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Nokia N85 review

 Review: November 2008  

Last updated April 2010

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: 3.5G smartphone with GPS satnav, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, video calling, MP3 player, FM radio, memory card, Bluetooth & WiFi.

Best buy: Nokia N85 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£270.00)


What exactly is the Nokia N85? At a glance it looks just like the Nokia N96, but slimmer. It has almost every feature of the N96 too:

  • Series 60 Symbian interface (version 3.2)
  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss & Tessar optics
  • aGPS and GPS navigation with Nokia Maps
  • Wi-Fi wireless internet connection
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
  • Ultra-fast HSDPA data transfer
  • Support for 8GB microSD memory cards

The only things missing are the support for DVB-H TV (which doesn't exist in the UK anyway) and the 16 GB of built-in memory. Instead, the N85 has 74 MB of internal dynamic memory and 78 MB of internal NAND flash memory. But you can add microSD memory cards up to 8GB, so this really isn't a problem.

The design is a little different from the N96, with a slightly reduced screen size (2.6 inches instead of 2.8 inches) and a different keypad. There's little else to distinguish the two phones, so read our Nokia N96 review for more information about what the phone can do, and read the detailed specification below.

The N85 is a cheaper phone, but our users are reporting a lot of problems with the N85, ranging from software errors, phone freezing or shutting down, poor screen visibility in sunlight to some shocking stories of complete hardware failure, with bits falling off and the whole phone breaking down.

Nokia N85 features include:

  • Series 60 Symbian interface (version 3.2)
  • 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, autofocus, dual led flash, 20x digital zoom
  • Video camera: MPEG4/3GP VGA video capture at 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames/second with digital stereo microphone (AAC format) and 10x digital zoom
  • Front camera for video calling: 352 x 288 pixels, 15fps, 2x digital zoom
  • Video and still image editors
  • Display: OLED, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.6 inches)
  • Digital music player (supports MP3/AAC/AAC+//WMA/AMR formats) with playlists and equalizer
  • Stereo FM radio with Visual Radio support
  • aGPS and GPS navigation with Nokia Maps
  • Voice commands
  • Voice recorder
  • Talking ringtone
  • Integrated hands-free speaker
  • Speed dialing
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (support for attachments)
  • Push to talk (PoC)
  • Java games
  • Memory: 152 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (max 8 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, WLAN, TV-Out, 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
  • WAP, EGPRS class B, WCDMA/HSDPA (3.6Mb/s download)
  • Quadband plus 3G
  • Size: 103 x 50 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 128g
  • Talktime: 4.5 hours (3G) - 6.9 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 360 hours

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Nokia N85 user reviews

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Average rating from 132 reviews:

Reviewed by Afolabi yusuf from nigeria on 30th Mar 2014
my N85 did not have 3g

Reviewed by Tebeb Ayele from UK on 9th Nov 2011
the answer for "the best nokia ever made..." is n 85 the body design, the visual effect, data transfer speed....every thing is best and n85 is the best phone i ever had lolz

Reviewed by pboy from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
boring. Not a good phone

Reviewed by John from UK on 1st Sep 2011
I bought my N85 a few months ago. It was intended to be a stopgap while my venerable N82 wss being repaired, but I rather liked the N85 so am still using it. I agree that there are problems with the N85, even with latest firmware and known-good peripherals (SanDisk 8GB micro-SD memory cards etc. -Nokia seem to be very particular about memory card compatibility) but now that I understand why there have been issues with terribly slow GPS lock times, for instance, I am still impressed with the overall product. It has not fallen apart, it has tolerably good battery life, it has all the functions that I have traditionally required of any Nokia phone, and it is small and unobtrusive. Good enough for me, anyway!

Reviewed by G Hall from UK on 31st Aug 2011
Had a number of Nokia phones over the years but this has been the worst overall. Out of the box look good and seemed fine at first but has aged quickly. The build quality has been poor .... the plastics have pealed away over time and the software has been so unreliable. Have spent the last month rebooting and reinstalling the software as the phone freezes all the time for 5 to 10 seconds. Poor software has been the Nokia downfall. I can see why Nokia are struggling. Thought I would stick with Nokia for years to come but have just bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Android phone.....Oh and what on earth were Nokia thinking with Ovi Suite? What a mess.

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 12th Aug 2011
the nokia n85 is simmiler to the nokia n95 iv had both these mobiles thay are very good mobiles

Reviewed by Iulian from UK on 6th Jun 2011
For what you pay you get a lot.All of those who had problems with it:maybe the phone wasn't made in Finland,mine is,and not a problem yet(using it for 2 years now).

Reviewed by Inzargi fr US from UK on 18th May 2011
I bought this phone about a year ago, big mistake and it wasn't worth me my bucks. When I first had it, there were no probs at all. (Got some great shots with the camera too) Till one day, I noticed that it restarted by itself, it didnt happen so often. The slide is also very weak, it feels lose after opening and closing it for many times. I dropped my phone like a couple of times,no big ,but then dropped it again one day...and a small piece of the side chipped off. Major put-off! To add on: poor battery life,lags here and there,phone freezes in a while. Im still using it now ,so far so good... I managed to keep in in good shape. I handled it so delicately. One thing's for sure is that I'm nvr buying any Nokia phones again!EVER! I'm going for either a Sony Ericsson X series or an iPhone. :) Um if ur considering about buying this phone, I suggest u look over for something better. Peace ...

