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Nokia N78 review

 Review: June 2008  

Last updated July 2008

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: 3.5G smartphone with GPS satnav, 3.2 megapixel camera, video calling, MP3 player, FM radio, memory card & Bluetooth.



The Nokia N78. A highly anticipated smartphone with many powerful features. The feature list is finger-lickin good: Series 60 smartphone with 3.6 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, assisted GPS navigation with preloaded maps, a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, autofocus & flash, a video camera with stereo audio recording, a secondary camera for video calling, a superb MP3 player with a Navi wheel for easy access to your music, an FM radio. And all this in a compact classic design that weighs just 102g and looks great. There are even bonus features such as FM transmitter that lets you play your music on your car stereo.

On paper it's a fabulous phone. Only the lack of a 5 megapixel camera stops it from being Nokia's best smartphone ever. Yet we hate it.

Why do we hate it? Because of its keypad. Actually to say that it has a keypad is overstating things. The Nokia N78 has some numbers painted on its front and some floppy pieces of plastic that wiggle up and down if you push them hard. Maybe the number that you pushed will come up, maybe another, who knows? Maybe after a couple of frustrated minutes struggling to write a text or dial a number, you'll take a hammer to the keys and give this phone what it deserves. What on earth have Nokia done?

We had really been looking forward to this phone, but we're disappointed. It's not a phone that we can recommend. Brave souls will persevere with the keypad and may learn to tolerate it, but we would recommend the Nokia N95 8GB instead.

Initially we awarded the phone 1 star. A couple of people sent us rude email as a result. We've calmed ourselves done now and rustled up a couple more stars, but we're still angry with Nokia for messing up such a good product.

By the way, plenty of people agree with us. gsmarena says, "The knobs are way too tiny and there are no borders of any kind between keys within the same row. So far we are having quite a rough time typing on the N78." hardwarezone.com says "we found ourselves frustrated as we fumbled and encountered numerous double tapping." igadgetlife says it all: "what were you thinking Nokia?"

Nokia N78 features include:

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Asked by HALED from NIGERIA on 29th Apr 2018
Please it is available now in Nigeria and were I would get it?

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Average rating from 174 reviews:

Reviewed by John from Nigeria on 29th Jun 2015
I am using N78 But cant find wifi in it. Is there any site to get the wifi software. But really the phone is amazing.

Reviewed by fathas from uae on 7th Aug 2014
this mobile iz best the wrld i'm still using for 6yrs my only prblm iz keypad but i practised.everything else iz ok.still now i did nt even change a battery or housing my brth day cms nxt week i been little confused i wll buy iphone 5s or nokia n78 but in my exprince i am saying nokia n78 can se for years.any how east or west nokia n78 is the best.

Reviewed by Akem from Cameroon on 15th Mar 2012
Yes, I really love my N78 vodafone. I've never encountered any a major problem using it,its about 6 Years since i bought this phone.Its sensitive to touch, I like it that way

Reviewed by punya from Laos on 15th Feb 2012
Audio hardware die in 2 years
keypad is error
Music player is suck
Zoom problem on camera

but i still use it, coz someone give me hahhaha

Reviewed by Rodrigo from Chile on 2nd Feb 2012
Grate phone, but speakers tend to stop working (hardware failure).

Used it for almost 4 years.

Reviewed by Majid from Iran on 15th Jan 2012
I use this model for about 30 monthes. it is really good .

Reviewed by samuel from nigeria on 13th Jan 2012
Well, its a gud fone, but i dont really knw how to switch on d wlan, wifi,2g, 3g.etc need someone to tell me.

Reviewed by Habib from UK on 9th Aug 2011
it is not bad. the key is the magor problem

Reviewed by Ajinkya Nakod from UK on 27th Jul 2011
good phone.

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 17th Feb 2010
I have this phone and find it outstanding. No problems whatsoever. My keyboard is fine. I quite like it.

Reviewed by Magesh Theodore from UK on 28th Jan 2010
I bought an N78 3 months back from Russia (since we do not get Finland-produced handsets in India)at a cost of Rs.19,000/-. Now I realise I have committed a blunder. The phone tends to hang every now and then. The keys are fiddly most of the times. The back cover is gracefully thin and could get easily broken. Though the network coverage is good where we use, the speech is broken. So it is better to avoid this. I do not know how a renowned company like Nokia decided to launch such a product with umpteen shortcomings.

Reviewed by XY from UK on 11th Jan 2010
Interface is HIGHLY counter-intuitive!

Reviewed by paul from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
i totaly dis agree with all that u have written all i cn say is dat am using it and it doesnt let me down, i also doubted the buttun at first bt wow i regreted for buying an htc dream coz nw i have put it away am glued to the n78 coz its fast and everything to me.

