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Nokia N79 review

 Review: November 2008  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Ooh yes. This is an Nseries phone that we like. For roughly half the cost of a Nokia N96, you get nearly all of the features, but few of the problems.

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Seriously, this should be high on your list of phones if you're a power user and enjoy Nseries phones. It's an evolution of the Nokia N78, but with a better camera and a proper keypad (i.e. one that works!)

The N79 weighs less than 100g, which makes it the lightest Nseries phone ever by our reckoning. But it comes with a large 2.4 inch display with 320 x 240 pixels and 16 million colours - the standard for high-end phones in 2008. It also has space for a proper functional keypad with a 4-way navigation pad and no gimmicks. This keypad just works, unlike various others currently on sale from Nokia and Sony Ericsson in particular. It's a phone that does the basics very well indeed.

But it's in no way a basic phone. Rather it's one of the highest spec phones around - a definite wolf in sheep's clothing. The highlights include:

The only problem seems to be that the shops aren't pushing the phone very hard. No doubt it will appear in due course, but don't expect to see many of these on the street. What a pity.

Nokia N79 features include:

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Nokia N79 user reviews

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Average rating from 85 reviews:

Reviewed by MAXWELL 2YA from MALAWI on 9th Nov 2015

Reviewed by Akinrinade olamilekan from Nigeria on 14th Jun 2015
I like this product but am having a serious problem and the problem was i find it difficult to update my nokia n79 software.

Reviewed by Habib from Bangladesh on 21st Mar 2015
I love my nokia n79 phone very much.

Reviewed by Aadil from India on 21st Dec 2014
Too good ,i like it

Reviewed by hasan from pakistan on 28th Dec 2011
it is the great phone but there is a little problem of keypad and low speaker sound,people who are used to of msgng don`t purchase this!but it`s camera is awesome and other features to....

Reviewed by pusparaj syangbo from Nepal on 27th Dec 2011
this is my best mobile, because slim and attractive design, good camera, good memory card and other so many features are very nice.

Reviewed by Debasis from India on 30th Sep 2011
i own a black N79, which has been my phone for last 3 years n i love it. 1 can never regret buying n owning this handset. Only barrier that might stop one from buying it is its classic looks. camera is not in par with N81 n lacks xenon flash but still captures awesome day picks and decent night once. Keypad might look cramped but works out fine. 600mz process seems to be enough for multitasking. dis phone is a value for money. but as i write dis review, there r android phones in market, so i won't recomend u to buy dis ph

Reviewed by Manish from India on 20th Sep 2011
I am using n79 for 2 year, have developed chronic pain in both thumbs, a thick line on lcd, changed corrupted memorycard, continuous charging and very very hot while using it. All indoor pic are dirty yellow due to flash. It hanged many times and colour of screen changes itself. A horrible experience with big cost.

Reviewed by asad from pakistan on 16th Sep 2011
it was awsum mobile but few days it hang freez after some time specialy when i type the sms .any soulution of this please suggest some thing.i format it but it cant solve the problem

Reviewed by navjot from india on 15th Sep 2011
this is d best phone of nokia. i hve used 1-year. good camera-5-megapixel but it is not good in 3g network because it warms up

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 19th Feb 2011
My first smart phone, owned for a year, there may be better smartphone out there but the n79 has many good feaures it can just be a litle fiddly occasionally. Despite this I would recomend it. Thought i broke it when i got it wet, but i was so relived when it turned on. ace phone

Reviewed by jamie from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
Anyone reading this review please DO NOT BUY IT. Its so buggy you will want to throw it at the wall every single day you own it. An absolute piece of rubbish that you will regret buying! I will never buy another product from NOKIA again after owning this...

Reviewed by prashant from india on 23rd Oct 2010
i like this phone.this phone is a very cpmplietly because i like chat and e-mali . this phone in sppourt many games and application. this phone music output are very loud and smooth surround sound.

Reviewed by Shyam from india on 23rd Sep 2010
All the people who say its an outstanding device are probably those who dont really use this phone as an high end multimedia.. they are probably those category of people who use this device not more than 3200 .. or something.. I had bought this phone the features are just great but the device sucks... it hangs on wifi access, internet radio, musci,.. anytime ...suddenly. Nokia has a very bad service .. and they frnchize in mumbai borivali.. they even change your board without informing you. Chors they are robbers... I was lucky to keep track of my imei and get original back but the hang problem continues.. i have bought another M10 windows.. it rocks..