Reviewed by Haru from UK on 9th May 2011
Have had this phone for about 7 months. Crashed here and there, patchy internet, GPS not working, and sometimes not making calls, but I was still happy with it. Worked around those issues and the phone didn't trouble me since...until today...when the USB port inexplicably broke. The phone is now useless to me.

Reviewed by Kyara from UK on 9th Apr 2011
Nokia N85 is good. I just hate the fact that the camera shutter sound cannot be disabled, and that when I browse in the internet, the mouse pointer is so messy like that

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 3rd Apr 2011
The worst phone i've ever had. I've had nokias since the late 90's but won't have another. I've had three of these phones and they've all had problems. Totally useless and i'm considering using a four year old samsung instead and selling it on until my contract runs out. I was originally impressed but it rapidly let me down and it keeps getting worse. My first switched itself off and refused to work when i was 400 miles from home. Not ideal.

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 29th Jan 2011
Nokia N85 is the best so dont go mocking it because its the best phone ever. Even better than the iphone

Reviewed by Dazz from UK on 21st Jan 2011
I Love this mobile phone. Most of your comments with Freeze/low battery problems is due to if you dont exit the apps they still run in standby. phone is good soild build and never had a problem with it. 10 out of 10 also it supports the new micro sd 32 gig card

Reviewed by adrian from UK on 20th Jan 2011
worst phone i have ever had... completely went dead 6 months ago, was told by a repair shop there is nothing they can do + phone was out of warranty when it broke down

Reviewed by Giacomo from UK on 1st Dec 2010
The worst telephone on the planet! Nokia give me my money back! After this I will never buy a Nokia phone!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 19th Nov 2010
Ok. So the N85 could be a good phone if it worked! From new (about 18 months ago) the battery life was extremely poor - only about 5 days at best. Recently this has gone down to less than 2 days. Also the phone will now only take a charge while switched off. If I connect the charger to the phone while switched on it constantly changes from charging to charging complete every few swconds or so. The result is that even after some hours the phone remains uncharged. Nokia have let themselves down with this phone.

Reviewed by Steven P from UK on 10th Nov 2010
Totally agree. I am on my THIRD replacement of the N85 in one year....after choosing it as an upgrade. The first one kept freezing and making a buzzing noise when you charge it and switch the handset off. The replacement still had similar bugs such as resetting the time and date sometimes, and buzzing again when plugged into the mains and being turned off at the handset...also very slow. The navigation panel actually came unstuck and fell off after about 3 months. Then the camera button became loose...... Then the navigation panel stopped working completely so had to get another replacement. Would NEVER recommend this handset, it's the worst I've ever had. I've never had problems before with a handset, apart from an internal battery die from old age, but this phone is riddled with bugs

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 22nd Oct 2010
Have always had Nokia phones so thought that the nice sleek design of this phone was a bonus - how wrong I was! Just like other reviewers, my phone just has re-occuring problems all the time. It shuts itself down when it pleases, it greets me with a black screen on occasions, the screen freezes all the time, the signal just drops in and out constantly to name just a few. I am currently on my FIFTH handset in 12 months!! I CANNOT wait til my contract runs out. My advice would be not to buy this phone, I have had no end of problems with it and feel let down by Nokia.

Reviewed by wasanokiafan from UK on 22nd Oct 2010
I always specified Nokia until this phone but never again. It has a lot of features but most have some faults. So far my phone performance has been hit and miss at best. At first it would continually shut down which I found out was faulty battery connections. Then the lights on the key pad would stay on randomly. Recently it has started freezing, sound quality on the ear phone has deteriorated and the screen is now starting to die. Also the charger will sometimes not work and although connected to the charger will sometimes not charge leaving me with a flat battery in the morning. If you want to become expert at pulling your battery out multiple times a day then buy this phone. Otherwise buy something else. I have had my phone for less than a year so far and am replacing it soon. Sadly this one is about to be donated for parts.

Reviewed by Deandre from UK on 4th Sep 2010
this phone is an absolute nightmare!!! i got it a year ago and since then i've had more software problems than anyone i know!! i do not recommend this phone to anyone!! i'm fed up with nokia's good looking phones but when you take an indepth look at it you find that it is rotting inside!!! i should have gone for the sony ericsson w995 instead....i have been a patron to nokia but i think i'm going to switch to sony ericsson or samsung because nokia's latest phones are rubbish!!

Reviewed by Fahim from UK on 31st Aug 2010
I have been using this phone since march 2009. The best feature of it is the amoled display.It is colourful and very crisp.The camera is the best one I've ever used in mobile. The music features could be better.The battery performence is excellent.So far I've not faced any software problems.If you don't like touchscreen phones,it can be a good choice.

Reviewed by Frank from UK on 9th Aug 2010
the phone is absolutely amazing. people who have come across to freezing and crash i advise you to update the phone often as this will make performance better

Reviewed by mike from UK on 7th Aug 2010
best phone ive ever had, perfect reliability. looking for a new phone now as my contract is coming to an end but will be sad to see the back my n85

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 27th Jul 2010
Can the administrator please add an option to rate in -stars? as i do not really even want to give this phone 1 star rating because that is too good for it. The first night i had this phone the camera would not load, the battery life is terrible and all i do is make calls i get probably 6 hours of battery life and out of that am on the phone for 2-3 hours. The phone freezes all the time, the phone restarts itself all the time i would be on the phone to someone and all of the sudden the phone restarts and i loose conversation. The intranet is incredibly slow, when i take photos there is massive lag, when i look through my photo gallery the phone can not show all my photos it seems the phone can only load up so much at a time and after that decides it cbf loading so shows the files as corrupt and unreadable even tho they are readable some times. these are all photos i have taken on the phone. lately when i slide the phone up the screen turns off the only way i can use the phone is if i slide it up to a point where i can only press the 1,2,3 key with the tip of my nail. the i phone 4 is out this friday in australia and i just found out i have another 1 year on contract with this POS n85, mate i dont even think i can go another day using this.

