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Nokia N90 review

 Review: February 2006  

Last updated July 2007

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia N90 is designed to offer the best imaging capabilities on the market. It's a Series 60 Symbian smartphone with full 3G functionality, including video calling and fast downloads. Its key selling points are its camera and camcorder functions.


The Nokia N90 has the best camera on any Nokia phone so far released - arguably better than any rival camera phone. The closest competitor at the time of release is the Sony Ericsson W900i. The N90 has a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 20x digital zoom, a flash and a macro mode (for close-ups). It uses Carl Zeiss optics (an impressive name in the photographic world) to deliver photos that are far superior to those found on other camera phones, even those with a 2 megapixel resolution. This is a print quality camera, and for the first time you can reasonably consider a camera phone to be a replacement for a dedicated digital camera, although it clearly can't compete with the more expensive digital cameras with several times more megapixels. The camcorder capability is equally impressive.

The Nokia N90 has an innovative design - a variation on the clamshell form factor. In addition to opening and closing, the screen can be rotated, rather like a camcorder. In reality this is of marginal benefit. However, we are pleased to see that Nokia are at last making best use of the clamshell form by making the inner screen as large as physically possible (2.1 inches) - a big improvement over the old Nokia 6260 which shared the same form factor, but failed to make good use of it. The main display on the Nokia N90 is of outstanding quality.

Although it's the camera & camcorder functions that are the focus of the N90, there is also an excellent MP3 player. A stereo headset is supplied as part of the sales package. There's plenty of memory in the N90, which is needed to make use of all the features. A reduced size MultiMediaCard provides 64 Mbytes of storage - enough to hold a good selection of MP3 tracks, or a full-size movie.

The N90 supports viewing of email attachments in the following formats: jpg, 3gp, MP3, .ppt, .doc, excel and .pdf files. As already mentioned, the operating system is Symbian, and this has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that a wide range of Symbian applications can be downloaded and installed on the device. The disadvantages are threefold: 1) the user interface is more complex; 2) the user interface can be slow, sometimes too slow; and 3) series 60 phones tend to be prone to bugs, although this doesn't seem to be a major issue with the N90. Overall it's a very powerful device, although sometimes slow to respond and clunky to use.

The one major problem with the N90 is of course its size and weight. It's even heavier than the Sony Ericsson P910i. This is inevitable of course, and if you compare the N90 with a typical camcorder you can convince yourself that actually it's not that bulky at all! It's horses for courses. Now replaced by the Nokia N93.

Nokia N90 features include:

  • 3G functionality including video calling
  • 2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with autofocus, flash and 20x digital zoom
  • Video and still image editors
  • Print photos directly to a PictBridge compatible printer
  • Video capture in MPEG4 CIF format (352 x 288 pixels)
  • Main display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 352 x 416 pixels
  • External display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 128 x 128 pixels
  • RealPlayer Media Player (supports MPEG4, MP3, AAC, Real Audio & other formats)
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice recorder
  • Ringtones: True Tones, polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, email
  • Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard (sold separately)
  • Java & Symbian applications
  • Graphics, icons, animations, logos, themes
  • Push to talk
  • Voice commands
  • Speaker Independent Name Dialling
  • Speed dialling
  • Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry, thumbnail pictures and groups
  • Personal Information Management (PIM)
  • Memory: 27 Mbytes plus 64 Mbyte memory card (MMC)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2, USB 2.0
  • WAP 2.0 XHTML/HTML multimode browser
  • Triband plus 3G (WCDMA 2100)
  • Size: 112 x 51 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 173g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 288 hours

Nokia N90 user reviews

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Average rating from 124 reviews:

Reviewed by laacis2 from uk on 29th May 2014
Still own this phone in mint condition.
Yeah, wish that the silver shell was metal, not painted plastic.
Size is no problem for me and never has been.
It could of done with 3.5mm earphone jack and mini usb.
Battery life can be easily expanded by buying 3rd party li-polymer battery off ebay.
Camera quality still rocks today, especially for macro and dark macro shots.
It is superb phone to use it for actual phone functions such as texts, mails and calls.
Keyboard has big comfy buttons, screen is sharp and bright.
Not needing to open phone to read messages is conventional feat.
Still prefer using this phone when going out, to show off its beauty since it had not a 1 scratch.

