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Nokia N900 review

 Review: January 2010  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia N900 features the new Linux-based Maemo operating system and is more of an internet tablet than a phone.



Nokia's N900 looks like a souped-up version of the flagship N97 smartphone. In a way it is, but in fact, under the bonnet lurks something new to the word of mobile phones. It's Nokia's new Linux-based Maemo operating system.

But the first thing you notice about the N900 isn't the operating system. It's the price. Wow, that's a lot of money! The second thing you notice is the size. Wow, it's huge! The third thing you notice is the weight. Wow, this is the heaviest phone on the market!

Haven't put the phone back on the shelf yet? That's good, because then you start to notice some good things. First the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. You begin to realise why the phone is heavy. It's because a keyboard this big weighs a ton. But that means that it's easy to use, and you can out-type even those BlackBerry guys. We think that the keyboard isn't actually as good as the one on the N97, but that's just a quibble. You'll also notice the screen, and once again appreciate why the N900 is so big. This is a fantastic screen - Nokia's best so far - measuring 3.5 inches across and with an incredible 800 x 480 pixel resolution. It's a touchscreen of course. Shame that it's resistive though, not capacitative, so you sometimes have to press it a couple of times before it responds, unless you use a stylus.

The N900 also has a great camera. It's essentially the same camera as the one on the N97 and N97 Mini, with 5 megapixels, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, autofocus, dual LED flash and geo-tagging. The video camera is outstanding, recording at an incredible 800 x 480 pixels. There's also a front-mounted VGA web camera, though at the time of this review we weren't able to establish whether this can be used for video calling. There's a digital media player, with all the features that you'd expect, and an FM transmitter. Bizarrely, there's no FM radio, although it is possible to install one using a third-party download. We know that a lot of people like their apps, but really some things should come as standard. Since when have phone manufacturers started treating their devices like flat-packed furniture? A-GPS with Ovi Maps is included, though.

Is there any reason so far why you should choose the N900 over the N97? We think not. The only reason then would be the Maemo operating system. We're going to stick our necks out here and say something really unpopular. Whenever we say this kind of thing, we always get hate mail, so it would be nice if the haters just gave it a rest this time :) OK, here goes: if you buy a phone with an untested operating system, you had better be prepared to roll your sleeves up and do some really hard work making your phone operational. It's always the same. If you buy the N900 you'll be a beta-tester for Nokia. Lots of stuff won't work at first. Perhaps some things will never work. If you can live with that and like a challenge, go ahead. Otherwise avoid. We've already mentioned the lack of an FM radio and video calling. Other things that are missing include MMS, and there are few apps currently available from the Ovi store, although this will no doubt improve as time goes by.

But there are good things too. The Maemo OS is very fast, and is supported by fast hardware too, enabling it to deliver on its promise of genuine multi-tasking. The Mozilla-based web browser is superb, and as a mobile web browser the N900 is hard to beat, with its lightning-fast HSPA and WiFi support. Build quality is solid, there's bags of memory (up to 48GB), and audio quality is excellent.

So, the N900 isn't really an ideal mobile phone for many users, but for someone who really wants an internet tablet with calling features added, it could be just the thing.

Nokia N900 features include:

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Nokia N900 user reviews

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Average rating from 80 reviews:

Reviewed by Bitex from Nigeria on 3rd Mar 2014
I feel that d SMS is an issue.
Except mine is different. It has no inbox, sent message and draft.
This means, any received sms disappears once it is read.
I feel seated by Nokia.
Any solution?

Reviewed by Sky from India on 29th Jun 2013
Nice phone but apps ki problem he

Reviewed by Alfred Bugeja from Malta on 16th Feb 2012
i am very disappointed with the N900 and my reasoning is this:
1. For its price it is very expensive but no one was informed that Nokia would abandon the Maemo when it came out.
2. updates have been very few and we have had to wait a long time for them.
3. some of the programs such as yahoo messenger etc do not work once the phone is updated and this happens quite often with different programs.
4. the phone has alot of problems such as constantly switching off during rotation for no reason.
5. the purchasers were never informed that this is a phone designed for developers and not the normal users like myself who have limited IT knowledge.
6. the maps are a load of rubbish compared to other phones today.
I am afaraid my estiomation and my loyalty are fast dwindling about Nokia. I had always thought they produce good phones and good products but the frustrations that this phone has put me through i am not so sure that i would ever buy another Nokia product, to be honest i am even debating whether i should even waste my money on purchasing a N9......as i am afraid that i might even be wasting my money there as well. Just try to read about all the problems people are having on the net with the N900 and one can easily see that many are disattisfied with the latest line of products.

