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Nokia N73 review

 Review: September 2006  

Last updated January 2007

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A high-spec 3G smartphone with a fantastic camera, music player, FM radio, video calling and loads of memory. Compact and lightweight for a Symbian phone, the N73 brings smartphone technology into the mainstream. Early versions of the firmware were problematic, but the latest phones seem to be much more reliable.

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The Nokia N73 updates the Nokia N70 3G SmartPhone. The N73 is a lot thinner than the N70 and weighs less as well, making it one of the lightest smartphones. It has a conventional boxy design with a regular keypad very similar to the N70. The keys are a little too small for large fingers to use easily and the joystick can be fiddly too. The display is very large with a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 262,000 colours.

As well as upgrading the display, Nokia have upgraded the camera in a big way. The N73 sports a 3.2 megapixel camera using the same Carl Zeiss optics and CMOS sensor that made the N70 a powerful imaging device. The camera has a built-in flash, 20x digital zoom, macro mode, plenty of optional settings and a photo editor. It doesn't perform quite as well as the best camera phones from Sony Ericsson, but it significantly outperforms its predecessor and is a very good camera. Video recording is at CIF resolution with a framerate of 15 frames per second. Usefully video can be recorded in either 3GP or MPEG4 formats. A video editor application is included. There's a second inward-facing VGA camera for making video calls.

The N73 is also a great music device. It has a music player that supports a wide range of formats including MP3, WMA and AAC, and also an FM radio with Visual Radio functionality to display information about the artist and track playing. The music player supports playlists and an equalizer lets you adjust sound quality. Sound is through dual stereo speakers or using the stereo headset supplied.

The internal memory has been expanded to 42 Mbytes and there's support for a hot-swapable miniSD card. This will provide bags of room for storing music tracks and videos, making full use of the possibility to record videos of up to 90 minutes in length. Connectivity is via Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and infrared. Battery life is very good for a 3G phone.

As always with Series 60 phones, the complexity of the software means that they are usually slow to start, slow when browsing menus, and can be prone to crash. Read through our user reviews below and you will see that the number one complaint about the N73 is the problem of the phone freezing or shutting down, often when receiving a call. This is quite a common complaint in fact, and for this reason we have deducted two stars from our overall rating. A phone that doesn't work is not acceptable, however good it may be when it actually works! You might consider the Sony Ericsson K800i as an alternative, although it's not a Symbian phone. If you want a Nokia, but have been put off the Nseries by this review, you might like the Nokia 6300, which has most of the functionality of the N73, but isn't a Smartphone and is much more reliable and user friendly.

The latest versions of the firmware do seem to be fixing the reliability problems however, and Nokia are very good at making new firmware releases available. The N73 is such a capable phone that you might want to take a risk, particularly as you can pick up second hand models dirt cheap now.

Nokia N73 features include:

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Nokia N73 user reviews

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Average rating from 932 reviews:

Reviewed by Senith from Srilanka on 6th Jun 2015
Goooode mobail with my nokia n73.

Reviewed by rishi raj from c.g on 16th Mar 2015
Camera is tha best.

Reviewed by Daryl from Philippines on 22nd Aug 2014
I can't send text message in my nokia n73. What would i do?
Is there any settings that i need to download? Please send me a link. @ my email.

Reviewed by saurabh babu from india on 2nd Aug 2014
n73 is best fone

Reviewed by hasitha prasad from sri lanka on 7th Jul 2014
n73 is a good phone overall.disadvantages are bad joystick small keys and not autokeylock feature.cannot disable camera tone.and limited 3rd party software installation. Advantages are brilliant display,nice stereo sound,very good 3.2 carl seise camera,how swapable memory card,and many more. Also you can install 3rd party apps by hacking your device then you can install ngage 2.0 games and unlimited apps installation without any errors

Reviewed by Ribin varghese from India on 7th Jul 2014
I really love this phone

Reviewed by beneyam from ethiopia on 29th Apr 2014
i hate it!

Reviewed by rhaman from saudi arabia on 3rd Feb 2014

Reviewed by Jelil Faisal from Ghana on 22nd Oct 2013
One of the best phones I'd ever used. Great job done, Nokia Corp.