Reviewed by juan from Ecuador on 17th Sep 2010
its not the best phone but certainly it rocks... had fm transmiter, tv out put, 5mp camera, dual flash, stereo, 3.5g, and its a simbian 9.3, just learn to use it... its not a toy, install usefull apps... nokia stinks in built in apps... but simbian give you the opcion to break the rules and complety customize your device... i recommend it... if you have more money to spend get a N85 thats the best... N series are not phones, are SMARTPHONES...

Reviewed by mike from seychelles on 5th Aug 2010
i like the nokia so much because of the FM transmitter !! all of my friend set there phone on FM radio and we can have a room ful of sound can say a discoque !!!! good phone nokia !!!! u guys should include the FM transmitter in more nokia phones !

Reviewed by Suahil Abbas from Saudi Arabia on 13th Jul 2010
I love this phone it is very handy compared to others in the market, i will surely advice to buy this phone and give it a shot to be your style......

Reviewed by rahul from india on 12th May 2010
this is the phone which i was looking for ..all features great camera 5 mp .and every features which are available in high prices nokia phones.

Reviewed by Uyi from UK on 21st Apr 2010
Really nice phone. Jack of all trades, master of none. Indoor and low light shots are quite bad, but the others are fantastic. Also, the cool and easy to use (gets stuck at times...) Navi-Wheel sort of makes up for the lack of Xenon Flash. It's a really nice phone, I like it. Also, the front camera is pretty decent. Hope this helps and you enjoy the phone!

Reviewed by Satish Patel from England on 6th Apr 2010
I've had this phone for best part of 12 months. It works and it's never let me down. In terms of battery life I've found that switching the phone off Dual band and using just the GSM extends the battery no end. I don't surf using the mobile next work just connect via wifi point. Mind you I still like my old, old 6310i... Now that was a class phone and bullet proof!

Reviewed by jabru from Trinidad and Tobago on 22nd Mar 2010
I bought the n79 about 2 weeks ago, tried to update and got a "No Gateway Reply". I have been searching for ways to restore internet but to no avail. Otherwise a good phone. It is better looking than it appears in the picture

Reviewed by Catherine from UK on 17th Mar 2010
I got this phone last July, and at first I was ecstatic! I used to LOVE touch screen phones, but there was something about this phone that made me want to get it! It started off well - camera was ok, bla bla bla, good signal, until disaster struck! Around November/December time when the phone was 4/5months old, the phone started to die on me :(. Each time someone called me I would be treated to a beautiful flashing lights show, and then the phone would turn itself off. At first this was intermitant, but it got to the point where no one could call me! Not nice on the phone bill front when you are calling eveyrone back! I eventually had to give up on it in Jan after struggling and moaning for months (I just couldn't let it go!) due to the fact each time I sent a text it crashed, and I'd have to turn the ruddy thing off and on again to send each text. My Aunt had the same phone, and exactly the same thing happened to her, which may be a coincidence... but still... it really has put me off the nokia N series!

Reviewed by Zubair from Pakistan on 17th Mar 2010
This phone is I think the coolest phone in the earth. Candy bar design.. all functions are great bt i hate those two stereo speakers which sounds too low, not even able to hear in traffic or in noisy environment. they sukcs

Reviewed by Blue_pacific from INDIA on 7th Mar 2010
i think this is a good phone and you people might not be able to use it cozz this is a symbian phone .....

Reviewed by prashant from india on 26th Feb 2010
worst mobile, very poor battery backup, key pad is not sensitive and fingers pain pressing the buttons as buttons are very small. although camera quality is good but in all product is not worth spending so much of money. you can get a good highly packed handset with less complicated features in some other brands. i will certainly not recommend it

Reviewed by Iraklis from Cyprus on 13th Feb 2010
Great phone...just buy it!

Reviewed by harsh singhvi from India on 6th Feb 2010
It is an awesome phone.. it does not freeze... some stupids here tell that it freezes .... i wud like to tell them not to keep many applications open, any phone would freeze if many apps are always kept open.. im using it from a long time and no problems... people should know how to use this phone... trust me its an excellent phone..

