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Nokia N93i review

 Review: June 2007  

Last updated September 2007

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The best imaging smartphone currently available (yes, even better than the Nokia N95).

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The Nokia N93i is an upgraded version of the N93 3G smartphone. It's basically the best imaging phone that you can get your hands on! But with a price tag of £500 at launch (June 2007), your expectations will no doubt be pretty high, so can the N93i deliver?

For those already familiar with the N93, we'll just briefly talk about the differences, since they are fairly minor. First, the N93i looks slightly different. It's lighter - but still very heavy at 163g (the N93 weighed a ridiculous 180g). It's thinner by a couple of millimetres, and shorter, but slightly wider. The screen has been upgraded to 16.7 million colours, and it comes with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for video editing. So not much of a change, but definitely an improvement.

So, what does the N93i do? Well, everything, really! It's 3G, it's a smartphone (running Symbian Series 60 3.0) so you can download third party applications, it's a camera / video recorder par excellence, it's a music player, it has an FM radio, it browses the web and manages your email, it has fast data transfer (via 3G/EDGE), it connects to anything (via Bluetooth, USB, WLAN, Infrared & TV-Out), and it comes with 50Mbytes of internal memory plus a memory card, so you can expand your memory to 2 Gbytes if required.

The N93i has an outstanding camera, with the following specification:

The video recorder has the following specs:

There's nothing missing really, except that it doesn't have satnav or HSDPA (high-speed 3G), which the N95 does have. And it doesn't make the tea either. Really the only problem with the N93i is that it's very expensive and very big. But if you've got the money and you don't mind the size, this baby is the most high-powered imaging smartphone on the block. You might also consider the Nokia N95, which is similar in many ways - it lacks optical zoom, but is lighter and comes with built-in GPS satellite navigation.

Nokia N93i features include:

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Nokia N93i user reviews

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Average rating from 66 reviews:

Reviewed by mark from england on 17th Feb 2012
Big bling phone that is everything a tablet touch screen phone is not,pull this baby out of your pocket and heads turn, keep it in your trouser pocket and the bulge will turn ladies heads also, I could not get girls until i got my N93i!!, No seriously its a great phone and i love it.

Reviewed by otopa sakyi from ghana on 16th May 2011
excellent phone. picture and video quality par excellence. unfortunately could not get battery to buy to replace expired battery for more than 1 year now. can you tell me where i can get one to buy? my address is otopasakyi@yahoo.ca

Reviewed by Esco from England on 13th Jun 2009
Immence fone so sexy

Reviewed by laura bryce from britain on 30th Apr 2009
this phone is rubbish, i paid a lot of money for this phone and have just have had a offer of 55 GBP for the phone, how ridicules is this, i feel nokia should offer me a phone that does what it says it does, the phone is so slow, does not do do what they said it would, i am verry dissapponted with this phone and wish they would offer me a replacement, most phone shops i went into don't know about the phone they said it was only a showcase