Reviewed by Zia Ur Rehman from Pakistan on 10th Apr 2013
A w0rld best cell f0ne i had ever seen. . . .

Reviewed by Rizwan Ali from Pakistan on 28th Jul 2012
I own Nokia N73 music edition.i purchased it some four years ago.I won't call it an excellent smart phone bcz there are few hardships that i regularly have to bear such as joystick is a pain to take..i really condemn nokia for this nonesense.another garbage in n73 is useless bug LIFEBLOG.it consumes a huge chunk of precious RAM.thank God i managed to delete it and recovered a huge amount of memory.3.2MP is just ok.Symbian s60v3 is ok for downloading and using a bit advanced apps.but don't expect it to run high end mobile games despite it is a smartphone.except u hack it to play ngage 2.0 games.other wise n73 is a better phone.

Reviewed by Umair from Pakistan on 25th Jul 2012
its a good phn....i bhought it in 2008 n still im using it....love u k!....

Reviewed by JATIN from INDIA on 28th Jun 2012
it's googd bt cn be more better

Reviewed by basra adil mir from pakistan on 27th Feb 2012
very very good mobile because my pw likes it.

Reviewed by Tomi from Croatia on 19th Feb 2012
I got it used 2weeks ago. I like the phone more or less. The problem is that a battery lasts max 1 day. And it is a bit swollen so I'm affraid it will break the back cover of the phone. I have minimize use of the battery (apps, screen light...) but it doesn't help. Another problem is that every time I turn the phone off and back on I have to set the time and the date again. Really annoying.
On the internet I found people are complaining about the short lasting battery, battery swelling and time and date problem. But I haven't found reasons for that or sollutions.
does anyone have any idea?

Reviewed by MaJiDIrFaN from Kashmir on 18th Feb 2012
Very good phone but slow process device....overall like it with exellent speakers and net downloading speed

Reviewed by prashanth from india on 14th Feb 2012
i buyed nokia n73 for just 2500 just 2 weeks ago...n think it is good...i am fed up with the memory full and installation errors...even though i am happy bcoz i got it just for 2.5k...

Reviewed by Tyson from India on 12th Feb 2012
If u really know hw 2 use dis phone.Its really amazing phone very comfortable.Still using it n luv it!

Reviewed by Alamgir khan from Bangladesh on 6th Feb 2012
Its verey nice mobi, cause i know that.
And i have to us 5 years

Reviewed by Ron from India on 27th Dec 2011
I dnt thnk dis fon s poor in actn,as well as dis aint outstanding. .main pblms r a fake memmory full notificatn popping nw n then;joystick s so fragile;software updates r nt available. . Bt i hv been using ths fone 4 abt 3 yrz,i jus thnk dis s overal a pretty usable thng,with lots f advantages. .

Reviewed by Jitu from India on 18th Dec 2011
Nokia N73 is the best smart phone for me, b'coz i can install any software to it.

Reviewed by hollaitan from nigeria on 11th Dec 2011
Nokia n73,is a very good phone because have used it before and am stil willin to buy it again...so tell me on how to get it?

Reviewed by Psycooo from UK on 26th Nov 2011
BATTERY LASTS 10 MIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

Reviewed by waqar from UK on 4th Nov 2011

Reviewed by Vishnu from UK on 10th Oct 2011
This is by far the worst phone i have used. The phone on starting gets stuck at the white screen and stays like that until we remove the battery and try restarting. Ok after restarting(if you are lucky enough) you might get past the white screen easily. Once past the white screen phone starts. Again the phone remains dead for another half an hour...wherein if u connect a charger also no signal is shown..plus the phone does not display the signal strength but your callers will hear the phone ringing on their side even though the phone remains dead on your side The N73 is the least reliable phone..vats the uses of great apps if the phone remains dead all the time I would never ever recommend this phone. I regret myself for having to pay such a huge price for this sh**** crap... Shame on Nokia...No wonder they are loosing their market share I on my side have decided never to go for a Nokia phone ever Now you might say try removing battery, sim card, mamory card..i have done all that..i dont use memory card...have updated firmware almost everytime...it has the latest firmware..plus i have not installed any third party apps also This is QUALITY of N73(it cant even work properly with built in apps)

Reviewed by Romana kacova from UK on 5th Oct 2011
i have one phone nokia and it really nice and easy mobile i have my self nokia n73 and i like it ....