Reviewed by ..... from UK on 8th Jul 2010
great phone recommend it to others people moan about battery life and it falls to bits ? simple as look after it.It is not a brick that your parents might of had in the 50s has good quality and good apps i will always continue to use nokia good reliable technology keep away from sony ericcsons really bad and phone is a phone why spend 400 on a iphone or whatever

Reviewed by Adrian from UK on 8th Jul 2010
This phone looks great on paper with a lot of features making it a fairly obvious value for money choice. My example has proven to be very unreliable. It would not switch on within 2 months of purchase, requiring a repair of the switch and within 6 months the display had failed and simply remained blank. I purchased it outright so I think it is time to cut my losses, simply throw it away and buy a different brand. A very disappointing effort by Nokia, this model in my mind has tranished their otherwise good name and has guaranteed that I will not take the risk of buying one of their products in the future

Reviewed by MMack from UK on 21st Jun 2010
Similar story to below Orange very good at replacing my N85 several times now but surely shouldn't have to do that.Got a repalcement a week ago kept switching off and then restarting of its own accord then I had to get it replaced a week later got replacement on 19th June but it does exactly the same problems never a Nokia again

Reviewed by simonblonde from UK on 20th Jun 2010
This phone has proved to be a technical tour de force so much better than my iPhone 3GS! Phones seem to go backward in technology (take the display) OLED is the way forward, nit even the new iPhone 4 can compete. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE UPDATES WHICH SORTS OUT THE TECHNICL ISSUES ON THE EARLIER PHONES!! Then you will have no problems with it and apart from touchscreen technology, you will have one of the most advanced multi-media phones you can buy!!

Reviewed by James from UK on 15th Jun 2010
Very poor phone. I had it as a replacement for LG arena (which in hindsight was fab compared to this!) and it's like something sold by Toys R Us. Build quality is shocking - it constantly creaks on front panel, and keys feel like they're about to break. I've had it replaced twice because battery lasts about 12 hours even without any use. I've decided this is something to do with charging from PC. Internet connection speed renders it useless for browsing. Connection not very good either. Verdict - ok as a toy phone, useless for anything else. Definitely look elsewhere if you are considering the N85.

Reviewed by richard from UK on 23rd May 2010
ive had my n85 for a year now.yes the battery life isnt the best but it really deserves more than 1 star the fm transmitters a great feature .ive never had any problems with mine.if you want something to whine about try a samsung tocca ultra mobile.truly the worst touchscreen mobile ever made!!

Reviewed by jase from uk. on 11th May 2010
I have had my N85 for 13 months and I have had it replaced once by my service provider and have sent it off to Nokia for repair twice as they have not repaired the faults.Nokia has kindly replaced the phone and still the phone turns off when I come to use it.Very dissapointed with Nokia and the phone.Will never use them again

Reviewed by Ethan from Scotland on 28th Apr 2010
Very poor. I loved this phoned when I got it. The specifications look great on paper but in the real world you have to use this thing and it's difficult because it is so damned slow and unreliable. I see exactly the same thing in so many reviews that I would also say - 'I can't wait til my contract runs out', 'it crashes so often for no apparent reason', 'worst phone I have ever had', 'utterly awful fone', 'I really hate this phone' etc etc. Don't be fooled by the sexy looks and good performance on paper. It crashes all the time for no reason, it takes forever to come back to responding to you after you take a photo, it currupts it's memory card contenst regularaly losing all your text messages, music, videos etc, if fails switch on the keypad lighting on a regular basis, it's is mind numbingly slow to do anything, Nokia maps are so incredibly awful I've installed TomTom and use an external bluetooth receiver. I've had mainly Nokias since being one of the first to own a then groundbreaking Nokia 7650. Nokia should be ashamed to put theiur name to this piece of software garbage. They are in too much of a hurry to rush out new models that they fail to get the software working correctly and then fail to support the models (which are rubbish) they have spewed onto the marketplace. This phone could be so good. But isn't. THe software is so full of bugs and Nokia seem to be positively beligerent in their determination to ignore user complaints. I will not purchase any more Nokia products until they can demonstrate they have lisened to real-world users and produced products which are fit for the purpose and actually do what it says on the packet. I advise you to do likewise. Thank goodness my contract ends in September. Current contenders for my next phone are The Motorola Android, the iPhone and the Palm Pre. Nokia need to sort their act out. If they keep producing garbage phones people will stop buying Nokia. It's quite simple.

Reviewed by Luke from England on 26th Apr 2010
This is a poor phone. It crashes so often with no apparant reason. The battery life is poor also. I can't wait till my contract runs out.