Reviewed by The Jokester from USA on 30th Jul 2008
Hi, The Nokia N93i Pros and cons, listed below: Pros: - Optical zoom on camera. This is impressive and very useful. I went to England over summer and took my niece to Legoland. As I filmed the park using my phone with the N95 GB, I admit the camera produced better results overall, but its zoom was useless, and as most of the impressive things the camera was picking up almost always seemed to be in the distance, the Nokia N93i's zoom captured the environment quite well. Believe the hype, the zoom is quite good. - Swivel Screen. The Nokia N93i's screen can be twisted and turned to various viewing angles. The best position is when the screen is resting on the edge of the keypad (as if in laptop mode!). It is perfect to watch television or films since the phones base acts as a stand. Phones may come and go, but few offer this functionality. - Flashlight? I am quite surprised no one has commented on this (or maybe this is just a glitch on my unit), but one the phones screen fold is closed, pushing the flash button activates the light. If you double click the light stays on for a few minutes and the phone could also be used as a flashlight. I would not recommend using it in this way because if the flash gets damaged, it would not be easily replaceable, if at all. This phone is quite uncommon. Few phone repair shops are comfortable working on this and the parts are not available anymore since Nokia no longer manufacture them I'm afraid. I don't know how many people on here tried to open the phone to change the housing. It ain't easy, and I wouldn't even try. - The Phone over. Being a clamshell phone, the top screen is a mirror with a hidden screen inside. It is very impressive indeed, and can display some useful information that saves you the bother of opening it. - Music Player. The Music player is the same kind on other Nokia NSeries phone. It is quite user friendly and reads many different kinds of audio files. This is a mono phone, but it sounds great. Personally, I find that on a small device, stereo speakers are a little pointless anyway, and mono sounds more suited to this sort of device. With the latest firmware the A2DP support allows use of bluetooth stereo headsets and, presumable, speakers. - Design. This phone looks cool. - Smart. Many useful applications can be installed on this phone, like other Symbian phones, but with the screen orientation of this phone, can be used in landscape mode and the internet looks better, and if playing games in this way is cool too. CONS: - Big - Heavy - Ugly? The design is an acquired taste. It may look stylish and cool to some, and butt-ugly to others. I like it though. - Scratch friendly - The mirror is going to get scratched. If you do buy this phone, get some plastic protector of the uter screen. also get one for the inner screen, and the Krussell leather case is an absolute must. It will add bulk but you don't Always have to carry it in that. I seriously doubt most people will carry this in their trouser pocket, but it may be carried inside an inner pocket of a loose jacket, or a bag. Keys and coins will cause damage obviously so keep it away from such objects. If you carry it in a pocket ensure it is the only thing in that pocket. If you et the protectors, there's be little trouble, I imagine. - The Camera. Low light filming is atrocious. I still like this phone, but I won't pretend it does this well. Even if a room appears well lit to your eyes, this phone will make it look as if it is very dark. The N95 does the low light filming a lot better. It is great in daytime outdoor filming and photography. I find that when I film indoor or in dark, changing the setting to 'Night' improves things, though you still get some grain. I filmed John Lasseter of Pixar, his bald head showed up well in daylight, and he was pretty far. A great clip!! Also, one thing to note is that you cannot manage stealth filming with this. when you twist the camera into camcorder mode, you kind of call attention to yourself. although I find this method of activating the camera easy and fun, it may make it too obvious you are filming. In places where people would usually have no problems you filming, this camera will make you look pretty pathetic in some circumstances. Believe me, I know.It's kind of a geek's phone. Also, the camera is actually inferior to the N95. I have both phones. No competition. The zoom is better, and the results are still good, and I still prefer the N93i. I find the zoom very useful, the orientation of the camera a little more suited for filming and photographing. However, this is not looking cooler or more serious, since camera phones generally do not perform to the standard a dedicated device of equivalent specifications would. Most people would be better off with the N95 or the N96 when it comes to filming or taking pictures. If you mainly film indoors, this phone will not do the job well. The flash is inadequate and the range is as poor as Dick Wittington folks. - This phone does not have GPS. Of curse you can get a Bluetooth GPS receiver and use this, but it is chunky enough as it is. Do you really want to carry a pocket bulging receiver. In the car, the additional receiver would not be a problem, as long as you keep the phone charged. - The Battery Life. Yes, the battery life sucks. It would need to be charged every night. Even if you do not use it the battery would be halved overnight. Simple. If you use the camera for an hour the battery would be flat. They make smart phone's but the imbeciles never think of the usage. If you use Wi Fi, movie Camera, video playback and isten to music the battery will be dead when someone calls to say that your loved ones are being held for ransom at........ Battery dead. You know what I mean. One important phone call after all those battery killing uses, this phone will not have the power to last you a day. I used to take this to work, keep it charged through office time, and I never really had any problems. As I took my cab ride home, even if I spent the hour and a half taling or watching films etc, I'd be home before the battery was halved and I could always plug it into the mains as I studied in my room. Carry the power adaptor if you can. - The Keypad. The Motorola Raz'r Keypad has been used on this phone, and it does look cool. It just isn't very comfortable. You have to press hard and this phone is not for quick data input. I mean, I sometimes feel like crying when I urgently have to write an important text. The Cancel key is so close to the 'end call' key, sometimes you would spend ages writing a message and accidentally hit the wrong key and all your hard work will be undone. - Speaker. Call volume always seems low. If the person on the other end has an awful voice or accent, then you will not find it easy to follow the conversation. All those features, but the one essential to a phone has not been developed as well. Quite strange. The sound is clear, it just sounds very low. Overall: It may seem that the Negative points of this phone outweigh the good with this phone, but I only mentioned them since they exist. Personally I love this phone. I recently bought a second unit simply because my original got a bit worn out, and I just love using this. I already own an N95 8GB and recently acquired an N96, but neither of those are as fun to use. I highly recommend this phone, and since technology will not be moving that far ahead in the next 18 months or so, this phone will last a while, and already has most of the key features being added to phones now. Besides, design-wise, this looks pretty unique and will probably be looked back as a classic phone, and it will always look great, and for me, at time of writing, it does most things I want a phone to do. I usually carry a HTC device with a full keyboard and email access. For writing and producing documents, phones without a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen are useless. They really are. Yes, all the fashionable, multi mega pixel Samsung or Sony's or LG's. They all suck in this regard. The iPhone is a joke. It has a touchscreen but hardly any apps that would be of any use to businesses or students. It's just an Apple marketing gimmick. The joke is they are trying to pass it off as a business device. Lots of luck to them. Business people do more than check their email and go on YouTube. If they added a full keyboard and some apps, it would have been better. Even this Nokia can run more useful apps, such as Quick Office, which is brilliant. With a Wireless keyboard. you would get more out of this than the Aplle iPhone!!

