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Nokia N8 review

 Review: October 2010  

Last updated January 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia N8 is the best Nokia we've seen yet, with the latest Symbian^3 smartphone operating system and an amazing 12 megapixel camera with xenon flash and HD video recording. With a responsive touchscreen with pinch-and-zoom capability, GPS with free navigation software and maps, 16GB of onboard memory and great battery life, it's a strong all-rounder.

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Nokia are pinning their future on the new Symbian ^3 operating system. The N8 is the first device to feature this operating system, and it also has a monster 12 megapixel camera and HD video recording. The N8 could be the phone that determines whether Nokia retain their position as the world's number one phone manufacturer. Come with us for a peek into the future ...

Well, let's start with the basics. The N8 is a classic-shaped phone with a touchscreen filling most of its facia. It's about the same height and width as the iPhone 4, but a lot thicker. Not surprisingly, it manages to fit a screen that's exactly the same size as the iPhone, at 3.5 inches diagonally. The phone feels very solid in the hand, with an aluminium body and anodised scratch-proof paint. Interestingly, the battery is non-removable, as the metal body completely encloses it. The SIM and memory cards fit into covered slots in the side of the phone.

So, we switch it on and the first thing we notice is the screen. It's AMOLED, so it's nice and bright but we can't help noticing that the resolution doesn't come close to the resolution of the iPhone 4 or the HTC Desire. Don't mistake us: it's not awful, but for a flagship phone it could be better. The next thing we notice is the home screen. It's different to what we've seen before on a Nokia, and that's because the N8 is running Symbian^3. Symbian^3 actually has three home screens, and you can swipe between them with your finger. We notice that the capacitive touchscreen is nice and responsive and that the phone responds quickly to our touch, in contrast to the sluggishness of previous Symbian phones. The display flicks sharply between landscape and portrait modes too. It helps that the N8 has a new, faster processor too. But mutli-tasking can still slow the device to a crawl. Generally speaking, Symbian^3 feels like an evolution, rather than a revolution, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. It means that existing Symbian users will adapt to it very easily indeed, but it doesn't offer the great leap forward that some may have hoped for. If you've already made the switch to the iPhone or to Android, you'll probably find that Symbian^3 feels like a backward step.

In our testing, the N8 seemed to be significantly more responsive and robust than the old Symbian phones that regularly used to freeze and crash. However, looking at the user reviews below, it's becoming clear that in the real world, Symbian^3 still suffers from the same kinds of gremlins. Freezing, crashing and shutting down are still a way of life for Nokia, and it looks to us now like Symbian^3 is likely to suffer the same fate as the dodo.

But the N8 is not stepping backwards when it comes to the camera. This is a 12 megapixel monster with a large sensor, Carl Zeiss optics and a xenon flash - just like a real digital camera. Not surprisingly it takes truly excellent photos, with great colour balance and accurate focusing. It's all very easy to use too. It's quite reasonable to say the N8 is the best camera phone ever - certainly it's in the top three. The video recording is also outstanding, with HD recording and good stereo sound quality too. A second front camera supports video calling.

The media player is excellent, with quite smooth video playback, and there's the benefit of an FM radio with RDS. You can also stream content from the web, using the fast 3G connection giving downloads of up to 10.2 Mbps, or the Wi-Fi connection. Audio quality is excellent, either through the main speaker, or piped through Bluetooth 3, the 3.5mm headphone jack or even the HDMI connection directly to your home cinema system.

Another bonus is the GPS system which includes Ovi Maps with free voice-guided navigation wherever you are in the world.

The web browser is new and isn't at all bad, with pinch to zoom functionality and Flash Lite for watching movies, but we don't think that 's a match for HTC or Apple. Facebook and Twitter are catered for via an integrated social networking app. Ovi Store is easier to access than on previous Symbian phones, although it can't match the choice of apps for the iPhone or for Android.

Battery life is surprisingly good. We say surprising, because the battery isn't that big - just 1200mAh - yet the phone can easily outlast most competing smartphones, even with Wi-Fi and GPS in use. The AMOLED screen helps, but the Symbian^3 OS must be managing power consumption well to get this kind of performance out of a middle-sized battery.

The N8 is probably the best Nokia we've ever seen, and it's a definite improvement over older Symbian phones. It's an impressive piece of hardware with a stunning camera too. But the truth is that Symbian^3 just doesn't hold its own against Apple or Android smartphones. It's too clunky, and it's too likely to crash. On the other hand, the N8 is priced competitively and has some great features.

Nokia N8 features include:

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Nokia N8 user reviews

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Average rating from 186 reviews:

Reviewed by Sylvester Augustine from Nigeria on 22nd Sep 2014
Excellent!! is Just the word that best fits to describe this phone(N8). Wow ! It's the best there is...

Reviewed by Tosin olaniyan from London on 26th Aug 2014
I have got one, and you barely get any apps, like snapchat, or instagram or subway surfers, and this cannot go up against android. Please add some more apps nokia!

Reviewed by luvi from paris on 19th Jul 2014
i love it but it is kind of small

Reviewed by muhammad adnan from pakistan on 3rd Feb 2014
faulity laud speaker,internet problem

Reviewed by Kabir Bin Usman from Nigeria on 9th Dec 2013
N8 is the best phone ever by Nokia, even better than 808 pureview, because it has a classic shape more than 808, and it has 2 charging point while 808 dont. Its more than a smartphone, but a PC in the pocket.

Reviewed by Jim from Scotland on 28th Mar 2013
Stunning in every way. Been using the phone for over two years and in that time there have been huge changes in the operating systems running it with constant tweaks and upgrades to this day. To get the best from the phone nowadays it is well worth doing a complete firmware reinstall from scratch via Nokia PC Suite. The end result is a smartphone running on Symbian Belle, which is fast and reliable, and delivers a great intuitive user interface. The link between Microsoft and Nokia means that there is now extensive built-in microsoft software allowing use of items such as the full office suite for mobile. The camera module is still the second best to have ever been fitted to a mobile phone after the Nokia 808. Battery life is still excellent and the only thing that lets the phone down is the more limited selection of apps available through Nokia Store. Many essential apps are there however (opera mini, skype, whatsapp etc.)