Reviewed by john gartside from Australia on 26th Jun 2013
This mobile phone is the worst of nokia N series i regret why i bought this mobile phone i would have bought something else !

Reviewed by Raiwe Azubuike from UK on 28th Sep 2011
Azu from Nigeria the phone is good but is too frigile once needs to becare handling it.

Reviewed by niŮo garcia from UK on 8th Jul 2010
a very enthusiastic revealed ui am happy to buy that n 90 series

Reviewed by Imran Hasan from UK on 11th Jun 2010
this is a very nice

Reviewed by ANIKET S from UK on 24th Dec 2009
It has no greater feature than its price compare to other nokia phones

Reviewed by Duncan from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
Hey me duncan if i was u dnt pick the n90 it gives alot of freezing pwobz

Reviewed by john from UK on 28th Sep 2008

Reviewed by Henull from UK on 9th Sep 2008
Phone itself is good. BUT: 1) battery is always empty because rotating camera. 2)it breaks easily 3)did I already mention always-empty-battery?

Reviewed by oracle from UK on 16th Aug 2008
its splendid

Reviewed by Jack Ngwaru from UK on 10th May 2008
I love it

Reviewed by Christopher Borough from UK on 13th Apr 2008
I finmd the different format of msn a little strange (new user).So far I cannot figure how to make the phone comm with my pocket dell X50.Instructions on modem use are vague . Here in Jamaica not much support available. cb777deepwoods@hotmail.com

Reviewed by bubble from UK on 12th Apr 2008
very impressiive brilliant phone probly the best i'v had

Reviewed by mioe from UK on 14th Mar 2008
My N90 Autofocus is not working now. I don't know what went wrong. I love this phone a lot. I don't want to change it. I was thinking that if Nokia would release N90 version II with 8GB Storage and Wifi and 5MP camera. I would surely buy this version. I hate to look N95. LOL

Reviewed by greg from malta from UK on 7th Mar 2008
ive bout it about 2 years ago and i can say it is quite a good mobile. Although my front screen got smashed after just 2 months i remember the front screen functions and they were outstanding. on the whole i'm quite satisfied with the phone even though sometimes its phone lock function is glitched but nothing much to worry about.. i liked this phone and its camera was unbelievable i have to say, and now im thinking of switching to a 5310 xpressmusic as camera isnt my first priority anymore.

Reviewed by Ahmed from UK on 5th Oct 2007
The camera is great but its joystick brokes rapidly beside the huge size and the worst is no vibration> i am going to sell it

Reviewed by Theresa Knowles from UK on 20th Sep 2007
The Nokia N90 looks pretty much like a brick, the camera quality leaves much to be desired, I would not pay for something that would stick out your pocket and wouldn't fit in your handbag, the sound is also rather frustrating to say the least, I have had many Nokias in the past but to be honest they are generally pretty boring, far less reliable than Sony Ericksson.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 17th Aug 2007
It is bulky. But a brilliant phone. Had it for 2 years time for an upgrade can't pick one to beat it though

Reviewed by TOBY from ENGLAND on 21st Jul 2007

Reviewed by Jamrocboy from England on 30th Jun 2007
I own the Nokia N90 & its a good phone, abit too fragile but its a good phone. You have to pet it up in order for it to last long, its not a heavy duty phone.

Reviewed by James Applebee from united kingdom on 23rd Jun 2007
sorry alex Mcnight not good enough to beat the rokr? as in the itunes phone? it had a vga camera, limited memory, was very slow when filled with music and being an old style motorola had the worst menu system to grace the planet? the only thing the n90 lacks is wi-fi? its a symbian running smartphone, it is still to this day one of best phones you can buy.

Reviewed by Rohana Rajapakshe from Sri Lanka on 21st Jun 2007

Reviewed by Alex Mcnight from United States on 15th Jun 2007
I really think that it is a really cool phone and all but just is not good enough to beat the motorola rokr. to my pal Rhondel 'what's up' call me.

Reviewed by jacqueline from scotland on 2nd Jun 2007
i love my nokia n90 its had a few probs though camera stopped working and so did videoing then suddenly video started recording on its own 1 day and worked since camera still not working and also every now & then the volume goes and i need to put it onto load speaker to hear but nobody wanted to help company i bought it from, who i pay for my contract or nokia themselves. but i still love my phone i now want the n93

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 15th May 2007
I love the N90. My only real problem is the silver colour coes off around the very edges and makes it look shabby. This started about 4 months after I got mine. I'll never again buy a phone with a similar silver coating. The battery standby isn't great but otherwise it's a great phone!