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 24th Apr 2010
Im so dissapointed with this phone. First of all when i first got my first n85 it was fine. Freezed now and then, but overall... pretty good. But then, one day in a tent camping, stopped working. Would have a mind of it's own, it was awful. So i had to buy the phone again. Because orange/nokia would not replace it, but i loved the sleek design of the phone, so... i bought it again. Now, ive had it for 6 months (the newer n85) and its just started playing up, the camera doesnt load, so i cant take any photos or videos. I set my alarm, doesnt go off... because when i eventually wake up, my phone is off! even though it had full battery when i went to sleep. It turns itself off reguarly, and still freezes all the time. When i recieve text messages i only get the number of the other person, not their name. so now, i have to check all the time who is texting me, or remember the last two digits of their number! also, if i ever get a missed call i have to check the missed calls because it doesnt notify me when somebody has called me. also the same with texts. This phone is driving me insane, and im supposed to have it for another year. I dont know if nokia/orange will replace it because last time they didnt, after long arguments and constant nagging. Don't be fooled by the sexy, sleek design, because it is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Bill Halka from Australia on 22nd Apr 2010
I have used only Nokias since about late 90's. This is a shocker and the worst phone I have ever had. Drops out; Freezes; Shuts down randomnly; Terrible Bluetooth; A champion pussbucket phone

Reviewed by Aaron McKenzie from England on 20th Apr 2010
Worst phone I've EVER had!!!

Reviewed by Dessie from Ireland Tyrone on 20th Apr 2010
I reale hate this fone,iv had it for nine mts woulden recomend it faling apart and iv ben good to it worst ever.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 14th Apr 2010
Utterly awful phone. At first I thought id just give this phone a chance but months on and I cant escape the fact its the biggest mistake ive ever made when selecting a phone. I had been with Samsung for a long while and while no major complaints they'd begun to bore me so thought id try Nokia as I remembered them being alright. Oh how times changed. The phone does not do what it says it does, in fact it struggles to do the basic's like making calls and txting half the time! It constantly freezes and takes forever to load up any menu. Struggles to load pictures, and cant really cope with more than a few pics or songs. Sometimes when sliding the camera shutter across to capture a quick snap shot it wont load camera app. The dreaded fracture of the phone bellow the scrolling button has appeared so im expecting im only one uncareful phone pull out of my pocket away from snapping the front off my phone. It sometimes refuses to make calls...typically at the worst times, when you need to get hold of someone urgently which drives me round the twist....then next second it randomly calls 999 and i can hear the operator talking but the phone refuses to hang up. Other times it actually makes a call I want to but the person im calling can hear no sound from me. Phone build quality is awful. Constantly Ill go ages not receiving any txts then suddenly out of the blue i get about 7 txts come through dated hours ago. Now you'd think this would be a network problem but i've been with the same network years and never had this problem with any other handset. Sometimes randomly turning it on and off or ringing someone triggers a mother load of messages to come through. it sucks! Also people keep complaining there getting the same message about 5 times when ive only sent it once. Already had multiple phones replaced because they say theres errors with it or for bits falling off. (the phones treated very carefully also...so god help you if you are the kind to keep it in your pocket banging into things or are clumsy!) Avoid this phone. I cant comment for all nokia handsets but I certainly wont be using them again.

Reviewed by jean from canada on 13th Apr 2010
It's garbage. After 6 months, it started to shutdown itself.

Reviewed by Rose from Scotland on 30th Mar 2010
Very disappointed with this phone. Always been a Nokia user but not after this one! Lots of problems but the worst is probably the battery life. Get something else!

Reviewed by MARK H from UK on 24th Mar 2010
I have had this phone for 15 months now and have not had any major problems with it.

Reviewed by hisham alwrafy from YEMEN on 24th Mar 2010

Reviewed by Surferpan from Australia on 20th Mar 2010
Balls to this phone, it's ruining my life! Freezing, turning itself off, cracked facia under D-pad, GPS is too slow to be usefull. I see it's no longer available thru 3 Australia, tells you something i guess. N95 was a more sturdy, reliable unit... Now how to offload it?

Reviewed by James from UK on 9th Mar 2010
Had phone for 6 months on Orange. On 3rd as battery is only lasting about 16 hours (and I only use it for a few cals & texts each day). Each phone had same problem (first was ok for about 3 months though). Orange latest solution is, wait for it, charge it for 4 hours instead of 2 ! Will see tomorrow whether this technical solution works miracles !! Generally happy with phone, but have to agree with shoddy build quality. The creaking keys are a bit embarrasing when my mates are touching the silent keys on their iPhones. Like the software interface though. On balance, would go for something else if you are considering this phone.

Reviewed by Lucy from Jones on 9th Mar 2010
So bad. Worst Phone i have ever had.

Reviewed by ken from uk on 8th Mar 2010
nice phone ,looks good ..... but in a 18 month contract ive had 3 relpacements cos it just keeps failing and at the moment im waiting a LG replacement handset say no more!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrubbish

Reviewed by Lars from Denmark on 22nd Feb 2010
Lol you guys are a bunch of whiners. The phone is absolutely brilliant.

Reviewed by stephanie from england on 21st Feb 2010
Don't get this phone, absolute nightmare. I'm on my 3rd one and still managing to crash at every given opportunity. Internet connection is awful, mp3 player is terrible, camera does not produce good images. Cannot wait for this contract to end. Do not get this phone you will regret it!!

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 12th Feb 2010
I have owned this phone for 14 months and not had any issues other than the ubiquitous nokia slider wobble when open. Apart from that, I have updated the software regularly and it has worked without problem!