Reviewed by stan from Australia on 6th Mar 2008
This phone offers lot of things. But man i have to tell u. the slowest phone i've ever used. U can sti down and have ur coffee while ur message opens up. same with images or any other application. just to open up the menu takes more than 10 secs. aprt from that it is a sweet sexy phone. probably the sexiest phon ever bult by nokia.

Reviewed by bubu from nigeria on 20th Nov 2007
eh eh this fone is cowwow !you muss buy won now eh!

Reviewed by rich as a lincoln from new york on 28th Oct 2007
this phone is outstanding its realy realy good the picture quality is perfect it dousent blure its not very expensive aswell

Reviewed by Kieren from Australia on 22nd Oct 2007
People who like this phone obviously have not had a decent one prior. The speed as people have suggested is incredibly slow when opening up text messages, photos, etc etc. The size is way to large for the small advantage of video. And mine shuts itself off at random when i close it up. Ive had two replacements, and Nokia does not want to swap it with another model. Nokia, you have dropped the ball on this one! I have only ever bought from them, and are very dissapointed with this model!

Reviewed by Abdulsamad from Nigeria on 16th Oct 2007
Well, the shape is excellent, the camera also. But why is the memory so low for it's design and also I thought it will come with a mobile T.V in it, b'cos I saw it somewhere like that.

Reviewed by huseen from uk on 12th Oct 2007
got this fone be4 3 weeks i love it its just sick 4 real its the best fone i eva seen the camear is brillant 20x digatall zoom it s outstanding belive it i suggest you 2 bye as soon as possible

Reviewed by Mohammed Jaffer from Tanzania on 7th Oct 2007
I just bought this phone 2 days ago. At first, i kinda had a problem with its size since i was so used to my Samsung E770. But within 2 days, ive already gotten comfortable and used to the phone. The imaging capabilities are definetly outstanding. A little bit of adjustment is needed the first time when you're taking pictures indoors but outdoor pictures start showing up great instantly. Same with the video quality. Everything else is great and the design is very good. Although i do hope that nokia tries to bring down the physical size of the main camera hardware without sacrificing its capabilities in the future, it would definetly be a plus point. 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Alison from UK/Egypt on 5th Oct 2007
Given this phone as a gift in March. When it closes the phones turns itself off - something you do not notice - so of course then your phone is closed, not accepting calls and usless. Taken it back 3 times, apparently I now have an all new repacement phone. Same problem. So I have a 500 pound phone that is not useable and that Nokia refuse to refund or are able to fix. It has NEVER worked. What other electrical product of this cost/value would a manufacturer refuse to accept responsibility for. Last Nokia I buy.

Reviewed by Tonny from Uganda on 5th Oct 2007
Its fantastic.though am havingproblems with my cells,but will fix it soon

Reviewed by rodney chase from usa on 5th Oct 2007
well good

Reviewed by kawaiicoco from uk on 4th Oct 2007
once when i was on a plane with my friend the man sitting with us had it, its super my friend got it for chrismas. exellant phone.

Reviewed by sanyha ayyub malik from united arab emirates on 30th Sep 2007
lovely model..