The N8 as it stands now is a far superior phone than was released two and a half years ago, and has probably seen more dramatic changes in the way it works than any other phone released. Features such as the outstanding camera, simple user interface, full landscape orientation support, infinitely superior protection of personal user data and play via radio mean that I find myself still coming back and using this phone in preference to my much more modern Nexus 4

Reviewed by saiduzzaman Rony from bangladesh on 6th Sep 2012
phone shape is good , just need some ram and cpu speed in this same shape

Reviewed by Claire McCutcheon from Northern Ireland on 24th Aug 2012
I have had my N8 for two days so might not be the best person to listen to with my review, but I find the phone to be excellent. I have always had a keyboard in my phones, this is my first touch screen, so I was worried that it would take me a long time to get used to using it, I have found it very easy to use. I have been installing things and up to now everything is working as it should be, the apps I have installed all work perfectly, I have transfered most of my music from my computer (sound quality is excellent, internet is working fine, as is facebook and youtube etc.
The pictures I have taken with the N8 up to now have been stunning, connected it up to my TV and watched a video from there, again excellent. The one little thing up to now is for me the phone is quite slippy and I almost dropped it today, I have put a gel cover on it and its now fine. 5 out of 5, this will keep me happy for a long time.

Reviewed by adarsh from india on 13th Aug 2012
This phone is all over best phone but keyboard is defecult...

Reviewed by WAZ from BRITAIN on 23rd Jun 2012
Had the phone for over year,had lots of probs with the first 2 phones (see previous reviews).The phone is tough and rugged.Camera brill (has replaced my camera),videoing brill.Texting can be a pain.Lately phone keeps frezzing,cannot turn off only way is to plug it into mains and reset phone.Apps ok ,Really gutted about phone,if the texting and frezzinf was resolved it would get a 5 star.
Always had Nokia ,maybe time to change.

Reviewed by otis from thai on 9th Jun 2012
value for money- 3 simple apps give value:
2* hdmi out with cable adapter, for net tv (saves cost of net tv)
3* fm out is super to play video or mp3 to car stereo With carcharger keeping batt going is apple beater hands down :
* - is using my jailbroke pad 2 to grab tube vid & mp3's for playback.
4*Freebi are it doubles as cell phone and gpsnav aid = gr8 value for $ spent & does PDA functions ok
apple is app king but ipad stays in brief case wile n8 has featues not avail on apple, gr8 cam vid make it worth the cost and later iphone5

Reviewed by Ethan from U.K on 6th Jun 2012
The only thing this phone has going for it is the Camera. The Operating System is horrible, typing a message is a chore sometimes and the Apps are average. A Very disappointing phone from Nokia. Think'll avoid in future!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 6th May 2012
I've been using a Nokia N8 for almost a year now, I've found for a smart phone the battery is quite good, giving me an easy two days with moderate usage between in between.
I'd say the camera is the star feature of this phone, I was stunned by the quality of some of the shots I've taken, its also one of the few camera phones available with a proper xenon flash, and indoor night time shots are lit well.
The software on this phone is maybe its Achilles heel, its sometimes not very intuitive, can sometimes lag, maybe I'm lucky but I've not experienced any crashes of the software yet. I'm still running mine on the original symbian OS, Anna totally passed me by and I'm still pondering if to take the Belle update, read mixed reviews.

Reviewed by ellie roberts from uk on 21st Apr 2012
worse phone ever

Reviewed by rohim from england on 21st Apr 2012
i brought t-mob lock nokia n8 second-hand few months ago from ebay. dark grey colour excellent condition with all extras only 130. so far no fault except sumtimes u have to press back button twice to go back. other than that all features working quick - menu's, wifi, gallery , music. camera + battery life excellent. lasts 3 days having browse internet 10 hours, listen music 10 hours =
fone hasn't crash or frozen

before had samsung galaxy s for few months also from ebay 130, but after few months phone freezed few times until it wudn't turn back on but i sold it for 110 to a frend who knows about phones. som1 said bcoz it used to be on 3 network.

Reviewed by Nitin Arya from India on 20th Apr 2012
best nokia phone,
os could be better

Reviewed by kashif sajid from saudi arabia on 13th Apr 2012
N8 is the best smartphone i have ever seen n8 is the best

Reviewed by chudi osegbe from nigeria on 11th Apr 2012
traumatic experience. got mine just a little over a year ago. 2 or 3 months into purchase experienced the spontaneous swithcing off of the phone . that seemed to have resolved after i abandoned the phone for about a week. touch screen later forze and became unresponsive about 3montha ago. got repaired under warranty but got all my messages and media file deleted on return of product to me. now once again, screen unresponsive and warranty period expired. really dissapointed in the phone generally despite ite multiple attribute. seems like i'm gonna finally join the rest of nigeria on the blackberry service...argh!

Reviewed by Raj from England on 21st Mar 2012
my N8 keeps freezing and crashing. When working its a great fone for networking, texing and the pictures are amazing. I've had to change handset because I received a call that i couldn't answer as screen froze... i tried turning off, took out sim card and the fone kept ringing for 3 hours!!!! with the screen on... so definetely a good battery!!!! Wanted to take battery out but that impossible!!

Reviewed by Antti from Finland on 17th Mar 2012
Ive used N8 now since december 2010 and its the best phone I have ever owned. I have tried Lumia, SGS II and Iphone but as fancy and snappy all those are theres still something in N8 that just keeps me using it as number one phone.

Maybe its the camera because I keep a photoblog? Maybe its the connectivity? I choose how I connect my phone not the other way around like in Lumia or Iphone which force me to use for example Zune program. With N8 I just feel totally free. Or maybe it is the Symbian platform? Its a bit old fashioned but so am I. Actually I think Symbian Anna was the height of Symbian products and Belle is a bit too much for N8's processor since Im having more crashes now than before? Belle is also a big step away from traditional Nokia UI.

Most of my friends use more "fancy" or "hip" phones but there have been quite a few times when somebody says that "well...my Iphone/SGS dont have that feature" and I have done it N8. It has the most features compared to any phone. Maybe they are bit slower or harder to use but it gets the job done.

Reviewed by Pat from Thailand on 14th Mar 2012
Just bought the N8 three days ago. It is a very good mobile phone and so easy to get used to. I had a glitch with it on day two - where the screen was not responsive. I decided not to reboot took it to the service centre in it's malfunctioned state. I learnt that I had too many open applications running in the background that need to be closed. Using the single control button on the front, I was able to draw up all the open applications and close them. Ever since, it works like a gem!

It all bores down to what you want with your purchase. The Nokia N8 is a very good business/work phone; Exchange ActiveSync gets you updated in realtime. The superior "smartphone" camera is beyond compare - as it can easily replace any digital point and shoot in terms of ease/accessiblity - especially for someone on the go! The "Belle" upgrade works well. If you want lots of "apps", you might like an Android. If you prefer BBM, then it's the Blackberry. WhatsApp is available on the Nokia N8 so for me, its adequate. I think it's the best all-rounder phone for me and at the price they are going for today, it is super!

