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Nokia N80 review

 Review: August 2006  

Last updated April 2008

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Probably the most highly anticipated of the new N series phones, the N80 is also the one that most fails to live up to expectations.

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On paper the N80 is a dream - it's the highest spec smartphone ever released - but perhaps this is the reason for the problems.

Starting with the physical design, the N80 is a novel shape for a smartphone - a slide-up design, similar to the Nokia 6280 or 6111. This makes it both attractive and compact (for a smartphone). At 134g in weight, it's one of the lightest smartphones around, which is a real achievement when you consider the features that have been packed inside. However, the slide is nowhere near as good as the smooth sliders from Samsung. It slides awkwardly open and won't stay closed. There is a tendency for the slide to open by itself when in a bag or pocket, which can lead to the phone unlocking and making calls by itself. It is also necessary to lock the keypad manually, making the whole thing quite annoying.

The N80 is a 3G smartphone, so it benefits from a wide range of advanced software, plus excellent functionality and connectivity. However, it's one of the most buggy and unstable phones around. Perhaps future firmware upgrades will fix these problems, but for now its an unreliable phone. Its also very slow, both to boot up and in operation.

The N80 has one of the best LCD displays around and is also the first phone in the UK to break the 3 megapixel camera barrier. With a 3 megapixel camera it should take fantastic pictures, but it manages to disappoint in this area too. It's nowhere near as good as the Nokia N90 or Sony Ericsson W900i, which are both rated at 2 megapixels. Video quality is good however.

The N80 has an advanced music player with support for playlists and easy access to your favourite music tracks. Audio quality is excellent and a stereo headset is included in the sales package. There's plenty of space for storing music too - a 128 Mbyte memory card is included as standard, in addition to the 40 Mbytes of internal memory.

Connectivity is a key feature of the N80. In addition to Infrared and Bluetooth, the N80 has a wireless LAN. This enables fast connection to a PC, for copying images, video or music files, and also to access broadband internet via 3G. Wireless LAN can also connect to other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Battery life has to be mentioned, because it is really quite bad. Expect to get no more than one or two days use maximum from this phone. If you are expecting to make extensive use of its music and smartphone features, you will find this to be a real problem.

On paper, the N80 looks like the best phone ever, but in reality it disappoints in many key respects. Opinions on this phone tend to be divided, so read the user reviews below to see what people are saying before making up your own mind.

Nokia N80 features include:

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Nokia N80 user reviews

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Average rating from 403 reviews:

Reviewed by sourov from bangladesh on 20th Jan 2014
simply better but skype is not suppoted

Reviewed by Patel sanjay from India on 13th Feb 2013
i like it

Reviewed by teflondon ibrahim from togo on 1st Nov 2012
i like this phone

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 27th Sep 2011
The 3g slows down the speed of the phone

Reviewed by William from UK on 10th May 2010
very slow switching on, too many folders, battery life low, very very low memory nice phone but not very good

Reviewed by nasiru from UK on 16th Jan 2010
iv bin dissapointed wit the performance of this phone. it restarts while im using some applications like the camera, music player, bluetooth. distant calls connection is poor too. battery life is weak. it has good features though. maybe a software upgrade will solve the problems. seriously i feel like i waisted my money.

Reviewed by pRIYA from UK on 22nd Nov 2009

Reviewed by Milan from UK on 25th Oct 2009
Terrible terrible phone .. I was very let down. To re iterate 'On paper it was a dream' as it was the reason why i bought it in the first place. Applications are very awful and the battery life is very poor.

Reviewed by ahmed from UK on 31st Aug 2009
i have it its an excellent phone how its slow which disapoint every each user of nokia n80 its wifi is too weak it automaticly dissconnects

Reviewed by dissapointed from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
,.i have my N80 phone just 2 days ago. i dont know if i just use it very often or just the battery .it's camera is not that clear which is what is written from features of this phone

Reviewed by adrian villanueva from UK on 30th May 2009
my N80 is quite good...i can that this phone is the best among my cellphones before,,,

Reviewed by Abubakar from UK on 25th May 2009
I bought mine recently and i've found it fascinating. The main problem is the battery. I love surfing the internet so the battery dies really quick. I've had no problems using the software installed on the phone. I can call and send messages perfectly. The speed of the phone is really fast. It's got everything you need and it looks amazing. The phone is fantastic on the UK 3 Network. I doubt there will be any problems for you. Good Luck buying the phone.

Reviewed by Bonnie from UK on 15th May 2009
Worst signal reception, battery life and voice quality of any mobile phone I have ever owned. Two-bar signal strength where other phones have full strength. Battery life of 12 to 18 hours on standby when not getting full signal, which is anytime it is not next to a tower. Returned it for repair and was told this is normal performance. A shame because I love the feel, keyboard, display. It would be ideal if it worked as well as phones did 12 years ago.