Reviewed by joy eni from nigeria on 29th Sep 2007
i think i like the nokia N93i, thou its a little bit big but the facilities is perfect. the camera is suberb. those complaining should ve at least kw more about it before purchasing it

Reviewed by Truong from USA on 23rd Sep 2007
Damn...wat with all you guys in UK hatin this phone so much...if its so bad why you buy it?now you start bitchin...anyways...this phone is the best..got it for a week using up every available feature...especially love the maps on the phone...also design with mirror screen... anyways..a great buy if you dont mind the size.

Reviewed by Olds from Uk on 18th Sep 2007
I like it. Really! People moaning about the size and looks should have looked before they bought. BUT.... It's soooo slow. As soon as you actually start using it for pics, video and symbian apps the thing slows to a crawl. 7 seconds to load a new message just won't do. The video cam is amazing but with the puny flash I'm still using my K800i for stills. All it really needs is a decent flash and MORE MEMORY and it would be awesome.

Reviewed by Evans from Nigeria on 17th Sep 2007
A wonderful masterpiece,lovely unique,distinct and outstanding

Reviewed by melissa from ireland on 13th Sep 2007
i HATE this phone its so UGLY i wish i was never giving it..it al ready broke 3 time it rubbish (id use some other words to desribe it but im not aloud swear ha) the only reason some1 should buy this phone is if there a really really really vain person and like to take a lot of pictures of themsevle ha

Reviewed by Jeff from England on 8th Sep 2007
Had my n93i for 4 months now and i have had no trouble at all with it. Everything works perfectly first time every time. Camera and video player are simply stunning and bluetooth is very very fast. Never been cut off when making calls and it has never crashed on me once. As for the size yes it is larger than most but you dont notice it at all, I still find myself checking my pocket to see if its still there cos i cant feel it. Overall this is an amazing phone.

Reviewed by Mariah from UK on 8th Sep 2007
It is pretty good not the best

Reviewed by kyle from england on 3rd Sep 2007
its amazing the way it turns into a video camera i mean not all phones do it so its a bit of a one off i'm surprised its not their main seller

Reviewed by Simon Fong from UK on 31st Aug 2007
I have had many phones, ranging from the Vario 2 (which I sold to get my N93i) to the K800i. I have not had a Nokia for years, however, last year, when the N93 came out, I jumped ship and bought one. I returned it within a week, because a) it was too big and heavy, b) unstable software, c) it was plain ugly. I promised I would get the updated version - and one year later - here it is! It is the one of the best looking phones out there, and yes it will be compared to the N95, and yes, the N95 is slightly faster with arguably more features - BUT - the N95 feels very flimsy, cheap and is boring to look at. The N93i looks and feels expensive, and everyone that sees it is 'wow'ed by the design. Feature-wise, music plays brilliantly, the screen is excellent to watch films on (and because of the design it free-stands on a desk or surface, unlike having to tilt standard-designed phones), the video camera is second to none, and still photos have been greatly improved since the N93. I am very picky with my phones, I change them every 6 or so months, I can honestly say, there is nothing else on the market like this, so it's larger than your average phone - when you see what it can do, you will not be disappointed. Be different. Get one today.

Reviewed by Andreas from New zealand on 29th Aug 2007
it's sooo good i mean for one it twists i like the twisty thingy it cool. plus the strong little camera man i love it. i don't know wot the others were saying about it but i love it. and a bonus it never froze for me and i had it for a little while now

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 28th Aug 2007
Had the phone around a week, has lots of features but, so much has really disappointed me with this phone. Yes, the camera's great but I wouldn't replace my personal camera with this phone - no comparison. Video's spot on - but I don't really take too many of them to justify this. In my opinion the bad points out-weighed the good. The battery drained, it crashed several times which was so annoying when you're on the phone with someone. It's heavy, doesn't fit in any of my pockets - it's no good to take on a night out as it doesn't fit into a small handbag. Anyway, I swapped it for a Sony Ericsson K8010i which I feel is far more superior. I think the problem with Nokia is that they punt out way too many mobiles throughout the year. They never seem to rectify the problems of previous models, yet add new tricks to the new models to suck us in. This has been my last Nokia mobile. I am now a Sony Ericsson fan - far more robust, easy to upload files from your PC & great applications.

Reviewed by stephen brennan from england on 26th Aug 2007
the nokia n93i is one of the best phones i haved seen and used.it is the gratest camera phone there is i used it on holofday and the pictures are as gd as any high quality camira.

Reviewed by tis phone sucks from albania on 25th Aug 2007
i got my new phone 3 days ago and so far nokia have sent me 3 letters asking for reveiws on it, the p[hone also keeps on freezing up, also y can't i send vids?