Reviewed by ash from England on 12th Mar 2012
Trust me i am not just saying this because i have had a bad experience, this is happened to most people i know and also i have seen people say the same thing as me on the net and youtube ETC...
This phone crashes really easily, it will malfunction every few months and it gets to the point where you have to send it off to the nokia repair centre and you are left without a phone for a week or so. Plus you lose all your personal data , pics, music etc . This has happened to me twice now.
Also if you try and back your phone up on the pc the OVI suite may not be compatible with your PC so therefore you have no choice but to lose your data if your phone crashes.
Be careful and do not get ripped off by Nokia!!

Reviewed by Richard from uk on 10th Mar 2012
not what l had hoped for keeps freezing and have lost my contacts twice & all my texts.

Reviewed by Tris from UK on 23rd Feb 2012
Bought the n8 to use while my lumia is being repaired. Just updated to belle. What can i say.......... Its...... Ok. Good hardware for its time let down by its operating system. The n8 itself is great. Looks good, Holds good, Great camera, Screen is good enough, only a 680mhz chip.... But good enough. The n8 will do what you need it to without to much fuss. The down side is, Its running on something thats trying to be like android. It just doesnt work. Android mobiles with a slightly lower spec are just way ahead. Basic things like facebook,twitter, youtube and such are just far to below standard. If it ran android i dont think i would have to say how better the n8 would have done. Mango will save the hardware side of nokia no doubt but why try to make symbian like android and ditch meego witch showed real potential only to take on mango which takes away real identidy. The n8 is great hardware hindered by a bad operating system.

Reviewed by Jim from Chelmsford on 22nd Feb 2012
Absoultely outstanding. The new Symbian Belle o.s. has transformed this phone and made it one of the best touch screens around. Originally got the phone in 2010 and the o.s. was buggy and laggy but the contuinal development of the o.s and the vast array of apps now available in Ovi store (compared to what used to be next to nothing) has made Symbian equal to, and in some ways better than IOS and Android. Add to this that it's still arguably the best camera phone in existance (especially if you install Camera Pro with it's raw JPEG output) and that it has a significantly better battery life than most androids or iphones, and it's one of the best smartphone buys out there now

Reply by Declan from UK on 21st Mar 2012
In agreement. Got this from the CEX for 160 having sold my iphone 3gs. Still have 14 months warranty. I upgraded the phone to Belle and it has been transformed and I find it user friendly. With Apple, you're restricted. For instance, you can expand the memory. I have no issues with the reception, the call quality is the best I ever experienced. One major factor, the GPS is brilliant once you download maps first, anywhere in the world. It's great value used once you get one in great condition. I find the music player fantastic and easy to set up.

Reviewed by Seanster B from UKshire on 22nd Feb 2012
I left a review further down the page and have since installed a software update. As a result i find the darkened background more to my taste, other alterations are to the www operating system which is far more simpler to navigate with less options with only one options page, a slicker back button and don't forget the refresh button at the top right. In addition i find it far easier to send e-mails as the 'send to' address is intuitive even if the address isn't saved in your address book, it also seems quicker to download messages and photo's which i sometimes had trouble with. Some things not so good is that the link to social network sites via Ovi sticks very frequently, sometimes this is because e-mails have not been closed also inputting something in the calender seems to ask for a ridiculous amount of info making it tedious. All in all though the upgrade is an improvement but Nokia look at how Twitter works on an I-Phone and copy. The Ovi store is much improved and loving the free angry birds (i am not usually into games. Also not sure i mentioned before but now i have downloaded a little program onto my laptop music is so much easier to download via i-tunes via the mass storage option. Still very pleased with my choice of phone after 14 months now and has definately saved me buying a new camera and even a satnav and love the radio transmitter. If there is a further upgrade i may again grace you with my presence.

Reviewed by king from uk on 22nd Feb 2012
this phones is amazing, especially after updating to belle, i would recommend this phone for sure

Reviewed by tahsin from uk on 21st Feb 2012
sometimes freezes,cant answer maybe important call as touch screen wont work ocasionally. plus while talking cuts of got it only few months ago but not happy .i will not reccomend this hand set.will chance it soon as i get chance.only good is camera.very good pictures.

Reply by Bruce Kain from UK on 26th Feb 2012
Your review is about as good as your spelling, taking that into account it's a fair guess you still haven't learned how to use a N8 properly, best try something a little simpler !

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 6th Feb 2012
I bought the N8 as my second nokia phone (replacing my beloved 6210 navigator) because I have had a very good experience with Nokia and the camera. I have had this phone for over half a year and it is fantastic. Fist of all, the camera. I do not need to say anything about the camera because it is good, I now use my N8 as a camera instead of my older camera. The UI is decent and if you have ever used a Nokia phone before you will love it, also the N8 will get a Belle update very soon making it better and more like android so previous android users should feel comfortable with it. Recently I have also noticed that there are suddenly much more good games than before and the app store should be big enough for even people who install things for the sake of installing things. A nice feature I found us paying using phone credit which I find very useful and would be useful to people who don't want to put their credit card details on a phone or don't have a credit card. It has only crashed about 3-4 times from heavy gaming. One thing you might want to know is that the battery is not removable unless if you want to void your warranty, but if you are brave enough the cover is just attached using 2 screws. The battery life is quite good and better than most other smartphones I have tried. Another thing which the N8 excels in is the navigation. Nokia maps is by far the best mobile navigation system and I have been lucky to try quite a few. I compared it to a TomTom and they were both essentially the same for most of the trip, the signal didn't drop out and it was very accurate. The build quality is very good as you would expect from a Nokia phone. I have dropped it a few times and gotten it wet a few times but it still works. The screen is responsive like an iPhone. The only major or annoying problem I have had is incorrect internet settings which was more my fault. The internet works but you are not able to pay using phone top up. The media playback is very good and smooth. The HDMI out is very welcome as well. You can edit documents, presentations and excels on the N8 and after that you can connect a USB to the N8 and open files, copy files to the USB or even save things to the USB from the program. It comes with the best file manger I have ever used. Other interesting programs are: message reader, voice control, Nokia chat (it connects lots of chat programs together into one app) and quite a few more. All in all the N8 is a great choice for a phone and may be a bit old but is still a great phone.

