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Nokia Lumia 920 review

 Review: September 2012  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia Lumia 920 sets a new standard for Windows Phone smartphones. Running Windows Phone 8, highlights of the 920 include an 8.7 megapixel PureView camera, wireless charging, a HD+ display, a dual-core processor and NFC wireless connectivity. Drool!

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Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Lumia 920 hit the shops on 2nd November. Looking good in a range of bright colours, the phone has a one-piece polycarbonate body with ceramic zirconium camera detailing and side keys. It's equipped with a massive 2000mAh non-removable battery and is a heavy phone, weighing in at a pocket-splitting 185g. Running Windows Phone 8, this is the first Windows phone from Nokia to use a dual-core processor.

The two big highlights of the 920 are its camera and wireless charging.


Nokia have a very strong reputation for camera phones, and the 920 is one of its most innovative ever, with 8.7 megapixels, PureView technology, a Carl Zeiss lens and Optical Image Stabilisation.

PureView is Nokia's innovative solution to low light photography, and uses a pixel oversampling technique to improve picture quality in low light.

The extra-large f2.0 lens will let in many times more light than other smartphone cameras. Optical Image Stabilisation is a first and will produce blur-free photos and videos in even low-light or fast moving situations. And the pulsed dual-LED flash promises to be one of the brightest of any camera phone.

Smart Shoot lets you choose the best group photo by picking the best expression for each person.

A dedicated camera key completes the package.

Wireless charging

The Lumia 920 can be recharged wirelessly by electromagnetic induction using any Qi-compatible charger. If you have any concerns about the safety of moving significant amounts of electric current through the air, then don't be! The same technology has been in use for many years in induction hobs for high-end kitchens.

PureMotion display

The screen will be the world's highest resolution display at 1280 x 768 pixels. That's even higher than the HD displays on the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia T.

Nokia claim that the Lumia's 4.5 inch curved screen is the "world’s brightest, clearest, fastest touchscreen". That's quite a claim to make. But a cool feature to note is that the touchscreen can be used even when wearing gloves! A must-have feature for Finnish users everywhere!

Nokia City Lens

An augmented reality app, giving you info about your surroundings through the camera's viewfinder. You also get voice-guided satnav from Nokia Drive.


Also known as cloud storage. You get 7GB of this in addition to the 32GB of onboard memory. Sync with your laptop and tablet to access all your Windows apps and files from anywhere.


The Lumia 920 is the first Nokia phone in the UK to feature NFC, the new wireless communications standard.


The Nokia Lumia 920 launched on 2nd November 2012, exclusively on EE's 4G network. We were dismayed to see that it's priced even higher than the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE. Are Nokia serious about making any kind of dent in Android & iPhone sales? It doesn't look like it. Someone at Nokia needs to wake up and smell their share price crashing into the ground.

Nokia Lumia 920 features include:

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Nokia Lumia 920 user reviews

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Average rating from 19 reviews:

Reviewed by Phil from Yorkshire, UK on 10th Nov 2014
This is a heavyweight phone, I've had to tighten my belt just to keep my kecks up cos it weighs so much, but you get plenty for your money. Windows 8.1 downloaded recently, has added a new dimension to the front screen, behind it it purrs. Shame about the poor choice of apps, especially those that are only available on W8. Good phone though, deserves respect.

Reviewed by parson from england on 18th Oct 2014
Great when it works, took three weeks of going back to the shop before getting a new one. 12 months down the line it fails again, how long out of commission is anyones guess.

Reviewed by Phil Sloan from UK on 8th Jul 2014
Purchased this phone, after a couple of days cant imagine life without it. It is very solidly built, no plastic cases for me. The screen is excellent, the WP8 is awesome, as I only use a few apps, and they are in store, then this scores highly too. Sound quality, camera, image play back and surfing are excellent. All in all, if I get another phone in the next twelve months it will only be because I've broken this one with over use!!