Reviewed by Blaiz from UK on 13th May 2009
havin jst purchaced ths phone i was kinda worried by all th poor reveiws... bt wen u read closer th people sayin they got th n80 n vodaphone r vair happy, nd those n orange or o2 ect hav had 2 send thm bak... havin had a nokia 3220, then a samsung E740 nd finally th nokia 6600 im sure ths phone wil be n amazing improvement, nd if its nt, wel, i got it n ebay for nt sooo much so its nt such a loss...

Reviewed by Dona from UK on 11th May 2009
Keep away from this phone! I bought this from a friend of mine - it was virtually brand new, and I can now see why he sold it to me at such a cheap price. The battrey standby is really bad, I hardly use my phone but I always tend to leave it on - but it needs charging every other day.. actually, less than that! The camera and video recording is good and it's great for texting, but it also crashes a lot. I can't wait to get a new phone!

Reviewed by aryan from UK on 29th Apr 2009
i think nokia n80 battery is very poor. but the camera & all are good. i can give 3/5

Reviewed by road worrior from UK on 15th Apr 2009
The N80 is rubbish! When I bought it I thought the battery was broken so i bought a new one and it still did'nt last a day, and that was when i hadn't used it. It also keeps freezing and i have to remove the battery and turn the phone back on.

Reviewed by orion grant from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
i have one but i have constant memory card problems....it sucks do not buy one seriously

Reviewed by mackintosh from UK on 25th Jan 2009
i got this phone off my father as he hated it, and as it happens so do i. Its got too many options and i can never find what i am looking for. the camera is good and serves its purpose well but music player allways messes up. If you whant a phone as a computer get it. If you want an every day phone its rubbish!!!

Reviewed by raza from UK on 24th Jan 2009
N80 is still the jack of all trades. It has all the functions and camera is not bad either. People who dont know how to take pics with non autofocus will always crywith it. So first learn how to take pics then use it and u cat blame its camera quality since it was first 3 meagpixel phone.

Reviewed by varun kumar g from UK on 15th Dec 2008

Reviewed by N80 from UK on 15th Nov 2008
Do NOT upgrade the firmware (latest release) or else battery sucks and all functions lag. Overall, nice phone especially the 3.0mp camera in micro mode.

Reviewed by sandeep from UK on 27th Oct 2008
n 80 is very good & styilish phone

Reviewed by alok from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
this is 1 garbage phone

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 14th Oct 2008
its not bad, has msn, decent camera, and hasnt frozen yet :P buuut the baterie will last less thana day or over a week for somereason, basicly unrelaible battery and wouldnt recomend any n- series, and its slow!

Reviewed by david from UK on 8th Aug 2008
this phone is awesome battery aint gr8 but what phone is when you use it 4 everything.. iv used the n80 and a n95 cant really c the difference i actually prefer the n80

Reviewed by zainab from pakistan from UK on 5th Aug 2008
this mobile has excellent camera with totally aweosme features but the only problem is that its functions are little bit difficult and not that much good as a music phone.

Reviewed by dimwitter from UK on 20th Jul 2008
it is amazing phone i think

Reviewed by bernard from UK on 8th Jul 2008

Reviewed by Kece from UK on 1st Jul 2008
useless phone

Reviewed by mr singh from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
reasonably reliable, decent features and a a good overall smart phone to have. some aspects may be complicated to use which is why i would call this phone a "mans phone" its chunky but light. the camera may i add is poor though. nokia really need top work on their visual aspects of phones. video quality is satisfactory. bluetooth is available as is infrared. some describe this phone as frustrating. i however find it an overall good phone to have. its not the best but it gets the job done. Finally just to add, like most N series phones the battery life is poor.

Reviewed by Tarikh from UK on 16th Jun 2008
The most probably only real interest of getting this phone for me, is its high reso screen. It's the same one as the N90. And it's really awesome. Apart from that, I really dont get it why the average youth craved for this business oriented phone. I mean when u see school girls in a school bus showing off the N80, it makes u wonder why Nokia labels its products as fashion/business/multimedia.

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 4th Jun 2008
Whats up with you people, My wife bought this phone on e-bay after hearing sooo many bad reveiws we thought we had made a mistake. when it came we were surprised how easy and how good it was, in fact it was so good I bought another for myself. Yes maybe the battery dosnt last as long as other phones, but who cares. All round excellent phone

Reviewed by sammy lou from UK on 30th May 2008
i have a nokia N80. but the thing is iv only had it for a year and my screen has gone white already, i cant read messages or do anything with it. im on pay as you go and i wanted it repaired but they said they will charge me 145 to repair it. and i would rather buy a new phone with that. DONT GET THE NOKIA N80 Least im not the only 1 who thinks the phone is a waste of time!!!! alldaymonday9@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by beverley oshaughnessy from UK on 9th May 2008
love my n80 wouldnt use any other phone