Reviewed by lamba from india on 28th Dec 2009
I am unfortunate buyer of this phone.One reviewer has put it aptly "put it in the fridge, it keeps on freezing" Nokia has no answer to it ,cannot repair it even after many attempts.Instead of admiting problem with their product, they will keep on shunting you till you get frustrated and resign to your fate and throw it out to buy a new phone but never ever a Nokia product.

Reviewed by yunki from United Kingdom on 23rd Dec 2009
I've been using the phone for about a year now and although it started off as a not bad phone, I'm getting really annoyed now. Its a very slow and unresponsive phone. The user interface isn't very user friendly. I previously switched from Sony Ericsson and can't wait til my contract finishes so I can switch back. The quality of the photos are very poor, despite being a 5MP camera, I'm certain a 3MP Sony Ericsson camera phone will take better pictures. The pictures are very noisy (grainy), often the colour saturation is wrong. The flash is a bit useless as you end up with burnt subjects and very dark background. Video quality is decent though, you don't expect much from a VGA camera. Battery life is a bit short but not too bad, it lasts about 2 to 3 days for me (not much talking, small number of texts and a bit of music). The phone is small, thin and very light, which is good, I'm not too concerned about it being plasticy. In conclusion, the phone was very disappointing. The lack of responsivness is a real killer for this phone and I would give it away for free (to some sucker) once my contract is finished.

Reviewed by Abdul-Rahman from Libya on 15th Dec 2009
it is best classic nokia phone

Reviewed by Sameer from India on 8th Dec 2009
This phone is very good when it comes to features and performance + looks but it all goes down the drain as it gets bricked very often , the handset has design faults due to which the lcd and the keypads go bad and freeze the phone , Nokia sucks big time , it purposely makes very poor quality handsets so that it can rip off money in the form of spares and repairs , here in India every Nokia Care will quote u half the cost of the phone to repair even a minor issue , Nokia should be sued big time for releasing sub standard handsets , above that it does not have the balls to do a product recall despite the design faults , it is cheap company that can only recall chargers and batteries , this brand has got me completely disconnected , Nokia is not the same as it was , i hope this company stops producing such bad devices . Thats it . Thank You

Reviewed by harjeev from london on 1st Dec 2009
got the black version, loved it at first, then it keeped freezing on music player ect, dust has gotton on every part of the phone and even managed to get underneat the screen, going to send tt off for repair from my network providerd, why dooes nokia make such poor quality phones, and then sell for high end prices!!!!

Reviewed by J Rico from UK on 26th Nov 2009
Well i had this phone for about three months before i had to sell it (money issues) but i can honestly say that it was the best phone i have ever owned. I have a nokia 6300 and i wanted a smart fone with a simple candybar shape (unlike n95/n96 etc). N79 is all this and more. The camera is very impressive and the flash is great. The fm radio reciever was very usful in my car as was the GPS (with ovi maps) so i was using it as both a sat nav and music player at the SAME TIME as once you tune in the radio channel you can still here the navagation voice. Another great feature is the 3.5mm headfone jack which is excellent as you can use any headphones to get great sound quality. If you want a smartphone thats not chunky like the n96 with a classic candybar style GET THIS PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Kirsty from Australia on 7th Nov 2009
I sent this phone back as soon as I got it as I could hear a faint high pitch squeel when I was on a phone call, and the person on the other end sounded muffled, even when I adjusted the volume. I got a replacement and it has the same sound. So I'll be sending it back and getting a different phone. Good phone if you don't have sensitive hearing.

Reviewed by David Bell from UK on 18th Sep 2009
Best phone i have ever had, and i've had lots! Battery lasts 7 days no problem, and i text alot. It really pays to condition the battery initially.

Reviewed by Basil from South Africa on 10th Sep 2009
I have already signed a contract now I'm just waiting for my N79 to arrive. I can't wait! Before I decided on this phone I did a lot of in-depth research on it and its unanimous: This is a great buy for much less than what you would otherwise pay for a smartphone (with even less features than what the N79 has got!)