Reviewed by Hean ChanSovina from UK on 30th Dec 2009
The Nokia N78 is good in almost everything. The things we need to care the most is the back cover, because the network conection and any transfer connection are also there so if it broken or something wrong this phone will lose some of the function. Besides from this, the wireless connection are also easily to damage due to the additional program that we are installed.

Reviewed by catherine from UK on 17th Dec 2009
What a lot of rubbish. This phone freezes so much the battery cover keeps falling off as this is the only way to turn it off. Now calls are starting to drop so annoying! Always had a nokia phone but will now think twice when time to renew

Reviewed by muzib from UK on 14th Dec 2009
well, but not too much...../

Reviewed by Richeh from UK on 10th Dec 2009
Flawed, but still the best phone I've ever used. Not flashy, so I feel a bit safer from getting mugged for it, but literally does everything I could want it to, especially with the recent release of Spotify for Symbian. Its shortcomings are in the keypad, of which much has been said already, and the firmware; it crashes about once a week using the MP3 player (though not Spotify). In fairness, O2 phones can only update to O2 approved firmware, and they haven't approved an update in eighteen months. The keypad isn't that big a deal. I've had mine over a year and tbh I don't think it ever caused me problems. Once you get past it, it's the gadget that does everything, and does it well. One note; don't use the standard GPS software. Get Google Maps for it, it's free and ten times better.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 8th Dec 2009
I've been using this phone for almost 3 months and I absolutely LOVE it! First off, its price has gone downhill in a year and I only paid 149 to get it. 149 for a smartphone (and boy, is it smart)! Excellent value for money! The features have never let me down; great WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, fast menu, the music player is just as loud as my iPod, the camera takes great pictures, radio reception is perfect, you can personalise it at will, impressive battery life (up to 5 days!), N-Gage games work seamlessly, etc. I can hardly find something it doesn't do. I don't think I could ever find a phone that does as much at this price. The keypad might not be the best in the world, but it only takes like a day or so to get used to it. Mind you, I'm a big guy, I don't have the smallest fingers in the world and yet I had no problems whatsoever (it's definitely better than certain Sony Ericsson's tiny eraser nubs I used to own)! Many hate its design, but I personally love it. It's virile, bulky (I don't mind its weight; after all, it's a mobile, not a toy!) and means business. Not too shabby for me! The only flaw is that the gloss front panel is a fingerprint magnet (major wiping required!) but that doesn't prevent me from giving the N78 5 stars. Good job Nokia!

Reviewed by John Gould from UK on 13th Nov 2009
Could the N78 be the worst mobile phone ever? I have persevered with it for nearly a year and I still would like to flush it down the loo. It is slow and difficult to use. You need to press the buttons so many times just to send a call you get fed up just by the process. I have cut off so many people calling me I have lost count. One star is a star too many for this lamentable excuse of a mobile phone

Reviewed by neutral no more from UK on 12th Nov 2009
went to a nokia dealer to look at one. was given a courtesy unit for an hour to try out. the editor is right. the key pad is all wrong. the phone freezes if you are just a bit too fast. the wifi is okay but not as expected from nokia. the camera hangs and goes on standby for no reason. seems that nokia has good honest staffs where i m at. i declined the phone but took a 5800 xpress music instead.

Reviewed by Imran from UK on 7th Nov 2009
I am using this great phone for 2 months now and this is the best phone i ever got.. I am surprised at people saying its keypad is hard to work with.. I think its one of the most user friendly keypad u will ever see.. I can write messages faster than any other mobile.. I think its a great phone.. I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5

Reviewed by Ndrew from UK on 7th Nov 2009
After the latest firmware update,alot of perfomance has been tuned and this phone is a good phone for its range,outstanding the rest at its price but do no compare the perfomance that out of its own price range. of coz n95 price so much better,so if willing to pay that much,jst get a better phone thn. The keypad has no problem and i find it good and easy to press,thumbs up for N78 ~!

Reviewed by Qudsiya Baig from UK on 4th Nov 2009
It is a perfect & suitable for all users.

Reviewed by yasir from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
lots of problem mainly software as well as hardware. In short (bogus)

Reviewed by sadik from UK on 27th Oct 2009
I bought it in sept 2009 from the 1'rstday loud speeker problem and also not easyto handling the phone. i given that phone to service again and again the same problem happend and now keypad also not working propper this is my big mistake which ichoose this model.