Anyone who wishes to reply to me contrary to this may do so at aml@onvol.net

Reviewed by Deepak Doshi from India on 10th Dec 2011
I really liked N900 its worthful.

Reviewed by Ged Matthews from UK on 14th Nov 2011
I would agree with sanjeev 100% on this. I bought this handset on its launch as I was so impressed with it. I agree its not small or thin or anything like many of the newer "smart phones" around now. BUT this phone is different, its kinda like a mini PC with the added bonus of a phone built in. The net browser is amazing, as is its multi tasking capabilities. This really did leave the inferior N97 way behind. Unfortunately its size was a hindrance for me when I was out and about and regrettably I sold mine as I had a iPhone anyway as needed the cash but now the prices of these have come way down in price used and are a great buy for you get. The phone is still ahead of its time and down in price now second hand. Well built and powerful, this phone could of been "so much more". I am off to buy a good used example - purely out of sheer geek appeal :0)

Reviewed by sanjeev from India on 1st Sep 2011
Few things I would like add here for the N900 mobile computer: The N900 comes with Mac Os, Android operating sys. factory installed. Also the N900 comes with a IR port which enables the device to control up to 6 Linux based computers. Not only this, you can find an App that lets you control mac laptops and desktops. You can actually change what people are playing in their itunes from as far as 20 feet away without even getting noticed(fun as hell! when people wonder whats wrong with their mac and cheese!!) another app lets you emulate Ps3 controler via bluetooth and works great. The N900 can emulate or custom build a remote controler for any infrared device: TV, DVD,Stereos, midi interface, is unlimited. The screen on the N900 may get scratch with ease but you can buy a protector for it, no big deal. On the other hand the iphones glass brakes and you are pretty much left with an overpriced broken mirror to show around. The N900 comes with a sleek stylus which makes it easy for any artist or designer on the go. As an N900 owner, I personally believe that this device is far ahead of its time and also a great investment, and with Toshiba's technological advance in quantum computing it would be a waste of money to buy mac. I know people who dont have much going for themselves and they somehow think that by having an iphone they are better than the rest. I wish they would get treatment! Skype works great, the media player is awesome, the open X-terminal is a great tool for developers on the go. Great device, and I'm still trying to figure out what it can fully do. Thank you for reading.

Reviewed by gani from india on 10th Jul 2011
very nice mobile every body like it

Reviewed by Mary from USA on 16th Jun 2011
It's the worst NOkia phone I have ever bought! My other 2 NOKIAs worked just great. They still are, I use them every time my nokia N900 doesn't work. After 7 month of using it, some letters on the keyboard were rubbed off (I text a lot). Also the USB charger has been broken 2 times. First time they fixed it, but second time they send it back (not fixed) without even explaining the reason why they didn't fix it! I am so upset with NOKIA. The only thing I really liked was the way they manage text messages. I could never properly send MMS message, there were always some problems with sending and receiving, so I ended up with deleting the MMS application.Yes you will have to charge it everyday, but for me it was not such a big deal. You need to install a lot of applications in order to get it fully function. I think people who put more than 3 stars are like my mom. They never used it further than just calling or sending short messages 1 time per week. I'm blaming myself for not buying IPhone4.

Reviewed by coopuk from United Kingdom on 7th Jun 2011
UPDATE TO MY EARLIER REVIEWS: Finally sold the Nokia N900 on - poor battery life (had to charge it everyday), "stuttering" when invoking apps, occasional freezing of the operating system... I can live without that. Nokia have also announced they are not supporting the operating system long-term.Plus - at the end of the day - as a phone, it's rubbish. Strictly one for the techies, or as a small scale internet tablet. Just don't expect great battery life, and as a phone - it's a joke. This is the last time I buy Nokia!

Reviewed by Dr P.Biswas from India on 4th Jun 2011
I am using Nokia N900 for over seven months. A fantastic device & really a great web browser. Perhaps Nokia's best smart phone till date.

Reviewed by mo from U.K on 3rd Mar 2011
This phone is good sometime the internet is slow but no all the time. There is a fault with the battery charging will have to take it back to nokia to get it fixed.