Reviewed by vishal from india on 13th Aug 2007
its not good seriously dnt tak it its speaker is pathetic

Reviewed by iza from south london on 10th Aug 2007
This is the shizznit!

Reviewed by Hamza from TUNISIA on 3rd Aug 2007
this is so good ,nice video recorder, goog mp3 player , but its so large as a phone a,d not durable , its the better just for some time

Reviewed by BETTY from SOUTH AFRICA on 2nd Aug 2007

Reviewed by Jay from Philippines on 1st Aug 2007
Good phone but the camera in the N73 is better, but in video category this is the best phone ever made.

Reviewed by Sayed Farid from Afghanistan on 1st Aug 2007
I bought this product three months ago, and still using it. what i can just expound upon is that this product is one of the best phones i have ever had. I have always been a didecated nokia fan, whatsoever nokia designs, i am proud of it. people of my age in my country believe that whichever product of nokia you buy, will never be remorsful. i would like to conclude by declaring that Nokia N93i is one of the superb mobile in the world. Thanks to Nokia Production

Reviewed by m.muralitharan from srilanka on 31st Jul 2007
shortly ,very very best

Reviewed by roshan from malaysia on 27th Jul 2007
wow...tis babe rocks la...i hate n95...i hate the design...sux...im using tis phone rite nw..yay...very lucky la..i bought it from malaysia..the price is RM2780 VERY EXPENSIVE

Reviewed by Graham from Ireland on 26th Jul 2007
It's a brick! But hey... it has some pretty neat features! Fab camera.. better than my digital camera! All the wierd but useful applications that come with symbian. Overall its feature packe. Only giving it 4 star beacause of the ridiculous size and weight but other than that i would higly reccommend!

Reviewed by Jane from England on 24th Jul 2007
I think that this phone is good, but it does look slightly strange.I would recomend it.

Reviewed by plromero from philippines on 23rd Jul 2007
had the phone for over 2 weeks now.. and what can i say, WOW! at first its bulky and drains the battery(coz ur excited and wanted see all features) but ur used to it its not that bad. it hangs a lot at the first time but when the released of the new firmware.. Its very stable! my sis got the n95, but i wouldn't trade my n93i for n95.. no no way.. the images are way too hot for a mobile and with a videos that would blow you away.. i'll say get this sexy beast and you will never regret it.. its a head turner for a phone and full packed in features! just loved it!! GRAB ONE!! -louie

Reviewed by Rowon from Ghana on 21st Jul 2007
its great, but it isnt reliable and durable. its just cool and sweet.

Reviewed by Shirl Robinson from United Kingdom on 21st Jul 2007
I just bought Nokia N93i 2 weeks ago and I am very happy because it is very easy to use especially the camera and video, just swing it and you are in the go. A very pretty style is not boring to look at....fantastic.

Reviewed by amin baher from I.R.Iran on 19th Jul 2007
i think it is one of the best mobile phone that i have ever seen so it all beacuse of its carl zeiss camera and the better battries than n 95 ! N93 & N95 ARE THE BEAST MOBILE PHONE !

Reviewed by Yemmie from Nigeria on 17th Jul 2007
Hi all, I just bought this cellphone. It's one of the best you can get around. Though it cost almost a fortune to acquire one. But I now have one. I strongly feel it's far better than the much publicised N95, the sound is loud and clear, the images are crisp and life-like, the feel of the phone is really classy. I love it. Right now, I'm planning to shoot a small family movie and project it on my TV.

Reviewed by JD from New Zealand on 16th Jul 2007
Wasn't sure about this phone to start - it was an insurance replacement for my N80 which they don't make any more. Now completely sold - it's not as bulky as I thought, and the features are amazing. Never thought I'd use the video, but now I use it all the time. Seriously great phone!

Reviewed by tom from england on 16th Jul 2007
1 word amazing

Reviewed by pabel from uk on 15th Jul 2007
i think it is a good phone, its quit big but it is very good and i like the camera quality and the quality of the phone and i love it, i will rate it 9/10.