Reviewed by reec from UK on 22nd Sep 2009
i use nokia n78.the left navigation key sometimes does not work.zoom in/out camera sometimes not work.keep hanging problems.when phone in silent mode and we use a handsfree to listen music,the loudspeaker is on when a message recieved.what should i do?it is bcoz of the firmware that i use?i use 21.002 version..should i update it to solve my problems?what is the best firmware for my phone?please help me

Reviewed by daneal from UK on 19th Sep 2009
It's so bad,It's hung while calling for many times

Reviewed by Madiha from UK on 28th Jul 2009
I got this phone a couple of months back and i guess i'm totally in love with. Despite of what people say about it keypad. .But i think its just a matter of couple of weeks to get used-to to it. . Initially i'd been facing probs with it too but now its perfectly ok. Super features in affordable price. Gr8 job nokia!

Reviewed by paul Gill from UK on 28th Jul 2009
you can't even answer the thing consistently or for that matter disconnect from a call without leaving it on by mistake. That is just the tip of the terrible iceberg.

Reviewed by Melina from UK on 26th Jul 2009
It is a very outsanding phones with perfect camera 3.2 megapixel . it is very useful phone

Reviewed by Char from UK on 21st Jul 2009
after few mths of using this phone, con:- FM signal sometime very low(but most of the time work well if you hv a good car radio receiver), hang once a week on certain application(usually after charge the battery,hv to restart to solve it), keypad hv to get use it, no N-Gage preloaded pro:- internet speed using wifi is great, great sofware and work on most of the 3rd parties software, GPRS on Garmin great, music&video is Cool...and the price is very reasonable for it hardware and software, music work like I-pod Conclusion:- good phone in application,wifi, music and............price

Reviewed by Roz from UK on 21st Jul 2009
This phone has turned me in to the slowest texter on the planet! I just hate hate hate the keypad.My fingers are fairly average sized but typing anything on it is a nightmare. I am fed up with constantly hitting the wrong key. I am fed up with opening all sorts of unwanted pages as I try to type.The back cover does not fit well and after a few months use the on off switch has failed.The tiny switch has gone in to the casing at a strange angle and I cannot turn the phone back on. Time for another phone. My first priority is large keys! I know the N78 has some good features, but I would still say avoid this awful phone.

Reviewed by Fuzzy_Bear from UK on 2nd Jul 2009
I had one for two weeks but with my large hands sending a sms was frustrating at best. The phone is great until you need to use what almost resembles a keypad! thankfully somebody was dumb enough to steal it. Nice try nokia but no cigar with this one! I might consider the N78 MkII (with new improved keypad)

Reviewed by ahmed from UK on 25th Jun 2009
a very powerfull phone considering its size the keys need getting used to but has good sat nav and wi fi, the fm transmitter is great

Reviewed by Asiya from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
I cant agree with this 'review', why u wrote this awful things???its really good phone!!!

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 15th Jun 2009
Phone in AWFUL! Really slow...crashes and freezes ALL the time. Photo gallery is confussing. Has a good memory. Just SOOOO slow! The half of the keypad has stopped working so if I get stuck I have to turn it off...same if I write something in a message. Also the sound has gone. So when I have it set on General I still can't hear it ringing...it sometimes doesn't allow calls and when it does let them through I press the green button and it rejects the call anyway! DO NOT GET IT!!!!

Reviewed by Zahier from UK on 10th Jun 2009
This phone is quite a frustrating thing to use.The ringtone changes everyday and it takes very long to start up.Also it takes long to open simple applications such as messaging.I donot recommend that any1 buy this phone.As for the keypad-Lets not go there!!!

Reviewed by Safeer from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
We are not happy with model. Hard to use thw keypad. And so much problems. Pleaes dont go for N78.

Reviewed by ziggy from UK on 14th May 2009
This phone is great, i love it!!!

Reviewed by Awat Salamee from UK on 13th May 2009
I love my mobile N78 but how can I add Iraq Map?

Reviewed by Krishna Chaitanya from UK on 9th May 2009
Excellent phone.I bought it on January 1st this year.I didn't get any problems as of now as for the software is concerned.Best in its class as far as my knowledge goes

Reviewed by Stuart D. from UK on 6th May 2009
I hate this phone with a vengeance. The keypad is hopeless to use. I can never seem to unlock the keypad at first go and when I do get it on it switches back off after max 60 secs. lately I had to return it because I could not switch it off without removing the battery. I got it replaced with a new phone(O2 contract) but unfortunately I was forced to take the same model. Now the media function is malfunctioning so back to the shop. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. If I cannot change it this time with o2 I may give up the last 9 months of contract and buy a very cheap fit for purpose phone. Unfortunately your rating scale bottoms out at 1 star ... I would give it less.

Reviewed by manan from UK on 3rd May 2009
Happy now not to listen to your recommendation (N95 or something), saved up a lot, and I found this phone perfect. I don't know if there are some "made in China" ones, which have problem with Keypad, while in mine "made in Finland" one, I don't have any problem at all in typing. My fingers are normal though.