Reviewed by Emma Ehiemere from Nigeria on 28th Apr 2007
This phone is indeed a smartphone. i love the phone.

Reviewed by ANDY from UK on 21st Mar 2007
I love this phone. When a friend got his,I got one too. I'm so glad I did, the camera, and video are outstanding. I have a few complaints, the biggest being is that it turns itself off, at really annoying times, i.e. half way through writting a text or scrolling through contacts, then takes ages to turn back on. Sometimes it only half turns off, so I'm often finding myself removing the battery so I can re-boot it, which is not good. The other complaint is the music player, I cant get mine to work either, no matter what format of song I try to download, and one of the reasons I got this phone was to use a music player. Apart from that, the phone is very very good, lots of cool functions that I have not even found about yet. The battery charges really quickly as well, and seems to last a decent amount of time before needing re-charging. I can upgrade soon, and I'm thinking of going for newer version of this (forget what its called)as I really like the twisting screen and cam functions.I'm not to bothered about no vibrating function, as I find this annoying, but each to their own. I would recomend this phone, but would also warn people of the problems they may have.

Reviewed by claire from bootle on 18th Mar 2007
hi am 15 an my dad bought me this phone as a gift at first i thought it was big but the amount of things the nokia n90 can do is amazing the quality of the pictures aswelll are outstandingly cool and its every teenagers dream to have a phone that everyone cant stop starring at...

Reviewed by Khaled Iqbal from Kuwait on 3rd Mar 2007
I got this phone 5 months ago n its gr8...its easy in use n the cam is gud too..but my music player doesnt work...But the cell is 1 of the best from n series

Reviewed by Jones Anto from India on 6th Feb 2007
I donít understand why many people saying itís a bad phone . let me say first itís self there is no phone meets 100% . Different people have different taste . this phone is meant for high profile . I am using this for two months and I am happy with it . Its true that its big and heavy more over no vibration , other than that I donít find any problems . I takes good pictures and videos . price has also come down now . The people who say its bad I donít think they even have this phone . if you can afford buy it and enjoy !!!

Reviewed by Anne K. Harrison from Kenya on 2nd Feb 2007
My Nokia N90 is cool but my top screen is off and cant get it on

Reviewed by lydiaa from united states on 17th Jan 2007
this phone is a w e s o m e !! pros- good camera, long lasting battery, recorder && videos are clear, has ALOT of cool features on it.! cons- too big, no vibration andd thats pretty much it..... overall, coool phone [: im impressed..

Reviewed by hamid from Afghanistan on 15th Jan 2007
I bought this mobile ( n90) one month before it is a fantastic mobile wiht everything nice camra and nice design i like it very much.

Reviewed by Dinah from Grenada on 12th Jan 2007
Nokia N90 phone is very powerful and I like it alot.

Reviewed by J from Uk on 10th Jan 2007
had this phone for a month or so (got it for xmas) and its still not failing to impress! my friends all love the twisty screen and think its the coolest thing even though its over a year old!! Love it!!!

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 10th Jan 2007
had this phone for 3 mths now. solid as a rock. has never failed me to do its job. the camera is amazing. this is much better than my old 3650. highly recommended.

Reviewed by jak from gud ol'england on 21st Dec 2006
got this phone a year ago and finaly writing review! absolutlry love this phone! amazing! picture quality is fantastic! i waited for this phone for months (im only 13 so my mum had to buy it :'( ) wen i got it wow! i opend the box and just looked at it and thought, your mine! every other phone ive had have been used by 1 family member at least, so when i got this 1 of my own it was great! people comlain because its big, but why would you want a small flimsy phone? not namine any names cough krazr cough its a mans phone! well a thirteen year old in my case but im tall and man sized. the design is flawles! the screen is grate! but thats not all! the things you can do with it, i surf the internet almost every day, and all i can say is WOW GRATE FONE! get this phone get it now! sadly im saying goodbye to it soon as im getting the n91 but heck, i didnt mind £430 for this beast!