Reviewed by douglas craig from scotland on 1st Oct 2013
This an excellent phone, fantastic screen and lovely smooth OS.I have had many android and apple phones(just got rid of my I phone5 terrible speaker issues and poor backup from apple)My nokia has a brilliant camera great sound quality,just can't stop playing wit it.the two things you always read about this phone are 'its a bit heavy and not many apps' well it is a big phone yes but you just don't notice the weight it is not an issue at all and as for the apps,well you have a huge choice of top quality apps,how many apps do you need in every day life anyway ,there are plenty of phone users who need a reliable well built phone that is easy to use,it doesn't cost a lot to buy,looks fantastic I can't recommend this phone highly enough it's much better than any apple or android phone that I have had before very impressive

Reviewed by Demola from Nigeria on 31st Aug 2013
This is a great phone.
I just seem to have a problem with the volume control,which also controls the ringtone..that's not cool. At time when I forget to increase the volume after listening to song,my phone will ring & I won't know it.
2nd observation is that we need more cool apps.
I also found out,u can't save Contact's displayed pictures from the whatsapp on this phone.
It's a four star phone,but it can do better with more apps.

Reply by Mark from UK on 30th Apr 2014
You can use your own music as ringtones. I have had this phone since January 2013 and am still loving it today. This is one of the best phones I have ever owned. Never thought I would be saying that about a Nokia :)

Reviewed by Demola from Nigeria on 17th Jun 2013
Please Either Nokia or Windows should do something about the Zune desktop Manager. Uploading Movies onto my phone takes hours. Plus I can not even use my music as ringtones. That sucks big time. I can use themes to personalize my phone. All these can be corrected with an update. Hardware wise, the phone is cool.

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 25th May 2013
Great phone, shame about the O/S. Having had an Omina 7 and several iPhones, I can tell you the the windows O/s would look better if it operated like windows 7 the desktop software.

Reviewed by LM1980 from UK on 18th Apr 2013
I have had the lumia 920 for a while now and as far as the handset goes it is a fantastic device. My only negative is how WP8 operates. Being an iphone owner since the first iphone and having ever version including 5 I guess I'm just an apple fan.

WP8 just isn't for me.

5 stars go to Nokia not WP8.

Reviewed by Anthony from England on 29th Jan 2013
I can only give this 3 start due to the problems below:-
1) Windows 8 software is not "there" yet... there are many problems with it that may/may not be solved with the new udpdate (I have asked both Nokia and Windows for an update on release and nobody is willing to answer)
2) I use my phones for music, and stream to a Bluetooth stereo in car and at home. The music randomly pauses after tracks and does not continue (also, no gapless playback over Bluetooth) - frustrating. Also, it is almost impossible to make a music playlist!!
3) Some apps are WAY over priced. In defence of people moaning about the lack of apps available, it will take time to get the IOS/Android store and for them to transfer.
4) The stock Facebook/Twitter apps are rubbish, and alternatives are not much better. Not a problem if you don't use them, obviously.
5) I have had problems losing signal, but then again I am on that uselss network EE... avoid EE !!!
6) Hardly any background customisation. Only windows / Nokia tones available for alerts. You can make your own ringtone (wow) - but again, so far behind Apple and especially Android on this...

Plus points are:- Amazing screen, feels good and weighty, camera is very good (not brilliant) and in darker conditions you do not need the flash turned on.
Most of all it is nice to see Nokia getting their act together again. Everyone has owned a Nokia, and we all have a soft spot for them...
It's such a shame these little niggles were not corrected, and nobody will give a timescale for attempted correction. I will probably get too frustrated to keep it for much longer, and do truly miss the Android customisation.

Reply by Anthony K from England on 2nd Feb 2013
An update on the above... Software updated this morning, phone crashed 2 hours later and will now not start back up! Such a shame Nokia. Could have been a great phone. If I could update the rating I would reduce to 2 stars. It is a beautiful but heavily flawed phone.

Reviewed by Marmalade from Italy on 28th Jan 2013
Oh yes this is the one. Its the tops for me & you. Smell the phone & touch it so bright. I use it when out its super. I showed all my girls and they screamed. Please be kind & buy this. Do they sell it in pink?

Reviewed by mick morgan from uk on 10th Jan 2013
Firstly i have to agree with s21,
the price is ridiculous but i got a bargain,
of a auction site for 299 in yellow
which looks fabulous,the phone is so quick,
i thought nothing would beat sgs3,
but this phone does,i would urge anybody,
who's bored with android and iPhones,
go and buy one you wont regret it.