Reviewed by Shane doyle from UK on 2nd May 2009
Ok i understand the button problem, but like anything giving time, you can get used to. Frankly i never seen the buttons a problem until i started reading the reviews. For the 1st time yesterday i met a woman who had the phone, actually another person who had the phone i had and they said the same thing. For me its the best phone i've ever had. Like everything in life, i don't seek perfection but reliability, especially in electronics. Other phones have let me down except the n78. Plus the n95 is too big, so a little button problem is a small sacrifice for size.

Reviewed by Densen from UK on 25th Apr 2009
This phone is not that great, espesially with the firmware that came with mine - v12.046, and i had to debrand my phone to get a firmware upgrade to v21.002 because vodafone havent released an update for it since August last year...needless to say I wont be renewing my Vodafone contract. The buttons are not that good, too small, the softkeys are horrid, the plastic creaks as you press them. The naviwheel is not good either too easy to press a direction button when you want to press the centre and vice versa. It's really amazing Nokia is churning out phones with such poor keypads in the modern era. In use call quality is excellent though, voices are nice and clear. The camera is decent as well. This phone could have been great but packaging has basically let it down big-time. I'm giving it 3 stars because it works a lot better with the updaded firmware, but be warned if you get one through Vodafone you cant update the firmware unless you debrand it. Vodafone gets 1 star for customer service. Overall though the phone is a missed opportunity, if they had put a bit more effort into the keypad and case materials they would have a far more attractive phone.

Reviewed by ami from UK on 13th Apr 2009
really bad phone... the keypad especially. although the the features are gr8. I bought this phone about 2 months back, and about 1 month after the keypad stopped working. I gave it to nokia care and they took 25 days to replace the keypad. now the phone looks like 2 year old phone :(

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 10th Apr 2009
Im from Brazil. First of all, sorry the bad english. I thougt you would be curious about the hype of this phone down the hemysphere. Before I read this review I was planning to buy the N78, but after reading I was disapointed. I changed my mind to N95. So I went to store. The result: I bought the N78. The reasons: In my contry, N78 costs about U$333,00 Sim free. The Nokia N95 costs about U$540,00 and the N95 8GB costs U$750,00. The N95 is around twice the price!!! So I gave a chance to N78. The keypad is really bad, but is not a impossible mission. The camera is worse than N95, but is very good. And it have a FM transmiter! So, do you agree that I should pay twice or more the price to get a N95 just because of the keypad??? It is almost as good as N95! I do not regret of what Ive done, and after all Im enjoying N78 a lot. My friends say "cool phone! It has everything!". And wherever I go people ignores the N95 around (lots have it in my country because of an expensive mobile contract tha gives it for free), and all the attentions focus on the N78! It IS a good phone after all. The keypad just is a conclusion that "nothing in this world is perfect". Buy N78, I recommend. (Personal opinion: The design is much better in hands. It is awesome. People call N95 the "Brick" and N78 the "Future phone")

Reviewed by Bruno Vieira from UK on 6th Apr 2009
Hi all, i bought this fone on friday vodafone pt locked, set me back 125 euros, and i must say the keypad is excelent, there are imense features that i use more namely wi-fi, at home and outside, i cannot give more recomendations to this fone, because its a great machine, i bought it and i don't regret it one bit. Good Work NOKIA

Reviewed by LEE from UK on 5th Apr 2009

Reviewed by skander from UK on 3rd Apr 2009
poor poor poor poor poooooooooooooooor

Reviewed by mrunal from UK on 1st Apr 2009
well its a fantastic piece to use and the key pad is not much of a bother to me

Reviewed by vijay kumawat from UK on 1st Apr 2009
really a nice phone, keypad is also good, don't pay attention on silly comments

Reviewed by Mark Ferris from UK on 25th Mar 2009
I think the keyboard is great and all the other functions are brilliant too. Only downside is power saving mode which refuses to keep backlight on for any more than 2 seconds. I would give this phone five stars if it actually made phone calls so the person on the other end could actually hear me! When it does work there is a very bad buzzing on the line. It is now in repair for the fourth time, twice I sent it to a Nokia authorised service centre, all they did is flash the firmware. I have taken it back to Carphone Warehouse for the second time, I don't expect it will keep working next time I get it back and I will be expecting a new phone next time it goes wrong, it is only 6 months old and it started going wrong about a month after I bought it. Not fit for purpose I would say. Unfortunately I now have little confidence in this model and would prefer not to get it back at all!

Reviewed by rahul biswas. from UK on 22nd Mar 2009
its a damn good piece.im just enjoying it.as far as its keypad is concerned,i jus wanna tel u, use ur finger not ur head,u'll hv no problem.its d best smart phone at this price.