Reviewed by Danny D from Scotland on 7th Nov 2006
Hey, I have had this phone for 11 hours and I am in love with it. Sadly of course the previous post was right, it does not have Vibration and it does have a slow interface but hey, we can't have it perfect can we? The buttons are well spaced, the camera is superb, the features are excellent and the style is out of this world. D ^^;

Reviewed by Oli from UK on 5th Nov 2006
The camera is pretty immense, and is only beaten by the samsung D900 and sony erricson K800i. The design, although big, is very nice and a much better effort by nokia on producing a decent clamshell look. And smartphones are unreliable, yes, but I have owned two in the past and I have had no problems with either. The reason it loses 5 stars is for me the slow user interface, but all in all a very good phone!!!

Reviewed by kate from england on 31st Aug 2006
The phone is just great. It has loads of good stuff on it and it looks s cool. You must have it.The front looks the best.

Reviewed by Vanessa from Philippines on 27th Aug 2006
this phone has been on the market here in the philippines for a long time now and it has really been my dream phone.. now, I lost interest in it.. TOTALLY.. people say it's cool because of the twisting screen.. all I can say is: if that is the feature you want then just buy a nokia 6260. it has a twisting screen too. and it works a lot better. N90 is very, and I mean VERY, hard to work with. like it has a mind of its own.. it switces on even if you dont want it too.. i hate it. now I have a 6260.. it doean't have much internal memory.. but I think it's the best.

Reviewed by Shahaban from india on 11th Aug 2006
carl zeiss camera makes N90 more appealing.It has good functions like auto focus but it lacks vibration and radio but still i love this phone cuz of its image quality.

Reviewed by Ivan from Croatia on 28th Jul 2006
This phone is awesome.The best camera on the phones ever. 3,2 mpx, Cral Zeiss optics. Really awesome.

Reviewed by Mr. Peterson from UK on 24th Jul 2006
This phone is alright but it's very annoying! The camera is quite alright but when I'm on the underground, the camera twists, thus launching the viewfinder app. It even happens when your on keypad lock. The menus and all are ultra-slow, the battery is drained so fast, a 970mh runs out in about 5 days on standby. It's very large and bulky, it weighs a ton. Not very impressed here. I wouldn't buy it, I'm returning it as soon as I get a better phone.

Reviewed by Faisal Ramzi from Malaysia on 13th Jul 2006
I've been using the N90 for 3 months. I had the option of purchsing an N91, but opted for this phone instead for it's imaging features and the addition of Carl-Zeiss lenses as well as auto-focus. Man, I'm glad I chose this phone coz the images are crystal clear, image mode and video mode. The audio speakers are acceptable although I think the Samsung X700's is better. The reliable camera is useful for those instant moments where you want to take photos of those rare moments. Camera response time is acceptable. In bright and sunny conditions, the camera is superb! It practically replaced my 7.1MP digital camera, although the phone is not the best substitute. In poor lighting conditions, the photos are blurry and the in flash-mode, there tends to be a yellow spot, especially objects at close-range. User interface is good and the keypad is great for typing messages. The bad side is it lacks vibrating mode so I have to crank up the ringtone volume to maximum and I miss calls while in silent mode. It's pretty big too, so I have to use both hands to open it. Luckily I can answer the phone using the speakerphone which saves half the trouble. It occasioanlly hangs and there are limited applications for its series 60 platform. And the photos's tend to be yellowish at times. Besides these drawbacks, the phone is definately a state-of-the-art imaging phone which was the true purpose I purchased it. Get it for the camera functions. Aside that, it's impressive, but there's some tings left to be desired. Still, I give it 5 stars coz I love it!

Reviewed by leony cruz from philippines on 11th Jul 2006
the performance of nokia n 90 was excellent. i love to use it everyday specially in parties you can take picture or video and you dont have to bring big camera to have a souvenir in different occasion. i reall satisfied with the performance of my celphone .use nokia n 90 then tell me if i am saying is true. god bless the inventors of nokia n 90

Reviewed by Unhappy from UK on 27th Jun 2006
Only one word needs to be said ... BRICK

Reviewed by bill twinkle from england on 25th Jun 2006
i av ad this phone 4 1 day and its GREAT!!! go and get it NOW!!!