Reviewed by Ahsan khoso from sindh from UK on 12th Sep 2011
nice fone i have ever used but joystick is problum,

Reviewed by ahmed from pakistan from UK on 12th Sep 2011
very very gooooood nokia n73 i love this

Reviewed by ajith from UK on 7th Aug 2011
i am using nokia n73 music edition it is is good phone i ever use but the dis advantage is freezing and sleepy stick

Reviewed by muhammadniyas from UK on 31st Jul 2011

Reviewed by florence from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
i have used nokia 73 its very good. I would like to use it again if i get the oppotunity

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 16th Feb 2010
An average phone I must say, great music sound and good picture quality, however operating some of the applications mainly depends on the joystick which spoils very easily; the camera cover is very weak plus the camera frequently freezes; it is very slow when browsing; takes ages to switch on! Poor network pick up; bt otherwise an ok phone! Would give it a 4 out of 10

Reviewed by faizkhan from UK on 11th Feb 2010
this phone is good.but they got promblem if u put 2gb memory card.

Reviewed by andy hayes from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
great phone 4 me can manage it easily i am 65 but acciedently deleted some contact numbers can i get them back

Reviewed by anurag from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
n73 is one of the best phones ive ever seen.......ive always changed hndsets widin 6-7mnths of using.....but there is smthng about this phone which has always prvnted me frm changing it.....it is one of the very best music phnes...it gvs awsm qlty in headphones if u listen via ear tight muffs

Reviewed by johanna from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
i hate nokia phones, it's just stupid that you pay so much and then it works only 1year or less... yes, it's pretty, and so on BUT it just doesn't work. it says memory full delete smth, even if there isn't anything to delete.... it's reaally annoying, when it says so you can't send any messages and so on. shitty. nokia phones have dropped quality and they chek only one in every 100 phones, so it's no wonder why they don't work. this would be so amazing - if it would work. camera also stops working with time. bl.

Reviewed by Tash from UK on 17th Dec 2009
Excelent speakers and camera with large screen also very hard wearing (survied being steped on with just a little damage to the case).Though it does crash a lot and is slow to load. Once you get the hang of the short cut butons its ok. Also the little blue light is way to bright you could light up a whole room with it.

Reviewed by jacob from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
this is a great phone ive had it 5 months now and nothing has gone wrong the camera is brilliant and the speakers are astonishing its the best phone ive ever owned

Reviewed by Savio from UK on 27th Nov 2009
I love ma phone. Even it is bit slow but great look it is my first phone. And it's been two years i am using it. Untill now no problem using it. Even i dropped it many times (a lot) still it work perfectly. After i buyed this phone my two friends also went to buy the same model N73 music edition. Really great. Proud to be a N73 user.

Reviewed by D.s.kaushik from UK on 29th Oct 2009
It is very multy use phon.

Reviewed by Cristian from UK on 24th Oct 2009
Hi,Nokia n73 is a quite good phone.I bought it from Vodafone CZ.(aproximately for 200 euro).I use it for 1 yearand never freezed or switched off itself.The problem (why it can switsc off)is from a virus,N73 is an smartphone and you should be very atentive with files(It mustn't conatin viruses becuse it can harm your phone. Pluses:camera(3.2 mpx),sound(quality and volume),screen(big and bright),Symbian S60(good games and software),memory(42 mb,minisd 2gb),joystick(very good in comparisson with Sony Ericsson). Minuses:very small keypad,the body of the phone scratches when you use it(poor materials),strats very slow.