Reviewed by Joy from UK on 20th Mar 2009
Ive been using this phone for a few months now and cannot get used to the keypad. Thought initially it was me (and I have tiny fingers!), but both my daughter and son hate using this phone too. I have always used Nokia phones and this is the only one I have any trouble with. Have to wait another year to upgrade so have gone back to using my old Nokia. What to do with the N78? Bin it probably!

Reviewed by AHMED from UK on 19th Mar 2009
This is the best phone I See, It had the best 3.2 camera.

Reviewed by AhmadNawaz from UK on 17th Mar 2009
I think its an average phone with good specification, but the phone display is really disappointed. I think 6500slide(although 40s) is better than n78

Reviewed by Ramiz from UK on 11th Mar 2009
Hello Its Ramiz From Pakistan Nokia N-78 is good looking handset but me also hear that their is big software problem and phone become hang and hanged but i like it so much due to 3.5 mm audio lead

Reviewed by Bruvhound from UK on 6th Mar 2009
I have been trying too think of a nice way to sum up what is wrong with my N78, having just read your main review I have to say you have hit the nail on the head everything you said about the keyboard is totally correct Nokia hopefullyu will take notice and never try to produce another phone using the same keypad. In a word RUBBISH !

Reviewed by NOKIBIZA from UK on 3rd Mar 2009
It is the best phone i have ever had. It does everything. Incredible!

Reviewed by Namrita liza from UK on 1st Mar 2009
Its a damn gud fone...Nt that much bad...wat is writen here....Some1 might showed them CHINESE NCKIA N78 in place of Original thats y they r gving only 1 star....Is m rite???

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 25th Feb 2009
Lets be absolutely clear - this N78 is a masterpiece and I cannot understand why some of these reviews are so negative. I have always had business Nokia phones for many years and wanted a larger screen model to replace my 1 year old E51. My other prime requirements was solid battery life and in the N78, it regularly gives 4 to 5 days usage before I top up. The key board took a little while to master but I can text one handed just as competently as before so no worries there. If people take the time to experiment with all the fantastic features, including the camera, it rewards you with satisfying results. The styling is ultra cool and never fails to get inquisitive comments. The SatNav is rapid and accurate as is the FM radio transmitter and the Internet radio. The stereo speakers are a little tinny but with the FM transmitter you can play music on a Hi Fi or even in the car. I guess those with locking up problems are running too many applications at once - take ti me and exit non essential apps properly and you wont have an issue. Call performance and quality are outstanding even using Fring / SIP internet calls via Wi Fi. Outstanding kit

Reviewed by amee from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
when i saw this phone i immediately fell in love wit it....... until i GOT it. i regret it..(enough said, its a NO! NO!)

Reviewed by David Kitchen from UK on 18th Feb 2009
I must say I agree with you're initial rating 1 star. The phone itself looks good, screen is very clear. Excellent camera. I need a phone that acts as a phone. The buttons only respond when they feel like it. When navigating around the features like contacts it fails to save updated information. When you press back it takes you all the way out to your screensaver. I tried to transfer data from my old phone using the switch facility, described in the book as fantastic way of moving all your old contact details. I tried it and it transferred 1 number. Ironically it was my home number, probably the only one I knew off by heart. I have set my alarm as a wake up Mon to Fri. The first 2 weeks it was fine. Last week it turned itself off. I reset it and same again this week, making me late for work. I have checked all the settings and they are fine, go to the alarm screen and it says no alarm set! As I said the phone looks great and has a really good camera. If this is worth 1 star then so be it. I'm sending this back and going back to my faithful Nokia 6300

Reviewed by Hean Chan Sovina from UK on 18th Feb 2009
Nokia N78, for me it's ok most of the points but not at all. Did you ever notice about how to release the back cover? It's a bite hard and if you don't care when u want change u(sim care) it'll broken. On the other hand, all the antenna is at it cover if u wanna chage it'll be seriouse.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 16th Feb 2009
This phone is not worthy of any stars. I have had 2 so far pack up on me. The keypad is a joke and actually the keys on my second phone had randon functions so sometimes you accept a call with the green button and it rejects it. Selecting loudspeaker always disconnects the phone. FM transmitter freezes my phone so I have to take the battery off. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT buy this phone. Anyone who gives it more than 1 star works for Nokia or has a vested interest, IT IS THE WORST PHONE IN THE WORLD I HAVE EVER OWNED. I will go back to Samsung or Sony. PS I HATE THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Marcek6 from UK on 12th Feb 2009
The phone is overall sweet and very capable. You almost dont need a computer no more. But I think the speakers are terribly catastrophic. A huge disappointment. My previous phone was Nokia 6233.