Reviewed by karen from UK on 9th May 2008
ive only had the n80 for a week its wasted all my calling credit twice, it has no spring on the slide so has just opened and called ppl while being in my bag. Was gonna get the n95 and wish i had DONT GET THE N80!!!! (gonna save up and buy the n95)

Reviewed by Joseph mubanga from UK on 22nd Apr 2008
Its a tight phone

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 11th Apr 2008
The functions of the phone is really good and useful, but compare with the newest model, the speed is still slow and the phone sliding is not perfect

Reviewed by the truth from UK on 7th Apr 2008
this phone is the best phone nokia has made it has no problems what so ever you will not find any other better phone i know this from my experience

Reviewed by Caroline Thomas from UK on 16th Mar 2008
I hate this phone.....What more can i say? I have had this phone for 14months pna contract with 3 mobile and cannot wait to upgrade it for something else. This phone has been nothing but a pain in the rear. For the past 8 months the phone crashes everytime i send a text message and then takes 3 minutes to reboot to enable you to use other applications on the phone, including calling! This i feel is the worst phone Nokia have ever manufactured and i personally think they have lost the plot! Never again will i darken the Nokia N series doorstep again.

Reviewed by Tahir from UK on 10th Mar 2008
I prchased Nokia N80 but I am very dissappointed by its battery life .Almost daily iI have to put it on charger.

Reviewed by Amber from UK on 22nd Feb 2008
hi guys! you must be thinking is nokia n 80 a good phone. Well it is ok.First when i got it i thought it was the best phone ever but it is not so i broght samsung.Good Things about n 80: -looks nice - easy to use -camera quality ok. Bad Things: - battery life really bad - too slow - video and movie doesn't always work.i suggest don't buy it!!! or you will regret it!!! first you'll like it then...

Reviewed by Arkesh Patel from UK on 8th Feb 2008
N80 is the best phone you can ever buy it does anything you expect it to do the camera is excellent the music plays good and i reccomend you to buy one.I has no problems at all.

Reviewed by John Parker from UK on 27th Jan 2008
This is a fantastic phone, it is everything i expected it to be and more. the UPnP is excellent. I have the internet edition firmware on it through NSU and it is great. highly recommended.

Reviewed by baby kisses from UK on 24th Jan 2008
i never buy any model other than a nokia. i currently have a nokia N70, N80, N81, 6230,and a nokia 6300. From all my phones, i seem only to have a problem with my N8o. My memory card does not pick up when i open up my gallery. However i can access my stuff only through file manager. Does any one else know how i can access my memory card without going through file manager everytime? If so i would be glad to hear from you. My email address is: baby_kisses_2005@yahoo.co.uk.

Reviewed by Grace Baxter from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
I think that the n80 is a excellent phone, it does everything i want it to do and has very good memory. I reseave messages and texts easily and quickly and the reply goes in a few seconds after i have sent it. I would recommened this phone to anyone who wants a change and wants a change that they will not get bored of because over the years i have got bored of all my phones but this one is so exciting i will never get bored of it. thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by Wraith from UK on 20th Jan 2008
extremely disappointing. im a big nokia fan and this doesnt live up their core values. very clumsy software, display breaks up, phone crashes, idiotic key lock feature and generally poor performance. good camera and display screen but crazy price for unstable performance.

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 19th Jan 2008
My Nokia N80 has been a total disappointment. My first froze (and could not be recovered) while uploading the PC Suite. And the replacement they sent me freezes at least once a week (usually while trying to surf the net, or looking through pictures). The time gaps to open things like the picture gallery are really long. For what I was promised would be a landmark phone, it has disappointed. I know two friends that have them (one that recommended it to me) and both are disappointed as well and waiting for their contracts to end. We've all commented on how much we think Nokia's quality has dropped over the years. My last Nokia sorry. And I'll tell anybody who'll listen never to get one either.