Reviewed by Keith from England on 1st Feb 2012
I have had my N8 about 14 months, and it is the worst Nokia I have owned.I am on my 4th pnone within the 14 months.Previous 3 returned. Various problems,ie freezing, switching off of own accord, screen touch unresponsive, loses bluetooth connection regularly, emails dissappear off screen when trying to access them, calls cut off even though full signal bars. Cant wait for my contract to end to get rid of it, would cost too much to drop it now. Not reccomended.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 31st Jan 2012
I had my nokia N8 for approx 2 weeks and then the speaker makes anyone who phones or you phone sound like a dalek!!! Had it fixed now 4 months on its happened again!!! Also frozen on many occasions. Very dissapointed with my first smart phone.Wish i'd forked out the 150 to upgrade to the I phone4

Reviewed by Kayla from Zambia on 19th Jan 2012
I hav had my nokia N8 for 13 months now and all I can say is wow what a phone! I have dropped it so many times and it still works and have gotten it wet (soaked) on about 4 occasions or more with the recent incident being sunday when after an argument with my boyfriend I threw it in a pool of rainy water and walked away! He fished it out and by then I thought this time its over and never working again, to my surprise, the phone was coming on on but the menu button wasn't working. I decided to leave it off without a sim for a few days. Its thursday today and I turned it on and to my amazement its working! Only the touchpad isn't as sensitive, but hopefully it will be fine! Best phone one can ever own and that is a fact!

Reviewed by Dave from England on 18th Jan 2012
Got this phone as an upgrade from my Nokia X6,what a difference,its just so much better...Nice feel in the hand,good software,easy to use,browsing simple,i could go on...just buy it.

Reviewed by Richard from Trinidad on 18th Jan 2012
As per my review on Jan.15, I now have had my N8 for 2 weeks. I had to take it back today because it was constantly freezing, then the new one I got today also had to go back because it was plugged to charge for almost 2 hours with no response. It simply refused to charge. I again got another one today so now I'm on my 3rd N8 in 2 weeks. I still think it's a great phone and I'll be monitoring this one quite closely. This sure is a first for me though so I'll be taking the rating down one star.

Reviewed by Mary from Dubai on 15th Jan 2012
I am using it for almost a year now. And I am so proud of it! It is excellent! You just need to know how to take good care of any electronic gadget. People complain with so many things without knowing how lazy they are when they use any kind of gadget. If you are the type of person that you don't even care if your phone falls on floor or water, or kept on putting it in your pocket with keys and everything, and at the end of the day expect that their phone is ok. Even Iphone won't work if you don't take care of your things. As for my N8, I am loving it! And the new software upgrade is superb! I installed so many games and so many apps and it is still ok. Just remember not to let any games or applications running. If you are done playing a game then close it. Because your battery will be drained. And for anyone who says that the battery dint last, you are wrong. The battery life is perfect. It depends on how you are using your phone. I always turn on my wifi for my emails. I play music on it too. I play games with it. I receive and send sms and emails. I receive calls and it is ok. So for me, N8 is perfect.

Reviewed by Richard from Trinidad on 15th Jan 2012
I recently got my N8 after using Samsung Galaxy Ace and I must admit that I do not miss the Ace. Got the phone with S3 OS and it kept restarting it self, also, when I took it off the charger the icon kept scrolling as if being charged still. Took it back to the dealer and we had the same problem with another one. Updated software to Anna and now phone works perfectly. I really love this phone and I'm not missing android at all. Nokia has done a great job with the new OS. Can't wait for Nokia Belle.

Reviewed by Mazmoza from Georgia on 9th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for about a year now and it has a bigg problem with freezing and battery life I had four battery bars then went down to two and every time I try to phone someone or text it says no memory then freezes but when I try to delet anything it freezes (sent one back on my second)

Reviewed by Paul from England on 9th Jan 2012
ooober good! Takes a while to get all your settings in the right place to get the phone performing but once you have it is really good to use. For calls, texting, internet and especially the camera this is a great phone. Did I mention how good the camera was........

Reviewed by Sam from uk on 6th Jan 2012
Alright, could be better. Got it for the camera.. On my first phone.. 2nd week in my contract and taking it back today as it has already crashed 6 times. So hopefully my 2nd one works as i love the phone

Reviewed by Bart from Belgium on 5th Jan 2012
I was a proud owner untill I upgraded today. It totally lost its beauty.

Reviewed by Sanabel from Kuwait/ Pakistan on 4th Jan 2012
Its a Nice Phone with a Great Camera.. I Think android & apple Having Wonderfull softwares which we cant find in Nokia ... Symbian should think about that .!!!!!

Reviewed by ctr from philippines on 3rd Jan 2012
For almost a year now, this phone had what I need for my work and lifestyle. The qwerty keyboard in portrait mode was a good improvement. Camera and video quality is superb. The phone sometimes crashes though which I hope can be fixed by the belle release. There were a couple of times that I wasn't able to answer phone calls because the touch screen did not respond. I had to restart the phone to rectify the problem. The unique to other phones- FM transmitter- is very useful inside the car. Nokia apps store is also doing a good job. Some useful items I downloaded include nimbuzz, skype, facebook, netqin antivirus. The ovi map application can be used without data connection, a very useful and practical app. Overall ill give it a 4.5.

Reviewed by Mel from England on 1st Jan 2012
I think this is the best phone with the greatest camera money can buy today .Web browsing is outstanding, it looks beatiful and feels solid..I have nothing to complain about. Love it.

Reviewed by shashi from india on 1st Jan 2012
this is a great to take this unbelievable set for me

Reviewed by martin christoffersen from uk on 27th Dec 2011
very disapointed with n8,it often crashes,the bluetooth disconects if i get a tx quite often you cant get the blue tooth to pick a devise that you use all the time you can switch off phone or delete pairing and reconnect it makes no difference very annoying when you have a handsfree and have to stop driving to answer a call

Reviewed by Inioluwa from Nigeria on 23rd Dec 2011
It really good and impressing..in fact people follow me because of the phone

Reviewed by Jeremy from Australia on 23rd Dec 2011
I've had this Nokia for the last 8 months. Gone thru 2 updates. This is the worst, throw it in the toilet phone from Nocure (Nokia). I've moved to Nokia afer Sony Ericsson went DEEP South from my P1. I've own two Nokia last one N95. I was reluctant to change it because it was the most reliable fuss free, worked everytime even after dropping it numerous times. For the last 8 months, this N8 freezes, lost count. Loose wifi connection when it likes, disconnects from BT Headset halving thru conversation, stop charging. Nokia does not want to fix the sending of voice navigation to BT headset. Music sound is worse than N95. Voice Caller iD does not go to BT and its is soft when BT is connected. They get between 2-5 a day coming in for soft repair. The latest update has just stop my BT headset from connecting automatically. I have to manually connect it from the phone. This is the MOST useless phone that NOKIA has come up with. I went around the people selling and repairing phone in the shopping centres and they agree 200% about the complaints that they have to put up with from customers.