Reviewed by Sid from Bangladesh on 23rd Jun 2006
i almost gave this phone 1 star but I will consider giving it 2 stars only for its camera.Right now I have This brick of a phone,A SE K750i and a Moto V3i.The V3i is the smartest looking of them all and the K750i fetures the best functionality and Mp3 Player.The N90 only has a very good camera,besides that,its soo soo heavy and worst of all it doesent even have a vibrator.Even the cheapest chineese phones in the market have a vibrator these days n this phone reminds you of the time when vibrators were considered a luxury,I am still trying to sell my N90 off to some poor sucker like me,Stay Away,ITS NOT WORTH IT!Go for SE K750i or W810 if you can afford it

Reviewed by tam b from scotland edinburgh on 23rd Jun 2006
Phone was good to start with,but 6mnths down the line,buttons stopped working due to main board malfunction,had replaced,1 day later same again,awaiting the return of phone. very poor

Reviewed by Joshua King-Smith from Australia on 20th May 2006
Hi everyone, I have had this phone now for around 3 months. This phone is quite possibly the best phone i have ever had. The camera is outstanding, good enough that it replaced my dedicated digital camera. Video recording is good too, it it great for quick videos, but not good enough for actual movie making. The screen is definately the BEST on the market, you can barely even se the pixels they ar that fine. I reccomend this phone to anyone who wants the best phone available at the moment.

Reviewed by Mark from uk on 20th May 2006
I got this phone 2 days ago and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!. It has a 2 megapixel camera, beautiful camera quality and a very good MP3 player two. I love it. I advise you to get one staright away

Reviewed by saddam dogar from pakistan on 18th May 2006
Hi my name is saddam.i have this phone since 4 months and this phone still ROCKS!!.This is the greatest mobile in every angle specially CARL ZEISS optics.

Reviewed by Aisling from England on 30th Apr 2006
This is the best phone i have ever had! It looks great and its' features are brill! recommend u get 1 coz u'll fall straight in love wiv it like i have!

Reviewed by Johon from France on 30th Apr 2006
This is a good phone, but the price tag on it is not so good. I've had this phone for 6 months and its done reasonable service, Nokia have actually got something right for once. The only bad thing is that occasionally, the swivel system does get a bit jammed, but overal a good 3 stars!

Reviewed by Kelly from Japan on 30th Apr 2006
Not a very good phone at all. extremely disappointed with the sytle and its features

Reviewed by gwendoline from indonesia on 26th Apr 2006
I've used d fone a month! It's totally cool!!

Reviewed by Kristofer Ramkisson from trinidad and tobago on 24th Apr 2006
this phone is dred.this is d best buy you can get jed.

Reviewed by Tom Lord from England on 24th Apr 2006
Best phone in the world. Amazing camera and so unigue

Reviewed by Miss P from UK on 17th Apr 2006
Ive had the phone a few weeks now and i love it! The camera is amazing,lots of memory space plus memory card, Yes its a bit of a handful/rubex cube! It is slow on starting up,but what mobile isnt?!definately worth all the pennies i paid for it!

Reviewed by trish from England on 12th Apr 2006
Had this phone 1st March was ok 2start with then the problems started! It takes ages boot up when you've turned it on, then the Camera comes on whenever it feels like it and you have2 turn it off 2get the camera off display. Slow on opening Applications, Memory is not very big in this day an age, gotta 1gig Dual MMC great now. Otherwise great pic, video, sound etc. Hopefully the N91 is better have already pre-ordered it.

Reviewed by sepb from england on 9th Apr 2006
very poor phone. i had it only for 3 days before selling it for a nokia 8800. the n90 is far to big, slow and awkward to use. you cant even open the phone with one hand. but possibly the biggest fall back is when in your pocket, the camera is easily turned on, draining battery life very quickly. on the plus side....not much. excellent camera but i would rather have a decent phone plus a digital camera....(the two taped together would probably still be smaller) anyway....get a p910i! best phone ever!

Reviewed by Ovie from Omoku, Nigeria on 3rd Apr 2006
i think that I have written one or two reviews here, but I wonder why it wasn't placed on this site. Nevermind, the Nokia N90 is a phone to behold and experience. It is not okay to just see it. My experience when i beholded it was that it took my breath away. I had to pause to catch my breath before proceeding. The screen display is something from the future. bright and vivid with a cool saturation of colours. The main screen display is 352 by 416pixels, 256k colours, I thought nokia had poor colour display until i saw this. It could match any from samsung. i use a samsung d600 with vivid colours, but this N90 matches it in coulour display. the odd point here is the weight. It is too heavy even for a man!! Could you imagine that it is even heavier than the Sony ericsson P910? Apart from this it has perfect qualities. Document viewer, Crstal clear video In CIF (352 x 288 pixels) resolution. Which is as good as many camcorders. voice dialling, Wap, Edge, Bluetooth, speaker independent voice dialling, integrated hands free is some of its features. And then Java and symbian operating system; version 60... If you do not mind the weight, then the Nokia N90 is a phone that I would prescribe for any high end high tech phone users who believe in a good phone!