Reviewed by jennye from bridlington on 12th Jul 2007
hey yall ma set of rare diamonds how are ya all....... i luv u all.....just want to sy that this phone is really guud its miles better than the n95 i upgraded and got this one from the nokia n95 and got this and trust me you lot i would never look bakc, the imaging seems to be better than the n95 even thjo the camera is less, asif it matters tho lol. the music is realy loud and clear as of the sound of the ringtones when you recieve calls. The videos are also very clear i would never look back after getting this phone i couldnt imagine myself getting another phone...maybe i will in some trime but not at the moment i luv it and il tell you what if everyoe gets this phone aswell they will be writing the exact same review as this [Editor's comment: jennye, no-one else could write a review like this] cos its so true and its brill the pics are unbelievable and i just luv luv luv it..oops!!i already sed tht dint i lol only jokin but i still think that the phone is hot and i would not turn back trusty me i propper luv it justy like i luv everythiung el se just like i luv my parents i luv it luv it luv it!!! trust me if i could rate the phone alot more then i would do cos i just luv it xxxxxx t everyone xxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Daymo from Uk on 7th Jul 2007
Bought this phone 2 months ago. Absolutley love the look of it. Great Video capability...good day time camera but poor on night as weak flash. Battery also average and charge up every other day. On the whole a good phone but a few little changes here and there and this would be an amazing phone. Maybe an N93i mk2 soon :O)

Reviewed by parag from india on 7th Jul 2007
this is latest and modify and beutiful mobile in the world.

Reviewed by lauren from scotland on 6th Jul 2007
This fone is the worst. its huge and bulky, duznt fit into any pocket and well its just pure ugly with the thing at the top. dont buy it people its horrible

Reviewed by thomas from sexy fone land on 1st Jul 2007
dont ya wish your phone was hot like this dont cha

Reviewed by Lil-Man from Uk on 30th Jun 2007
this phone is highly rated but it is rubbish.The battery is poor.The memmory is just ermm... well there no way to say it.

Reviewed by Vishwas from India on 25th Jun 2007
I have this phone........... i am really proud of it. It is super phone . I really like it ....you really dont need a camara man to shoot your marriage its sufficient to do it with styl as well Highly expensive ........but good

Reviewed by afzal from pakistan on 25th Jun 2007
i love it

Reviewed by rose from ilse of wight on 25th Jun 2007
dont buy it as the bulettooth does not worck and battey only lasts 10 hours and the phone calls only last 5 minutes then im cut off and the net dosent worck but it still costs and texts cost 1 each and they i cant be refunded as its used and i payed 200 its only 3 weeks old

Reviewed by Bob from Peters on 24th Jun 2007
I think this phone is amazing, When i first recieved the phone it was very slow and often crashed quite alot. This was mainly when i was using GPS After installing the latest firmware update the phone has not crashed since! Great stuff. for all you people that are complaining about the phone being slow/crashing just update your firmware.

Reviewed by charlie from watford on 23rd Jun 2007
simply the best phone in th world!highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by gaurav from india on 21st Jun 2007
its great i am a user.

Reviewed by T-master D from England on 20th Jun 2007
Dude, sweet. Seriously, super sweet. Sweeter then the N95, which had more bugs than a mexican restaurant that actually served bugs for every choice on the menu. Imagine, 3-5 years ago, you wouldn't have dreamed of haveing a video camera in a mobile, but now its super sweet. Congrats to the guy/guyette who thought of it. Because of him/her-shizzle, we can expect amazing quality phones, for the price of a 'mazin phone and uber-kewl camera combined. Sweet.............

Reviewed by steve from uk on 20th Jun 2007
overpriced rubish, very poorly built, slow working freezes, took it back and got k810i instead, now a sony convert never nokia again they have let them selves down big time with this one

Reviewed by collio from england on 18th Jun 2007
i got this phone yesterday its very good and relaible i reccomend people to buy it

Reviewed by julian from uk on 18th Jun 2007
bought 2 on orange 1 sent back wouldnot text kept going off the2nd 1 battery life so short very dissapointed

Reviewed by Dean from England on 15th Jun 2007
im very disapointed in this phone since im a mad nokia fan and all there recent phones are just rubbish,the specs are good but the style and design isnt good enough and the phones are all too bulky this the N95 N80 all big bulky phones and they eat juice no battery life ontop of that there always crashing not realiable at all and thats not very nokia,they need to build there phones better and as for camera K810i is as good if not better then this phones and looks alot better,this phones over priced and doesnt meet the standards it should

Reviewed by jordeii from uk on 13th Jun 2007
ace fone it is mint i just got it yesturday its ace best nokia fone highly recomendid! ;)

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