Reviewed by Sunny sharma from Malaysia(kuala lumpur) on 25th Feb 2011
Yes , i m fully agree with u . Yes i m loving my n900 , which is a mini computer for a mini pocket. I don't understand that how it is bulky device ? I know n900 - weighty,less power of battery and heavy price. But screen tft and no problem about push, or pressure. I think it 's a world's first open source and fully linux and debian device. Ok , and any problem please email my email a/c is - sunny.sam5@yahoo.com. I m sure that i'll really help u .and i fully setisfied to u. Ok. Have a nice day.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 11th Feb 2011
Something that doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet so, just in case there are any artists here looking for a phone - this could be THE phone for you. The resistive screen and stylus are the nearest thing to having a Wacom tablet in your pocket. Because of the Linux-based OS you can find competant drawing software with pressure sensitivity - making for an almost 'Photoshop-like' experience (you can't get that with a capacative screen) and great for creating 'thumbnail' sketches. I've had this phone for a year now - and because of this feature (and the 48gb memory including a memory card, and ability to view just about any video codec) I still think I'd pick it today.

Reviewed by Sean from Trinidad on 18th Jan 2011
I have the n900 and it's freaking amzing! waaay better than my n97 and EVERYTHING works perfect it never hangs it can do almost anything so screw you saying not many apps available! :@ if there was a hole big enough i'd.... LOL jk

Reviewed by Osam Kofi from Ghana on 30th Dec 2010
It is a wonderful masterpiece!

Reviewed by Steven from United Kingdom on 3rd Dec 2010
This phone is immensely incredible i cannot believe how great it is. It is a stronger iPad with a phone inbuilt I dont know how you can call this a phone i would call it a handheld computer.

Reviewed by HELLASISGREECE from Greece on 27th Nov 2010
It's a mobile computer (with every sense of the word) that happens to be a phone too. Calling this masterpiece "a phone" doesn't do it justice. Thos baby rocks my world. Only for the hardcore. 5 stars

Reviewed by srikanth from INDIA on 25th Oct 2010
this is very good phone it can use like mini computer this features r very superb ilike it

Reviewed by Ibrahim Adeoye from Nigeria on 21st Oct 2010
my love for the phone is unlimited

Reviewed by Ged from UK on 16th Oct 2010
I got an N900m on contract with Voda when it was first released (was one of the first owners in the UK) and was soo looking forward to it, mainly for its ability to multi task (something my iphone 3gs didnt do at the time!) I had the phone about 2 months and sold it - it was such a shame as its a great solid built handset/tablet phone but just lacked (for me anyway) that crispness and speed of my iPhone. Navagation on the handset was very laborious and not user friendly. And I found myself getting angry trying to swipe through menus, often jamming. I guess for those who had not tried the iPhone, it was great - for me it just didnt have that edge. The internet was pretty slow and apps were VERY low on the ground. Although I sold this handset, there was something I kinda liked about it and if I am honest I just couldnt put my finger on what it was ! ! Its feel was just "quality", but lacked the smartphone edge to me! ;0( This handset is like Marmite - its an aquired taste, you'll either hate it or love it! For me it was back to my 3GS, which I still think nothing can compete with for overall user friendliness. (especially unlocked!)

Reviewed by lee from uk on 4th Sep 2010
Rahul you need to upgrade your firmware to pr1.2 to cure the bug issue *# Mms is not supported but you can download ffmms to send picture messages. Sms is saved in the conversation logs. Maybe you dont have 3 or 3.5g where your using the internet. If your on 2g then it will be snail like. I love the way mine can use my homebroadband too while at home. I normally attaoin 3.5g so its very fast.

Reviewed by rahul from india on 23rd Aug 2010
i m using n900 before it got launched in india so i found good it doesnt get hanged but some features r missing u cant send mms nor u can chck ur balance by using *#..caller image too small comunication log is small..u cant make hear songs from music gallery while ur talkin to some one like in any symbiam fone....internet browsin is slow,u cant save ur sms,bt it is a smartfone...

Reviewed by Eric from Philippines on 22nd Aug 2010
I own a Nokia N900 for about 3 months now and I Love it! Although very bulky (a bit pricey too) but its better than my other phones. This is the first time I'd be using a QWERTY phone and it was easy to get use to. It's really fast when it come to internet browsing/surfing and has very vivid colors when it comes to picture and video quality. Sound quality is excellent as well. However, I agree with the other who have already commented - the phone has a Low battery life. It requires daily charging!(of course based on the usage of the phone). This is one of the downsides of N900. Other than this, I'd recommend it to others (who's looking to access the internet in big detail through a mobile device) but this is not for everyone though... By the way dear Author/Reviewer, I like the way you make reviews - fair and straight forward. Thanks! :)

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Aug 2010
Thank you!

