replaced very early. But since getting my current handset 18 months ago, there's been no looking back. In fact, the problem besetting the N96 means I'm not going to bother upgrading, especially as I can't get the N86 on Tmobile. My advice would be to get the 86 if you can.

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 27th Jul 2009
It's my 3rd handset!! the first 2 got to a point where they wouldnt sent text messages and would just stay in my outbox!! AND the one i have at the moment battary life is not the best!! Nokia could do alot better....dont buy its a waste of time!! The only best thing about the phone is the camara.

Reviewed by from UK on 26th Jul 2009
the screen is so weak one little knock and the thing cracks

Reviewed by Nokia n95 4gb user from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I am appauled by the standards of the n95 4 gb mobile as i am on my third one. This phone is a liability. It must not be placed in handbags or coat pockets. The reason behind this is they are ever so fragile! My first Nokia n95 smashed across the screen, the volume button fell apart, the back casing broke, it needed charging every day, it froze on a daily basis and often whilst i have been using my Camera tool the whole phone simply used to restart itself. Meanwhile the second Nokia n95 i'd went to another Nokia shop in Manchester and i'd still been suffering with the same problems. Although i placed my phone in my handbag went out for a meal, came back and my phone had a few cracks on from one side of the phone to another and i cannot see the screen at all that is blank black! Yet i can still play music on it. I am now having to pay yet another £60 to have it fixed and i shall be selling the phone on to buy something less dangerous!

Reviewed by wayne manchester uk from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
no good for video'ing music/gigs the feedback noise is much louder than the music. Very dissapointing from this aspect but great at picture stills

Reviewed by ian roycroft from UK on 20th Jul 2009
Poor phone, the performance is terrible, there are programming errors on the menu and camera and the memory is the slowest kind, the media buttons break quickly to lower the chances of selling it over 2nd hand and the battery indicator is locked to FULL untill after 70% battery to give you a false sense that the battery is outstanding. I will never choose nokia in the future. I thought sony ericsson was bad, then I tried nokia and they failed my tests! Keep away from nokia, poor hardware at huge prices

Reviewed by sadine from UK on 19th Jul 2009
I had my phone for 2 years and then it totaly broke! All the proggrames werent working either! Rubish

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 13th Jul 2009
the best phone ever!

Reviewed by emma from UK on 11th Jul 2009
worst phone ive ever had. constantly freezing. erratic battery life. speaker went. despite having software update remains to freeze, refuse to open applications etc

Reviewed by Deepakraj.vs from UK on 9th Jul 2009
i like it ...........

Reviewed by Mark (Derbyshire). from UK on 9th Jul 2009
When (and IF?) it works, the N95 "does all it says on the tin!". When/IF it isn't malfunctioning, locking itself, freezing, failing to respond to key presses and so forth... the N95 is more than just a phone - even if I do only use < 5% of its functions! HOWEVER... The battery life is by far THE ABSOLUTE *WORST* I have ever experienced with any mobile phone - EVER! With below average use, it still requires re-charging < 24 hours. Also, ongoing software problems (which need me to continually ring up seeking advice on how to resolve a specific problem or reset everything!)... is a real pain in the derriere! A shame really because, like I say, when it is working properly, the N95 is awesome. Anyway right now I am seriously contemplating going back to Sony Ericsson next time around...???

Reviewed by Nick Jackson from UK on 9th Jul 2009
I have to say that the N95 is the best phone by a mile of all phones ive had since 1988. Ive just gone through my second one (damaged beyond repair through an accident with a digger) As a bloke with big fingers and thumbs i found the 95 keyboard easy to use especially with the ridge on the keys, huge screen and brilliant camera. very good as a web phone and easy to get round. Unfortunately o2 have decided in their wisdom (yeh right) that they are not supplying any more and none of their shops have any stock.

Reviewed by Boo from UK on 8th Jul 2009
I love my Nokia N95 but it both handsets I have had have failed due to water damage although they have not be exposed to water! The only thing I can think of is that it is caused by the perspiration from my face - sounds unpalateable and I am am not an overtly 'glowing' person but it is all I can think of. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had the problem, which of course is not covered by the warranty! I do love the functionality - when they do work.

Reviewed by Kevin Mackel from UK on 4th Jul 2009
Love most of the features but needing to use headset to listen to the radio is plain silly when you can listen to downloads through the speakers. Also not very water resistant.

Reviewed by Kamaljot Sandhi from UK on 29th Jun 2009
Love this phone, amazing camera, sometime's crashes, but still I love my Nokia n95 8gb, I reccomend it to any one! Great phone...

Reviewed by StevieP from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Well I've had it for 18 months with no problems at all but I foolishly decided that as it was the end of my contract with O2 I'd get an iphone 3G s. Purchased it Sunday afternoon and took it back Monday morning! A real let-down; no bluetooth connection to other phones, ringtones (including music) restricted to 28s and only available through itunes for money, the only attachments to email allowed are pics or notes from the phone, no flash/light for the camera. I could go on. I realized that Apple are just con artists and I now know the N95 rocks. God bless Nokia. May look at an N97 as and when.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 21st Jun 2009
Iíve had the N95 8gb for about a year now, and Iím sorry to say itís the WORST phone I have owned. I got it to replace the N90 (second worst phone I owned). I have had problems with the N95 from day one. It crashes several times a day, meaning I have to remove the battery to turn it back on. This can happen a few times an hour. The keys seem very slow to act when you press them, sometimes they dont seem to work at all. I do have to admit that the phone is impressive when it works for me. The screen is superb, and very clear. The memory is fantastic, I no longer need a seperate MP3 as the N95 stores more than enough music. Its just a shame that itís the music player that seems to crash the most. If anyone was thinking of buying a N series phone from Nokia, I would have to advise them against it, as the two I have had (N90 & N95) have been very disapointing. Itís even put me off buying another Nokia phone. Sorry Nokia!

Reviewed by Alps from UK on 14th Jun 2009
Wow! what can i say, this phone is absolutly brilliant! I normally tend to get drawn in by the more over fancy looking phones but this time i decided to go with a recommendation and get the n95 8gb and wow simply brilliant. Packed with features and very easy to use. The music software is very easy to use and don't you don't need a computer science degree to use. Initially I didnt think it was a particularly good looking phone and to be honest i thought i was abit on the chunky side but not long after having the phone the looks have grown on me an as for the size i think its perfect especially for texting and general operation. I can't see myself trading this in so some time 5 star all the way!

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 12th Jun 2009
I've had my N95 for 18 months now and I can't find myself a new one with better features and functionality than my current handset. It is one of the best phones on the market to date in terms of its features. My only issues with it are the fact I've had 3 replacements (all software relataed) and I have to go through 2 fully charged batteries daily. I've also noticed its not the best phone for surving when dropped so I wouldn't pick it if you drop your phone. Overall I think it's a great all rounder. If you can put up with the few drawbacks it is perfect for your every need.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 9th Jun 2009
By now you should have either had this phone a while or are about to pick it up second hand. Either way, now's the time to spend £15-£20 taking it to your local independent phone shop. Get it completely restored to standard Nokia software rather than whatever custom operator rubbish is holding it back. Do this and you'll get a great camera, ultra fast location finding on google maps, non-stuttering internet radio and access to iplayer in the UK. Kicks the n96 without an upgrade. Now get a sim only deal and and save a fortune. There's no better hardware out there yet.

Reviewed by Ben Martin from UK on 5th Jun 2009
This phone is useless the battery barly last me a day and it shuts down on its own and crashes all the time do not buy this phone!!!! But the media player and 3g is very gd!!!

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