Reviewed by liam from UK on 1st Oct 2009
nokia is a great phone i had the n73 so a year but it didnt fit on loads of songs and frooze when i plugged t into computer

Reviewed by Asim from UK on 25th Sep 2009
well.... i had N73 its good because it had good features in it but the only thing which impressed it bad is the slowness in opening inbox gallery and other applications.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 21st Sep 2009
This phone is fantastic, it really feels like a lot of work and dedication has been put into this phone for user enhancibilaty. i used to have the k800i but it went wierd and freezed at random times :S my favourite part besides the screen is the battery life (fantastic) just lik the old phones where the batteries last for ages

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 15th Sep 2009
i have had this phone for 18 months now seriously dont know how it survived. A lot of good things but a lot of bad things. the phone has a mind of its own it crashes and when i turn off i have to be on the general setting or the screen will blank out other than that not bad.

Reviewed by megan from UK on 15th Sep 2009
this is the first best phone i have ever had, i think it is a great phone and very easy to weork with.... now i wast the nokian95 phone cause im just lovinn the nokia n series !! x

Reviewed by Ekrar from UK on 25th Aug 2009
Display qulity is varying with the same model.

Reviewed by Chitranjan from UK on 13th Aug 2009
I have bought n73(black) for rs.13,000.it is overall fanastic.but i liked in its feature is web browser.it has two browser-web and wap(service).via web we can open any desktop sites easily and fastly as it is faster than wap browser which mostly all phone posses.but its image clarity gets bitten by many less expensive phones.

Reviewed by Roop298 from UK on 11th Aug 2009
Utterly dreadful. Failed with the usual problems after the second week. Now 17 months old it shuts down and resets itself daily. Motto: ALWAYS research a new phone purchase. NEVER get a contract longer than 12 months.

Reviewed by shekharsesshathri from UK on 10th Aug 2009
I love using this mobile since Apr 2009. Before that, I was using Nokia 6085 and I am pretty happy using it now. DESIGN : full 100% except the KEYBOARD which is very small, compared to other phones. Fiddling with BIG FINGERS is very common. SINGNAL : Signal receiving is superb SOUND QUALITY : The speaker is too gud and it is Clear much even in FULL SOUND. Problems : IT HANGS OFTEN. Its annoying at times.

Reviewed by Shayna from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
I love phones and have had every phone out there just about. I've always loved Nokia because I knew that regardless of the phones not having the latest technology, they were going to out last the most expensive phones. I was just about to buy a blackberry because my last smart phone messed up, however I could get the N73 at a cheap price. So a few days ago I got it. So far, so good. It might be slow sometimes but like I said Nokia has always had quality phones so I'm looking forward to it. Although I can say that I havent had to read a phone manual in a long time and this time I did.

Reviewed by gidivet from UK on 24th Jul 2009
I'm still using two of these handsets and they both run virtually without problems. They occasionally lock up and have to be rebooted, which I suspect is caused by low internal memory. However you can get them for very little money (or nothing in my case, as my friend gave me mine when he upgraded). Unlock the phone if necessary, put a PAYG SIM card of your choice in, ideal for taking on holiday as the camera is quite cabable. I've added the Opera Mini web browser, which is a great improvement on the existing Nokia browser.

Reviewed by Jay C from UK on 8th Jul 2009
The good points of this phone are that its tough (been booted accross the room a few times for being annoying), the battery is reasonable, the memory is good and the video camera acceptable. The bad bits are; it is way too slow, very annoying as it freezes when you try to unlock it and even when you try to open a text, music isnt loud enough, the stupid blue flashing light is very annoying when its getting dark (so much so i gauged it out) and again its too slooowwww!!!

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
I had two of these phones and both of them died on me and both had to go back unfortunately. This was probably because I'm blind and use a program called talks which speaks the functions etc. I loved the N73 though and was sad when my phone company informed me they would be sending me an N95 because the N73 was being discontinued. somehow I found the shape of the phone quite satisfying and, it is also pretty small which was great for me. I had absolutely no complaints about it until it had to go back and I am determined to get my hands on one again one day.