Reviewed by hassan from brunei on 13th Aug 2010
nokia n900 is nice & excelent phone it has fast browsebut it dosent support my language(tamil)

Reviewed by Defeated from United Kingdom on 12th Aug 2010
After struggling with this machine for 4 months, I've reached the end of my tether and am going back to my old non-smart Nokia. Before I mention the downsides, there are 4 wonderful things about the N900: 1. lovely keyboard. 2. beautiful screen quality 3. excellent camera. 4. great for surfing the web. But: 1. as a phone, it is a joke. It is a fiddle to bring up the keypad, it doesn't tell you when you've missed a call, it sometimes forgets to tell you you've got voicemail, and you can't collect voice messages in a normal way (I had to run voicemail setup every time). Oh and there's no MMS. 2. it weighs a lot 3. it needs charging daily 4. it keeps slipping out of your hand, though sadly not breaking when it hits the ground, so you don't get an excuse to throw it away and buy an i-phone instead. 5. the screen is unresponsive to the touch. Bashing it against a wall a couple of times seems to wake it up. 6. When it finally notices you frenziedly prodding at the screen, it responds with a "grunt/shudder" effect. You can turn off the grunt but not the shudder. I kept both on, because the shudder seemed somehow more horrible on its own. 7. The screen becomes magically very responsive as soon as you slide it into a pocket or bag, at which point a feather-light touch will suffice to set the device to some mode you've never seen before and don't understand. 8. When you toggle between screens, it rarely takes you straight to the one you want. It jumps around randomly for a bit first, and often goes back and forth between the same 2 screens several times before taking you to a 3rd. 9. Don't do what I did, and buy it mainly for the Satnav. It insists that I am 5 or 6 streets over from my real position, and you can't correct this, so any resulting directions are useless. In any case, it's hard to figure out how to work the directions. It's OK just as a collection of maps, so long as you're online to download them; unlike with earlier Nokia phones you can't pre-load them. So that's expensive if you're abroad. 9. It's not supported by many service providers, at least in the UK. Can't complain about the build quality, though. After 4 months of banging it, shaking it, hurling it to the ground and stamping on it, it's still going strong.

Reviewed by temmistocles from tanzania on 12th Aug 2010
the phone is good

Reviewed by Mahbub from Bangladesh on 8th Aug 2010
only letdown is its battery....keyboard is a bit clumsy too. If you can handle these two factors N900 is the best phone (mini laptop) for you.

Reviewed by Big D from England on 1st Aug 2010
Best phone ever, much better buy than the iphone 4.

Reviewed by garvin from trinidad on 27th Jul 2010
works well but the camera needs works to be done

Reviewed by Becky from England on 20th Jul 2010
Internet is VERY VERY slow and often does not load at all!! I'm thinking about selling it and getting the iPhone (that's if anyone will even buy it!!).

Reviewed by kenny from scotland on 20th Jul 2010
ok lets start this is the best phone out to date it beats the iphon 4 and its not even out yet hade my n900 run 50 apps and no lag at all and if u think i run apps that dont use much cpu then ur wrog psx for all was runing and so was gba but hade it overclock to 1.2ghz 1 thing i say if u dont no how to use probarming dont by go for sumthing esyer to work but if u no whot ur doing its the best phone going working on a 1.4ghz overclock the now not to stabel yet but perfic at 1.2ghz

Reviewed by Rishi1501 from India on 10th Jul 2010
I am using this phone for the last 6 month and this phone is simply amazing for all its functionality, hardware and software. The new update pr 1.2 has made the startup and shutdown really fast. The best thing I find for the phone is its network holding capacity even in weak signal area, very large repository of Debian software, very active forum for trouble shooting, advices. Whatever new have been added in Android 2.2 is already there in this phone: Batch update, Flash, JIT. However, a knowledge of Unix Shell command make the experience more enjoyable. My use is so heavy that I have to keep an additional battery to make it survive for full day: GPS, Listening song, WiFi browsing etc. Very Good phone after moving away from iphone 2g.

Reviewed by paris from barbados on 8th Jul 2010
so love this phone i can do practically anything with it

Reviewed by Lee from Uk on 6th Jul 2010
Lets start with, This is a tablet with basic fone features included. People who have acquired this device without doing their homework are the ones who are not happy with the fone features of the device ! Some are unhappy with battery life. 1,When you first get it you will use lots of juice setting it up and downloading apps. 2, Google for advice on how to tweak it to reduce battery drain. One very good app is 'autodisconnect' MMS will work with the app ffmms. The browser is a dream to use with full internet experiance. If you look at various other forums the issue of battery life for all smart fones is complained about. I tend to charge up the battery every 1-2 days.