Reviewed by Paul from New Zealand on 2nd Feb 2010
Disappointing Phone! Hangs loses some contacts out of address book, but main complaint is that the speaker packed up within a few days of purchase now I have to use headset to do calls. Sloppy support for nokia not impressed will not get another nokia

Reviewed by sam from uk on 31st Jan 2010
i have now had 4 or 5 of these due to continued problems with the phone and screen, each replaced each time with an excess of 50 (excessive) i would not get another 1 and i hardly used my phone so i am unaware as to y they are so bad!

Reviewed by Fran Lawrence from South Africa on 16th Jan 2010
I had my N85 for a couple of weeks. In normal usage the USB port on the phone broke. I now note quite a number of reports on the web about exactly the same problem. Bigger problem is that Nokia advises that this is 'mechanical' damage and not covered by the warrantee. My view is this is a very delicate phone. I have literally used Nokias for a couple of decades, and they have been solid. This N85 is delicate and poorly manufactured. This will be my last Nokia!

Reviewed by big dave from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
For years I was advised to try a Nokia, after sampling every other well known brand around. I was bitterly disappointed.... for such a popular name, there were a number of simple features that I'd expect from any good phone, which were noticably absent. This I could live with, if it wasn't for the frequent freezing, the volume/ zoom button stopping moving within a month, and the main select key having good and bad days; many a time I've found myself hammering on the button, which oddly enough seems to sort it out for a while... All in all the phone as a package would be brilliant, and excellent value for money, IF it had the reliability and robustness that you'd expect from a household name such as the Nokia N Series.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 18th Dec 2009
I received a new N85 this week as a contract upgrade, Within two days the screen display has become faulty, it's not displaying colours properly and so the screen is unreadable. The screen now flashes on and off and when lit, only shows extremely garish shades. I suspect there may be an internal fault like a loose connection but after two days this is unnaceptable. Thankfully I didn't buy it in a shop but arranged the upgrade over the phone - in the UK distance selling rules mean that I can return the handset FOR ANY REASON within 7 days, otherwise, if bought from a shop, I'd be stuck with the endless cycles of repairs and new handsets that others have described.

Reviewed by caroline from england on 18th Dec 2009
nokia n85 looks lovely, but i would not, for 1 second reccomment it to anyone. its a useless phone. i've had this phone for less than 24hrs, but i've already put it back in the box for returning. the phone keeps freezing when i want to use the menu option, the side butttons are not workinking at all so i can only use the up and down keys. the clear button is not working properly, it keeps freezing again. what can you do wit a phone like this?

Reviewed by V Angry from Australia on 17th Dec 2009
N85, great phone on paper, looks and company. BUT... Had nothing but PROBLEMS with it switching off, Freezing, Error messages. Verrryyyy frustrating. I had Nokias all my life, never never never a problem. n85 non stop probs, been to Nokia Care over 7 times, they always try to pass the buck, dirty RATS. They keep saying that i put corrupt files on it and its not their prob. I have same files on Sony Mp3 player, no probs. I cannot belive a multI Billion dollar company cannot make an mp3 player work like its supposed to, a cheap 15 dollar mp3 player never crashes, yet hundreds of million of dollars on research and these morons cannot get it right , absolute IMBECILES. They refuse refund, or GIVE ME differnt model. DIRTY DOGS THATS WHAT THEY ARE. nokia now SUX

Reviewed by mypetearthling from UK on 12th Dec 2009
Have had my N85 for a year, it is still the best phone I have ever owned. It crashed once when it was about a month old, but that was as a result of my PC dumping every music file I owned into the poor little gadget. It has been dropped from the top of my 6ft fridge more times than I care to count, and so far seems to bounce as well as any other nokia I have owned (it was FM transmitting to the radio up there!) the buttons took a little getting used to at first, but i find that every time i upgrade. The camera is fantastic and has seen me through several gigs and festivals. Sound quality on video recordings is great once on my PC, if a little tinny from the phone speakers. It is very easy to customise the menus and shortcuts, so I can find all of the features i use most literally at the touch of a button. For the first time in years I'm not counting down the days til upgrade!

Reviewed by Sarah Bonnett from England on 9th Dec 2009
Everyone has their own opinions and it's fair to say that every phone make will have one or two that are faulty, but honestly ... don't get this phone. I received my first one in August and within two days had returned it because it froze. The second one had to be sent back for repair three times due to the same problem and it switched itself off randomly. Each time it was returned, I was advised that it was a software issue that had been rectified. Eventually, I called Vodafone and demanded a replacement (refusing to accept another N85) and they relented sending me the new Blackberry Bold 9700 ... that is absolutely amazing and for someone who never wanted a Blackberry or could see themselves using a QWERTY keyboard, I'm totally converted! Whatever you do end up getting, make sure it's not the N85. It sounds great and should be great (it was sold to me as better than the iPhone), but I think it's too clever for its own good and can't cope with everything that has been pumped into it.

Reviewed by Dave from uk on 4th Dec 2009
Not a bad phone but I ginf that I'm charging the battery literally everyday and have already had this replaced by the network as I though it was a minor fault, but am thinking otherwise.

Reviewed by nikolas from serbia on 3rd Dec 2009
The worst cell phone i have ever had. It`s a nightmare. Calling problems,internet connection issues,problems with videos and music,constantly freezing, turns off itself and so much more. I`m a calm person but i have the temptation to smash it into thousand pieces,especially when i remember that i have paid a lot of money to get this annoying phone.