Reviewed by ALE from UK on 10th Jun 2009
Within a few months of owning this phone, it started to turn itself off for no reason at all. I then found out, through others who also have the N73, that this is a common problem. After just a year of owning it I am having to replace it. The toggle button has gone bonkers. I can't access contacts and when i try, it rings anyone it fancies. Even the shop i took it to was baffled at it's alter ego. It may look a nice phone, but reading the other reviews there are obviously some fundamental flaws.

Reviewed by Srikanth from UK on 4th Jun 2009
Initially I had Nokia N73 mobile. It was sooo good. But as I lost that cell, I bought new Nokia 1202 mobile. Until then I am having very good opinion on NOKIA branded mobiles. But the Nokia 1202 mobile is so so so so WORST. It is very delicate and while talking at talking with others, the receivers cannot listen to our words properly. I then thought that I made big mistake by purchasing that mobile. Actually Nokia's precious models like: 1100, 1110 etc (which are base models) used to be VERY GOOD. But they stopped those good mobiles and launched new models like: 1200, 1202, 1209 etc, which are VERY WORST. I don't know why they made such a big mistake like this.

Reviewed by anuj from UK on 30th May 2009
its very good peace

Reviewed by The rock from UK on 25th May 2009
A brilliant phone which i think everyone should own one. So if you dont have one then buy one. It has got excellent features like 3.2mp camera, video player, music player etc. The phone design is very good as it has got a joystick, a vey large screen and plus it looks neat and simple. Some people may find this phone very big but you will get used to it. So overall this is a magnificent phone which everyone should have.

Reviewed by gerda wright from UK on 14th May 2009
Phone looks great BUT try using that fiddly little joystick and you'll be ready to throw it out of the windowin no time at all. Mine lasted less than a week before I went back to my old and faithful Nokia N80 - maybe a little old fashioned now, but still as reliable and as easy to use as the day I bought it.If ti ain't broke - don't fix it. I was made to have this N73 by 3 who said I was due for an upgrade. When I told them I was quite happy with my N80 they still insisted I had to have a new one. It's still sitting in the drawer doing nothing.

Reviewed by Nith from UK on 10th May 2009
Regretting for the past 2 years....For God's sake, please don't buy this phone... The most stupid phone I've ever seen.... Just after 2 days of buying this phone.. the complaints started... the phone would crash occasionally and gets stuck.. during taking a photograph the screen turns up a number of time with which we lose some precious moments of sudden photography.. Sometimes after the clicking the camera button.. no sound comes...I get fed up and put the phone in the pocket after closing it's shutter.. After sometimes, a sound comes from my pocket of a click.. the photograph is taken.. watz the use of camera to take dark images in pockets.. Another major problem is the calling option.. when calling some body the phone just blinks but doesn't call... I have to restart my phone a dozen times a day to make calls... You get angry when we have to restart phone to call in an emergence... You already know that this phone takes too much time to load up... Sometimes the volume button doesn't work.. this is also corrected by restarting a number of time... The only thing I appreciate about this phone is the sound quality and loudness. Just after one month of usage of this phone.. I sent a written list of 12 major complaints to the company I bought it from.. they reinstalled the software and it worked for one week.. then rest all same.. I even updated the phone last month.. nothing could help... If I had the money.. I would have thrown this mobile and bought Sony Ericsson... And one more truth.. When I bought this mobile, 99% of my college mates had this phone... Just after 4 months.. I rarely could find anyone own this mobile.. Now I and only a guy whose uncle gave this mobile for no money...

Reviewed by rajat from UK on 22nd Apr 2009
i like it 2222222222222222 nuch

Reviewed by Varun From india from UK on 13th Apr 2009
I own an n73.,which is worth buying in all ways. A symbian phone with such a high battery life is quite compromising. And with an excellent 3.2 mega pixel carl zeiss lens and outstanding sound quality it stands atop in the budget luxury list. The cuddling thing about this phone is its load time or actually the load time. But we can't expect more from a phone with this much features in such a price range to be working harder. And try loving your phones so shall it work properly.

Reviewed by Abs from UK on 12th Apr 2009
I've used this Mobile for over a year, Its Been a Great Phone, Good Camera, Loud Speaker Volume, & After updading the Firmware it Runs Smoothly wihtout Crashing/Hanging, Battery Life is Good for 3-4 Days, & Built Quality is Great, Also is Very Robust having Dropped it a few Times on the Hard Surfaces. 5 Stars from Me.