Reviewed by Cameron from UK on 9th Feb 2009
This is da best phone ever guys !!!its camera is great & the speakers r top clas7 !! so go 4 it .They keypad is great nd i have big fingers nd its not hard 2 use.Nokia's best eva

Reviewed by Xander from UK on 7th Feb 2009
Hey all, i just recieve an upgrade for my N78, i'm not sure you can download this, i got my upgrade Over the air, (this is probably gonna cost me alot) it toyour phoneok around 2 - 3 mins to download then it shut down. when i turned it back on is said 'installing' which took a long time maybe 10 -25 mins (don't install if you need to use ) after that every thing was working i even on a FM Transmitter logo (i bought my phone from Calais, France coz it was cheaper there uk) so i can now use the Fm Transmitter. the upgrade fixes every possible defect. i was very surprised when i saw the time and date when my phone was locked. all in all Nokia has done well.

Reviewed by daw from UK on 6th Feb 2009
urm,reviewer,i think you should not say that this phone has a dysfunctional keypad,because it does not..it just needs getting used to..and you should not just think about your own personal taste because you are making the review for the people..i really felt down after you said those things to such a powerful smartphone..since i have a n78..no offense ok..to me,this phone is just perfect the way it is

Reviewed by G R Owen from UK on 4th Feb 2009
I never write reviews but had to for this phone. Within the first week of buying this phone, I was saying countless times out loud "I hate this phone". Here are the problems: 1/ It's so slow! I find that I am always a key push ahead of the phone's ability to catch up, so I end up going in to applications I didn't want to. This means I have to do everything at the slow speed of the phone. So annoying. 2/ The cancel or back button is the same as the online function. So when fustrated that you have gone in to the wrong application for the zillionth time and press cancel, ther's no reaction, the phone catches up by which time you have pressed the cancel button again to find you go through to the internet. 3/ When you get message from a number you don't know and save the number under a contact name, it doesn't update the message list with the new contact name, it just keeps the old number in there. 4/ Viewing internet on this phone is awful. Scrolling function is POOR! I am unfortunately locked in to a contract for 12 months, how I am going to survive I don't know. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! 2/

Reviewed by gerald from kenya on 3rd Feb 2009
bough it in december 08. Its software has failed TWICE already. this is an enhanced pager!!!!!

Reviewed by SIMON CORNWELL from ENGLAND on 31st Jan 2009
N78 I hate this phone. It stops working for no reason. Files freeze have to keep it on gsm. Keys hard to use and ping pong game as to who should sort it out. It has been changed once. Then same things happened.Told software upgrade required. the phone was brand new! I have found this phone not fit for purpose and have put my contract sim back in my old razor phone. In my view, Nokia have slipped on a banana skin with this product?

Reviewed by Dave Dunford from UK on 29th Jan 2009
It's feature-rich and has a pretty good spec, but I completely agree with all the comments re the ghastly keypad. I disliked it from the start, but thought I'd get used to it - two months later I'm still selecting the wrong menu items by mistake, opening pages I didn't want, and it still usually takes about 6 keypresses to unlock the damn thing. And I'm not usually an all-fingers-and-thumbs kind of user. An irritatingly sluggish response to key-presses makes the problem even worse. I got the handset free on contract but I certainly wouldn't buy it if I had a choice. My previous Nokia (2630) was far less feature-rich but was SO much more ergonomic and a pleasure to use. The N78 has a nasty cheap feel to it as well - creaky keyboard and an ill-fitting back panel. Avoid.

Reviewed by julie from uk on 29th Jan 2009
the person who made this review is dumb..WAY DUMB!!!i have been using the n78 ever since it first came out and i did not ind the keypads disfuntional..eventhough i have big thumbs..i had no problems whatsoever with this phone..this phone deserves at least four stars..next time when you guys make reviews,dont just say stuffs like disfunctional keypad or any other because non of them are true

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 29th Jan 2009
Gee, thanks for your review Julie. And how courteously you express yourself. Remember that editors and professional reviewers have feelings too. Just because you're typing on a machine doesn't mean that your talking to one.

Reviewed by Ihaveit from Brunei on 28th Jan 2009
OMG i should not listen to your stupid comments the phone is damn good.... KEYPAD is good while idk if your fingers are so huge till you can type with the phone..... i give the phone 4 stars

Reviewed by Sebastien from France on 27th Jan 2009
Just a nasty phone, why did Nokia bothered with it and with this nasty keypad. I am stuck with it but I'll give it to my sister (she's 9 and with a little fingers she will have a chance with the keypad)

Reviewed by steven from russia on 24th Jan 2009
owful.too many bugs for 5 month.fm transmitter really has super low signal, so it's not useful for MP3's listening in the car. navi button's easy scratching.and there's absolutely unfriendly bluetooth device - all connections require extra-forces.It could be my device's character...