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 10th Sep 2009
Is this really a review? Oh, go on then, we're feeling rather permissive today.

Reviewed by Gregg from England on 10th Sep 2009
major dissapointment. its slow and unresponsive and the keypads a nightmare to use. why use thin bars as the two softkeys instead on proper buttons?! its got a great camera and the maps are class but nokia seem to have forgotten the basics. luckily it stopped letting me send texts yesterday so ive got a good excuse to take it back and swap it tommorow!

Reviewed by neovia from UK on 12th Aug 2009
This is an absolutely fantastic phone. I have been using it for several months and never had a problem. It is a smart phone so it has all the functionality of the N series phones but it is much smaller and lighter. It is great to be able to download applications. For example the sports tracker and email applications from Nokia are free and work well. The camera takes great shots and the battery life is fine. Browser works well although the screen is fairly small. GPS is fast. If you want a smart phone and not a touch screen, this is definately worth a look. Note to mobile-phones-uk.org.uk: this phone is missing from the left menu even though it is a current offering.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Aug 2009
It's only available sim free from the online retailers that we track, that's why it now isn't in the main navigation any more.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 8th Aug 2009
all in all a not bad phone but does have its down sides the battery life is a joke charged mine all last night and made hardly any short calls and the batterys about flat

Reviewed by isha from india on 26th Jul 2009
this phone is really nice but only for only for those who r not required to use phone constantly n fastly coz its some applications like camera keeps on freezing rest its good n keypad is smooth, backup is nice but to see to ur needs before buyin it

Reviewed by rachel from India on 17th Jul 2009
Its an Awesome phone., am totally in love with it. The picture quality is awesome and if you go ahead scrolling the navigation wheel workslike breeze.... OVer all the second best phone i had in the row... well the previous one was sony ericcson w700i and i lost it... so this one is a smart upgrade for me.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 5th Jul 2009

Reviewed by Abhishek from India on 22nd Jun 2009
This is the awsome phone which i have ever seen. Camera is nice and the design is sexy.GPS works great.., I will strongly recommend this phone... come on fellas go grab this phone...:)

Reviewed by Sudu from Sri Lanka on 22nd Jun 2009
Phone works great. UMTS with Internet radio and FM transmitter run together flawlessly. Battery life is much better than expected. The music player of my old 6120c seems to be a bit more user friendly. Unfortunately GPS and MAPS is still useless here in Sri Lanka as long as there are no road maps. Phone is highly recommended.

Reviewed by The Phone Demon from Leeds UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Truly a briliant phone ! surfs through applications with speed and does not freeze it has loads of smart gadgets on it. dont delay but one today !!!!!!!

Reviewed by Firoz Ahmed from Saudi arabia on 14th Jun 2009
im totally satisfied with this cell. gps is cool and i really love it. its best in its class and the best in the n series

Reviewed by retwick from india on 13th Jun 2009
NOkia's Best N_series Multimedia Phone.Really Outstanding Performance.Best Of 2009. 10 Star.**********

Reviewed by varun from UK on 10th Jun 2009
It is a coll phone for every one spicily for them who lick to capture every thing in there cam

Reviewed by Laxsinx from India on 8th Jun 2009
Nokia's best N series, high spec phone, with state of art features. It easily beats my earlier Nokia 5610 in most of its value added benefits. This is a highly recommended device for 2009, mates! behold let the champion rule.

Reviewed by Digamber from India on 22nd May 2009
Very great phone, never given me a problem, i will strongly recommend it.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 17th May 2009
Truly Excellent phone. GPS, WiFi and the FM transmitter are great functions that all work well. Best looking N Series phone - best in Black. The xpress on covers are a bit of a gimmick, but the phone itself certaintly isn't. Very pleased and thoroughly recommend it.

Reviewed by Husnain from Pakistan on 30th Apr 2009
Great phone buy it... i am using it.... Thanks, regards Husnain Abbas husnainonline@msn.com

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 20th Apr 2009
I hate this phone. I wish I hadn't been talked into it. It is too thick, too plasticky looking. I had great trouble transferring the contacts over from my old phone, it took the whole family to sort it out on Saturday. It wouldn't allow me to transfer over contacts as you would expect it to. There are no shortcuts to 'favourite' or regularly used buttons,i.e GO TO... I cannot delete hideous icons and narrative stuff on the front page and most annoyingly, when someone sends you a text message, it is not able to tell you who sent it until you open it....a function you get on the most basic phones. Aaaah give me back my 6500 classic any day!