Reviewed by Jabu from UK on 9th Apr 2009
I LOVE THIS PHONE SO MUCH, THE CAMERA is so good and its got video calling that'll do it for me im going to give 5 Stars!

Reviewed by zainab khan from UK on 2nd Apr 2009
My brother owns this mobile for atleast 1 year now and i have to say its a great mobile with super best camera but this phone is little slow when u try to scroll down or up in the menu. but overall its a good mobile.

Reviewed by Kathleen from UK on 26th Mar 2009
hate this phone. have had nothing but trouble with it. calls go straight to message and frequently when people call they don't get through to me at all. I have returned it to the shop of seven!!! ocassions . As a last resort i brought it to a nokia repair shop and they tried unsuccessfuly to fix it. Vodafone refused to replace the phone. They seem to have their own version of the consumers rights laws.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 26th Mar 2009
I am on my 2nd N73, after i lost my last one, and I have seen the same flaws in both of them. Even though the one i have at the moment is the new improved model and my last one was the older version. The N73 seems to have a tendency to turn itself off, this has also been mentioned by friends who have to same phone. My N73 also sometimes over heats, It will sometimes get really hot and the battery will just drain, im not sure whether other people have encountered this problem but it seems to be occurring more often, the older the phone is getting. The phone also tends to freeze quite often. I love the phone but its not performing anywhere near as good as when I got it.

Reviewed by Seb Mitchison from UK on 26th Mar 2009
I've had this phone for 18 months (contract tie in) If i could afford to buy out i would have. It is terrrible. The camera reverts back to the menu half way through taking pictures, it crashes at least once a day, it blocks out going calls, dust somehow gets in behind the screen. Myself and three friends have all had this problem. Uploading track is a nightmare, so slow and all trakcs if in I-Tunes have to be re-formatted. Bluetooth hardly gets picked up. Steer clear if you can.

Reviewed by Minners from UK on 18th Mar 2009
I have had my N73 for over a year now and the only niggle that I have is that the sensitivity of the aerial, as soon as I put the phone in my pocket...no signal!! Other than that I have had no problems with it and have found it a good phone.

Reviewed by Rohan from UK on 15th Mar 2009
Not so good.It's main problem is it's browser.It's browser is very bad and problems occured during large page and downloading.

Reviewed by ali from UK on 15th Mar 2009
no good

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 7th Mar 2009
this phone totally sucks! it takes hours to switch it on..hours to open the applications... it gets stuck really easily... and you'll have to start over again..turning the phone on all over :/ this phone is not worth it at all...

Reviewed by Elias haddad from UK on 1st Mar 2009
i have the 73 and well it is one of the good ones out there but to me there is much better the nokia 5800, sonyericson C902 ,K850 and C905 are way better )

Reviewed by Pankaj dhawan from UK on 1st Mar 2009
Memory card is not working and the middle mouse button is not align. when i clicked it, it moves some where else.

Reviewed by Ferro from UK on 26th Feb 2009
Camera in N73 make good photos, but it's very very slow as all others functions.. Big display with good views angles... Good phone )

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 24th Feb 2009
This phone is rubbish. The button in the middle falls out which leaves you unable to do anything at all. The camera (although very good and high spec) freezes and you often miss the shot while you are trying to get it to switch on. I has a very annoying flashing blue light that I think is the blue tooth - sometimes it flashes so much it is like it is trying to land a plane as it lights up the room. Very annoying if you are trying to sleep. I can't wait for my contract to end so I can ditch this phone - it has put me off Nokia it really has. If you do get this phone get insurance you will need it.

Reviewed by Dave H from UK on 20th Feb 2009
This is the WORST phone I have ever owned (I know many people say that freely but this really is poor) I've had two now and both have had the same fault. Freezing and switching itself off and eventually the signal disappearing completely. Avoid!!