Reviewed by Ashley from UK on 8th Jan 2008
i've had my N80 for almost a year a the degradation of usability over that time is unacceptable... it is so slow and unresponsive (if you lock the keypad, it takes an age before you can see anything when you attempt to unlock it) its the same when sending a text message. the battery life is terrible, i've left it on for a day without using it and by the end of the day the battery was dead... even though it was sitting idle... dissapointing camera... the only thing that saves this is the fact that in the begining it was great and the menu's are easy to use and the features just seemed to work perfectly but now its a completely different experience... DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Ernesto Catalan from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
The N80 is a good smart phone, but it does disappoint in some areas. Firstly, the phone's reception is rather poor. I've been a Nokia fan since day one and older models have a far better reception than this one. I put the N80 side by side with my older, 6230 and the latter showed a more powerful antenna reception than the N80. Also, the reception seems to "black out" from time to time, for apparent reason. The Wi Fi feature, which was the most promising feature of the phone, is also rather disappointing. It's difficult for the phone to grab onto a wi fi signal and once it does it doesn't last long. It appears that you either have to be REAL close to the wi fi source or the wi fi signal has to be very powerful. An annoying message of "close down some applications: memory full" flashes on the screen when you can't open a web page. The same warning appears when you're playing a video, although this happens irregularly. When that warning comes out, I'm not using any oth er application, so I'm baffled about this glitch. Elsewhere the phone does get the job done. You can read word, excel, PP and PDF documents, but you can't edit them (you need additional software). For capturing video, the resolution is pretty good but for a 3 MP camera, the still pictures leave a lot to be desired. At the slightest move of the hand (or the subject) the pictures appear furiously blurred. The phone has a built in flash but it's next to useless. It does, however, take ok pictures on broad daylight. Another annoying thing, for us who like to assign different ring tones to friends and relatives, is the obligatory conversion of MP3 files to either ACC or mp4. If you upload mp3 files and want to use them as ring tones, forget it. They need to be converted to ACC or the other format. I think I place very high expectations on this phone. It's not bad, and it certainly is the most advanced mobile phone I've ever owned. I've hear the N95 fares much better and has some of the same characteristics as the N80, to the point they look quite similar at a simple glance. If there's one good plus about the N80 is the ability to use it as an internet phone, taking into consideration that you have a strong WiFi signal around. I downloaded Gizmo VoIp for this model and it works just fine. For those of us who travel abroad, this will be a the best feature on the phone.

Reviewed by jeff from UK on 24th Dec 2007
this fone is utter cak. i thought it was good the first 2 or 3 weeks i had it but then i realised its rubbish. the battery life is 5 or 6 hours and dats without even using it hardly. its sooo slow as well if u hav more dan 10mb of memory filled my rating: duff

Reviewed by cam from UK on 8th Dec 2007
this phone is rubbish it always freezes when sending a txt and when i try to look at pictures it freezes aswell also battery lifes rubbish i have to charge it every day

Reviewed by Donnie Williamson from UK on 7th Dec 2007
I paid $490 for this phone 3 months ago. It is going in the bin! I have tried hard to be patient with it but it is not user fieindly. Too clever for it's own good, need to click 8 times to perform a basic task.

Reviewed by Nav from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
The phone has everything. To download games, videoplayers (DivX) and other software its excellant. There its only 1 DOWNSIDE, the slide mechanism. No spring, meaning you have to slide it back into position manually. UPSIDE, great camera, both camera can be used to tack photos and videos. very good mp3 player with equiliser. very loud speaker, vibration is loud though. Other than that I would recommend this phone to those who are looking for a phone with features. For looks? don't bother.

Reviewed by connor from UK on 30th Nov 2007
i have had my n80 for 3 months now and nothing has gone wrong its brilliant and they have sorted out the firmware the automatic lock is now on!!!!!! the camera wasn't what i thought but owell. i can connect 2 my wireless easly and im writing this review on my phone lol. it has the best screen. the only thing thats enoying is tht the antivirus software will download but is out of date but everything else is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!buy it it is the best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Zainab from UK on 20th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Cerviniaman from UK on 16th Nov 2007
N series worst buy I've ever made! So anticipated but what a disappointment! Great display, super slow sms send-phone jams for ages you can't do anything. You can be editing a message & it locks up, having to take battery off & reboot. Drives me demented, can't wait to get my upgrade options or get another phone. Don't do N series-lifes too short! All firmware upgrades made, still a disaster!

Reviewed by Junnie from UK on 12th Nov 2007
I personally think its a good phone, with excellent features. Its compact design enables good facilities and looks nice as the styish design makes the phone look smart.

Reviewed by connor from UK on 8th Nov 2007
shut up phil the p990i is no where near as good this phone is brill in everyway

Reviewed by Shak from UK on 6th Nov 2007
I think the n80 is a fantastic phone packed with fun features and more and it also has a beatifull slide design. but the only problem is that its battery life is not very good, (cant believe that nokia did not think about the battery life) but over all the phone is well worth it good luck

Reviewed by jalil from iran from UK on 6th Nov 2007
style:good symbian:very poor monitor:exellent camera:very poor sound:good

Reviewed by Neely from UK on 29th Oct 2007
The worst phone I've possibly ever had. If I wanted something reliable, I suppose I should of just stuck to a Nokia 3310. The phone is a brick, and the slide on it is ridiculously stiff. Its exceptionally slow, and sending a text takes amazingly long. Everything on it seems to be slow to be honest. The camera isn't too bad I guess. The speaker for playing music is good though. But it's just terrible. If you want a slow phone, buy this one. But if you're like me and wanna get everything done quickly, like texting someone on the train while listening to your favourite song through your headset, then this is where it all fails.