Reviewed by jennifer from Ireland on 23rd Dec 2011
I was keen to get my N8 upgrade,from my old scuffed Nokia 5800, much as I loved it. Alas, I was very disappointed in too many factors, primarily the virtual keypad, which, being capacitive rather than the reactive,like the 5800, cannot be used with a plectrum, pen or stylus,as it needs the electrical impulse of the living digit. Its a bit like finger painting after years of using a fountain pen. The result was just lines of typographical errors, a serious fault, for any one who texts alot. I bought a nintendo stylus,but this blunt instrument was only a minor improvement in accuracy, over using my fingers,and the lowered reaction meant alot of jabbing. I also found the wifi reception poor, compared to the 5800,and the WAP seems to disconnect at random, which never has happened with any previous Nokia. In addition I found it just too heavy and bulky for happy ergonomic use. The large screen IS impressive,the multiple homepage effect nice if a bit pointless,the camera is a nice one- in fact,this is pretty much a digital camera with a built-in mobile phone. I am sending my Nokia N8 back to the shop - after more than 10 years of Nokias,I'm going for a blackberry.

Reviewed by KamurochoLullaby from Scotland on 16th Dec 2011
First of all, it's great to see the site is now allowing for more than 100 reviews. Well, recently, I made the mistake of getting rid of my N8 thinking that, after a year, it was perhaps time to move on despite - in that time - having no problems with it. In 2 short months I have been around the houses by trying out an HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S and Nokia's new Lumia 800 phone. Result after all that ? I have been and bought myself another brand new N8. Simple reason - in my experience at least - nothing else compares to this fantastic yet - very unfairly - much maligned phone. Battery life blows every other smartphone out of the water. Equivalent usage against the 2 HTCs and the Lumias is easily double, if not more, with the N8. The camera is an absolute joy, with some great additional apps for it avaialable via Nokia store. Also the sound quality on the music player and bundles earphones pees from a great height on any other phone. Sure the app store might not have 500,000+ apps. However, of those 500,000 elsewhere are really that desirable or worthwhile ? Quality over quantity any day of the week and, in my opinon, Nokia store delivers more than enough. Symbian may well be in it's last few years (which is a great shame as it's the best OS by a country mile) but with the exciting prospect of Belle around the corner it's never been a better time to be an N8 owner. Don't be brainwashed by the anti-Nokia bias in the press and actually give one of these handsets a go. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Red Kite from UK on 12th Dec 2011
Got the phone on Virgin for 12.99pm, 150/250 500mb. Had it for 3 months, previous phone Nokia 5800. The main reasons I got this phone was because of the excellent camera and the ovi maps, which is great for a free worldwide sat nav. Only one or two minor problems like the BBC iplayer stopped working, but that wasn't a problem with the phone itself. Operating system and available apps inferior to iphone and Android, but it does the job for me and for such a high spec phone it is a lot cheaper the equivalent spec iphone/Android..

Reviewed by jitesh manani from india on 9th Dec 2011
amazing tecknlogy

Reviewed by Rickdan from Philippines on 2nd Dec 2011
To all those people who have no problems with their N8 phones, "Good for you". I just want to let you know that those people who trashes the N8 is not because they are Nokia haters but experienced a very bad phone. I myself has been a Nokia user and one of the people who pre-ordered the N8, during my first months of using it, I had intermittent problems that were temporarily fixed by forcing a shutdown. When Symbian Anna was released, the phone was stable after installing it and GPS navigation was perfectly working. A couple of days after the warranty expired, the phone suddenly shuts down and can't power-up again. Sent my N8 to Nokia care and agreed to pay the cost for the repairs since it is already out of warranty, only to receive a confirmation after 11 working days that my phone is ready for pickup but "it is deemed as beyond economical repair" This is the first phone that ever died on me, I had 8 year old phone that were still working, my other old phones was shelved only because there is no battery replacement available in the market. So to those people who thinks that the N8 will work flawlessly if taken care of, it only means that you're very lucky to have one of those legendary bugless N8. For us who experienced these problems with N8, I don't think we would ever buy another Nokia or even think of recommending it. To Nokia people, please get you're acts straight or get out of the mobile market.

Reviewed by linda from south africa on 1st Dec 2011
i'hve always been a user & lover of nokia mobiles and still will this nokia n8 takes my breath away makes me run out of words.i don't know what to say

Reviewed by mike from UK on 1st Dec 2011
got this phone as an upgrade from the 5530. i think that the phone is excellent. it never drops my wi-fi signal like my iphone does, the feature of being able to play media off of a USB stick, and on my HD tv is really something. also, the touch screen operates via heat, not pressure this time which makes it a more rewarding experience. email accounts are also synchronized, and pick up my mail with the minimal of fuss. the only downside with this phone is the browser, which isnt that brilliant. on the plus side, there is the option of installing opera as a backup. im curious to see what the new operating system (symbian Belle), does for the phone.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 21st Nov 2011
I picked one of these up on ebay for a bargain price last week; the guy I bought it off clearly didn't know what it was. I think it's a really neat device. Granted, it takes a bit of setup, but what phone doesn't? After doing a complete factory wipe, restoring with Ovi suite, installing all the apps I wanted (Maps suite, HandyWi, Gravity, Pixelpipe, Situations, gmaps, Opera Mobile, Nimbuzz, LinkedIn, F-Secure, barcoo, NeoReader, ScreenCapture, Y-Browser, FolderIcon, Nokia Battery Monitor, Angry Birds and Speedball2, and a few bits from the beta labs - Wellness Diary, Swype etc etc) setting up my email, calendar and contacts sync with gmail and rearranging the folders, apps and homescreens the way I want them, I'm really chuffed with this phone and can see how usable it is as a device. Yes this is not a phone suitable to the mass market, but I can see with the product support Nokia/Accenture are continuing to give, it will be my handset for the next couple of years at least.