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 11th Feb 2009
This is the worst phone i have ever owned! It constantly flashes onto the camera, always switches itself off and the battery lasts just over a day due to the constant flashing of the camera! It's got a mind of it's own. It has been sent off for repair!! I think the content of the phone looks very appealing but don't think the phone can cope with all the content it offers, it is so slow as well!! Dreadfull! Do not waste your money!!

Reviewed by Stan from UK on 8th Feb 2009
Although the phone came out a while, i recently got it and all i can say is, compared to my old sony ericsson k530i it is a vast improvement. You can download new themes and with the nokia pc suite you can pretty much load anything onto this phone. although it takes a while to send messages i searched the internet and updated the phone and it now sends texts in an instant. as for the camera, it is a brilliant quality with 3.2mp and the carl ziess lens it is an outstanding camera. the only complaint i have is the build materials as they feel a tad cheap and a bit flimsy but other than that no complaints what so ever. overall brilliant phone with outstanding features.

Reviewed by David from UK on 1st Feb 2009
N73 is a great mobile and everyone shud go for it.It is good for taking pictures and music

Reviewed by King from UK on 24th Jan 2009
Ive been using this phone for the last 2 yrs and i wud rate a 6 of 10.When it works its fine but the frequent crashes annoy me.It freezes suddenly and the processor is damn slow too...

Reviewed by Radina from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
Thats the phone you cannot trust !!!!!!!!!! Unbeliveble software that is so much that makes your phone do what ever it wants! Swich on and off or your alarm suddenly stop working and you are late for work! If you want all that just buy Nokia N73!!!!

Reviewed by Elsa from UK on 21st Jan 2009
My first contract phone, I didn't do my research properly, and ended up stuck in a contract with an awful phone.. Yes the camera is great, but apart from that,there's not much positive to say! The memory is quite small,the keys break, and, which really annoys me, the phone seems to think it knows everything... It freezes at least a couple of times a day, and recently ive had to start charging it every day cause the battery keeps running out.. thank goodness my contract is over soon..one of the worst phones i have ever owned

Reviewed by Mathew from UK on 21st Jan 2009
Such a dodgy phone to have. I baught this 200 and it has been slow and the joystick fell out so i had to sell it for only 50 :( the keys felt weird. couldn't get a background to fit on the screen entirely, wayyyyy to loud plus point being the camera was decent.

Reviewed by kim from UK on 19th Jan 2009
Terrible. I have had this phone for over a year now and have had to get it sent away three times to get repaired. It still doesn't work but t-mobile refuse to replace it. It crashes, freezes and the reason I had to get it sent away is that my buttons stopped working. The joystick broke and now when I phone people is it extremely crackly (nothing to do with my signal). I usually go with samsung as they are smart and easy to use but decided to have a change. NEVER again. Sorry Nokia but you have decided to put to much onto a phone to quickly. Slowest and most frustrating phone I have owned.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 15th Jan 2009
I had endless amounts of problems with this phone.Carphone warehouse were appauling and no help at all, even though i had just taken out an 18 month contact with them.I had software problems which were never resolved,my first phone the speaker was broken,it wouldn't call out. it said memory was full when it was empty and it constantly switched itself off.So for the remaining 9 months of my contract i have been forced to use my old D900 which i have never had any problem's with... Quote for the man at carphone warehouse; 'This phone is too clever for itself therefore resulting in my problem' ohh thanks why didn't you tell me that when i was buying it!!!!!

Reviewed by Sajjad from UK on 15th Jan 2009
Wonderful amazing cell phone. I have been using it for 11 months and it is only phone. I have been using for so long period.. I have used k800i n70 etc..but it is far better than any: many say it freezes but i think it do so when u open many programs or press keys quickly.. It is true camera responses very slow as compare with other but inch and video result is outstanding .battery time is very good..thoug i have intend to buy n95 but i will not leav it

Reviewed by ian from UK on 15th Jan 2009
a poor phone . keeps freezing and turning itself off also its too slow .nokia seem to be going backwards with there phones .ive had three in 12 months because of problems with them. getting a samsung range next