Reviewed by Stan from UK on 25th Oct 2007
I got my N80 about a year ago now and can't wait until I can change it for a Sony Ericsson. The N80 is the worst phone I have ever had, I cannot keep it in my pocket as it unlocks itself and calls people, it crashes loads and I have to take the battery out to switch it off, it takes ages to switch on and ages to send a text. I initially thought this was going to be a great phone but as each week passes I dislike it more and more. When I get a new phone I'm gonna throw it into the sea as I would feel guilty if I sold it to someone and I don't hate anybody enough to give it to them. Avoid the N80 at all costs....ITS AWEFUL!

Reviewed by Elliott Juam from UK on 15th Oct 2007
I got my n80 with a contract on three. I found it too be a great mobile but then i started to have troubles; the battery life it, to be honest a huge sham. If you class yourself as a big texter after a while you will have to download yourself a program off the web to delete your message settings or the time taken to send a text will be massive. I got to give this mobile some credit though, it has great features and as much as it annoys me, i haven't found myself looking for another mobile.

Reviewed by suzanne clark from UK on 8th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 3rd Oct 2007
This has to be the worst phone i have had yet! It takes at least 5 or so minutes to send a messgae and during that time it just freezes, even though i have deleted almost everything on the phone! Absolutely do not buy!

Reviewed by Havidz from UK on 1st Oct 2007
Well, it's an amazing phone. Ive been using it for more than 3 weeks, and i got a satisfaction. Even it's thick, but it's comfortable in my hand. The camera has a good quality. The options in the camera is professional. But the battery life is so poor. I have to buy three batteries(BL-5B). So, when my phone started to "pass-out", i change the battery. The keypad isn't bad. The Wi-Fi works very well. I'm really satisfied for the Wi-Fi. But i couldn't stay for along time in a hotspot zone with an activated WLAN. The battery was strong only for 4 to 5 hours. It's my best phone.

Reviewed by Proxy Cell from UK on 1st Oct 2007
Ok , so first of all, i would like to say something to the reviewers witch claimed that the phone has a big problem with battery life. WRONG! mine lasts 3 days even if I play on it. Second of all, some reviewers said something about bugs, slowdowns and things like that ...Aaa.. let me put it this way, IT HAS AN OS, IF U WOULD OF BEEN SMARTER U WOULD OF INSTALED A ANTIVIRS!!! The phone is great, Long live NOKIA and thx for the symbian tehnology!! something witch other phones dont have!! DOH!

Reviewed by Alexvuk from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
look im just an IT boy here an average joe cannot use this phone so dont try get the n73 or summin but for people who have common sense get the n80 by al means once it updated its a dream its wonderfull the player is good the updates seem to deal with the problem with the battery cus it was draining it away like water in a cup wiht a million holes. so yes you have to update it by i suggest getting it on vodaphone always reliable THIS PHONE IS THE GREATEST PHONE ON THE PLANNET!!! well except the n95 but heck always a bigger fish so 5 stars

Reviewed by amy miller from UK on 21st Sep 2007
I have an N80 and it is fantastic i only got it today but i can more or less work it already. the only difficulty i am having is finding the home key settings.

Reviewed by Spyder from UK on 6th Sep 2007
N80? You call that a nokia. Well, its very terrible. All it does is hang all the application. Do not BUY it....

Reviewed by Bela from UK on 4th Sep 2007
First I thought I bought the best phone, but 2 batteries and constant recharges later I am convinced that I bought one of the worst phones that this much money can buy. Slides open buy itself, connects and makes calls, just constant annoyance. Do yourself a favour, choose another phone.

Reviewed by n80 disappointor from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
disappointed with n80,the phone is not that stable and many times it will flash out white, if lucky it takes about 10sec to recover. Many times it will hang when few programs are running. Another bad thing is the middle or select buttton, really hard to push, very user not friendly, not good when browsing and too hard to push it or double click the link... sigh... Anyway, 2 best points are good pic take and connectivity. Phone is quite smart that can install some goodies. But battery is a problem and a failure, i have to recharge eveyday not just once, but twice or more. i won't recommend buying this phone cos it's old version, camera got no cover and when it's scratched, ouch... New model N81 came out recently but i feel nokia think its customers are dumb... bigger storage but i see no much point as many other phones in market is very much competent. the shape is really cool but think about it, always no perfect or 100% satisfactory, camera only 200megapixel, although few points improved ie. it's slim, looks much better, key button improved. if got much money, just buy it

Reviewed by Mark Jones from UK on 28th Aug 2007
The Nokia N80 has been nightmare in the year I have owned one. I have had to have countless software updates and spent a fair amount of time talking to technical helpdesks about the continual problems with the phones software. This has culminated in my phone eventually dying and Nokia still wont admit they have a serious problem with the 'N' series of phones, particularly the N80. I have it on good authority from a source and I quote, 'Stay well away from the Nokia N series'... The phone has been a complete failure and a really bad advert for Nokia. If you enjoy spending your days speaking with a technical helpdesk and updating the software on your phone only for it to eventually completly fail and not even turn on.. You will love the Nokia N80..!.. Give it a wide birth, its a phone with huge technical problems....