Reviewed by coopuk from United Kingdom on 22nd Jun 2010
UPDATE TO MY REVIEW OF 9th MAY 2010: Nokia finally replaced my N900 with the new, updated version - the one without the badly soldered power charger/USB connection. The phone also came with the latest Maemo operating system, which is MUCH better than the original version. MMS and FM radio still not included as standard, but the apps to give this functionality can be downloaded and are MUCH improved. You can assign pictures to Contacts, and as a multimedia product it is excellent for whiling away long journeys. Two things to be aware of: 1. battery life is still not great. 2. It's not a very good as a PHONE - it does the basics, but it feels like the phone features were added on as an afterthought. If you want an Internet tablet with a basic phone though, its hard to beat.

Reviewed by Ian Carter from United Kingdom on 19th Jun 2010
This phone is excellent as long as you do not want to use it as a phone!! Simple functions that you have taken for granted since the advent of the mobile phone are missing and the most important of these is an indication that you have answerphone messages. For this reason I have had to go back to using my trusty e71 for business and intend to sell the N900 as soon as possible. Buyers beware!!

Reviewed by stephy from nigeria on 14th Jun 2010
can't check my balance on the phone and can't dial some numbers ending with d * key. can't attach ringtone and pictures to callers. its sometimes difficult.

Reviewed by tom from uk on 7th Jun 2010
im not sure if i love this hpone or if i hatge all i know is im glad i swaped my i phone for this but really is there any point in this device simply because it does some things really well and then it does other things worse than certain basic phones i mean the screen qualty is amazing but why put an resistive touch screen on such a touch driven device it only has landscape mode settings which isnt the best its awkward but i like it i dont know how to say this but i think i would recomend this or the n97 mini

Reviewed by San from United Kingdom Reading on 29th May 2010
I love This PHONE, it's by far amazing. You can do anything there! I strongly recommend this phone, because i am really glad that my mother and father bought this for my 15th birthday. I am so glad

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 27th May 2010
I had this phone on my contract, but sold it because it had no mms, and reeeeaaally regret it. unfortunately however, i have already spent the money i got from selling it, but i am debating using the rest of my bank account to get a new one. fantastic phone.

Reviewed by Coopuk from England on 9th May 2010
THE GOOD THINGS - fabulous sound as a music player, loads of storage - great camera and video - fantastic video player - I've happily while away long train journeys matching .avi's on this phone - terrific internet capabilities: web browsing, e-mail, chat are all easy and simple to set up - Xterminal allows the 'geeks amongst us to tinker with the operating system :) THE NOT SO GOOD THINGS - Non-existent user manuals, and non-intuitive interface in many areas. The Nokia N900 user forums are your best friends here. - MMS support not standard, you have to install a separate application to handle this - and that is pretty flakey. - FM radio not standard, you have to install a separate application to handle this, again it is not a great app - installing apps and tinkering with the system settings really needs some knowledge of the way Linux works to get the best from this phone - I work with UNIX< so no problems, but this would frighten a lot of users off - not particularly good as a phone; feels a bit chunky and I've had several callers say that they have found to difficult to hear me - battery life is not great, needs charging every day THE BAD THINGS Build quality. I have owned Nokia's for the last 10 years or so, and they have always been rock solid. I've had the N900 for just under 3 months, and it has been back to the Carphone Warehouse twice in the time - the first time the phone speaker failed (sent to Nokia for repair, gone for 10 days) and the second time the USB charger failed (sent to Nokia for repair, 10 days). This is NOT good - perhaps I got the last one made on a Friday afternoon, but compared to previous Nokias this is definitely a step down in quality. The USB charger has now failed AGAIN, and it going back to Carphone Warehouse AGAIN - as it is, I am now running on my faithful Nokia 6300, which is absolutely rock solid and hasn't given me any grief in 2+ years. When this is working, it is a great Internet table/media player... with a phone bolted on. However, it is NOT intuitive so the casual user should beware. And I must stress that the build quality is VERY poor compared to previous Nokia's. And because of the issue with the lack of user manuals, the non-intuitive nature of the layout, and the poor build quality, this only gets a 2 from me.