Reviewed by debs from england on 3rd Apr 2006
This phone is really cool, lots of people have went and bought one because they've tested mine, its outstanding, nad so many people want it! if you're planning to get this hurry up because the amount of people who've told me they're getting 1 are pretty high!!!! i'm sure they'll run out so hurry up and get the best phone of the year!!!

Reviewed by McGuirk from UK on 30th Mar 2006
I have had many many phones over the past couple of years (i get very bored VERY quick) for months i have waited for the N90 and when i finally i got it i got that rush down your spine of cold, ice cold fear WHAT HAVE I SPENT £400+ pounds on!!!!! The only things i can say thats good is the camera is class,the loudspeakers fab,the movie editor is cool and NOKIA is the only phones that allows your MP3 ringtone to be played in your ear via bluetooth headset but other than that all i can say is ITS TOO BIG,WAY TOO SLOW,DOES NOT VIBRATE,CAMERA CRASHES REGULAR,TEXTING IS A NIGHTMARE AND DONT EVEEERRRRRRRRRRRR GET ME STARTED on the worst thing of all ENHANCED VOICE DIALLING is going to cost Nokia a lot of custom because i bet in 24hours the phone has got about 250 voice commands WRONG, you have to sound like Stephen Hawkins to get it to understand you and if you have people in your phonebook like i have called dean,jean,lee then boy you will have fun explaining why you have called them. Anyway the phone is going back and im reverting back to my D600 or W800i all i want is a cool looking phone that has Voice Tags,2mp+camera,plays mp3's with good memory and has Nokia's ability to play your ringtone in your ear, does anybody know of this handset????

Reviewed by Andrew Burton from Australia on 27th Mar 2006
dis fone is class, great display and camera sure it is a bit bulky but that makes space for all dis classy stuff, da twisting screen is amazing

Reviewed by SHAHYRAJ MAHMUD from BANGLADESH on 16th Mar 2006

Reviewed by joel Townley from uk on 14th Mar 2006
hi this phone is overall a good phone, it has some things that i love, like the camra an mp3. but the 1 thing i hate is that when u open it it dosent flip all the way, and u carnt open it with 1 hand but im not complaining as i only payed 50 pound 4 it anyway. i would be gutterd if i went out and payed 450 pound 4 it

Reviewed by Rhondel Lewis from Trinidad &Tobago on 11th Mar 2006
big up to my boys in trinidad and tobago. yo this fone is da bomb . it has everything . everything about the fone is totally the best. bandnessssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Amna Saleem Ahmed from Pakistan on 7th Mar 2006
Very very sexyyy...i love the phone....has the craziest picture quality ever....i dont think im ever getting bored with it...one of nokia's best phones....simply the coolest...

Reviewed by Trish from UK on 6th Mar 2006
great phone packed with features, exc Camera, Pic. The sound is great lovely phone would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Kane Butters from UK on 27th Feb 2006
I have had the Nokia N90 2 week now and it is outstanding it is a lot better then the Samsung D600 very good Video Capture and MP3 AN the Screen is Outstanding XX I LUV IT XX

Reviewed by 3styler from Romania on 24th Feb 2006
Wow! What a magnificent phone. I think this is the best phone money can buy at this moment! It's camera is fantastic, the main screen is huge (you can watch movies without a problem) and the S60 OS is pretty good (no problem with it yet).

Reviewed by john from UK on 24th Feb 2006

Reviewed by skull horse from england on 24th Feb 2006
brilliant phone and the best nokia in the market the nokia n70 is good but this is better! it has all the features you need. but there is one downside the camera it is fantastic at times but sometimes i wish i got the panasonic vs6 because my mate has it and the camera is better in my point of view. Also this goes to all new phones- the technology on them are getting better and better and soon you dont need to get a digital camera because you got the phones megapixels.