Reviewed by Girish Khanduri from India on 22nd Jan 2009
To start with, i was fascinated with the brilliant looks of this mobile, searched for the reviews on many more blogs like mobile-phones-uk.org. Read each and every comment, and finally decided not to buy. After a couple of days, my bro gave me this mobile as a gift, i banged my head on wall, to which, now i think was unnecessary, b'coz the mobile was not what i perceived. Every feature is comparable to n73 and as bonus you receive faster processing speed, preloaded maps, stylish looks, sleek and handy design, navi wheel, radio transmitter. Keypad is not a problem, but rarely you will need to press a key twice for single operation which i think is affordable

Reviewed by NIHARIKA from INDIA on 22nd Jan 2009
Its a gud fone at reasonable price.It is DAD of both N73 & n81,with very little diff in pricing.......I face no prob with KEYS,bt its faster,lighter,comfortable gripping,wifi,max 3G speed 3.6MBPS not only 384 kbps as in n73,n81,also both n73 &n81 are nw OLDIES(2006,2007).I gve 5star$. This site is wrong as gvng only 2stars.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
Hm, not wrong, just different. And please don't swear, then we won't have to edit your reviews.

Reviewed by eyad from jordan on 19th Jan 2009

Reviewed by bala gopal from United Arab Emirates on 16th Jan 2009
this mobile has no such bad things in UAE its just perfect..

Reviewed by JOEL from UK on 12th Jan 2009
This must be the worst phone I ever had. I received this brand new phone on Thursday 8th january 08 as part of an upgrade, well by Monday 12 January I sent it back to O2, telling them they can use it as a Frisbees. In plain English this phone is rubbish for text messages. If you love texting like myself forget it. The keypad is just chocking, what did Nokia had in their mind when they created this nonsense phone. A part from that the phone is great but is let down immensely by its keypad. I you love texting dont buy it, dont ask for it as an upgrade and just forget about the N78 or you might regret it.

Reviewed by David from United Kingdom on 6th Jan 2009
Having recieved the phone yesterday and after an initial 1st charge i have had a good play around with the handset. Ok lets get this into prospective, the phone looks lovely and the design looks and feels eligant, the features are amazing, and ive already owned the N95 to which this phone is more state of the art! The bad points on this phone are the soft keys at the top where you might be in the menu for example and wis to exit a certain app(but not go straight back to desktop) and accidently hit the red desktop/endcall key for example instead of just exit on the app, frustrating, and your never quite sure if on a call you will end it with a single press. The keypad design may look nice but feels sponge and creaks alot.The number keys are ok to use if you have small fingers. Also no standby clock after the screen goes out.Also the voice recorder is a little low when playback. The good points are this phone has all the N95 features and more stuff included its more feature rich than an N95, but the keypad design is very poor. In pleased with this phone yet a little dissapointed, i cant understand nokia makeing such poor keypad just to make the phone look nicer, maybe touch sense keys might of been a better option, whos knows but its well worth the 200 i paid for it (sim free) i was origenally looking at the E51 but this is far better where features are concerned.

Reviewed by Eamz from UK on 5th Jan 2009
Well personally I find the Nokia N78 a very good phone. It has WiFi and I can access the internet at anytime FOR FREE! and the camera is good enough, music player is good quality. The video player is indeed outstanding because you can download the latest podcasts and then watch them on the bus or whatever, very useful. I don't find the buttons that complicated to use, I got used to them with my fat thumbs straight away! Maps is ok but you would have to pay if you stopped started travelling as the WiFi is out of distance but if I got stuck I would use that! Radio=Good, and there is an FM transmitter to blast MY music rather than buying new speakers or making ld CDs! I'd reccommend to all, SUPERB! 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Jhona from Mauritius on 1st Jan 2009
Using for abt two month..Honestly the first days using the keypad is a nightware!! but once used its a breeze to use..Actually finds it strange to type on normal keypad. The keypad does squeaks like the back cover.U cant mute the cam sound n switch off the flash on most n78! Besides theses drawbacks its a good phone..wifi,Fm radio n Transmitter among others.Actually think the n79 will do better.

Reviewed by amit_dev from INDIA on 1st Jan 2009

Reviewed by Brecsh from italy on 29th Dec 2008
Best nokia phone i've had, and i admit the key-pad is lame to start with, but once you use it a bit it's really good, maybe the reviewee just didn't actually test this phone out properly! maybe they have fat fingers i dunno..