Reviewed by vaibhav anand rai from india on 11th Apr 2009
yo.......excellent features....grater then N95....

Reviewed by www.mobystar.com from UK on 9th Apr 2009
Best Nokia Nseries device on the market. All the things that the N95 N96 do that the N79 doesn't are things I don't need. For me - weight, ease of use and compactness are the most important after functionality. When it comes to candybar form factors the N79 is the optimal design, and still is.

Reviewed by Balddevil from UK on 8th Apr 2009
So far so good!!!! I'm always sceptical about new phones, but this one seems to be very good! Excellent Build quality,battery life seems to be ok and it is very easy to use. After having an N95 I was very unsure about having another nokia, as it was apalling on battery life and it constantly crashed.

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 7th Apr 2009
I wanted a N-series phone but was put off by the majority, which are ugly slide handsets like the N85, N95 and even the N96. I have the black version of this phone and it's a very good looking handset. Feels great in your hand. Some people are finding it hard to get use to the buttons. It took me a few days to get use to them (I was coming from a HTC that uses a stylus) and I find them to be fine. They are large, wide and flat so there's little chance of typing in the wrong number or word when you text. I text a lot! I don't use the GPS as I take the train to work but I can definately see it coming in handy for weekends away. The music quality is great and organising songs they way YOU want is useful. I listen to music for an hour into work and an hour returning home. The batery lasts me about 3 days but I charge every 2 days. Best Phone I've had so far.

Reviewed by alison from uk on 7th Apr 2009
i have had this phone for a week now and im not happy with it at all the camera is not that good and also it keeps freezing when trying to do something and also after a call it turns its self off im taking it back now

Reviewed by James from UK on 5th Apr 2009
Simply brilliant phone. Everything I could ask for. Camera (with flash) is brilliant. Focusing is fast so no more missed opportunities. Battery is very good! (recent nokias have not been good in this department). Installed tomtom on mine and it works a treat. 20 seconds to calculate route using internal GPS! Mp3 players is VERY EASY to use - ipod like toggle. 1 tip: set menus to classic view and it will organise all the features VERY NICELY!

Reviewed by D Woodhouse from England on 2nd Apr 2009
Had this phone for about 4 weeks now and very impressed with all the features,very user friendly and the best nokia i have owned to date

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 2nd Apr 2009
I had the nokia 6300 previous and found that to be a good phone apart from the battery life, i tried the SE C510, which did'nt even pick up a signal in my house!! So sent that back, i then ordered the N79 and i am glad that i did, its a brilliant phone, good music player and speakers, great that you can listen to FM radio through car speakers. good camera, people that moan about this should realise that if you wanna take good photos then get a proper one, remember that a mobile is for talking and texting, so anything else is a bonus!! i've had mine for over a week now, and i've charged it up twice, so its got a a good battery life (i surf the web quite alot), whereas when i did this with my 6300, it would die after a day!! Easy to use, the only thing that i found was a small problem was it had no smiley faces for txts, so i had to purchase this from A-SMS, but it was only a few quid, but that made it better for txtin. All in all this is a brilliant phone and would recommend highly.

Reviewed by Per Spelman from Norway on 31st Mar 2009
Yes, it is a marvellous phone - on the paper! But useless i practice. I have been plundering with almost all functions of the phone for several months until it died completely. And now Nokia will neither repair og give me a substitute. Nokia claims it has been subject to fluid. And their pictures tends to show salt in the phone, which indicates that sweat has come into the phone, but how? There is a consentration on the top, and the phone is completely clean further down. There is only one explanation. It is the hole for the earphones on the top of the phone that leads a small drop of sweat into the phone from time to time, until it stops working. And this is a phone that is marketed as a sportsmobile - N79 Active!

Reviewed by phalanges from UK on 30th Mar 2009
Nice features, though 5MP camera is already out of date and where is the proper xenon flash, it is 2009 after all?. Too heavy and too thick. Those slim buttons are a pain. Nav-wheel is a disaster - creaky and has now stopped working all together. Screen light is not uniform. Cover on camera is a pain. Music player is stone age (buy another one). But, having said that I would have it any day over the pathetic iPhone that lags behind on so many modern features.