Reviewed by Sunny from UK, England. on 5th May 2010
Its the best Mobile till now after i-phone and N97. I love the free software based phone and the great design. I sure my Nokia N900 is the best for the next 5 years, until they build another phone on this Memo based software and more than Arm cortex-AB processor with 32GB... no way!! Nokia keep it up! We love it!

Reviewed by Rishi from India on 24th Apr 2010
This phone demands recalling your UNIX/Linux lessons of your college days to captivate your senses. Enjoyable to hilt, if you love delving deep into using developer apps or compile your own from source code. everything is top class. Network holding is unparallel. Used iPhone 2g before. But Apple restrictions were simply too irritating. Love the usability provided by this set.

Reviewed by john craig from united kingdom on 23rd Apr 2010
This is going to be a short review, no waffling. Firstly, a message to Nokia. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. This is the very best phone I've ever owned. Sure, it's a "roll your sleeves up and give it a go" type of phone but damn it is a hugely impressive bit of kit. Nokia have salvaged their reputation after the N97 disaster. awesome phone, grab now while you can. the Maemo secret will be out soon and eveey phone co will be trying to follow this outstanding platform

Reviewed by shawna from Barbados on 23rd Apr 2010
simply love it the best phone i've had and i've had quite a few 5 stars

Reviewed by stuart hutchison from UK on 14th Apr 2010
first things first you cant just pick this phone up and in a day take it back. it takes a good week of playing about with to get used to. i purchased the N900 in feb 10 and man it was sloooooooow. connected to my home wi fi a few os updates later cant believe how fast it all works. to date no freezing either. ovi store isnt perfect but it is getting better. having used a N73 a viewty and an i phone in the last few years i would have to say this is the best of the bunch. complaints are limited to camera zoom (3 times zoom) not being the best spec wise (even if the camera is better than most) and the screen attracts dirt for some reason. plus points the screen is fantastic to look at it has a full web browser with flash support (are you listening apple?) and the media player plays everything other than drm protected files. think of this as a media and internet machine that as a bonus acts like a phone too and give it a chance not just a few days then returning it.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 14th Apr 2010
So far the N900 has been fantastic. I'm on my second handset as the first one was faulty, but it was quickly swapped with no quibbles. At first the phone didn't seem user friendly, but a couple of days of use cleared that up. I don't think this phone is for everybody, it's more PC than phone. The features on the N900 probably surpass every other phone on the market, the FM transmitter is a nice touch. The 32GB memory is more than I'll ever use, making SD cards redundant. Another simple but effective feature is the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The Maemo 5 OS hasn't shown any problems so far, it seems quicker than the S60 Nokias and hasn't crashed yet. The N900 copes well with multitasking too. The browser is fantastic, the first mobile browser I've used that works as smoothly as a PC version. Nokias OVI store still holds very few apps compared to the competition, e.g. Apples App store. Hopefully that will improve in time. The qwerty keyboard isn't the best I've used, but it certainly doesn't affect my opinion of this phone. Another minor issue is the battery life, with average-heavy use the battery will last one day, not a problem if you're prepared to charge it nightly. Overall, a highly recommended phone, give it a couple of days and you'll love it.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Burdges from USA on 12th Apr 2010
I loved mine for the first four weeks after I got it, but the touch screen went out right after 1 month. Nokia Germany would not repair the phone under warranty because the phone was purchased from Nokia USA. Nokia USA might handle repairs while I'm here in Germany, but they're unsure how. :( :( Inconvenient warranty coverage. Poor quality control. Geez.. :(

Reviewed by shab from uk on 12th Apr 2010
super. love being able to multi task

Reviewed by adekale from nigeria on 6th Apr 2010
best phone so far.

Reviewed by ajflex fr maemo.org from jamaica on 25th Mar 2010
nokia n900 is the best multimedia & internet phone i ever used the broswer is the best by far comparing with the iphone and driod moto every win 6.1 -6.5. sound quality 9.7 out 10. image 9.9 out 10. in the day low lighting 7.9 out 10. functionality for after using for 3 day email and messaging 10 out 10. graphic 10 out 10 comparing with iphone. using this phone have data and voice plan perfect comparing with the {just blackberry service email} it is the ultimate phone fr late 2009 and still is if you are put it with smartphone and for internet table {portable} fit pocket very powerful for a small handset linux {maemo 5} furture maemo 6 os and meego os this run like linux desktop you hack just about anything the possiblilities is endless.