Reviewed by CarlosTheDude from England on 29th Nov 2009
On my 4th Nokia N85... Nuff said!! Constantly freezes, turns off, flickers on and off ect... DON'T GET IT!!

Reviewed by deon from australia on 23rd Nov 2009
this should have been a brilliant phone but is complete rubbish. got this as the replacement for a damaged n95 thinking it was everything i wanted. had all the features of the n95 but with removable memory. in a word pretty much perfect. that was until it just turned into a piece of junk that only half the features work half the time. image gallery goes from pics looking good to pixellated to file error while scrolling through. music player cant find songs but plug it into a pc and everything is there. had a game loose my profile so 20 hrs of gameplay progression lost. phone locks up while using the camera. was actually watching a video playback from oone time the camera did work and froze up again and had to remove the battery to reset the phone. nokia, hang your heads in shame, this should have been an excellent phone but its complete rubbish.

Reviewed by joanne card from england on 16th Nov 2009
n85 ftw!! amazing phone cant beat it omg how goods my name read it outloud slowly to yourself =p

Reviewed by Nicholas from UK on 9th Nov 2009
1 star is too good for it. After 6 months of rebooting on its own the N85 does not work at all now, I have a two year contract, (I know I am an idiot little man and big business) they will not repair the phone because the PCB is cracked/ bent. The only way I think it could be bent is because it gets so hot when the sat/nav and FM transmitter are working, I had kept the phone in a case for the last 4 months to protect it. The keypad is also damaged, which I think I told you was done in front of me by the Phones4U staff in Harrogate when I tried to cancel the contract at the beginning (the phone was slowing down and freezing randomly even then when asked to do a couple of things at once). I feel such an idiot 25 pm going out of my account and now no phone. Nokia and Phones4U never again.

Reviewed by Joel Santos from Philippines on 4th Nov 2009
FRUSTRATING!!!!! Did Nokia try to put too many things into one device? I purchased my N85 last Jan 4, 2009. It's exactly 9 months later. The phone has been in and out of Nokia Service Center. Board has been replaced twice. I was just told that it will be replaced again, after waiting 20 days since I last brought it in for repair! There has never been a day that my N85 functioned perfectly! It reboots, the FM transmitter was not working, the GPS was not working, signal reception was poor, and these are just the defects that I know of! I just got myself a Samsung 16GB Omnia, paid much less for it than N85, and no complaints so far.

Reviewed by joe from uk on 4th Nov 2009
n85 is the best :D

Reviewed by jeff hickman from england on 26th Oct 2009
worst phone i have owned since 1987 cant wait to destroy the useless peice of junk

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 25th Oct 2009
I felt that this was a very outstanding phone with its sleek design. it really is a visual masterpiece. It had poor battery life... i had to charge it every night!! And the applications used alot of battery and memory so that the phone takes a long time to start apps. Also because the sleek design - i kept slipping out of my hand and dropping it - but maybe thats just me being silly. It did get very scratched by the end. It has quite a complicated interface but im sure that isnt an issue for most people. It did have an AMAZING camera...

Reviewed by Shaun from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
On my second N85 and waiting for my third to arrive,this is in a space of one month. Battery faults, freezing,wobbly lcd slide and now faulty buttons and curser. Wondering what the third phone will be like!

Reviewed by gavin deakn from england on 13th Oct 2009
the only problem is it dident send texts but got it fixed in the end

Reviewed by Lynn Jones from UK on 10th Oct 2009
I tried to upgrade my phone this year and have chosen an N85 what a horrendous mistake - I am now on my 4th handset with various problems to the phone freezing going online by itself not recognising my contacts (nightmare) to only having my contat names and it deleted some of the numbers. I have not got vodafone live and am scared to set it up incase I have yet another problem with the phone - at the moment I have a broken line under my 3G connection and also four little squares - I went into my voicemail and found that I had two emails that I had missed both from September 2004!! I only got the phone in July - I am now regreting this choice but am now stuck with it for anothe 15months - has any one else had the same problem?

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 7th Oct 2009
shuts down all the time, when any key is pushed during a call or message. rest of it is ok, but no good without electricity

Reviewed by trevor from uk on 4th Oct 2009
i have two N85 now the first one radio & music player stopped working after two weeks and now the same problem with my replacemen after four weeks

Reviewed by Paula from Uk on 22nd Sep 2009
Worset phone I've ever had! Don't bother it's more hassle than it's worth. It's been in for repair 3 times now(only had it since March)and I'm no closer to getting it sorted or getting rid of the phone from hell!

Reviewed by mitch from australia on 25th Aug 2009
AVOID!!! Good battery life but it basically ends there.. Screen impossible to see clearly outside (SO MUCH FOR BEING THE FANTASTIC OLED SCREEN), unstable, freezes when writing a simple text, crashes and reboots randomly, software is bugged. Not happy after spending $500+, expect a lot better than this BS.

Reviewed by Andrew from Australia on 18th Aug 2009
Avoid at all cost. If you want a good nokia just get the N95.It's a much more stable phone.You won't have the FM transmitter but it's not that strong anyway so big deal! My N85 wall charger doesn't work, phone randomly switches off when dialing out then switches back on, wobbley slider. Second N85 I've had with these faults? Good battery though, if only using for general text or calls. Good camera too.