Reviewed by asfand from pakistan on 17th Feb 2006
this is da best fone ive ever had....even better dan motorazer v3i

Reviewed by david from austrlia on 17th Feb 2006
THIS FONE ROCKS I LOVE IT. i got as a present the camera in A+++++ it is the best fone out by nokia

Reviewed by maisy from pakistan on 16th Feb 2006
n90 has many advantages and disadvantages.firstly all the features are worth its price but the design of n90 is not recomended by many buyers.They say that it is not easy to open it and when talking on phone you have to turn the phone so features are good but design is not recomended.n70 is more good than n90

Reviewed by Alexis from UK on 15th Feb 2006
Had the phone over a week now. Other examples of the poorly designed interface (to add to those below). If you play music in the background with ear-phones on, the button on your headpiece wire does nothing and neither do the external buttons on the phone. So to change - say - the volume you must take the phone out of your pocket, open it, scroll through and find gallery, open the music player and then lower the volume. There is honestly no other way! And that's not all. If someone speaks to you, you have to go through this procedure to switch off the music. Even if you pull out the headset, the just music blares out loudly from the phone's speaker. In fact, the quickest way to shut off the music player is to shut down the phone or start making a call. What a basic design flaw. Another example: when you get to a letter on your address book, you cannot move on to the next letter by backspacing the name - this takes you back to 'A'. So to call "Simon" you have to press '7' four times to get to 'S' and then wade through a longer list that includes all second names and first names beginning with 'S'. On old nokias you press '8' for 'T' backspace and scroll up a few. Making a call, like most simple things, now takes longer with this phone. They haven't spent much time designing this. It's a shame basic operations are less intuitive when you otherwise might enjoy the amazing features and great video camera. Nokia have got complacent in their operating system designs, just when others like Sony Eriksson have improved theirs. I suspect Nokia's sales will suffer sooner or later.

Reviewed by RIFKI from indonesia on 14th Feb 2006
i bought this phone 5 days ago, and i'm very disappoint to this ponsel, because the feature is not complete compare the price, this phone can't give me vibrate tone to know incoming calls

Reviewed by G MAN from SCOTLAND on 13th Feb 2006

Reviewed by alfonso from Jamaica on 13th Feb 2006
Yow mi lie di phone bad star it kinda (huge / big) but u dun know it really bring out the qualities in a phone a yesterday mi buy mine and trust mi, i man nuh sleep yet bcuz mi stay up all night a play wid it jus 2 know it inside out straight a one a di badess phone bout the place big up nokia fi life u rule nuh phone wicket like a u al sey dat real way, proper way bless up.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 12th Feb 2006
This phone is to bulky and too big!Nokia seem too be makin really big and bulking phones at the moment which i hate! Nokia should try harder and think a bit more before releasing any more phones!But i still like using nokias but if they keep on making them like this then i will change. The only good thing about it is the camera quality! Poor:(

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 11th Feb 2006
I felt this fone was not good because i soon as i got it home practically and tryed out the facilitys on it the screen when it twists snaped on me i was very disapointed so took it back! it was sorted but i was still very disapointed...

Reviewed by Alexis from UK on 8th Feb 2006
On, balance I am glad I splashed out on this phone. But this purely a function of the video facility - it is advanced, flexible and, most importantly, excellent quality (even on a computer at full-screen the video pixilation is minor). This makes the phone. Otherwise, other basic features are poor for the money paid (though I readily accept I am not using this phone anything like close to its specification limits, so if you are a web-surfing, chat-room junky fond of video-conferencing you will probably get a lot more out of it than I). Otherwise the secular decline in Nokia's operating system continues. More and more key pressing is required for basic acts earlier nokia phones were cleverly programmed to anticipate. Part if this is due to the fact that the phone does more, but part of it is Nokia's deteriorating operating system design. Examples - No quick link possible to my text inbox wihch I use all the time. To reply to text I can't press reply, write and send like old phones. With this phone it's click \scroll down to and click\select \write message\select \select . For too long for such a basic action. And there are many examples like this. (It reminds me of an old sony eriksson I had, which made me swear never to leave Nokia, now I think SE have come a long way and probably overtaken nokia on their opperating systems!) The compatiability of symbian with the nokia pc suite is poor. Transfering contacts from my pc was a nightmare. Writing text messages from my pc is not allowed. It's a great phone for the video and camera technology, that can't be denied. It is also packed with features (some more useful than others) But on the basics, I think Nokia continue to loose their lead.