Reviewed by evans afful from ghana on 19th Mar 2010

Reviewed by Sheetal from Slovakia on 13th Mar 2010
wow.. best phone ever!

Reviewed by abd el rahman samir from egypt on 6th Mar 2010
very good mobile like computer i can do any thing with it emails,browsing internet,play games,play music,see movies and videos, it like notebook with sim card.

Reviewed by Rex Mundi from UK on 4th Mar 2010
love it although you do have to work around some things but i do love a challenge! best smartphone by miles

Reviewed by Jim from London, UK on 2nd Mar 2010
I was so apprehensive before getting this phone but man this machine is a killer. This phone is simply outstanding. There is so much you can do on this phone and believe me i havent slept properly since buying it. Battery life is excellent keeping in mind the number of applications it runs. Not enough apps as compare to iphone but u dont need apps when u can actually use internet as easily as your laptop. Web browsing has never been so amazing on any phone ever. I really recommend this phone. Outstanding.

Reviewed by collins museka from zambia on 26th Feb 2010
this the bsest smartphone made by nokia and best phone on the market.the interface is superb and very great built qaulity.welldone nokia.

Reviewed by Sadaf Khan from Birmingham,UK. on 24th Feb 2010
Its truly awesome, all applications + battery + each & everything is really appreciateble.. I wish i could meet the maker.. :p ;) Birmingham,UK.

Reviewed by Ocran Edward Kingsley from Ghana on 21st Feb 2010
its very coool

Reviewed by Muthukumaran.T from India on 18th Feb 2010
I Love Nokia for its quality and good manufactring even in all applications, camera, video, music, web browser, user friendly, good display and affordable price. muthukumaran.T Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Reviewed by matthew from wales on 10th Feb 2010
I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I am amazed at the quality, yes its bit chunky but its as strong as a tank (check out the n900 stress tests on youtube). The touchscreen is the best resistive screen on the market (and I've used a few!). As for the resolution, its top notch! twice the pixel count of the I phone and same size screen it just looks fantastic. Massive memory capacity 48gb and the Maemo OS is just a joy to use. I've already installed about 20 different apps/games which have worked perfectly (all official apps, be careful with apps that are still in development) but even if you brick your phone you can reflash the OS and bring it back to life YOURSELF! without having to send it back to manufacturer. everything is unlocked with this phone which is a breath of fresh air in the mobile market where almost every device is strictly controlled by manufacturer or network company. truly wonderful device!.

Reviewed by graeme from england on 8th Feb 2010
just got my n900 after trading in my n97 mini i thought that was a good phone even with symbian but this beast is something else great screen touch works well not a problem keyboard great much better than n97 and this is gona get better in the next few months buy it you wont be dissapointed!!

Reviewed by abdulrahman from India on 6th Feb 2010
I storngly belive Nokia N 900 is an asset for Mobile phones

Reviewed by hannes from sweden on 3rd Feb 2010
The nokia n900 is a super great phone i dont know where u got your reports but it seems they have used u for the beta testers cause this phone have so much more than those few things u have mentioned , and i do belive it has built in radio and a fm transmitter and u can send and recive mms, a-gps with nokia maps are for FREE turn by turn navigation , and it beats all smartphones on the market for the moment CHECK NOKIA.Com for techs on the phone or maemo.nokia.com

Reviewed by John from England on 29th Jan 2010
My nokia n900 came a couple days ago, and at first you really miss iPhones screen but after a day I was used to it and it beats iPhone hands down in multi tasking, speed, web browser with flash, and overall power of the thing there aren't alot of apps yet but that's just temperal and with open dorce we could have really anything :) you won't regret it Nokia N900 is like no other phone.

Reviewed by firoz shaikh from india on 29th Jan 2010
not as good as n 97 poor battery ....... on key bord difficult to type numeric no. 1 nad 2 ..... n n97 has mouse also by which u can operate by that but it has only touch screen ..........

Reviewed by Jaz from West Midlands on 19th Jan 2010
This is the best phone on the market. i love the functions. buy it!

Reviewed by Egon from England on 16th Jan 2010
All the people who have put more than 2 stars for this fone are idots.... yes you are..!!!! had it for 1 day and took it back total waste of time trying to use it and get what i wanted to do is a joke. no way near the iphone not even close ... like the n97 which also i took back is a big flop ... time nokia looked at making less phones and more input into the OS ....

Reviewed by Crixiano Ronalxo from Madeira,Portugal on 6th Jan 2010
it looks good but agree it jams a lot and although its decent it jams and restarts alot. shame at bein a multitaskin phone...