Reviewed by Sharon Attaway from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
This phone is the very best I have ever Owned. I have a nasty habit of changing my phone far too much (I buy them on ebay, use them for about a week then get bored and sell them) Just as a history, I have owned dating back from 2000 (nokia 3310, 3330, NGAGE, 8110, 3410, 6600, M RazR, SE k800i, samsung T100, SPV E100, SPV E200, SPV M1000, O2 XDA II, 02 XDA Mini S, Nokia N70 twice, Nokia N73, LG Shine, BenQ Siemens EF81) ..and that is just off the top of my head. I can say with certainty that the N80 is by far the best phone I have even owned. I have had this phone for over a year which is a total record for me. I never get bored of it, this is by far the easiest phone for texting on (the only other phone that came close was the Nokia 6600). I have pruchased many phone to replace the N80, but every time I have sold the other and kept this one. I dont quite know what it is about this phone that i love so much, maybe its a personal choice thing, bu I have no problems putting my name to this recommendation. Being Symbian, which is by far the best OS for mobile phones, you can make the phone do anything you want it to. for example... I like reminders about text messages or missed calls, Motorola are the only ones that seem to do this as standard, I also like full-screen caller display for incoming calls, which only samsung seem to do, BUT with the N80 being symbian, I have downloaded applications which allow all of the above (for reminders i use 'Remind Me' which is fantastic and for full screen caller display I use 'SkyeCaller Pro' which also shows full screen pics for text messages aswell as incoming calls. I find with the N80 I do not have to trade off features of my ideal phone, if there is something you want it to do, the chances are you can download an application that will allow you to do it. I simply and deeply wish that nokia would produce an N80 that looks like the LG Shine or Samsung U700 (I hope there is someone from Nokia that may read this), as this would be my dream phone. The N80 is a little on the 'fat' side which doesnt look great in a jeans pocket, and to maybe make the slider action a little more definate. I have thought about getting the N95, in which i think its great Nokia came up with another slider, they obviously realised they were onto a winner with the N80, but I have seen the N95, although a little thinner, it is bigger (wider and longer) than the N80 When I first bought this phone, i did not think i would like it, but I cannot part with it, no other phone on the market has tempted me away. NOKIA: YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST PHONE MANUFACTURER ON THE MARKET, AND HAVE A VERY LOYAL FOLLOWING. PLEASE, PLEASE COME OUT WITH A N80-LIKE PHONE THAT LOOKS LIKE THE SHINE OR U700. THE WORKINGS OF THE PHONE YOU HAVE DOWN TO PERFECTION WHICH I GIVE 100/100 BUT DESIGN AND LOOKS ARE SLIGHTLY LAGGING BEING YOUR RIVALS.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 17th Aug 2007
Phone is easy to use with good screen. Battery life is very poor and takes long to charge. Has wlan,bluetooth and infrared. Good connectivity. Overall good phone.

Reviewed by XX from UK on 16th Aug 2007
Very bad in terms of battery. It only lasts about maximum 3 days.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 15th Aug 2007
This phone is a nightmare. It takes me 1min 30 secs to 1min 50secs to send a text message. During this time the whole phone remains locked. I spoke to nokia and the network 3. They said i need the accelerater software. But only 3 would help me with getting hold of it. But for some reason the phone will not accept it. STAY AWAY FROM THE N80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 15th Aug 2007
I bought this after I lost my Razr V3 maxx. I was just looking for a cheap 3G replacement, and I spot the Nokia 6288 and 6120 Classic, both just over 200 for phone only, then i found this N80, top of the line of nokia last year, at a discount of 269, almost half from last year! Wireless LAN is the killing apps, and the S60 platform preforms better then i thought! I have Office suite and Oxford dictionary installed and it sync with outlook so i can leave my PDA at home. A small complaint is on battery, which last only 2 days with normal usuage, less then the V3maxx, and its a bit slow. Otherwise this phone is perfect.

Reviewed by Freckle3 from UK on 15th Aug 2007
The worst phone I have ever had and I would urge no one else to part with cash for one. The operating system is slow and shuts down regularly. The phone echoes. The internet dials-up in your pocket because the lock is rubbish. The speakerphone is really weak. It's a hefty phone to carry. Receiving calls often locks it out, leaving you with the incomming icon on the screen but with no option but to re-start the phone. Restarting the phone takes a life in itself. The battery hardly lasts a day with a 'normal' amount of calls being made. It has a stupid option to upload photos which, again, goes off when you don't want it to. Nokia are really starting to dissappoint me - all I want is a decent phone that works!! Where to go from here... The reviews for the E50 have been awful. And although the E60 has good reviews and seems to work - its supposed to look like a brick.