Reviewed by Acidr8yne from UK on 7th Feb 2006
In 1 word toilet!! I got mine a few days ago, and had to send it back....... This thing is huge!! and severe problems with connectivity on bluetooth and usb cable. This thing has lots of bugs in the o/s, and the nokia software which it needs to run on has lots more....! i'm a qualified pc technician it took me 3 days to even try and get this running somewhere near ok..... didn't happen!! Dissapointing from nokia......!

Reviewed by Saqib from UK on 4th Feb 2006
OK I know this phone is a little new so it might not work best first time but hey this is the best camera phone on the market over here.But if anyone thinks its not then ok.Come on guys, nokia took a lot of time to make this fone. Its not just a 2 minute job like the old nokia phones. EG Nokia 3310. I know the new nokia n80 is going to be 3 megapixels but in my opinion id rather go for this one because of the stylish design and carl zeiss optics. Nokia needs some respect for this thing. Long live nokia!!!!! Long live Nokia!!!!!

Reviewed by Amie from uk on 3rd Feb 2006
Great way of opening! Like a digital camera! Great phone, I was jumping for joy when I received it for my birthday last week. Great phone, I recommend it, but it dosn't come cheap!

Reviewed by Saqqs from England on 2nd Feb 2006
come on! whats the matter with you? havent you heard this is a really popular phone in the us and it came here Jan 06. come on guys give nokia some respect for this fone. also include respect on the carl zeiss lense. Just prove me wrong by telling me a phone which is already released which has that type of lense. Cant find 1? well thats because its the first foe to have it. ps. sony camcorders have this lense so it should be something similar to those

Reviewed by AFAQ YOUSAFZAI from PAKISTAN on 1st Feb 2006

Reviewed by fernando from portugal on 31st Jan 2006
itīs the best phone.

Reviewed by BhanuPrakash from UK on 28th Jan 2006
Hey!!!!! hello every body i had this phone 3 months back.. now its rocking with its features...as u all know about them .. but the only dis advantage is that it does not have a vibrating mode.So its a hell when i am in college or a conference.. so better go for O2 phone now.....

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 24th Jan 2006
After receiving the N90, I was compelled to return the phone after trying it out for 1 day. Although the phone is media functionality packed, with a great camera lens. The negative points that forced me to return the N90 was the bulkiness of the phone and the lack of the vibrating call-alert. For such a large phone, I would have expected such feature to be available.

Reviewed by BigT from Wales on 19th Jan 2006
I have had the N90 for three months and i hate it..It is just to big and chuncky.Sure the camera is A1 but i have problems using the blue tooth it does not want to find other phones and you can not save that many long ring tones..... back to using my old 6670.

Reviewed by Nicholas from Kwek on 14th Jan 2006
I love my bestie's phone! It's so kool! It's so twisty and all! I love u dear..!

Reviewed by Varun from India on 1st Jan 2006
Excellent! amazing! the rotating screen and the extra-ordinary image quality with the Carl Zeiss Lens just makes all the difference. Although the phone lacks memory space, and the absence of a vibrator are some drawbacks. Its elegant looks make it even more attractive to mobile snatchers, so possession of a phone like this in third world countries like India is a big risk. It is also really expensive, and comes with no security software. If you can protect your phone, get it ASAP!

Reviewed by RT from UK on 29th Dec 2005
This phone is great when it comes to images and videos, it looks great too. the idea of the twistable camera is awsome. but the main disadvantage about the n90 is the size and the price. they both need to be a little bit smaller!!!!!

Reviewed by Dr Sujathan Somadas from England on 23rd Dec 2005
this is the best phone out now.

Reviewed by Kieran from U.K on 23rd Dec 2005

Reviewed by Malcolm Christie from UK on 21st Dec 2005
This phone is totally amazing. The Carl Zeiss optics certainly set this phone much higher than the rest of them on the market at present. I usually get a new mobile every year and my last phone was a Samsung D500 which was good until all the chavs got hold of em. This man hand sized mobile is bulkier than the norm which puts it in good stead for a robust and adventurous session of snaps. The pre-loaded memory card (64mb) has some very usefull files and for a symbian 60 phone this really does rock.

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