Reviewed by Mikey boy from London on 22nd Mar 2009
I recently purchased this phone in black and what a gem it is. Its' not the best looking phone in the world but sure makes up for this with it's many features and practicality. I purchased the sexy looking Samsung u800 before the N79 but took it back because of the small keypad tinny sound and lack of features. To sum up the N79 is my best phone purchase to date!

Reviewed by James from England on 20th Mar 2009
I am in awe of this phone , it makes me speechless and brings a smile to my face every single time i use it. Not much else i cant think of to say , just sublime

Reviewed by Mr.b from United kingdom on 18th Mar 2009
Best feature on this handset (apart from making phone calls)!! is being able to listen to the internet radio through the fm dial in your car or at home via the phones fm transmitter! Excellent :-) done a few journeys in the car and only buffered twice for a Few seconds. Well done nokia, also battery life is the best i have seen in a nokia phone for a long time. Anyway the phone is packed with features to keep you occupied and more importantly good quality phone calls, where as most phones now days they concentrate more on the gadget side of things rather then what the thing was made for! MAKING PHONE CALLS! ......

Reviewed by Mr Funshine from United Kingdom on 16th Mar 2009
Owned this phone for a little over a week now and honestly thought my long quest to find the perfect phone had been completed. Sadly it's not. Very close with this handset though. Build quality is great. No creaks or squaks and a smooth slide protects the (excellent) 5 MegaPixel camera from any unwanted scratches etc. As with all S60 phones there is an element of slowness when first switched on. However, by and large navigation through the menus is a breeze and quicker than many similar priced handsets. SatNav is a great little addition too and my phone came with a 140 day licence for drive instructions. Found the signal very quickly and provided directions in an equally snappy fashion. Music player very good sound quality too and the all-important 3.5mm socket means you dont need to use the risible Nokia earphones (4GB card also included as standard). FM transmitter is to die for as well. Your CD player in your car will become redundant. Just put together a play-list and away you go. So far so good then ? Well, yes, but this is also where the phone's (perhaps) only imperfection lies. My old N85 (terrible phone) was sent back because the phone always froze when using the forward button too often in music player (as well as it's dreadful build quality). Well, sadly this has now happened a couple of times with the N79. I'm hopeful a Firmware upgrade from Nokia might fix this. For the time being as it's still 95% quality I think it deserves 5 stars. I'm looking forward to keeping this one for a while.

Reviewed by John from England on 9th Mar 2009
Very satisfied with this phone, if your looking for your next phone this is the one to get! 5 star all the way.

Reviewed by WENDY from UNITED KINGDOM on 9th Mar 2009
I have just upgraded to N79 great phone easy to use, GET ONE you wont regret it

Reviewed by HASSAN from PAKISTAN on 27th Feb 2009
wow, its really a smart and stylish phone i am using it. its style is better than n78. i were also used n78 but n79 is really a good one. these phones are slow becoz of thier heavier symbian software. some peoples says its battery timing is not good just one day. but how they said becoz it is not nokia 1112 or any other like 1100, hane a battery timing of 5 or more days. so buy it. i am using and i am satisfied with this one

Reviewed by ali from england on 25th Feb 2009
excellent excellent!

Reviewed by TIm from North Yorks, UK on 12th Feb 2009
I have received my N79 phone and I am really pleased with it. It had v10 firmware on but after waiting about 10 - 15 mins for the ew firmware to download the phone seems to work better. All i can say is the build quality is excellent! and i dont know why i put off buying this phone. I am really fussy about the keypad on phones, as i had a C902 which went back as i couldnt get used to the awkward keypad and the GUI (as I normally send a lot of text messages and the phone just couldnt keep up with me), but I picked up the N79 and thought, this is a sturdy phone and the keypad is a bit like the 6300. The buttons are pretty much the same size but they are a bit wider, easy to press and i can text on the N79 just as quick as i could on the 6300. The Menu key on the left and the C key on the right are also easily accessable. I bought the phone from Nokia as they said that if i dont like it i could send it back and get a ful refund. I dont think i will be sending this phone back. To lock the keypad, you dont have to use the lock button on the top of the phone, i have just found out that can use the Left shortcut key and the * button. The GUI is very quick, the best i have seen in a nokia smartphone. The camera quality is OK, its better than my 6300 which is one of the main reasons why i bought this phone, as i am sick of producing rubbish photos on nights out. I have turned off the Navi wheel function as to be honest, it was annoying. Hopefully i will get the most out of the battery. I have turned off UMTS and only using GSM, turned off WIFI feature as it will not connect to my hidden network, turned the lights out and power save to the most eco friendly settings and turned down the brightness of the screen. I was very supprised how light the phone is. Im sure my 6300 is heavier.