Reviewed by Seanster B from UKshire on 16th Nov 2011
I have always been a Nokia user, not sure why, just got used to the operating screens i guess. This is my second touch screen but first without the option of a stylus so it took a bit of getting used to and i still struggle in QWERTY mode even though my fingers aren't all that fat. First of all the problems (bad news first) the good news is that i have had few, to start with i noticed that it was running slow like i was in a slo-mo film but i tinkered about with the e-mail frequency syncronisation to once a day and deleted the 2000 text messages in the sent and recieved box and has generally been ok since. In addition it occasionally just closes down the internet for no real reason and again occasionally i get a ghost image on the stand-by screen although shutting down all open apps seems to sort that little gliche. Now the good...camera and video excellent, SatNav is fantastic, although could be simplified somewhat, texting and calling is good with clear sound and only rare call dropping. Wi-Fi and 3G connection is reliable. The games generally don't seem to operate terrifically but for the simple games like Tetris, which i prefer it is more than good enough and the apps have been enough to entertain me. E-mail is ok although certainly not for business use and a good tip to keep the inbox low. Some bonuses are the HDMI connection is a great touch and i have watched numerous things via BBCi player through my phone and put it on the TV. Another is the radio transmitter which has been a godsend at times. The interface with social networking is ok although it needs some improving with Twitter although i think that is more an issue with Ovi rather than the phone. The memory is massive and should keep video collector amused for months and perhaps most importantly the battery life is pretty good....i generally get about 3 days out of with modest use. I think that about covers most things. Overall it is a fantastic phone and does the normal phone things admirably as well as the more expected modern day functions such as internet with aplomp in my opinion it rivals the Iphone although the operating system rather than the phone lets it down with social networking it also has some very useful functions that alot of phones don't. I notice that some have had problems....all i can say for me the odd hiccup aside is has been the best phone i have owned and look forward to trying the Lumina in a year although would have no qualms sticking with the N8.

Reviewed by D G G Parrott from United Kingdom on 15th Nov 2011
I have had my Nokia N8 since June this year and thus far it is by far the best Nokia that I have had to date! I've always liked Nokias, and probably always will. I like the way the phone feels and looks. Web browsing is fast and the touch screen is superb - add to that a 12mp camera witha Carl Zeiss lens plus HDMI, a built in satnav with free maps from Ovi I feel that this is one of, if not the best phone on the market at present... And despite about previous comments on here from other reviewers who have said that all people who give this phone a positive review must work for Nokia? ...Well actually I don't! Never have, never will! I'm just giving my honest opinion!

Reviewed by Sammie from England on 14th Nov 2011
Was given the phone of a friend who had been given the phone through an update. He had only used the phone for around 4 months when he gave it to me, I have now been using the phone for just under 2 months and it has now broke on me. It will start up after a failed 4 attemps then when it is on it will just constantly crash and not allow you to do anything. I have tried restarting it numerous of times and the same thing keeps happening. It does say on the nokia website to update the software however when I installed the phone's software on to the computer it then broke my computer. Although the phone is a brilliant phone, it does have a lot of complications and needs to be much more up to date to compete with any of the other smart phones such as the Iphone.

Reviewed by priyank chapala (9898905345) from UK on 7th Nov 2011
nokia smart phone n8 is better best smart secure handset by feture running.

Reviewed by Anon2 from UK on 5th Nov 2011
I can only agree with those who find that the constant freezing and restarting and ridiculous location for the touch sensitive 'Hold' button on the N8 incredibly annoying. The only app I've wanted since having this phone was unavailable. I've had an N8 for nearly a year - who cares about how a phone looks or feels if it doesn't work well. Next time I'll do my research much better.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 5th Nov 2011
Basically, if the N8 ran Android it would be perfect. Camera is good, hardware is good, but the underlying software makkes it a nightmare to use. I'm stuck with this damn thing for another year!

Reviewed by wazer from UK on 4th Nov 2011
This is an update on comments posted on 18/8. Camera/video brill cannot fault.Strong solid phone.Texting not good to fiddle.Slow interface.Appears to be getting slower to open apps and sometimes camera frezzes.No more dropped calls and proxiy lite seems better since ANNA UPDATE(NO VAST IMPROVEMENT)

Reviewed by Keith L @UK from UK on 31st Oct 2011
I had been a fan of the trusty HTC Hermes Windows 5.5 which is a fabulous smart phone but this Nokia N8 is a better bet for having a nicer screen(AMOLED 3.5in. It has not crashed, frozen or done any of those negative things spoken about, in fact, the combination of no-cost Nokia navigation and a 12megapixel camera, wifi, 3G, I am thrilled to have got the N8. Feels solid and trust worthy. *****outstanding

Reviewed by Lisa S from UK on 26th Oct 2011
I bought this phone 3 weeks after they came out so I've had it long enough to give a true review on this handset. Firstly, if you're buying this phone for it's camera and/or video quality then you wont be disappointed. Everything else is well below par. Texting is simple as would be on any phone, but e-mailing is almost impossible, and it's slow to connect to the Internet. If you're wanting to go on facebook or any other social networking sites on this phone then expect to wait a whole day to log you onto it!! I'm very unfortunate to be stuck on a 2 year contract and can not wait to be rid of this phone. I would recommend a brick...you'd have more luck.. AVOID!!

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 25th Oct 2011
I got one sim free last week but it slip out of my hand and went in to my pint of lager, so next day me buy another one the same, wow what a fantastic phone, no problems at all, camera is great, symbian ui is by far the easiest to use of any smart phone platform, get one today you wont regret it, just keep it out of your beer

Reviewed by ikram from UK on 24th Oct 2011
i am using n8. Dont buY IT IT IS A BAD PHONE ATALL

Reviewed by eric from UK on 22nd Oct 2011
Bought Nokia N8 on Thursday ..... could not get the phone and the PC to sync. Was told by Nokia call centre in the Phillipines that my PC was at fault. Went back to o2 on Friday and took an hour with their guru ... who had to agree it did not work, and there really was not alot of use wasting any more of my time. Got my money back. What a shame that Nokia can't be bothered to sort out the software!! Which I can assure you is not my or my PC's problem.

Reviewed by Michael B - Ireland from UK on 20th Oct 2011
Good phone that infuriated me with its persistent failure to read SIM issue. 3 Handset replacements later with the same problem was enough for me... So it was a short encounter...features are strong but the end came quick as it was for business use - Cant accept it "deciding" not to read the SIM as it was a Tuesday...

Reviewed by themobmob from UK on 20th Oct 2011
As we all know, its a great camera, what a pity is is such an atrocious telephone. I had pinned my hope on the Anna firmware solving the basic issues, but to no avail. The proximity sensor is useless, and the phone keeps dropping calls, it is just unbelievably bad. The UI is still garbage, just some lame icon graphic changes. No wonder Nokia is making losses and share value down by nearly 50%. Such a shame, nicely made hardware. Now the tricky bit, I loath Apple's greed & nanny state control, Android is a bit fractured at present, I know, let's go Webos, that is a lovely interface . . . . .

Reviewed by Kez from UK on 11th Oct 2011
This phone is nice to hold, looks good. Has great media facilities, doesn't shatter when you drop it. Sat nav is excellent. Great phone when it works. Problem is that its so awash with bugs, it gets worse and worse. ie slower and slower. Its a nightmare And from having problems and looking for answers on the web i have found ALOT of people have problems with this phone. If you rate a phone on how many times you would like to smash it into pieces then this gets 5 stars. Shame because i liked it when it worked. Save yourself the bother though.