Reviewed by Lorenzo from UK on 15th Aug 2007
i love using the n80 series, i have used a lot of nokia models but this n80 is the best so far, its like i brought along my pc.

Reviewed by richard from UK on 13th Aug 2007
i will admit when the phone first came out, i got it, had a bluetooth bug,and could not turn off lits built in wireless lan, and that was about it, i use all its features and have updated its firm ware with my pc, useing nokia software updater and that fixed a slight bluetooth bug and ir runs much smoother but wither way ive loved it its bat life not bad, light to meduim use 2-4days, heavy use 1-3days i love all its features its camera is great tried it out in all insane areas and places includeing bad weather conditions, built in software stable and its only ever crashed on me once, also big thing it have to way bluetooth!!!, i found i can receive and send at the same time VERY KOOL!!!!, media systems great all work fine nicely laid out and organized, very nice usefull tools built in, all i all id give it 8/10 i love it, much better now ive updated firmware alot faster people jsut like to bitch about nokia new phones i risked it and it works like a little trooper :--)

Reviewed by peter UK from UK on 12th Aug 2007
This is a shocking phone. Battery life is so poor it has to be charged every day. Phone has too many features that you simply don't use. There are too many ways to get to a specific setting/menu. The phone also does freezes frequently. It takes an age when trying to switch the phone back on again. The phone slide feature is poor. With most slide features the phone would click into place when extended howver this phone just slides out and feels flims. The key lock also does not work well. I would advise very strongly against buying this phone. I just wish I could work out what to use in its place!

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 8th Aug 2007
Ok Guys... I really have to stick my head up from the ramparts here to defend a very good piece of kit from the negative experiences of a handful of people, who seem to be struggling with the fact they've got themselves something that you won't find in Woolworths or Argos. Firstly, stability........ I've got a generic, non-branded, non-locked N80 handset with the most up-to-date firmware and it is ROCK SOLID. No crashes, no hangs, no resets or restarts, no white screens.... Just a rock solid phone. Why? Because Orange haven't had their hands on it, so it is exactly as Nokia intended it to be. So don't complain to Nokia that Orange polluted their phone with buggy software; it is NOT the fault of the handset manufacturer. The same will affect battery life. FACT. Size...... Nokia clearly advertise the size of this handset. It is large because of the internal hardware required to do so much. If you want a thin phone get an Samsung Ultra. It won't have WiFi, or the amazing screen resolution of the N80, or Symbian software, but it will fit in your handbag with your Silk Cut, no problem. Labelling the N80 a "brick" just makes you look stupid. Slow texts........ Download and install Nokia's SMS accelrator. Problem solved. Keylock........ People are whining that the slider only has to move 1mm before the keys unlock. I have to slide my keypad almost the entire way to get the keys to unlock. Also, if it locked automatically upon closing the slider you'd all be complaining that it locks itself when you're still trying to do things with the other keys. It says "lock keypad?" when you close it. How much easier could it be.....?!!!! Battery life......... Don't buy a handset that does as much as the N80 and expect it to last as long as your old green-screen 6310i. Nokia are clever people but they cannot change the laws of physics. There are some simple steps you can take to make your battery last longer. I get 1.5 to 2.5 days of life with average calls/txts/camera/mp3 usage. Turn off WLAN scanning when you don't need it, same goes for Bluetooth. Car chargers and desk chargers were invented for a reason. If you buy a laptop you can choose between a power-thirsty workhorse or a goes-easy-on-the-voltage weaker model. The N80 just happens to be a workhorse. That's what it was designed for. Camera.......... The N80 has a good camera, that is let down by a lack of auto-focus. It is no secret that there are better 'camera-phones' out there. I get fantastic results outdoor in good light, and less so indoors. Which is what I expected from the advertised spec. I never expected something to compete with a Canon SLR. Nokia PC Suite.......... This is excellent software for people that actually want to use the features of the N80, rather than just get a phone that plays the latest Britney Spears song. You can use it to back-up your phone, update the Firmware (very, very, simple...) and install extra software to the handset. It couldn't be easier. Again, on my modest Dell laptop it is ROCK SOLID. So....... I'll admit that every manufacturer must send out a faulty unit from time-to-time, no-one's perfect. So apart from the occasional user review of someone who's had one of the bad units, I can't understand where all the bad reviews are coming from. Oh, hang on, I can... They're from people who got their phone upgraded and just went for the handset that did the most, or looked the most expensive, then complained because what they had in their greedy little paws was a piece of kit you have to appreciate to enjoy. Get a de-branded, unlocked hand-set and update the firmware, install Nokia's SMS accelerator, and you've got an amazing phone. It's a very advanced peice of technology that simply wasn't made for people that want to sit in McDonalds texting their mates on the next table and setting Eminem as their ringtone. Thank you.