Reviewed by bari from UK on 6th Jan 2010
been using this phone since early december 2009. I preordered it from nokia and been using vodafone with it. this phone is excellent. i have used N82 before. the touch screen are not like the iphone touchscreen. you really need to touch the screen sometimes but be able to use stylus and use handwritting is an added advantages. the screen size is huge and sharp. the interface is easy to use and fast. it is totally different from symbian. the application for Maemo is still lacking. but if u use the developer application, then u have a lot of choice. but bear in mind that developer application is still under testing/beta. if u use alot then u might need to charge it everyday. but it can last for 2-3day max if put on standby. be able to multitasking is great. i can send text to few people + sign in IM + playing game + play MP3 with no slowdown at all. for me this is better than iphone. was considering iphone but thought N900 is better and it is :)

Reviewed by Desmodromic from Netherlands on 5th Jan 2010
Purchased this phone after my N95 8GB. Wasn't sure about the touchscreen though, but after one day of playing with it I found it to be excellent! The UI is very easy to use and very fast. The screen is unbelievable! so sharp and bright. Downside is the programmes available, compared to the Symbian phones from Nokia. But more programmes come out every day. Battery life was bad (charging every day) but strangly seems to be getting better (have the phone for 1 month now) If you're looking for a top notch communication machine, this is the one!

Reviewed by stacy from england on 3rd Jan 2010
i got this phone about a week or 2 ago and im alreadys having problems ! i think my phone was the last one made on a friday night . the slide has jammed bits of the touchscreen is not working and the screen goes blank do not get this phone at alll me experiance R U B B I S H

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
Purchased phone today and i am using it now to type this review. so far this phone has been excellent. was considering an iphone but this is cheaper and somuch better. great internet use, media and music use and better than n97, highly reccommended. only issue is not yet able bto put phone in profile like on n97. 10/10 well done nokia!

Reviewed by Krish from India on 18th Dec 2009
I bought this phone three days back. Unofficially as it yet to be launched here officially. I have been using iphone 3G for more than year and for everything i needed a app, with this phone all is built in, and interface is fast and very attractive. ability to customize and its bright screen is great use especially if you receive lot of emails like i do - readability is good even during day time. Am sure Maemo platform will bring in a lot of developers. Thank you Nokia for the effort.

Reviewed by iqrama qassim from malawi on 17th Dec 2009
ulala......never seen anything like this. im amazed. just enjoying it right now...nokia u've killed it

Reviewed by Nick L from Great Britain on 3rd Dec 2009
This is an utterly fabulous phone capable of running tasks in true multi-tasking mode (rather than single mode that most phones operate in) and this is because you are buying a phone that runs a true Linux-based O/S (Maemo). It can't be compared with the N95 or N97. Theoretically this beats the iPhone hands down (and I say this as a dedicated user of apple computers); however whether it beats the iPhone or the other competitors will depend on the apps store and whether Nokia can persuade software writers to write the applications for it. Apple did this and it was a roaring success. This is the first true videophone and video-messaging tool and has lots of features already. In China and USA where it is already out, it is beginning to penetrate the corporate market alongside iPhone.The only reason the N800 didn't succeed was that it wasn't a phone and if you think back 15 years, Nokia was way ahead of the market. Yes a capacitive screen would have been an improvement but this resistive screen is still great. Nokia - its all down to applications and connectivity. If this connects to Windows and Apple easily, and get the applications, then it will knock iPhone off the perch. If it doesn't then ...... ......and of course there are the rumours of a June 2010 launch of the Apple A5 tablet (like a big iPhone) with GSM capability... so we're not yet out of the woods on comparisons!

Reviewed by Ahmed Jama from England,UK on 22nd Nov 2009
This phone is an ABSOLUTE CRAZY FEATURE LOADED phone !!!!!! it has everything guys..cnt wait to get ih. my friend in america has it and says he could live with tht phone for a long time! BEST PHONE EVER along with the IPhone. A-Must-Buy PHONE!!

Reviewed by Alfee from China on 17th Oct 2009
Ive had this fone out in China and its the best phone yet, thankss Nokia.

Reviewed by kii from UK on 23rd Sep 2009
Seen the demos, Seen what its capable of, cant wait already preordered it ready for release in october sometime. Will smash all competitors out there! Cant wait

Reviewed by daniel wilson from uk on 14th Sep 2009
Great phone way better then the nokia n97 nokia best smartphone/computer phone yet

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