Reviewed by philip hardy from UK on 21st Sep 2011
great to look at but very very very poor as a user friendly phone. lots of functions take to long to do or simple tasks that are phone basics are not pos to do. try putting a number of someone you want to add to contacts from the call made. not pos on my phone

Reviewed by Charlie Lynes from UK on 15th Sep 2011
love my N8, good screen, good system, great photos and video. HDMI connection is a bonus on this phone. I have had the phone for 5 months now and not one problem what so ever. used maps abroad with excellent results and the ovi store has some great d/loads to be had 5* from me

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 14th Sep 2011
I got this phone a few months ago for my 14th!!!! Trust me its the worst phone ever!!!! Here are just a few resons why its so bad: 1. Way too heavy- Its really heavy and chunky, i couldnt even put it in my blazer pocket because it was so heavy!! 2. You cant get the battery out- If the phone freezes (which mine does all the time) you cant get the battery out to restart it!! This is because there is no opening for the battery to be removed!!! 3. Freezes- mine freezes like all the time and i have to wait for about 30 mins before it will start to work again!!! 4. Annoying- Everything about this phone is annoying, the menu, OVI store, the list goes on!!! 5. Battery- It takes 2 hours to charge to full power and the battery goes at the end of the day!!!! There are about another 100 reasons why this phone is rubbish !! But honeslty i wont bore you!!! Just please if your gonna spend this amount of money on a phone at least buy a decent one like a blackberry or iphone!!! -_-

Reviewed by alex from UK on 14th Sep 2011
The Nokia N8 is a un reliable phone. Firstly the battery life is really poor. The phone keeps on freezing. When i am on the phone the line cuts off due to the rubbish touch screen.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 10th Sep 2011
nice but too much money for me, cant nokia do a modern N73 for the not so well off worker like me

Reviewed by ASH Lin from UK on 31st Aug 2011
OK,first of all i'm so happy n satisfied with this fabulous phone from the first time until now,nothing bad happen as other said,best build quality-bestOS-best signal-best battery life is true(swear),all my office-daily-entertainment needs are fullfilled by this phone,i was a gadget maniac,i tried android-iOS-BB OS-Bada,but the best of all is symbian^3 N8 cz u'll get the best hardware-benefit-and great price (best value for money) from this phone,trust me cz I swear, I got silver one n actually used anna vers. It's so smooth n all of my friend get jealous even the one who is iPhone greatest fans hahaha,actually in real world no one know the things that this phone can do-it's because everyone doesn't give all in one review bout this phone,it's like everyone is brainwashed by iPhone/RIM/Android-one big question does ur phone need so many apps?in real we only use some apps that actually meet our needs in daily life,symbian have it. Can't wait for B elle

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 28th Aug 2011
I've had the N8 for five months and just upgraded it to Symbian Anna. I have to say that it's excellent. The upgrade (particularly the browser) has put it back in the running as a top smartphone. I really don't understand why Nokia want to abandon Symbian, when I compare it to my iPhone 4 (work phone), I find the N8 close to faultless. The GPS navigation is easy and accurate, and the music and video players (including flash) are in almost constant use. I can also say that it has never once crashed!

Reviewed by WAZER from UK on 18th Aug 2011
UPdate on replacement phone from comments posted on the 1/8/11.No dropped calls,all good.Only gave 4 due to the light sensor on front of phone.

Reviewed by Mitchell from UK on 15th Aug 2011
Please think twice before buying. I'm deeply dissapointed with this phone. The software is dreadful, not at all user friendly. Text messaging is overcomplicated and frequently goes wrong. My biggest problem with the phone though is the lack of good available app's. Nokia has limited users to obtaining all app's from their OVI store, poor choice compared to android market and iphone. The software is too behind to be compatible with android market and others. The good features of this phone do not outweigh the bad. I was once a die hard Nokia devotee, had them for 15 years, after the N8 disaster? I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 1st Aug 2011
I've had my N8 for 8 months now. I'm not a phone snob or a 'must have the latest gadget' type person. In summary, it suits my my needs just fine. The camera / video is outstanding. I have to say I WAS contemplating sending it back after one month because it kept freezing / crashing / re-starting, but it's been well behaved since then. In summary - it's OK. Would I buy it again?....honestly...probably not.

Reviewed by Wazer from UK on 1st Aug 2011

Reviewed by sunilkumar from UK on 31st Jul 2011
I bought n8 last month, my experience as mobile tech, it is has many many problem with new handset 1. software related problem (hanging) 2. hardware related problem (insert Sim card) till now i have format my handset 5 to 6 time.

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 24th Jul 2011
I recieved my Nokia in November of last year, being a new phone, there were always going to be minor issues and bugs to be fixed within its first year. However, soon to be a year has passed and it still lacks the "umph" Nokia advertised and nothing has been done. There is no doubt that after its first year of production that it will just be put to the back of Nokia's minds and they will focus on their new models. Nokia now need to realise, Symbian is the worst os and this phone has a much higher potential! I would be lying if i said it did not look stylish or that the camera is bad because its not. Infact the camera is bloody good but there are more important things people should think of in a mobile first, like web browsing, touch screen, smoothness of the system which nokia has done none of. To put it bluntly, for a phone as expensive as one of these, do go android or iphone. The novelty factor of the camera etc will soon wear off! For the amount im paying for the phone, id rather have a second hand iphone!

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
My 2nd N8 has just gone wrong again. 1st time it wouldn't shut down and wouldn't stop ringing then it died and now my new replacement has decided not to ever turn on. Good enough piece of kit when it's working, Sat Nav is excellent. For a flagship model is pathetic really, I'm trying my very hardest to swap it to a BB Bold 9780. Sort it out Nokia please

Reviewed by Russell Graham from UK on 19th Jul 2011
I got this phone over the i phone because I got fed up with carrying a camera, a phone and a camcorder around with me on holidays/trips etc. Having just come back from Majorca with a phone full of images and videos, and now having worked out how to get even the largest file onto my pc, I'm really chuffed. I'm not too fussed about the lack of apps for this phone (although I would have liked to watch sky sports on it), as far as I'm concerned the photo/video side far outweighs this. And, Im sure most people download stacks of half useless apps when they first get the i phone and then barely use them. The quality of the photos and the video is also very, very good. All in all, the N8 is an excellent quality product.

Reviewed by Chris from Uk on 26th Jun 2011
Got my n8 a couple of weeks ago for free on 15/m contract and its great. No cutting out or network drops and the gps is amazing. Had SE android phones but always had probkems with them.