Reviewed by Zuzu from UK on 8th Aug 2007
i have had the N80 for almost 9 months now and it has been annoying since the first day...i really regret buying it..ive missed phone calls because sometimes it randomly turns off by itself...and now it freezes when i send a msg...so it takes 10 mins to send...and it does slide open by itself in my bag, i had to put it in its own pouch. VERY VERY annoying!!!

Reviewed by Lt. Navi from UK on 5th Aug 2007
I nave rsceen the best cell phone like N-80 Smart, Beutifull, 3G & usefull fro those pesonnel they have MIND !!!!!

Reviewed by peter from UK on 4th Aug 2007
the slide display very poor. view moth and it's out of order. poor for hi-class mobile.

Reviewed by Robert Sam from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
This is Nokias SEXXYY Nseries phone.Its sex wallpaper,videos,short films are very good for us.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
dont buy this phone whatever u do!! i have had many phones and this is the worst one i have ever had it is really really slow ,it turns itself off all the time and it wont let you ring people either very weak phone aswell my one was falling apart after a week!!! i had this phone nearly half a year and since the day i got it i have regreted buying it!!

Reviewed by ClickAstly from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
this phone is a toilet, it never works I'm going back to my old school Nokia 6230 it never fails. Shame on the clowns that made this poop. if I could have given the phone minus 5, I would have

Reviewed by mandy moore from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
it is one of the worst phones i have ever bought and i have had some decent phones in my time.. the most unreliable phone i have owned and the amound of times it has answered itself and i have been overheard while it has been in my bag is countless.. overall the rubbish phone.

Reviewed by SARAH DAVIES from UK on 30th Jul 2007
Hi all, I just wished I had known of this review website before I got my Nokia N80. I got my phone on a monthly contract from 3 in February 2007. It worked OK for a while because I hardly used any of its multimedia functions music, internet etc. One day, in the battery seemed to just die out and no matter what i did to charge it and get it up again - it wouldn't work! I couldn't get the flashing blue lights to come on either. I told THREE about the problem, and they promptly took for phone for 'repairs'. It came back a few days later with the battery looking as if it had been tampered with. However because it was working again I did not think anything of the battery. Now the phone has gone kaput again and I know i've got a battle ahead in getting either a refund and a new phone. I am quite sure they must have known about this problem when they sold it to me. At the time, they were flogging it on a 'special offer' to unsuspecting punters like me. I am sure it's no coincedence that the product is now discontinued. It deserves a fraudulent 0 rating but you don't have that so I give it a 1.

Reviewed by Marsey from UK on 28th Jul 2007
I received the N80 about 6 months ago in January. I was shocked at many of the other reviews, many of them were over-harsh. To be honest its not a mobile for the "simple" minded people as it requires a little experience to deal with problems that seem to come up quite frequently. The battery to be quite honest is a load of FAN. I find myself charging it sometimes twice a day and all other times once a day. However I would in fact recommend this mobile, but as I said only to a certain range of people. Other than that it offers a great range of gadgets and useful little

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 15th Jul 2007
I think this phone is absoulutley amazing it has everything from infa-red technology to a 3mega pixel camera I would recomend this phone to anyone. I used it even to surf on my favorite website for finding cheap flights (www.weefly.com). The phone is fab!

Reviewed by joseph from UK on 12th Jul 2007
this phone is amazing, looks nice and is nice, the only problem is the battery life but apart from that the best phone i ever had, dont know how anyone can knock it, simply fantastic

Reviewed by mani from UK on 12th Jul 2007
i love my n80. its 1 of the best phone i ever used,,,,

Reviewed by Andy Howell from UK on 9th Jul 2007
I've hadmy N80 for about 9months, and having been quite pleased with it initially have since come to realise that its not all its cracked up to be. I've had trouble with my battery life getting shorter and shorter until now I'm charging it 2 or 3 times a day. Half the texts I send don't arrive until a day or two later, and similarly texts people send me get masively delayed. Thephone is very slow to resond and regularly freezes and crashes, requiring a restart. I've always had Nokias but this one has put me off for good - Sony Ericson here we come!!!

Reviewed by Maurice Brown from UK on 8th Jul 2007
Worst phone ever. Poor battery life. Turns its self on all the time when it is supposed to be locked. Call people randomly. Never buy this piece of junk. acn't wait to get a new phone !!!

Reviewed by shazad hassan from UK on 7th Jul 2007
Phone is 9months old and crahes twice a day. Regular re-boots required, bluetooth intermitently works, screen freezes 3-4 times a week, not impressive. Still got 9months to go on contract with 'three-network'.

Reviewed by CHARLIE from UK on 6th Jul 2007

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