Reply by mick morgan from uk on 3rd Feb 2013
I honestly thought Nokia had made great strides, But 48rs ago had an update,and guess what ? The phone hasn't switched on since just crashed And died, before the update it was a dream to use Now its a nightmare.back to android I think.

Reply by peter from uk on 16th Feb 2013
Your phone always takes a backup of the last version. Restore the backup and then you can retry the update or just ignore the new update which you say creates problems. Haven't had the same issue but try the restore and at least it should fix your main problem.

Reviewed by mike from wales on 10th Jan 2013
Agree 100%. Lumia 920 is the phone to beat. Having owned Nokia for years, I can say that this partnership with Microsoft was deffo the way to go. WP8 = best OS by miles. PLus with Nokia you get exclusives like Nokia Maps, Drive, Music, City Lens, etc. etc. Premium product.

Reviewed by mobilereview from India on 10th Jan 2013
Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone i personally like it because of its processor, memory, advance application.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 5th Jan 2013
Got my Lumia 920 a week ago, Im impressed, having been on Android for past few years, this phone really is the business. Excellent Screen, admittidly it is heavy BUT, i like that, some may not thou. For me, there are plenty of apps, the Nokia maps and Nokia drive & City Lens all usefull, easy to use. love it :)) Mines on Orange..

Reviewed by Nick Davies from UK on 28th Dec 2012
Having had this phone for about a month now I can honestly say it is the best smartphone I have used or seen. Fast smooth, stunning screen, amazing that is all I can say, I am so happy that I upgraded to this phone.

Reviewed by fozzy from uk on 2nd Dec 2012
Nice phone. Very heavy and well built. Can't see that much difference since Windows 7.5 though. Battery life is ok on mine but I'm not constantly fiddling with it. No fm radio is a bit of a letdown (I didn't know until after I bought it) and there is a problem when trying to type on forums where the pop up keyboard disappears. Don't know much about the camera, don't use them. If you're used to an Iphone and can live with limited customisation, it's fine. If you like the freedom of Android it's probably not for you.

Reviewed by nick from uk on 20th Nov 2012
Probably the best mobile phone in the market right now. Camera is unbelievable especially in low lighting. Nokia drive works like tomtom and it's free and windows phone is the easiest system to use. My only criticism is the size but it's a big screen, and you get used to it, and probably don't want to go back to something smaller. 5 stars from me for the quality and easy of use. There are 130,000 apps but I already have what I need. Also I love the skydrive and how it integrates with the phone.

Reviewed by Nick Davies from England on 18th Nov 2012
Windows phone is better,faster, and easier to use than android. The Lumia 920 will out perform any other phone on the market, it has the best screen, best camera, and best build out there. Windows market has not got millions of useless apps, but it has good ones, and the lumia comes with Nokia drive and music. I love this phone it is like my old lumia 800 on steroids with all the bad stuff fixed. I hope the os is well supported and more developers produce apps, it is about android and ios have a chalange.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 12th Nov 2012
A solid well made phone as you would expect from Nokia. Asthetically very pleasing and extremely responsive. Superb call clarity and a good loud-ish ringtone. The phone is heavy but I find that a good thing. I am afraid that is where the good points end. The widely talked about camera produces shots no better than my Galaxy S2 does. Very dissapointing after all the hype of the pureview technology. Apps are limited and the free ones are not all that. You even have to pay for Angry Birds...!! And how old is that one. !! If you like making squares " tiles as Microsoft call them ", bigger and smaller and only want a very expensive phone to call, text and use social networking apps on, then go for this one. I thought I was bored with Android, but I was very mistaken. Compared to the boring Windows phone 8, it's lightyears ahead. !!
Not for me. I am now going to sell my shiny new red phone and get back to the wonderful world of Android. I am sure there are loads of you who will love this phone adn love the windows phone experiance, but please try before you buy. I have to give this 3 stars, just for the superior quality of build, feel and looks. So dissapointed, after what seems like a lifetime of waiting to get my hands on one. Off to that famous auction site now to post an ad..!!

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