Reviewed by shramiac from Australia on 15th Aug 2009
Unlike everyone else, I think the battery is the best thing on this phone! Get up to 4 days between charges. But the rest of it it rubbish. After 2 days it started to randomly turn off when dialing out then would turn back on, video would only play the audio. Sent it back to my carrier.....waited 10 weeks and FINALLY got a new one (after many angry phone calls and e-mails to them). The new one then started playing up exactly the same? Unfortunately AFTER the 30 day DOA return to my carrier so I'm stuck with it! I live 1000 miles from my nearest Nokia Care Centre so sending it to them to "repair it" is not an option! How long would that take???? They won't even send me a new wall charger to replace the one I was sent with the phone that never worked from new?? I bought 4 N95's for my employees and they all work perfectly. Just get an N95 and forget the FM transmitter which I'm suprised would actually work in a large city? I'm in a city of about 100,000 and I'm always getting some interference.

Reviewed by Tony from UK Bristol on 7th Aug 2009
Had this phone a while now and generally it's performed without fault. The user interface is rather confused and takes a while to navigate to the functions you want but for everyday use the multimedia key provides access to most features. Biggest problems have to be the OLED screen - gorgeous indoors but completely useless in sunlight - and I mean useless. Can't see squat! On a recent trip to Spain I was forever looking for shade to see who the hell I was calling. The second problem is the video recorder - freezes constantly. This is a known problem and despite reformatting the SD card the problem returns within days. The phone is capable of 30fps but with this bug it's useless. Takes nice stills though. Otherwise, GPS works great, WiFi good, MP3 fiddly but sounds great, FM transmitter okay but never worked great in the car - too much interference. My keyboards cracked too despite careful use. Battery life is v good for a smartphone lasting 2 days with average use.

Reviewed by paulmcfc from UK on 6th Aug 2009
This phone is terrible, when on charge it switches on and off every 2 minutes, when you try and record a video it switches itself off, when you try and ring someone it says 'connection error' and you have to try about 5 times, the numeric keypad has fallen off it. The only good thing is the mp3 player!! Do NOT buy this nokia N85 believe me.. very faulty.

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 5th Aug 2009
The N85 is one of the worst NOKIA phone I have ever had. If you have an N95 hold on to it because it's a treasure in comparison. Here are some N85 faults: 1) Hard to see screen in direct sunlight 2) Audio quality poor on earpiece and speaker mode when compared to the N95 3) Screen is easily scratched 4) Voip calls keep breaking up and dropping 5) Poor battery life I am stuck with mine for 18 months on orange but I still use my N95

Reviewed by David from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Agree 100% with Chris - anybody giving this phone more than one star has obviously never tried to view the display in daylight and has presumably just upgraded from a mid 1980's house brick. It is a completely unusable device. I have always had Sony Ericssons in recent years, the C95 for example is a far superior phone (I won't bore you with why I had to change, its complicated) but this N85 is by far the worst phone I have had in many many years. A phone that you cannot read when the sun comes out should in my book result in Nokia doing the honourable thing and recalling it. Mine will end up in the Thames.Total rubbish. Someone here have it 5, do they never go outside?

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 27th Jul 2009
Dont buy this phone, looks flash and all that but the quality is rubbish, in summary 1. You cant view it in direct sunlight so outdoors its pants 2. It freezes all the time 3. The battery life is pants 4. My screen broke after a few months Its just not well made

Reviewed by Lea from Northern Ireland on 24th Jul 2009
Well, Ok not too good cracked screen got took off so it looks quite rubbish. Not the best phone in the world, wouldn't recommend it if it was in the mess it is now but if it was new it would look brill. I say it is OK but it is quite old. It has a red screen cover that makes it look quite better. Wish there was better graphics, but the sound is BRILL!!! So, I think it is very good!!!

Reviewed by enrike from Peru on 22nd Jul 2009
im using this phone a month and i can say it is very good, maybe the slide could be better and the sound of speakers but its ok. Dimensions and features excellent, very good phone

Reviewed by leanne from london on 19th Jul 2009
i think this phone is not worth buying,, i got mine on a 18month contract so im stuck with it.. i hate it. it keeps freezing an turning off it cuts people off when i speak to theM, screen keeps going blank. its just the worst phone i have ever had an would never tell anyone to get this phone.. DONT BUY IT

Reviewed by CJ from UK on 8th Jul 2009
Bought this phone about 5 months ago. Haven't had any trouble with it what so ever. Couldn't fault anything other than it can be sluggish at times to open apps and text messages but perhaps it is because I have to much on it. I would recommend this phone to anybody.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th Jul 2009
Good features, but what shockingly bad build quality. Developed a small crack at the bottom of the lower front bit and that part eventually fell off. After some arguments with Carphone Warehouse I got it repaired, but the crack is back after a few weeks, and now the earpiece has broken too so I can only hear calls with a headset or on the speaker. Both these seem very common faults - I'd think twice about buying another Nokia now.

Reviewed by addam from united kingdom on 25th Jun 2009
had one for three weeks and the screen has gone black, apart from this it is an excellent phone. awaiting for replacment.

Reviewed by JC from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
An update after my review on 15th May 09. Had a brand new replacement from orange thad died (wouldn't turn on) within a week and ware replaced with another on which the speaker has just died. That's three dead N85 phones in the space of one month. Shockingly bad build quality and has put me right off Nokia now, even though my old N95 is still going strong.

Reviewed by JC from UK on 15th May 2009
Phone keypad detached after two months. After a repair at a Nokia centre it detached again after a week, now waiting for a replacement from Orange. Build quality is shockingly bad and the display is very poor in bright light. Had an N95 before this and even now it's 2 years old have returned to it as it's in better condition, faster and better built. Will not be buying Nokia handsets again in the near future.