Reviewed by kaleigh from scotland on 31st Jan 2009
looks discusting but fantastic phone BUY IT NOW!!!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 20th Jan 2009
Having previously used a N96 i decided to sell it as it was such a dissapointment. I decided to purchase a sim free N79 from Nokia. I have found the phone absolutely outstanding from day one. * Light,Sleek & attractive Smartphone * Superb battery life * Not a fingerprint magnet like the N95 & N85

Reviewed by William from USA on 17th Jan 2009
I've owned this phone for two months and found it to be very reliable and performs as advertised. The battery-life is very good for me. Of course, this mostly depends on how the user uses it. I turn off the UMTS and only use GMS. The N79 is lighter than most smartphones and offers a lot of features for the money. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by manish from UK on 9th Jan 2009
Do not buy this phone...!!! Like N82 it has (atleast my piece has) poor battery life. I charged the whole battery a previous night and it was drained completely during the day despite the fact that I hardly spoke on this phone during the day. Stay away!!! Also sometimes this phone is very slow especially opening applications.

Reviewed by zariq from india on 26th Dec 2008
one of the most good phone is this one.no bad coments about this .there are no problems in this phone like there is in every phone of hanging.i prefer those who are taking phones to take this phone

Reviewed by Ashish from England on 23rd Dec 2008
Everything's fine with this phone...but...the biggest issue with me was (may be specific to me only) that the keyboard light is very awkward. It doesn't glow properly on all areas of keyboard evenly such that when you hold the phone at a certain angle the letters on keyboard are not even properly visible. For a guy like me who is not a regular texter I have to solely rely on letters visible to me rather than having memorised it. Other than this I really could not find any major fault with it. Two features I really admire are : Navi Wheel & FM Transmitter. This brings it one star down for me. I would probably go for N85.

Reviewed by animoley from england on 20th Dec 2008
such a fabulous phones .ONe should certainly get it

Reviewed by Shannon from Malaysia on 11th Dec 2008
Great phone. Nice design for a candybar phone. Stable in overall, though it can be slow at times (when browsing pictures). Features are top-notch. Also, it has a longer battery lfe compared to the N95/ N958gb and can easily withstand 3 days whole days of power usage. The N95 needed charging by the 2nd day. In overall, very satisfied with the phone.

Reviewed by Trever Wan from UK on 2nd Dec 2008
Normal presentation, but with powerful functions. The camera is good with quick focus to take a picture in short distance. Large memory for storing Music. GPS works well, at least can safely guide to your destination. It may save some money to buy a TomTom (59 annual GPS fee, I think the fee is expensive). I like FM TX function very much. You can enjoy music in car and your home HiFi. But sometime MP3 and FMTX don't run properly. The worst case is to take out the battery to reset it.

Reviewed by Nav from England on 30th Nov 2008
WOW! What a mobile phone! Ive had this for a week now, no probs at all with it. The phone does everything that the N96 does but is in a much smaller, lighter and more attractive package!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 30th Nov 2008
I love it when people agree with me!

Reviewed by vikram from india on 18th Nov 2008
Keep this phone in the refrigerator. Oh ...dont worry, it keeps freezing anyway. Iam going back to my n82. This phone is an ugly duplicate n82.

Reviewed by joni from america on 12th Nov 2008
i love this phoneeeeee its wow :0

Reviewed by wahab from libya on 8th Nov 2008
great phone and is an amazing phone, but camera phone 5 megapixel different from 8 megapixel camera phone

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