Reviewed by Gopal BNVS from UK on 11th Jan 2009
Hi, I am Gopal from India. I had Nokia N73 Music Edition. It is very good in working. It has good sound and cam also. But the only problem is while I am talking it is Switching OFF suddenly. If there is any solution please intimate me. My mail id is : brundavanam999@yahoo.co.in Mobile Number: (0)9949161789

Reviewed by SELD from UK on 9th Jan 2009
This phone is awful im on my third one from carphone warehouse as all have had to be sent back for repair but each time the phone is just as slow it is awful...takes forever to take a pic send a text etc etc just the basics takes an age so even tho it has loads of mod cons...u are unable to use them as theyd take a lifetime to work..ive had nokia for yrs and this HAS DEFO GOT TO BE THE WORST...going to buy a song ericcson next

Reviewed by Sagar from UK on 5th Jan 2009
I have this mobile since 2 years, there are some problem of this phone. 1 This mobile not support any '.gif'(animated pictures) file as wallpaper. 2 It is very slow, when your memory card is full. 3 having so many HANG problems. 4 Not use of genral files, i.e. them of 63... series file that's .thm 5 nothing special than my previous hphone so avoid this N73 . . . Regards, SK

Reviewed by Peter Blanchard from UK on 4th Jan 2009
Good as a camera - good as a smartphone - VERY POOR AS A PHONE - I have had 3 of these now and every one is POOR at holding on to calls and give POOR network coverage in rural areas like mine. DO NOT buy if you need a phone for business as you wont like it - good for people who want a phone as a good camera and music player but I WANT A GOOD PHONE so for me very poor.

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 31st Dec 2008
Well I had mine a year and abit! and its good phone but its down side it trys to do to many things at once! it wouldnt send texts so i had to strip the software and reload it. It use to come up saying (Memory full close application) but there wasnt even any open! think im going for the viewty next its only 100 on pay as you go!

Reviewed by vicky from UK on 31st Dec 2008
i've had this phone for a few months and im on my second. the first kept freeezing and the camera wouldnt take a pic! this ones about as bad it vibrates when theres no message and when there is a message it doesnt vibrate. ive lost count of the number of people who cant tell what im saying on the phone, i sound like im under water. predictive text is shocking now is onx and they is thex?!?! also whats with the little blue light that flashes when the phone 'goes to sleep' it stops me going to sleep if i leave it near my bed its so bright! does have a few good points camera ok if you can get it to work and songs sound good always liked nokias and thought they were reliable but not this one am trading in for a samsung g600.

Reviewed by cheryl from UK on 29th Dec 2008
hi well I have the nokia n73 and love it its the best phone i have had by far i love all the features and the camera is amazing the battery life is brill consiering all the features it has...I noticed other people had problems with it freezing but I have had no problems with it what so ever i would reccommend this phone to anyone willing to pay the high price tag for it (pay as u go)......

Reviewed by Bridget from UK on 27th Dec 2008
I'm sorry to say this phone has put me off Nokias altogether! Apart from being frustratingly slow, switching itself off for no reason, the words 'enhancement not supported' repeatedly flashing up on the screen and callers not being able to hear me during incoming calls, the phone is also very illogical. I have found that many of the features are not where you would expect them to be in the menu. Also, other features of the phone have been very poorly thought out! For example, it takes longer to 'mark' a message than it does to 'delete' it, which renders marking many messages and then 'deleting all marked' completely pointless! I'm switching to Sony Ericssons when my contract runs out!

Reviewed by ANDREW WISE from UK on 24th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Qussay from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
Very bad phone...I have a lot of bad experience with this handset...It keeps switching off by itself..Eventually, you need to replace it many times (if you are lucky and have the insurance)...Enjoy the mobile

Reviewed by liz from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
well to begin with this phone was good, but now it is very slow and talkes oures to send a text message n to open the camera! now , when i take a photo it talkes 3 minutes (counted) for it to flash and when i have done a vid it doesnt save it ! this phone doesnt last. i have had it for about 10 months. to begin with it was great tough. now im gettin the lg kp500 for xmas!

Reviewed by mohammed from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
out dated

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