Reviewed by Paul from Greece on 15th May 2009
The finest mobile I have had to date! Sleek, functional, versatile well built, The only drawback is that the screen is not well visible in direct sunlight.

Reviewed by Tom from Hong Kong on 14th May 2009
After giving a lengthy review of the N85 in February, I shall keep this up-date considerably shorter. I have now been using the N85 for more than three months and thought it warranted a progress report. The phone still crashes sometimes when I've been playing Worms World Party for too long, but I take that as Nokia's way of telling me to get back to work. Contrary to some reports here, I have found the phone to be solidly built, without any rattles, wobbles, creaks or groans. Maybe the build quality vaires from region to region? I also have been impressed with the battery life. While my old N80 would always need charging every single day, I can use the wi-fi, camera, games, 3g network, voice and SMS functions throughout any given day without losing a single bar of battery life. Running the camera in video mode, or using the GPS for prolonged periods still eats away at the battery, but once you're aware of this it's easy enough to manage. The lens cover, with which I was initially very pleased, has turned out to be a bit of a white elephant. Although it protects the screen from direct scratches, it does nothing to prevent dust from covering the lens (and for some reason my pocket seems to be very dusty). If anything the fact that the lens is recessed due to the addition of the lens cover makes it all the more difficult to effectively clear away the dust. Despite this, I am very pleased with the picture quality. In good light conditions the N85's camera performs admirably, however it takes a bit of patience to achieve decent results at night or in low-light conditions. All-in-all, I continue to deeply impressed with the N85 and would not hesitate to choose it again if given a second chance.

Reviewed by Adil from Dubai on 12th May 2009
i have had nokia n85 for about a month and i have upgrade the software version to 11.047, its really awesome smart phone i like it better then my old n95 , well done NOKIA

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 11th May 2009
Had a few Nokia's, N96, N95, 78, N95 8gb etc.. so I am pretty well up on them. This N85 though blows them all away. It really is a nice phone and I can't say a bad thing about it. Mine is an Orange version but changed the product code to Euro 1 to get the latest firmware. This made a huge difference and i encourage all people to do it. The screen is gorgous (you really must see it to appreciate it) and everything is very snappy and quick. It is miles better than the N96, being more pocket friendly and less rone to crashing. My only niggle is the somewhat dubious build quality. On the whole it is fine but the rear cover is a little loose and is something i wasn't really expecting. This is only slightly disapointing though and on the whole is a superb piece of kit. Well done Nokia !!!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 28th Apr 2009
Generally very happy with it, much faster than the previous one (N73 I think). Many more features than I could ever need. One thing that frustrates me though is that the battery life appears to be very poor. Some days it struggles to last 24 hours, and that's with minimal talk time, probably less than 15 minutes. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Reviewed by Mikhail from Belgium on 22nd Apr 2009
overall i think it's a good phone, but mine has some failures. When i put it off, I sometimes can't put it back on again. I press the 'ON' button, it vibrates and that's it. So i have to put the battery out for about a 10 seconds, and then try it again. Sometimes I have to do this 4 times. Also, it sometimes crashes when I use the GPS function. And then getting the phone back on while drive can be a nightmare. but this all is nothing when you look at the rest of the phone. it's a remarkable phone, with a lot of functions i like. I still discover new functions everyday, because I don't have a lot of time to spend hours on my phone! and another thing to Oliver from the UK. you say "Despite living and working in Central London it somehow persistently fails to find a satellite signal." This is normal, it's always harder to find signal in a city, than outside a big city. this is because of the large buildings that get in front of the satellites. So go live on a farm or something alike :-). so, It's a good phone with a few problems. If these problems weren't there, it would be the best phone ever, but now, i still recommend Ericsson, but Ericsson doesn't have a phone as complete as the N85. And i will say it a thousand times, it's a phone, a gps, and a lot more, so it's normal that i crashes sometimes. SO if you want it, buy it

Reviewed by Sara Haydon from UK on 8th Apr 2009
Got this on upgrade from Orange. I like the phone BUT in any bright light it is unusable. I cannot see the contacts or even the number if I enter it. Other than that it seems OK but.given that the main use of of mobile is outside, it seems to be a major fault.May return it to Orange and start over...grr

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 29th Mar 2009
Hi just an update from my review on the N85 on the 23rd March,i have just been back to my local orange shop to exchange my N85 as it had developed the same problem as the other 3 i had "general system error" message displayed, but with the exception of everytime i get a call it connected me to the internet??? also if i was on a call and someone left a voice mail message the phone terminated the call i was on to then connect me to voicemail??..oh and the 1 key stopped working. This time orange exchanged the handset for a completely different model and the faults dept at orange said there is a fault with some of the software on the phones, The manager in the orange shop said "same old nokia problems" as i reeled off the list of faults i had, he agreed to change it immediatley, so i went for a Sony erricson. So ned you sound like one of the lucky ones, everyone else good luck if you go with the nokia N85, you expect to get the odd faulty handset but 4!!!! obviously a design/sof tware problem...you have been warned!!!

Reviewed by Yusuf from UK on 29th Mar 2009
I Had my N85 for about a month and 2 weeks, i would say this phone is quality and excellent phone.

Reviewed by Miranda from Whales on 27th Mar 2009
Absalutly Amazing Phone!

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