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 29th Dec 2008
Quite thin ones actually! Maybe I just lack motivation. In fact, reviewing this phone almost caused me to lose the will to live.

Reviewed by Shekhar from India on 29th Dec 2008
Excellent phone.

Reviewed by Emmanuel from Nigerian on 23rd Dec 2008
I love the phone.

Reviewed by raj from india on 23rd Dec 2008
i bought this phone a couple of days ago.initially i struggled with the keypad after i got used to it,and now iam comfortable with the key pad.ifound the camera of this phone the best one isaw.iam very happy to have this phone

Reviewed by j from poland on 20th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Little Tinker from Great Britain on 19th Dec 2008
I love the loud ring tones as I am hard of hearing and the big clear screen, but hate the keypad. I had trouble clicking on the back cover and abit had snapped off, the shop put a new one on but I am nervous to break it again, I had the phone for a couple of weeks so couldn't take it back to the shop for an exchange. I've filled in all my contacts but there is no place to put in address details!!! aarrgh!

Reviewed by vortex from UK on 15th Dec 2008
My worst phone by a mile! keypad is horrible, battery life poor..and after 2 months is now requiring a recharge after 4 hours use!! It corrupted the 8gig flash card and I lost all images and photos/music etc. It has locked up so many times, the plastic back has failed where I have had to often take the battery out! The response of the phone is SLOW.. I've given up now and gone back to my old phone. It's like a breath of fresh air compared with the N78...avoid!

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 14th Dec 2008
I have owned the N78 for about 6 months now. I bought it based on the manufacturers rep and the specification. The phone has been a big disappointment. My biggest gripe is it blutooth connection issues with the Parrot car hands-free device. It often crashes when receiving a call or simply refuses to connect. The keypad is a nightmare and I still havent figured out how to navigate somewhere usefully with the maps system, it really should give verbal instructions to be of use. I will be seriously considering my continued support of Nokia in the future as their phone support has been poor, blaming the Parrot device (which works fine with other phones) for the crashing problem.

Reviewed by Dave from England on 12th Dec 2008
Got the n78 yesterday. The menus take a little getting used to and the keypad is teeny-tiny BUT very responsive and easy to use, so long as you don't have Rick Waller hands. Feature packed, it was simple to get the wifi connected and pop email sorted. Music is great (and the internet radio) through the stereo speakers and the camers (3.2MP Zeiss) takes great pictures, even at night, with the integrated flash. I imagine if you have upgraded from 1MP cam or none at all, then you will be very impressed; any better than that and you probably won't really care. The internet works well and screen can be rotated to landscape and zoomed in and out. Nav is included but I have't used it as have a seperate nav. I am a little concerned about a few people saying they have issues with bluetooth car-kits and the phone re-booting. Mine rebooted once today but I will give it the benefit and report back after a week or two of use. Note: I did notice that Nokia released a firmware update a few months ago that contained improvements for bluetooth hands-free, so hopefully this is no longer an issue. Hint: If like me, you have any spare old Nokia chargers and in car chargers, then don't bin them! I was about to buy new ones until I found the CA-44 adaptor on the Nokia shop going for 5. If you google CA-44, you can find it around 3 and unbranded ones are as low as 1.50 - bargain. Overall, very happy with the upgrade to the n78 but cautious about bluetooth re-boot issue and drops a star for sometimes slow application opening and not so intuitive menus. By the way, looks great and not as big as some people have made out.

Reviewed by Arslan from Pakistan on 10th Dec 2008
Its very good indeed

Reviewed by Ihsan from Indonesia on 9th Dec 2008
actually, this phone is amazing! I know, the keypad is little bit annoying for big-fingered people. But, lets look deeper inside. There are lots of great features! Such as wifi, 3.2 mp with autofocus camera, stereo speakers, newest symbian os. And more. In other word, the price and the features are equal. You just have to wait some days to let yourself get used to this phone's keypad. Lets compare n78 with n81. N78 has more features than n81 with same price! Ive been using this phone for weeks and i dont find big problem in operating this phone. Great wifi, big memory, good battery, gps, camera, stereo music player, funny animating user interface.. N78 is my everything! Oh, one more. Spend more time to clean n78 because its covered by glossy material! Hehe :)

Reviewed by allen from UK on 4th Dec 2008
Great phone, missed it now its gone...took great pics but the keypad drove me mad!!! The nav was handy and hooked with sports thingy is a cool toy.

Reviewed by dave from uk on 2nd Dec 2008
cant say anything good about this handset, unfortunately it is a big big design flaw and is made without the thought of a human ever using it! i am ofcourse refering to the keypad which could do with other keys mounted on top of the current ones so that one can make out the different keys. very difficult for daily use. not recommended at all. better to wait or spend more on a n95 or n96

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