Reviewed by Trevor B from UK on 25th Jun 2011
Well I did have to send my first N8 upgrade back, re entry May 22nd 2011 because it did keep restarting.However the replacement is much better and pound for pound I still feel the best mobile device available.The battery life is very good as are signal strength and general useage.The Opera browser app is a must for smooth browsing and the three home screens keep you well up to date with information.Keeping the very latest software installed is a must.As a gaming device it is probaly not the best as a mobile phone extremely hard to beat at present.

Reviewed by anon from england on 23rd Jun 2011
I have been Given an n8 from Nokia as a replacement for my n900 (superb phone), i was never asked if i wanted it just sent along with a letter saying that my n900 cannot be repaired and is no longer available so as a goodwill gesture Nokia have upgraded me to an n8. I,ve had the phone for 2 days and it is constantly freezing, the wifi keeps dropping out and reverting to contract wap, and the phone keeps putting my calls on hold. I have returned it to Nokia as in my opinion this is a very poor substitute. I would steer well clear of the n8 it is not a good phone. How many of the reveiwers who think its the best thing since sliced bread work for Nokia?

Reviewed by Dennis. from England. on 21st Jun 2011
i bought this phone when 1st released, so yes i have had this for a while now! Im on my 3rd phone! I have been on my 3rd phone since 2 wk into my upgrade! My thoughts on this phone are that its bad! Really bad! Yes its got a good camera and nice video recording, But the whole package is weak. Touch screen poor! Response times are ridiculous, when you think you have touched an option you wait for ages for it to register, satnav is good most of the time, but when you really need it, you may find it letting you down!! Which I have found much more than once. Now to the biggest fault with this bad phone, it drops calls constantly! My ear will either put calls on hold, kill the call totally! Open various apps! Which basically makes the phone useless!! please please please do not buy this phone!! I am convinced nokia are now too far behind the competition!!

Reviewed by dan from uk on 18th Jun 2011
the n8 is an amazing phone, im actually very happy with the speed of speed and attention to detail did for this phone. I am actually using my N8 to post on here. the 12mp camera has actually replaced my sony digi cam the quality is good. the n8 is solid and will last a long time. battery life is better than that of other touchscreen phones. get it. best phone ever

Reviewed by josh from England on 14th Jun 2011
I bought the N8 in Dec2010 mainly for its 12 megapixel camera and the use of the sat-nav and it all works perfectly. The symbian OS which everybody says it's behind the times works absolutely fine...if it ain't broke don't fix! Most my friends have an iphone and compared it with my N8 and can't see what the iphone does that the N8 cannot do. Also my N8 was free with 2 year 25 per month contract under vodafone. When i looked into iphone it came with a hefty price tag for the handset and a rather high monthly contract compared to mine which put me off last year. All in all the N8 is an excellent choice and i'll be keeping mine for a very long time.

Reviewed by Tormenta from England on 13th Jun 2011
Why do I have the feeling that some people criticise this brilliant phone just for the sake of it? Some people report to have had up to 4 or 5 N8 terminals because it keeps crashing, if the first one does not work, you may try another one, but 4 or 5? I think that those who follow Android, RIM or iOS write here to criticise Nokia maybe because they are not entirely happy after moving from Nokia to the newer OSs. If you want the latest in apps, games and fancy interfaces then Android or iphones might be the answer but if what you want is a solid phone with outstanding battery life, amazing hardware and not problems during calls then Nokia may be what you need. I am 100% satisfied with my N8 and its endless possibilities, needless to say how versatile and customisable it is. Everybody should be honest and unbiased when writing their reviews as some people with not enough knowledge may come here looking for advice and leave the site confused and unhappy.

Reviewed by Will from England on 13th Jun 2011
Absolutely outstanding. Hardware and software are tailor-made to meet my everyday needs. Can't live without it.

Reviewed by Wendy from UK on 12th Jun 2011
I am on my 4th N8 since Sept 2010. I picked up the 3rd at 11am on Friday and by 12pm on Saturday the sofeware has crashed and i couldn't switch it on. Have lost my contacts, photos etc. It might well have been stolen. The phone is a joke

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 7th Jun 2011
Hard earned money wasted. The phone as a piece of hardware is great. The symbian OS is in need of replacing for Android. I bought the N8 two days ago and after setting it up I found it useless for e-mail. Ok for texts, but only just. The phone makes good itouch type device for music, games and a camera, but other than this I will be trying to get my money back. I ended up going and buying a HTC Desire S. Far better than the original Desire IMHO. In two words...........don't buy.

Reviewed by John Cooper from Ireland on 6th Jun 2011
N8 does not connect contacts to Volvo V70 (new shape) real step back.

Reviewed by Graeme from England on 1st Jun 2011
You may think I'm nuts but have just sold my iphone4 to get this great phone it does everything you could ask of it no need to sync to iTunes great camera and music player memory plus sd cards hdmi and so much more than iPhone yes it may not be as refine as iPhone or as quick but hey it ain't slow apps in ovi are good, how many do you actually need. The nokia n8 feels nice in the hand you wouldn't think it was 3mm thicker than iPhone also Bluetooth works as it should connects to anything I want. Screen is bright and very clear and up to now works with no problems call quality better than my iPhone so personally I'm pleased I got this phone looking forward to the Anna update.

Reviewed by Janey H from Scotland on 28th May 2011
Well. . . Had this phone for month now and at first i really loved it. And i still do in a way, i went for it due to the camera, i used to have the n82 and loved that phone, and this has same flash etc. But now that I've had it bit longer the little flaws that the phone has are starting to annoy me. Especially when i have friends with the likes of HTC desire hd which seems to be perfect in every area. Even the camera seems good and it hasn't got the flash that n8 has. N8 freezes, not alot but enough to annoy you. The email sent and deleted folder don't work and that seems to be a flaw according to what I've read. It's very clunky in it's over all system. Especially when you do compare with other smart phones. I want to love it more because it has got good points but it lets me down. I'm annoyed at nokia. They've been in this business for years but just never quite step us to the mark, and now that other companies are . . . i think this may be my last Nokia. Do i wish I'd got a HTC DESIRE HD? Unfortunately i think the answer is YES. (even when I'm writing this it's playin up!)

Reviewed by Trevor B from UK on 22nd May 2011
After reading most positive reviews about the N8 I thought I should give it another go -Re my entries in November 2010.Managed to pick up a black upgrade from O2.I have been using it non stop for the last few days and cant fault it,sound, battery, signal ,camera all first rate.Fingers crossed long may it continue.If this is the second generation N8 and all is well I will soon be recommending it whole heartily.

Reviewed by sharon from scotland on 22nd May 2011
absolute rubbish for the price that u pay for this phone after a while it wont let u send text messages goes straight into ur outbox google it well known fault dnt waste ur money, only thing that is good is the camera

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